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Unexpected Troupe

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Chapter one


“I’ve got sights on Lancaster! I’m going in!” Lancarst was a serial murderer who had been on the run from the BAU for months, if he got away now, he would get to the Canadian border before backup arrived and there was a chance you’d never find him again.

“Y/N NO! It’s too dangerous, wait for ba-” you shut off the comms, it was against protocol, but you needed to focus on finding this sick bastard, the foggy abandoned factory was no place in heaven for a serial killer hunt down either.

The last tip you received said he was armed with a gun, no hostages apparent, which made what you were doing all the more stupid.
“Aaron Lancarst! You aren’t getting out of here, we both know this! Come out with your hands above your head and there’s a chance you won’t get the death penalty” you yelled into the open darkness, he was here.

Shots began ringing in your direction from behind a corner, you had to duck behind a wall in order not to be turned into swiss-cheese. The returning fire was your first thought, a showdown was happening and it was unclear who was going to win.
Constant shots were finding back and forth, none hitting either target because of the bad visuals and poor aiming on his part.

The clicking of an empty round stopped the constant fire, he had run out of ammo!. Dashing out from your corner you chased the large man down a hallway where he fled. He was quick, the turn to the end of the hall was a dead end, you looked around hastily, trying to spot where he was hiding.

Something rustled behind you, you turned around only to be hit over the head by something, your gun flew in front of you and you toppled to the ground, a definite concussion already setting in.

Your consciousness slipped from you in and out, only various noises and some flashes of light appeared, his slimy voice engraved into your mind as he spoke
“All of you agents..haha. They are truly stupid! Chasing after I became your whole lives, like cats and string, never noticing I’ve been right under your noses, watching, waiting for the right moment” you couldn’t keep your mind focused enough to understand the slew of words coming out of his mouth, everything sounded like gibberish or something a 3-year old would say.

“You will make the perfect ‘last hurrah’, you’re right, I’m not making it out of here, but neither are you! Ahahahah” he burst into laughter, tapping the gun against his head, he was in a stage of manic psychosis, probably drugs too.

NAME- Aaron Lancarst (MALE)

Lancaster is a typical sadist, one of which has 12 known victims so far, 1 who escaped and is in ICU at the moment. He has been the BAU’s prime case matter for the last 5 years, having separated victims all over the country connected to him, all found on the side of the road in only their underwear, cuts, and bruising unapparent. Strangulation was the C.O.D. each time, done by hand.
All victims are female, blonde or brunette, fairly athletic, and within the age group of 17-35.
Each victim was high-risk potentials, strictly that.

A strong metallic smell filled your senses, there was lots of noise around you, you appeared to be being held up. Lancarst was the last thing you remember, he probably had you tied up.

“Let her go! She’s innocent, not of your choosing!!” the screams around you made you desperately want to open your eyes, they felt glued shut, so pulling them apart was agonizing.

You were being held up by your arms, pinned behind your back, Lancaster was behind you, using you as a shield against your team in front of you. You were a hostage, the 10 or so cops and your team all had guns trained on him, their shots blocked by you in the way and the cold barrel of your own gun pressed against your neck.

Panic rushed through, the movement you made against him only made him jab the gun harder into your neck making you freeze, tears already flowing down your cheeks.
“Whoah whoah little girl, I’d stop moving so much if I were ya” his whispering in your ear made you feel like retching, his breath warm and sticky feeling.

Millions of thoughts swarmed your head, escape and fleeing were all taken down with the fact that he would just shoot you immediately, you couldn’t survive a gunshot wound like the others could, no way of survival worked. Talking yourself out of this seemed to be the only way

You still couldn’t believe the number of times your team escaped death, each of them survived gunshot wounds, stabbings, and even anthrax poisoning like spencer... Spencer.

The thought of the sweetheart doctor made you smile through your tears. He had been a close friend of yours since you had joined the BAU, always using his small facts and wit to make you smile.

Your smiling dazed appearance probably made everyone think you were hallucinating.
“STAY BACK! I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL KILL HER RIGHT HERE!!” the crazed man screamed at the slowly approaching group, you winced from the noise, not that it mattered.

“Lancaster! There’s no way out of this! Hand her over, no one else needs to die!!” the loud voice was morgan’s, you recognized his way of thinking and persuasion, but it wouldn’t work on him.

“I’ll hand her over…. If! I can get a car out of here, no tracker, no one following me” his demands were never going to be met, it simply couldn’t happen, you were going to die tonight.

“You know we can-” Morgan was interrupted by Spencer, who was keeping the noise down.
“Yes! Yes we can just hand her over!” he was lying, that was his typical way of convincing those who he dealt with, he was good, but you couldn’t risk him getting shot too.

Your shirt was gone, the first time you noticed, meaning they probably found him in the middle of his ritual, your pants were still on thankfully… wait! That means he never found it.

Your only chance of stopping him would be to do this quickly.
While he was distracted with the team, his grip on your arms loosened ever so slightly
You had just enough strength to complete this...

Your final look to your team, tears flowing you said
“I’m sorry... I’m sorry Spence” those were the last words you said before ramming the back of your head into his, making him stumble backward while you pulled out the blade you kept hidden in the band of your underwear and rammed it into his neck, the ringing of a gunshot made you both topple to the ground, everyone rushing over, screams from those around you filling the air.

He had shot you in the stomach before a bullet landed between his eyes, it didn't change anything he was dead the second he pulled the trigger and so were you.

Morgan and Hotch confirmed he was dead while JJ and Emily surrounded you, Reid cradled you in his arms, putting pressure onto your stomach, trying to stop the blood pooling out.

“No-no-no. there's too much. JJ help me!” Reid was panicking, trying to cover the already overwhelming amount of crimson liquid pooling underneath of you.

“ it’s ok-hnhh” the pressure felt like a car was on top of you, the final amount of pain made you blackout.


She lay there, unconscious, surrounded by the agents who came here recently. You remembered her correctly, she was one of the direct profilers, a sweet one, distant though.
She hadn’t talked much, keeping to herself and only talking to the doctor and agent Prentiss when she did.

An ambulance had been called already, waiting on standby, it had arrived to a halt next to you.
Two paramedics jumped out of the back and pulled the girl up into a gurney, just as soon as they had arrived they were preparing to leave.
The doctor followed them, staying with you in the back of the ambulance, everyone else was going to pick-up the technical analyst and then rush to the hospital to meet him.

Doctors and nurses awaited her arrival, taking her away to surgery immediately, leaving the doctor in the waiting room.


The rest of the team arrived with Garcia, only to find Reid in a chair staring ahead at the doors that led to the OR.
“Kid, how is she?” morgan asked him, making sure not to get too close, it was regrettable to even speak to him now.

Whenever Reid would get into a state of despair, touch or speaking could send him into rough emotional rampages, most of the team knew this already.

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything and they haven’t said a word to me since they took her into surgery!” He was short and angry, not with others but with himself, with his mind.

Over the course of the 5 hours that everyone spent in silence all he could do was think of the many possibilities of how the night could end, not many of them good.

“Ahem. I’m doctor andel, are any of you family?” the doctor alerted everyone's attention, frozen over what he could say next, hotch stood, straightening his suit

“She has none, we’re all she has. Is she alright?” his stoic persona was crumbling as he frets over the worst.

“She’s stable, asleep though, and has been moved to intensive monitoring. The bullet missed her stomach by 2mm, saving her life, she is incredibly lucky. One of you may visit, for now, regular visiting opens tomorrow at 9:30 am” the doctor set down a chart on the coffee table of information, spencer rushed through the door, making everyone groan and huff that he took it upon himself to take the offer without asking, but he was the closest with you, so none argued.

He dashed down the hallway looking for the signs of you in any of the rooms, cursing himself under his breath until he found your room.

It was the 5th room down, all the lights were off, and your barely visible form was illuminated by the many machines and monitors all connected to you.

You looked so frail and small, it was bringing him to tears.
The chair directly next to you was where he spent the night, even against the doctor's advice who had found him asleep there later that night when he came to check on your condition.

Just as they had said, the rest of the team visited the next day while you were still asleep, some scolds to Spencer occurred, though JJ brought some food and clothes for him, she was the only other person who knew of his insistence towards staying.

It would be a whole 24 hours before you woke up, and Spencer spent another restless night next to you.

It was early in the morning, you had only just woken up and the sun was grazing the window across from you, Spencer was asleep next to you, was this real? Was this heaven? If it was it’s pretty fucked up and delusional.

There was a sharp pain in your stomach, bandaging and IV’s were covering you, your head had some light bandaging too, probably from when he hit you.

The only truth you knew, was that this wasn’t heaven, you had survived.


The sleeping man next to you became your focus, he was in his work clothes, how long had he been here? He looked so peaceful, all of his features were lax and calm, it made him look a lot younger than he already was, he must’ve woken up while you were busy thinking, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“Y/N you’re awake! How are you feeling? Is there anything you need? Nurse!” you laugh at his ramblings of questions, he seemed so flustered!
A nurse came in and began running your vitals, checking your IV, and then leaving again, she only wanted to correspond with the countless other tests they’d done.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. What day is it?” you still had no idea how long you’d been out and where everyone else was.

“It's been 2 days. The rest of the team has been called by the nurse already, it shouldn't be long until they’re here” he sat back down looking at you with relief that you were ok, it had been a close one, and there were a lot of things he hadn’t told you yet.

“You-you really scared us. You really scared me! We almost lost you Y/N, you need to be more careful with your life” he was stern, but not angry, more like he was hurt, or even scared.
He grabbed your hand and held it, his gaze focused on the ground.
“I know, I’m sorry. I don’t regret my decisions though if I wasn’t there that bastard would still be alive and another poor girl might be dead. I didn’t expect to make it, but I’d do it over again in a heartbeat if it meant he went with me” you stared forward, the latest girl’s that had been found by his hand were only 17, just kids who had yet to live their lives, it hit very close to your heart and made you all the more determined to take him down.

“Don’t say things like that. Did you even think of how much we all would miss you? What about henry? What would I tell him? That his godmother went away?! I can’t lose anyone else” he was emotional becoming more and more upset, he had to calm down soon or this could become ugly.

“I did, I also thought of how many other families could lose their daughter, henry means the world to me, and to you and I know you would be there for him even if I wasn’t, I have many contingency plans set out for him in case I don’t come back from work” there were over 10 plans, all of which where everything you had including your house would go to spencer, and then to henry when he turned 18, spencer was aware of them and didn’t exactly agree to them.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you Y/N… I just care a lot and I don’t want to have to see another person I love die way before it’s their time” he was right, spencer had probably been dealt the worst hand when it came to life, everything that could go wrong for him did and that involved a timeline stained in the blood of his loved ones.

“I’ll be more careful, I promise Spence, please don’t worry about me, you’ve got a lot on your plate already” you said, gently pressing his hand and smiling at him.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything but I have good news!” a doctor stood in the doorway holding a new chart

“No no come in what is it?” you asked raising a hand in surrender

“Well you seem to be recovering phenomenally quickly. This means you may leave here in 2 days… but you must have constant supervision for about 2 weeks, I recommend having someone stay with you or staying with someone, the hospital has a list of those who can be hired too if you want someone professional” the doctor handed you a pamphlet of options for assisted living.

You set it aside and smiled
“I’ll be looking into it, I’m going to likely have someone I know take the position, I am certainly not comfortable with someone I don’t trust within my home” you stated rather abruptly, most definitely coming off as rude and maybe even short with him.

“Thank you doctor” Spencer corrected his annoyance with a close-lipped smile, the same cute one he always did.

“Do you want me to tell the girl’s or do you? They’ll be here any second” he already pulled out his phone when you pushed it away

“Spence, do you think you could do it? You know my home the best and have your own room as well so it would be the most comfortable for me…” you were awkward and hesitant with your question, it wasn’t like he hadn’t stayed with you before right?

The surprise in his face made you doubtful if he would accept, thinking.
His brow furrowed signing that he was in thought

The clacking of heels in the hall coupled with some scattered shushes made you both shoot your glances to the door, where Garcia and the rest of your friends all entered with adorning smiles to match.
“Oh my darling little baby! How are you feeling?” Garcia hobbled over to you, giving you a large lipstick filled kiss on the cheek.
“Oh Garcia, how could I ever feel bad with you around! How are all of you?” you looked around as they all squished into the many seats around the room, thankfully whenever injured on the job the government paid full expenses for the best care so you got the nicest room they had.

“We’re not the worry here, you are girly” Emily stood next to you, forcing Reid to scoot over on the small couch.

“Imperfectly fine, doctor even said I can leave in 2 days as long as someone accompanies me for the next few weeks-” you were interrupted by each girl in the room shooting their hand up and saying “I will!” only to be shot down by Reid standing up and walking over to the coffee machine

“Sorry ladies, I already said I would do it” he interjected, taking a sip of overly sweet coffee as they all groaned and looked to you for confirmation

“i - uh asked him... He’s got the most medical training and knows my home the best, you all are welcome to visit or even stay as well if you wanted, I’ve got plenty of rooms” they smiled and nodded to your quickly thought excuse

“Ok well I definitely will, if you both are going to be together, henry has been dying to see his godparents lately, especially you Y/N” the mention of henry made your heart hurt as the conversation only minutes before left you a little emotional over him.

“I miss him so much, send him over any time. His room might have been remodeled lately into a certain requested ‘bat cave’” you giggled, the expense was nothing to you, even against the advice of JJ who said it was too much

“You didn’t!” she exclaimed
You nodded only to get a happy ‘ you shouldn’t have’ look from her AND Reid, who chooses to also spoil your shared godson, though he couldn’t top you this time

“He’ll love it! I’m going to give it a week or so before I drive him up there, who knows, with this new Batcave of his, I may never see him again!” she joked with you, JJ was like a sister, so much so when she announced she was pregnant, she asked you and Reid to be his godparents, though it was abnormal for you both to godparent and not be together.

“I’m sure” you replied, sitting up in bed, wincing from the strain on your stomach

Reid and Morgan both dashed over and held your arms, helping you up.

“My prince charming’s, I’m fine, I can move on my own, it just stung a little” you mocked both men by putting the back of your hand to your forehead to mimic a fair maiden.

“Yeah yeah you got jokes now until you split some of the stitches you got there” morgan smirked with his retortment.

Hotch entered from out in the hall, phone in hand. You hadn’t even noticed he had left
“I just got off the phone with the director, you both have a minimum of one month off, no exceptions,” Aaron said to both of you, dread crossing your face

“What no!!. A month? Cmon Hotch that’s way too long off” you argued with him only to get a frown and a certain look that said you weren’t winning this one.

“Alright. But promise you’ll call each case please? I’ll go crazy, even if I’m accompanied” you pleaded with him, your lack of excitement would certainly depress you

“Of course” a beeping on everyone’s phones made you frown “speaking of which, we all have to go, planes waiting for us” goodbyes and some kisses from the girls were given before leaving

Rossi stayed behind for a moment, pulling out his phone
“I’ll have a flight booked for both of you to get back home, a car too. Kid, I’ve texted you the info, and get better you, I don’t know how long we’ll last without the both of you” he smiled and then left before you could argue.

“I will be sending him money whether he likes it or not, god knows how much a flight cost him,” you said playfully to Spence, still focused on his coffee

“Don’t. It will only upset him, you should learn to take help from others more often” he didn’t look at you when he was speaking, lost in a mindless trance

“Are you alright? You lied back there, doe’s that have anything to do with this?” you asked him sincerely

His eyes darted back to focus on you, snapping out of it
“Oh no sorry, but yes, I’ll do it. I could use some time off anyway so what’s the harm?” He played on his phone. Phone.

“Hey can you be a dear and shake down a nurse for my phone?” you asked, puppy dog eyes made him groan, you knew his weaknesses

“Fine, but you’re ordering some food for us, I’m sick of hospital food” he shook a hand in the air and strolled out down the hall.

You were left alone to sit for a moment

Why had being with Spencer felt so different? It made you shy and giddy like a teenage girl on her way to the movies. He was just Spencer though, he was your best friend, you can’t feel anything more than that, right?

“I got all of your belongings just in case, the nurse gave me a funny look for some reason though. Here” he handed you the white bag, filled with all of the clothing and items found on you, your phone still in the pocket of your pants

“God he really didn’t check for anything did he?” you said to yourself, pulling out your phone and switching it on, 100 notifications awaited you, most of which were spam or from socials.

“So what do you want for lunch Reid?” you asked him, already scrolling through DoorDash, his answer the same as always, nuggets.

The rest of the day was spent with lots of nuggets and tv, both of you laughing and enjoying the time you had together, no matter the circumstances, could have being shot been the best thing for you?...

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The Child
Part 2


The next two days were spent in one of the laziest states you’d ever been in, aside from the few questions the team had on their newest case for you and Reid.

It was the end of your 4th day, your doctor came to visit a few times for routine check-ups on you, but the final time he did he came with a huge pile of information packets, all on painkillers…
“Hello, how are you feeling? I just wanted to stop by because there will be mandatory medications you will need to be on during your recovery. There is two options though looking through your chart it said something about one of them being out of the question, yet i couldn’t find any medical reason as to why” the doctor flipped through the chart again as to somehow prove that there was nothing

“I'm sorry I don't believe I’ve ever applied for something like that, do explain” you replied, he had your full attention now.

“The first one we have for you is a simple morphine strain, lots of side-effects and it might not be strong enough for it to have any effects, and the other will have to be applied in very small doses, but its called Dilaudid, it has some serious-” he was cut off by both you and Reid’s simultaneous objections
“NO!! NO. i will not in any way take Dilaudid EVER, you will bring me the other one, explain the side-effects, and then never speak of it to me again, alright?” you were mean and harsh, precisely how you intended to come off as the doctor looked extremely concerned, but nodded and walked away.

You began crying, floods of memories of what that horrible drug could do to those around you, the countless nights you spent watching over an erratic spencer who was constantly on edge, having to keep his secret until it was revealed on it’s own in front of everyone, after that he got help and as far as you knew, he never took it again.

“Hey hey, it’s okay, you aren’t going to take it, you’ll take the other one. Hotch put that note in all of our files after what happened to me, I'm sorry, this was my fault” he held your hand, your IV and other monitors had been removed already, but your arms and hands were still sore from being poked and prodded.

“I-i” your words were hiccuped from your already flowing amounts of tears, you tried deep breaths but that only worsened them
“It- it was n-never your fault” was all you could make out, the message made it across easily though.

He rubbed the top of your hand, any more touch was uncomfortable for him and he didn’t want to cross any boundaries with you.

You were able to control your cries after a while, small hiccups were all that was left. He felt truly bad for what he had done, all the pain his addiction caused to those around him, especially you.
After Gideon left, you were all he had, the only one who would stay up all night with him just to be sure he was safe. Even the mention of having to take what he had, supervised and medically, made you burst into tears, it was heart wrenching.

“Let’s just watch some tv, i’m sure there's something good on now” he tried to distract you with some television, it worked. Any sort of criminology show was fun for the both of you, being able to pick out who had done it or how it wasn’t anything like real life, your favorites were law and order:SVU or NCIS, they were the closest to realism, more than others at least.

You ordered some food and quickly went to sleep, the next morning you were to fly home and get to sleep in your own bed. The hospital bed felt like cardboard compared to the mattress you were used to, having to sleep mostly upright wasn’t easy either.


Sitting in a wheelchair beside the nurses counter you just twiddled my thumbs while he signed the extensive amounts of paperwork that was required for you to leave
Apparently having an accompany homemade you 5 years old as well, not even allowed to walk on your own, the only thing you could do was hastily sign a signature whenever yours was needed.

“Y/N, you’re cleared to fly and Rossi definitely came through on his promise, our car to take us to the airport will be here any second, i tried to convince him otherwise but we will be flying private” flying private was something you were used to for work, but never on recreation, always first class at most,

“Ooh fancy! I hope they have a couch” you applauded with a child like clap, he smirked down onto you as he handed back the forms
“Uh Uh that couch is MINE. you may get away with stealing my seat at home, but luckily for me, you can’t exactly race me now can you” was he actually mocking you? A hok outside the double glass doors made you turn, a driver stepped out and walked inside
“Reid and Y/L/N?” he asked flashing up a card stating he was a private driver

Spencer nodded, pushing your wheelchair out down towards the car.
“Hand” he took your palm and helped you walk to the backseat where you could sit down, he took the front seat as he usually did. He didn;t like to admit it but sometimes he got serious paranoia, most of the time he would either be in the front seat or the one behind the driver, the safest places, it was a little funny when he would get worked up over the few times he had to actually drive.
The plane was exactly like the one you used every case, a bit smaller and not marked as official government property of course, more leisurely.

Boarding was easy, you managed to walk up mostly on your own with the help of a handrail and the ramp, you were advised against excessive use of stairs, even though your home was full of them.

“Oh wow Dr, isn't this a blessing? There is TWO couches, Rossi knows us so well” he didn’t move, he just stood there in the doorway silently staring

“Are you ok? Hey what’s going on?” you asked, he was starting to freak you out

“Y/N! Who are you talking to?” the voice belonged to spencer, but wasn’t coming from him, you whipped your head around only to see him emerge from the cockpit, assumingly talking to the pilot.

Confused, you turned back around and no one was there, probably one of the side-effects that the doctor had told Reid of, you were still a little upset with seeing him, so he did the honors.

“Oh no-one, it must be the new medicine” you replied, he looked really worried and dashed over to you, checking your eyes and other vitals

“Were you hallucinating? I need to know what you saw Y/N” he looked you in the eyes, yep a side effect. Even the genius doctor couldn’t hide his own lies

“It wasn’t anything much, you were just standing there, not moving or talking so i got worried, then you came out from over there” lying wasn’t going to help, telling him the truth was the only way to get better, sure you can still hide the things that were never meant for him to know, but medically he knew more about you than you did about yourself.

“Ok. you need to tell me if they become auditory right away, it could be a sign of seizing” he got up and plopped down on the couch down across from you, a book in hand

“Get some rest, it’s a long flight from LA to quantico you know” he tossed a blanket to you, it hit you in the face and you giggled, he didn’t seem to pay much mind to it though, already heavily invested in the book he had, you didn’t see him come on the plane with one out so it must’ve been in his go-bag

You closed your eyes, facing the cushion so your back was to him, sleep wouldn't be easy, it was only 2 pm and you’d been sleeping so much lately, so pretending to was your best bet, though boredom overtook you and you eventually fell into an easily woken sleep.

When you woke the cabin was dark, illuminated only by the emergency lights near the exit doors and the cockpit.
It was freezing cold, Spencer was asleep too across from you, bundled up by himself.

You stood up, taking the blanket he had given you earlier and throwing it above him, avoiding his face and tucking it tightly, he tossed a little but then continued with his sleep.

Your legs were exceedingly sore, you bent down to your knees, you could just rest for a moment, his sleeping state was something you couldn’t help but fawn over, he looked like a small child and it was adorable

You leaned your head on the cushion next to you, in front of him with your head on top of your arms, you must’ve misjudged your own lack of actual sleep because once again you fell asleep.

The plane came to a halt at the airport at 8 pm, you were still asleep when reid woke up not but an hour before, he thought he should’ve moved you, but waited until it was time to land to set you up on the couch, still asleep

Though carrying you to the car was a bit more difficult, not that you were heavy but that you curled into a ball when he tried to lift you. You relaxed after he got you into the large SUV, letting you sleep in the back while he sat in the front.

“Is this the car to home?” your child-like voice asked, it was typical from when you were tired, though you speaking had startled him as he whipped around to see you awake and sitting up.

“We’re only 5 minutes out, about to get to the edge of your long ass driveway” he laughed, night time was most certainly better for him to relax and let loose more.

“Oh please, we both know that a quarter mile is not that long of a distance, especially when i live out here in the middle of nowhere” your only neighbor lived over a mile away, while most horror movies advised against it, you were fine with the privacy.

“We’re heeere” you got giddy as the car pulled fairly close to your doorway, Spencer thanked the driver, got out, and opened the door for you, stumbling up to the door on his own so he could grab the bags.

The air was warm and smelled of maple and oak tree’s, that sort of smell that only comes around during late summer, you waved lightly at the driver as he sped away

“Ahh i missed it here, the amount of time we spend on cases makes it so difficult to even get 24 hours here” you held onto the door so that he could go inside and set everything down, you followed and locked the door, reid would always check every window and lock in a place before staying there, the memories of times in hotel rooms where he fought with locks on windows because they would get stuck, derek would eventually end up locking it for him just to get him to go to bed.

Your house was beautiful if you were going to ring your own bell, it was given to you after the untimely demise of your absent parents back in 09’.

It was a three story victorian remodeled home, you rarely got to spend time at home, even when you did it was far too large for just you.

Having Henry over always made it feel a little more like home. One day you really wanted to have children, but you haven’t found the right person yet.

The images of children running through the decorated halls of your home, you making breakfast in the kitchen while your future husband pecks a kiss on your cheek as he sits down for his morning coffee…

“What’re you distracted by? You’re not seeing anything right?” spencer asked you, waving a hand cautiously in front of your face.

You laughed lightly, waving him off
“I'm alright, just thinking” you had gotten caught up in your imagination, but what could you say? You were a sucker for romance.

“Whatever, if it was my call, I'd say you were seeing things even before the medicine you wack job” he teased you, only to get a tongue out and a grumpy look.

You walked towards the ide set stairs, thankfully there was a railing that you could hold onto

“Whoah whoah, Y/N!” he stopped you from trying to walk up the stairs, you looked at him in bewilderment “doctor said no stairs! The strain could tear your stitches wide open, get down” he showed genuine concern, that was the amazing boy-wonder you knew, one who was extremely compassionate and caring, always worried about those around him but never himself.

“How else am i supposed to get up these stairs? Hmm? Are you going to carry me?” you still tried to limp up the stairs by yourself only to be yanked backwards

“I got you down from the plane, I can get you up the stairs Y/N '' he swung under your leg’s making you yelp as he so easily lifted you up and carried you bridal-style, walking smoothly up the many stairs to the living quarters on the second floor.

“Spencer!” you squealed in shock from him lifting you without permission, something he was pretty hyper focused on most of the time.

“Calm down, here” he set you down at the top of the stairs, making sure you could stand on your own before stepping aside.


“Since when can you lift anything that weighs more than a large book?” you played with him, your comment stung a little though, he knew everyone thought of him as weaker and more childlike, but hearing it from you just hurt.

“Spence im just kidding” you hit his chest with the back of your hand, you room was right at the top of the stairs, as to spencer’s request that henry’s always be the last one down the hall in case of a home invasion

sometimes he could really be paranoid sometimes.

“Im- im going to go shower, will you be good on your own getting to bed?” he asked a thumb pointed over his shoulder to the room typically reserved for him, the only other one connected to the study/library you kept, you never did office work so spencer took the liberty of occupying it with as many books as he could get his hands on around the house.

He made himself at home wherever he went, but with you he felt like this ws more of a place of comfort than his messy and torn apartment about 20 minutes from here

“Im fine, go on, i’m capable of getting into my own bed” you opened the door and sinkered inside, taking off your leggings was a struggle but nonetheless you got those wretched traps off and were able to surround yourself in the warmth of the pre-disheveled blankets from the last time you shot out of bed in the middle of the night to leave for a case, only to return and flop over from exhaustion.

It got repetitive sometimes, no matter how much you loved your job, repetition was something you disliked.

Sleep seemed to be overworking it today because it did not take more than a few minutes for you to drift away into sleep.


~The Next Morning~ 11:30 am


Sunlight crept into the room through the cracks in the drawn curtains, judging by the way the sun was already fully in the sky, you’d say it was around noon.

“Dammit” you cursed yourself and threw over the blankets, the cold floor was something you had long used, Emily insisted when remodeling that you keep the original floors because they were ‘beautiful’ and ‘antique’.

They were cold and always required cleaning, a pain in the ass is what they were.

