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Stop the world

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Ben was ready to collapse. Why was college so fucking hard? At least the cast list for Come From Away was coming out later. He walked across the street to the off-campus housing he shared with Cody and one of their mutual friends, Bail, who was hoping for Nick. Ben walked up the stairs to do find Cody chugging another cup of coffee, with empty cans of red bull next to it. Ben kept the door open due to the rule Bail made once he found out that Ben was dating Cody saying they couldn't be in a room together with the door closed. The rule was stupid because Ben was asexual, so it wasn't like they were going to do anything that needed the door to be closed.

"Cody? Cyare? Have you gotten the cast list email?" Ben sat down on Cody's bed and took the cup out of his boyfriend's hands. Cody's liver was already messed up from his usual 15 cups of coffee daily. He didn't need to make it worse.

"Nayc. I was waiting for you." Cody sighed and switched tabs. "Why did you let me take set design? I'm not even a stage crewer."

Ben laughed lightly and kissed the top of Cody's head. "You wanted to. At least you don't take history classes."

" Benjamin. I am literary writing on the color of sets. " Cody deadpanned.

"Fun. Now can we find out if we got Kevin?" Ben grabbed his boyfriend's hands, needing to squeeze something.

Cody clicked the email and scrolled through to see the roles.

Suu Lawquane - Beulah and others

Sabe Naberrie - Beverley and others

Kaeden Larte - Hannah and others

Breha Alderaan - Diane and others

Mon Mothma- Bonnie and others

Ahsoka Tano -Jancis and others

Connor "Comet" Eldar - Claude and others

Benjamin Kenobi - Kevin T and others

Cody Fett - Kevin J and others

Harvey "Hardcase" Rook - Oz and others

Bail Organa - Nick and others

Lincoln "Longshot" Saxon - Bob and others

Julia Binks - Beulah and others understudy

Karis Dathomire - Beverley and others understudy

Twazzi Valorum - Hannah and others understudy

Mira Lothal - Diane and others understudy

Numa Syndulla- Bonnie and others understudy

Latts Razzi -Jancis and others understudy

Savage Opress- Claude and others understudy

Rako Hardeen- Kevin T and others understudy

Gobi Syndulla - Kevin J and others understudy

Hondo Ohnaka- Oz and others understudy

Ephraim Bridger - Nick and others understudy

Prince Lee-Char - Bob and others understudy

Padme Amidala - Stage Manager

Cody started shrieking. He soon turned his laptop to face Ben. Ben scanned the list, looking for his name. He found it, next to Kevin T. He actually got the role this time instead of understuding for three roles due to the other two understudies getting strep a week before opening night, forcing him to learn two other roles within a week!

"What are you two screaming about? Some of us have math!" Bail stormed into the room.

"Cast list is out!" Ben smiled as Bail whipped his phone out, and opened the email. Ben knew he saw Breha's name when Bail began to grin, as Bail had a crush on Breha.

"I got it?" Bail smiled, shock in his voice.

Ben scoffed. "As if you wouldn't get it. You have his accents down pat. Now, Cody you on the other hand, how long did it take you to get Ali's accent?"

"Opening night. But I had to learn Arabic. When did you learn another language for a role?" Cody argued.

"Come From Away. Do you not remember Junior year?" Ben asked, barely noticing that Bail had left the room.

Cody pursed his lips, knowing Ben was right. "Right... At least, this time we won't infuriate Padme because of the fact we were not dating."

Ben snorted. "Jesus Christ Superstar must have been torture for them, but we spent years listening to them about their boyfriends."

"True. Now can you leave? I have to finish this." Cody waved his boyfriend away, so Ben kissed Cody one last time before heading to his room. He closed the door, giving Cody privacy.


Cody waited a few minutes after Ben left to call his brother. He didn't want Ben to know what he was planning.

"Cody? Why are you calling me?" Rex's tired voice came up.

Cody spoke in a hushed tone, in case Ben was eavesdropping. "I'm thinking of proposing to Ben."

In response, Cody heard a thud sound with Rex whispering 'Fuck'. "Wait, what?"

"I think I want to marry Ben," Cody whispered, even quieter this time. Ben could NOT find out.

"Oh my... Does Fox know? Does dad know? Do Anakin and Quin know? Does your roommate know?" Rex began to bombard him with questions, causing Cody to check the door to see if Bail or Ben heard.

"Dad knows, and I was hoping to call Fox later. I tried doing it earlier, but Ben barged into my room. I'll text Anakin and Quinlan later about it." Cody explained quietly. "Bail doesn't know yet, but he'll probably find out soon."

"You're going to get married. Oh my god. Who else knows?" Cody could hear Rex rubbing his face.

"Just you and dad and Padme. I haven't had the time to tell many others. I've already ordered the ring. I think Ben will like it." Cody began to wring his hands.

"Do you have enough money for it? And what about Ben's dad?" Cody pursed his lips.

"Well, Ben's dad doesn't exactly approve of me. He wanted Ben to be a Jedi, so he's probably going to say no. And our dad agreed to help pay for it, but I told him I've been saving up for it." Cody answered after a minute.

"For how long?"

"Since freshman year. Also the theaters I've been working at pay the ushers somewhat well." Cody stood up and began to pace around.

"What if the ring comes, and Ben gets the mail before you do?" Rex asked.

Cody smiled. "That's why I told Padme. It's going to her house, and she's going to keep it there, so there is absolutely no chance of Ben finding it." At least he had one thing planned out.

"Good luck. Once you have an idea, call me. I want to hear it." Rex hung up before Cody could tell him more. Cody rolled his eyes before hitting Fox's contact info.

"Cody, this better be good. Quinlan and I are making dinner." Fox's exasperated voice filled Cody's room.

"Oh, good. Can you put me on speaker so Quin can hear? Thanks." Cody sighed, taking a deep breath. "I'm thinking of proposing to Ben."

Quinlan's screaming began to be heard. "Really?"

"Yes, now shut the fuck up. Ben might hear!" Cody hissed quietly.

"Do you have a ring? Who else knows?" It was Fox, but Cody could hear Fox and Quinlan's hushed conversation. It was something that mentioned Cody and Ben's names as well as finally.

"Dad was the first person I told, and once the ring arrives, Padme has agreed to keep it at her apartment. Rex knows too." Cody was not as nervous as he was before, but he was still nervous.

Quinlan spoke next. "What about Ben's dad. He still wants Ben to be a Jedi."

"Wow, thanks. I didn't know. Of course, I haven't asked for his permission. I think I'll propose first." Cody waited a few minutes before hanging up. Hopefully, he doesn't chicken out before he proposes.

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Ben had been doing his homework for a while before Cody knocked on his door. 

"Yes, Cyare?" Ben turned around, facing a nervous-looking Cody. Cody hadn't been this nervous around Ben since their Senior year of high school.

Cody smiled, causing Ben to smile as well. "Wanna come shopping with me? You're the cook among us. And we all know I can't cook."

"Of course Cyare. Can we not get fifteen packs of chicken nuggets this time?" Ben stood up, saving the history essay he had been writing.

"I can not promise. They are the easiest meal to make. Just put them onto some bread and you have a sandwich. You can put them on a salad. Put them into a tortilla and you have a taco. And don't forget, you can just eat them straight." Cody smiled, causing Ben to groan.

"Cody, how have you not died from your idiocy?" Ben rubbed his face, why was he in love with this di'kut

"Benjamin, it's because I have you to help me do basically everything," Cody smirked. Finally, the two boyfriends left their house and went to the nearby grocery store. 
As they walked the aisles, which took forever due to Cody stopping to touch everything and to get all of the free samples. Finally, they got everything they would need for a week, including some ice cream. Once they arrived at the two-story house the college provided for off-campus housing, they found Bail prancing around, singing, and celebrating.

While failing to keep his laughter contained, Cody asked, "Bail? You ok?" Ben was horrified, they were the same way back in high school. Does he not remember Jesus Christ Superstar? And the torture they put their friends through?

"Breha asked me on a date!" Bail pumped his fist in the air, celebrating.

Cody continued to laugh, which rewarded him with a slap from Ben. "We were the same way! Do you not remember Denny's after opening night?"

"No." Cody was confused, and he was likely racking his memories, trying to find it.

"That's because I kissed you right before that! We were both too excited to pay attention to anything."

"Fine. Love you." Cody pecked Ben's cheek and turned to bring in the rest of the food.

"I love you too." Ben smiled and went to bring his box of food into the small kitchen. Ben started to organize the food they bought. After Cody brought the last box of food in, Ben took out the chicken and began to cook.


Cody went to grab the last box of food, dragging Bail to help. Once they were safely outside, Cody began to talk quietly. "Bail. I am about to tell you the secret information. And you must be quiet."

" Ok? What is it? " Bail reached into the trunk to grab a box of cookie dough, fixing it in the bigger box it was in. 

Cody took a deep breath, and said, "I'm going to propose to Ben." 

They were fortunate that Bail had yet to take the box out of the trunk because he would have dropped it. "What?"

 "I am going to propose to Ben. We graduate in two and a half months, and opening night is in two. That should give me enough time." Cody grabbed a box. 

"What? You're just going to propose? Like that?" Bail was confused. He didn't know how long Cody had been dating Ben as they only met him last year mid-production. 

Cody gave his housemate a look. "Bail. This fall will be our fifth year together. And not to mention that we'd liked each other for a while before even coming out to each other. And my brother and one of his best friends, are already engaged, and they've been dating for almost six years. " 

 " I guess that makes sense. But are you sure you're both ready for it?" Bail asked. Cody was patient, so he continued to answer Ball's questions. 

"I'm fairly certain that he's ready, and I know I am." Began to walk up the stairs to the porch in front of their house.

"If you say you are. " Bail opened the door, letting his roommate go in before him. Cody took his box straight to the kitchen, where Ben was already preparing dinner. Cody sat on the counter, facing Ben's back. 

"Ben... I was wondering, do you think we're ready for marriage? I was listening to Come from away, and it took Diane and Nick less than ten years, long-distance, and 9/11 to get married. Plus, Fox and Quinlan getting married soon." Good job Cody. That doesn't sound like you you ordered an engagement ring yesterday. 

Ben paused, stirring the can of beans in a pot on the stove. "I don't know. I think we would be good though. We've been together for almost five years. Why?" 

Shit shit shit. He's onto you Cody. "I don't know. I was just bored. Wonders what if days of listening to the same songs from a single musical for days. And not too mention the wedding planning for my brother. " Good job Cody. He doesn't suspect a thing.

"True. Quinlan has been hounding me and Anakin on wedding planning. It's somewhat fun, but it makes you think, are we ready? Are Ankin and Rex ready?" Ben stirred the beans again, and Cody could feel his stress. Cody jumped off the counter and went to hug his boyfriend. He tightly grabbed Ben's waist and leaned into his boyfriend's shoulder.

"Ben, you have no reason to stress about Quin and Fox's wedding. You're not the one getting married." Not yet at least. But hopefully, soon you will be. "You only have to worry about yourself, not Anakin, not Rex, and certainly not Quinlan or Fox. Don't worry if we're getting married or not. Don't worry if my brother is getting married."

"Cody, you know I will." Ben was doubting himself and Cody will be damned if Ben doesn't think he's enough.

Cody took Ben's face into his hands and forced Ben to turn to him. "Benjamin, look at me. I know you're thinking that you're not enough for me, but I know you're perfect. And I love you for that." Cody began to kiss Ben and only stopped when they heard smoke from the chicken in the oven.

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The rest of the week was uneventful, with practices late at night so no one had to miss lectures, but that led to Ben and Cody being very grumpy in the morning, which wasn't that new to Bail. Cody also had very little time to think about when and where he would propose.

He finally got a chance, though when Quinlan, Fox, Anakin, and Rex were all able to come to Naboo for a week that they all had off. Cody had Bail and Ben go shopping for some food, so they wouldn't have to go out, but mostly so Cody could show his brothers and their boyfriends the ring.

"It arrived a few days ago." Cody took the box out of his pocket, and carefully opened it up. He passed it around, showing everyone the ring with the blue crystals on a small silver band and the small blue diamond reflecting Cody's desk light.

Quinlan whistled. "Wow. This is beautiful. Ben's gonna love it. Not as good as Fox's, but it's still pretty good."

"Wow, Quinlan doesn't think it's as good as the one he got for his fiance, that's new, but you really think he'll like it?" Cody took it back and closed it, putting it back into his pocket. He had to remember to give it back to Padme or else Ben might find it, and he couldn't have that.

Anakin scoffed. "Of course he's going to love it. You got it for him, but I'm still mad that I was the last person you told."

Cody smiled, then glanced out his window to see if his housemates were returning. They weren't, good. "Thanks. I just hope he says yes."

"Like he won't? He will. Do you know when you're going to do it?" Fox, the one who planted the seeds of this idea in his head when he asked Cody to help with the wedding planning, spoke. Fox had gotten engaged to Quinlan a few months ago, at New Years, and the wedding was slated to be in a year. Fox was twisting the engagement ring Quinlan gave him.

"I think soon. Whenever it feels right, I guess. Definitely not at a fancy restaurant, though. Ben would hate me for that, he's just not that type of a person. And not at graduation. He would say no just out of spite. He'd probably want me to do it in private." Cody laughed, excited to propose. "How'd you know when to do it, Quinlan?"

"Well, Fox found it," Quinlan said awkwardly. "I hid it terribly, so it was on me, but Fox found it while I was in the shower, and I sort of just did it when I saw him holding it."

"Hopefull that won't happen with me because I asked Padme to keep it in her house." Cody was fiddling with it when his phone rang.

"Hey, Cody? We're stuck in traffic. We'll be a few minutes late, so can you preheat the oven to four hundred degrees?" Ben's voice filled the room.

"Yeah, I can. What are you going to make?" Cody stood up and began to make his way downstairs.

"Meatloaf." Ben hung up, and Cody put his phone away. He turned on the oven and got out some pans so thatBen could cook. Once he finished, he began to set the table, getting some drinks.


Ben got the house in thirty minutes, and just as he entered the doorway, the oven dinged, signifying it was hot enough to cook the meatloaf in. Ben began to get the dinner ready, and luckily Cody offered to help so they wouldn't have to wait for that much longer to eat. Once the meatloaf was in the oven, Ben began to prepare the salad, much to Anakin's chagrin.

