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Unexpected Troupe

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5 days later

It was almost a week later, the entirety of each day spent with you and spencer going at it like animals, in new places, new positions, it seemed like all you ever wanted to do was fuck each other, and that was fine by you.

You don’t know where he gets his stamina from though, wanting to bend you over every possible surface he could, by day three he had ruined or torn off most of your panties so you just decided not to wear any, making his appetite for you all the more extra.

Just this morning you were making some tea for yourself when he came up behind you, pecking kisses on your neck, his hand groping your ass. He bent you over and fucked you right there, and by lunch he wanted to do it while just watching TV!.

Sure of course you in no way were against this, he made sure you got off at least once every time, never coming before you did.
A few nights he had fallen asleep in your bed, the other nights you were in his, a fun mix of both.

It was dinnertime and he still had a devilish look to him, while you
Ate and even while you put away the dishes, you took a blanket from the hall closet and went to the couch, clicking on the tv to look for a movie to rent.

Nothing seemed interesting, some older films were cheaper, one you had never seen crossed your mind, and you clicked rent, the movie started playing.

It was a newer indie film that you had heard some good things about, sort of a mild horror psychedelic type of deal.

Whatever it was it was interesting from the get-go, you had to say whatever the director’s were on when writing this, you might need to get some for yourself.

Spencer strolled in not longer after the movie had started, confused on what the plot was supposed to be in any way, and so were you.

Halfway through there seemed to be a pause in any sort of relevance, moving onto things that didn’t make sense in the slightest, one second these girls were in a field of flowers, the next they were all in the woods together.

Nothing made sense and it was starting to give you a headache.

“Holy hell. Ifthis is the closest I'll ever have to a psychedelic trip then I'll take it” you rubbed at your temples, Spencer just played on his phone while reclined on the couch, he stopped paying attention like 30 minutes ago.

You clicked off the movie, grumbling to yourself about your poor taste and switching back to normal tv to watch yet another true crime show.

You got up, plucking your phone off the charger from earlier, nothing else interesting to do besides surf the internet right?

You scrolled through your instagram, ad’s for different stuff the world thought was appealing popped up, it ranged from furniture to clothing to ceiling fan’s, there really was no select things.

You scrolled past yet another ad quickly when spencer spoke up
“Go back, that. You should get that” he was talking about a leather strap set from one of those rave brands, sure it was cute and all but it was a literal fucking harness.

“That is a ball of string’s spence, i’d rather pay for some yarn than that” you replied, still saving the ad for later. Of course you were going to buy it, just not in front of him.

You continued scrolling, some nice clothing popping up.

One was an sd for a local boutique who seemed to specialize in lingerie, you really wish the government would stop listening in on your sex life. You saved the post and shut off your phone, tossing it aside. Trying to indulge yourself in the overdone show on the television.

“Come here” he said, still looking at his phone, patting his open lap.

Was he seriously going to do it for the third time today, you weren’t sure you had anything else left in you.

You got up and walked over to him, doing as he said and sitting down in his lap, something you were starting to think he has a kink for.

He asked you to sit on him everyday for the last five days other than that, he doesn’t seem to repeat much.

He put an arm around you, wrapping it tightly while he continued to look through his phone.

He didn’t try anything, didn’t ask you to remove your clothes, just holding you while you laid back against him.

The thrum of his heartbeat was underneath your ear, lulling you into relaxation.

He rubbed his fingertips against your skiing gently, like he was petting a small animal or something.
God damn, if he kept this shit up any longer you were going to fall asleep!

It’s like he knew what he was doing, putting you to sleep was like child’s-play for him.

You whimpered against him, rubbing the side of your head into his chest, already falling asleep under his touch.


Once he was sure that you were fully sleeping he set his phone aside.

Sleeping on the couch isn’t good for your back in any way so he would just carry you again, he really didn’t want to admit to himself that he has been looking for every chance to carry you since you’ve been mostly able to go up and down the stairs by yourself, the only other times he could in when you feel asleep or when you both were having sex, and clearly you’d both been doing that quite a bit.

He enjoyed making you feel good, watching you squirm and wiggle underneath of him while the only words you could make out are his name, and even then it's slurred and messed up.