Holding on to the post of your bed, you tried to use it as a crutch when walking to your closet.

Your walk-in closet was larger than most peoples rooms, stacked to the ceiling with shoes, dresses, and clothes.

There were some white drawers that were installed into the wall where you kept the unchangeable clothing, pants, skirts, etc.

You really needed to do laundry soon because the only items left were the type of clothes that you keep because you love them but would never wear.

You kept digging, hoping to find something at least wearable. You looked on the shelves for those occasions when you’d throw stuff around and they’d get caught up there, never to be seen again.

While reaching, trying not to raise your arms to high, you kicked something soft and it caught your attention

You looked down to see a black bag, old, you recognized it almost immediately, it was the first go-bag you had for work, the one you usually kept for winter when it got cold.

You decided there was no harm in it and dug through it, maybe there was something wearable in it anyways.

There was a large jacket,sweater, long sleeve shirts, some pants, and YES! A pair of volleyball shorts for nightwear.

You snatched them up and quickly put them on, ensuring that they weren;t too small still

“I swear to god this better be an apology for the bullet hole in my side right now!” you pointed at the sky jokingly, as if you were yelling at god.

The amount of times you joked about the man in the sky made it hard for others to believe that you didn’t just believe in one god, you were open to all religions and their aspects as long as they made just a sliver of sense.

Your shirt was loose enough for you not to have to wear a bra today, it was just Spencer anyways so there’s no big problem even if the shirt was skin tight.

You stepped outside the room, using the wall for support seemed like your best bet for now.

The stairs quickly approached and you and annoyance washed over your mind
“Shit” you growled

The first few steps weren’t hard at all, just as long as you clutched your stomach while you went down.

Around 5 steps down was where the stinging took place and you gasped, keeping every bit of strength to not fall the rest of the way down

“Spence!!” you called out, giving up and accepting the fact you couldn't even get down the stairs on your own

He came dashing in from the other room, his jaw clenched when he saw you were on the steps even after he had warned you not to

“Y/N! I said no stairs!” he repeated as he did last night

“Yeah yeah i know can you just help me” you lifted your shirt up just a little bit to see that you haven't busted any stitches thankfully but your stomach still hurt like hell.

He came up the stairs and held your hand, scooping you up into another hold so he could carry you the rest of the way.

“I do seem to remember the same situation when someone messed up their knee but insisted on walking on their own everywhere.

He set you down and frowned, a look that says this is not the same thing even though it is.


“That’s not fair and you know it” he said, turning around to go back into the living room where he came from before, the faint noises of the tv coming from the back wall.

He was watching the news, something very unlike him to do, the local channel that reported on the surrounding area.

*” Melissa Alister, age 29, was found dead this morning in her Williamsburg home, having been stabbed to death by the prime suspect, her own husband Jon Alister. This is the 5th of a series of murders within the virginia area within the last few months, police encourage you to report any suspicious persons or act-” he shut off the TV, throwing the remote aside.

“Spence, you don’t think Scratch has anything”

“Of course i do! He’s taunting us by getting closer and closer to us, invading our space, and there is nothing we can do” he cut you off, clearly upset.

Spencer often got extremely devoted in every case, making sure to make it his top priority, but when the selective case comes along like scratch where the team is targeted, it becomes a plethora for him,a never ending case that only he can solve.

“Reid! Calm down and sit, just because we are stuck here does not mean you can’t continue researching these cases, Garcia is happy to help as well” you got him to sit down, he knew that you were always serious whenever you used his last name, kind of like a warning.

“You’re right! Do you have the case files here?” he asked, knowing good and well you didn’t

“We are still agent’s just off duty, we can stop by the BAU and pick up the files, they aren’t even there right now” you assured him, grabbing the keys to your car from the table in front of the door.

“You can’t drive” he said, trying to take the keys from you only to be dodged and pushed onto the couch.

“Says who? I can drive perfectly fine!” you argued

“Give me the keys Y/N” he pulled you arm that held the keys, only for you to toss them into your other

“I can drive!” your protests meant nothing to him, he tried to stand but you pushed him.


He grabbed both of your arms and flipped over, pinning you to the couch
“SPENCER! LET ME GO YOU CRETIN!!” you yelled, the position you were in was making you increasingly more uncomfortable, his hand held your down next to your head, his knee in between your own

His eyes went wide and he snatched the keys, realizing he crossed a line with you he decided to play it off with laughter.

“Got em’, let’s go” he wasn’t going to mention what just happened or even act like it happened at all, he felt completely embarrassed.

You were his friend, a really close one at that, off-limits to him. He needs to have more self control.

“Fine, next time you do something like that though, i’ll put you in a whole world of pain” you kicked on some shoes and opened the door, getting into the passenger seat of your black 2015 camaro, one you bought for yourself for christmas as a gift you so heavily deserved.

“ you have your badge?” he asked, his in the pocket of his hoodie, your’s was in the mirror of the driver's seat

“Yep. you were so eager to drive spence, so drive” you taunted, spencer never drove on his own, only when absolutely needed, let alone something sporty and lavish like your car.

“ seatbelt” he said while turning the key and starting the engine, the purr of the car always satisfied you, it sounded beautiful and perfect, one of the few things you loved more than your job and your team is this car.

He pulled in reverse down the driveway, hooking down onto the main road.

The longer he drove the more comfortable he seemed to be, pressing harder on the gas and experimenting more, still following every traffic law known to man.

“Ya like it?” you asked, he kept his eyes glued to the road but tilted his head

“Like what?” he responded

You scoffed” the car spence, the car, your testing the speed limit, something you never do” you retrot, paying special attention to the speedometer on the dash\

“Oh it’s nothing, i just really want these case files, i need to catch him before he harms anyone else” he said, still clutching the wheel and his knuckles going white.

“WE will catch his speech, for now you need to keep your focus on yourself. Badge” you said while reaching in front of him to grab your badge to show the guard at the front gate.

He parked directly in front of the front door, a guard waiting inside with a metal detector and scanner.

You walked inside, he kept the keys and locked the car, opening the door and greeting the guard
“Agents Y/L/N and Agent Reid, welcome” he said handing back both leather coupets

“Thankfully they didn’t suspend our badges while we were on leave” you whispered to him, he clicked the elevator button and waited.

The office was mainly empty, aside from a few select workers still on the job.

“Oh my! I was just about to message the both of you!” garcia stood at the top of the stairs, but she didn’t look cheery and happy, but more distraught and upset

“Garcia what’s wrong?” you said walking closer and taking her hand, spencer followed behind and stood by

“Hotch. It's hot, he’s gone!” she was frantic, tear forming at the corners of her overly colored eyes

“What do you mean he’s gone?” you both asked

“S-Scratch.. He was spotted at Jack's baseball game, b-by the time hotch noticed, he was gone. He sent in a l-letter of resignation this morning”she bawled

“I thought he was on a case with the others” you said to her, but she shook her head

“After we visited you the other day he went home, he left emily to run the case” she said, pulling you into a gentle hug

“H-he applied for w-witness protection for him and jack…. He’s not coming back!” her tears cascaded down her cheeks, how could hotch simply leave?


“No no there has to be some sort of mistake, he would never just leave us. Can you look at the database-” you asked

“I already did, it’s true. His location transfer is classified, but they have already moved him and jack”she showed you the information on the tablet next to her.

Spencer dashed past the both of you towards the filing room, clearly more angry than before.

Everyone seemed to be leaving lately, not only that he has to worry about his mother getting into a new clinical trial in Houston, everything was stressful for him.

“Spence!” you called, but he continued “Garcia please call me when the team gets back, we ALL need to talk” you patted her on the back, trying to get up the rest of the way made you wince on the few steps
“Hey Y/N, i love you alright” she said, wiping the tears from under her glasses, and retreating back into her office, the dark area only illuminated by the monitors and light up toys she kept at her desk.

The long hall to the filing room, was hard enough with the strain at your side, but trying to do it quickly was harder

The door was cracked, noises of compartments opening coming from inside

You rapped a few knocks before stepping inside
“Spence, are you alright?” asking quietly while he dug through the many files, setting aside relevant ones to take back with you.

“You. you aren’t going to leave me right?” he asked, his voice shaky as if he was going to cry

“What do you mean? Of course not spence, i'm always here for you ok” you held his arm, trying to calm him, his eyes were filled with hurt, with pain.

“Just please, don't ever leave me, everybody in my life leaves me in one way or another, but not you, so please stay” his emotions seemed to be less reserved, more easy to read, he was in despair

“Hey hey. Look at me” you put your fingers on his shoulders, twisting him towards you

“No matter what, I will always be with you Spencer. I am not going anywhere” you assured him, his gaze following over you, your eyes, your hair…. Your Lips.

He wanted to take his chance here, but if he couldn’t pick it up correctly, he could lose you, and that would be it. He would have no one else, all alone, the most he could do was stare at your lips.

Your thoughts caught up to you, moving increasingly closer to his face.

He didn’t flinch or move at all so you took it, the unknowing of what you both wanted, you kissed him.

He was surprised for a moment, but after a few seconds he returned it, leaning further into you, his hands holding your waist.

You opened your mouth to him, letting him slip his tongue inside, his movements needy and quick, unlike the normally composed innocent Dr.Reid.

“Hey so i thought you guys might want- OH MY GOD!” penelope walked in holding some files, despite your attempts to separate from each other, the damage was done

“GARCIA!” you screamed, the shock and embarrassment already making your face a bright red

“I’m going to leave these here and pretend like i never saw a thing thank you goodbye,” she said everything in one breath while desperately trying to run away in her very tall heels

You put your face in your hands and sighed
“Oh no… i didn’t shut the door!” you wailed, spencer had stepped backwards, feeling more than confused

You kissed him, YOU kissed HIM, something he had been wanting to do for ages now, you did for him.

“We should get out of here” you said, grabbing as many of the strewn aside files as you could, trying to get away from everyone and hide, it’s not that you were embarrassed about it being Spencer, it was about how people would view him.

He was a genius with 3 PHDs under his belt, the youngest recruitment in the FBI, and probably in the running for smartest people out there, and what were you? a mediocre profiler with a simple few years in college and an extensive knowledge about 90s cop shows.

“Y/N” he said, you don't turn around to face him, just keeping your hand on the handle of the door

“At home. At home we can talk, for now we have to get these files out of here” you said and opened the door looking outside just to be sure nobody was there, especially not your particarily loose-lipped blonde friend who just witnessed something that she will no doubtebly, will blow out of proportion

“Alright” he followed, carrying an equally large stack of beige covering stacks of papers, all to do with the half dozen murder strings related to scratch.

The walk down was quiet, the drive too, not a word was spoken between the two of you.

You looked out the windows at the passing scenery that was all too familiar, the tip of your finger grazing over your lip’s every so often.

You might have just made one of the biggest mistakes in your entire life, or one that will lead you on new path’s beyond anything you could imagine.

Chapter Text

Somehow you had made it inside first, going straight for the kitchen knowing the inevitable was going to happen.

How could you have done something like that… in the middle of your workplace of all places?! IDIOT! You screamed within your head, feeling both shame and guilt.

He had kissed you back though… No argument , no opposition to your advances. The way his hands felt on your body, the way his lips intertwined with your own.

It made you feel blissful, desperate to experience that feeling again


Spencer’s POV

She exited the car quickly, even without injury it was clear you wanted out of the small space, to get away from him.

He stayed inside of the vehicle a bit longer, thinking about what had happened made him blush a little.
You kissed him. YOU kissed him! And now you wanted to dash into the house, possibly just to get away from him.

Did you regret it? Were you upset? So many questions filled his head.

One moment you were pushing yourself onto him in the filing room, the next you weren’t speaking to him and rushing away, why the sudden mood change?

Was it an embarrassment because Garcia had seen? That seemed like a likely suspect.

He got out of the car, locking it and pocketing the keys before walking to the still cracked door.

For someone who regularly dealt with serial killers, you were not one for personal safety.

Inside he dropped the keys in the small glass bowl you kept and kicked off his shoes, you're already by the front table.

You were in the kitchen, looking through the medicine cabinet, almost 5 different kinds of pills and vitamins in front of you, all of which he recognized as the usual ones you took besides the new one from your doctor.

You took one out of each, popping out a small white pill from a packet, puring the rest out onto your hand, from outside perspective it would look like a crack addict trying to get a fix, but this was everyday for you

Iron, vitamin D, birth control, painkillers, and good old fashion tylenol, all a mix of your daily procedure. Spencer was standing just outside of the kitchen, his hands in his pockets while he observed.

He was taking too long, watching you do menial tasks

You poured a cup of water, swallowing all of the assorted colorful pill’s, kind of like a fucked up skittles commercial.

You knew he was behind you, you didn’t want to turn around and face him just yet though, you couldn’t..

Thankfully spencer could read a room properly now, over the years learning when it was best to play certain cards

“Y/N do you want to just watch a movie while we go through the file’s? It's not like most of it isnt information we already know about '' he smiled, the idea to play it off for now was one you wanted to go along with, having to confront anything in your personal life instead of running away was a terrible trait of yours.

You nodded , turning around and making it straight to the living room and turning on the TV, the same boring shows to choose from, nothing ever was new on netflix and it was a wonder that you even still paid for it.

You were just going to use it as background noise anyways so whatever you put on didn’ really matter that much, so you settled on some random netflix original, certainly no doubt a shitty movie.

He walked out to the car momentarily, bringing back the large stack of files almost covering his face.
He dropped them onto the couch next to you, sitting down only a few feet away which still didn’t feel close enough.

You felt bad about your own emotions, wanting to kiss him again, to touch him, to feel the warmth of his body against yours… you had definitely been staring off again, smiling lightly like a dazed drunk.

“Y/N” spencer snapped a few times in front of your face to gain your attention, pointing to some various facts on the paper

“It all looks the same spence” you said, looking over case files is something you were already really used to, boring and uninterested even though it was your idea to go get the files in the first place.

You were really uncomfortable now, not with Spence but with yourself.
It's not like you were a super slutty person or anything, just like everyone else on this god awful planet you had needs and for some reason within the first day of admitting it to yourself your body was using spencer as an outlet for those needs.

You wiggled a bit in place, trying to inconspicuously move the seam of your shorts away, the friction was something you wanted but couldn’t have right now.

He wasn’t stupid he knew what you were moving around so much for, just because everyone else saw him as some G- rated child doesnt mean he actually was.

Sure he tried to keep a modest mindset when in the workplace, avoiding all romantic interests after the death of maeve a few years ago, a switch flipped in his head.

You were embarrassed still, not because of garcia anymore but because of your own thoughts.
While he was talking to you, explaining different facts and items of evidence you could get lost in, his voice still dark and smooth like it would be when he was tired.

Your breathing increased, your head feeling floaty and airy, like you were floating.
You stood up, slight confusion running through you, going to the medicine cabinet and pulling out the white paper pharmacy bag, the orange bottle had a paper inside too, you quickly read through it, symptoms and side effects

Most Of them were the similar thing you remembered but the last one is what made you sigh
- Enhanced Sexual Drive

“You’ve got to be kidding me” you cursed under your breath and put the bottle back, this explains your over enthusiasm, but i didn’t help in any way to solve it.

How could you even forget the side effects of the literal medication yOU’RE TAKING?!

At least you knew it wasn’t you being overly horny out of the blue, your medicine was to blame, sure your filthy mind doesn’t help in the slightest, but once again you had to remind yourself that this was spencer you were thinking about, the man who once refused to leave his room because you were wearing a swimsuit in your OWN backyard.

It took you off guard when he initiated to deepen the kiss you had earlier, but so would anyone else in that situation.

You still needed to find a way to deal with your problem

Sleep could work right? No you only woke up a few hours ago so sleep would be impossible, you couldn’t drink, that was one of the first things you asked Spencer when in the hospital and he said that it would counteract the medicine.

There is not much you can think of, if you went to your room that would still be wrong right? Getting off to your unknowing friend who was only a floor below you. You could suck it up and deal with it, no matter how annoying it would be.

You took the latter and decided you could distract yourself, put your focus completely into the case and not on envisioning him choking you.

Oh how nicely his hands would make for a necklace… no! That's wrong! Stop it.

You tried to imagine the crime scene photos again, to imagine the stab wounds and different expressions of people in their final moments, sure it was grim but it worked momentarily.

You took a deep breath before retuning to the living room, immediately regretting it because the world always decides to say “fuck you” whenever you manage to conquer a new problem.

Spencer was still on the couch, slightly reclined while quickly reading through the files, whenever he was deeply in thought he would bite his lip, even from before you always thought of this habit as extremely hot.

Why did he have to be doing it now though?

Well the good answer for it was he also was trying to distract himself in the case, the undeniable similarities between the two of you are funny from anyone's view, the way you both tried to hide
what was clearly obvious.

You both wanted each other. Badly.

He didn’t look up at you, thankfully. If he did you were sure you would hop on his dick in an instant without second thought, funny how people can have that effect on eachother.

You took a few files from the stack on the couch, sorting through and reading the impossibly tiny handwriting.

Pushing your finger against the paper while reading you sliced the tip open, blood pooling to the surface of the tiny cut.

“Fuck!” you winced, putting your finger in your mouth and sucking lightly on it
Without thinking he turned to you and let his walls fall, speaking to you without judging it first
“Watch your language” he said sternly, like he was talking to a child.

You looked at him eyes wide, wanting to test his nerve like you would with one of your fling’s, a test for invisible dominance

“Excuse me, what exactly are you going to do about it? Spencer” you said slyly, still sucking on your bleeding fingertip.

He hadn’t meant to talk to you like that, but the way you were looking at him was intoxicating.

He wanted to get up so badly and pin you down, to show you exactly what he would do, but that would be crossing a line, a line he was already touching closely.

You continued to look for a reaction from him, but it was hard to read, like he was still deciding his next move.

Normally he was quick with everything, thinking, reading, deciding, everything, but it was taking him forever to decide.

After about twenty seconds of you both staring at each other, you internally said fuck it and got up.

You walked over to infront of him, moving aside the stack in his lap before sitting down yourself, straddling his hips, leaving your faces only centimeters apart.

“How about you show me?” you whispered next to his ear, your heart racing a mile a minute

He took this chance, I mean you were practically begging him at this point, and he had no right to refuse you.

His hands went to your bare thighs, gripping them tightly while he kissed you, the second time that day you wanted nothing more than to be the only thing on his mind.

His mouth continued to work on your’s. Far more intrusive this time, tongue invading you.

His hands gave a playful squeeze to your thighs before working around and gripping your ass.

It's like he knew exactly what you wanted him to do to you.

A light slap hit your bottom and you gasped, breaking away from him for a second.

You really enjoyed when things got rough, a sort of submissive kink for you, him slapping your ass sounded like a dream come true even compared to some of the things other guys have done to you.

His tongue trailed down your jaw, leading into your neck so that your mouth was free to make as many lewd noises as you pleased.

He sucked at the soft-spot on your skin, making you feel all floaty again, a small moan escaping had him smirking against you.

The soft touch of his lips combined with his teeth grazing your flesh was euphoric, your nails slightly dug into the tender part of his neck, not enough to cause pain but enough to know you were there.

You really wanted him to do more, to speed things up a bit, but he was enjoying himself and it wasn’t like what he was doing wasn’t pleasurable. You were sure he’d given you at least 4 separate hickey’s, so much so that by morning you would look at some college frat-whore.

You loved marking’s, especially from men, it showed you who you belonged to, who owned your body.

The contrast against your pale skin made for a pretty effect, making every bite and bruise look like a splatter of paint on a snowy white canvas.

Something you really enjoyed though was choking, something a lot of men say they’re up for until it comes time for it and they ‘don't want to hurt you’ or they go too hard and you black out
*cough cough* your latest one night stand *cough*

Oh how pretty spencer’s handprints would look on you, how they would cover your whole neck with one grasp.

The filthy thoughts of what he could do to you no doubtebly made the inside of your panties soaking wet and all for him, he hadn’t even intimately touched you yet and he had you more worked up than any other partner you’ve had.

You subconsciously grinded deeply into his groin once, back arching more and more.

Wanting to taste more of you, he pushed you off of his lap, so that you would land on your back on the cushion of the couch, your shirt falling slightly upward to reveal the base of your breasts.

He licked his lips before putting a hand at either side of your head, one of his knees going in between your legs to keep you from closing them.

These little dominant things he was doing were making you all the more lustful for him.

Continuing to kiss down your body, pulling up your shirt in the process, revealing your bare chest to him.
His tongue worked down the slope of your tit, looking up to you as he did before engulfing your nipple in his mouth, swirling and sucking around it until you were a moaning mess.

Your hips jutted against him again, you desperately wanted him to fuck you right now, desire was clouding your senses while you whimpered under him.

He had been pinching lightly at your other, pulling ever so often to earn a squeak out of you.

Everything about what was happening didn’t feel wrong or like it was with a co-worker/friend, no consequences came to mind when you initiated this, you just wanted him.


A wet and warm line trailed down your torso when he released your nipple with a wet *plop* sound, you took the liberty of removing your shirt the rest of the way because it was just sitting all hiked up at your shoulders.

He leaned backwards so that he would kneel in above you, hands hooking along the hem of your shorts, yanking both those and your panties down in one motion, kicking the aside to the floor with your shirt.

He pulled off his own shirt, trying to not miss a second of getting to look at your naked body in front of him, a fresh coat of red crossing your face.

“God you’re fucking gorgeous” he muttered but it didn’t help with your blushing, in fact it probably made it worse.

He leaned down again, still focusing on you.

His face mere inches from your cunt, breaths hot against the inside of your thighs,.

You rolled your head back completely, your face out of view to him, you snapped your head back forward when a sharp pain on the inside of your thigh came along with his order
“Look at me” he said deeply, fucking hell he was so hot from in between your thigh’s.

His grip was sturdy as he licked a thin line through you, a shudder coursing your spine as he did.

That was only the test run before he continued, this time deeper, stopping just below your clit, a well-deserved whimper escaping from his attempts at withholding for a few seconds.

Circling and sucking on you, it wasn’t long before you were a screaming moaning mess, trying to move around under his grasp.

He loved it, the way you would wiggle around, the way you moaned lightly with mixes of his name becoming slurs, the way you tasted as you became even more wet for him, everything.

You felt a fingertip press against you before pushing inside, a loud gasp filling the already noisy room.

Pumping in and out of you simultaneously for a few moments before adding another, all while he still worked away at your clit.

You were close, that white hot image filling the corners of your vision while he pleasured you.
“Ah ah oh god” you pleaded with yourself while clutching the fabric of the couch, trying to get any sort of handle to grip onto, his hair just a bit too far for you to grasp comfortably.

He really did not stop, if you could see this moment a week ago you wouldn’t have believed it was really spence.

The sweet,innocent, shy boy who was dropped off on the front steps of the BAU, was eating away at your pussy like it was a 3-course meal.

You couldn’t help the winding feeling, like going up a hill and you were so close to the top
“Ah! I’m coming!” you squeaked out, trying to give some sort of encouragement for him to keep going

He sped up ever so slightly, your wall’s tightening around his fingers while you came, filling the room with a high pitched moan.

Your leg’s shook lightly while he removed his finger’s from you, still clenching around nothing.
He put them up to your lips, an obvious sign from men to suck.

You’d never really wanted to openly admit your oral fixation to any men you’ve been with, just secretly hope they could read your mind, sadly you live in the real world and not many ever catch on.

God, but it seemed now that he was catching every point with you, choosing the perfect shit for you.

You took his finger’s in greedily, tasting yourself on him and swirling your tongue around a few times before he retracted them, wiping the excess fluid off of his face with the back of his hand.

He fumbled with his own pant’s while you laid back and watched, smiling like a dazed child.
You were still coming down from the high you felt from your orgasm, it was obvious he wasn’t done yet, but hell, sex isn’t fun when you don’t cum atleast twice.

He released himself from his pant’s, certainly more endowed than you would’ve believed, but he gets his confidence from somewhere and it isn’t his 4 PHDs.

He took absolutely no time to wait for pushing himself inside of you, lubricated from your own cum and his saliva.

It was a tight stretch, not one of pain or anything but he stayed still for a second to let you get used to him.

You nodded gently, a sign he could move, and move he did.

Pulling almost completely out before slamming back into you, hitting your cervix roughly making you see stars. This was his pace for almost the entire time, keeping you gasping and using broken moans.

He gripped your sides animalistically, surely to leave a mark tomorrow, avoiding the dressing from your wound altogether, something you were thankful for.

You were desperate for some sort of constriction though, desperate for him to make a necklace with his hands against your throat, to cut off the air to your brain.

He kept his brutal pace, slamming into you each time, his pelvis connecting with your over sensitive clit sent waves of coarse pleasure through your abdomen.

You were practically screaming his name, not that it mattered in any way, your closest neighbors were over a mile away and all the house services were off while you were recovering.

You put the back of your hand over your mouth to try and save yourself some embarrassment, but he snatched it away

“Scream for me Y/N” he said deeply, the moans still slipping away from you, the way he gave you indirect order’s was some whole other shit for you.

Your tits bounced up and down for him, while he practically shook the whole damn couch

The longer he kept up the closer you were to cumming again and the more uncontrolled his thrusts became.

He was close to becoming unraveled,he would normally last longer than this but because of the amount of stress from today and the delicate image of you below him taking his cock so nicely both caused for some relief.

He continued for a bit longer, you could feel him twitching inside of you, slamming harder and harder until he let out a deep groan, you both came with each other, squeezing tightly around him as he emptied himself into you, every bit of his cum ending up directly in your womb.

He sighed a bit, moving a hair from your face before pulling out and sitting back on the couch, trying to catch his breath.

Meanwhile, you’re still coming down from the high of two consecutive orgasm’s and barely able to move.

The flashing from the pocket of your shorts caught your attention though.

“Spence. My phone, can you grab it” you asked, sitting up against the couch, trying to keep what was inside of you inside.

Clicking on the phone while he put himself back in his pant’s there was 5 message notifications, all from garcia.

Penelope- The team’s will be coming back early, you have about an hour until they land
Penelope- 30 minutes until they land
Penelope- ok so they’re here and you both should come in for this
Penelope- hello?
Penelope- you’re starting to worry us

“Ugh, we have to get to the office, the team’s back early, garcia says they're all waiting for some reason” you typed back a quick response while he groaned

You- we’ll be there soon, sorry i fell asleep

You clicked send and almost instantly got the typing symbol back

Penelope- suurre. I’ve been messaging you both and neither one of you answered. We are so talking about this when you get here! Drive safe

You scoffed, and set down the phone, you tried to stand on your own, your legs wobbling a decent bit before giving up and falling back onto the couch.
“Spence, I can't go to the office like this, can you give me a hand in getting to the shower?” you asked lightly, still trying to stand on your own.

He nodded, checking his own phone and seeing the messages left by garcia

He stood up, still shirtless. Training with morgan recently served him WELL, i mean this man was toned, like a whole ass snack and you were going to savor that shit so much.

Pulling under your legs like he did last time, he lifted you up completely, walking quickly to the stairs.

Granted you were still naked so he tried not to stare too much, but the way your small hand coiled around his neck while he carried you, the way your small body fit so nicely in his arms, you were so delicate.

He wanted so badly already to make you his.

Only his.

In a way, right now you were, your mind clouded with images of him on repeat of the way he was fucking you only moments before.

He opened the door to your room with one hand and kicked the bathroom open with his foot, setting you down on the toilet lid.

He turned on the shower to it’s hottest setting, another thing with women he didn’t understand.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly. His hand under the running water until it was no longer cold

You looked at him with the biggest doe eyes you could, why was he asking you if you were alright? Aftercare if so maybe?

“I'm great, a hot shower should help with my walking thing, I'll be downstairs at 15 and then we can leave” you said, he kissed your forehead and left the bathroom.