"Do I have to eat salad?" Anakin groaned. Great, Anakin still wasn't eating healthy.

"You, yes. Rex? No." Ben laughed as Anakin trudged off, upset. How could Rex handle that hot mess?

Once the meal was ready, Ben called everyone in. They all sat down, and Ben began to serve. Finally, he was able to sit down, and everyone was invested in their dinners to talk.

Then, in tee middle of dinner, Ben's phone went off. When Ben checked who it was it was his grandfather, Dooku. "Grandfather? Why are you calling me? You never call." Ben went into another room, hugging himself. From the corner of his eye, he saw Cody stand up and follow him. Cody stood at a distance, and Ben could tell he was being given space.

"You're father got into a car accident. He's in critical condition. He lost a lot of blood, and the doctor said if he survives, he won't have control waist down. But they say he might die before they can get him into surgery." Ben dropped his phone from shock. Qui-Gon couldn't die. Ben might not get along with his adoptive father, or grandfather, but he didn't want either one dead. Cody sprinted over, and he forced his hand into Ben's free one, giving Ben something to squeeze.

"I'll be there in a few hours." Ben picked up his phone, his hand shaking, fear in both his and Cody's eyes, but unlike Cody, Ben was crying.

"It's the one where you went when you broke your wrist," Dooku informed him, and Ben was thankful, now he didn't have to search the whole city for where his father was.

"Thank you, grandfather. I'll be there in less than four hours." He hung up, but he couldn't stop his hands from shaking.

"My father is in the hospital. He's in critical condition. They say he- he might die." Ben barely got the words out, he was crying too hard, and he didn't realize that he was clinging to Cody until Cody picked him up, and practically carried him to the car. He couldn't hear what Cody was saying to his brothers, but Ben was aware he was saying something. They'll get home in time and Qui-Gon won't die. He can't die.


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Ben twiddled his finger the whole way back to his hometown. Cody tried to force him to sleep a few times, but he couldn't, not when his father was dying. Qui-Gon couldn't die. He couldn't. Finally, Cody pulled up to the hospital, and Ben jumped out of the car. He ran to the front desk. He demanded to see his father, and the lady told him where his father was. He practically sprinted to the wing, but he did walk into the room, where his father was laying, paler then Ben in winter. Ben tried not to gasp, he didn't want to see his father, though adoptive, like this.

 "Ben." His father's voice was hoarse, and his long graying hair was thin, twinged red from blood. His father already looked dead. "Are you there?" 

 Beb glanced to where Cody was sitting. He didn't want Cody to meet his father when Qui-Gon was like this. "Yeah. I'm here dad."

"Ben, I know I don't have much longer." Qui-Gon reached his hand out, and Ben took it. His father's grip wasn't tight, but it was reassuring. It let him know that Qui-Gon was still alive. "I want you to do what makes you happy. Even if it's not becoming a Jedi." 

Ben willed himself to stay strong, not to cry. But his father finally approved of Ben not joining the Jedi Order, just to leave when he finished teaching. "Thanks, dad. I think you would like my boyfriend, Cody." 

"Does Cody, does he make you happy?" Ben was taken aback by his father's question. 

Ben nodded, feeling his father's grip loosen. No. Qui-Gon couldn't be dying. The doctors had to do something to help his father. "Yes, he does." 

"I'm glad. Just know that I love you and I'll always be with you." Ben heard beeping behind him, his father was dead. Qui-Gon died. What was he supposed to do now without any parents, when he wasn't even out of college? 


The entire time Cody drove back to Corosaunt, he tried not to think about the weight of the ring box in his pocket. It probably didn't help that Ben refused to sleep before they got to the hospital. Could he still propose to Ben if Ben's father died? Should he still propose? Or should he wait a few years, let Ben mourn his father, and Cody could figure out what to do.

As his boyfriend talked to his dying father, Cody called Padme. "Padme, Ben's father is dying. I think we'll stay here for a few days, plan the funeral and whatnot. What should we do about the show?"

"Cody, are you sure he can do the show? Can you do the show? And are you going to do it? Are you still going to propose?" Padme's voice rang out, forcing Cody to think about what he didn't want to talk or think about.

Cody hesitated. " I can do the show, but I don't know about proposing. I have to talk to my dad. And we have to do a lot of stuff. Can you just film your practices, and Ben and I can follow along."

"I guess. You're the one who is proposing. And do you have the ring, because I can't find it." Padme's voice trailed off at the end.

"Yeah, I do. Don't worry. I didn't have a chance to hide it before we left. And don't forget to send the video." Cody assured her, but her worry relieved Cody. She remembers where they collectively hid the box.

"I won't forget, but tell me if he's not up to it. We would have to hold audions for a backup for Rako then. Well, I have to leave. Yaddle's holding a meeting for stage crew." Padme hung up.

Cody has been sitting in the waiting room outside Qui-Gon's hospital room by himself for about ten minutes after he hung up when Ben came out, eyes bloodshot, a quiver in his voice. 

"My father, he's dead. He died." Ben's voice was quiet, and Cody brought Ben into a hug. Cody couldn't propose while his boyfriend was like this. 

"Ben, I'm so so sorry." Cody let Ben cry into his shoulder. After a few minutes, Cody managed to get Ben to the car. Once they were both in the car, Cody drove to his house. Cody felt the ring box weighing him down more than usual.

"Ben, do you want to sleep?" Cody asked numbly, and after Ben's nod, Cody dragged Ben up to his old bedroom. Cody quickly sent a text to his friends back in Naboo saying that Qui-Gon died and that he and Ben were likely going to stay for the week. After Ben was situated in Cody's old bed, Cody went to find his father.

"Hi Cody, why are you here?" Cody could clearly see the look of confusion on his father's face, he hadn't had time to call.

Cody pursed his lips. "Ben's father was in an accident. He just died."

"Cody..." Jango was shocked, but Cody shook his head.

"Qui-Gon didn't approve of Ben not being a Jedi. He wasn't exactly thrilled that we were still dating. Ben told me he didn't get along with him sometimes, but he still loved his father. He took him in after his time at Jedi was done." Cody shrugged. "Ben's taking it hard. Similar to how Boba took mom's death. Should I still propose dad? Or should I wait until we graduate? "

Jango hesitated. "Follow your gut kid. Do what you think is right."

"Dad, that doesn't exactly help me. "

"Kote, you've been following your heart for years, don't start following your head now." Jango put his hand on his son's shoulder.


"Cody, I know you'll do what you know is right. And if that is waiting until Ben has properly mourned, fine."

"Thanks, dad." Cody gave his father a small nod. Hopefully, he could do what was right, for both his sake and Ben's.

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A day after Qui-Gon's funeral, after Ben finally made peace with his adoptive father's death, Anakin called Ben, again. Ben shouldn't have been surprised, as Anakin lost his mom when they were entering college.  Ben picked up his phone and said, "Oh, hey Anakin."

"Hey, Ben? How are you doing?" Anakin's voice was gentle, not wanting to pry. 

 "Good. Cody has been really helping out. He's just... the best. God, I love him." Ben blushed, how did he get so lucky as to have Cody love him.

Anakin groaned. "Ugh. You two are worse then Quinlan and Fox, and they're actually engaged." 

 "Speaking of Fetts and engagements, has Rex talked to you about getting married? Like at all?" Ben rubbed his elbow, nervous. 

Anakin fumbled with his words. Why was Anakin so nervous? Why did he react like this? "No. Keep in mind we're doing long distance and have been for four years." 

 "Huh. Cody asked me about it. I think he just started thinking about it. It's not like he has a ring picked out." Ben shrugged. 

Anakin soon changed the subject for some reason. "What are you guys going to do for his birthday? Because Rex and Fox are dragging me and Quinlan somewhere. " Ben knew Anakin well enough to know Anakin was probably rolling his eyes. 

"Shit shit shit. Fuck fuck fuckkk. I forgot about his birthday! " Ben wailed. After all, Cody had done for Ben in the aftermath of his father's death, this is how Ben rewards him. With forgetting his birthday. 

Anakin paused for a minute, then finally said, "Well, it's tomorrow. You could probably figure something out. You always do."

Ben was thankful for his friend's reassurance. He needed it, after his father's death and all. He needed to be told that he wasn't weak for mourning the man who took him in after their time as a Jedi was over. And Anakin, and Cody, had done that. Maybe a date with his boyfriend will help Ben get over the guilt he felt throughout the mourning time. "Thanks, Anakin. I gotta go. Cody's coming. Are you still going to come to opening night?" 

 "Benjamin, I will be at every single show," Anakin answered sassily. 

 "Fine. Well, I'll see you then." Ben hung up and grabbed one of Cody's old journals to jot ideas down. Apparently, when his boyfriend was in middle school he journaled, about whatever came to mind that day. He continued this habit until college, but Ben had never had the chance or permission to read them, but Cody didn't need to know he was doing this. As he began to flip through them, he saw his name begin to pop up more and more. 

Ben hadn't realized he was crying until he saw the test stains stain the cheap ink in the journal. A few entries stood out to Ben. One said that Cody loved Ben (the date in that one met it was from Junior year of high school), another was after Ben's birthday party Cody threw Senior year, a third were from the day after Ben kissed Cody. As Ben went to look at the older ones, he remembered that Cody used to love science, so he did Science Olympiad. Ben used to compete in it as well, and if he remembered correctly, the first time he met Cody was waiting for the dynamic planet moderator to let them into the room. Anakin teased him mercilessly, once he revealed that he liked Cody, as Anakin was his partner and witnessed the interaction between the two future boyfriends. Cody and Ben remet after the Reach for the Stars event, and while they walked to their team's respective tables, Ben listened to his new friend's love of the night sky, a love he still had.

That's it! Ben got an idea for Cody's birthday the next day. 


"Ben I hope you know I am extremely suspicious," Cody complained in the car the next day. He was forced to be blindfolded, agreeing to let Ben drive for once.

Once they arrived, Cody heard the car door open, and he assumed that Ben left to get him. That theory was proved wrong when Ben did not appear next to him seconds later. 

When Ben finally took him out of the car, he walked Cody somewhere. Once they got somewhere, Ben tugged the bandana he used as a blindfold off. It took Cody a second for his eyes to adjust.

His eyes finally adjusted, and he saw a picnic blanket in the middle of a clearing. 

 "Happy birthday Cody!" Ben smiled, and Cody just wanted to propose right then and there. At the thought proposing, Cody's hands trailed down to his coat pocket, where he had been keeping it. It was there, but Cody still wasn't sure if he should propose, the funeral was literary two days ago. He should wait, give Ben more time to mourn. Cody needed time to mourn his mother, Ben needs time to mourn his father.

"All this for little ol' me?" Cody smirked, laughing as Ben sat down on the many blankets he brought.

Ben nodded, seriously, and patted the ground next to him. "Of course. You've so much for me recently, so I thought, why not star gaze?"

"Really?" Cody couldn't hide the excitement in his voice, his father taught him to recognize constellations when he was younger, installing a permanent love of the sky into Cody.

"Of course. Don't you remember the first time we met?" Ben tugged Cody down next to him, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend.

"The first practice freshman year?"

"Nope. Science Olympiad when we were in eighth grade. It was outside of the Dynamic Planet classroom. Anakin had his hair barely short enough for the Jedi dress code." Ben laughed, and Cody suddenly remembered the encounter for the first time since it happened.

Cody laughed, some of the things he did were funny. "Right. I didn't want to do it, and I had one of Wolffe's friends as a partner. He did nothing."

"Yeah. You told me. We also did reach for the stars together." Ben smiled wistfully, forgetting what he was going through. Cody leaned over and kissed his boyfriend.

"Right. Sorry for beating you." Cody laughed, reaching to grab Ben's hand.

"I beat you in dynamic planet though." Ben pointed out.

Cody scoffed playfully. "That's only because Anakin pulled his weight."

"No, he didn't. That was all me." Ben smirked, causing Cody to kiss the smirk right off his face.

Chapter Text

As Cody drove back to Naboo, he just let Ben play music, he didn't want to make Ben's wounds even deeper by prying. Ben had gone to hell and back in the past week, and Cody was going to respect the fact if he wanted to be left alone. Once they got back to campus, Cody immediately went to Padme's, which was right across the street. 

"Padme?" Cody knocked on the door and waited for her to come out. 

When she finally did, she looked tired, her hair messy, bags under her eyes. "What do you want?" 

"Nice to see you too. What have Ben and I missed?" Cody slumped against the wall of Padme's house. 

Padme groaned and reached for the binder she kept nearby. "So you're both still doing it? Good, but you just missed Welcome to the Rock. I put your understudies in. They're actually kinda good. But we haven't been working too hard on the choreography mostly because it's moving chairs.  Also, have you done it?

"Of course I haven't! His father died! What do you do then? Propose? No! I think I'll wait until tech week, then we'll see if I'll do it. But considering his father is literary dead, I don't think I will just yet." Cody threw his arms up in exasperation. "He's in mourning! I don't think now is the best time to ask him to marry me!" 

"Obviously I know that! But if you are going to wait until Tech, I'll hide it again." Padme held her hand out, waiting, and after a few seconds, Cody found the velvet box in his pocket. When he finally found it, he carefully placed it in Padme's hands. 

"Don't lose it." Cody;'s voice was tight, he couldn't lose it. 

Padme nodded, and Cody turned to walk across the street, to where Ben was waiting for him. Cody tugged off his shoes off, before looking for Ben. He found Ben sitting in his room, not in his own. Ben sat in his bed, clutching his knees, holding a picture of... Something. It looked like two figures, so it may have been Ben and Qui-Gon, but as he got closer, he realized it was him.

"Ben, I don't mean to pry, but why are you in my room and not yours?" Cody gently sat next to Ben's feet. He reached up and wiped a few tears off of Ben's face. 

Ben looked at Cody, tears staining his perfect face. "Why me? You could have been dating anyone else from Corosaunt, anyone from here, why did you choose me?"

"Ben, it's because I love you," Cody whispered, why did he give the ring back to Padme, this would have been a perfect opportunity to propose. "Ben, if I didn't love you, why would I have done that birthday party for you back in high school?"

"Because you're nice." Ben's voice was quiet but cracked a few times, more tears falling. 

 "Benjamin. Come here. Breathe." Cody held his arms open, waiting for Ben. Ben took deep breathes, trying to calm himself. Ben crawled over, and Cody held his boyfriend in his arms, rocking him back and forth, and quietly sang. "Ben, I love you, and I'll never leave you, ever. I promise you that."