Every chance he could, he would find a way to do something different, whether it be a different room, a different position or even just different time’s of the day.


You didn’t oppose it in any way, you even seemed to find it exciting in it’s own way, so he kept up.

He knew you were very vocal about your opinions and would tell him to stop if you wanted him to stop, and of course he would.

He also took into consideration your injury and how he could possibly hurt you if he was too rough or touched the wrong spots, it was pretty easy to avoid, the more you healed, the less covering you needed for it.

Carrying you up the stairs was still just as easy as it always was, you were so small and fragile, it was a huge surprise seeing you take down Morgan in physical training, poor Morgan, always getting tackled by women.

He chuckled lightly, kicking open the door to your room, you were still wrapped around him like a spider monkey, so he had to pry you away from him, certainly a struggle all on its own..

He got into the bed next to you, wrapping his arms around you, pulling himself closer to you, your hair falling down the sheet’s, putting your hands against him while you slept.

He gave you one final kiss on the top of your head before falling asleep with you, intertwined with each other.


~The Next Morning~

You had woken up first, it was early in the morning, the sun barely having just rose, its bright, warm glow coating everything in the room from the window.

Spencer was still happily asleep, an arm still draped over you.

He really did put you to sleep… damn that's talent right there.

You tried to sneak out of the bed, slipping out from underneath his arm, but you moving made him grip you tighter, pulling you even closer to him.

This man was treating you like a stuffed animal right now, he had you in a bear hug.

“Spencer.. I have to get going. I’m already late for meeting up with the girls” you said quietly, trying to push against him.

He grumbled, you mentioned your plans a few nights ago to go swimsuit shopping with the girl’s once Rossi confirmed the whole beach house thing for the whole team.

You had the suspicion that rossi was lying about how much everyone had to pay on their part, even with all of you, it was a suspiciously low amount.

You didn’t argue with him for once, you knew that you would be paying for every drink and meal if you had anything to say about it.

You had plenty of sun dresses and other beach wear, but you wanted to buy some new swimsuits for yourself, and quite frankly, get out of the house.

“They can wait” his groggy voice was adorable, his eyes still closed while he buried his face into your chest, trying to not have to wake up entirely

“when have you known any of them to be patient?” you asked sarcastically, running your fingers through his long,curly hair.

Groaning, he swung an arm around, allowing you to get out of bed

He got out of bed too, pulling the pants he discarded last night back on.
“Fine, but garcia did invite me too so i’m coming with” he said, clearly watching you try on bikinis sounded like a good time afterall

“Of course she did” you smiled, having him tag along might actually be fun.

You got dressed, putting on a loose and flowy dress so you could take it off easily when trying stuff on, it had a tightened elastic at the waist and a dip in the front that showed off some cleavage.

You combed out your hair, putting it half up and half down for simplicity, some light makeup later and you were done, grabbing your purse and walking downstairs, him following.

“Im driving!” you called out holding the keys in front of him and he shook his head, attempting to snatch away the keys, but you dodged him

“Y/N, you’re not driving yet!” he said sternly, clearly still not wanting to risk anything happening

“But why? I feel fine and my stitches are almost healed!” you whined, leaning against the door holding the keys

He pushed both of your arms above your head, plucking the keys from your hand and giving you a kiss

“Because I said so” he replied, letting go of your wrists.

“Mhm, i'm getting you back for that later” you threatened, sticking your tongue out at him while opening the front door, lowkey turned on.

You’d gotten used to sitting in the passenger seat anyway, each time you wanted to leave, he would insist on driving even though it was your car.

“After the mall, i need to stop by my apartment to pick up some things, ok?” he asked, he had only been back once since you both got back home, having enough clothing and the necessities at your place to last, you nodded, sitting down in the car, the leather being cool against your skin.

The drive to the mall the girls were at was only 30 minutes away, most of the trip was directly on the highway so you pulled out your phone and texted them that you would be there soon, they told you to meet them in the food court when you got there.

The drive when quickly, parking in the east lot so you could go straight to the food court.

Penelope, emily, and JJ all sat at a table together, smoothies in hand

“Finally you’re here! Take this, we’ve already found some cute stuff when walking around” she handed you your own smoothie, Emily handed one to Reid, looking more than suspicious while they pulled you off into many different stores.