Your heart fluttered a bit at his kiss, something so pure made you melt like butter.

using the bar outside of the shower to pull yourself inside, the hot water DID make your legs feel better though, you were able to stand on your own.

You threw the bandages from your cut in the bathroom trash can, you would have to redo it once you got out again.

The hot water would definitely sting if it touched the stitches, you learned that the hard way the first time you showered at home.

You took a rag and quickly scrubbed off the liquid flowing down your thighs, mostly his but your own too.

You had to put that in the running for one of the best times you've ever had, normally you’d have to cross your finger’s to get off even once, but he made you cum with ease twice, and you didn’t even have to do it yourself!

Lathering yourself in soap once and then washing it off felt like enough, you exited the shower.

the bandages underneath the bathroom sink were still left out from when you brought them home, you took a good handfuls and wrapped it around your stomach, the metal gauze connectors pinching when you put them on. You wrapped your body in the soft plush towels you had, walking out to your room.

The closet was your first destination, digging through for some semi-normal clothing.

A pair of bleached ripped jeans and a sweater were the go to, the sort of button-up ones from tommy hilfiger, in dark blue.

You put on socks and put your hair into a high-ponytail to avoid the raggedy mess that it was.

Some spritz of perfume and a pair of shoes and you were outside of your room
You felt alright, holding the rail tightly while you limped down the stairs, actually being able to do it on your own!

“Woohoo” you gave yourself a quiet cheer while going to the living room to grab your phone.
Your clothes were folded neatly on the couch, your phone next to it. You plucked it up and put it into your pocket

“Spence! We’ve gotta go!” you yelled, thinking he might be upstairs still.

“I'm right here!” he yelled from the kitchen, peeping out from behind the half wall.

“Oh ok, well we should leave now” you pointed a thumb back to the door, smiling awkwardly.

He nodded, pocketing his own phone in the process, and grabbing the keys from the front table.

He had fixed himself up, wearing the same thing’s from earlier, a pair of loose black high-top converse already on.

You opened the car door and crouched inside, scrolling through instagram while waiting for him to get inside of the car.

Most of your feed remained either Garcia's constant pictures of cat’s and whatever she was eating or whatever else government mandated shit that appeared. Mostly boring just like your other social media’s.

The drive was quiet, the very faint background of the radio turned to 1 was a white noise for you.

When you got on the main highway he began to speed up, the hum of the car again making you smile.

When he began getting in front of other people, each time accelerating the car a bit, he gripped your thigh tightly, keeping one hand on the wheel and his gaze ahead of him.

You put your own hand on top of his and continued to scroll through your phone.

Why was this such a natural feeling? Like you’d already been together for moth’s when you weren’t even sure if you were together at all.

Whatever it was, you enjoyed it deeply and wanted it to last, keeping your mouth shut at work was a starter.

He continued driving, pulling into the parking lot of the BAU for the second time that day

“Badge” you said while handing him his and taking your own.

He cut off the engine, walking around to open your door for you, locking it behind you and pocketing the keys

The smiling guard from earlier greeted you
“Back so soon?” he said cheerily

“Team called” you replied, flashing the badge so he could scan it.

The elevator ride up was quiet too, the glass doors at the top being pushed for you by spencer so you could walk inside,

The conference room door was closed, they had already started their meeting without you both…

You both walked inside, knocking lightly as you opened the door, everyone looked so grim, so upset.

They were just now finding out about hotch. The reminder clearly upset Reid again.
Garcia wiped away the few tears she had, smiling through them like the strong person she was

“There you two are! You requested we fill you in on all in office stuff so i called you here… 2 hours ago” she said with a look of annoyance.

You took your normal seat next to JJ and Reid took his next to you, the empty one for hotch made your heart swell.

JJ gave you a small grasp of your hand, still upset over the news.

“Ok well you guys can’t be too upset long, we have another case” she said, switching on the screen behind her

“Ok so in Delaware, three boy’s have been reported missing, last seen on a bike path in the outskirts of town. The local police have called the BAU because they believe this is connected to a cold case from 30 years ago, where a brother and sister both went missing on the same trail, their brother managed to escape but police couldn’t get a reliable story out of him” she pulled up pictures of each person she mentioned, already looking over for info that could help

“What makes them believe that they’re connected besides the scene?” Emily asked, she was taking the news the worst, having been announced the new section leader.

“Oh sorry! The locals pressured police with the belief it was connected also because they found DNA from the missing sister at the scene, meaning she had been there recently” she pulled up a DNA analysis sheet showing the matches.

Emily nodded, closing the file in front of her
“I’ll keep you both updated, wheels up in 3-hours, i want everyone to pack new go-bags because your last ones are probably disgusting” she joked, trying to lighten the mood, everyone nodded and stood up, exiting to their offices, Spencer following.

You attempted to leave to but was pulled back by the sleeve


“Penelope…” you said warningly, you knew how she was with secrets at times, even betting on it once and losing to Emily for under an hour.


“Oh don’t fret i didn;t tell anyone about what i saw, but you’re going to spill the tea to me or they will find out really quickly” she grabbed both of your hands, the one thing penelope garcia loved more than cute cat photos, was gossip!

“You have to keep your mouth shut! Or else everyone out their is being forwarded that voicemail of you from new years” you put a finger in her face, she knew you weren’t bluffing

“Ooh you play dirty, but you have my word, now spill!” she replied rolling her eyes

“Well, i don’t know what’s exactly going on yet, but some thing’s happened and…”
You trailed on, smiling while checking that the door was closed

“Oh my god! You two slept together?!” she exclaimed, you shushed her loudly, even though the windows were sound-proof you didn’t need any nosy ears

“Yes, now will you quiet down?” you scolded her for her noise, her face a bright pink tone.

“Yes! Emily owes me $50 for this one!” she said, flowing out invisible money

You looked at her confused
“What were you two betting on?” you asked, an eyebrow raised

She looked guilty, twisting her fingers together

“So a while back… me and emily drank a little too much and made bets about the team, one of mine is that you and reid would at least have a fling by the end of the year” she laughed a little

Your eyes went wide, you hit her arm playfully
“What?! I hate both of you! And I want $20 out of that 50 for this!” you were embarrassed, why would she even guess that, especially months ago

“Deal but you did make it pretty obvious that you have a thing for him, the whole team knows, it’s pretty obvious he likes you back so putting two and two together was like child’s play for the group of literal profilers” she said, pointing to the closed window that peered out into the area where your offices sat.

“Was it really?” you said quietly, you were embarrassed that you had made it so obvious

“Calm down Y/N, none of them have said anything yet have they? We all love you both to pieces and only want you to be happy, when you find out whatever ‘this’ is you can tell us” she was sincere, pulling you into a warm hug

“Ok but like, how was he?” she asked making you gasp, eyes wide

“Penelope!” you said loudly

“What, I'm genuinely curious! Was he any good, i mean he is spencer so i would take morgan any day but still” she was prying, definitely going to get an answer out of you

You sighed
“I’d take Spencer over Morgan, let’s just say I couldn't walk afterwards, at all” you whispered, giggling like teenage girls.

“Oh my! Are you sure we’re talking about the same spencer? That one out there wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly” she looked shocked, which was fair.

You pulled aside your sweater slightly to reveal the purple and red bites and hickeys that were only now showing deeply.

“He did that?! My god it looks like you got caught in the middle of a UFC fight!” she gently brushed over the marks with her fingertips

“I was just as surprised as you are! He was like a completely different person” it was fun being able to talk to someone about it, gossiping about your sex escapade that happened only an hour or so ago.

“Did he turn into fucking mike tyson?” she still was looking over the many marks, seeing the other side to

You pulled your sweater back to cover them
“I think they’re pretty” you mumbled, the splatters of color covering your collar bones

She shook her head
“Whatever makes you happy, but any sort of actual bruises and I'm going to jump him in the alley behind the building” she warned with a comedic tone.

“Deal. i should get going, text me if anything else changes ok?” you said, departing for the door

She waved behind you
“ have fun! Don’t open any stitches though!” you shushed her before opening the door, she giggled and walked back to her office.

You smiled while walking down the stairs to your own desk, jj sat on top of hers chatting with emily and rossi
“Hey where’s spence? Im looking to get back home soon and he’s my ride” you looked around but didn’t see any sign of him
Jj looked at you from talking
“Oh uh, i saw him and morgan walk up by the filing room” she pointed before returning to her conversation, you said a thank you before walking back up the stairs

What were they doing in the filing room?-- that little rat! You were the only one allowed to be gossiping, that's just how that works!

You opened the door, the light already on. Found them.
“What’re you two doing holed up in here?” you asked while they both talked quietly, there attention turning to you as soon as you opened the door

“Y/N” morgan said in suprise, fuck!

They were definitely talking about you, and knowing morgan it went the same way your conversation with garcia did.

“Do you guys just forget that i'm a profiler too? Or does it get lost in those head’s of your’s” you questioned, seeing if you could pry a reaction out of either one

Morgan looked smug while Reid had no emotion.

You put your index finger and thumb at the top of your nose and sighed,
“I'm going to go get coffee, finish whatever this is” you made a sweeping gesture before backing out of the room and shutting the door

You sighed, making a beeline for the break room, a pot of coffee still warm from earlier.

You never added anything to your coffee, unlike everyone else in the team who used extreme amounts of sugar.

Yu sipped the black liquid softly, going out back to the main room.

Emily and JJ still sat chatting, Rossi no longer involved.

“I’ve got to wait on him to finish up talking to morgan before i can go home” you said lightly, sitting down at the chair at your desk, looking up at the girl’s

“So what’s up?” you asked, putting your chin in your palm

“Nothin much, we’re just talking about this weekend, we’re planning on going out for drinks, do you want to come?” she asked sweetly

You groaned
“Sorry i can’t, my new painkillers don’t allow alcohol, but i promise i’ll make it up to you” you said

“That suck’s, you should be able to get off of them by next weekend right? We all have a 4 day weekend and rossi is thinking about all of us getting a beach house together!” she clapped lightly


“Oh my god yes! That sounds so nice, tell him i’m in and to message me the billing info” you could only imagine getting to sit and relax on the beach, the warm sun.. ooh that would be perfect!

Morgan and reid came down the stairs, morgan patting his back
“He’s all yours Y/N” he winked at you and you rolled your eyes

“Oh shut up, can we get home please?” you asked him, it’s not like you could leave without him anyways, he had your keys!

He nodded, walking towards the elevators while you said goodbye to the girl’s

Once outside of the glass doors both of the women turned to derek
“Is there something we should know?” emily asked, hands clasped in front of each other

Morgan chuckled, pulling out a chair to sit at
“Pretty boy is getting some, that's what” he rubbed his knuckles while watching their reactions

Both womens jaws were on the floor
“Y/N?!” they both said at once

He nodded and they both looked at eachother, apparently she told Garcia and knowing her with her inability to keep secret’s she told me when I walked by” he explained.

“So i asked him and he suck’s at lying so he just spilled it” he finished his sentence

Emily looked amused
“Shit! I owe garcia $50!” she exclaimed, remembering the deal they had with each other, her bet was that reid was going to date a man next but nooo.

“I'm not going to question that, but the stuff he said lined up with the stuff garcia did, and it was juicy!” this was like the most interesting thing he could talk about, going on about it like he was a 14 year old boy who saw boobs for the first time.

“You’re playing with us right?” JJ said humorously

Morgan kept his face deadpan
“I'm not, but i know for a fact that’s why they were late, according to reid it was her idea” while both of you were the babies of the BAU, everyone knew of some of your past boyfriends, at least it was known that you hooked up with people sometimes, but reid… nobody could picture it.

They all shook their head’s, this was going to be the office gossip for a while, of course pretending like only garcia knew because she would certiantly be beat the fuck up for spilling in a matter of minutes.

All while you both drove home, his hand gripping your thigh again.


Chapter Text

Some Facts and Headcanons for this story

I will be skipping over most other plotlines that don’t involve spencer, such as dereks kidnapping and savannah being shot, I will have morgan leave the BAU for his child though
Prison Reid will happen, he will be a bad bitch
This story takes place in season 11/12 mostly.
I have altered a few things here and there to fit my story
I will keep posting on this story almost 3 times a week.
Both of you are kinky as shit because my mind is completely past saving at this point
Lots of overstimulation ahead because there is no way that’s not something spencer is into.
Reader is based of myself mostly, sorry.
Lot’s of oral stuff ahead, it’s pave’s way fro some good jokes later on
Will have slow-burn elements
Will have a happy ending istg
JJ does NOT fall in love with Reid in this, she’s got her own man’s and kids.

reid's mom will not be living within, staying in a home when she is taken
he's still supplying medicine though

spencer has a huge lap-sitting kink, even non-sexual stuff like cuddling and carrying reader around is something he enjoy's. it make's him feel protective and important, and I will be using this ALOT.

he ain't much of a talker during sex but if you guys want that then comment below, I always seen him as more quiet during sex, maybe a few praises here and their aside from the usual but not alot

this story will have more time-skips coming up so I can start the actual plot of this fic.

all displays of pregnancy or mental-disorders have been proof-read by someone who has experienced the following or has been pregnant so that they're accurate.

i will be updating more and more in the coming weeks, most likely everyday.

P.S.- I love hearing from all of you, I will do my best to incorporate all of your favorite ideas and other steamy stuff


I’ll add more later <3

Chapter Text

5 days later

It was almost a week later, the entirety of each day spent with you and spencer going at it like animals, in new places, new positions, it seemed like all you ever wanted to do was fuck each other, and that was fine by you.

You don’t know where he gets his stamina from though, wanting to bend you over every possible surface he could, by day three he had ruined or torn off most of your panties so you just decided not to wear any, making his appetite for you all the more extra.

Just this morning you were making some tea for yourself when he came up behind you, pecking kisses on your neck, his hand groping your ass. He bent you over and fucked you right there, and by lunch he wanted to do it while just watching TV!.

Sure of course you in no way were against this, he made sure you got off at least once every time, never coming before you did.
A few nights he had fallen asleep in your bed, the other nights you were in his, a fun mix of both.

It was dinnertime and he still had a devilish look to him, while you
Ate and even while you put away the dishes, you took a blanket from the hall closet and went to the couch, clicking on the tv to look for a movie to rent.

Nothing seemed interesting, some older films were cheaper, one you had never seen crossed your mind, and you clicked rent, the movie started playing.

It was a newer indie film that you had heard some good things about, sort of a mild horror psychedelic type of deal.

Whatever it was it was interesting from the get-go, you had to say whatever the director’s were on when writing this, you might need to get some for yourself.

Spencer strolled in not longer after the movie had started, confused on what the plot was supposed to be in any way, and so were you.

Halfway through there seemed to be a pause in any sort of relevance, moving onto things that didn’t make sense in the slightest, one second these girls were in a field of flowers, the next they were all in the woods together.

Nothing made sense and it was starting to give you a headache.

“Holy hell. Ifthis is the closest I'll ever have to a psychedelic trip then I'll take it” you rubbed at your temples, Spencer just played on his phone while reclined on the couch, he stopped paying attention like 30 minutes ago.

You clicked off the movie, grumbling to yourself about your poor taste and switching back to normal tv to watch yet another true crime show.

You got up, plucking your phone off the charger from earlier, nothing else interesting to do besides surf the internet right?

You scrolled through your instagram, ad’s for different stuff the world thought was appealing popped up, it ranged from furniture to clothing to ceiling fan’s, there really was no select things.

You scrolled past yet another ad quickly when spencer spoke up
“Go back, that. You should get that” he was talking about a leather strap set from one of those rave brands, sure it was cute and all but it was a literal fucking harness.

“That is a ball of string’s spence, i’d rather pay for some yarn than that” you replied, still saving the ad for later. Of course you were going to buy it, just not in front of him.

You continued scrolling, some nice clothing popping up.

One was an sd for a local boutique who seemed to specialize in lingerie, you really wish the government would stop listening in on your sex life. You saved the post and shut off your phone, tossing it aside. Trying to indulge yourself in the overdone show on the television.

“Come here” he said, still looking at his phone, patting his open lap.

Was he seriously going to do it for the third time today, you weren’t sure you had anything else left in you.

You got up and walked over to him, doing as he said and sitting down in his lap, something you were starting to think he has a kink for.

He asked you to sit on him everyday for the last five days other than that, he doesn’t seem to repeat much.

He put an arm around you, wrapping it tightly while he continued to look through his phone.

He didn’t try anything, didn’t ask you to remove your clothes, just holding you while you laid back against him.

The thrum of his heartbeat was underneath your ear, lulling you into relaxation.

He rubbed his fingertips against your skiing gently, like he was petting a small animal or something.
God damn, if he kept this shit up any longer you were going to fall asleep!

It’s like he knew what he was doing, putting you to sleep was like child’s-play for him.

You whimpered against him, rubbing the side of your head into his chest, already falling asleep under his touch.


Once he was sure that you were fully sleeping he set his phone aside.

Sleeping on the couch isn’t good for your back in any way so he would just carry you again, he really didn’t want to admit to himself that he has been looking for every chance to carry you since you’ve been mostly able to go up and down the stairs by yourself, the only other times he could in when you feel asleep or when you both were having sex, and clearly you’d both been doing that quite a bit.

He enjoyed making you feel good, watching you squirm and wiggle underneath of him while the only words you could make out are his name, and even then it's slurred and messed up.

Every chance he could, he would find a way to do something different, whether it be a different room, a different position or even just different time’s of the day.


You didn’t oppose it in any way, you even seemed to find it exciting in it’s own way, so he kept up.

He knew you were very vocal about your opinions and would tell him to stop if you wanted him to stop, and of course he would.

He also took into consideration your injury and how he could possibly hurt you if he was too rough or touched the wrong spots, it was pretty easy to avoid, the more you healed, the less covering you needed for it.

Carrying you up the stairs was still just as easy as it always was, you were so small and fragile, it was a huge surprise seeing you take down Morgan in physical training, poor Morgan, always getting tackled by women.

He chuckled lightly, kicking open the door to your room, you were still wrapped around him like a spider monkey, so he had to pry you away from him, certainly a struggle all on its own..

He got into the bed next to you, wrapping his arms around you, pulling himself closer to you, your hair falling down the sheet’s, putting your hands against him while you slept.

He gave you one final kiss on the top of your head before falling asleep with you, intertwined with each other.


~The Next Morning~

You had woken up first, it was early in the morning, the sun barely having just rose, its bright, warm glow coating everything in the room from the window.

Spencer was still happily asleep, an arm still draped over you.

He really did put you to sleep… damn that's talent right there.

You tried to sneak out of the bed, slipping out from underneath his arm, but you moving made him grip you tighter, pulling you even closer to him.

This man was treating you like a stuffed animal right now, he had you in a bear hug.

“Spencer.. I have to get going. I’m already late for meeting up with the girls” you said quietly, trying to push against him.

He grumbled, you mentioned your plans a few nights ago to go swimsuit shopping with the girl’s once Rossi confirmed the whole beach house thing for the whole team.

You had the suspicion that rossi was lying about how much everyone had to pay on their part, even with all of you, it was a suspiciously low amount.

You didn’t argue with him for once, you knew that you would be paying for every drink and meal if you had anything to say about it.

You had plenty of sun dresses and other beach wear, but you wanted to buy some new swimsuits for yourself, and quite frankly, get out of the house.

“They can wait” his groggy voice was adorable, his eyes still closed while he buried his face into your chest, trying to not have to wake up entirely

“when have you known any of them to be patient?” you asked sarcastically, running your fingers through his long,curly hair.

Groaning, he swung an arm around, allowing you to get out of bed

He got out of bed too, pulling the pants he discarded last night back on.
“Fine, but garcia did invite me too so i’m coming with” he said, clearly watching you try on bikinis sounded like a good time afterall

“Of course she did” you smiled, having him tag along might actually be fun.

You got dressed, putting on a loose and flowy dress so you could take it off easily when trying stuff on, it had a tightened elastic at the waist and a dip in the front that showed off some cleavage.

You combed out your hair, putting it half up and half down for simplicity, some light makeup later and you were done, grabbing your purse and walking downstairs, him following.

“Im driving!” you called out holding the keys in front of him and he shook his head, attempting to snatch away the keys, but you dodged him

“Y/N, you’re not driving yet!” he said sternly, clearly still not wanting to risk anything happening

“But why? I feel fine and my stitches are almost healed!” you whined, leaning against the door holding the keys

He pushed both of your arms above your head, plucking the keys from your hand and giving you a kiss

“Because I said so” he replied, letting go of your wrists.

“Mhm, i'm getting you back for that later” you threatened, sticking your tongue out at him while opening the front door, lowkey turned on.

You’d gotten used to sitting in the passenger seat anyway, each time you wanted to leave, he would insist on driving even though it was your car.

“After the mall, i need to stop by my apartment to pick up some things, ok?” he asked, he had only been back once since you both got back home, having enough clothing and the necessities at your place to last, you nodded, sitting down in the car, the leather being cool against your skin.

The drive to the mall the girls were at was only 30 minutes away, most of the trip was directly on the highway so you pulled out your phone and texted them that you would be there soon, they told you to meet them in the food court when you got there.

The drive when quickly, parking in the east lot so you could go straight to the food court.

Penelope, emily, and JJ all sat at a table together, smoothies in hand

“Finally you’re here! Take this, we’ve already found some cute stuff when walking around” she handed you your own smoothie, Emily handed one to Reid, looking more than suspicious while they pulled you off into many different stores.

The first one they did was a store dedicated to bathing suits, those were kind of popular around here considering VA beach isn't very far.

Garcia found interest in the one pieces adorned with animals and other fun prints while you and the two others focused on the more adult pieces.

You grabbed a handful of different suits, a simple black bikini, a strapless baby pink suit, a super stringy one that would certainly give you weird tan-lines and a final one that had a black thong bottom with a dark red top to go with it.

Spencer just sat in one of the lounge chairs at the front near the dressing room, looking through his phone again.

Emily was looking at a lot of basic bikinis, JJ at one pieces, eyeing your selection
“Y/N, how many are you planning on getting?!” Emily asked, seeing the four already in your hands.

“I’m going to get a few, I want to see which one’s i like from each store. I'm probably only going to get one from here once I try them on'' you said, looking over to decide which one was your favorite.

They both nodded, all 4 of you going to the dressing room, passing Spencer on your way.

The three of them making glances at you and him, smiling widely while walking towards seperate rooms.

You grabbed garcia by her forearm before she could close the door, whispering to her
“So was it you or Morgan who blabbed?” you said sinisterly, at least with Derek, he could keep something to himself for a day, but Garcia struggled for an hour.

She looked away from you
“I kid you not, he told them not me” she tried to defend herself, for once she only managed to tell one person.

“Are you telling the truth penelope?” you eyed her, normally she’d crack under pressure but she nodded

“Alright, but don’t be surprised if he accidentally drowns this weekend” you tapped her arm playfully, allowing her to go into her dressing room and shut the door, you took the one next to her, trying on the strappy one first.

It was difficult to put on but it looked really nice on you, covering up your bandage mostly, you spun around a bit a few times, admiring yourself in the mirror
“I really like this one! Emily you should get this one!” you called into the room next to you

“Ooh let me see, just step out into the hall” she said, when you did she was wearing a black one piece that cut on the sides

“That is nice, unlike you though Y/N, we all aren’t still in our twenties” she giggled, tucking the tag into her bathing suit and twirling.

“You look stunning em. Penelope, jj! Do you have anything you like yet?” simultaneous no’s came from both girls as they stayed in their dressing room;s.

You both shrugged and went back to change again, trying on each one, you didn’t like the other two as muc, but the red and black one was another nice one you decided to get, you couldn’t help but wonder what spence would think about it, you would have to wear it for him once you both left.

You put both bathing suits on your arm, hanging the others back up on the return rack outside.

“I’m going to go pay real quick, i’ll be right outside” you said, leaving the area to go to the counter

You paid for both,getting a small bag and sitting down next to spencer
You set the bag down at your feet
“They’ll be out soon, I only got two here!” you said, tapping the bag, he smiled at you picking up the bag.

He looked at both swimsuits for a moment before setting the bag back down

“I like them, a little scandalous for a trip with the team though” he teased, knowing good and well that he was the only one that was meant to be looking at them.

“Yeah well the next store up is PINK and Victorias secret so buckle down, plus i’ve got to replace all of those panties you ripped off of me anyways” your voice was low, even if they knew, you didn’t want them to know THAT much yet.

He chuckled, he really did ruin at least 4 pairs throughout the week, he had told you he would replace them but you said it was fine, he still liked the way you would squeak when he would rip the seams clean through, making the fabric useless.

The other girls came out only carrying one or two suits each and paid, taking you along to the next store, showing each other the ones you chose, stopping outside pink

“Ooh a sale! Momma loves me some savings!'' Garcia walked inside, ready to spend her entire paycheck in one sitting.

You all followed her in, Spencer clearly trying to keep his gaze off of the countless mannequins all sporting sexy lingerie and nice bras.

He once again took a seat in the waiting area, along with all of the other uncomfortable guy’s who were tagging along with their girlfriends and wives.

He watched while the other girl’s looked at the swimsuits while you crossed over into the connected store, one that was particularly darker and more ‘scandalous’ as most would describe it.

He kept his eyes on you as you looked through the many different drawers, eyeing set’s on the tabletop, picking up some different items and dropping them in a basket.

You saw a particularly nice nightset being advertised near the front, it was blood red matching bra and panties, with a nice garter belt style thigh strap attached.

You immediately thought of what Spencer's reaction to it might be, having him look you up and down before removing it… you plucked your size from the rack and threw it in the basket, walking up to the checkout.

$200?! For a few pairs of panties and a lingerie set! This store was crazy, but hopefully it would be worth it for the price.

The nice bag had lots of filling paper in it, to conceal your purchase to the girl’s, even though they prodded to see the “swimsuit”.

Spencer was also curious about what was in the bag, he’d seen you pick up a few things but at a certain point he couldn’t see behind the wall.

You had begun to linger behind everyone else as they walked, emily doing the same

“So you and reid?” she asked quietly, you were still a little annoyed that everyone already knew.

You sighed and nodded

“Omg, morgan wouldn’t say much and for once garcia is keeping to herself so you’ve gotta tell me” she rubbed her shoulder into your’s, playing around with you.

You shook your head while smiling,
“Why does the whole team find the need to know?” you said with a hint of comedic tone to not sound rude with her.

She shrugged,still wanting some sort of juicy details to feed off of .

“Fine. maybe later though, not now” you replied, taking her hand and walking closer to the rest of the group.

She grumbled a bit but ultimately accepted defeat for now, and you DID say you would tell her later.

You stopped by a few more stores, each of the girl’s having their fair share of bag’s, the time being almost 1 pm.

“I’ve got to get home to the boys, i’ll give you a call when it’s time to board the plane ok?” she waved everyone off while exiting the mall.

“I’ve got to go too, garcia you coming?” Emily said, being Garcia's ride, that left the two of you alone together in the mall.

You waved goodbye until you were sure they were gone.

“Are you ready to go home?” you turned to him, holding the many bags up and down your arms.

He nodded, walking towards the door
“They all know don’t they?” he said with a sigh and smile, opposing features for his words

You nodded
“ it was morgan though surprisingly” you pushed open the second door with your back, allowing him to pass by.

You walked to the car, putting all of the bags in the back seat before getting in yourself.

Some red, peeking out from the pink striped victoria's secret bag

“Are we still going to your apartment?” you asked while he turned onto the highway, he nodded, switching lane’s to the exit, he had forgotten.

It was rare he would forget anything but hell, he’d been with four other women for the past few hours listening in as they chatted about thing’s even he didn’t understand, so forgetting was alright this one time.

He pulled into the parking lot outside of his building,
“Do you want me to stay in the car?” you asked, while he turned off the engine.

“No, come inside. This isn’t exactly the best neighborhood for you to be sitting in a car alone” he wasn’t wrong, Reid lived in the south side of town, typically more drugs and crime were spread around here.