Ben cried into Cody's chest, soaking his shirt, and Cody just let him. Cody knew what Ben was going through, and if this is what he could do to help, he'd do it until Ben didn't want him to.


Cody was too good for him. Ben found a picture of the two of them after their first date, so he brought it into Cody's room to show him, but when he didn't see him, Ben began to cry. Did Cody not love him?

He knew it was irrational, of course, he knew that. But there was the thought in his head. Cody came back though. Cody held him and comforted him. And it wasn't just today, no. It had been all week. Cody had been right next to him the whole time. 

He should marry Cody. "Does Cody, does he make you happy?" Ben suddenly remembered Qui-Gon's dying words. Marrying Cody would make him happy, knowing it was just the two of them. He should talk to Padme about this. 

That night at practice as the director was helping Cody with his accents, Ben pulled Padme aside and whispered, "I think I want to marry Cody."

Padme sighed. "Then do it." She walked away, muttering something. Ben soon was forced to work on his accents. He didn't as many as Cody did, but he couldn't get the Canadian accent down. After a couple tries he did get it, much to his relief.

Cody quickly found him and dragged him to the dance studio. They were working on songs with a lot of singing and very little dancing or movement. Cody forced him into a chair, then sat next to him. Ben smiled as he felt Cody's hand slipped into his. It felt natural, holding hands with Cody.

It was probably why he wanted to marry Cody. Everything he did with Cody felt natural, being with Cody felt natural. Sometimes he wondered how different his life would be without Cody around.

For starters he probably would have dropped out of the theater life, wanting people to assume he's straight. Ben would probably have become a Jedi, following his father, and his grandfather before him. 

After practice, Cody walked Ben back to the house, and the two had a small dinner. Ben made it, as usual, but Cody insisted on helping. Cody set the table, getting the two drinks. Ben finished up, plating the meal.

Once they finished eating, Ben kissed Cody on the cheek and went up to his room. His room was sparsely decorated, the few decorations he had were playbills or pictures of him with Anakin, Quinlan, but mostly Cody.

Ben open up his laptop and started searching for engagement rings. Ben better find one that Cody likes.

Chapter Text

Ben sat on the porch, waiting for the mail to arrive. The engagement ring he bought for Cody was set to arrive today, and the mailman said he was close. When it finally arrived, Ben had to sprint up to his room to look at it without the chance that Cody might see it. He couldn't take that chance, even if it was minimal.

Once he got to his room, he locked the door, making sure Cody couldn't enter, and he even took the key to pick the lock, just in case Cody wanted to come in. He slowly opened the box, and he was greeted by a plain yellow band with a clear diamond, which was small but beautiful. Ben was sure that Cody would love it, hopefully, just as much as he loved Ben. Ben closed it, and hid it in a box in his closet, making sure the bigger box wouldn't fall.

Begrudgingly Ben decided to call Quinlan. Ben just needed to tell someone. "Hey, Quinlan? Can we talk real quick?"

"Yeah what do you want?" Ben knew Quinlan was rolling his eyes.

Ben took a quick breath and sighed. "I want to propose to Cody."

"What?" Quinlan whispered, sounding even more nervous then Ben felt. Why would he be nervous?

"I want to marry Codes." Ben hushed, becoming even more anxious as he spoke.

"So do it! He'll say yes!" Quinlan sounded excited out of a sudden. Why did he sound so excited? How did he go from anxious to excited so quickly?

Suddenly, he heard a knock on his door, shocking Ben. Ben quickly hung up, apologizing. "Who is it?"

"Cody? Why is your door locked?" Cody fumbled with the doorknob again, trying to see if the door was stuck.

"I was cleaning my room and didn't want to be distracted." Ben opened the door, letting his boyfriend in.

"Makes sense. Wanna watch a movie?" Cody grabbed Ben's hand, then smirked. "I'll even let you choose ."

Ben smirked right back. "Well, I haven't listened to Jesus Christ Superstar in a while. Wanna watch or listen to that?"

"Sure, only of you sing along. I don't want to be the only one singing." Cody began to run down the stairs, taking Ben down with him.

Ben laughed, letting Cody drag him downstairs. "I'll only if we can piss Bail off with choreography."

"Deal." They finally reached the living room, and both stood on opposite sides of the room. As they watched the live version of their Senior year show, they sang and followed the choreography they remembered.

During Simon Zealotes Ben laughed. "Cyare, do you remember when Rex missed the table? "

"Yes! He faceplanted on the stage, and we all thought he broke a bone!" Cody had o crouched due to laughing. He started to cough, forcing Ben to run over to help his boyfriend to stop. Bail's shocked face caused Cody to cough and laugh even more.

"Thanks." Cody ran to the kitchen, getting some water to drink.


Cody was definitely going to propose. It wasn't doubt anymore. The doubt was what Ben going to say. Ben could say no, but he could also say yes. Also, when was he going to do so? That was an important factor that shouldn't be overlooked. Hopefully, he does it before graduation.

When Cody came back, Everything's Alright (Reprise) was being sung. He smiled knowing what song was next.

"You know, we both had our mics turned off during this song. We could have sung it to each other." Cody sat next to Ben, who was on the floor.

"Yeah, but do you remember what we were like when we did that during rehearsal?" Ben snuggled against Cody's chest, Cody enjoying the warmth spreading through him like he was sitting by a bonfire.

"When we both talked about each other, convinced that neither of us liked the other? I really don't know how we made it to Tech week without confessing." Cody laughed, loving how big di'kuts they were. Sometimes, whenever Cody thought about their first kiss, not the stage kisses they had done for the past week. It was so full of love, so filled with how much they cared about each other, it wasn't hard for Cody to think about how they were so out of it at Denny's.

"In my defense, I didn't this I was good enough for you. You're perfect. " Ben somehow got even closer to Cody's chest.

Cody hesitated, how should he word this? "Ben, you're the perfect one. You deserve better than me."

"But I want you. Doesn't that account for something?" Ben was quiet.

Cody pursed his lips, feeling Ben squeeze his palm. "Yes. Of course, it does." Cody wrapped his arms around Ben's waist, bringing him even closer to his body. Ben being around Cody just always seemed to reassure him that he wasn't the worst out of all of the Fetts, that he was important to someone.

They stayed like that for the rest of the show, and afterward, when Ben didn't move or speak, Cody realized that he had fallen asleep. Cody has to do a bit of maneuvering to be able to pick Ben and carry him to his room. Cody debated putting Ben in Ben's room but didn't after realizing that he might have some personal stuff from Qui-Gon out and he might not be ready for Cody to read them.

After setting Ben down on his bed, Cody sat at his desk. He had a few things to write before he had to sleep. Cody began to finish up about two hours later and opened the door so Bail wouldn't yell at them. He was finally able to go to sleep. He laid down next to Ben, flinging an arm around his boyfriend's waist, turning him over and bringing him closer to Cody. Cody breathed slowly, enjoying the quiet, enjoying being able to cuddle with his boyfriend. Cody nodded off, falling asleep.

Chapter Text

When Ben finally woke up, he realized he couldn't move. When he did try to move, he felt an arm, an extremely muscular arm, drag him back to where he originally woke up. "No. Sleep." Cody's tired voice mumbled, somehow bringing Ben even closer to his chest. Ben smiled, knowing Cody wouldn't give up and Ket hum go. And he loved that. Why wouldn't he?

"Fibe." Ben dug his head into the crook of his boyfriend's neck, listening to the little quiet they got. Ben closed his eyes, he wasn't used to this. He and Cody had little time to cuddle, and it wasn't like Qui-Gon did this when, when he was alive. Ben was just too old when he was adopted. Qui-Gon was also in his sixties when he left the Order he'd been in almost his entire life. But Ben was just not used to physical contact when he got a boyfriend. 

Cody, growing up in a big family, was used to it. He would cuddle Ben, and Ben wouldn't know what to do. Now, over four years later, Ben loved the small touches that Cody gave him. They were often small-minded, Cody rarely realized he did them. Ben loved each one, from grazing the back of his palm, or running his fingers through Ben's thin red hair. 

 "Lovebirds! Wanna go on a double date with me and Breha?" Bail was at the door, a soft smile on his lips. He had been up for, what looked liked hours, already dressed to concur. 

Cody groaned, not even rolling over, relieving Ben who was cool. And Cody was warm. "Why not? When?" 

 "A few hours. It's a show. She hasn't told me which one. We'll get dinner beforehand. It's a cool restaurant." Bail turned away, leaving Ben to be alone with the man he loved. Cody wiggled another arm underneath Ben, wrapping Ben in a hug that he would have to fight to leave.  Ben felt himself falling back asleep, the darkness enveloping him in warmth. 

Ben wanted to stay awake, he wanted to be with Cody, even if they weren't saying a word. Time to change that. "Cody?"

 "Yea?" Somehow, Cody's voice had gotten even coarser ten the last time he spoke. His voice was husky, tired. How long had he been up before he went to sleep? 

"When did you go to sleep?" Ben knew it was likely that Cody was going to lie, but Ben knew his tall tell sign.

Cody moved his mouth, scrunching it. He was going to lie. He always moved his mouth back and forth when he was thinking of his excuse. "Right after you were asleep in my bed." 

 "Bullshit." Ben sang, causing both to laugh, though Cody had a grimace. "When did you really go to sleep?" 


Cody sighed. Ben knew he lying, he could tell every time Cody lied nowadays. Why did his, hopefully, future husband have to know him so well? "Fine. A few hours after you did. I had to turn some stuff in." 

 "Thank you," Ben smirked, shoving his face into Cody's chest. It felt nice, just the two of them. Cody was just happy that Ben was acting like himself after his father's death, just weeks before. Ben had been secluded while planning his father's funnel, of course, he had been.

They stayed like that, practically one, for what seemed like hours until Cody heard Bail knock on the door. "Lovebirds! The show starts in three hours! Get ready!"

Cody groaned. He was warm, Ben was on top of him, his face pressed into Cody's chest. "Fine." 

Ben reluctantly rolled off of Cody, and disappeared, likely going to his room. Cody ran to his closet, for the first time in his life, in more ways than one, looking for clothes fancy enough to wear to a show. He finally settled on a pale yellow polo shirt, pairing it with khakis. Once he was dressed, he fixed his hair. 

He soon emerged, finding Bail holding a bouquet. Breha arrived, not five minutes later, just as Ben flew down the stairs, wearing a redshirt with dress pants. "I'm ready! Don't leave without me!"

 Cody laughed, throwing his arm around Ben, pulling him out the door. They got into Breha's car, going to a restaurant before the show. At the restaurant, Cody enjoyed talking to Breha. He found out that she was actually infertile, so she would have to adopt. 

After she said that, Ben laughed. "So will Cody and I."

 Cody felt his face flush red, luckily he had dark brown skin. He hadn't blushed because of Ben in years, and Ben just said he wants kids. Ben had no response, he likely didn't realize what he said, but Bail defiantly did. Bail chocked on the piece of bread he'd been eating, he was so shocked. 

"What?" Bail got the bread unlodged from his throat, but the change in His voice was not from that. He exchanged a nervous glance at everyone at the table, it was clear his vocal change. 

"Cody and I are both cis males. We will probably have to adopt if and when we want kids. Plus I'm ace." Ben shrugged as if it was the end of the argument. Which it wasn't. Not by a long shot. 

It was, however, the end of it for the next few hours. They obviously weren't able to talk about it a the show, Starry, so they just held hands. It let Ben know that Cody was not happy with what he said, but he eats mad. At least no yet. 

Most Fetts had short tempers, minor things could easily get under Cody's skin. It wasn't as easy as it was for Dogma, Fix, and Boba, but it was still fairly easy. And when Ben said he wanted kids, DEFINITELY got under his skin. 

Cody didn't know why it did, he did want kids. But he didn't like how Ben just assumed he did. He and Ben had been dating so long, he should have known Cody hates when people assume things about him. 

Chapter Text

Ben didn't know why Cody was avoiding him. It must have been something he said at dinner the night before because Cody hadn't been acting like himself after it, even at the show. The following day, they barely spoke, making Ben sad. 

After rehearsal, once they were in their home, Ben finally cornered Cody, and luckily they were alone. "Cody, why have you been avoiding me?" Ben used wide gestures, he always did, and every time he used then, Cody would know that he was extremely mad. 

 "Ben, I might not want kids! I do, but you didn't know that! We're not even engaged yet! We've barely talked about this!" Cody took a few deep breathes, somehow using even wider gestures. Cody was mad.

Ben stomped his foot. "Cody! Calm the hell down! You would be a great father. Which is why I said that. It's not like your going to die, finally approving that they don't have the same vision of themself that you do!" Tears were starting to form in his eyes. He hadn't told Cody that Qui-Gon had just been able to tell his son that he approved of his relationship.

"I know what it's like to lose a parent Ben!" Cody was crying, so Ben soon followed. He always got emotional when Cody did.

Ben was flabbergasted. How dare Cody say that. "Like hell you do!" 

"Really? You are going to pull that bullshit on me? I was nine when my mom died! NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD! Tup and Dogma weren't even four yet!" More tears began to fall, out of both of their eyes, making everything blurry.

"Yeah, but at least she loved you! You weren't the second pick! Qui-Gon only took me in because Anakin's mom wanted him back!" Ben cried. Cody seemed to have realized what he said, so he pulled Ben into a quick hug before physically pushing Ben away.

As he stalked away, he glanced over his shoulder. "You were my first pick. I love you, Ben." Cody stomped away, heading to his room, not wanting to talk to Ben. He left Ben, standing alone, wanting to heal this rift.

Ben knew he messed up. He shouldn't have assumed that Cody wanted to have kids. But he did, and now, Cody was really upset with him. And Ben needed to fix it. He waited almost an hour before going up to Cody's room. When he got to Cody's door, he hesitated before knocking. What if Cody didn't want to not argue? 

Well, he couldn't dwell on that. He had to hope that Cody wanted to fix this, just like how he had hope that Cody wanted to get married, just like how Senior year, he spent every day praying Cody liked him. Before he knocked, Ben ran to his room. He dug throw his closet, looking for a small velvet box. Ben slowly opened it and took the ring out. Ben pressed it into his palm. Hope. Hope is the most important thing he could have right now. He had hope five years ago, he could have hope now. He could have hope that Cody will say yes on closing night.