The first one they did was a store dedicated to bathing suits, those were kind of popular around here considering VA beach isn't very far.

Garcia found interest in the one pieces adorned with animals and other fun prints while you and the two others focused on the more adult pieces.

You grabbed a handful of different suits, a simple black bikini, a strapless baby pink suit, a super stringy one that would certainly give you weird tan-lines and a final one that had a black thong bottom with a dark red top to go with it.

Spencer just sat in one of the lounge chairs at the front near the dressing room, looking through his phone again.

Emily was looking at a lot of basic bikinis, JJ at one pieces, eyeing your selection
“Y/N, how many are you planning on getting?!” Emily asked, seeing the four already in your hands.

“I’m going to get a few, I want to see which one’s i like from each store. I'm probably only going to get one from here once I try them on'' you said, looking over to decide which one was your favorite.

They both nodded, all 4 of you going to the dressing room, passing Spencer on your way.

The three of them making glances at you and him, smiling widely while walking towards seperate rooms.

You grabbed garcia by her forearm before she could close the door, whispering to her
“So was it you or Morgan who blabbed?” you said sinisterly, at least with Derek, he could keep something to himself for a day, but Garcia struggled for an hour.

She looked away from you
“I kid you not, he told them not me” she tried to defend herself, for once she only managed to tell one person.

“Are you telling the truth penelope?” you eyed her, normally she’d crack under pressure but she nodded

“Alright, but don’t be surprised if he accidentally drowns this weekend” you tapped her arm playfully, allowing her to go into her dressing room and shut the door, you took the one next to her, trying on the strappy one first.

It was difficult to put on but it looked really nice on you, covering up your bandage mostly, you spun around a bit a few times, admiring yourself in the mirror
“I really like this one! Emily you should get this one!” you called into the room next to you

“Ooh let me see, just step out into the hall” she said, when you did she was wearing a black one piece that cut on the sides

“That is nice, unlike you though Y/N, we all aren’t still in our twenties” she giggled, tucking the tag into her bathing suit and twirling.

“You look stunning em. Penelope, jj! Do you have anything you like yet?” simultaneous no’s came from both girls as they stayed in their dressing room;s.

You both shrugged and went back to change again, trying on each one, you didn’t like the other two as muc, but the red and black one was another nice one you decided to get, you couldn’t help but wonder what spence would think about it, you would have to wear it for him once you both left.

You put both bathing suits on your arm, hanging the others back up on the return rack outside.

“I’m going to go pay real quick, i’ll be right outside” you said, leaving the area to go to the counter

You paid for both,getting a small bag and sitting down next to spencer
You set the bag down at your feet
“They’ll be out soon, I only got two here!” you said, tapping the bag, he smiled at you picking up the bag.

He looked at both swimsuits for a moment before setting the bag back down

“I like them, a little scandalous for a trip with the team though” he teased, knowing good and well that he was the only one that was meant to be looking at them.

“Yeah well the next store up is PINK and Victorias secret so buckle down, plus i’ve got to replace all of those panties you ripped off of me anyways” your voice was low, even if they knew, you didn’t want them to know THAT much yet.

He chuckled, he really did ruin at least 4 pairs throughout the week, he had told you he would replace them but you said it was fine, he still liked the way you would squeak when he would rip the seams clean through, making the fabric useless.

The other girls came out only carrying one or two suits each and paid, taking you along to the next store, showing each other the ones you chose, stopping outside pink

“Ooh a sale! Momma loves me some savings!'' Garcia walked inside, ready to spend her entire paycheck in one sitting.

You all followed her in, Spencer clearly trying to keep his gaze off of the countless mannequins all sporting sexy lingerie and nice bras.

He once again took a seat in the waiting area, along with all of the other uncomfortable guy’s who were tagging along with their girlfriends and wives.

He watched while the other girl’s looked at the swimsuits while you crossed over into the connected store, one that was particularly darker and more ‘scandalous’ as most would describe it.

He kept his eyes on you as you looked through the many different drawers, eyeing set’s on the tabletop, picking up some different items and dropping them in a basket.

You saw a particularly nice nightset being advertised near the front, it was blood red matching bra and panties, with a nice garter belt style thigh strap attached.