You nodded and stepped out of the car, him locking it behind you.

There were a crazy amount of stairs up to his apartment, you were having a hard time catching your breath when you reached the top.

“ I am not built for stairs!” you whined, gripping the railing tightly.

He laughed, taking your hand and opening the door to his apartment, the messy area covered in books like it usually was, papers and files across every possible surface.

He went to his room to grab whatever he needed, you just leaned against a counter in the kitchen, playing some game on your phone to pass the time. You could feel the cold granite on your stomach, even through your dress, it was kind of uncomfortable, but the focus on your phone made it unnoticeable.

You didn’t hear him return from his room, seeing you bent over the counter was practically screaming at him to fuck you.

He walked up behind you, grabbing your hips, scaring you a bit from the sudden contact but relaxing once you realized it was him

You clicked off your phone, setting it face down on the counter, looking back at him.
“Now?” you asked, biting the inside of your lip.

He didn’t respond, just flipping up the skirt of your dress, your ass pale contrasting against the tiny lace thong you were wearing.

He groaned, licking his lips while he knelt down till he was eye level with your cunt.

He put his hand at either side of your panties, pulling them down instead of ripping them this time, you had just bought some new one’s today, no reason to make you have to go back.

You kicked them off of your foot, leaving you bare, the cold AC making you shudder.

He went straight away to licking long,deep, lines against you, soaking your already wet pussy.

You adjusted against the counter, already gripping the edge to prepare for his next moves.

He stood back up, trailing his spit against your entrance, using it as lubricant.

“Mmmhmm” you bit your lip hard, any more and it would probably split open.

He used his hands to spread apart each of your ass cheeks, removing his already hard cock from his pants.

He slid the head up and down a few times before pushing into you, your knuckles white against the counter, arching against him.

He slid the rest of the way into you, snapping his hips into you as he began pacing himself, speeding up until he hit his regular pace.

Spreading your ass allowed for him to hit even deeper inside of you, you couldn’t be as loud as you could at home, he did have neighbors attached to the same walls as him after all.

He swirled his hand into your hair, pulling you back towards him a little, angling so that he would hit your sweet spot with each thrust.

The searing pain against your scalp from his grip made your head throb, a type of opain that could only feel good during sex

Each time he would hit your g-spot you’d have a high-pitched moan escape your lips, if you kept it up, his neighbors would definitely hear you.

You tried to muffle yourself, only making your noises more noticable, he didn’t care, most of his neighbors were shifty characters themselves and wouldn’t bother with a little noise
“S-spencer!” you moaned out his name, unraveling him further, slamming harder into you while he pulled your hips onto him.

You took his cock so greedily, pulling him back inside with each motion, it was fucking irresistable to watch your different reactions while he fucked you, the way your lips pursed to let the pretty sounds out, the way your back arched almost completely against his chest, so many thing’s about you for him to focus on.

He would always have these images of you burned into his memory, being able to replay them over and over, one of the few times he would say his eidetic memory was a blessing.

He moved his hand from your hair to your throat, keeping you in place and slightly restricting the oxygen to your brain.

This was the last bit you needed, coming deeply around him, convulsing lightly while he finished and came into you, releasing his hand on your throat and setting you back down gently.

“Are you alright?” he asked sweetly, trailing his calloused hands against your smooth skin.

“Mmhmm, I'm great” you mumbled, trying to collect your thoughts.

“Ok i’m going to go get you a rag, stay here” he said, fixing his pants before leaving the room.

He stepped away, going into his room, you just tried to keep your knees from completely giving out under you, he came back with a damp cloth.

He wiped away the mess between your legs, being extra gentle while cleaning you up.

It was sweet and caring, a sort of aftercare you never received with anyone else.

You plucked your panties off the floor,putting them on and correcting your dress.

He just threw the rag in the sink, grabbing the large tote bag he had filled with clothes he needed and other items, swinging it over his shoulder.

plucking your phone up from the counter, 1 new message notification lit up the screen

JJ- The plane leaves tomorrow at 9 am, a car will be coming to pick BOTH of you up at 8, warning… garcia will be in the car with you too. Make sure to pack everything you need too <3

You smiled, typing back thank you and clicking off the phone

“We have to be up early tomorrow, pack our bags tonight and be ready by 8 am. Make sure you have everything you need from here ok?” you informed him, he lifted his bag and motioned for you to come here.

He opened the door and you walked out into the hallway, he followed, locking the door while you made your way to the stairs.

“I think this vacation will be a nice change of scenery, don't you?” you asked him while he unlocked the car for you so you could get inside.

“I'm not the biggest fan of beaches, they’re extremely unsanitary, not to mention the vast amount of the ocean we have yet to explore” there he was, the usual spencer that you had gotten so used to at work.

“How about a pool then? The description said there was a hot tub too” you were already excited to be able to watch sunsets while swimming, you weren’t exactly fond of sand either so the pool was a huge advantage.

“I can accept that” he put his bag in the back seat, catching a glimpse of the red fabric peeking through the bag.

“Only if you bring whatever that is along. Looks like a lot more than underwear” he teased, though you just reached back and covered it

“That was the plan” you replied and he chuckled, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the main road, the drive to your home not long.

The second the car stopped in your driveway you dashed out of the car, grabbing all of your bag’s and running upstairs. One of the most fun things for you about vacations was packing and choosing what you would wear, crazy huh?

You spread every item out on your bed, leaving the lingerie folded up in the corner, throwing all of your options alongside the items you bought.

You pulled a large suitcase out from underneath your bed, opening it and leaving it on the floor

Spencer strolled in, dropping his bag at the door and shuffling to the bed, sitting at the top and watching you decide over different articles of clothing and what shoes you wanted.

It took almost an hour for you to put everything inside of the bag, rolling it to the door and flopping down in the bed.

“ i never knew i owned so many pairs of sunglasses!” you groaned, sliding an am over his chest and laying against him.

“I’ll set an alarm for the morning just in case” he gave you a little kiss on the forehead, clicking away at his phone, plugging it in at the bedside table, you did the same with yours

You both stripped out of your day-clothes, putting on clothes to sleep in and snuggling close to each other under the cover’s.
His large frame swallowed your’s, his head resting on top of your’s, he loved giving you small kisses on the crown of your head, it made you feel warm and loved, his arms around you giving you safety.

Drifting off to sleep, the night is still early, but your morning would be too and you could use some sleep if you were going to be on another 6-hour flight tomorrow morning with your team.

Sure you loved them with every bit of your soul but with them now knowing of your relationship with Reid it’s definitely going to the butt of at least a few unfunny jokes.

You still had to plot how you’re going to get back at Morgan too, that would be for the morning though, for now, you fell asleep peacefully in his arms, something you could get used to easily.



You knew it was going out but never have you wanted to smash something into pieces than when his phone went off, the high pitched whine of the alarm made you slap the table a few time’s to shut it off, flipping it over and clicking the button.

“Spence… we gotta get up, cmon” you pushed him a few times, him groaning and trying to turn away.

“Spencer! Get. up.” you tapped him with each word until he peeled his eyes open

“Ughh. fine” he grumbled, sitting upright and rubbing his eyes, dark circles crowning underneath of them.

“Thank you. I’ve gotta get some last-minute thing’s from downstairs, I’ll be right back up” you got off of the bed, humming to yourself while you walked downstairs.

You plucked up your purse, carrying it into the kitchen, taking your birth control packet, and plucking one out and setting it on the counter, putting the packet in your bag.

You’d actually been proud taking the last one of your painkillers, thankfully most of the side-effects didn’t last long, if you had to deal with hallucinations every day, you’d go crazy, but tonight could also be the first night you’re allowed to drink again!

You plopped both pills in your mouth, chasing them down with some water before taking your purse back upstairs with you.

Spencer sat on the edge of the bed, fiddling around with his phone.
You went to your closet, not wanting to get dressed at all, you saw a soft sweater on the ground, looking better than any of your worn out hoodies.

It was a black button-up sweater, it looked way too large to be yours
“Hey Spence, this mine or yours?” you held it outside of the door to show him

“Uh yeah I think so” he replied, he probably had thrown it in here when getting undressed sometime.

You pulled on a pair of black leggings and a silky tank top, covering your arms with his sweater.
It came down half of your thighs, leaving it unbuttoned seemed to be the better look for you.

You put on a pair of tennis shoes and did your hair up in a slicked-back high ponytail, you didn’t want to get dressed up for the plane, anything other than your comfort clothes would suck to have to sit in.

You hated the black, tight-fitting pants that work “recommended” for use, even though you could technically dress how you want, it was frowned upon.

Stepping out of the closet and into the room,slinging your bag over your shoulder and wheeling out your suitcase towards the stairs

He watched you in his sweater walk by so casually, it might as well be yours now because your actions said you owned it, that it wasn’t his anymore.

“Spence, the car will be here any minute, get dressed!” you harped on him, he was still in his clothes from last night, not even bothering to put himself together like he usually would.

“I’ll be right down” he pulled on some discarded pants and a hoodie, looking more like a rejected bisexual teenager than anything.

He was a whole ass vibe.


He put on his usual converse and followed you down, his own bag in hand.


The doorbell went off and he picked up his pace getting down the stairs, you opened the door and let Garcia step inside.

“Hello my lovely little babies, our chariot awaits!” she clapped her hands, more excited to go on this trip than anyone else.
“Good morning Garcia, you’re extra...awake this morning” you rubbed your eyes again she just smiled.

“Ughhh. Would you both look a little less dead if I told you there’s coffee in the car? One overly sweetened hot and an iced black” you smiled and rolled your bag out of the door, passing her.

“Thanks, Garcia,” Spencer said while walking by her so she could close the door.

“Woohoo! Let’s get this show on the road!” she exclaimed, hobbling over the stones in her large heels!

Chapter Text

~“Let's get this show on the road”~


You’d understand why you had to share a car with Garcia, she lived close and there was no point in spending extra money on a whole other car, but who thought that it would be a good idea to give her the aux cord!?

Even the driver seemed like he wanted to claw his own ears out as she blasted every possible song from her playlist, song’s you normally would’ve been ok with if they weren’t being played at full volume.

Loud noises were definitely not spencer’s thing, you were pretty sure you saw him reaching for the handle on the door a few times to throw himself out into traffic.

“Penelope! PENELOPE! Can you turn this down?!!” you yelled over top of the noise trying to gain her attention in any way, thankfully the driver heard you and turned it down himself.

“Oh thank god!” you leaned back, your eardrums adjusting to the quiet.

She just turned around looking confused

You gave her the most dumbfounded look you could
“I love you but you’re too damn loud for such a small space” you rubbed your temples, a headache already forming.

She just shook her head, going back to doing something on her phone.

You just leaned your head onto his shoulder, staring ahead to make the time go quicker.

It had only been a week or so and you and Spencer were farther along in whatever it was you were doing than most people would be after a year, granted he was living in your home with you for now and the amount of time you’ve known him to speed thing’s up. How quickly would thing’s go though, would he get bored if things went too quickly? Would he leave you? You hadn’t thought of the consequences of a bad ending before, you would have to leave the BAU and lose your friends, you’d have to change everything if thing’s between you and him didn’t go well.

The thought was terrifying, even leaning against him you felt a bit uneasy.

No no. Spencer wasn’t like that, even if things ended, he would always find a way to make it go smoothly, to be able to still work together.

You’re going on vacation anyway, you should enjoy it, not think about the bad things.
You tried to change the topics in your mind, think about the beach, the pool, to be able to sit out in the sun.

You were really surprised rossi was able to book such a place in a matter of a week, most people would spend months planning something like this.

Money really can do anything

You pulled into the same private section of the airport you had used to get home, driving directly up to the ramp where 3 other identical cars waited.

A man dressed in all black opened the trunk and began taking the bags to the loading cart, you thanked the driver and slid out of the car, grabbing your purse on the way.

Everyone had started to get out of the cars,looking equally tired, at least they were allowed to drive in silence without garcia.

Rossi got out of his car, wearing a full ass suit like he usually did, something that always made you confused on how he could wear something so uncomfortable all day.... Willingly!

“Ok i got one thing i want to say before we leave… i’m not bailing anyone out of jail this week, you’re on your own!” he nodded and started walking up the ramp, you followed, sneakily trying to get to whatever sort of sofa on the plane first.

The jet was nice, made to accommodate everyone and then some, alot more chairs than the one you used for work.

Only one couch… you plopped down, leaning back and taking all of the room.

You started playing on your phone, watching some downloaded movie through your headphones.

Spencer walked by, pushing you lightly because you had taken up the whole couch.
He had to go sit in a regular chair next to Derek, who ruffled his hair a little.

You weren’t even interested in the movie, just staring blankly at the screen, dissociating.

The flight was over 6 hours long, virginia to san diego as a non-stop trip too.

By hour two you were counting the seconds, hating everything to do with the flight.

The moment the pilot turned off the seatbelt light after landing, you shot up, desperate to get off of the plane.
“Slow down Y/N! We’ve got plenty of time ``Emily called after you, already down the ramp before they got out of their seats.

“We have to get in another car?!” you groaned, not even realizing how stupid you sounded.

“Of course we do, we can’t walk to the house” Morgan corrected you, getting into the first car, the bags being loaded into each one.

“Cmon, it's not so bad, the house is only a few minutes away” Emily looped her arm through yours, pulling you to the car with her.

Spencer tried to follow but JJ took the last seat
“Sorry pretty boy, you can last 5 minutes without her, we’ve got some things to talk about '' she sneered, shutting the door.

You laughed a little while he just shrugged and got into the car with morgan, garcia, and rossi

“So what exactly is this important talk about?” you asked, both of them giving you a funny look

“You know what we want. Spill” you were stuck in between the two of them, too late to escape or run away.

You sighed
“Fine fine, i did tell you i would talk, what do you want to know because you’ve got 5 minutes and no longer” you motioned for them to ask.

“Yes! Ok so when did it start, you know this whole you two thing?” emily asked quickly, clearly not going to waste any of her time

“ a few days after i got back from the hospital” you responded quickly, these questions might actually be fun.

“What?! It's only been about two weeks then!” she looked surprised

“My turn. Who started it, i can’t see spencer starting much” JJ asked

You had to think about it for a second
“Me, but he took it pretty quickly and ran with it” the driver pulled out of the area, heading onto the main road.

“Are you serious? We’re talking about spencer reid right? About yay high and super smart?” she played around, putting her hand in the air above her head

You just nodded, rolling your hand for them to continue.

“Well I'll be damned. Umm fine im doing a rain check, you owe me one more answer alright?” she asked

“Me too, we each get one” JJ added

“Fine, we’re here anyways and there is a pool calling my name” you looked out the window to see the beautiful home looking over the beach, mostly glass with white exterior, something out of a magazine.

“Whoa! Rossi really did good here!” you waited for JJ to get out before hopping out, letting yourself smell the saltiness of the waves and the warmth of the sun kiss your skin.


The rest pulled in shortly after, everyone else also in awe from the scenery.

“Ok ok everyone you have a few hours to unpack and do whatever before we go out onto the town” rossi walked up to the front door, unlocking the door and allowing everyone to go inside.

It was even more beautiful on the inside, furnished completely with the nicest of items, luxury leather couches, a huge fireplace and open kitchen with sliding doors out to a balcony.

The entire place was covered in a warm glow of the sun, the smell of salt water taffy and cinnamon flowing through the air.

Everyone sorted out, finding their own rooms in the 4 story home, 3 above ground and a renovated basement.

Spencer and you were left alone i the living room with your bags
“I’m going to go find a room, you can stay with me or find your own, whatever you want” you picked a kiss on his cheek and walked away, dragging your luggage behind you.

He followed, no point in not sharing a room anyway, they all know that the two of you’re together.

There were 3 rooms left in the house, one of which was in the basement so that was a no-go, the other two were identical, one leading out onto the balcony and the other with a large bay window.

You were surprised no one had taken the balcony one yet so you set your bag on the bed, pulling out each individual item and putting them into one of the drawers of the provided dresser.
You put your sunglasses, floppy sun hat and other accessories on the top, he just dumped his bag into the dresser, letting clothes and whatever else fall together.

For someone who cared so much about cleanliness, he didn’t seem to mind now.

He plucked up his toothbrush and tossed it into the connected bathroom sink.

You stepped into the bathroom, setting down your makeup bag.

It was a beautiful bathroom, a free standing four legged tub overlooking a large window, you would definitely be taking many bath’s while here.

There was a pond-stone shower too, completely glass surrounding, was everything here going to take your breath away.

“What do you want to do first?” he asked, looking out over the beach.

There were so many options, rossi DID say everyone was going out tonight together so that could wait
“Hm. WE are going to go swimming, how does that sound?” you asked him, the jacuzzi was already bubbling wildly, the large olympic sized pool also sounded appealing.

“Only for a bit, I'm hungry,” he said, going to pull out the only swimming short’s he brought.

He wasn’t one for swimming so he didn’t need to own many.

You however, had to decide on which one you wanted.

“Which one?” you asked him, showing each of the bathing suits.

He didn’t even turn around before saying
“Black and red one” another example of an eidetic memory coming in handy.

You stripped down out of your clothes, pulling the small top over your breasts and the thong bottoms on, you threw away the last dressing over your now only slightly visible scar.

It looked just as nice as it had in the dressing room, the sides cupping at your hips and your tits almost spilling out the top.


You took a pair of black pointed sunglasses, letting them sit on top of your head while you walked out.

He was getting in the hot tub already, trying to avoid any sort of swimming without being required and technically this was a loop-hole.

You shook your head, stepping up into the opposite side from him, the water rising to just below the top of your breasts.

“These things are a lot less fun without alcohol and strangers” you commented, his eyes wandering around you.

“What are you looking at?” you asked, him snapping his attention back to you

“They’re watching us… this is terrifying, it’s like some fucked up horror movie” he laughed, you turned around, seeing about 5 figures in the second balcony room duck out of view.

“My god you’re right. What should we do?” you didn’t turn back around again, they were probably looking again.

He bit the inside of his lip
“Come here” he said lightly, extending out his arms.

You took them pulling yourself closer to him, he pulled your leg over his, making you straddle his lap, something you’ve come to learn that he likes a lot.

“You’re only going to peak their interest you know” you whispered into his ear

“They’ll get bored, give it a minute” he responded, hook his arms around your back.

You put your head into the crook of his neck, resting there, the warmth of him and the bubbling water around you was the most soothing thing you could experience.


“Are they still there?” you asked after a few minutes “either way this is really comfortable” you mumbled,pulling your arms closer to each other around his neck.

“Yep. still watching” he said with an inflection in his voice

“If this is how it’s going to be all week, i’m afraid they’ll watch us sleep” you joked, even though they might actually do that

“I mean, what’s even so interesting? It’s not like we’re having sex out in the open, we’re just sitting… is this what the kardashians feel like?” you laughed at his statement, though he probably meant it as a real question

“I'm sure it is spence”

“Y/N, you aren’t falling asleep are you?” he asked you, running his fingers along your back

“Not really, i'm just relaxing” you snuggled your body closer into his.

“Ok they’re gone” he said, looking over the windows to make sure they weren’t just hiding.

You lifted your head a little, looking behind you to be sure for yourself.

“You know what, i might buy one of these for the backyard” you thought about getting one for a while, but you aren’t home a lot and you already did not use the pool you had.

“You wouldn’t use it” he responded, you wished you two did this more often, just sit with each other and relax.

Sure you loved every moment you got with him, but this would definitely take the cake for the nicest.

It was pure, it was sweet, something you always envisioned for yourself as the ideal life.

You wanted it to last forever, like one of those “if i die here, i die happy” type of moments that you always see in movies.

“ I would use it everyday if it would be as comfortable as this” you mumbled, still keeping your body wound tightly with his.

“ we have work Y/N, we can’t be on leave forever” he responded, using the same tone of voice one would while comforting a child.

“You’re right… i do miss work though, and i doubt you aren’t exactly keen on staying away for this long” you had felt a pang of guilt for having him stay away from work for so long, it was his whole world and having him home baby-sitting you could be costing people their lives.

“No. we both needed the break and i’ve enjoyed every second” he lifted your bottom half down closer to him.

Hearing him talk so calmly, especially about being happy made your heart flutter. Spencer had been through far more than any one person should have to go through, even in this line of work.

There were countless night’s where you worried he would relapse, where the pain or stress of everything going on around him made you fear the worst. Those were the night’s you would insist on staying over at his apartment, sleeping on the couch to keep an eye on him.

When Maeve passed away, you spent week’s using every free second you had to check on him, to help him with whatever he needed, those were the time’s where he would push everyone away, even standing your ground and trying to push yourself into every moment of his life was extremely difficult.

He always gave up and let you in, whether it took day’s,weeks, or even months for him to come around, he always would.

The day’s where you would come into work, sleepless and clutching onto the little bit of consciousness you had, the team would worry about both of you. You insisted that you were always fine, that you had just gotten less sleep than you normally would.

They never believed your lies, they knew just how much you worried for him, how much the idea of losing him terrified you each day.

You had gotten lost in thought, holding your hands together tighter than before around his neck

“Y/N. if you like choking that much, just say something” he smiled, rubbing the area around his throat when you released him.

“Sorry. Are you alright?” you removed your head from his neck, looking him in the eyes.

“I'm alright, you just seemed distracted” he replied

“Oh yeah, i was just thinking” you put your hands against his chest, tracing small figures along his skin.

“Hm” he hummed.

“You want to go get some food soon? I’m starving” he offered, an attempt to make you feel better.

He knew something was up, you were zoning out, getting distracted, and quite frankly, clutching onto him like a child does with a teddy bear.

“Me too, i just don’t want to leave”

“Ok. we can stay for a few more minutes,” he gave in, letting himself relax for a bit more before you got up, getting out of the tub, and walking towards your room.

You looked back to make sure he was coming with you, stripping off your bathing suit and throwing it into the shower.

You used a towel to dry yourself off, your hair was still mostly dry so you could just leave it up..
You sauntered back into the main area of the room, towel wrapped around you as you dug through the drawer for something to wear.

He had walked into the bathroom, throwing off his clothing alongside your’s, returning back to see you bent over the dresser in just a towel.

You didn’t mean anything sexual by it, you were just looking for clothing, but for some reason, everything you did was mesmerizing to him.

“Spence, why’re you staring?” you asked, turning around to face him with a handful of clothing

From the way he was looking you caught on to his ideas quickly

“Everybody is still in the house spence… neither of us are exactly the best at being quiet either” you smiled, walking into the bathroom, the reflection on the mirror showed him shrugging and picking up some clothes of his own.

You were going to wait until later to show him some of the thing’s you’d planned for this vacation on your own, it would likely bring up his mood then.

You dried off your damp skin, pulling on your undergarments and then the pair of plain jean shorts and white t-shirt you had picked.

You tucked the front into your shorts, letting the rest out freely.

He’d gotten dressed already, black jean’s again,likely the same pair from before and a t-shirt. It was different seeing him without a sweater but it was also 90 degrees outside and he was already in jeans.

“You're going to die of heat exhaustion, did you even pack any summer clothes?” you asked him with a grin, slipping on a pair of sunglasses and your pair of sandals.

“I did. Plus the likelihood of me dying from heat exhaustion with easy access to water and shad are rather low” his usual quims always made you laugh.

“Whatever you say. Just look up restaurants within walking distance ok? I for once, don’t feel like driving” you grabbed your purse, walking out of the room into the main area.

Garcia and Emily sat in the living room watching tv while Rossi worked away in the kitchen on something.

“Where are Morgan and JJ?” you asked, Emily looking up from the sappy soap-opera on the television

“Derek had to take a quick phone call and JJ is down at the beach already” it wasn’t surprising, JJ LOVES the beach, and being a mother doesn’t exactly allow for much free time in the first place.

Spencer came up from behind you, showing you his phone
“How does this sound? It’s only a few minutes away”he asked, it was a family-owned style italian place right down the road

“Ooh sound’s good, let’s go” you whipped towards the door, he quickly followed before any invitations to tag along were added

You were both outside, walking down the driveway together, following the green path on his phone.

“ Let's not mention we got italian to Rossi, I have a feeling it might upset him” you joked, still crossing the street and looking carefully at passing cars.

Each street was lined with tons of stores, some more luxurious than others, surprisingly, even having money most of your life, you had never stepped foot in any of the core luxury shops like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis, or anything like the ones you were seeing.

“It should be right up here on the right” he said but you stopped in front of one of the stores, a little boutique that seemed to focus on alternative clothing.

In the window was the cutest lingerie set you’d ever seen

“Go get a table, I'll be right there” you said, walking into the store.

He just shook his head with a smile and left to get a table, even though the website said that there was always room.

Inside was pretty dark, lit only by a bunch of string lights covering the walls and a few lamps, a girl greeted you behind the counter, asking if you needed any help.

“Hi yes, where is the stock on the set in the window?” you asked quietly, she was obviously younger than you, probably still a teenager, so it was awkward being years older than her and asking where to find lingerie.

“That one’s popular, back left corner” she pointed even with her directions.

You clambered through the sizes looking for yours, until you plucked it up.

It was a two-piece set in a lilac purple that had lots of pretty lace surrounding all edges of it.

You walked up to the register and set it on the counter

She scanned it and put it into a bag that thankfully had tissue paper inside, you didn’t need some random waitress seeing what you bought.

“Your total is $75.55” she said while flipping around the price scanner.

You huffed from the atrociously high price but still took your wallet out and handed her a hundred dollar bill, taking the change and just throwing it into your bag.

“Thank you, have a good day,” you said while exiting the store to meet back up with spencer.

Inside you had just walked in, no one at the front like most restaurants until you saw Spencer sitting in the back talking to a waitress.

You strolled up next to him, taking a seat across from him and smiling

The waitress was clearly confused a bit but greeted you, pulling out a notepad for drinks, which means that’s not what they were talking about before.

You felt a ping of jealousy in your core but brushed it off, they were just talking, it’s a normal thing people do.

She walked away to go get your drinks leaving you with him
“So what did you get?” he asked, his hands clasped in front of him.

You put the bag underneath the table, your purse too, out of his view

“Nothing important, I’ll show you later” you smiled, looking down to the tablecloth away from his view.

He smirked, having an idea of what could be in the bag.

The waitress came back with drinks and menus, allowing for you to look through the few amounts of different food they had, but being that it was a small business those few had probably been perfected to a fine degree.

She came back a few minutes later and took your order’s before leaving again, each time making small glances at Spencer, slowly scraping at your nerves each time.

“What do you want to do after this? Rossi’s ‘night on the town’ starts in about 2 hours so we have time” he was starting a conversation, something he usually wasn’t very good at but he still tried

“Henry is coming over next week so I wanted to go look around for some stuff for him, it’ll only be for a bit, plus I haven’t done much for Michael yet” you gave him puppy-dog eyes, and he chuckled, nodding.

“I suppose it’s in my god-fatherly deeds to also pick up some things as well” you and he were constantly locked in this unspoken battle of who could spoil the boys more, you always came out on top, but one day he would beat you.

“Ok great! He should be staying for a few days but I might be able to wean some more out of JJ with the promise of a child-free weekend with will” you said, JJ was still in that phase of motherhood where getting her to leave BOTH of her kids with someone else was practically impossible.

“ you don’t have a crib or anything like that for Michael though, he’s not exactly old enough to sleep in a bed considering he’s only 6 months,” he remarked but you smirked, pulling out your phone and clicking onto amazon

“Should be here the day after we get back along with other stuff for him” he jaw slacked a little, clearly surprised by your thinking ahead

“You’ve got me there, but a whole crib? I was more thinking of the baby sleeping in your bed with you” he responded while you put your phone back in your pocket.

“And where would you sleep?” you responded sarcastically

“I don’t know, my own bed?”

“Yeah no, a crib is just fine” you took a sip of your drink.

“I’ve only got you for 2 more weeks, I’m using that time,” you said, the waitress coming back to your table with plates held above her shoulder.