Ben put the ring back into its box and stood up. He could do this. All he needs is Cody wanting to fix this. And knowing Cody, he wants it more than Ben. 


Cody asked for the ring back before practice, and Padme brought it. And there it sat, in his palm. And even though he got into a huge argument with Ben, Cody decided when he would propose, closing night. He had it practiced, too. He had it all planned out too. Padme had agreed to give him the box ofter bows, so he could propose. It will probably work. Fingers crossed at least. The silver band was staring at him, his faults glaring. Why did Cody have to go and make such a big deal about it? 

After a knock on his door, Cody scrambled to put the ring in his pocket. It was Ben, and Ben couldn't know. "Cody?" Ben slowly opened the door, hugging himself. He needed a hug. Cody scrambled to stand up, racing to hug Ben. Ben graciously accepted it, crying into his shoulder. 

 "I'm sorry Ben. I grew up with people assuming I was just like all of my brothers, and I hate it when people assume things about me." Cody was quiet, he didn't want anyone else to hear. 

"No. I should be the sorry one. I shouldn't have assumed you wanted to get married, or even have kids." Ben paused. "I shouldn't have. I know you better." To Cody, he was talking more to himself.

Cody pulled back, just enough to kiss his boyfriend. "Ben, I wasn't mad you assumed I didn't want those things, I was just mad you assumed in the first place."

"So you do want kids?" Ben was hopeful, of course, he was.

"Yep. I was thinking of names even before we started dating. Numa for a girl and Wyatt for a boy? And we'll call Wyatt Waxer? " Cody smiled, hoping Ben would agree. 

Ben shook his head. "No. I'm not a fan of using the names of people I know. And there's a Numa in the cast. I would never call my son Waxer. In any universe."

"Fine. Maybe John?" Cody shrugged. It was telling first name he thought of. 

Ben hesitated, pausing before he said, "Isn't that your father's name?"

"Yea. It's a  tradition name. It's Boba's middle name. Dad didn't want to name one of us after him. " Cody nodded. 

Ben nodded along. "I guess. And we adopt a girl, we can cross that bridge when we get there."

"Sure." Cody smiled, and so did Ben. At least they compromised, or their version of compromising, Cody agreeing with whatever Ben said. But Cody would follow Ben to the ends of the earth, blindly following the man he loves.

Chapter Text

At one of the next practices, they were working on Cody's favorite scene. It was set after Costume Party when Cody and Ben were walking with Breha and Bail, and Bail was going on a rant about the people Ben and Cody were playing.

"Instead of the gay men, who hate me!" Bail pointed to Cody and his boyfriend after pointing to Breha, and instead of laughing, Cody scoffed. This had been his favorite scene way back in high school, and it still was. He just loved the interactions the two Kevins had with the other people in Gander.

The scene soon finished, and Yaddle, the director, called the cast in. "We are almost halfway done with everything. If you haven't gotten your costumes fitted, please go to backstage so we can get your measurements. If you have been fitted, you can leave." Cody had his costume fitting the day before, so he stood by the door, waiting for Ben. Ben joined him a few minutes later and the two walked to their house in quiet.

"Ben, I'll make dinner tonight," Cody said suddenly, surprising his boyfriend. Maybe he should propose now, instead of closing night. Ben would probably like now better, but Cody was mixed about it. He told everyone that he was going to do it in a month, but he might do it now.

Ben was exasperated. "Are- Are you sure? You can't cook at all."

"I can cook. I just like your food better." Cody shrugged.

Ben didn't look convinced. "The chicken nuggets were raw the last time you made them."

"I forgot to hit the zero at the end. Sue me. But I can make some Mandalorian stuff." Cody ran to the kitchen, Ben swearing behind him. He began to get some food out for his father's recipe. Ben threw his hands up and went to the living room.

Cody took out their sharpest knife and began to cut some chicken. After he finished the first one, he started the second one. He was about halfway through with cutting it when he felt a stabbing pain in his left palm. When he looked, he saw that he accidentally stabbed himself. "Uh... Ben?" Cody was calm, and Ben was too until he saw Cody's situation.

"You stabbed yourself, then pulled the knife out?" Ben was running to grab a towel, dampening it. "You're an idiot! You keep the knife in to keep the blood in!"

"What should we do?" Cody was losing blood, but he wasn't woosy, not yet.

"Go to the doctors di'kut!" Ben pushed Cody out the door, but not before giving Cody the towel to soak up the blood. Ben drove the two to the doctor, insisting to the doctor that he had to go into the room with Cody.

"Young man, how did you get the scar on your face?" The doctor had an assistant, who he was later informed was doing visitation for his med school, and he was very inquisitive.

"I got it at school when I was younger. It's a long story." Cody groaned, they were making sure that the cut didn't have any infections.

They forced Cody to sit down, numbing the spot where they will put the stitches, but Cody kept wincing. He had forgotten how bad the numbing felt, it felt like fire. Once that torture was finished, they forced Cody to stay for a few minutes, doing a few other checks. Ben excused himself to call Jango, altering him about his son.


"Ben? Why are you calling?" Jango was confused, and Ben hesitated, how do you tell someone that a, you want to marry their son, and b, that said son stabbed himself while trying to make dinner.

"Um, how do I say this... I was thinking of proposing to Cody, is that alright?" Ben was quiet, Cody might come out of the room in any second.

"Sure. But, that isn't the only reason you called, is it?" Jango was smart, he knew something was up.

"Yes, Cody accidentally stabbed himself. He had to get eight stitches." Ben winced. He wasn't good with medical situations, especially talking about them.

Jango was the exact opposite, he was a doctor after all. "What hand?"


"Of course. I'm assuming he was cooking?" Jango sounded... bored. Why would he be bored?! His son just stabbed himself!

"Yes. He's coming now, I'll let you two talk." Ben ran his phone over to Cody, who had his left hand bandaged up. Ben took a few steps back, letting his boyfriend and his father have a moment of privacy. Who was Ben to take it away?

Cody and his father talked, hushed, and Ben stood awkwardly. Jango was probably calming Cody down or being a good father. Qui-Gon never did that. Qui-Gon would be reprimanding him, yelling at him, blaming him for accidentally cutting himself. Ben willed himself not to cry, Qui-Gon barely cared about him. But he was treated that way by Dooku, and he would praise Ben for getting ensemble. He wasn't the best father, but he let Ben follow his dreams, even if he didn't approve of them.

"Here's your phone Benny." Cody handed him his phone back and the doctors told him when to change the bandages. Ben nodded, agreeing. Once the doctor was finished, he helped Ben to the car and drove back to the house.

Once he got back and sat Cody down, he called Padme. "Hi, Ben?" She was cautious, and for good reason.

"Cody got stitches. And I'm going to propose." Ben spoke quickly, in case Cody woke up.

Padme yawned. "Ok. I'll tell Yaddle about the stitches. Good luck with the ring thing. Bye." She hung up, and Ben went to the couch where Cody was napping. First, he made sure that Cody's hand was elevated, then Ben sat down, next to where his boyfriend's head was and kissed it. Cody stirred slightly, clearly enjoying the kiss. Ben chuckled, doing it again, but this time he was making sure Cody wouldn't wake.

Chapter Text

Cody woke up with Ben's hand in his hair. It felt nice. It felt like home. By the looks of the night sky, it was close to midnight. And if Cody remembered correctly, he went to sleep around eight. Knowing Ben, Ben followed suit soon after, his lack of sleep catching up to him. Cody shifted himself slightly to put his head in Ben's lap.

While he laid, he thought about the dream he had so long ago, a dream that came true. He dreamt that he was able to kiss Ben, and now he was Ben's boyfriend. When he had the dream, he didn't know that Ben had a similar dream that night. They had the same favorite memories from high school, and they were all compiled into a dream that he will remember for the rest of his life. The dream blocked everyone else out, giving Cody a world with only Ben in it, which wasn't too far from what his life was already like. 

His phone began to ring, and Cody scrambled to get it before it woke Ben up. "Hi?"

"Cody? Why do you sound... OH! It must be close to midnight in Naboo. I'm sorry for waking you up!" It was Satine. He hadn't been able to say hello when he was in town for Qui-Gon's funeral, and he missed his cousin.

Cody yawned. "No... It's fine. I was up. I fell asleep on the couch." 

Satine sighed. "Thank goodness. I heard you got stitches? Are you ok?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was trying to cook for Ben, but I cut myself. I'm alright now." Cody checked his bandages, making sure they were still tight.

"How is Ben doing? I heard his father died." Satine sounded sad, and she probably was. She liked Ben once too. 

Cody took a quick breath. "He's been better. But he's starting to act like himself again. I think he's happy that he's Kevin T and not an understudy."

"He did! Tell him I said congratulations. I'm assuming you got the other Kevin?" Cody could hear Satine's smile through the phone. 

Cody laughed. "I will. And I- I think I want to propose to him." 

"You should! You were practically married in high school, and you were both still in the closet back then." Cody smiled from Satine's encouragement. It meant a lot. She liked Ben just as much as Cody does now. "When are you doing it?" 

"Closing night," Cody said it automatically. Guess he couldn't do it early. He would be disappointing everyone.

"Then I'll be there." Satine paused, then hung up, letting Cody go back to Ben and his warmth. But before he did, he got a blanket, making sure to cover the two of them with it. Ben smiled on his sleep, and Cody knew he's lucky to have him as a boyfriend. He just loved Cody so much, Cody never doubted that he would never be loved. 


When Ben awoke he found that Cody had been up for a while, if his new clothes, brushed hair, and the blanket that covered the two were anything to judge by. Ben glanced around, looking for the clock. 

when he finally found out what time it was, Ben discovered he was almost late for his acting class. He rushed to get ready, then abandoned Cody to go to class.

A few hours later, Ben collapsed onto the couch at their house. His dance class was way harder than usual, probably preparing for the final, and now he got to care for his boyfriend who couldn't get water on his palm. 

"Satine called." Cody was pouring himself a cup of coffee, making sure that he didn't anything on the bandages that Ben changed before the rehearsal they had just come from. Ben was forced to stay later to get the motions for driving the bus down. 

Ben did a double-take. Satine. He hadn't heard that name in at least a year. "Kryze? Your cousin?" 

"Yeah. She was saying hello. You should call her." Cody took a sip of his coffee. 

Ben was confused. "When did she call?" 

"'Round midnight. you were still asleep, and I had just woken up." Cody scooted past Ben, going to watch some TV. "Here's her number." Cody handed Ben his phone, and Ben took it gingerly.

Satine... He hadn't talked to her since high school. High school. Back then Ben had been terrified to come out to people (even though Satine's reaction to him being gay was hilarious) and he was also convinced that Cody either was straight or didn't like him. Now, Ben's going to propose to Coody by the end of Come from away.

"Hello, Satine." Ben was scared, what was Satine even like nowadays? She wasn't homophobic at least, she'd been on of his and Cody's biggest allies after they got together. 

"Ben! How are you?" Satine was not cold, at least, it didn't seem like she was. Although, that could just be because she liked Ben once.

"Good, but I've been better. How are you?" Ben sat down on the arm of the chair where Cody was sitting. With his free hand, he reached for Cody's. He needed Cody. He always needed Cody.

Satine paused, then said, "Same with me I've been better. Finals are coming up and it's hell." 

"Same here. I don't know why Tech week is two weeks before our finals." Ben groaned. 

"I can't wait to see the show, congrats on getting Kevin." Satine was different from what he remembered. It was weird. And Ben was confused by how much she changed.

"Thanks." Ben was quiet.

Satine paused. "And... I'm sorry about your father."

"It's fine. I've made peace with it. It was a month ago now." Cody glanced at Ben, his eyes sad. But Ben had to stay strong. He just had to. For Qui-Gon.

"I'm sure. Bo moved on quickly too." Her voice was quiet, and Ben suddenly remembered why her family stopped going to the reunions. Her parents died in a plane crash around the time that Anakin's mother died. The funerals had been the last time he saw Satine and her sister.

"It's hard mourning. Especially when it's your parents." Ben nodded.

"It is. I have to go now. Nice chatting with you Ben." Satine hung up and Ben went to go do make dinner. He did not want a repeat of yesterday.


Chapter Text

Cody was not a baby despite what Ben thought. He was not. But was he going to complain about being fed by Ben? No. Ben had to make sure that Cody didn't overuse his left hand, but he was getting the stitches out in a few days. 

"Cody. Just let me help you." Ben pleaded. But Cody was stubborn as a mule. Ben was not helping this Fett out. In no universe was any Fett going to going to accept any help no matter what. 

"No." Cody stood up and forced his way past Ben. He could make a sandwich without Ben babying him. Did he want Ben to baby him? Yes. But did he want Ben to do everything for him? No. Cody was not invalid.

"Cody. I insist that you at least let me cut the meat. You can put it on the roll." Ben followed Cody. As it turns out, Ben is even more stubborn then Cody. So Cody let Ben make him a sandwich from the leftovers, which was good. Who knew that turkey on a roll with a fuck ton of salt on it could be so good? "Remember the appointment to get the stitches out is tomorrow right after practice, and Padme has permitted us to leave early. They're going to be working on stuff with the understudies so I think we'll be good to go to the appointment."

"Good. Can we watch a movie?" Cody reached out, wanted Ben to be close to him. Ben could have forced Cody to do everything by himself, but instead Ben took it upon himself to make sure Cody didn't do anything. Ben truly was perfect. 

Ben sighed, making himself the same type of sandwich. He reached to grab Cody's uninjured hand, squeezing it gently. "You're lucky that you're home. Fine. Go choose it. If there is any Mando' a, I will lose my mind. I am not translating today. My brain is way too tired."

Cody groaned. "Same." He went to turn on his favorite movie, the professional recording of Newsies. He knew Ben couldn't see the television screen, but he could hear the overture. He had a feeling that Ben was not going to be exactly happy. Most likely had to be pissed. 

"Again?" Ben groaned once the music reached him. "We've watched this almost every day this week. Even I'm getting tired of it."

"Yes, but I realized I liked you during one of the practices," Cody smirked, he knew his comment would fluster Ben, which it did. Ben stumbled over his words, becoming red. Cody wondered why because Ben knew that. It had been one of the first things Cody told Ben when they began to date. "And I'm trying to memorize the choreography. Again."

