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Stop the world

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Ben was ready to collapse. Why was college so fucking hard? At least the cast list for Come From Away was coming out later. He walked across the street to the off-campus housing he shared with Cody and one of their mutual friends, Bail, who was hoping for Nick. Ben walked up the stairs to do find Cody chugging another cup of coffee, with empty cans of red bull next to it. Ben kept the door open due to the rule Bail made once he found out that Ben was dating Cody saying they couldn't be in a room together with the door closed. The rule was stupid because Ben was asexual, so it wasn't like they were going to do anything that needed the door to be closed.

"Cody? Cyare? Have you gotten the cast list email?" Ben sat down on Cody's bed and took the cup out of his boyfriend's hands. Cody's liver was already messed up from his usual 15 cups of coffee daily. He didn't need to make it worse.

"Nayc. I was waiting for you." Cody sighed and switched tabs. "Why did you let me take set design? I'm not even a stage crewer."

Ben laughed lightly and kissed the top of Cody's head. "You wanted to. At least you don't take history classes."

" Benjamin. I am literary writing on the color of sets. " Cody deadpanned.

"Fun. Now can we find out if we got Kevin?" Ben grabbed his boyfriend's hands, needing to squeeze something.

Cody clicked the email and scrolled through to see the roles.

Suu Lawquane - Beulah and others

Sabe Naberrie - Beverley and others

Kaeden Larte - Hannah and others

Breha Alderaan - Diane and others

Mon Mothma- Bonnie and others

Ahsoka Tano -Jancis and others

Connor "Comet" Eldar - Claude and others

Benjamin Kenobi - Kevin T and others

Cody Fett - Kevin J and others

Harvey "Hardcase" Rook - Oz and others

Bail Organa - Nick and others

Lincoln "Longshot" Saxon - Bob and others

Julia Binks - Beulah and others understudy

Karis Dathomire - Beverley and others understudy

Twazzi Valorum - Hannah and others understudy

Mira Lothal - Diane and others understudy

Numa Syndulla- Bonnie and others understudy

Latts Razzi -Jancis and others understudy

Savage Opress- Claude and others understudy

Rako Hardeen- Kevin T and others understudy

Gobi Syndulla - Kevin J and others understudy

Hondo Ohnaka- Oz and others understudy

Ephraim Bridger - Nick and others understudy

Prince Lee-Char - Bob and others understudy

Padme Amidala - Stage Manager

Cody started shrieking. He soon turned his laptop to face Ben. Ben scanned the list, looking for his name. He found it, next to Kevin T. He actually got the role this time instead of understuding for three roles due to the other two understudies getting strep a week before opening night, forcing him to learn two other roles within a week!

"What are you two screaming about? Some of us have math!" Bail stormed into the room.

"Cast list is out!" Ben smiled as Bail whipped his phone out, and opened the email. Ben knew he saw Breha's name when Bail began to grin, as Bail had a crush on Breha.

"I got it?" Bail smiled, shock in his voice.

Ben scoffed. "As if you wouldn't get it. You have his accents down pat. Now, Cody you on the other hand, how long did it take you to get Ali's accent?"

"Opening night. But I had to learn Arabic. When did you learn another language for a role?" Cody argued.

"Come From Away. Do you not remember Junior year?" Ben asked, barely noticing that Bail had left the room.

Cody pursed his lips, knowing Ben was right. "Right... At least, this time we won't infuriate Padme because of the fact we were not dating."

Ben snorted. "Jesus Christ Superstar must have been torture for them, but we spent years listening to them about their boyfriends."

"True. Now can you leave? I have to finish this." Cody waved his boyfriend away, so Ben kissed Cody one last time before heading to his room. He closed the door, giving Cody privacy.


Cody waited a few minutes after Ben left to call his brother. He didn't want Ben to know what he was planning.

"Cody? Why are you calling me?" Rex's tired voice came up.

Cody spoke in a hushed tone, in case Ben was eavesdropping. "I'm thinking of proposing to Ben."

In response, Cody heard a thud sound with Rex whispering 'Fuck'. "Wait, what?"

"I think I want to marry Ben," Cody whispered, even quieter this time. Ben could NOT find out.

"Oh my... Does Fox know? Does dad know? Do Anakin and Quin know? Does your roommate know?" Rex began to bombard him with questions, causing Cody to check the door to see if Bail or Ben heard.

"Dad knows, and I was hoping to call Fox later. I tried doing it earlier, but Ben barged into my room. I'll text Anakin and Quinlan later about it." Cody explained quietly. "Bail doesn't know yet, but he'll probably find out soon."

"You're going to get married. Oh my god. Who else knows?" Cody could hear Rex rubbing his face.

"Just you and dad and Padme. I haven't had the time to tell many others. I've already ordered the ring. I think Ben will like it." Cody began to wring his hands.

"Do you have enough money for it? And what about Ben's dad?" Cody pursed his lips.

"Well, Ben's dad doesn't exactly approve of me. He wanted Ben to be a Jedi, so he's probably going to say no. And our dad agreed to help pay for it, but I told him I've been saving up for it." Cody answered after a minute.

"For how long?"

"Since freshman year. Also the theaters I've been working at pay the ushers somewhat well." Cody stood up and began to pace around.

"What if the ring comes, and Ben gets the mail before you do?" Rex asked.

Cody smiled. "That's why I told Padme. It's going to her house, and she's going to keep it there, so there is absolutely no chance of Ben finding it." At least he had one thing planned out.

"Good luck. Once you have an idea, call me. I want to hear it." Rex hung up before Cody could tell him more. Cody rolled his eyes before hitting Fox's contact info.

"Cody, this better be good. Quinlan and I are making dinner." Fox's exasperated voice filled Cody's room.

"Oh, good. Can you put me on speaker so Quin can hear? Thanks." Cody sighed, taking a deep breath. "I'm thinking of proposing to Ben."

Quinlan's screaming began to be heard. "Really?"

"Yes, now shut the fuck up. Ben might hear!" Cody hissed quietly.

"Do you have a ring? Who else knows?" It was Fox, but Cody could hear Fox and Quinlan's hushed conversation. It was something that mentioned Cody and Ben's names as well as finally.

"Dad was the first person I told, and once the ring arrives, Padme has agreed to keep it at her apartment. Rex knows too." Cody was not as nervous as he was before, but he was still nervous.

Quinlan spoke next. "What about Ben's dad. He still wants Ben to be a Jedi."

"Wow, thanks. I didn't know. Of course, I haven't asked for his permission. I think I'll propose first." Cody waited a few minutes before hanging up. Hopefully, he doesn't chicken out before he proposes.