You immediately thought of what Spencer's reaction to it might be, having him look you up and down before removing it… you plucked your size from the rack and threw it in the basket, walking up to the checkout.

$200?! For a few pairs of panties and a lingerie set! This store was crazy, but hopefully it would be worth it for the price.

The nice bag had lots of filling paper in it, to conceal your purchase to the girl’s, even though they prodded to see the “swimsuit”.

Spencer was also curious about what was in the bag, he’d seen you pick up a few things but at a certain point he couldn’t see behind the wall.

You had begun to linger behind everyone else as they walked, emily doing the same

“So you and reid?” she asked quietly, you were still a little annoyed that everyone already knew.

You sighed and nodded

“Omg, morgan wouldn’t say much and for once garcia is keeping to herself so you’ve gotta tell me” she rubbed her shoulder into your’s, playing around with you.

You shook your head while smiling,
“Why does the whole team find the need to know?” you said with a hint of comedic tone to not sound rude with her.

She shrugged,still wanting some sort of juicy details to feed off of .

“Fine. maybe later though, not now” you replied, taking her hand and walking closer to the rest of the group.

She grumbled a bit but ultimately accepted defeat for now, and you DID say you would tell her later.

You stopped by a few more stores, each of the girl’s having their fair share of bag’s, the time being almost 1 pm.

“I’ve got to get home to the boys, i’ll give you a call when it’s time to board the plane ok?” she waved everyone off while exiting the mall.

“I’ve got to go too, garcia you coming?” Emily said, being Garcia's ride, that left the two of you alone together in the mall.

You waved goodbye until you were sure they were gone.

“Are you ready to go home?” you turned to him, holding the many bags up and down your arms.

He nodded, walking towards the door
“They all know don’t they?” he said with a sigh and smile, opposing features for his words

You nodded
“ it was morgan though surprisingly” you pushed open the second door with your back, allowing him to pass by.

You walked to the car, putting all of the bags in the back seat before getting in yourself.

Some red, peeking out from the pink striped victoria's secret bag

“Are we still going to your apartment?” you asked while he turned onto the highway, he nodded, switching lane’s to the exit, he had forgotten.

It was rare he would forget anything but hell, he’d been with four other women for the past few hours listening in as they chatted about thing’s even he didn’t understand, so forgetting was alright this one time.

He pulled into the parking lot outside of his building,
“Do you want me to stay in the car?” you asked, while he turned off the engine.

“No, come inside. This isn’t exactly the best neighborhood for you to be sitting in a car alone” he wasn’t wrong, Reid lived in the south side of town, typically more drugs and crime were spread around here.

You nodded and stepped out of the car, him locking it behind you.

There were a crazy amount of stairs up to his apartment, you were having a hard time catching your breath when you reached the top.

“ I am not built for stairs!” you whined, gripping the railing tightly.

He laughed, taking your hand and opening the door to his apartment, the messy area covered in books like it usually was, papers and files across every possible surface.

He went to his room to grab whatever he needed, you just leaned against a counter in the kitchen, playing some game on your phone to pass the time. You could feel the cold granite on your stomach, even through your dress, it was kind of uncomfortable, but the focus on your phone made it unnoticeable.

You didn’t hear him return from his room, seeing you bent over the counter was practically screaming at him to fuck you.

He walked up behind you, grabbing your hips, scaring you a bit from the sudden contact but relaxing once you realized it was him

You clicked off your phone, setting it face down on the counter, looking back at him.
“Now?” you asked, biting the inside of your lip.

He didn’t respond, just flipping up the skirt of your dress, your ass pale contrasting against the tiny lace thong you were wearing.

He groaned, licking his lips while he knelt down till he was eye level with your cunt.

He put his hand at either side of your panties, pulling them down instead of ripping them this time, you had just bought some new one’s today, no reason to make you have to go back.

You kicked them off of your foot, leaving you bare, the cold AC making you shudder.

He went straight away to licking long,deep, lines against you, soaking your already wet pussy.

You adjusted against the counter, already gripping the edge to prepare for his next moves.

He stood back up, trailing his spit against your entrance, using it as lubricant.

