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Let's Play A Love Game

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Kaminari Denki is not jealous. No. No. Nope...Okay, maybe just a little. Who wouldn’t be a little jealous if your boyfriend was getting confessed to by one of the underclassmen in a secluded area for the third time THAT week? Sure they weren’t exactly out yet but when their relationship first started they wanted to see where it would go...that was seven months ago.


 He had asked Aizawa to go to the bathroom and as he walked down the corridor the sight of a familiar color of purple crossed his peripheral. He turned just in time to see them turn slightly behind a bush. He had the perfect angle to see how flustered the poor girl looked and how nonchalant his boyfriend was. He knows Shinsou would never cheat on him but that doesn’t stop him from developing the strange sensation in his stomach.


He watched the exchange and saw the poor blue-haired girl gradually become redder in the face from embarrassment. Denki had propped his elbow on the window sill and placed his head on his palm, a bored expression on his face. The girl bowed and ran off but the blonde continued to watch his boyfriend with sudden interest. Shinsou simply shook his head and walked from behind the bush. He must’ve felt himself being watched because the purple-haired teen locked eyes with him. Kaminari simply winked and backed away from the window and headed back to class. He didn’t need to use the bathroom anymore. Before he entered the classroom the smirk that graced his lips fell into a normal smile.

That wasn’t the only time he saw his boyfriend get confessed to. After Shinsou transferred into the heroics course it’s like the confessions doubled and honestly, Kaminari was going to lose his shit. Two girls in one day. TWO. He grits his teeth in anger as he recalled the two girls rubbing up to his boyfriend at separate times. 


The soft knock on his door shook him from his stupor. He glanced at the alarm clock and saw that it was nearly two in the morning. He rolled off his bed and opened the door for his boyfriend.


“Hey, I…” Shinsou nearly dropped his capture weapon at the sight of Kaminari. His eyes were wide and it’s like the tiredness completely left his body.


The blonde was dressed in a white, cropped tank top and a pair of black biker shorts that stopped right below his butt. The shorter teen grabbed the boy’s wrist and pulled him into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.


Denki reached up and pulled Shinsou into a kiss by the back of his neck. The purple-haired teen was taken a bit off guard but quickly threw the scarf onto the bed and placed his large hands on the blonde’s ass and gave it a quick squeeze. The older teen let out a breathy laugh against his boyfriend’s lips before pulling away. 


“So, how was your day?” Kaminari asked as he sat on the chair at his desk and crossed his legs making his thighs bulge out. They weren’t as impressive as Midoriya’s but they were pretty damn close and Shinsou fucking loved them. 


“Pretty fucking eventful.” Shinsou rolled his eyes and sat on the boy’s bed. Kaminari can see him eyeing his freshly shaved legs with a bite of his lips. 


“Do tell.” He smiled and leaned on his desk. Shinsou raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side. There was something hungry in his eyes and Kaminari got that tingling sensation in his spine whenever Hitoshi looked at him like that. He was gonna be devoured.


“As if you don’t know,” Shinsou said, a little smirk playing at the edge of his lips. This kid didn’t have to do a single thing to get his boyfriend where he wanted him. The purple-haired teen could see the small boy squirm even if it was only a slight movement.


“Maybe I don’t.” Denki shrugged, amusement clear on his face. 


Shinsou hummed and stared at the boy through half-lids before holding his hand out. The blond smiled and got up from his chair taking the younger boy’s hand. Kaminari stood in between his boyfriend’s legs, hands running through the curly purple mess on his head. Hitoshi’s hands were at his waist, his calloused thumbs running across the top of the biker shorts and on the exposed skin from the crop top. Kaminari loved how big those hands were and how they pulled him apart. Those hands trailed from his waist to his ass and squeezed. Denki let out a small gasp and looked down at the smirking teen. So, that’s how he wanted to play.


The blonde leaned down as if to kiss the teen but actually grabbed his capture weapon. 


“Wanna play ?” He asked fiddling with the scarf, he received an eyebrow raised.


“You know I always do Bug,” Shinsou smiled and attempted to grab the weapon but Kaminari moved it out of his reach.


I wanna play with you .” The teen looked confused before his face morphed into one of realization, a deep blush covering his pale cheeks. “You know the rules baby. Clothes. Off.” 


Shinsou stood causing the smaller teen to take a step back. Their eyes never left each other as he took off his black sweatpants and hoodie. Kaminari bit his lips as his boyfriend stood in front of him in nothing but tight black briefs that did nothing to cover how hard he got. 


“Lay on the bed.” He did as he was told and Kaminari straddled him making sure to ‘accidentally’ rub against him as he tied the teen against the sculpture behind his bed. The blonde sat back and tugged on both of Shinsou’s wrists to make sure they were tied correctly before carefully dropping them on next to his head.


“Let me know if it gets to be too much?” Denki asked gently, running a hand from Hitoshi’s neck and down the front of his body. He was relishing in the shudders he felt under his fingertips.