“Will that be all?” she asked, looking towards spencer

“Yes, it will” you interjected, making her look down and walk away.

You took your plate and began eating, the food was definitely perfected like you had thought, the taste melting in your mouth.

He had ordered stuffed shells, cutting away at them while eating.

Dinner went by quickly, he insisted on paying for lunch, he didn’t like it when you paid for him so you kept quiet.

You had taken your bags, walking out the door that he held for you and walking down the opposite direction towards the shops and stores lining the street.

“Where to first?” he asked, looking over the many possibilities to spend way too much money.

“I don’t know, let’s just walk down and see what we can find” you replied, walking quickly down looking at all the different displays in the windows.

You had found a bookstore not too far up, diving straight through the door the second you saw it.

It was small, not too many shelves but still enough to browse.

You’d looked over each one, you were pretty sure Spencer had finished a book or two while ‘browsing’.

You had come across the children’s section, Henry had been able to read for some time now, so looking for something for him to read to Michael would be adorable.

There were plenty of bright and colorful books on the small shelves but you wanted one with meaning.

You are sappy like that.

There was a small display in the corner, a newly released book.

It seemed cute and skimming through the pages made you fall in love. It was perfect for him.

You found spencer sitting in a chair, quickly flipping through the pages of a book
“You know, I’ve never been able to find out the reason behind this series' popularity” he closed the book setting it on a side table.

It was fifty shades of grey. FIFTY-FUCKING SHADES OF GREY.

You hated the series with a passion, you had been roped into seeing the movie when it came out by a friend only to be hit with 2 hours of angst and tits.

“From what I know, sad stay at home moms looking for a thrill” you commented, still not over the fact that he had chosen to read that of all books...again.

“I found this really cute book for henry, it seems perfect for him. It’s got this funny looking dinosaur or something and he wears a banana on his head! It is supposed to be about acceptance and loving yourself or whatever.

He took the book from your hand, flipping through it quickly

“Rumple’s buttercup… huh. I like it” he handed it back, standing up so you could check out.

You checked out, yet another bag to go along with your hands.

“Remember we still have to fly back with whatever you buy” he reminded you and you nodded.

“I know i know. You don’t have to remind me” you responded, still following him while he walked, looking at the different stores.

He ended up buying more than you did, mostly books again, but also a few pieces of clothing for both boys, keeping everything he bought mostly hidden.

You had walked back to the house, dropping all of the bags inside when you opened the door, flopping onto the couch in exhaustion.

“You two have been busy… what’s all of this?” JJ asked, sitting at the bar with a glass of wine and a book.

“Our love and affection towards your sons thats what” you said breathlessly, flopping your arm around towards her

She laughed, getting up and walking over to you, hugging you around your neck
“I fear the day you two have children” she whispered into your ear, making your face go red

“JJ!” you yelled, your heart rate already speeding up

She swat a hand lightly against your shoulder

“What? It's true” she replied, slinking back to the counter.

“It is not!” you argued with her again, but she just smiled and continued reading, you wished you could dump her wine on her head but alas you still loved her.

Her statement about having children, especially with Spencer, unnerved you. It would be nice one day, but not now of course, you both still had jobs and your own lives to handle.
Plus, it has only been a few weeks and getting pregnant already will just seem sleazy.

Whatever. She's just pulling your strings, trying to fluster you

“What?” spencer asked curiously, unable to hear what she had said to you

“Nothing. Where is everybody?” you asked, changing the subject.

“Already out, i offered to wait for you two” she responded, still reading carelessly

“I thought we weren;t leaving for another hour or so?” you responded, not wanting to go out again just yet.

“ Emily got antsy and decided that they were leaving early. In her words, mama needs some vodka” she mimicked Emily's voice, making you laugh.


“You can go ahead and catch up with them, just text me the address and we’ll meet you there” you assured her but she wasn’t buying it.

“Fine, but try to not break anything or get a noise complaint from tourists” she said, grabbing her bag and walking out the door.

“Ok so now we’re alone” you said with a devilish grin, he had caught on, walking over to you quickly, lifting you up so your legs could wrap around his waist.

His mouth on yours, consuming you.

Your hand’s twirled themselves into his hair, gripping hard, making him groan into your kiss.

“Spence… not down here” you managed to make out in between his attacks on your mouth.

He started walking, carrying you up the stairs, still holding on tight to you, kissing you as much as he could.

He kicked open the door with his foot, closing behind him, he tossed you back onto the bed, still kissing up and down your neck, sucking lightly, definitely going to leave a few marks.

He pulled off his own shirt, you doing the same from under him, kicking off both of your shoes and pulling down your shorts.

You removed your bra, throwing it to the side so that you were only left in your panties.

He moved down your neck, cupping your breasts roughly on his way down, pinching and twisting at your nipples with both hands for a few moments before pulling them away, focusing on the hem of your panties.

He looked up to you, you knew exactly what he was asking for and you nodded, not caring about anything else at the moment.

With one motion, the side of your panties ripped in two, allowing him to throw the useless fabric onto the floor.

You had no idea why he enjoyed doing that so much, but it was incredibly hot to see him do anything even slightly aggressive, making the slick between your legs become noticable.

His finger traced up and down your pussy, stopping below your clit each time, making you whine underneath his grasp.

“So impatient…” he spoke in a low voice, the kind he would use when he had just woken up or was close to sleep.

He lowered his face down to in between your thighs, licking his lips slowly.

You got goosebumps from anticipation, waiting for him to do anything, even just touch you.

He put your thighs ontop of his shoulder’s, propping your bottom half up towards him.

He licked long, stripes up your cunt, your eyes rolling back as you arched yourself for him.
He sped up, going faster and faster with his tongue, you were screaming his name, begging for more of him, but he just kept eating away at you.

His tongue dipped inside of you, twisting and curling, you were clawing at the bedsheets, your whole body tense.

You felt yourself becoming closing and closer to cumming, your back uncontrollably moving against him, wanting to get your own sweet release sooner.

“Oh god spence!” your lips parted delightfully letting words loose, a mix of praises and curses to both you and him spilling out.

“Fuck” he muttered into your core, him using profanities always was attractive, anything out of character for him was attractive if you thought about it.

He continued, your thighs shook around his neck, the pleasure was too much.

You moaned in a high-pitched tone as you came, he continued going at it even while you bucked your hips against him, letting you ride out your high for as long as possible.

You released the sheets, lolling your head to the side for a moment before sitting up on your forearms, he got up from in between your legs, letting them fall onto the bed again.

He walked around the bed, still in his jeans, not attempting anything further.
You felt a little bad that he hadn’t gotten off, but spent his time on you.

“Spence, come here” you said breathlessly, still trying to fully catch your breath.

He turned questioningly, walking right up next to you

“Hm?” he cocked an eyebrow.

You sat up completely, turning around on the bed
“Sit” you said, he did, sitting at the head of the bed

He was trying to read your movements as you moved closer to him, putting one knee in between his legs, kissing him slowly, tasting yourself on him still.

He always did the most for you, there wasn’t much work for you to put in, but you still wanted to try.

You broke away from the kiss, trailing slowly down his chest to the zipper of his pants, looking up at him while you pulled it down.

He groaned, rolling his head back against the headboard, it was obvious he was already mostly hard, it had to be uncomfortable in jeans.

You pulled down his boxers, his erection springing out in front of you.

Bits of pre-cum beading at the tip, you swirl your tongue around a few times, teasing him a bit before taking him all the way into your throat, the head hitting harshly at the back of your throat.

He tangled his hand in your hair, not pulling too roughly.

(unlike whatever bitch ass hoe you’re dating while reading this, spencer reid isn’t a cunt and he respects women…. Until Y/N asks him to be rough)

You squeezed your thumbs in your palms, bobbing your head up and down around him, trying not to choke or sputter.

He groaned, pulling more unintentionally, you moaned, sending vibrations through his core.

With the little room you had you tried to swirl and move your tongue as much as you could, hollowing out your cheeks for him to be able to fit better in your mouth.

You kept your gaze on his, letting him watch as your lips stretched around his cock, taking every inch into your mouth.

God you were fucking perfect to him.

You continued, speeding up a little each time, your hands placed on the base of his thighs.

He twitched slightly in your mouth, close to his own release.

You did deeper juts into the back of your throat, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes.

He gave out a deep moan, clutching your hair directly at the root as he came, filling your throat with a tangy hot liquid.

He released your hair, while you licked over your lips, the taste wasn’t disgusting but it wasn’t exactly pleasant either.

You crawled off the bed, walking towards the shower.

“Are you just going to sit there? Come on” you called to him from the doorway of the bathroom, switching on the water.

He smiled, stripping off the rest of his clothes and following you.

You still had a whole night ahead with your team and being coated in each other's cum isn't exactly the look, maybe in the 70s but not now.

Chapter Text

You had showered, gotten dressed again and both brushed your teeth, a mutual decision from your activities.

The directions JJ had sent you were not far at all, closer than the walk to the restaurant from earlier.

You walked hand in hand together, the sun beginning to set, turning the sky a bright red and pink hue.


The outside of the bar was relatively modern, with a boho type of vibe, decorated heavily with neon lights and wood accents

You stepped inside, seeing that the rest of the team had gotten a head start on drinks, out on the dance floor together, moving together to the overly loud music.

You had headed directly to the bar, getting a fruity cocktail for yourself, suddenly feeling the need not to drink as much as you had wanted earlier, plus someone had to make sure everyone got home without getting hit by a car, and you couldn’t place that burden on spencer.

Him and Morgan moved to a booth, sitting down laughing and talking with each other, so you went out onto the dance floor, dancing lightly against Garcia in a playful way.

“Heyyy! You’re here!” she exclaimed, clearly probably about 4-5 drinks in from the way she was slurring her words

“Yeah, why don’t we go sit at a booth?” you tried to pull her arm lightly, but she just toppled slightly before nodding, following you to a booth with the boys.

You sat down next to spencer, penelope scooting next to morgan

“How much has she had to drink?” you whispered sharply to morgan

“I have no control, you missed their karaoke advent though” he remarked

“I'm glad” you responded

The idea of having to sing again in front of your team made you want to pass out right there,

“Where is rossi?” you asked looking around, he was the only one you couldn’t lay eyes on throughout the building.

There was two stories, a visible lounge upstairs where you didn't see him either.

“He's in the bathroom i think” he responded, pointing to a door in the corner..

You took a sip of your drink, setting it down on the table in front of you.

Something about drinking made you feel terrible in the pit of your stomach, like some sort of instinct.

You pushed it away, not wanting to throw up.

“You ok?” spencer asked quietly, a private sort of question

You nodded
“Yeah im fine” you responded, getting up to go back to the bar

“ hey can i get two waters please?” you asked the bartender, leaning over to take them from her hands

You plopped down sliding one over to penelope
“Drink” you said sternly

She took the glass, sipping the straw.

“It should help” you said gently this time, she was still waving her head back and forth slowly to the music

Emily and JJ strolled up, both looking a lot better than Garcia did, probably drank less, or if you were Emily, had better tolerance.

“Woohoo! You’re finally here! We’re just about to go to another place down the street, alot bigger than this one” emily had to speak loudly so you could hear over the music

“Ok, probably best before it gets dark” you added and they both shrugged, Rossi came out from behind the area of the bar, seeing everyone at the table.

“Whats going on?” he asked, putting his hands up in the air beside his head

“We are going to that place we told you about earlier” JJ said, picking up her bag from next to morgan

You had just gotten there so leaving felt a bit weird, but you stood up while rossi paid the tab.

“Well that was fun” Spencer remarked quietly into your ear, you just shook your head and continued walking.

Out the door, Emily led everyone down a few blocks until you arrived at a stand-alone building that looked more like a warehouse than a club.

“This is the place” she said, looking at her phone and the sign above her, illuminated in neon letters.

You all walked up to the bouncer, showing IDs and walking inside.

It was even more dark and loud, the two story place was packed to the brim with drunk and partying people, all crammed together on the dance floor.

There were booths lining the walls, all mostly filled but there were a few empty ones in the corners.

“I'm going to go get a booth, you guys go on” you said walking over to an empty table in the corner, sitting down and pulling out your phone.

Scrolling through social media, there was nothing new or important for you to catch your attention on. JJ sat down across from you, everyone else seemed to be off doing there thing

“Y/N. are you alright? You seem a little out of it” she asked, you looked up at her confused

“I'm fine why?” you asked her, first spencer and now her? What was so obviously wrong?


“Private question but are you on the pill? Having any sudden nausea or distaste for things you normally like?” she asked and your eyes went wide

“I am not pregnant! I am on birth control JJ, stop with all of this pregnancy talk” you snapped at her, you were starting to become a little uneasy from her saying these things

“You’re just acting similar to how i did when i got pregnant with henry so i was curious, it's fine if you want to keep things private im just here to help. You know i love you right?” she reached out her hands and took yours in her own, clasping the tight

“Of course i do. I can assure you though, that i'm not pregnant. If i was you’d be the first to know” you assured her, trying to make a joking tone even though you were internally screaming.

You weren’t pregnant, there was no way. You ARE on the pill.
It’s too soon for you to have a child anyways and ( bless his heart) neither of you are fit to be parents!

You’d know if you were pregnant too, it's all just a silly misunderstanding!

You brushed it off, trying to distract yourself. You got up onto the dance floor, where you saw Derek and Spencer playfully dancing with each other.

You smiled, it was adorable and humourous to see them fake waltz together to a song that had nothing to do with formality.

You made your way through the crowd to Emily and Penelope, dancing up next to them.

You let yourself fall into the music, let your mind loose, to forget about the worries JJ had given you.

You and Emily held hands, jumping up and down, twisting and turning, dancing as much as you could.

It was about 30 minutes into you dancing when a pair of hands grabbed your waist, you turned around expecting Spencer but it was a total stranger.

You pulled his hands off of you, stepping back towards the girls
“No thanks” you said as politely as one could in a situation like that .
You continued dancing, the same guy inching his way closer to you, making you impossibly uncomfortable
“Dude, take a hint” you said, his face lit up in rage, turning his attention to garcia and emily, so you grabbed both of their arms, pulling them towards the booth

You heard him utter an insult to you as you walked away
You sat them down
“Fucking asshole” you muttered, sitting down yourself

“Why’d you drag us over here?” penelope uttered, trying to get back up but you shot a finger and she sat back down

“Some creep was rubbing up on me and when I said no he decided you two would be fit. Gave off big rapist vibes” you looked around to see if he was still there

“Just give it a few minutes, you two could use to sit down some too”

“Oh my god seriously, are you alright?” JJ asked, still sitting in the booth with a drink in hand

You nodded
“Where's Spence and derek? Last time i saw them they were slow dancing together” you laughed at your own remark

She shrugged, maybe they were still out on the dance floor.

You had ordered yourself a few drinks, even against your own gut you drank them all, feeling tipsy by the third.

You were all laughing at the table, joking together about random topics

“So Y/N… how-how is he?” Emily giggled, this bitch was drunk as hell.

“What do you mean? Spe-spence?” stuttering was probably one of your worst traits when you drank.

“Yeah spencer. How is he-you know” the hand motion she did next made you burst out into laughter

“Why do you want to know?” you responded, trying to contain your laughter, sipping back yet another drink

“Cmon, just tell us. It's interesting!” she prodded

“Is he still leaving those bruises haha?” garcia was barely alive at this point, slumped over in the seat of the booth

“He what!?” they both said in unison

“Thanks garcia, real helpful. T-there not br-bruises ok. There's a difference!” you protested to her statement.

“And for your -information, he’s great. I dont want anymore questions about- about it… it’s private” you laughed at your whispering.

“Hmm ‘great’ is a relative term Y/N. i’ll accept it though” emily laughed,

“Speaking of the devil” jj remarked as derek and spencer walked over to the table

“I got pretty boy to do shots with me!” derek sat down, making emily scoot over

“I think me and him were married by some old guy in the bathroom just now… are we husbands now?” he asked blankly, alcohol was not his strong suit.

“Whatever you say” derek responded while spencer just stared forward while he sat down

“I don't want to be married to Morgan though” he muttered, sounding genuinely upset.

“Spence. It's ok you’re not married to Derek, he’s already married” you assured him, feeling a little bad.

“De-derek. What exactly did he drink?” you asked him, starting to worry it might’ve been too much for him

“A few vodka mixers and some fireball. He DID not like fireball” he laughed as spencer shot his head backwards, looking up at the ceiling

Everyone eventually got back up, going off to do separate things, but you stayed behind with Spencer, who was definitely worse for wear.

He kept his head up, looking at the ceiling for a concerningly long time, you had gotten hom to drink some water, but it didn’t do much.

You yourself were a little better at handling your drinks, the occasional outburst or stuttering but that's it.

He seemed like he did 3 tabs of acid.

You sat together for hours, you mainly played on your phone while waiting for everyone else to get bored.

You were nearing midnight when everyone came back to the table
“You guys ready to go?” you asked them, ready to go home and go to bed

“Yeah, my head's throbbing” JJ said, picking up her bag.

“Spence c'mon and get up, we’re going back to the house” he groaned, standing up, rubbing his temples

You did the honors of paying for everyone's drinks, the price tag making your eyes pop out of your head

Everyone walked down the sidewalk, dragging themselves behind.

At the front door, everyone clamored inside, dropping their stuff at the front door and slinking upstairs.

Spencer flopped over on the couch, laying back
“Spence, you can't sleep on the couch. Lets go to bed” you tried to get him to go with you but he stayed on the couch.

“Spencer… ugh fine” you trudged up the stairs, yanked the blanket off of the bed, and went back downstairs

“Scoot over or lay on your back” you said, the blanket wrapped around your shoulders.

He grumbled, laying on his back so you could lay on top of him, your head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat lull you to sleep.

He lazily put his arms around you, both of you falling asleep rather quickly, the consequences of your “night of fun” would wreak havoc on you tomorrow morning anyways

~The Next Morning~


“Penelope stop taking pictures”


“Can someone make the air be quieter?”

“I can’t help it! They’re so adorable. Like baby kittens”

You groaned
“Call me a baby kitten again and i'll choke you to death” you mumbled, in that weird state of where your still sleeping but aware of what's going on, when you first start to wake up

“See you woke her up” you presumed it was emily talking still not opening your eyes

You tried to go back to bed, laying in silence, with his arms still around you, it's not like you could leave anyways

You managed to get into a calm state, still asleep but not dreaming, just as relaxing.

You were woken again by him moving sometime later, clearly he had woken up and couldn’t move.

“Yeah yeah yeah. Just stop moving so much” you groaned, flipping off of him and onto the floor, which normally would have been painful if not for the large ass blanket breaking your fall.

“ you could’ve just stood up” he said, giving you a hand so you could get up

“That's too much work” you replied, walking over to the coffee pot, which thankfully still had some left

Here you handed him a cup of plain black coffee, you kept yours the same this time despite your distaste for it.

You clicked a few buttons and began brewing another pot, everyone looked like they could use it.

You sat down at a stool in front of the countertop bar, keeping your head low

“What even happened last night?” he muttered, sitting next to you.

As dead faced as you could you said
“You and derek got married”

Everyone looked at you with shocked expressions

“What? I didn’t get many details but that's what i was told. Congrats to the newlyweds” you took a sip of coffee but no one seemed very amused

You didn’t drink as much as they did, enough to still have a pretty nasty headache but nothing unbearable.

You weren’t going to waste a day over it.

“I'm going out today, if you guys want to come, you can. If not you can keep doing whatever… this is” you made a hand motion in front of them before going upstairs.

You stripped off your stale clothing, putting on a light sundress, your heeled-sandals, sunglasses, and a floppy hat.

Your purse was still downstairs along with the keys to the SUVs.

“Ok so who’s coming with?” you asked while going down the stairs

“We are. Emily and Rossi are going to stay here” JJ said to you, hair up and in different clothing.

“I'm going to” Spencer said, not bothering to change his clothes.

“Ok then, everyone in the car” you said while snatching up a set of keys and your purse, walking out the door.

You could finally drive on your own, at least no one objected to it when you got into the driver's seat.

The girls got into the back seat and spencer up front next to you.

“Ok so the boardwalk has tons of stuff to do, roller rink, stores, everything” you said, looking in the rear-view mirror occasionally.

“No roller rink” spencer said dead-faced

“Why? Can you not skate?” you asked him, keeping your eyes on the road

He didn’t say anything

“You can’t skate?! Oh you are so learning today” you smiled, pulling into the parking garage just outside of the entrance to the boardwalk.

You hopped out of the car, locking it behind you.

“I can exactly skate either Y/N” garcia said while grabbing her overly large purse and swinging it over her shoulder

“More the reason to learn” you said, walking down the concrete ramps and out into the warm glow of the sun.

You all walked along the boardwalk, the roller rink was closer to the end of the boardwalk, passing gift shops and restaurants on the way.

“Ooh look at that!” garcia admired something random in a store window

You had gotten inside the busy roller rink, bright neon colors illuminated the large floor.

Lets get skates, spence and penelope…. Try not to break your necks while i get my shoes on” you said to both of them, getting the rental for your skates and finding a bench to put them on

“I'm serious i can't skate in the slightest” he said to you, pulling the skates on wearily

“I've got you spence, it's easy after a moment. Trust me” you patted his thigh, standing up.

“I've got a bad knee” he complained

“I have a bullet wound in my stomach” you prodded back, taking his hand and leading him to the wall of the rink.

“I've got three” he muttered and you rolled your eyes at him.

He stepped onto the floor, gripping tightly onto you and the wall.

“Try moving forward a little, sway your feet a little outwards. Push yourself forward” you guided him so he could move along the wall

He tried and stumbled a bit, pulling himself back up

“Here, take my hands” you gave him your hands, pulling him forwards while you skated slowly backwards.

“See this is fun” you giggled, seeing emily and garcia together on the other side of the rink, moving slowly as they trudged along

“I wouldn’t exactly call this fun” he tried to move on his own, stumbling ever so often.

He tried more and more to move on his own, getting better and better the more he did.

He moved on his own, still moving slower than ever.

The girls caught up with you, keeping distance for god knows what reason.

Eventually he started getting cocky, going around you, smiling as he came up from behind you

“Keep it up and I'll outrun you. I did roller derby for 3 summers in highschool” you pushed his arm lightly

“ I remember the photos you showed me, they should really have more limits on the game” he remarked, the smiling you with a bloody nose in the photo in question.

“That was a look for me” you joked with him, going ahead to turn around and go backwards, facing him.

“Sure it was” he laughed lightly, the music and sounds of people enjoying their day consuming you.

It was like one of those aesthetic music videos

The song electric love started playing, one of your personal favorites.

You began to go quicker, twisting and twirling playfully to the music

He smiled, seeing you act so natural and care-free melted his heart.

Gripping the sidelines to keep from falling, Emily and Penelope watched as the two of your skated around, smiling and laughing together.

“If they don’t get married already i swear” penelope said, her quick jump to things was relatable with emily, both wanting to already go dress shopping.

“It's so obviously more than just dating, I mean look at them! That's obviously love” she leaned her back against the rail, careful not to slip.

“They’re both too stubborn to admit it though. Watch it be 20 years before they admit it to each other, let alone themselves” emily replied, still watching both of you

“Who knows. But if I don't get me some cute little genius babies soon, i'm going to die!'' Garcia made a pouting expression and Emily hit her arm playfully.

“Imagine with both of their looks AND intellect combined… I'd fear that child more than anything. By 6 months it will be doing better math than i can'' emily exaggerated, as you two rounded the corner coming closer to where they were standing they looked away, talking gibberish to appear busy

“Why aren’t you two skating?” you asked as you rolled up next to them, your skirt waving around when you turned to stop

“Oh um- we were just taking a break” penelope thought over her words, they were bluffing

“Mhm sure. Im going to go get some snacks from the stand over there” you rolled off, the flooring easy to glide over, straight to the stand

The two women stared down spencer as he leaned back against the wall next to them
“What?” he asked, they both kept their gazes locked

“Nothing.nothing at all” Emily said, crossing her arms across her chest.

“No really, just spill it. I saw you both watching us the entire time, she didn’t thankfully for the both of you” he said calmly, making glances over to you every few seconds

“When. am. I… getting me some adorable genius babies?” garcia said, staring straight forward with a smile that clearly said she was holding back laughter

His eyes went wide and then normal again
“You aren’t even the first to ask that” he replied, referring to the fact that Morgan had asked the question earlier amidst coffee at the counter

“You should not be surprised. Seriously. We just want to see both of you happy” she said sweetly, you had just come back, waving snacks.

You all sat down at a table, stuffing your faces full of the various fast food like stuff you had bought

“Ok so where to next? I'm thinking maybe we hit the pier and we can go back home after that. I haven’t been to the beach yet so i'd like to go” you sipped some of your soda, rolling your feet underneath the table.

“Sounds good, i'm going to have to skip out on the beach thing though” emily said, elbowing garcia out of your view

“Y-yeah me too,” Penelope said sheepishly, making you cock an eyebrow but brush it off quickly.

“Alright. Spence, you ok with beaches? I'll go on my own if not its fine” you asked, still plucking fries out of the basket in the center of the table

“I'll go” he said with a face-full of food, you just smiled and clapped your hands together.

“Ok great! If you two don’t want to skate anymore we can leave now” you said and they both nodded, clearly skating wasn’t their go-to activity

You leaned over, untying your skates and carrying them at your side while you went to get your shoes, the socks they sold at the counter were awfully uncomfortable, you just settled on throwing them away in the garbage bin while you walked back.

Everyone gathered their things, returning their skates and disposing of their food.
Everyone walked out onto the crowded pier, to one side is the area for fishermen and tourists to view the waters, the other for attractions and gift shops.

Taking a sharp left towards the less crowded deck, the edges leaning over to the water below.

It was breathtakingly beautiful, the blue and dark green water cascading towards the land below.

“See. In Virginia all we have is muddy looking ponds and maybe 2 decent beaches, i wish i lived here” you said while leaning against the wood railing.

“Wouldn’t we all? But sadly the BAU is on the other side of the country and i could never leave my job. You all are my furry little babies, plus what would I do without you? The FBI would just put me on another watchlist and hunt me down. I would be a fun unsub though….” penelope trailed off, rambling on and on about how her perfect crime would go

You all spent about half an hour at the pier, just talking to each other, mostly about fun things you’d like to do the rest of your stay.

It was nearing the end of the day while you drove home, everyones ankles and feet hurt from the skates, something pretty typical.

“Why do you drive so fast?! I swear we’re all going to die!'' Emily whined from the backseat, clutching the handle on the ceiling.

“I'm doing the speed limit! You’re just being overdramatic” you said, looking back to see the terrified expressions of both girls.

You looked over to spencer for reassurance just to see he had the same expression
“Oh come on! I'm not slowing down, just deal with it!” you said, taking the turn into the area for the house, braking quickly and shutting off the engine.

“Time for the beach!” you hopped out of the car while the rest refrained from throwing up while hobbling out of the vehicle

Spencer muttered an “Im sorry” to the girls while you walked inside, they both nodded while clutching their stomachs

Everyone clamored inside, you were already upstairs, preparing your bathing suit when your hands trailed over the red lingerie you had packed for him before.

You hadn’t had a chance to try it on yet, it was the only way to keep it mostly a surprise from him.

You took it, walking into the bathroom and stripping out of your clothing, taking the red top and pulling it on over your breasts, connecting the garter and panties to the lace attachment.

It was overly complicated to put on.

You did a look in the mirror, twirling around. It was beautiful, the way it held your breasts up, the red lace coating your hips and how the garter straps cupped your thighs.

You could easily wait for him to come upstairs and keep it on, skipping the beach for a bit so you could go later.

You heard footsteps out in the hall and slammed the bathroom door. It was more embarrassing when confronted with it than in your mind.

“Y/N?” he called after you, the door shutting behind him.