“Mmmhmm” you bit your lip hard, any more and it would probably split open.

He used his hands to spread apart each of your ass cheeks, removing his already hard cock from his pants.

He slid the head up and down a few times before pushing into you, your knuckles white against the counter, arching against him.

He slid the rest of the way into you, snapping his hips into you as he began pacing himself, speeding up until he hit his regular pace.

Spreading your ass allowed for him to hit even deeper inside of you, you couldn’t be as loud as you could at home, he did have neighbors attached to the same walls as him after all.

He swirled his hand into your hair, pulling you back towards him a little, angling so that he would hit your sweet spot with each thrust.

The searing pain against your scalp from his grip made your head throb, a type of opain that could only feel good during sex

Each time he would hit your g-spot you’d have a high-pitched moan escape your lips, if you kept it up, his neighbors would definitely hear you.

You tried to muffle yourself, only making your noises more noticable, he didn’t care, most of his neighbors were shifty characters themselves and wouldn’t bother with a little noise
“S-spencer!” you moaned out his name, unraveling him further, slamming harder into you while he pulled your hips onto him.

You took his cock so greedily, pulling him back inside with each motion, it was fucking irresistable to watch your different reactions while he fucked you, the way your lips pursed to let the pretty sounds out, the way your back arched almost completely against his chest, so many thing’s about you for him to focus on.

He would always have these images of you burned into his memory, being able to replay them over and over, one of the few times he would say his eidetic memory was a blessing.

He moved his hand from your hair to your throat, keeping you in place and slightly restricting the oxygen to your brain.

This was the last bit you needed, coming deeply around him, convulsing lightly while he finished and came into you, releasing his hand on your throat and setting you back down gently.

“Are you alright?” he asked sweetly, trailing his calloused hands against your smooth skin.

“Mmhmm, I'm great” you mumbled, trying to collect your thoughts.

“Ok i’m going to go get you a rag, stay here” he said, fixing his pants before leaving the room.

He stepped away, going into his room, you just tried to keep your knees from completely giving out under you, he came back with a damp cloth.

He wiped away the mess between your legs, being extra gentle while cleaning you up.

It was sweet and caring, a sort of aftercare you never received with anyone else.

You plucked your panties off the floor,putting them on and correcting your dress.

He just threw the rag in the sink, grabbing the large tote bag he had filled with clothes he needed and other items, swinging it over his shoulder.

plucking your phone up from the counter, 1 new message notification lit up the screen

JJ- The plane leaves tomorrow at 9 am, a car will be coming to pick BOTH of you up at 8, warning… garcia will be in the car with you too. Make sure to pack everything you need too <3

You smiled, typing back thank you and clicking off the phone

“We have to be up early tomorrow, pack our bags tonight and be ready by 8 am. Make sure you have everything you need from here ok?” you informed him, he lifted his bag and motioned for you to come here.

He opened the door and you walked out into the hallway, he followed, locking the door while you made your way to the stairs.

“I think this vacation will be a nice change of scenery, don't you?” you asked him while he unlocked the car for you so you could get inside.

“I'm not the biggest fan of beaches, they’re extremely unsanitary, not to mention the vast amount of the ocean we have yet to explore” there he was, the usual spencer that you had gotten so used to at work.

“How about a pool then? The description said there was a hot tub too” you were already excited to be able to watch sunsets while swimming, you weren’t exactly fond of sand either so the pool was a huge advantage.

“I can accept that” he put his bag in the back seat, catching a glimpse of the red fabric peeking through the bag.

“Only if you bring whatever that is along. Looks like a lot more than underwear” he teased, though you just reached back and covered it

“That was the plan” you replied and he chuckled, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the main road, the drive to your home not long.

The second the car stopped in your driveway you dashed out of the car, grabbing all of your bag’s and running upstairs. One of the most fun things for you about vacations was packing and choosing what you would wear, crazy huh?

You spread every item out on your bed, leaving the lingerie folded up in the corner, throwing all of your options alongside the items you bought.

You pulled a large suitcase out from underneath your bed, opening it and leaving it on the floor

Spencer strolled in, dropping his bag at the door and shuffling to the bed, sitting at the top and watching you decide over different articles of clothing and what shoes you wanted.