“Okay.” Shinsou closed his eyes as he let his little minx do whatever he pleases.


Kaminari smiled and began his fun. He started slow kissing up and down the teen’s body while making sure to leave marks here and there. The blonde started from his neck and made his way down the teen’s front. 


His fingers hooked into the boy’s waistband and dragged his underwear down and off his body. 

Denki wrapped a hand around his lover's member and slowly started to stroke it making sure he was looking into the other’s eyes before leaning down and giving it a slow lick from the base to the tip. 


Shinsou wanted the restraints off so he can actually relish in his boyfriends touch but clearly Kaminari had a plan and who was he to ruin it by being impatient.


But he was going way too slow. Shinsou was going to get him back for this. 


Denki smiled and continued to lick Hitoshi’s cock watching the teen struggle against the restraints. 


“Come on Bug. What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?” Shinsou gritted his teeth as he watched Kaminari’s tongue swirl around his tip.


“No reason.” Before he could ask another question, the blonde went back to sucking. He bobbed his head a quicker pace making sure to hollow his cheeks. 


“H-holy shit!” Shinsou groaned, eyes closing in pleasure. He pulls at the scarf causing it to loosen. He notices and grins distracting Kaminari by bucking his hips slightly. The  older teen didn’t mind and squeezed his thumb to make sure his gag reflex didn’t interfere. 


Denki pulls off with an audible pop and takes a deep breath. He sits up and wipes the saliva from his lips as continues to tease the younger boy with his other hand by trailing a finger lightly around the slit of his penis. 


“Ready?” The blonde questions, an eyebrow quirking upward.


“I’ve been waiting since you opened the door.” Shinsou responded watching his boyfriend strip off his clothing in a slow, seductive manner. This boy was going to be the death of him as he saw soft, pale skin finally make an appearance. Nimble fingers carefully opened the condom wrapper. Hitoshi let out a hiss as the cool lubricated latex met his heated cock.


Lavender eyes followed the movements of this smaller boy as he angled himself above Hitoshi’s cock ready to put it in.


“You already prepped? That’s fucking hottttt…” The purple hair teen trailed off as his boyfriend slowly descended on his cock. Denki eyes rolled to the back of his head as he took in the boy's lengthy dick, pleasure filling his body instantly.


He waits for himself to adjust before he starts moving ever so slowly, looking for that right spot every time he falls all the way down. Denki closed his eyes as he concentrated on pleasuring himself, he didn’t notice his boyfriend had loosened one of his hands and untied the other one before it was too late. 


Kaminari’s eyes snapped open as he felt himself being manhandled onto the mattress. He stared up at the boy on top of him, his wrists being held above his head by one of Hitoshi’s hands. The other one somewhere beside the blonde.


“You think you can tease me like that and get away with it? ” Shinsou hummed, leaning down and nosing Kaminari’s chin and trailing his lips along his neck.


“What...are you gonna punish me?” Denki bit his lip and hooked his ankles around his boyfriend's back, angling his hips upward to rub against Hitoshi’s cock that managed to slip out of him as he was turned.


“Looks like you want to be punished.” He responded, releasing the boy’s wrists and scooping the boy’s thighs, causing him to unhook his feet, and moving them to rest on his shoulders.

He gave no warning as he thrusted into the small teenager. The smug expression wiped from his face and replaced with something lewd as Shinsou fucked into him hard and quick. Moans and whimpers escaped his mouth and his eyes rolled to the back of his head once again. Small hands tried to grabbing anywhere they could on Shinsou, from his hands that were gripping Kaminari’s waist for support, to his bulging biceps, to his muscular thighs. 


The blonde’s legs fell from their perch, Hitoshi moved so his arms would be over them and continued his attack on his boyfriend. 


“W-wait.” He managed to get out between whimpers. Shinsou slowed down a bit, rolling his hips but not completely stopping.


“What’s the problem baby, can’t handle it.” A cheeky grin crossed his face. Kaminari rolled his eyes as he tried to catch his eyes.


“Help me up.” The two adjusted so Kaminari was in Shinsou’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck and thighs on either side of Hitoshi’s waist. 


They rocked against each other groaning and whimpering against each other’s mouths. Hitoshi’s hands on Denki’s hips helping the smaller boy ride his cock. The older teen leaned against the headboard moving Kaminari along with him. The blonde let out a squeak, his face flushing as he bit his lip.


“Right t-there Toshi.” He groaned. Hitoshi grinned and began thrusting upwards mercilessly, attacking the bundle of nerves with much vigor. Kaminari dragged his nails against the teen’s broad back as his prostate was assaulted.


“F-fuck Toshi. I’m gonna cum.” Denki managed to whimper.


“Me too baby,” Shinsou responded, burying his face into his boyfriend’s neck as his thrusting became sloppy. 


“N-ngh.” Came his muffled groan as he spilled his seed into the condom. Kaminari decorated both of their lower stomachs with his. 