You bit the inside of your bottom lip, nervous to show him what you had bought.

“I'm in here! I’ll be out in a second” you yelled through the door and he responded with a small “ok”.

You held your breath, fixing up the pieces of lace over your sides, taking a deep whim of air before opening the door.

“What do you think?” you asked, keeping your face low and your hands together, fiddling with them.

His eyes were wide, realizing that is what was in the bag.

It was beautiful on you, every way it held your curves. The way the red contrasted against your pale skin.

He stepped closer to you, lifting you up by your waist so you could have your head above his
“I love it” he lowered you just enough so your legs could wrap around his waist.

You kissed him slowly, pulling at his bottom lip a little with your teeth.

He laughed in a low tone, turning you around to the bed.

Instead of throwing you down like he usually would, he set you down more gently, making you wonder what he really had in mind for you.

He didn’t rip or pull the garment off of you, instead just looking over every inch of you, his fingers trailing the patterns of the lace just above the peak of your breasts.

He was doing his best to engrave this moment into the very depths of his memory, even better than he would anything else. You lying in front of him dressed in something you most certainly bought just for him.

Your cheeks were red, hands curled together above your tits. You didn’t enjoy his staring, even though he had seen you naked in more ways than one you felt more revealed than ever.

Though something within you liked the way his eyes traveled over your entire being, his stare hungry and lustful while he bit his bottom lip, something you LOVE when he does it.

His hands rested at about your hips, laying flat so that he leaned slightly above you.

It took a moment, but he leaned down, kissing you roughly, all at once he had taken exactly what you had wanted him to do, his touch gentle but his forcefulness at your lips was completely the opposite.

One of his hands was on your shoulder, holding you down while the other pushed around the layer of fabric at your v-line, moving quickly down your already wet cunt.

He dipped in and out of you, adding a second finger when comfortable, curling them each time he pumped them back inside of you, hitting that sweet-spot each time.

You opened your mouth to moan, covering yourself with the back of your hand. Everyone was still inside the house, they may even be in the room next to you so being quiet or at least muffled is a must.

When the pad of his thumb grazed over your clit, you arched against him.

He loves it when you can’t control yourself underneath his touch, even the slightest bit could make you wriggle and squirm beneath him.

At least for now he’d taken the unspoken memo not to rip this, pushing it aside… for now


He could tell you were getting needy, your breathing getting deeper the more he touched you

He doesn't want to rip this up like others, he wanted to see you wear it again, pulling down the side of the panties normally instead of ripping them off

He’d removed his pants, hovering slightly above you, lining himself up with your entrance

He moved in slowly, not wanting to push in too roughly like he had done a few nights ago.

You let out a deep moan, feeling every inch of him fill you like it was the first time again.

He looked down to you, getting a quick nod that it was okay to move’

He pulled the back of your thighs upwards, angling your lower half closer to him

“Fuck spence” you uttered, trying to place words properly

Moving slowly, picking up his pace with each stroke, he brought his hands over the lace covering your breasts, your tits moving up and down with his thrusts.

Your eyes rolled back into your head a little, having to focus on his breathing and your own sounds of satisfaction to keep from completely going limp

He continued at a relentless pace, slamming into you with extreme force.

The angle he had you at was pushing into your g-spot, sending waves of pleasure through your core and stars in your vision

You could feel the white hot feeling of your release building, coming closer and closer to your orgasm with each thrust

Without thinking you moved your hand down your body, grabbing his and pulling it to your throat, something you’d been wanting him to do since before you even started dating

He looked concerned, but ultimately did as you had asked, squeezing the sides of your throat with his fingers like YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO.

(when your girl wants to be choked she just wants you to squeeze the sides of her throat with your fingers, NOT full on crush her esophagus with your palm. Get it straight)

You smiled hazily, leaning your head back a little

“Oh fuck” you sputtered out, your words slightly unintelligable from your lack of air.

Feeling his grip around your throat while he relentlessly fucked you is so euphoric, an absolute heaven for you.

“Har-der” you choked out, him taking your go ahead and going even quicker than before, still steady and clean with his movement, squeezing a tad-bit harder around your neck.

His other hand is still free, moving the pad of his thumb over your clit, a loud high-pitched moan coming from you.

You clenched tightly, coming hard around him, your moans muffled from his grip

He filled you up with his own cum, the warm feeling to match with your ridden out high was amazing.

Pulling out, leaving you clenching around nothing, the feeling of emptiness around

“Are you alright?” he asked and you nodded breathlessly, he had removed his hand from your throat so you could properly breathe again.

He stood up off of the bed, walking around to where you are, helping you upwards.

“I'm going to run you a bath, just sit here” he said and you nodded, feeling bubbly about the special aftercare you always got from him, whether it be baths or even just cuddling with you while you both fell asleep, you love it.

You could hear the water running, continuing for a few minutes before cutting off and he returned to the room.

Helping you out of bed, holding your hands while you stepped into the large tub, the hot water engulfing you and calming your muscles

He tried to turn around and leave the bathroom but you grabbed his hand

“Get in” you said, not breaking your tone

“y/n. There's no room” he replied, looking into the water

You tugged his arm, showing that you weren’t going to back down from this one

He sighed, grabbing the edge of the tub with his free arm and stepping inside, the water rising and he sat down opposite to you, having to bend his knees up to even think about fitting.

“See. thats better” you said with a smile, you are always sweet and cuddly after sex, wanting nothing more than to hold him tightly

“Whatever you say” he replied and you splashed his with a little of water

“So the whole choking thing. You want to talk about that?” he chose a topic and ran with it, a little curious about the sudden intrigue with it in bed

“There's not much to talk about. You have things you enjoy and I have mine. I just happen to like that in particular” you said calmly, feeling comfortable with talking with him about sex whenever.

“Hm well you’ve just never asked for it before. Anything else I should know about? Any secret kinky sex clubs?” he asked, laughing a little when you sent more water into his face

“No for your information, there is no kinky sex clubs. Plus, surprises are no fun when spoiled, you’ll know in due time” you said, leaning your head back against the rim of the tub.

You let the warmth consume you, your lower half still aching from your activities only moments before.



Chapter Text

*3 days later*

You were asleep, your last day at the beach house before having to leave that night to return home, holding on tightly to Spencer, who is also asleep.

A knock on the door woke him, not you, who is still fast asleep from the activities you had done the night before

“Come in” he said groggily, covering you with more blanket to conceal your naked body

He rubbed his eyes, not moving from your grasp

Morgan and Rossi walked inside, clearly amused by his predicament

“Ayy there pretty boy” Derek said quietly with a smile, looking over at your unconscious form attached to his side

“Keep looking and I’ll kill you. What do you two need?” spencer said in a scary serious tone

“Cool it. I already said I’m not bailing anyone out of jail. We just came in here to invite you to come with us for the day, the girls are planning on doing something but we can see you’re clearly busy. We’ll be around for another hour in case you change your mind” Rossi said, the talking making you stir from your sleep.

Without opening your eyes you went to lean upward, spencer putting an arm across your chest, pushing you back underneath the blanket

“Ow Spence! That is NOT how you grab a tit and you know it” you said in a groggy voice, rolling over to the side, morgan holding in every bit of laughter he could

“y/n. Rossi and Derek are in here, you might want to mind what you’re wearing before sitting up” he said quietly, you rolling over and opening your eyes

“Huh what? oh...Good morning boys… any particular reason you’re in here?” you asked in a quiet, scratchy voice

Derek was still looking like he was about to fall over on the floor
“Sorry kiddo, just go back to bed. We’re leaving” Rossi grabbed morgan by the arm, leading him out of the room, hearing morgan makes some jokes out in the hall

“Uggh. I told you when we got here they would watch us sleep. I just thought it would be Penelope” you sat up, being able to be naked in your own bed

“Add that to the list of things we’ll have to hear about at work now” he replied, giving you a kiss and rolling you on top of him, so you straddled his waist while he sat.

“Spence.its early, and I’m quite frankly still a little sore from last night,” you said, tracing your fingers on his chest, reminiscing about the night before

He put a few fingers along your chin, pulling your mouth to his, giving you light kisses

“ am I not allowed to kiss my beautiful girlfriend without there being sex involved?” he said in between kisses, his compliment making you blush.

“We have to pack today Spence. Then we can go home and have a few days completely to ourselves before Henry and Michael come over” you strummed your fingers against his chest, leaning your face against him, enjoying the time you had

“We don’t have to start packing for a while y/n. It on average only takes about 23 minutes for a person to completely pack one suitcase” he said, his statistics and witty comments always being so cute to you.

“Mhm you don’t say” you reply, voice mumbled from your position

“Well as soon as we get home, there some gifts I want to show you” you said, the packages you ordered were already delivered, waiting in your garage as to your request

Considering there is a whole crib involved, it might be a little awkward digging through to find the things you bought for him though

“Oh? I’m starting to like these surprises y/n” he said, the pads of his thumbs grazing over your nipples while he moved his hands up and down your torso

“Bath or shower?” you asked him, knowing you both had to take one, especially it being your last day

“I’m not fitting into that tub again, shower” he said, having been cramped inside a few days ago by you

You shrugged, rolling over from on top of him, still naked from the night before and walked over to the open bathroom, going inside and starting the water, turning it slightly lower than you usually would as to not scald him

He followed in as you stepped completely inside, the steam clouding the glass doors almost immediately

He got in with you, shutting the door behind him.

The warm water engulfed you, your back against his chest while you both stood underneath the rainfall showerhead above you, much different from the one you have at home

You both took your time, using every minute you had to just be with one another, alone without interruption.

Once the water had begun to run cold, you washed the last of the suds off of yourself and cut off the water, stepping out into the warm bathroom.

He had a towel loosely wrapped around his waist, scrolling through his phone while you dried your hair.

Switching off the hairdryer, your hair still slightly damp but mostly dry, you walked out into the room, it being cold enough to make your skin cover itself in goosebumps the moment your feet hit the hardwood

You had washed all of your clothing the day before, wanting to just be able to put your stuff back once you got home, pulling out the same outfit you'd arrived in

“I could easily buy you the same sweater you know, maybe one closer to your size” spencer said, pulling on his own hoodie and a pair of jeans

“That just ruins it then. It's not supposed to fit and it's not supposed to be mine” you replied back only to get a confused look from him

“It's hard to explain Spence,” you said and he only shook his head.

You both spent hours going through the bags of stuff you had bought, fitting it all into your suitcases.

You were almost done with the bags until you reached the one with the lilac two piece in it, having forgotten you even bought it.

“Ooh spence look at this. Purple is your favorite color right?” you handed the bag to him, tissue paper hastily put on the top

He opened it carefully, pulling out both pieces
“So this is what you bought that first night? I remember the bag you came back with” he said, looking over the top part to it, each little detail not missing his eye

“You should wear this ince we’re home...for research purposes” he said, folding both pieces and handing them back to you

“Like i said. There is packages waiting at the house so you’ll have to decide” you put the pieces of fabric away in your luggage, zipping up the top half that held henry’s new books and other things you bought him

“You treat me so well” he said jokingly, puting the back of his hand to his forehead

You tapped his chest, pushing him backwards a little

You finished packing, dragging all of your stuff to the door and double checking the room for any of your belongings

He carried things downstairs while you checked through everything, feeling a wave of sudden nausea while walking around the bed

You dashed to the bathroom, only barely making it to the toilet before you coughed up whatever contents you had in your stomach, retching for a few moments before taking a towel and wiping your mouth clean

“What the hell did I eat?” you said, swishing a glass of water through your mouth to rid the taste of bile

You brushed it off as eating something wrong, not telling anyone when you walked back downstairs looking even more pale than usual

Everyone packed up the cars, you still had a few hours before you had to leave for the airport, spending a majority of it with JJ, her listing off everything that michael could need when she drops him off in a few days

“Jj, I love you, but I know how to care for a child, he’s in the best of care with me and spence. You don't need to worry” you said to her, she nodded, taking a deep breath

“You’re right. Plus, after that you both can come back to work! Cases have not been easy without you both” she said, you felt as though she was mainly talking about spencer though, there's not much you can contribute

You showed her the things you bought for the boys during their stay, trying to keep your other purchases hidden, not being able to scroll fast enough

“What's that?” she took the phone out of your hand before you could exit, looking at the leather strap set you had ordered, the green “delivered” sign above it

“Keep quiet and hand me that” you said snatching your phone back from her, exiting out of the app

“Is that for him??” she asked quietly, minding that rossi and spencer were chatting in the kitchen not far from where you sat

“No jj it's for you. Of course it is, he liked it so i bought it” you whispered, pushing her shoulder.

“My god y/n. Young love i guess” she said

“Jj you’re only a few years older than me though and you're only a year older than him… i don't want to hear it” you said, she just smiled and checked her watch

“We should get going, just in case there is traffic” she said, loud enough for rossi and reid to hear

Everyone piled out into the cars outside, you offered not to drive, not feeling well all morning, sitting in the backseat while the quick drive to the airport passed, the sky beginning to darken as night fell

Getting out, your bags being taken up for you, spencer waiting for you outside the car he rode in.

“Im getting that couch one way or another” he whispered in your ear

“I'll be kind enough to share since its night time” you replied back, walking up the ramp, him following after you

“Ooh that is so not fair” he said, you already in the jet

“I believe it is perfectly fair” you said, plopping down onto the couch, leaving room for him next to you

The rest of the team got on the plane, filling in the seats with each other

Rossi stopped in front of the two of you
“Please refrain from joining the “mile high club” i don't think i can go on another trip if that all you two are going to do” he said and you shook your head, hitting him with the book you had in your hands

“The entire trip i tell ya. Either you didn't realize our rooms were right next to each other or you simply don't care, either way. You owe me ear plugs” rossi said with a smile, sitting down next to derek

“Were we really that loud?” you asked him quietly and he wide-eyed nodded

“Yeah. pretty loud” he said, pulling out his own book

You both read for a while, the plane taking off, about thirty minutes in penelope and emily start handing each other cash

“What Are you two doing?” you asked once you saw rossi drop a few bills into the pile, your legs kicked over spencers lap

“Ooh y/n. You want to get in on the betting?” she asked, holding up the several hundred dollars

“Betting? Again? And on what?” you asked, JJ seemed to be staying out of the betting

“How long it takes for the two of you to get married. My call is 4 months, rossi has 2, emily said 3 and derek has 6” she said and your face went red, spencer tensing up a little

“For the love of god, please stop betting on us! I will personally give you each however much is in the pot to leave it alone” you said, they all groaned, taking back their money

“You guys all suck. I just hope you know that” you said to them, they all shook their heads

“Fine. but if any of us are right you aren’t hearing the end of it” penelope said, sticking her tongue out at you

“That's enough” you said, leaning your head back against the arm of the couch, setting your book on the floor and closing your eyes

You must've fallen asleep rather quickly, spencer tried to talk to you, not even noticing you were asleep at first. Even being in his sweater, the cabin of the plane was cold, asking rossi for one of the blankets from the overhead bins

He set it over you, leaning back and falling asleep himsel, a few certain pictures were snapped by garcia before being stopped by jj

You slept for about 2 hours, waking up halfway through to the blanket on you and everyone asleep. You got up from your cramped position, stretching a bit and grabbing your phone from your purse. The screen lit up the entire cabin of the plane, the clock only reason that it was 9 pm

Spencer had fallen asleep sitting upright, you felt a little bad for taking up most of the couch, even after telling him you would share. You took the blanket that he must’ve placed on you, and threw it over him, walking over to the area in front of the cockpit that held a small mini fridge

You too a bottle of water, dropping the cash into the box, though $4 is crazy for some water

You walked back to the couch, downing half the bottle and setting it on the table across from you, snuggling up against spencer and closing your eyes again, falling asleep upright like he had, your head against his shoulder

The hours passed quickly, the plane touching down at the airport sometime around midnight, everyone being woken by the pilot over the intercom announcing your arrival.

“Mmm. we’re home everybody” you said, stretching your arms above your head

“Spence c'mon and wake up” you said, nudging him a little until he moved, rubbing his eyes, dark circles making their permanent home beneath them

“ Were you here?” he said, pulling the blanket off of himself, slightly confused on how it got there, coming to the conclusion you put it there

“We're going home Spence '' you said, grabbing his book from the side table and putting it in your purse, gathering your water and your own book and putting them away and leading him out of the plane, groggy and tired.

You rubbed your own eyes, walking out to the car waiting for you, a sign with each of your names on it was held in the hands of the apparent driver

You, spencer, and penelope had the same car again, both of you living on the same side of town, even when he stayed in his apartment

Penelope trotted off the plane, looking more tired than ever, not even making a lewd comment to Derek as she plopped into the backseat of the car. Leaving only one space left, Spencer took the front seat, while you sat in the back next to her.

You waved goodbye to rossi, blowing him a kiss through the window

The car pulled out of the airport, thankful to be home on your familiar side of the country, definitely cooler than the 90 degree days over in california, actually having a need for the sweater you are wearing.

The drive wasn’t long, the silent drive through empty roads illuminated only by street lights, watching the empty businesses fly by, pulling into penelope's apartment complex, she said a lazy goodbye, carrying her bags to the door where kevin waited in a robe to help her

The next stop was your house, given the time you should probably be more tired than you were, just focusing on getting home and getting to bed

The roads into town that led outward into the less crowded areas, the more woods you saw, the closer you knew you were to home, until the driver reached the gravelly turn into your driveway, spencer snapping forward, ready to get out of the car

Once completely stopped you both got out, grabbed each of your bags and thanked the driver, who left quite quickly afterwards

“Home sweet home” you said, unlocking the front door and stepping inside, dropping all of your stuff and kicking off your shoes

“Straight to bed?” you asked as he stepped inside, dropping his things besides your, he nodded, looking even more tired than usual.

You trudged upstairs, removing all of your clothing except your underwear, climbing underneath the covers and curling up against a pillow

He walked inside, doing the same, removing his clothing and following you under, wrapping his arms around you, you held him close, putting your head atop of his.

Both falling asleep, left tired and in need of proper rest after the long flight.


~~The next Morning~~

You had slept in, rather late at that, you woke up to Spencer still asleep, face in your chest while he quietly snored.

Normally it would seem a sexual act to have a man asleep between your tits, but you knew the pure intentions behind it, how he fell asleep, only wanting to be closer to you

His arms were wound behind your back, you couldn’t move in the slightest even if you tried, spencers strength our matching you ten-fold

You didn’t exactly want to move though, wanting to stay with him while he slept, seeming so much more relaxed instead of the usual tense and high strung spencer you know at work.

It saddened you to think about how he would have to go back to his own apartment once you both went back to work, not being able to share a bed every night, though you could come over whenever you wanted, but it simply wouldn’t be the same without him here with you everyday.

It was too early to just straight up ask him to move in with you, moving any quicker than you already were might scare him

You ran your fingers through his hair, closing your eyes again and relaxing, bathing in the warmth of his body connected to yours

He dug his face closer against your chest while you played with his hair lightly, it was beginning to get long, you never understood his reasoning behind changing it so often, you like it long

He murmured against you, making you think he had woken up, only for you to look down and see he was still sound asleep, talking to himself
“How could you possibly be any more adorable?” you said quietly to yourself, stroking through the crazy amount of curls he has

“Mm, I'm adorable ,'' you say?” he mumbled, still mostly asleep besides the light smirk he now had

“That you are” you said, kissing the top of his head

He smiled, moving his face completely out of your view

“Spence, you’re going to suffocate yourself doing that” you said, a slight giggle to your voice

“Oh what a way to go” he said, clearly more awake now, simply joking around with you.

“ well we have a whole day of work to do, tomorrow night is when the boys get dropped off and i have to make sure its safe for michael or jj will have both of our heads on a spike” you said, his breath warm against your bare skin

“There is some other things in the garage you might want to see as well” you said, knowing more than just your leather strap set came, you had been busy shopping all week whenever you were free

He bit his lip, rolling over onto his back and unhooking his arms from around you.

He left to grab some clothes from his room, you getting out of bed, once again feeling a wave of nausea wash over you, rushing to the toilet and hurling the empty contents of your stomach into the water, you couldn’t get anymore out, switching on the water to the sink so he wouldn't hear you.

Wiping your face up and flushing the toilet, you splashed your face with some cold water, looking at yourself in the mirror.

You had to have caught some sort of stomach bug, two days in a row is becoming annoying.

You took a swig of water, spitting out into the sink before leaving again, feeling empty and pale

He walked back in dressed, completely unknown to the fact that you had just vomited, thankfully for you.

“I'm going to be honest, i cannot build furniture, but i can translate the directions for you” he said in a dorky tone, his little smile making you feel a little better already

“Deal” you said, throwing on a shirt, leaving yourself without pants and going downstairs

You opened the garage, a stack of about 6 boxes all together, placed on top of the large box that was clearly the crib

“We should start taking these upstairs. Help me carry the c-” you stopped talking when he picked up the entire box and then another, walking past you with it

“Ok cool. You got that, i'll get the rest” you said, he smiled, carrying them up the stairs and setting them in your room

You took the other four boxes,stacking them on top of one another in your arms, slowly walking up the stairs and setting them down

“Ok, we can do the crib last because that's no fun” you said, picking up the first box, the logo on the front showing you that it was baby supplies, you set it aside, not even opening it

The next two were fun, some nice new restraints for your bed, something you wanted to try out another time, of course, in purple

You opened that box, setting the items behind you and moving onto the next, the leather strap harness inside

“You owe me for this one, I don't even know how to put something like this on!” you said, opening the box and pulling out the pieces of balck leather, bound together in the front with a silver metal O.

“You got it? I thought “you would never buy something like that”” he mimicked your voice and you rolled your eyes

There are still 3 more packages for you to open, two of which have new lingerie, you ordered some new ones after your night with the red set, this time in a dark purple and a muted lilac.

You showed each to him as you pulled them out, setting them on the floor in front of you both

The last package though was something you were dying to open, tearing through it and pulling out your now most prized possession

“Is that a bulk size box of sour ropes??” he asked, a little puzzled by your marvelation, remembering you mentioning its your favorite

“Mhm! Best.purchase.ever” you said, pulling out one of the pieces of candy and dropping it into your mouth

He shook his head, folding each item and placing it on the bed, moving the empty boxes to the side and focusing on the crib

He pulled out each piece, laying them out flat, examining the instructions for a few moments then getting to work, not even needing your help.

Most of the pieces snapped together, a few screws here and there, but it seemed mostly simple, him feeling accomplished when being able to do it himself

You sat by, eating your candy, watching as he built the crib, something that felt sort of weird for you, yet so natural

He had finished almost an hour later, doing a small victory cheer once the full thing was complete, pushing the entire thing to the corner

“Woohoo! See you could build it on your own” you congratulated him, opening the box of baby supplies and stacking them on the small table near the crib

“Michael will have to sleep in here but Henry is good on his own. We should probably also unpack our bags soon too” you said, putting the candy away, the inside of your mouth scalded

You went downstairs, taking all of your bags up, having to walk up and down a few times, spencer grabbing his and doing the same

Laying everything out, folding up clothes and putting them away, taking the gifts you had bought for the boys and putting them neatly in Henry's room.

It had taken all day to put everything where it belonged, collapsing onto the couch once done.

You both fell asleep watching a movie too tired to move

~~ The next night~~

“Ok so his formula is in the bag, no hotter than 80 degrees, after 2 hours, throw the bottle out and-” JJ stopped when you swung the bag over her shoulder, spencer already chasing henry around, michael on your hip

“We’ve got this. Go enjoy your freedom with will” you said and she nodded, giving you and Michael kisses on the cheeks before leaving.

You shut and locked the door, watching spencer and henry play around with each other, whenever kids were around spencer turned into a 5 year old, chasing around and firing fake guns

“We’re going to have lots of fun together, aren't we?” you said, tapping the small childs nose, getting a toothless smile

You took him upstairs, gasps and cheers from henry’s room showed you he enjoyed the surprises, especially the remodel

“Aunty y/n!! You decorated my room!!” he said, padding down the hall quickly, wrapping his arms around your waist

“I did, uncle Spencer also bought you some nice things as well. i ' m sure he’ll show you while i put your brother to sleep” you said

‘Spencer picked him up, dashing back around through the halls while you took Michael to your room, sitting in the chair in the corner, putting Henry against your chest and lulling him.

Being an infant, he fell asleep rather quickly, his little hands clutching against your shirt, little droplets of drool staining your shirt

You hummed a little, a simple melody to soothe him, his tiny form warm against your while you hummed, lifting him up and walking over to his crib, setting him down inside of it, the small half blanket underneath him.

You looked down at him, smiling, assuring he is safe

You went down the hall into henry's room, the light still on and some noises from inside

“Aunty y/n. Aunty y/n! Lookie here” henry said the moment you stepped inside, showing you a drawing of what appeared to be a deformed cheeto

Spencer looked extremely uncomfortable, squeezed into a child sized chair at the table along the window

Being 6’1 and trying to sit in a chair made for children certainly was a hilarious experience

“Very good job henry. Your brother is asleep so let's not be too loud ok?” you said, sitting on the foot of his bed, he dashed around, putting a hat on top of spencer's head in the midst of his excitement

“Ok” he shushed Spencer who wasn't even speaking, despite his predicament, you know Spencer is overjoyed to be spending time with henry.

“Nice hat spence” you said, he mouthed a certain set of vulgarities to you

You let henry play for a while, the time passing quickly where he became tired, slowing down

“Spence, can you put him to bed while I check on michael?” you asked him and he nodded, picking up the boy and putting him in his bed, sitting next to him while pulling the blanket over him, talking to him

You walked down the hall, seeing michael was sound asleep on his own you walked back, stopping outside of the door

“So are you two going to get married like mommy and daddy?” henry’s soft voice asked, JJ or spence must've told him already about you and spencer being in a relationship

“I hope so. Not now though, things take time and time is uncontrollable” spencer replied your heart skipping a beat

You heard him wrong right? He didn't just flat out say yes to the question of marriage?!


It's only been a month!! And he's already saying yes to marriage?

Your breathing was erratic, you dashed back to your room, plucking up michael and holding him to your chest, sitting down on your bed, rocking him back and forth

“Darling i don't know what to do… i'm not ready… he’s not ready. I-i love him, I do and I'm scared though. I'm scared. I'm scared he's going to leave me, he’ll leave me” you confessed to the child quietly, rocking back and forth as tears welled in your eyes, giving small kisses on his forehead

You don't know why you had blown out your feeling to the baby, perhaps it's because babies cannot tell your secrets, they can only listen, accept what they are being told and keep it.

Crying silently for the time you had tired you out, passing out upright with michael still in your arms, tears drying on your cheeks

Spencer had returned to your room after henry had fallen asleep, seeing you leaning against the headboard, henry asleep with you against your chest

What had alarmed him though was the evident despair in your features, the puffiness around your eyes and the dried tear lines on your cheeks, you had been crying.

Why were you upset? Had he done something? He thought everything was perfect, nothing seems to be wrong, but something clearly was

He pried Michael away from you by putting him in his crib, he also lifted you up, moving you into the bed properly, covering you with the blanket and moving in with you, holding you, trying to make everything better in any way he could.

Chapter Text

Why your emotions were a wreck and why you’ve been suffering from a stomach bug are completely unknown to you, you have been sad, happy, and numb all with a span of 12 hours, and it's driving you crazy

You stand in front of the stove, cooking up enough pancakes to feed a small village while spencer feeds michael and henry watches tv

You placed some aside, spurring some chocolate chips into the pan, making some without too, placing them all on separate plates for the boys, suddenly feeling peppy and alright again, not wanting to go upstairs and hide in your bed.

You put some syrup on the table, plates in front of Spencer and in the seat next to him, leaving one for you.

“Henry. Breakfast!” you called, the little footsteps into the kitchen were the only sign he had moved

He climbed up onto the chair, taking the syrup and pouring it himself

“Henry what would you like to do today? Do you want to go swimming? Or we can just watch some movies” you said, taking a bite of your pancakes.