"We have enough choreography to know with Come From Away. With all of the chairs and tables moving every three seconds. And you can't remember it? I remember it vividly." Ben sat next to Cody, reclining on his boyfriend. Cody put his hand in Ben's hair, and a few minutes into the film, he realized that this was the same position they had been in when Satine called. It was just reversed, with Cody leaning on Ben. As the show part began, Bail decided to walked in during That's Rich, and received a shushing in return. Bail was not going to ruin this film, he couldn't. Nothing could, except maybe him and Ben breaking up, but that was never going to happen. A fact that Cody was going to make sure stayed true. It had to, or else Cody would be broken. Ben was just that important to him. 

After The World Will Know, Ben turned to him. And somehow Cody knew what Ben was going to ask. "Cody, what made you realize that you liked me?"

Cody rolled his eyes. "You've asked that before."

"I know. Just tell me. I'll tell what made me I realized I liked you." Ben begged. And Cody thought he was the baby.


"I guess it was..." Cody paused. "It was the rehearsal where Quinlan just kept going on and on about Fox and how perfect he was."

Ben laughed and rolled his eyes, making Cody blush. "That was every single rehearsal. Every last one"

Cody shook his head. "No. It was the one where Yoda didn't show up for hours."

"That one?" Ben cocked his head to the side. "Why that one?"

"I'll tell you if you shut up." Cody laughed at Ben's look of shock. "Thank you. I just kept glancing at you and you looked so cute trying to contain your laugh. Then when we were dancing, I realized that I wanted to date you. That led me on the bi path for a year, but Newsies... It led to us being together" Cody grabbed Ben's hand, kissing his knuckles. Ben squealed, it felt weird. "It's your turn now..."

"If I have to." Ben laughed. "It was when we met. I didn't realize it then, but I think that's when I started to like you. I realized I was gay when I wanted to be Donna in Mamma Mia and get all of those love songs with other guys, but you being my rock throughout rehearsals kinda sealed the deal. I thought I was being discreet, but according to Quin, everyone knew. I was so obvious about my crush on you, Anakin Skywalker, the biggest idiot when it comes to love, whether it is his own or others, knew I liked you."

It was Cody's turn to laugh. Ben smiled. Cody could make Ben smile in his darkest days when he's in the deepest darkest parts of the world, Cody can single-handedly drag him out of the dark and put him back into the light. It was one of the reasons Ben wanted to propose, to marry Cody. Cody just could make Ben feel so much better with a smile or laugh. 

Ben just couldn't wait to propose. 

Chapter Text

Padme was done. She was done with Cody and Ben but wasn't like how she was done with them in high school with the endless pining. Instead of that, they were both going to propose. 


They had both approached her saying they planned to propose after closing night, so Padme had to hide the ring boxes before the show and make sure the other didn't suspect a thing. 

Even better. 

At least there was only a week before Tech Week. Then at closing night, they would be engaged, to busy staring at each other to care about anything else. 

And maybe she would get a girlfriend too. Sabe, their Captain Bass, had agreed to go with Padme to the cast party. Sabe had been a godsend with certain classes (even though Padme didn't exactly need the help), and Padme helped return the favor for Sabe's essays, proofreading them. 

Padme knew Sabe was a lesbian, and Sabe knew she was bi. Padme also knew that they were a lot like Cody and Ben (the first two people to know she was bi), except Padme and Sabe had not been as obvious and the two who were both planning to be the one to propose. Sometimes Padme wanted to punch a wall.

One of those times had been the next day, at rehearsal. Cody cornered her while they were finalizing the choreography for I am here, demanding to know where she was going to keep the ring box. 

"Cody, I'm going to keep it in my binder. I'll give it to you during Screech Out." Padme sighed. Why was she chosen for this torture!

Cody thanked her, and Padme went to correct Suu's blocking, moving her to the right. Once Suu fixed her positioning, Padme found herself next to Ben, who looked like he wanted to ask the same question Cody did. Padme sighed. "You want to know where you are going to put the box, don't you."  Ben nodded, and Padme rolled her eyes. "There is a drawer in the table Suu is standing near. During Screech out, you pull the table offstage and grab the box from the drawer. Cody doesn't even stand near that table." 

"Thanks, Pads. I owe you one." Ben smiled, waiting for his cue. 

Padme snapped heer binder shut. "You owe me a lot more than one. I've been dealing with you and Cody for eightish years. Including the endless pining."

"Like how you are with Sabe?" Ben laughed, and Padme's eyes shot over to Sabe on the other side of the stage. Sabe was talking to Cody, probably about the song they were working on next.

"What? No..." Padme tried to play if off. 

"Come on. We all saw you during Me and the Sky the other day. Ask her out." Ben fixed his overcoat, making sure he looked like, "A gay Lumberjack." 

Padme opened her binder again, flipping to Prayer, the song they were going to work on next. "I have. We're going to the cast party together." 

"As girlfriends? Or how Cody and I were at Denny's?" Ben asked.

Padme pursed her lips. "It's likely going to be similar to what you and Cody were like at Denny's." 

"Knew it. Just ask her out. We have less than a month left in college and you won't see her until reunions," Ben commented.

Padme rolled her eyes. "Ben, you are not the one to talk. You and your future husband pined over each other for years."

"Yep." Ben nodded, then ran onstage, beginning to sing. He knew Padme too well, they had been close throughout high school and college. They knew each other like the backs of their hands. Padme watched as his relationship with Cody grew from chatting at rehearsals to blushing whenever Cody smiled to being ecstatic to cover Kevin T just to call Cody his boyfriend, then to their first kiss. She watched it grow from that to college, how much they relied on each other, needing the other by their side at all times. It was cute.

It was the same with Cody. He and Padme were close, close enough for Cody to trust her to keep the engagement ring he bought for Ben. Padme knew he liked Ben before he started questioning, the little glances he stole at practice, to asking to be partners with Ben for dance numbers, or how invested he looked whenever Ben talked. And Cody knew she liked Sabe before she told them she was bi. The three of them often got lunch or dinner together, unless it was rehearsal season. During rehearsal season, all three were dead after practicing, except on the rare occasions when they weren't. At the beginning of this tradition, people often thought that Padme was dating Ben, and Cody third wheeled his "sister". Every time people assumed that Padme would be quick to tell them that she was the one who was third-wheeling. After Padme revealed that she liked Sabe, Sabe joined them. After Sabe joined, people began to think that Sabe and Padme were dating along wth Cody and Ben, but once again, they were wrong. Padme and Sabe were not dating, or at least, not yet. 

The rest of the rehearsal went by quickly, and after, Padme looked for Sabe. Sabe found her first, and asked, "Hey, want to watch a movie?"

"Actually, I was going to third wheel Cody and Ben. Want to come with?" Padme smiled sheepishly. She was making it up, but Sabe didn't need to know that.

"Why not? Also, I needed to ask you something." Sabe took a deep breath. "Do you want to make this a date?"

"Yes. Also, I was joking Cody and Ben aren't going out, so it'll just be us." Padme sheepish smile turned to an awkward one, Sabe better say yes.

Sabe nodded. "Sure. I was kinda hoping they wouldn't. I didn't my first date with my girlfriend to be a double date."

Sabe called her her girlfriend. She could get used to that.

Chapter Text

Quinlan could not believe it. Ben was planning to propose to Cody, just like how Cody was planning to propose to Ben. And both worried about if the other would say yes or no.

Why was he friends with those idiots? Why was he marrying into that crazy family?

When Fox found out about Ben's plan to propose, he swore a few times in Mando' a and English before calming himself down. "His brother was an idiot who was planning to propose to another idiot." Fox's words, not his.

"It makes sense though. They're both crazy for each other, and Cody helped Ben speed up the mourning process." Quinlan pointed out. It made sense that they both wanted to propose. Fox hadn't known if he wanted to get engaged, but he did and now he had taken over the planning. Most of the ceremony had been Fox's choice, outdoors, private, even the location. It was going to be at the national park near where they had their first date after they moved into their dorm freshman year. Quinlan only chose the food for the reception. 

Fox shrugged, "I guess. You would think Anakin would have messed it up though." 

"He didn't for us though," Quinlan smiled. "Mostly because I didn't tell him"

Fox rolled his eyes, "No it's because you messed it up first. That was a terrible hiding spot for a ring box." 

Quinlan put his hands up in self-defense, "In my defense, I thought you knew better to go through my desk. I certainly trusted you enough not to." 

"I needed a pencil for an essay. And you should know better than to trust me," Fox stood up.

"Sure you did." Quinlan laughed. He was terrible at being mad. And he knew Fox loved that. 

The engaged couple went about their daily business, which now included something it hadn't since high school: complaining about Ben and Cody. In Quinlan's much-needed opinion, they were meant for each other, he could tell that much at the Science Olympiad meet where they met. Ben begged Anakin and Quinlan and they did, Quinlan for the more chemistry-related events, Anakin for the building events as well as the free food for both of them. Ben and Cody were both naive back then, but then, all six of them, especially Ben and Anakin, thought they were straight. They didn't encourage relationships at Jedi, same-sex or otherwise, so they had no reason to, in fact, they discouraged them instead. They said relationships would distract them from focusing on the Jedi code that said 'attachments are forbidden'. They hadn't been able to be in a relationship until high school when all of them, minus Rex who is bi, came out as gay.  

To Quinlan all of them discovering that they liked guys was just delayed. He, Anakin, and Ben had lived in a boarding school that took them away from their parents when they were in middle school, and instead of saying that they could be Jedi, Quinlan later found out it was a boarding school for children who lacked discipline instead of a way of passing on the dying religion (which is what Ben and Anakin think), and only Anakin returned to his family four years later. Quinlan and Ben's parents couldn't care less if they returned to them, so their masters took them in. Ben with Qui-Gon, who told Ben that he would have taken Anakin in instead (a fact that Quinlan knew Ben lost sleepover) but he and Ben made up, right before his death. Quinlan went with Tholme, who treated him fairly. Very few people after leaving the Jedi were good parents, and Tholme was not among the recipients. He tried his best, but there was a reason he and Quinlan got sent to a school to make them more disciplined. Jedi were only supposed to take on one "padawans", as they called them, but Tholme took two, as did Qui-Gon. Tholmetook both Quinlan and Aayla, who is a year younger than him, and Qui-gon took Anakin and Ben, though he took Ben was with a lot less enthusiasm. Ben had been quiet the trouble maker, and honestly Ben still was. 

Ben, before during and after he got to the Jedi Academy, ignored the rules. Qui-Gon thought he could turn Ben and Anakin into pristine Jedi, but he hadn't been able to even come close. Anakin was still a sarcastic little shit but could be nice, and romantic - according to Rex when he wanted to. Ben, on the other hand, hated everything the Jedi stood for, the hated of love, the abandonment of their original ideals, so even before he met Cody, he claimed he would never return to the order. Ben loved the original Jedi. The ones who fiercely defended their Republic during the ancient civil war. The ones who discovered that the leader of the Old Republic, Sheev Palpatine, was trying to make the Republic into a Monarchy and killed him before he could. 

Rex, Cody, and Fox went to Kamino along with all of their brothers. Kamino was a military school of the highest order. They took half of their classes in Mando' a, and it was mostly open to Mandalorians. They said if you had a relationship with another student you would get turned in for fraternizing. It was ruthless, and it made sense to Quinlan why none of the Fetts, except Boba and Kix, wanted to go to the high school or college associated with it. It was too overbearing. They tried to force Kix to brake up with his boyfriend, so Kix dropped out and transferred to a med school. And that was the worst thing for the Fett family, to be overbearing. They were laid back, and Quinlan loved the warrior ways they inherited from both their Maori and Mandalorian heritage. Quinlan loved the family he was joining, they took him in right away. The other clans tried teaching him Mando' a, which went terribly. But Quinlan was clan, and the clan was family.

Chapter Text

Rex loved Cody and Cody's boyfriend, Ben, dearly but sometimes they were idiots. Rex was mostly surprised Anakin didn't reveal the fact that they both wanted to propose. 

Anakin was, in the nicest way Rex could put it, was a huge idiot. But Rex loved that. What Rex didn't love was the fact that his fear older brother genuinely thought that Ben would say no. And the same for Ben.

Rex knew Cody had quite a few crises because he didn't think that Ben would love him (a conversation the first set of Fett triplets hadn't had since high school), or that he wasn't good enough for Ben, or that he wasn't unique enough (a thought most of the Fett boys had. They all looked alike and had the same teachers their whole lives). In Rex's opinion, Cody the best out of all of the Fett clan in anything, he even had a real chance of getting a Broadway role. But Cody downplayed all of his successes, claiming he was terrible at everything. He wasn't, but none of them could convince him. The only person to tell him that he wasn't terrible at everything was Ben. Cody would have to the same with Ben, though.

They were both hot messes, perfect for each other.

Cody had always been a hot mess, especially at Kamino. He'd been well-liked by the trainers, and he defiantly earned the name of Kote. Jango had named him Cody in the hopes he would prove himself worthy of the name that meant glory and honor. And he certainly did. Cody had the best times for most of the training courses, times that were still standing, even today. When Cody made it clear he didn't want to go into the army, Jango had been proud. Cody could make his own choices, and Jango didn't want his son to feel pressured to enter something he didn't want to. At college, it was clear Cody made the right choice. Naboo was an extremely hard college to get into, harder than the college version of Kamino where Rex was enrolled at, and getting a lead role before you were an upperclassman was virtually unheard of there. And Cody did it, with Ben right by his side. Cody tried to tell them that it was because he was one of the few people of color at the school, but that wasn't true. Cody lived with Bail Organa with skin almost as dark as theirs, and when Rex visited he met most of the Come From Away cast, and a ton of them were people of color. And when Cody was a sophomore, there were even more people of color on campus. His excuse might have worked in high school when there was only one other person of color in all of their grades combined, but it didn't work in college.

And then there was Ben. Rex tried not to sigh while thinking about Ben.

According to Anakin and Quinlan, Ben had been a hot mess while they were Jedis, but he had been a huge trouble maker, which Rex couldn't really see. Rex always liked Ben though, never as much as his brother, boyfriend, or future brother-in-law. Ben was chill, and Rex was proud to call him his best friend. Rex liked Ben in the same way that you would like a dog. They would help you with anything and they would die for you. Ben was also 'remarkably cute' or at least that's what Cody would say. Rex had to deal with Cody's crush, even more than Fox did, mainly because Rex was actually nice about it. Fox teased his brother senseless about his crush, but for the most time between finding out Cody liked Ben and Cody dating Ben, Fox had been dating Quinlan, Ben's best friend. Fox used this insider information to tease Cody about his obvious crush even harder than before. Almost everyone knew Cody liked Ben, except Ben.