The blonde rolled off of Shinsou and attempted to catch his breath. He watched Hitosh tie the condom and throw it in the trash before taking the baby wipes from the end table drawer.

Kaminari was getting sleepy, humming as his heated skin made contact with a cold wipe. He felt himself get tucked under the covers and Shinsou kissed his forehead before cuddling up against him. 

 He sighed, cuddling against his lover and let sleep take over him.

Kaminari’s plan to mark up Shinsou in the most obvious places did cause most of the first-years to stop confessing to his boyfriend. MOST. There was this one persistent student who wouldn’t leave him alone. She was convinced that he faked a relationship to get everyone else to back off. After all, no one’s ever seen him with anyone else. 


She’s confessed to the purple-haired teen at least three times since that night and Kaminari can feel the waves of agitation and annoyance rolling off his boyfriend in waves. Even more so at night when they’re having sex. As much as Denki loves to be manhandled and roughed up by his lover, he would rather them both be in the correct mindset. There were hand-shaped bruises on the blonde’s waist, hips, and thighs from their nights together; he had to put a turtle neck on under his school shirt until the ones around his neck went away. Even if he did enjoy it, the look on Shinsou’s face when he saw the blemish the next day broke his heart. Hitoshi cried in his arms that night.


It was two days after when shit finally hit the fan.


Shinsou had stayed behind to talk with Aizawa about their training regimen so Kaminari went ahead with the Bakusquad to get lunch. 


He and Mina had been joking when he saw the younger teen walk into the cafeteria, a sour expression on his face. That’s when he saw her, the underclassman that’s been obsessed with his boyfriend, following behind him chatting animatedly. Shinsou stopped a few feet away from Denki’s table and turned toward the girl. The blonde furrowed his eyebrows in curiosity at what was going to happen. 


Mina hadn’t noticed the change in mood and was now joking with Sero. Bakugou, however, did notice and looked between Kaminari and the scene beside him trying to understand why it captured his attention.


“Stop following me. I said no.” Shinsou hissed, his eyes narrowing. The girl just smiled and moved closer causing him to take a step back. 


“Come on, Hitoshi! Just one little date! Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love with me.” She batted her eyelashes at him and leaned in closer. 


Kaminari was up and out of his seat as the first year grabbed at Shinsou’s collar with quick reflexes and attempted to bring the unsuspecting teen into a kiss.


But her lips didn’t meet the rough ones she’s dreamt about for weeks. Instead, they were met with the soft skin of someone’s forearm. The girl opened her eyes in confusion and anger. She followed the arm to the face of a furious blonde second year.


“What are you doing?” Kaminari asked, irritation clearly evident in his tone. He roughly pulled her hands off the purple-haired teen and forced himself between them. 


“Leave us alone Sparky. Can’t you see we are having a conversation.” She snarked and tried to go around but he sidesteps her.


“I don’t know, looks very one-sided to me.” Denki crossed his arms and glared down at the girl.


“Why don’t you mind your business and go back to whatever hole you crawled out from?” She growled out.


“Well, when it comes to MY boyfriend...I don’t think I will.” He tilted his head with a sarcastic smile.

The girl and Kaminari hadn’t noticed that the other students had stopped and watched the commotion in utter silence. It was very easy to hear the conversation between the two. 2-A watched their classmate with various different expressions, some shocked, and others were a bit confused. 


“You’re lying! I refuse to believe you!” A distressed expression graced her face.


“He isn’t lying. We’ve been together for months.” Shinsou answered, his hand wrapping comfortably around the blonde’s waist. 


The girl spluttered trying to find words to say. The boys looked at each other with adoration and love in their eyes. The girl let out a screech and her glowing blue fist was heading towards Kaminari when a large hand grabbed her wrist. 


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Bakugou growled and tightened his hold ever so slightly causing the girl to yelp. 


“You’re going to leave them alone or else.” He raised his other hand and a mini-explosion left it.


“Got it brat?” The girl nodded and Bakugou let her go. She quickly left the cafeteria. 


“Are you okay Shinsou?” Midoriya spoke up. The three of them hadn’t noticed the greenette walkup to them.


“I’m fine. Thank you Midoriya. Bakugou.” Shinsou nodded towards the other blonde.


“Whatever.” He muttered and hung an arm around Izuku’s shoulders. The smaller boy intertwined their fingers. The two walked back to their table. Everyone went back to what they’re doing. No doubt trying to understand what just went down.


“I’m sorry Denki.” Kaminari turned and looked up at the teen.


“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for Hitoshi.”


“But I hurt you.” The blonde cupped his boyfriend's face.


“It was an accident. You didn’t mean it. I know you didn’t.” Kaminari smiled.


“I love you so much.”

“I love you too Toshi. Let’s get you some food before lunch is over.” Kaminari pecked Shinsou’s lips and dragged the boy towards the lunch line.

Shinsou smiled down at the blonde teen as he was being led away. Yes, he was hopelessly in love with this guy.