He thought for a second, swinging his legs underneath the table
“Can i go swimming? Mommy and you guys went to the beach last week! She said its an adult only beach” he said, looking a little more silent than usual

“We did, it was a lot of fun, and of course you can go swimming, just wait for a bit after breakfast” you said, knowing you have to keep michael with you

“Yay!” he ate his food as fast as he could, rushing back to the living room to watch whatever is on the tv

You finished yours, plucking michael out of his highchair
“Ooh so adorable! Did Spencer get food all over you? Yes he did, and now it's all over my shirt” you said, looking over to him, he sat the bottle down, looking guilty

You took a napkin, gently wiping away what you could from his face and shirt, taking him into the living room with henry, setting him in the rubber seat JJ had brought over

“Make sure he doesn't fall out ok?” you said to henry, even though it's practically impossible for him to do so

You put the plates in the sink, you took off your shirt, scrubbing the stain underneath the water

“y/n what’re you doing?? Henry is right in the other room” spencer said and you just shook your head

“Spencer, henry showered with me his entire infancy and slept in my bed up until last year, he's seen far more than a bra” you said, you and henry have always been close, you were his second mother and you loved the feeling

“I know, every time he’d come over to my apartment he’d try and shower with me, thanks” he said, coming up behind you and kissing you on your cheek, departing into the living room. You put your shirt back on, a small patch of water still on the corner

“I’ll take Michael and get him into one of those swimmable diapers, Henry go put on your bathing suit, Spence will put some sunscreen on you” you said, taking the baby upstairs.

Closing your door, getting naked and putting on one of your older swimsuits, you had left home for the trip, putting michael in a swimming diaper

You looked in the mirror, noticing that your swimsuit doesn't fit right, your bottoms being too small and your stomach protruding a little

You blamed it on being lazy while recovering, you must’ve gained a few pounds from all of the food on the vacation as well

You are going back to work in a few days anyways, you could go by the gym then, maybe Derek will help you with losing the weight.

You put a sheer bathing suit cover over you, tying it in the front, spraying yourself with sunscreen and rubbing some onto michael.

“Do you want to sit in the water? We can just watch your uncle and brother play, it might be a little too cold for you” you tapped his nose, carrying him downstairs, the boys already outside and splashing each other in the water

You sat down under the umbrella you had perched outside, cradling michael in the grass

Spencer phone was placed on the table next to the lawnchair, it started buzzing from a phone call

“Spence! It's your mom's doctor!” you said, picking up the phone and handing it to him while he waded to the edge, answering it in a voice that had a slight panic to it

He talked for a few moments, hanging up looking worried

“What happened? Is diane ok?” you asked, henry still swimming around in the background

“She's fine, she had another episode and flushed her medicine down the toilet, I'm going to fly down soon to see her,” he said, Henry hooking around his arm.

“O-ok. she should be fine spence, she's in the best of care” you said, trying to lighten his mood

He knew better than to not worry henry, continuing to toss him into the water, chasing each other around

You have met Diane a few times, having accompanied Spencer on a few trips to vegas. She’s always been overly kind to you, spending hours telling you about spencer as a child when she would have her lucid moments


They both got tired out after being in the pool all day, you fell asleep on the chair with michael on your chest, Spencer carrying michael into the house before coming back to carry you, taking you inside.

Henry and Michael stayed for 3 more days before going home, you and Spencer prepared to go back to work.

You sat on the couch, spencer looking through the files you had to return the next day, you still feeling uneasy

“Hey um spence… are you going back to your apartment?” you asked, looking over him, the air between you two significantly warmer

He shrugged
“I can if you want. Or i can stay, your choice” he said, looking through the files still, not paying much mind to your question

“I mean of course i want you to stay, but it's ok if you want to go home, you have been stuck with me for a month now” you said, some light laughter at the end.

“I haven't been stuck with you. I enjoy spending my time with you, there's no need for me to go home” he said and your heart fluttered again, hearing him say he enjoys his time with you makes you feel so warm inside

“ we have to get up early, finish up with that so we can get into bed” you got up, kissing him on your way upstairs, brushing your teeth and washing your face, getting into bed, waiting for spencer.

He's going to stay. You don't know how long, but for now you still have him

It didn’t take long for him to come upstairs, crawl into bed with you and for you both to fall asleep, having to get up early the next morning

~~4:00 am~~


You peeled your eyes open, shutting off your alarm and hobbling out of bed

“Spencer got up. We get to go back today!” you said, he got up quickly and walked into the bathroom, looking grumpy as ever.

You got dressed, the pants not fitting correctly, but you just dealt with it, the waistband being just tight enough to be uncomfortable

“Spence! I have to get my gun commissioned today, they recovered mine in evidence” you said, he stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed, you threw him his holster and set his gun on the top of the dresser.

“Spence, come here” you said and he did, you ran your fingers through his hair, helping push it back so it's not a horrible mess.

“ you want to drive?” you asked, either way you’re taking the keys and driving, only asking out of consideration

He shook his head, holstering his gun and putting his badge in his pocket

“ getting out of the house, fresh go-bags packed in the backseat while you pulled into reverse, driving down the main road

On the highway, smooth traffic without any interruptions, able to just go a solid 65 the whole way to work.

The guard at the front giving you the usual half assed smile when you entered, going straight up the elevator towards the glass door of the bullpen

“Good morning my lovelies” garcia said, handing you both your tablets, a case already available

“You can grab some coffee real quick then meet us in the conference room” she said, you didn’t bother, you could get some after briefing.

Everyone was already piled into their chairs, all doing a simultaneous cheer when you both entered

“Look who's back for work!” JJ said while you sat down next to her, penelope turning on the screen behind her

“Hey y/n, you feeling ok? You look a little pale” JJ whispered in your ear, while penelope explained the details of the case

“Im fine, just a stomach bug” you replied quietly, keeping your conversation private from Spencer who was right next to you.

“Stomach bug? y/n have you been vomiting?” she asked, her tone a little more high pitched but still quiet

“Yes, that's typically a part of a stomach bug” you said, trying to focus on the pictures of corpses and evidence in front of you, a woman lay on the ground, her throat sliced open and her legs splayed in an inhuman way

“This is the work of a definite sadist. One who seems to have a particular vengeance against women in their early 30s, perhaps a substitute?” you said, emily nodding, closing her tablet

“We need to get there asap. Wheels up in 30” she said, leaving the room along with everyone else, JJ stopping you.

“JJ i said im fine” you said, a little agitated.

She walked in front of you shutting the door

“y/n. You need to be honest with me. Are you having any weight gain? Mood swings? Odd cravings or particular attachment to certain things? If it is what I'm implying here you need to take a test” she said, your face going pale, she'd described everything that has been happening to you to a tee.

You stumbled a bit, catching yourself on the back of the chair

“You are having symptoms…” she said, pulling you into a hug

“After this case, i’ll take you to a doctor and get you a proper test, something has to be going on for your birth control not to work” she said and you didn't reply, just staring ahead.

You aren't prepared for pregnancy. There's no way you’re pregnant. No.
You laughed, one that was certainly out of place fro this discussion

“I'm NOT pregnant JJ, you’re just paranoid ok? I don't need any tests” you said, wiping the idea from your mind, there's no way

“y/n. I understand if you’re in denial b-” she started, being cut off by you

“I don't want to hear it ok? We have to get to the airport” you said, leaving her alone in the room, dumbfounded

You didn't think about it for the rest of the day, distracting yourself completely in the case, going back to the hotel each night and falling asleep with spencer, keeping every word JJ said to you dormant

There's no way

It took 5 days to finally catch the sick bastard behind the string of murders, not being able to before he had reached a victim total of 5 women.

It made you sick to your stomach about not being able to save those women, having to set it aside for the next case.

You never even went back to virginia, an emergency case coming through in florida forcing you all to take on another case as soon as the first one ended.

Talk about a wild first week back

It was in the lobby of the hotel that derek and emily gathered everyone, asking for all of your attention’

He looked gloomy as he spoke, talking about savannah, announcing she was pregnant!

Everyone cheered, only to be shushed by him, that's not all

That's when it happened, when everyone broke down into tears as he announced he would be resigning from the BAU, emily backing up his information

“This will be my last case, but that does not mean i won't ever be just a phone call away” he said as if it made any of this easier

Spencer did not look sad, shocked, bit not sad, sitting in a chair looking at his hands

“Cmon cmon, everyone calm down, we still have a case to solve, and I'm thankful that my two beautiful ladies kept this reveal a secret for so long. I'm going to be a dad” he said, hugging penelope and emily

He got to you, you wrapped your arms tightly around him and he whispered in your ear
“Take care of him please” he said, smiling and going to talk to spencer

They spoke for a few moments, a tear or two falling down spencers cheek but he smiled and nodded, occasionally glancing to you

They stood up, derek's arm around spencers shoulder, smiling in a heartfelt way

Everyone boarded the plane, still upset about his soon departure, everyone trying to also lighten the mood

You sat with spencer on the couch, running your fingers through his hair, talking with him about anything that could distract him

“I think I'm going to see my mom early, this weekend. It should help” he said, you nodded, agreeing that seeing his mom would certainly brighten his mood

Even though you were at work, sitting across his lap and playing with his hair, no one objected, in fact no one said anything, acting as if it was normal, which to you. It was

“That sounds like a good idea, tell her i send my best wishes” you said, twirling one curl around your finger before allowing it to spring back up into its natural position

Once you landed, it was immediate that you had been sent to the precinct with Spencer and Penelope, needing her on-hand for this case.

Setting up with what the local police already had you looked over through the clear board, the words jumbling together. You were alone in the room, trying to find some sort of pattern to the disappearances in young girls, nothing seeming familiar

The map in front of you was becoming blurry, you put your palms over your eyes, stumbling backwards a few steps before passing out, lying on the floor behind the table

“y/n?” penelope asked, knowing you were in here just a few moments ago, not seeing you now, just as she was leaving she saw your shoes in the corner of her eye, running over to you

“Y/N!! SPENCER!!” she screamed, pulling you up, trying to help you regain consciousness, holding your head up

Spencer and two officers rushed in from the noise, all three of them looking equally worried

“What happened?!” he asked, sitting on his knees and checking your heart rate, pupils and breathing.

“I-i dont know she was like this when i found her” penelope replied, you began to murmur, fluttering your eyes open

You sat up, not paying any mind to those around you, trying to stand but feeling dizzy

“Whoah whoah. Chill out” spencer said, holding you by your forearm, the two officers leaving once they knew no real danger was apparent

“What happened?” you asked, adjusting your eyes to the lights

“You must’ve fainted, are you feeling alright?” he asked, you just nodded, standing up completely

“I haven't eaten. Im fine. Im sorry, go back to work” you said, going over to the board and resuming your markings

“Fine, but I'll be watching the cameras in here. I’ll have someone bring you some food” she said, leaving you alone with spencer

“Spencer really. I'm fine and I'm sorry, you’ve got stuff to do” you said, feeling bad about scaring them.

“Are you sure?” he asked and you nodded

“Alright. Please eat something and drink lots of water” he said, giving you a kiss and then leaving.

You sighed, your head a little numb and airy from regaining your self, you were not that hungry, but you couldn't risk doing that again, taking away the teams attention on the case is the last thing you want

Putting the last tab you noticed the familiarity, all of girls were taken along the left side of the river and found directly on the opposite side

“Guys!! I know where he's taking the newest girl!” you ran out into the main hall, showing them your findings, tracing directly across to where the newest dump site will be

“I want cars lining the block, as many unders as you can, we don't need this guy panicking” you said, sending out the officers in the room, JJ and emily returning from the newest scene

“ hey penelope called, you feeling alright?” emily asked, looking at the board in front of her

“Im fine” you said, still trying to find where he could be hiding these girls

“Wait, i need a pen” you said, taking the one from JJs front pocket, scribbling lines across each path

“Here” you pointed, all of the lines pointing directly to a center area, a large factory smack dab in the middle

“My god. Garcia check out all available info on the factory along 5th and helm” emily said towards the camera, blinking red signing someone was watching

All of your phones pinged a few seconds later, the factory is abandoned, soon to demolished

“OK let's go. Everyone, vests on. Derek and rossi will meet us there” emily said, you followed her out, all getting your vests on and into the SUVs, speeding through towards the southside of town

Outside of the factory everyone stood together, discussing a course of action while swat positioned.

“ agent prentiss, we’ve got visuals on your unsub with the girl, she's still alive” a staticky voice came through the walkie talkie, emily replying back

“He’s got a hostage in there, Spencer and Derek, you go in through the back, y/n and Rossi through the garage doors and me and JJ have the front entrance. Be safe” she said, moving in on the front entrance, guns raised, you went with rossi to the side.

The doors aren't locked, sliding under the cracked garage door, keeping your gun in front of you.

“They spotted him on the floor above us, the stairwell is the only way up through here, i'll go in first,you follow behind” rossi said in a hushed voice, his own gun outstretched in front of him

Going up the stairwell, rossi peered through the glass window of the door, seeing emily and spencer had beaten you up, holding him at a cross-hare

Rossi opened the door quietly, you both sneaking up on the unsub

Realizing he was surrounded, the unsub pulled the gun to the girls head, emily firing a hot between his eyes before he could pull the trigger

The girl dropped to her knees, derek kicking away the gun and checking his pulse

“Dead” he said, you comforted the girl, holding her in your arms, her tears and sobs were something you could never get used to in a job like this

After being taken away in an ambulance the team resided, sitting in the suvs, all working off the nerve from not being able to take in the unsib alive

“Some last case huh?” you said to derek who only smiled

“We managed to save one. That's enough for me to go home and sleep” he said,

Everyone gathered their thing, boarding the jet home exhausted.

“A one day case for us? Today has been different” emily said, leaning back in her seat

“It's all thanks to y/n” JJ said, congratulating you and you shook your head

“It's nothing” you said, humbling yourself, having practically solved a case on your own

Going home you sighed, knowing Spencer would be leaving for his trip to his moms when he could, tonight being your last night with him for a few days.

It would be 3 months after that day that you would be able to sleep in the same bed as him, the next few weeks being absolute hell for everyone.

Escape doesn't seem likely for you.

Chapter Text

You kissed him goodbye, a luggage in tow for the third time that week, though it's not like he isn't used to it, waving one final goodbye while he got into an uber and sped off down the road, his destination. The airport.

You had the house to yourself for the first time in a long time, something you didn’t exactly want either.

You felt another pang in your stomach, rushing to the closet outlet that you could throw up in, this time it being your kitchen sink.

There was a lot this time, you heaving for air, continuously emptying your stomach until you had nothing left to give, washing everything down the drain and flopping on the floor.

Being alone means you can think, and thinking means you can no longer distract yourself from the idea that there's a possibility that you ARE pregnant.

It's been haunting you, creeping into your dreams and every empty thought, pulling and prying at your mind

You sat on the floor, back to the sink, your face in the palms of your hands.

Cold showers

You pulled yourself out of the gutter, slinking upstairs and turning on the shower, sitting on the floor, letting the cold water fall over you.

You’d been keeping track of your own mood swings lately, trying to pinpoint what caused the changes but you've come up empty handed.

In order to keep yourself sane, pulling away from having to think about the possibilities, you spent two whole days in your bed, hoping to just sleep until Spencer got home.

But that didn’t work, you found yourself pacing around your room, going through too many emotions

“Maybe i can run away” you said then shaking your head

“No no. i'm an FBI agent, they’d find me” you replied to yourself

You looked down at your stomach in the mirror, turning to the side and all sorts of directions.

You had given up, running to the bathroom and digging through your cabinet, finding a pregnancy test you kept incase of emergencies

You unwrapped it, your heart beating a mile a minute while you took the test, letting it sit on the counter while you anxiously waited for the timer on your phone to end

You were almost afraid to look at it, knowing the truth deep down without even looking, when you built up the courage you saw the two lines and your heart dropped

You started gasping for air, desperate for any you could, holding on tightly to the countertop

You dialed JJs phone number as quickly as you could, tears falling over your phone screen

She answered after two rings, hearing your sobs she immediately asked if you were ok

“Y-you w-were right jj! You were r-right” you said into the phone, shaking all over

“Oh my god. I’ll be right over” she said, still on the phone with you, trying to help you breath

“Honey it's alright, just take deep breaths, be calm ok. Don't do anything irrational no matter how logical it seems” she said coaching you through calming down, your sobs becoming hiccups

“I-im pregnant” you said quietly, directed towards yourself, JJ could tell

“I'm going into the office” you said before hanging up, collecting your things and dashing out the door. Yu shut off your phone after she wouldn't stop calling, driving quickly to the BAU, it's not like she wasn't going to meet you there anyways

You made it there in about half the time it would usually take, rushing through the security and up the elevator, everyone in the bullpen already

You obviously looked distraught and out of place because they all looked at you like you’d done 20 lines of coke before entering.

“y/n we’ve been trying to call you! What happened to you?” penelope said and you couldn’t speak, afraid of crying again

“y/n. It's about spencer…” emily said and you shot your eyes upward

“W-what happened. Is he ok?” you asked quickly, feeling like you were going to vomit again

They all looked at eachother, JJ dashing in through the doors at the same time

“Spencer was j-just arrested in mexico. They caught him in a high-speed drug chase. They’re saying he was high out of his mind!He’s in holding with their federal government” penelope said, showing the fresh mugshot on the screen of spencer, who looked out of his mind

You tried to process what you had just been told but it was too much, your body overwhelmed itself and you collapsed, JJ catching you on your way down and cradling you on the floor

“Somebody get some water!!, rossi come here” JJ said, pulling the old man close

“This is serious. She's not okay right now, we have to go down there” JJ said, having you lie on your back, still unconscious

“I understand the news was a lot but she came in here acting like SHE was on drugs” he said, minding that you are on the ground

“Rossi, I'm not kidding. She came in her because she's--” she tilted her head to your stomach and his eyes went wide, dropping his head back

“Dear god. Poor girl” he said, kneeling down next to you, brushing some hair out of your eyes and moving your bag to the desk next to him

Penelope returned with some water, JJ dipped her finger in it and rubbed some on your face, trying to cool you off, get you to wake up

It took a few minutes for you to wake up, as soon as you did, you burst into tears, pulling your knees to your chest

“We can get him out. He’ll be home before you know it” emily said, trying to comfort you

“What the hell was he doing in mexico!? He said he was in houston with his mother!” you yelled, upset about everything

“I can't answer that, what I can say is that we have a flight leaving for Mexico in 30 minutes. I should bar you from going due to the personal nature” she said and you looked up at her with hatred in your eyes

“But… if the records ask, I had no idea of your relationship. But the second it becomes too much, you’re gone” she said, helping you up, you winced at a pang in your stomach, JJ holding you up

“Just breathe” she whispered in your ear, taking your bag over her arm

You took a deep breath, walking out to her car and getting in the passenger seat
“How far along do you think you are?” she asked once in private, you just shook your head

“I dont know” you muttered, looking out the window

She didn’t ask anymore questions, just driving silently to the airport, once parked in front of the jet she said
“We’ll get him back” she said, getting out of the car and walking around to help you, giving you your bag

As soon as you got on the plane you laid down on the couch, facing away from everybody, giving yourself time to think

How could your life go from being so perfect to s dumpster fire in the matter of days? Was this a punishment of sorts??


You shouldn’t have let him leave alone. Did he completely lie to you? Or did he go to Houston and get in trouble that brought him to mexico? You couldn't wrap your mind around it

JJ put a blanket over you, trying to make you more comfortable

“What if we don't get him back?” you finally asked, quiet, but still enough to be heard

“What if we don't get him back and then what? Im alone with- with” you stopped yourself, tears falling down your cheeks

“y/n i promise you. We WILL get him back. You’re never alone” emily said, she has no idea what you’re feeling, resentment forming slowly

“JJ” you said, she came over, sitting on her knees so you could talk to her in private

“Is everything supposed to hurt this much?” you said quietly, tears still pooling along the hem of your shirt

“I cannot answer that. Its different for everybody and you’re going through a lot of emotional stress” she replied, everyone obviously curious to what you’re talking about, rossi keeping his mouth shut

“ i have to tell them. They have to know” you whispered, taking a gasp and sitting up

“How do i tell him? I-i can't face him. I can't” you said frantically to her, keeping your volume low

“You don't have to right now. It's YOUR decision, you tell who you please” she said, she is oddly comforting in this situation, probably because she's been through this...twice.

Well, not the whole absent boyfriend thing of course

“How do i do it?” you asked, your volume normal now, catching their attention

“Do what?” emily asked and eyebrow cocked

You froze, looking to JJ for help but she shrugged, leaving you on your own. Something she couldnt do for you.

“Um.. i-” you started, not being able to finish your sentence

JJ put a hand on your knee, nodding to you. Sucking it up you told them
“I'm pregnant” you said, looking at your feet.

“Oh” emily said, not making any other statements

You kept breathing deeply

“He doesn’t know. Please dont tell him either” you said, not looking at their reactions, just hoping they nodded

“You have our word. Is there anything you need?” emily said “with the lack of agents right now, we should call in tara lewis again” she said to rossi, he tapped away at his tablet

“There's nothing i need” you said, emotionless, numb again

You just sat on the plane, not doing anything or moving until you landed, JJ having to hold your arm while you walked down the ramp, a car waiting for you in the hot sun.

“Agents. We contacted you as soon as we had an ID. i'm warning you though, he’s pretty out of it” a police officer approached you all, you shuttered at his words, getting into the car with him

The drive took only a few minutes, pulling into a small police department.

You dashed inside, being the first to get in.

You flashed your badge to the guard at front
“¿Dónde está Spencer Reid?” ( Where is Spencer Reid?) you asked, the guard pointing down a hall, rows of barred cells lining the place.

You saw a man slinked over in a cell, stopping in your tracks

“Spence?” you asked, it was definitely him, he was dirty and clearly out of it, but still your spencer

He looked up slowly, his pupils blown and not being able to focus on one thing
“y/n?” he asked, almost as if he didn’t believe you were really there

The rest of the team walked up beside you, the cop from before unlocking the cell

“Agents. This is serious. We have him on not only heavy drug charges but also murder” the cop said and you laughed

“Murder? Are you serious?” you said accusingly

“Nadie ramos. Age 43. He was found with the murder weapon in his car among other things. Her body was discovered an hour later. We have enough to put him away for 25” the cop said and your eyes shot wide.

“There's got to be some sort of mistake! I say we get him transferred and open and official investigation ourselves” you said, everyone seeming to agree

“Im sorry but he's under our jurisdiction here” the cop argued

“No he’s not. He is a federal agent therefore that makes this an issue of the states” you said sharply, stepping in front of him

“ i want every detail on how you found him and the details of nadie ramos. This doesn't sit right with me” you said, he went away to gather the files

“y/n, this is not good” emily said and you turned around again furious

“Of course this isn't good! But think about it, whos the one person who masters in drugging people and framing them in murder?” you asked, their faces lighting up

“You think scratch has something to do with this? He's been pretty quiet since hotch left” rossi said, looking more stressed than ever

“Hey em. They’re on a flight down here now, we have two agents coming to join us. Alves from scratches case and dr.lewis” JJ said, hanging up the phone

“Ok well that's one problem dealt with. Is there anything you can give him to help him sober up?” emily asked the guard and he shook his head

“Water spence” you gave him a cup from the counter, thinking it might help.

“Give him a few minutes. If we want to have a chance on finding anything to do with scratch we’ll have to do a cognitive” emily said and you looked at her confused

“Emily. He’s high out of his mind! We’d be damned if he could even tell us his middle name” you said, standing up

He shook his head, kie he was struggling to think. When he moved his arm you caught a glimpse of something written across

You took his arm in your hand, lifting up his sleeve to see the words rosa medina written on his arm

“Spencer. Why do you have this written on your arm?” you asked him, hoping he’d remember something, but he just shook his head.

“Rosa medina is a code-name that nadie ramos uses. We found fake documents with that information all in the hotel we found her out” the officer added.

“We can do cognitive work once we’re back in the states. Alves and dr.lewis should be in virginia by then” you said, emily nodded, not used to you making orders

“We will be back down here to the motel for evidence pick-up” Emily said, going to get Spencer cleared.



Spencer had been cleared, you’d taken the files you could along with the stuff he was booked with, not speaking to him that much as you boarded the plane.

By the time you had made it to the airport, he was sobering up, still a little out of it though

Everyone tried to ask him questions but his memory for once, was no help

They uncuffed him for the trip, though the idea of even having to need them made you infuriated

JJ sat with you, one arm around you as you tried to remain calm, keeping one hand instinctively over the top of your stomach.

You’re just beginning to show.

Thankfully he understood that you didn't want to speak to him, sitting quietly in the chairs with Emily and rossi. You didn't have to be a genius to even notice that

“JJ he’s really out of it. What if we can't find any evidence that he didn't do it, what if-” you paused, taking a glance at him

“What if he goes away for murder?” you ask quietly, becoming upset again

“y/n, you’re looking a little pale again. You need to worry about yourself right now, once we’re home, Emily and Rossi will cover this for a few hours while you and me go to the doctor” she said, how could she possibly not be worried about Spencer right now?


“But-” you started but she stopped you

“No buts. I will drag you there myself” she said and you gave up, it would only be a few hours, allow him to sober up some more

“Fine. but we come straight back” you said, in a normal tone

“Where are you two going?” emily asked, catching spencers attention

JJ gave emily the sort of look that told her to leave it be and she did, waving it off

“Alright” she just said, leaving it be

“Spencer. As soon as we land though, they have to go back on '' Emily said, flashing the cuffs. He didn't protest or anything,he simply just nodded. Looking out the window.

It took a while, landing back in the US around 9 in the morning the next day, having left extremely late at night

When you landed you took the time to say goodbye to him, before he could be cuffed again

“I’ll be back ok. We’ll get you out of this ok” you said to him, your hands on his cheeks

He nodded, putting his hands in front of him so Emily could put on his restraints.

“Emily. Contact me if anything financial comes up, i’ll cover everything” you said, JJ leading you off of the plane
“Come on. He’s strong, he can handle this” she helped you into the car, putting the local obgyn office into the GPS.

“Is this going to hurt at all?” you asked her, having 2 boys of her own so she should be able to fill you in

“Not at all. They’re going to probably check how far along you are, maybe even an ultrasound. Nothing more than a routine check-up, just with some extra addons” she said, her fingers strumming over the wheel.

You kept looking over through the window, watching as the scenery passed by, you kept thinking over the nice things, making up scenarios in your head, living a happy life with your child, but no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t picture spencer there

It wasn’t long before you arrived in the parking lot, becoming increasingly nervous as you walked inside

“Walk-in” JJ said to the nurse, who handed you a clipboard full of forms

You filled them all out, moving down to the more detailed information, your hand shaking when it asked for if you knew of the father.

You selected yes, filling out spencer’s information as best as you could, holding back tears.

You returned the clipboard to the lady at the front, the small building wasn’t very crowded so it was only a few minutes before a doctor came to see you

JJ offered to let you go alone, but quite frankly, you’re terrified and need her with you.

“ can you please come with me? I mean you obviously don't have to be looking at my--- but i need someone with me” you said desperately, she picked up both of your bags and went with you, sitting in a chair while the doctor asked some questions

“How long have you been experiencing symptoms?” he asked and you had to think


“Almost a month and a half now i believe. I'm on the pill though, that's my concern doctor” you said to him

He just looked through your chart
“Well any medication you’ve taken recently could counteract that, even a change in your hormones. It says here you tried an experimental drug after… being shot” he went over the last part with concern

“If i'm correct that's exactly what did it. Whens the last time you took that medication and or had sex?” he asked, looking over you

“About 3 weeks and the same day was the last time while on the medication” you replied, your gaze at your feet.
“Alright then. We’re going to have you get undressed and put on a gown so we can begin the exam, a female doctor will be present shortly” he said, him and JJ exiting so you could have some privacy.