Ben was somehow even more clueless than Anakin and Cody combined. Rex didn't know such a combination could exist, but it did. The two months of torture that was disguised as Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsal prooved it. Ben and Cody both cried over thinking that the other was straight, not into them, or straight and not into them. 

Rex got the worst side of Cody's crisis, just as Quinlan got the worst part of Ben's. Cody's tears were mostly because he thought Ben was straight. Hell, Ben said he was straight to stay in the closet. Then, he finally, finally, came out to Cody before one of the first Tech Week practices. And Cody was overflowing with joy after that because he thought he had a chance with Ben, even though Ben liked Cody first. When Cody and Ben had their first kiss, of many, both of them were so out of it that they were able to talk about getting them to date right in front of them, without whispering. Both Cody and his soon to be fiance were di'kuts, and...

He was getting a phone call. "Hello?" 

Rex was answered by Anakin. "Hey, babe. Wanna get married?" 

Rex was taken aback but nodded knowing Anakin couldn't see him. "Yes. Are you going to give me the ring when we go to Cody and Ben's show? Make them nervous about proposing. Say we're engaged every five seconds?"

"You know it. See you then?" 

"You'll see me then. Love you." Rex waited for Anakin to repeat what he said before hanging up. 

Anakin did. "Love you too. See you in a few days." Rex hung up and called Cody. 

"Rex? Why are you calling me?" Cody sounded tired, he was probably pulling an all-nighter. 

"Anakin and I are engaged. You're next." Rex hung up, laughing. Cody was probably going to stress out over what he said. And Rex was not going to be merciful to his brother when Rex was in Naboo to watch his brother and Ben panic about proposing.

Chapter Text

Anakin thought he was a good friend. He was pretty sure he was a good friend. When he was thrust into Jedi, taken away from his mother, he only had two friends: Quinlan and Ben. Ben's parents didn't care that they might never see him again, and Anakin knew that Quinlan's parents didn't even notice he was gone. Anakin's mother, wrote almost every day. It had been just the two of them, against the world. But when Anakin was able to leave the Jedi, he found Cliegg and Owen in his place. Shmi revealed that she got married and now Anakin had a father and a stepbrother with a girlfriend and would be living with them, and Anakin didn't know how to react.

Ben helped him. Qui-Gon had made it clear that he didn't want to take Ben in, even though Ben had been the better Jedi out of the two. He favored Anakin, even though Anakin caused more trouble than Ben and Ben caused the Jedi High Council quite the trouble without anyone suspecting Ben was even involved. After Anakin, Quin, and Ben were able to leave the Jedi, Ben helped consol him once they found out about his mother's marriage. Ben made sure that Anakin didn't feel as though he'd been replaced. 

Then they entered high school. And Anakin had more friends. He never had many, but once Ben took a liking to Cody Fett, he suddenly had three new friends. One of which was Rex. He would follow Rex to the ends of the earth, and he knew Rex would follow him into the bloodiest battles. It was how they worked and how they would work once they were married.

He and Rex were engaged. Not formally, he just asked if Rex wanted to get married and Rex said yes. Anakin had tried to convince Ben that he didn't need to propose via a 170-page essay with 3 paragraphs per page. But Ben didn't listen. Ben rarely listened. 

Anakin managed to have Ben trim his proposal speech down, but in Anakin's opinion, it was still too long. Though Anakin proposed by asking causally, he hadn't even told their friends. He and Rex had only just told their families and mutual friends. Owen and his wife Beru were excited to help plan the wedding, mostly because Anakin and Rex wanted little to do with it. 

Rex had told Anakin that Cody's speech was likely going to be just as long, which lead to a long sigh from Anakin. He wasn't one for formalities, neither was, but Cody and Ben were all for them. From what Anakin was permitted to know, Cody's proposal speech included a joke about the endless pining from high school, but Rex refused to let his fiance know any more about his future brother in law's speech. Anakin did the same with Ben's speech, as both distill wanted to have some element of surprise when the whole proposing thing went down.

Quinlan and Fox weren't being forced to help Cody and Ben the way that Anakin and Rex were. It may have been because Anakin and Ben were both taught by Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon preferred Anakin, but neither Anakin nor Ben knew why. It may have been because Anakin needed a father figure and Qui-Gon was the closest thing Anakin would get to a father before Cliegg came into his life and Qui-Gon knew that, he's been able to shape Anakin into who Qui-Gon wanted him to be. Ben, on the other hand, had been more rebellious, testing the limits of what the Jedi would allow. Then, Anakin didn't even know what caused it, but Ben changed. He began to be a picture-perfect Jedi and Anakin began to become the rebellious one. The council seemed to forget everything bad thing Ben had done and focused on what Anakin had done. 

Anakin certainly never blamed Ben for their personality changes, he blamed it on Qui-Gon. He thought Qui-Gon had become too controlling, too suddenly. Anakin made sure to let Ben know that he wouldn't go to the funeral, he couldn't. Qui-Gon had a small family, and Anakin knew it was just Ben, Cody, and Dooku who was at the funeral. Qui-Gon was not a well-liked Jedi, and Ben couldn't bring himself to invite the Fett family members (other than Cody) who never met Ben's adoptive father. 

Anakin, honestly, had mixed feelings about Cody. He knew Cody was perfect for Ben, and that Cody was head over heels for Ben (like Ben wasn't for him). But Cody didn't love himself enough. According to Rex, the brother he was closest to and Anakin's fiance (Force, he loved saying that), said that Cody would cry over the fact that he didn't think he was enough for Ben. It was a lie, Ben loved him too much for Cody to think he didn't have a chance, even back in high school. Cody was similar to Anakin in one way:  They would both kill for the ones they loved. Cody was fiercely protective of Ben, and he would probably kill anyone who hurt him. After his mother's death, Anakin wanted to kill the doctors who couldn't save her, every last one. It did t matter if they were married, expecting, parents, or anything. Anakin wanted them to pay. 

But Ben, and Rex, had calmed him down. They told him that Shmi was going to watch over him and that he already made her proud. It took Anakin a while to do e to terms with his mother's death, unlike how it only took Ben a little more than a week. Ben, though, had Cody. And Cody was by his side, comforting him while they mourned Ben's former teacher and father figure. Anakin didn't have Rex. Rex hadn't been able to escape school, leaving Cliegg and Owen to help Anakin to mourn the few constant figured in his life. And if Cody was one of the few constant people in Ben's kife, then Anakin could support them getting married. 

Chapter Text

Fox barely knew Ben, they never talked for that long, but he knew that his just older brother Cody loved him. Hell, the way Cody talked about Ben at Science Olympiad, he thought that Cody loved Ben then. But Cody still thought he was straight. 

Fox couldn't talk about people thinking that they're straight when they're obviously gay. He had been flirting with Quinlan for like, a year, then Quin asked him on a date. Fox said yes, but he still thought he was straight. Then he had his first date with Quinlan. 

He came home, practically screaming that he was gay, even though he went into the date thinking that it was just two friends hanging out. And it was until it turned into a makeout session. Cody and Rex were laughing at the third triplet, enjoying the free entertainment that Fox was giving them.

Fox and Quinlan were still free entertainment for Fox's triplets throughout college and high school. But right now, it was Cody and Ben. Those two may have been dating for almost five years, but they were still just as oblivious as they were in high school. 

In high school, especially Senior year, Fox had to spend a fuck ton of time trying to convince Cod that Ben was gay and that he liked Cody. But nooo... 

Cody never listened. Which led to him wallowing in misery for years, thinking he never had a chance with Ben. It was not true though. Ben was just as crazy for Cody. As Fox began to sit with Quinlan and his two friends more and more, Fox mostly sat with them because he didn't deal with Cody's (and honestly Rex's) crush at all hours of the day, but Ben was worse. He started gushing about Cody, in front of Fox, starting Junior year, but according to Quinlan and Anakin, he's been doing it since freshman year. 

Cody had only been doing it starting sophomore year. And yes, Fox may or may not have rambled about Quin a lot, but at least he worked up the courage to sit with him. Cody and Rex would rather stare at their crushes from across the cafeteria. And after Anakin mentioned his crush on Rex, Fox lost his mind. Everyone was pining over someone that was pining over them. 

At least Quinlan was able to ask Fox out. Plus Fox didn't even realize he had a crush on his now-fiance until they were dating. Even though Quinlan was, in a word, insufferable sometimes, Fox loved him. Sometimes he didn't know why he loved Quin, but he did. 

It may have been because he and Quin were going into similar fields. Quinlan was going to be a detective or at least hoping he could be, and Fox was hoping to be a lawyer. Fox wanted to right wrongs and help people, and he could do that by being a lawyer. From what Rex had told him, Anakin was going to be an engineer, and he had hopes of building sets for broadway. He built most of the set for Jesus Christ Superstar, and Tup told him, though a year before, that the scaffolding was still holding up. Rex was going to joining the Coast Guard in a few months, as soon as he graduated.

Then there was Cody and Ben. Both had high chances of getting roles for Broadway or tours. Ben was good enough to be Evan fucking Hansen on Broadway, he fit the role almost perfectly. Every time Ben shaved his beard, he looked as if he was in high school, and he was a bundle of anxiety. But, Evan had to kiss Zoe. And Fox was pretty sure that Ben would cry if he had to kiss anyone other then Cody. They just relied so much on the other, and Fox was positive that they would die if they had to spend time apart. It was so much as a negative thing, but it was hard for them to spend time apart, especially now, because Ben's father died.

If Fox remembered correctly, Anakin was the same after his mother's death. But Anakin had his stepfather and stepbrother. Ben didn't. But he had Cody. Fox knew Quinlan felt guilty for not going to the funeral, and even though Fox didn't even meet Qui-Gon Jinn, only Cody did, but that was freshman year of high school before he even started to like Ben, but Quinlan felt guilty for skipping the funeral. Anakin, though, the apprentice Qui-Gon liked, more didn't feel guilty. He said he was not the person Ben needed right now. It would probably just remind Ben that he was the second pick, the reject. Ben needed Cody. Anakin called every day though. Fox never understood the Jedi, their traditions, or how they taught. 

Kamino just made sense to him. It must have been a military thing. Fox was second, he always was. And Cody was always first. Fox wasn't bitter about it, he embraced it, it gave him a chip on his shoulder. And Fox needed that chip. It motivated him, it pushed him. In high school, Fox knew he couldn't get on Broadway, there was a one in a million chance of that, and Cody and Ben were going to take both of them. But Fox found something he liked more than doing shows in high school, and that was becoming a lawyer. He worked his ass off throughout college just to get into a good law school, and he did. Sundari was one of the best schools in the country, and Fox got a scholarship to it. That chip on his shoulder must have paid off. He didn't want to be second in anything, not again. He couldn't. His mental health was almost as stable as Cody's and Ben's combined, which is saying a lot.

But he had Quinlan, his soon to be husband, just like how Ben and Cody had each other. And those two better get engaged soon, or else.

Chapter Text

There were only three more days until Tech Week. And at least Padme and Yaddle were nice enough to give them a day off before that cruelty and pain, Cody was pretty sure it was because Padme was excited to have a girlfriend. And neither Cody nor Ben had any classes that Friday, so what better way to spend it then on a picnic date. Cody knew Ben well enough to know that his boyfriend needed a day to relax. It wasn't a surprise, Ben knew that it was happening, so he ordered some of his favorite Chinese food, and forced Cody to get it.

Cody was practicing, mentally, the speech he was going to use to propose while waiting, when he got a text from Rex, saying, " Hey, Anakin and I are engaged now. Now it's your turn. "

It's like his brother knew exactly what Cody didn't need. Rex may be his favorite brother on a good day, on a bad day it was Echo as Echo has rarely annoyed him, but Rex is definitely a little shit. And he knew exactly how to annoy his older brother.

By poking fun at his love life troubles, if you could call them that. He was just extremely nervous to propose.

Cody sighed deeply, altering the other woman and her two daughters in the restaurant. She quickly glanced at Cody, but Cody was saved from a conversation when they called his name. Cody ran over to get the food and paid.

Then he left, going to pick Ben up. Suddenly he was struck with a thought: This time next week we might be engaged. I might be able to marry Ben.

It was almost right. Closing night was Sunday, giving Cody just over a week to finish up his proposal speech, to get in the right headspace to propose to Ben, the love of his life. Cody had his triplet brothers and their fiances to help him, they were going to be there, along with almost every single one of his brothers. They were going to be there to support him, to give Cody hope. Satine was going to be there, which was going to be nice, though that may have been because she wants to see Cody and Ben for the first time in years.

Ben climbed into the car, bringing some drinks and his swimsuit with him, and Cody drove, taking them to the lake about an hour away from the University. Ben always liked swimming, and what's better for a final date before you get engaged then doing a picnic date?

"Cody I see a perfect spot for the banket!" Ben jumped out of the car, taking the blanket with him. Cody laughed and followed, carefully picking up the food, and holding it while Ben set up the blanket. Once Ben sat down, Cody gingerly handed his boyfriend the food. Ben ripped it open, searching for his favorite, chicken. He found it, as well as the sweet and sour sauce, and began to dig in. Cody laughed, instead, reaching for the spicey beef and vegetable concoction Ben chose for him.

They ate quietly, too invested in their food to talk. When Ben finished, he reached for a fortune cookie. Ben laughed once he read it, smiling sadly. Cody wondered what it said, but knew Ben wouldn't show him, claiming it was bad luck. Cody reached for his. He laughed when he read it, this had to be a joke. "All of the preparation you've done will finally pay off." That either meant he was going to get a Broadway role soon, graduate college, or-

Get engaged to Ben.


"Embrace change, don't battle it. " Ben had to laugh. A lot of change was right around the corner, graduation, Tech Week, opening night, and getting engaged to Cody. The engagement could change everything. Cody might say no, and abandon Ben, leaving him. Ben was clearly not hoping for that outcome.

He wanted Cody to say yes, enthusiastically, and then they would get married. Would Cody want that? Why wouldn't Cody want that if he didn't?

Maybe Cody wanted to graduate first, unlike his two younger brothers, both engaged to Ben's best friends. When Ben found out that Anakin just proposed by saying, "Hey want to get married?" He was mortified.