It took almost an hour for you to put everything inside of the bag, rolling it to the door and flopping down in the bed.

“ i never knew i owned so many pairs of sunglasses!” you groaned, sliding an am over his chest and laying against him.

“I’ll set an alarm for the morning just in case” he gave you a little kiss on the forehead, clicking away at his phone, plugging it in at the bedside table, you did the same with yours

You both stripped out of your day-clothes, putting on clothes to sleep in and snuggling close to each other under the cover’s.
His large frame swallowed your’s, his head resting on top of your’s, he loved giving you small kisses on the crown of your head, it made you feel warm and loved, his arms around you giving you safety.

Drifting off to sleep, the night is still early, but your morning would be too and you could use some sleep if you were going to be on another 6-hour flight tomorrow morning with your team.

Sure you loved them with every bit of your soul but with them now knowing of your relationship with Reid it’s definitely going to the butt of at least a few unfunny jokes.

You still had to plot how you’re going to get back at Morgan too, that would be for the morning though, for now, you fell asleep peacefully in his arms, something you could get used to easily.



You knew it was going out but never have you wanted to smash something into pieces than when his phone went off, the high pitched whine of the alarm made you slap the table a few time’s to shut it off, flipping it over and clicking the button.

“Spence… we gotta get up, cmon” you pushed him a few times, him groaning and trying to turn away.

“Spencer! Get. up.” you tapped him with each word until he peeled his eyes open

“Ughh. fine” he grumbled, sitting upright and rubbing his eyes, dark circles crowning underneath of them.

“Thank you. I’ve gotta get some last-minute thing’s from downstairs, I’ll be right back up” you got off of the bed, humming to yourself while you walked downstairs.

You plucked up your purse, carrying it into the kitchen, taking your birth control packet, and plucking one out and setting it on the counter, putting the packet in your bag.

You’d actually been proud taking the last one of your painkillers, thankfully most of the side-effects didn’t last long, if you had to deal with hallucinations every day, you’d go crazy, but tonight could also be the first night you’re allowed to drink again!

You plopped both pills in your mouth, chasing them down with some water before taking your purse back upstairs with you.

Spencer sat on the edge of the bed, fiddling around with his phone.
You went to your closet, not wanting to get dressed at all, you saw a soft sweater on the ground, looking better than any of your worn out hoodies.

It was a black button-up sweater, it looked way too large to be yours
“Hey Spence, this mine or yours?” you held it outside of the door to show him

“Uh yeah I think so” he replied, he probably had thrown it in here when getting undressed sometime.

You pulled on a pair of black leggings and a silky tank top, covering your arms with his sweater.
It came down half of your thighs, leaving it unbuttoned seemed to be the better look for you.

You put on a pair of tennis shoes and did your hair up in a slicked-back high ponytail, you didn’t want to get dressed up for the plane, anything other than your comfort clothes would suck to have to sit in.

You hated the black, tight-fitting pants that work “recommended” for use, even though you could technically dress how you want, it was frowned upon.

Stepping out of the closet and into the room,slinging your bag over your shoulder and wheeling out your suitcase towards the stairs

He watched you in his sweater walk by so casually, it might as well be yours now because your actions said you owned it, that it wasn’t his anymore.

“Spence, the car will be here any minute, get dressed!” you harped on him, he was still in his clothes from last night, not even bothering to put himself together like he usually would.

“I’ll be right down” he pulled on some discarded pants and a hoodie, looking more like a rejected bisexual teenager than anything.

He was a whole ass vibe.


He put on his usual converse and followed you down, his own bag in hand.


The doorbell went off and he picked up his pace getting down the stairs, you opened the door and let Garcia step inside.

“Hello my lovely little babies, our chariot awaits!” she clapped her hands, more excited to go on this trip than anyone else.
“Good morning Garcia, you’re extra...awake this morning” you rubbed your eyes again she just smiled.

“Ughhh. Would you both look a little less dead if I told you there’s coffee in the car? One overly sweetened hot and an iced black” you smiled and rolled your bag out of the door, passing her.

“Thanks, Garcia,” Spencer said while walking by her so she could close the door.

“Woohoo! Let’s get this show on the road!” she exclaimed, hobbling over the stones in her large heels!