Ben was always confused about why Anakin was so nonchalant about everything, including getting married, a huge step. It was different from how Quinlan proposed (of course they proposed differently, they were two separate, different people).

At least Quinlan was going to attempt to do a speech to propose to Fox, but Fox found the ring. When Ben heard that, he began to hope that finding the ring was not a genetic trait in the Fett family. He didn't know what he would do if Cody found the ring. Would Cody hate it? Would he hate Ben for assuming that he would like that kind of ring?

Ben tried not to sigh, he didn't want Cody to know how deep in thought he was, so he took a sip of the water they brought. Cody's liver was still preparing from Cody's ungodly amount of coffee he drank. Most people have a liver failure from alcohol, but Cody had it from drinking 15 cups of coffee, some with extra expresso, often mixed with Red Bull. So, because Cody could only drink water, and certain teas. Therefore Ben only drank water and teas. 

It was like how Cody respected the fact that Ben didn't want to have sex. He didn't know why he didn't, but Cody respected that. He never pushed Ben into doing something he didn't want to, he respected Ben's limits. 

"Hey, want to swim now?" Cody's question shook him out of his thoughts, and Ben nodded, racing to the car to grab his trunks. He quickly changed to find Cody, shirtless, making his way down to the lake. Ben chuckled to himself before following his boyfriend down.

Chapter Text

Ben made his way gingerly to the lake. He was sure to be mindful of the rocks but moved quickly to catch up to Cody. By the time Ben reached the beach, Cody was already waist-deep in the lake. Ben dived to catch up, and once he did, he shoved Cody downwards. Ben started to laugh at Cody's surprised face. 

"You." Cody coughed a few times to clear his throat of the water. "You bitch!" 

Ben started to laugh harder, narrowly avoiding Cody tackling him. "You wish!"

Ben began to quickly swim away, Cody right on his tail. After a while, both began to tire out. Cody finally caught his boyfriend, tugging Ben back. Ben whelped, being pulled into Cody's arms.

"You shit," Ben muttered. Cody rolled over, laying on his back, Ben on his stomach, their noses touching.

"You know, I could roll over and you would barely be able to escape." Cody rocked himself, threatening dunking Ben under the water.

Ben growled, "No." Ben smiled his arms around Cody's waist, latching on.

"No?" Cody tilted himself, even more, testing Ben. Ben managed to hold in a whelp.

Ben laughed. "You wouldn't because then you would be face down under the water, and all I would have to do is poke my had over your shoulder," Ben smirked, lazily putting his lips on Cody's. 

Cody smiled into the kiss, tightening his grip on Ben. Ben smiled too, he loved the moments he got Cody to himself. They were always the best. Maybe he should have proposed now, but he didn't even think to bring the ring. 

Ben knew how much he over thought everything, but he did it was a Jedi, and he'll likely do it until he dies. 

"Stop thinking," Cody mumbled, pulling out of the kiss for a moment, just to say those two words.

Ben laughed. "Fine." Cody shifted the two of them just enough so that Ben could put his head in the crook of Cody's neck.

It was the best thing Ben had ever felt, and he and Cody cuddled a lot. He heard the steady bu - a bump of Cody's heartbeats, the warmth exuding from Cody's chest, the coolness of the lake water flowing over them. It felt like home, a home with just him and Cody.

Out of a sudden, Ben felt Cody kick and swim to shore. Ben groaned in disagreement, he was comfortable. He didn't want to leave Cody's warmth.

He felt Cody's laugh, rumbling in his chest, then he heard it. "You're falling asleep. And if you fall asleep, then we both know I'll fall asleep."

Ben groaned again, but he knew Cody was right. And Ben wasn't really in the mod to drown, at least not before he proposed. Soon, Cody reached the shore, but he didn't force Ben off of him, in fact, he gripped Ben tighter. And Ben smiled and decided one more kiss wouldn't hurt.


Ben was his lifeline. Cody needed Ben. And Ben needed Cody. So, once he felt the sand on his back, he gripped Ben as tightly as he could. This felt nice, it felt right. It was times like this when it's just the two of them when Cody knew that Ben wouldn't say no.

Why would Ben say no?

If he wasn't ready. That could be and would be, the only reason. Cody truly and honestly loved Ben, and he knew Ben felt the same for him. 

They stayed like that, laying on top of each other, for almost an hour. After an hour, Cody decided they should go back to the house, and continue to cuddle there. Cody gently nudged Ben's shoulder to wake him so Cody wouldn't have to carry him up the path. 

Ben awoke, and the two boyfriends made their way up the path, making sure that they didn't slip on a mossy rock or two. They finally got to the cliff ledge they ate on, and Ben packed the car while Cody threw away the garbage. Once the car was packed and the area in which they ate was clean, Cody began to drive back to Naboo. They got back just as it was starting to get too dark out. Cody went to shower, leaving Ben to do anything. When Cody emerged from the shower, he found Ben sitting on the ground in the backyard they rarely used, knees to his chest. Cody, seeing this position, ran inside to grab a blanket to cover Ben in, to make sure his boyfriend stayed warm.

Cody was in the midst of wrapping the blanket around his boyfriend when Ben threw it off. "Cody," he began, "it's May. It's too warm for a blanket."

"Fine. I'll take it inside and stay inside with it." Cody started to go for the door, but stopped, waiting for Ben to object.

And Ben did. "Fine. I guess it's cold enough for a blanket."

"Good because I certainly think so." Cody ran over, wrapping the blanket around himself and sitting down next to his fingers-crossed soon to be husband. Ben put his head on Cody's shoulder and took a few deep breaths.

"This is nice. Do you think well be able to do this after we graduate?" Cody glanced down at Ben, who was looking up at him.

Cody bit his lip, hesitating. He wanted to say yes, but he knew that most Broadway shows were at night. "I don't know. We'll make time for it. I promise." Cody held his hand out in front of him. "Maybe instead of watching the sunset, we can watch the sunrise."

Ben shrugged, but he grabbed Cody's hand. Ben squeezed it a few times before getting a laugh out of his boyfriend. Cody loved these little moments he got with the man he loved unconditionally. They were one of the reasons Cody wanted to propose right now, but he couldn't, mostly because Padme still had the ring at her house across the street.

But she won't next Sunday.

Chapter Text

Ah, tech week. Ben's least favorite time of the year. Ben was putting on his green shirt and jeans for the second time this week while Cody fixed his hair. Ben never enjoyed having someone on stage crew he didn't know touching his hair, but Cody? Cody could play with his hair all day. 

A knock came on the dressing room door and after Ben yelled that they were clear to come in, Padme entered. "Hey. So, some notes. Just about your interactions, just act like yourself. And when you argue, what was the last thing you too argued about?"

 Ben sighed. He had a feeling that Padme knew exactly what they argued about. "If we want to adopt kids or not." 

 Padme sighed, mumbling something about them being idiots, rubbing her face and waking away. It was clear she didn't want to deal with Ben and Cody's antics today. Cody and Ben shared a quick laugh, before putting on the finishing touches on their costumes. 

The show went by quickly. Afterward, Ben was taking off his flannel, hanging it up, making sure it wasn't wrinkled for the dress rehearsal the next day. Cody was doing the same or his many coats.

Just as Ben was putting on his causal clothes, Comet, their Claude, and somehow a distant relative of Cody because of their Mandalorian heritage, opened the door. "Hey, am I clear?"

Cody glanced at Ben, making sure his boyfriend wasn't naked. "Yeah, you can come in."

Comet opened the door all the way, propping a foot against the door. "Are you guys going to the party today?"

Ben shook his head. "Nah. We have some friends coming to town for the show so we're going on a triple date." Ben glanced at Cody, who nodded, confirming what Ben said.

Comet nodded, shrugging. "Ok, well, I'll see you guys at rehearsal tomorrow."

Ben waved and waited for Cody to finish up. Once Cody finished, they headed to the Naboo airport to pick up Cody's brothers and their soon-to-be-husbands. They didn't have long to wait before Quinlan and Fox emerged from the terminal. 

Quinlan and Fox threw their bags into the trunk and climbed into Cody's car. "How have rehearsals been going?" Quinlan punched Ben's shoulder.

As Ben rubbed it, he answered, "Well, considering I missed quite a few."

"Ben, you know the choreography better than anyone." Cody comforted. Ben nodded and looked to where Anakin and Rex were supposed to come out from.

Rex emerged next, Anakin not far behind. Rex had a grin on Ben hadn't seen since he got into Tipoca College, or maybe when Anakin first asked him out. When they got into the car, the setting sun hit the car just right to illuminate the ring on Rex's finger. 

"Congrats Anakin and you too Rex," Quinlan smirked at Ben who knew it meant Now you have to propose!

"Thanks. And can we get some food? I'm starving!" Rex proclaimed it as soon as he climbed into the back row.

"Sure." Ben shrugged and Cody drove off.


"Hey Cody, can I see your scar?" Anakin asked casually. It was out of nowhere, and everyone in the car was tense.

They were, at least, until Cody laughed after sparring a glance at Ben. Ben and Rex both shook out of their trances and yelled, "Anakin! He's driving!" Cody laughed, as well as the rest of the car.

It wasn't long before they pulled into the restaurant, The Rose and Crown, parking lot. It was an Irish-British place Ben was fond of, mostly due to his heritage. Ben found it authentic, and that was good enough for Cody. There weren't too many good Mandalorian places in Naboo, so it was usually The Rose and Crown. They quickly got a table, a booth some ways away from the bar.

The waitress, one that Cody and Ben have had before, handed them their waters and the menu, giving them time to look over it. Rex and Fox were arguing if they should get the soup (a potato soup) or soda bread. They finally settled on getting the bread to share, and Fox could share his soup with Quinlan. 

They are semi-quickly. It was mostly because Cody and Ben were supposed to be on vocal rest and relaxing before the dress rehearsal.  After they finished their dinners, Cody drove his brothers to their hotel rooms, which are close enough to the theater to walk to. 

Fox and Quinlan were the first two they dropped off. Cody has been helping Fox with his bags. As Fox grabbed his final suitcase, he dragged Cody to the side. "You are going to propose in what, four days?" Cody's welp and nid were confirmation enough for Fox. "He's going to say yes. If you chicken out like you did when it came to asking him out, I will uninvite you from my wedding."

" I did not chicken out before we started I date. " Cody rolled his eyes, defending himself. 

Fox sighed. "Cody, you waited three days before you had your second kiss. And he's the one who asked you to be his boyfriend." 

Cody nodded sheepishly. Fox laughed and shoved Cody back to his car. Cody rolled his eyes.

Rex did a similar thing when they dropped him off (even though he's a diaster bi). Cody had been able to laugh what his younger triplets off. Even though they all only had been in one relationship, their relationships were all so different.

Ben is asexual, and Cody respected that. And because of Cody's liver issues (some self-inflicted, but when his liver started causing issues, his father told Cody that the type of cancer his mother had was liver cancer) neither drank. Fox and Quinlan were already bickering like an old married couple, and Anakin and Rex were dating long-distance for most of their relationship.

Sometimes, Padme would chide them about their relationship, although she was pining over Sabe for almost a year.

Chapter Text

It was opening night and Cody was pacing in the wings. The other Kevin, Keeli, was missing. He was going to miss the opening night! Then Ben ran up to him saying that he was going on for Keeli. 

Ben was going to be playing his boyfriend.

Cody was ecstatic, he got to hold Ben's hand and pretend to be his boyfriend. He ran over to Rex, who was the Bob understudy. "Ben's gonna be the other Kevin!"

 " Cool. Go talk to your boyfriend. " Rex just shrugged, not caring about Cody's dilemma. 

And Cody did, and until the curtain lifted, the two boys talked. Cody got too wrapped up in getting to be Ben's boyfriend that he forgot the two most important things: one, that Ben is straight, and two, Cody has no chance with Ben. 

But during Costume Party, Cody kept feeling Ben's hand in his, squeezing it a few times before Cody noticed Padme giving the two an odd look. After Padme's look, he felt Ben's hand slipping out of his. Cody missed it. 

Then it was Cody's least favorite scene.

 "Kevin brakes up with me. He quits And moves back home to New York. And I miss him. I miss his jokes." Ben looked like he was going to cry when he said that. But Cody was crying. 

It reminded him that Ben would want to date him. Why would Ben? Cody had twelve brothers, and almost all of them looked just like him. Ben wouldn't be able to tell which one was Cody if it wasn't for the scar he got while doing a training course at Kamino, a scar he once wore proudly, but now all it reminded him of was his failure. He hadn't been able t complete the course, but a true soldier could have. A true Mandalorian could have. 

But Cody didn't.

It was soon time for the Finale, which included Cody's favorite part, "Welcome to the fog, welcome to the trees, a kiss, and a cod and whatever’s in between, to the ones who’ve left: You’re never truly gone, a candle’s in the window and the kettle’s always on!" The other male actors were smiling, this part always made everyone grin. The happiness everyone felt was contagious.
"To the coves and the caves and the people from the planes." The female actors joined in.

"Five days!" The Claude, Appo, cried.

The Bonnie, Corde, interjected with, "Nineteen animals!"

"And seven thousand strays!" Satine grinned, spreading her arms wide.

"When the sun is setting and it’s darker than before, If you’re hopin’ for a harbor, then you’ll find an open door, In the winter from the water through whatever’s in the way." The men started singing their part while the women sang, " I’m an islander, I am an islander."

Every time Cody sang this part, he couldn't help but smile, and now that Ben was so so close to him, he smiled even wider. Ben always had that effect on him.

Cody never thought that he'd be able to kiss, let alone be able to propose to Ben. But now he was in that position to do so. But he wasn't proposing today. 

No. He was planning to do it closing night, and tonight was opening night.

He knew that he would have to break up with Ben first, or rather, Kevin. 


Ben was excited. It was finally opening night, and Padme had given him and Cody permission to kiss during a few songs and scenes. 

But there was one scene Ben was not excited for. And it was coming up was too quickly.

"Kevin brakes up with me. He quits And moves back home to New York. And I miss him. I miss his jokes." Every time Ben said that line, he felt a part of himself breaking. He didn't want to break up with Cody, he wanted to marry his Codes.

He was excited for closing night. 

After the bows, the cast made their way to where the audience was to exit. A few of the parents congratulated him on his performance, as well as his classmates who didn't get cast. Anakin and Quinlan pretended to not know him and "tried" to set him up with their fiance's brother.

Cody was standing on the other side, and a Muslum family was in the midst of praising him on how well he represented the faith, and he occasionally made eye contact with Ben, causing Ben to chuckle to himself. Anakin ran up to Ben, and Ben could tell he was trying not to laugh. "Excuse me, sir, are you single?"

Ben laughed at that. Anakin knew he was planning to propose to Cody. "Ah, sir.."

Anakin interrupted him and turned to Rex who was suddenly by their side. "I told you he's single." Anakin turned back to Ben, smirking. "I think you'll be perfect for my fiance's brother. He played your boyfriend."

Some of the cast, notably Hardcase and Longshot, looked at Ben confused. Almost everyone knew he was dating Cody. Ahsoka, who was still extremely close to Anakin, was laughing. Kaeden, Ahsoka's girlfriend, looked even more confused than Cody. "Really?" Ben decided to play along.

This time it was Quinlan who spoke, Anakin was laughing too hard. "Yes. The way you two were making out during that one song, 28 hours I think, you would think you've been dating."

"Thank you, Mister..." Ben trailed off, not knowing how he should address Quinlan.

"Fett. We're only engaged but I like it more than Vos." Quinlan's comment earned him a slap from Fox.

Rex appeared again, this time with Cody in tow. "Here's my brother. Now, go start to date." Cody laughed, as did Ben, and the rest of the cast looked even more confused. Bail looked as if Cody and Ben had their heads on backward. Padme, who just emerged from the stage, was laughing with Ahsoka.

Ben, in between breathes, managed to cough out, "OK!" His comment caused his friends and his boyfriend's brothers to laugh more. Once all of the families had filed out, Ben explained the situation to the cast. "The guys who told me that are some of my best friends, and I think they were just joking around."

The rest of the cast shrugged and nodded, figuring that Anakin and Quinlan were people that he would hand out with.

Chapter Text

Cody was nervous. In less than two hours he was going to be proposing. It was closing night and he was on the edge. And it was go time.

He took his seat, sitting in a chair, towards the back, and Comet began to sing. He taped his heal on the stage. He caught the eye of Ben, who smiled at him. Ben stood up and sang his line, and as soon as Sabe said hers, Cody stood up. He moved his left foot back and forth, clapping. When Hardcase began to do his part, Cody stood behind Ahsoka, waiting for his part. Cody soon rushed to the edge of the stage and said "Welcome to the land where the waters tried to drown us and we said," the rest of the company joined him and finished his line. In a few seconds, he would be singing about the features of Newfoundland, grinning. That part was always his favorite part of the songs for the two that had it. A few times he would make eye contact with Ben and grin even wider. 

Then the first song ended and Comet was talking about the glories and wonders of Tim Horton's, and Cody and Ben sat, and in Cody's opinion, he was doing a good job at not trying to hold Ben's hand. Then Hardcase came running in telling Bail to get to the airport. 

Shit's getting real.

The cast came out, and they were all passengers. A few gave what they thought, including Ben.

Sabe began to talk about how there was no room on the runway, and Ahsoka had her first interview. It was with Numa, the Bonnie understudy. Numa, Ahsoka, and the rest of the cast did a good job of being unsettled. Cody allowed himself to quickly glance at the man he was going to propose to soon. Ben looked really unsettled.

The town of Gander held their emergency meeting, which caused Ahsoka to start Blankets and  Bedding. It was a quick song, and by quick Cody meant that the music was quick. Lengthwise the song was almost as long ad Welcome to the Rock, but much faster. Cody and Ben stood in the wings, waiting for their cue, and when it came, they walked across the stage, carrying boxes. Their part went by quickly.

Then it was time for 28 hours/Wherever we Are. It was a long song, but he got to make out with Ben so Cody was not complaining. Cody and Ben began to hold hands while they sang. Whenever they had to let go of each other to switch characters, Cody did a good job masking his sadness. As Suu began to panic about getting out of the plane, and Ben was gesturing to Cody who didn't want to share their alcohol, Cody managed to keep a straight face. Excuse me, would you like some Xanax? Because you are freaking out and it is freaking me out and we are all freaking the fuck out!" After Cody's injection, Ben yelled, "Kevin!" while tugging him off of the chair. Ben's comment caused the audience to laugh.  When he and Ben were finally able to make out while Bail was introducing himself to Breha, it was easily his favorite moment of any of the shows he had done before. 

As Darkness and Trees intro began to play, Cody grabbed Ben's hand. To the audience, they may have thought he was acting, but Ben knew he needed the reassurance. Cody quickly put on the Kufi to signify that he was Ali, and he was soon rushed off to the side. When he came back on stage, he heard the whispers. 

Then the song changed. Suu Sabe and Hardcase had a quick monologue, and they went back to singing. Hardcase and Kaeden talked about the famous people who visited Gander, then they moved chairs. Ben was by Cody's side again, and they had permission to makeout. They did, but Ben had to go into Garth mode. 

Darkness and Trees Reprise included a lot of Swahili, forcing Cody to think about what he was saying. Ben was being a good bus driver, but Cody was just happy that he got to hold his boyfriend's hand in the next song. 

And he did. He tightly gripped Ben's hand, pretending to be watching the clips of the planes crashing. Sabe talked about knowing one of the pilots. Ben talked about how they watched it for hours.  

The next song was just as long, and it was just them telling their families where they were, and that they were safe. 

Costume Party, however, was among Cody's favorite songs. Cody had to do the most switching in that song, going from Kevin to Ali and back to Kevin. When he said, "Where they eat rainbows for breakfast," Ben came over and whispered to him, "Is that homophobic?" Ben's comment caused Cody to have to stifle a chuckle. But for the rest of the song, Cody was high strung. He was nervous, mostly for after the show. 

After Costume Party, Cody and Ben were in a few monologues. One of which included Bail and Breha going on a walk with Cody and Ben. Cody was nervous because he didn't want people to know that he and Ben were a couple. After all, they didn't know who was homophobic. Bail went off with Breha while Cody and Ben went to a bar where they found out that almost everyone was gay. A few other members of the cast had a monologue, including a group one, but Kaeden had a solo soon. 

Kaeden's solo was her trying to call her son, and while Cody and Ben watched from opposite sides of the stage, they used thumbs-ups to encourage each other for the next song. 


Ben took a deep breath before he walked out for Prayer. This song was meaningful for a lot of people. After both shows, Cody had been approached by a few of the Muslim families that came to the show and thanked him for being so respectful. Padme's family had a story similar to Ed's. Ben began to sing, and Kaeden soon joined.

Shortly after that song, one of Ben's least favorite songs was up. In On the Edge, Ben had to be Islamaphobic, which he hated, especially because it was towards Cody. He tried to convince Padme and Yaddle to make someone else say the line, but they insisted that it must be him to say it. But at least he got to call Cody his boyfriend soon afterward. He remembered that back in high school, Ben was so excited to be able to call Cody his boyfriend, and soon he might be able to call him his husband.

The next two songs are very Newfoundlander-Esq. A lot of fiddles, and hell, even an old Newfoundlander tune. As the cast was hyping the band Ben was mentally reviewing his choreography. It was a fun song, where he got to be next to Cody.

Screech In, in Ben's opinion, was the funniest song. When he volunteered, Cody didn't have to act exasperated, as Ben had done similar things on vacations. Ben felt excited, mostly to watch Cody's reactions. He was able to watch Cody from the corner of his eye, and Cody never failed to make Ben break character. As Ben prepared to kids the fish, Cody rushed over. "I am never kissing you again." Cody's line, caused Ben to laugh, then kiss the fish. Cody walked away laughing, throwing his hands up in the air. When it came time for Bail and Breha however, Breha kissed Bail before Comet had finished his line that let her. The entire stage erupted, in laughter and cheering, and the audience soon followed. Cody escaped off the stage, and Sabe sat in her seat. 

The next song went by quickly. It was a solo sung by Sabe, telling the tale of Captian Bass. Her song finished either saying that they could leave. Before the next song, there was a monologue or two, including one with an argument between Cody and Ben. Ben tried to calm Cody down, but as their last argument went, he wasn't. They went off stage so that Bail and Breha could have their duet. 

Before the next song, they announced that they could leave, and Ali was going to have to be patted down, and captain Bass was forced to watch. Cody talked about how it was against his religion. They didn't have time to dwell on that, however, as they were cleared to leave Gander. Ben tried to get his boyfriend who was upset to try to talk to him. Ben didn't mean to, but even he could hear the tears in his voice. He spent the entire song trying to get Cody to talk to him, only to stalk off as soon as the plane lands. 

In Something's Missing, Ben had to say that Cody broke up with him. He's said it countless times before, but when you've going to propose in tenish minutes, it's a lot more meaningful. The rest of the song was everyone missing their experiences in Gander. 

As soon as Something's Missing finished, Ben grabbed a microphone and said the name of a station. Then, Ben quickly ran to put his microphone away, shrugging his leather jacket off. He said his line, right after Sabe, glossing over what it was. Al he could think about was Cody and proposing. Then he threw his flannel on and ran over to his spot by Bail and Breha. He mentioned that he got a new Secretary and waited for the cue for the company to join in. He soon sang a part similar to the in the opening number. The entire cast was having fun with this number, as it was the last time they would be performing together. The sprinted to the edge of the stage and jumped, screaming, "Welcome to the Rock!"

Ben was panting. He forgot how taxing the finale could be, and the rest of the cast was heading to the wings while the band played Screech Out. Ben pulled a table off the stage, giving one of the violinists he didn't recognize more room, or at least that's what everyone thought. 

Cody's engagement ring was in that table, and Ben had to grab it before he proposed. 

Ben took a deep breath and waited for the band to finish. Tine to see if Cody wants to get married.

Chapter Text

As the orchestra began to finish up Screech Out, the cast made their way back on stage to bow. Cody's fingers wrapped around the box in the jacket he had been wearing. He could do this. What was the worst Ben could do? Say no?


Don't think about that Cody. Focus on the positives. You can do this. Just propose to the man you've loved since Junior year of high school, back before you were even dating.

And Cody did start to "focus". Which, to Cody, meant gripping the box in your pocket while repeating the speech you are going to give to your boyfriend in your head.

The cast had voted Ben to address the audience, which he did just after the bows. Ben was now finishing up his speech, which basically thanked everyone for coming, and Cody caught the eyes of almost his entire family in the front row. They all gave a thumbs up, wishing him luck for what he was about to do. Time to propose to your boyfriend Cody.

Ben started to close, so he pulled Cody to be even with him. He turned to face his boyfriend, and possibly his future husband. "Cody?" He began, as well as kneeling, getting down on one knee. He couldn't be doing this! He took Cody's hands into his own, which meant Cody couldn't cover up his tears. "Cody ever since met in eighth grade, I became obsessed with wanting to get to know you."

Cody heard someone, probably Anakin scream, "Damn right you did!" Ben and Cody both laughed at that.

Ben quickly recovered, and continued, "Back then, I thought I just wanted to become your friend, but now I know that wasn't true. I didn't just want to be your friend. I wanted to be your boyfriend, and you've been so amazing. You accepted the fact of my asexuality so well, which is just one of the many reasons I want to become your husband. So, Cody Fett, will you do me the pleasure of becoming your husband?" 

"Ben, I.." Cody trailed off, not knowing how to respond. How do you respond to someone proposing to you when you were going to propose first? 

"Cody, will you marry me?" Ben opened the box, showing Cody a ring even more beautiful than the one he bought for Ben. It was a plain yellow band, with small clear diamonds on the band. He loved it. And Ben was probably going to hate his own.

Nope. Don't think about that either. Cody focus. 

Cody quickly thought back to the line Ben just said, "Where everything is meant to be, but nothing goes as planned." Isn't that ironic? Ben certainly hadn't planned for what Cody was about to pull. It was time to surprise Ben.


When Cody didn't scream yes, Ben began to panic. Did Cody not feel ready, and was Ben just assuming he was? He couldn't have done that again. His breath started to quicken, shallowing out. Cody didn't want to get married, he was such a fool. 

Come on Ben, you know your boyfriend. He obviously didn't want to marry you, and now you've put him on the spot. Now, he's going to want to break up with you. Good job.

But then, Cody began to rummage around in his pocket for a second before taking a box out, similar to the open one in Ben's palm. No... He couldn't be proposing. "Well," Cody somehow got on one knee, surprising Ben. "I was going to propose." Cody wiped away a few of Ben's tears, as well as a few of his own. "Ben, I loved being your friend freshman year, but the following year, I realized I didn't love you platonically. I wanted to date you, but I thought you wouldn't date someone who had over ten brothers, who look just like him. Why would you? But you did. And after a few months of torture for our friends known as Jesus Christ Superstar," a laugh rang out in the audience, though the witnesses who knew it was true laughed a little bit harder, "We began to date. Which have been the best four and a half years of my life, so why don't we make that the rest of my life?" He opened the box revealing a silver band with a blue diamond in the middle, the ring was so much better than the one he gave to Cody.

"Ben? Will you marry me?" Cody asked, eyes tearing up, and Ben was sure he looked similar. Ben knew he did because everything was starting to get blurry from his crying.

Ben nodded, a smile growing on both his face and Cody's. "Yes. But will you marry me?"

Cody took the ring out of his box, slipping it onto Ben's finger. "Of course Cyare." He was crying, so Ben reached to wipe the tears off.

It was only when the clapping began Ben recalled the fact that they were not alone. He managed to stand up, and immediately grabbed Cody's hand and went off stage. Cody had a grin on his face, a grin bigger than the one he had after their first kiss. Ben ran to the dressing room he shared with his former boyfriend, now fiance, sitting in his seat, staring at the ring, loving it when it caught the light.

"Where everything is meant to be, but nothing goes as planned." It was ironic. Cody and Ben had been on opposite sides of the stage, and when Ben was singing that line, all he could think about was Cody saying no. He didn't think that Cody would propose back. Cody was going to marry him. Cody was going to be his husband. His. Forever. They were going to get married.

Ben was startled when the door opened, but it was only Cody. Cody sat next to him, and Ben collapsed onto him. "Thank you. For being there for me."

"Thank you." Cody kissed Ben's nose. "For saying yes."

Ben may have wrinkled his nose in disgust, but he was ecstatic, he was getting married to the man he loved, and he was finishing school, forever. What could be better?