You changed, folding your clothes neatly into a pile on one of the chairs.

A knock on the door sounded, you allowed the new doctor to enter, JJ following

From there she performed some physical exams, had you take another pregnancy test and then left you to change back into your clothing.

“Hey hon. They want to perform an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing” JJ said, taking you to another room.

It felt weird to hear the word baby, making you feel even more nervous

The room was dark and warm, oddly comforting though it's probably just to cool people's nerves when entering.

The doctor sat on the stool, telling you to lift up your shirt and lay down

It wasn’t unpleasant at all, besides the fact that the gel they used was not warm in the slightest

It took a bit, JJ holding your hand the entire time until she was done.

“All good. Would you like a picture to keep?” she asked, keeping in mind that you hadn’t looked even once.

“U-um… yes thank you. Is it okay?” you asked, looking up to her while she printed out a singular photo from the machine

“Judging solely by size and growth I'd say you have a perfectly healthy child, about 2 months along” she said, handing you the photo.

“Oh my- their perfect” you said, looking over the photo, a white sort of blob about the size of a peanut.

“See? Everythings alright” JJ said, helping you up out of the chair.

The doctor gave you a list of vitamins for you to take, some pamphlets and some other papers to take home, paying your bill and leaving

You held the photo in your hands, JJ going through, straight back to the BAU.

She knows better than to make you upset now

Spencer had already been transferred to a precinct, emily being quick in getting him an interview with the best one she knew

You pulled into the BAU, keeping the photo in your hand, the forms and papers in your purse.

“You don't have to show them” she said, noticing your shaking while on the elevator

“No. i'm not going to treat this as something regrettable. No matter Spencer's predicament i will go through this just the same as if he was here. This is MY baby and I will be proud of it” you said, giving yourself your own boost of confidence.

“When we get him out, when he comes home to me, i will tell him. He’s not staying in any sort of hellhole”you said, walking out, straight to the bullpen

“Agent y/l/n”. Luke alves greeted you, tara lewis behind him

“It's nice to see you both, I'm sad it's under these circumstances,” you said, the photo flat out in your hand.

‘We’ve been informed that you haven’t been feeling well, so if there is anything we can do. Just ask” tara said and you smiled

“Is that what Emily told you?” you asked, laughing lightly, they both looked confused until you lifted the photo a little

“Oh my- congratulations!” tara said, pulling you into a hug, luke looking a little confused

“Who?! Last time I saw you you were dating the bartender guy” luke said, you just shook your head.

“That guy is long gone. This is uh- this is” JJ put a hand on your shoulder, you corrected your posture

“Its spencers” you said, followed by a deep breath and JJ patting you on your back

Both of them looked shocked, not saying much

“Oh-” luke said, looking sorry


“y/n im so sorry. How are you feeling?” tara asked, both clearly filled in on spences case

“Im fine. We should be focusing on spencer now. Where is everyone else?” you asked, changing the subject

“Conference room, we should go talk to everyone” JJ led you up the stairs, holding open the door for you.

You walked a little strained, your mind a little grained due to the stress.

“y/n. How are you?” emily asked when you stepped inside, you shook your head

“I AM fine and so is the baby. Our focus should be getting spencer home” you said, penelope gasping when you set the photo down in the center of the table

“Baby?! What baby?! Yours?!” she was excited, snatching up the photo

“I forgot she wasn’t with us on the plane… surprise” you said waving your hands up, she swung around the table, holding you tightly

“Oh my god! Why did no one tell me? This helps so much with boy genius being gone!!” she said, looking closely over the photo

“It's not our place” emily said,

“I found out yesterday penelope. It's been a rough two days” you said, setting down your purse in your chair, spencers empty spot making you anxious

“Please tell me there's some good news?” you said, sitting down.

Penelope still held the photo, looking over it a million times

“We’ve got him a lawyer. That's all i can say for now” emily said looking content

“How was the doctor? JJ messaged to tell us you were fine” rossi said, not knowing how to handle a situation like this

“2 months. They said two months. It's too early to know much more” you said, penelope handing back the photo

“With all of us backing him up, i assure you we’ll have him home in time to be the perfect dad y/n” epenolope said in a determined voice, putting a finger in the air


“Let's not talk about that” you said, she nodded and flipped on the screen behind her

“I hate to be like this but we DO have a case to complete” she said, pointing out the details, you were slightly thankful for something to distract yourself

he WILL come home to you, something you have to remind yourself of the entirety of each day.

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Chapter Text

A week went by, it was the day of Spencer's arraignment and you had barely spoken to him since he’d been arrested, let alone telling him about the child you were carrying.

Though before his court hearing, you walked in with him, clutching his hand before he had to let go to sit with his lawyer.

It started off smoothly, it looked as if spencer may be able to stay home while awaiting trial, until the defence brought up a flight risk detail

“Your honor. In a due respect, he was apprehended in a high speed chase, fleeing from the police, he is a definite flight risk for this country” the man said and your heart dropped

“ your honor. Mr.REid is a federal agent with zero history of crime, he is not threat to anyone's safety” his lawyer shot back, spencer looking more and more nervous

“A federal agent who broke bureau code by failing to inform the government of his international travels!” the defence said and the judge held up a hand

“While i do find that Dr.Reid here seems to be an exemplary agent… I cannot risk that sort of outcome. He is to spend his time in the Virginia state penitentiary” she slammed her gavel down and you burst into tears, JJ and Emily comforting you.

A guard came to collect spencer, hauling him out of the room while you sobbed, everyone began filing out of the room, looks of despair and sadness over everyone

“JJ he cant- he cant survive in there!” you said amidst your tears, knowing that a fed in prison is bad enough, but Spencer has sent away people in that penitentiary himself.

“He's strong. This is only the beginning y/n. We’ll get him out ``Emily said, but you stormed past them, rushing out of the building.

You got into JJs car, sitting in the back, you’d been staying at her house for a few days, enjoying the company of the boys in between cases

Neither women said anything as they got in the car, JJ being understanding with the way you feel at the time

Emily came with you and JJ all three of you having some tears to spill to will once entering.

Sitting on the couch in a bundle of blankets together, your phones began ringing.

“It's a text from Garcia, we all need to come in,” Emily said, climbing out of the make-shift fort.

You both followed, wallowing in your own sadness wasn't the best coping mechanism

You drove this time, insisting on having some independence, it's not like you were in your third trimester or anything

You all entered the office, glum and on edge, garcia standing in the bullpen with everyone else
And by everyone else I mean luke, tara, and rossi.

“Ok so i've already been informed of his transfer, he has made it safely and will be allowed visitation soon” penelope said.

She had a rolled up sign in her hands, practically spewing glitter on the floor.

“I’ll go tomorrow morning, I have to call Diane and check with her doctors, then I have a doctor's appointment later that day. There's also some medicine i need to pick up and i need to add money to his commissary and visit the warden, those things can be done at the same time though, plus i need to go grocery shopping and i have to start with a new-” you were spewing a list of things to do, everyone clearly looking concerned

“I-i have a full plate… i know, but that doesnt stop the amount of work needing to be done” you said, having to mentally remind yourself that you needed to go by spencers apartment to do somethings

“Is there anything we can help you with? We’re here to help” luke said, you nodded, giving them each an assignment on what to do, leaving you with the trip to the prison and spencers spartmen, along with your doctors appointment

“Ok so me and luke will go grocery shopping, tara will call diane's doctors, penelope will go to the pharmacy and pick up your prenatals, and rossi and JJ will stop by the postal office and mail out commissary money” emily said, covering all of the bases

“Thank you. Really, but i think i'm going to talk to the warden tonight. You all really are the best. Thank you” you said, collecting your things, JJ allowed you to take her car for the day, driving quickly down to the prison

You felt nervous while entering, showing your badge to the guard, requesting a meeting with the warden

You were led down a dark hallway to the warden's office, passing by the infirmary on your way, making a glance in for your own sake to see if Spencer was in there.

“Warden” you said, lightly knocking on the door while entering

“Can i help you?” he said, setting down a stack of papers to his side

You entered, sitting down at one of the chairs in front of him

“Im a federal agent with the BAU, i'm here to make sure Spencer Reid was transferred safely and correctly” you said, not leaving anything out

He looked displeased in a way
“The doctor has been placed in general holding, he’s fine i can assure you” he said, you didn't like the feeling you were getting from this guy, he kept fidgeting with his hands

“Well then warden, that's all i needed, i will be here often” you said, dismissing yourself towards the door, a quick trip

You walked down the hall pulling out your phone and dialing

It rang twice before someone picked up

“Hello my darling, how are you? What do you need?” penelope answered the phone cheerily

“Hey p, i need you to do some deep digging on someone, im talking level three here” you said into the phone, exiting the building and going towards your car

“Ooh juicy. Who?” she asked quizzically

“The warden at Spencer's prison. Somethings off about him, he was hesitant to answer my questions about spence, let alone the fact that he reeked of a guilty conscious” you put the car in reverse, pulling out of the parking lot, you would visit him tomorrow and everyday after that to see if he was doing alright

“Ok lovebug, i’ll get back to you in a split” she said, hanging up so you could drive without distraction.

You drove back to JJs house, desperately needing to see your favorite boys around now.

And as usual, henry dashed outside and pulled you into a hug, cheering about his latest adventure with his toys or whatever is on the television

He dragged you inside, JJ in the living room with michael and will cooking in the kitchen

“How was it? Is he alright?” she asked, moving the baby upwards

“Oh uh- the warden says he's doing just fine, i’ll see him tomorrow, i'm having garcia look into some things for me” you said, dropping your bag and removing your shoes, lifting henry to your hip

“Aunty y/n! Guess what? Guess what?” henry said excitedly

“What?” you asked him, matching his enthusiasm

“Mommy said she’ll take me and michael to the zoo soon! When you aren't working though” he said, you looked to her

“The zoo?” you asked, letting him explain more

“Mhm! The same one you and uncle spencer took me to” he said and you felt a little sad, not showing it. The day you’d taken him to the zoo with spence was almost a year ago, long before you were together

“I'm surprised you remember that henry, that was quite a while ago” you said, setting him down, he’s getting too big to hold as long

“You should probably get used to the words mommy though y/n, once their out, that's all you hear” JJ said, your face going red

“JJ, does henry um… know?” you asked referring to spence and your pregnancy

“Nope! Because uncle spence is on a long vacation in vegas right y/n? And the other thing, well that's your job” she said, taking the boy into her lap, paw patrol playing loudly on the tv

You strode into the kitchen, Will cooking away at the stove, a rag thrown over his shoulder.

You sat at one of the stools at the bar, putting your chin in your palm
“How did JJ tell you she was pregnant?” you asked him, trying to piece together how to tell spencer when it was the time

“What?” will asked almost choking on his own spit

“For me dummy. JJs not pregnant again, don't worry” you said and he laughed a little

“Well y/n. We’re in very different situations, but knowing spencer, any way you tell him will be just as memorable for him, just find the right time and let it out” he said, throwing some onions into a pot of spaghetti sauce

“How exactly do i find the right time when he’s in prison for a murder he didnt commit?” you said in your head, nodding and getting up, deciding if you couldn’t find the right time, you’d make one.

“JJ i know i just got here, but i need to go into the office, i’ll be back tonight” you said to her, gathering your things and walking out the door, three simultaneous “be safe and goodbyes” s followed your exit

About halfway there, your phone rang, the screen lighting up with garcia's name, you fumbled to answer it, keeping your eyes on the road

“Penelope. Did you find anything?” you asked through the phone, turning the corner into the complex, handing your badge to the guard

“No that's precisely it. There's nothing, nada, zilch on this guy anywhere in the systems, he doesn't even have a linked phone number outside of work” she exclaimed and you sighed

“I’ll be right up, keep a seat warm for me in your batcave” you said to her, hanging up the phone and pulling into an empty parking space and exiting your car, the photo from your ultrasound still in between the visor.

You smiled slightly at it, opening your badge again, prepared to show the guard at the front gate, going straight up to your floor and sneaking into penelope's office.

“Heyy babygirlll” you said, mocking derek's voice

She turned around with a smirk, getting up from her chair and hugging you.

“Ok so your mister warden man is definitely suspicious. No records of him anywhere after he started working at this penitentiary anywhere. Here sit, you shouldn't be on your feet” she slid out a chair for you

“Relax p, i'm barely halfway in my first trimester, i can still do everything i usually do” you said, sitting down next to her

“Mhmm, and if that precious bundle of beautiful genius comes out stuttering i’ll know what's up” she said and you hit her arm

“Penelope, i dont think you've looked enough into that joke to use it, wrong use” you said, she only smiled, you realizing there was no error

“Gross p. But yes, i do need to know if i'm just paranoid, the warden didn't seem fond of me being there tomorrow either, im worried for him” you said to her, she pulled a file up on her monitor

“Uh oh” you turned your head to her screen, seeing spencers name on it

“What's wrong?” you continued looking, nothing seeming wrong with the file

“He’s not in protective custody, he was removed” she kept her eyes glued to the screen, looking shocked

“That can't be right, he's a federal agent! Do you? Do you think the warden has anything to do with this?” you questioned, fearing more for him

“It was under his orders…” she said, your heart dropping

“He's going to die in there…” you froze, she took both of your hands, spinning the chair to face her

“We ARE saving him, i’ll call emily, we’re building a case, this has to be connected” she said, dialing the phone, tears pooling at your eyes

He's going to die in there

Chapter Text

3 months later

Just as you’d thought, there was something up with the warden, you just didn't understand what exactly it was… until a raid on a suspected hideout of scratches revealed he had nothing to do with this, but a devilish cat adams did.

And now with diane missing and lindsey vaughn supposedly back from hiding, everything is crumbling again, along with the fact that even with daily visits, it was becoming harder and harder to hide your quite visible baby bump from spencer, thankfully he couldn't see below the table and loose shirts always came to your rescue.

Though with evidence now that lindsey Vaughn and cat adams were in-fact responsible for the death of nadie ramos, spencer had no reason of guilt and was set to be released

The team let you do the honor of releasing him, you sat in the interrogation room, your heart beating a mile a minute as he walked in, the pale colors he was wearing, the healing cuts and bruises along his face and neck, and most of all, his unruly hair which hadn't seen a pair of scissors in about 6 months

All of it made him look so broken, not only on the inside but on the outside, and with his mom being held hostage in god knows where, his only focus on saving her, and you have no right to distract him by revealing your mishappens now, another time would be better, the same thing you’d been repeating for quite some time now. If you kept it up, the baby would pop out of you before you had told him.

He sat down at the chair, the guard taking off his cuffs and leaving with them, he looked confused

“You’re coming home spence” you said, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes, his expression turning into one of shock

He stood up, you following, giving you one of the most anticipated kisses of your life, holding you tightly to himself

“We’re going to get her back spence, she's going to come home to you” you said to him, leading him out of the awful hell that had been his home for 3 long months, a many nights you lay awake, fearing that he wouldn't survive the night, but just like everyone had been telling you, he pushed through and came back home to you, though the circumstances were less than ideal

Having gotten changed with the clothes you’d brought him, he gladly threw his old uniform through a window to a guard, not bothering to look back at his reaction, simply walking by.

you threw him the keys, letting him drive without complaint, knowing his freedom meant everything to him, thankfully you’d had the mind to put your ultrasound photos in your purse the day before, your first ones and the newest set you’d just received, having a copy for penelope who refused to stop asking for one.

Everyone had been huge helps, no-stop checking up on you, JJ making sure you were eating and taking your vitamins, tara helping you prepare for the baby, though you gave up on that advent rather quickly, it feeling wrong without spencer

So while he drove way differently than he usually would, not keeping his old habits of driving by every law, though his first day out you could let it fly, as long as he didnt kill either one of you.

“Spence. You aren't officially reinstated yet so you’ll have to get a visitors badge until the board passes it through” you said while he pulled into the parking lot, you handing your badge to the guard, allowing the vehicle through

“Alright, i should have mine back right away though, though i doubt emily will pay much mind” he said, hopping out of the car, waiting for you to get out, thankfully again, he was too distracted to notice how slowly you walked, trying to keep yourself steady, even with the extra 20lbs on you

You checked in with a guard, getting Spencer a visitor badge and going through security, the elevator trip being quiet and awkward, at least for you. You opened the door for him, he took a moment before stepping inside, one of the many new habits he had from his time

Everyone waited in the bullpen, garcia popping a little confetti, cheers and hugs all around, he returned their graces, turning his focus immediately on the clear board at the front, focused on his mother's kidnapping

Not a soul mentioned anything about you, knowing you hadn't told him yet and your reasoning for doing so.

JJ held your hand while you watched as he looked over each and every piece of the case you all had built, the small connections and the things you had overlooked

“You’re doing great, just stay strong” she whispered to you, nodding and fixing your composure, picking up a stack of files and setting them next to him, allowing him to speed through them

“He got back into it quickly” you said to penelope who was looking through her laptop

Emily emerged from her office, you hadn't even noticed she had left, looking displeased

“I understand the circumstances reid but you should go home and get some rest, you just got out and you could use a good night's sleep” emily said, moving the board away from him, he rubbed his eyes and nodded

He knew there is no winning a battle against emily, even though he wanted to work on his mother's case, see if there were any clues that fell through, went unnoticed perhaps

“She's right. Come back in the morning, we can all get more work done if we get some sleep” JJ added, picking up her bag, giving you a kiss on the cheek on her way out, everyone else following.

You were left alone with him, waiting for him to decide to leave, feeling anxious
“I-i can take you to your apartment if you want, but i should really be heading home spence” you said, pointing back to the door

“I missed you. I really did, even seeing you everyday it just wasn't the same” he said to you, you didn't understand what he was getting at

“Can i stay with you? I just. I just don't want to be alone” he said, his last words broken and shaky, of course you nodded

“I've always told you anytime. Cmon” you said, leading him out of the room, he followed, his head held low, while he’s still your spencer, he’s even quieter and more distant now, like your back to square one with him

You let him drive again, he didn't even think to notice the multiple furniture boxes strewn out of a room, though you could’ve just said you're giving michael his own room and other than that, most of your stuff was the same when he left, considering you spent a lot of time with JJ and Will.

He started to get undressed, obviously preparing for bed and you couldn't help but notice how different he looked, healing bruises all over his body, small scars that weren't there before, everything about him seemed different

He seemed to stand in front of the bed for a monet, like he didn't know what to do and you couldn't feel worse for him

“Spence, all of your clothing is still here in the closet” you said to him, he nodded and turned around coming out in a pair of pyjama pants and a t-shirt.

You just took off your pants, keeping your large t-shirt on and getting into bed, he got in next to you, the strange feeling of new comfort that once was an everyday deal for you was a whole different feeling

When you went to touch him he flinched, you pulled back from him until he wrapped his arms around you, a lot more happened in that prison than you were aware of, and you knew of a lot already

He tried to not wake you each time but throughout the night he would randomly sit up, like he was on a routine, checking around and going back to sleep, still he showed that he wasn't doing it over his own free will, he is showing all the staple signs already for PTSD.

You know he will never admit that he has it, or even see a doctor unless ordered to, which might have to be the case, he can't return to the field with his mind still broken over this

But each time he would get up, you would pretend to still be asleep, keeping your eyes shut and your breathing slow, a trick derek had taught you

By morning time he had only about a cumulative five hours of sleep, thankfully when you’d woken up, he was still sleeping, allowing you to sneak out of bed and down to the kitchen, hiding all of your vitamins, pushing everything conspicuous to the back of the fridge, grabbing a glass of orange juice and going back upstairs.

You pushed the boxes into “michaels room” and shut the door, leaving the hallway empty, not that it mattered.

“As soon as we find Diane,” you reminded yourself, putting the glass of orange juice on the nightstand and stepping into the bathroom, cutting on the water in the shower and stripping out of your clothes.

You didn't shut the door, only leaving it cracked as you look at yourself in the mirror, a visible bump along your stomach, though it just felt wrong.

You stepped into the shower, running your hands through your hair, rinsing the suds down your body

The curtain on your shower and the sound of the water kept you from hearing Spencer get up, or as he began to walk around.

Finishing washing yourself up, you cut off the water and wrapped yourself in a plushy towel, stepping out into your room where spencer no longer was

“Spence?” you asked in confusion, knowing he was sound asleep when you’d left him

“Hm?” he asked, stepping from the closet, making his presence known

“Oh sorry. I didn't see you” you said, going to your dresser and picking out some work clothing, though a pair of your normal pants and a hoodie worked just as well

You got dressed there, trying not to turn to the side and keep your stomach as small as you could while still being able to breathe, he didn't notice anything so that was a win again for you

He got dressed too, thankfully you’d get his clothing neat and in your closet instead of returning them to his apartment like you’d thought to do.

He didn't dress the same either, instead of his usual sweater and long-sleeve shirt he wore just a black dress shirt and pants, his hair still a wild mess.

“We’ve got work to do, the team is going to meet us at the office” you said to him, he only nodded, he didn't seem to speak much

You drove this time, he still just stared out the window the entire time

“Spence. You’re home now, you can do as you please” you said to him, noticing how hesitant he is to do anything, all things enforced within prison

Your phone buzzed right before turning on the highway, emily on the other end

“Hey I need you to make a detour, cat adams is requesting Spencer in exchange for information. JJ will meet you there” she said, you nodded and made the sharp turn, sending your arm across his chest as an instinct while you made some very illegal turns

“Sorry. It's Cat, she’s requesting you. We’re meeting JJ there” you said, an unpleasant feeling in your stomach about letting that psychopath alone with him, even with you and JJ outside

The prison cat is at is actually closer to your home than the BAU, so you arrived a few moments before JJ

“Spence. Don't let her get into your head, keep your focus on breaking her into telling you where lindsey is” you reminded him, he took a deep breath, entering the building with you, JJ following behind

You were all led to an interrogation cell, cat taking no time in kicking out a chair for him with her foot, you recognized her usual cocky attitude, the same one she had back when spencer arrested her the first time, though her payback was certainly living up to its name

She didn't look the same, almost sickly while she leaned back in the chair, going on and on about the hint she’d left spencer, the marks on the back of the scrapbook in dianes room when she was taken, you’d shown him those, asking if he knew what they meant.

He gave you no reply that day, but now while he thought over and when she leaned back your eyes went wide

“Guard! Where is her medical chart?” you asked, taking the clipboard from him, looking down the page to see the truth

“My god. She's pregnant. How the hell did she-”

“So considering we’re pregnant, you should ask me how I did it. Go on ask me” she said and you dropped the board, staring in confusion

“Did- did she just say w-we?” you said, beginning to shake, your whole body feeling empty

“There has to be some sort of mistake. y/n its not possible” JJ said, looking through the papers, confirming it for herself

Cat went on, explaining that scopolamine can easily alter memories, something you already knew, saying she used maeve against him, you sat on the floor, trying to keep yourself together, JJ giving you her hand

“y/n. If this is too much i can have someone pick you up” she said, keeping her eyes glued on cat as she moved around the table and sat on his lap, grateful that you weren't able to see

“No. i need to be here” you said, utterly broken inside, your voice low and your entire body numb

She nodded, watching on and on as cat and spencer spoke, you could still hear them, which only made things worse

“Life really fucking hates me doesnt it JJ?” you asked quietly, your head in between your knees

She didn't say anything, knowing no response was enough

“First i get shot and nearly die, then i get pregnant, the very same day i lose him for three months and get a completely new person, and now… now i can't tell him, especially after this monster has done to him...whether its his or not”

Your phone rang, you wished everyone would stop calling you, this time it was luke

“Luke whats wrong?” you asked dully

“y/n. Is Spencer still with Cat?? We found lindsey and diane, it's a long story but she's got enough C4 to take all of us with her” he said, you just freezing again

“L-luke. I have an idea, put garcia on the line’ you said, standing up, having to grip a table to keep from toppling over

“Are they fucking waltzing..? You know what i don't care, diane is my only worry” you said to JJ

“Penelope on the line! What's up?” she said, luke remaining quiet

“Pen, we know that lindsey is in love with cat, so how do we break apart a one sided love?... I need you to live stream the security feed here to lukes tablet, if I'm thinking correctly, it’ll distract her long enough to get her away from the device” you said, Luke making a weird noise on the other side.

“Its done, oh dear god please come home” she said, hanging up

“Luke, put me on speaker phone for lindsey” you said, the audio clicking out for a second

Once you were sure of her being able to hear, you began to speak

“Lindsey? Lindsey vaughn> i don't know if you remember me but my name is agent y/n y/l/n. We met when working on your case a while back. Listen, I need you to watch what they’re showing you. I know you think cat love you but it's simply impossible, she cannot love anyone but herself, it's simply how her brain is wired. Look at her, she's carrying another man's baby for the sake of an addition to her plan. She doesn't care about you” you said, hoping that she wouldn't lose her temper but instead break

She watched the video, watching as cat confessed that the baby is the wardens, Spencer looking at the camera.

“Lindsey. Put down the trigger. No one else has to die, i promise you i will get you the justice you deserve” you said urging her on, the sound of metal hitting the ground and movement from the phone

She slumped to the side in her chair, dropping the trigger to the ground and tears flowing down her cheeks, you breathed heavily

“We’ve got diane, she's alright” luke said, you thanked him, telling him to send the information of which hospital she’ll be at

Once you hung up you strode into the room, pulling spencer away

“Your moms safe spence. Go” you said sternly, not making a move towards cat

You snatched his watch from her hand and when she went to protest you punched her clean in her nose, she fell back to the ground and JJ rushed in, pulling you out of the room

“Calm down” she said, leaving you on the outside feeling satisfied. Spencer looking at you weirdly

“They’ll bring your mom into the office once she out of the hospital, they just want to check everything” you said to him, JJ holding your hand tightly, supporting you again as you walked to your car

“We did it” you said to him as you got inside the car, emotionally exhausted and feeling quite sick

He nodded, the smallest smile among his lips

You dialed garcia immediately, feeling the need for some good news today, even despite him already being told once

“Hey p. You know that thing you wanted to do? Go for it, we’ll be there in 20” you said, her giddy cheers from the otherside of the phone loud

“What thing?'' Spencer asked and you just shook your head, continuing driving.

As you pulled into the office he looked suspicious, cautiously getting into the elevator with you, though you just continued smiling, hoping you gave garcia enough time, though she works miraculously fast

You'd seen everyone but lukes car out front, he was probably at the hospital but it's alright

The bullpen was empty, the conference room being your best guess

“Go ahead” you said in front of the door

He looked to you with worry
“I don't like surprises” he said

“Just go”

He opened the door, splashes of blue and pink confetti bombarding him, penelope and JJ both holding balloons on there hands

“What the hell?” he asked, moving the bits of plastic and glitter away from his eyes


“Congrats!!” they said, him still not registering what was going on until you slipped the newest photo in his hand, looking back and forth between everybody

“This isn't funny if this is a joke” he said, staring at the photo

“No jokes, considering today, i found that i don't want to risk losing you again before telling you” you said, standing a bit away from him, trying to pinpoint a reaction.

He stared for a moment longer, turning around to you with the biggest smile you'd ever seen, lifting you in his arms

“Woohoo!!” the team exclaimed, everyone cheering as he spun you around, the best reaction you could have gotten from him

“You Are happy?” you asked once he set you down

“Of course I'm happy! I'm going to be a dad!” he said, looking at you with something you could only describe as pure joy

“Oh my little loves! There's one more surprise for you, it’ll be here any second” she said, looking at the doors to the bullpen spencer rushed out, derek coming into the conference room smiling and laughing with him

“A Lot of people owe me a lot of money here” he said, hugging the both of you, chuckling, him and Spencer talking on and on.

You stood with JJ while she held you
“I told you there was nothing to ever worry about, the difference between you and every other girl on this planet is him. You got to see that today and I think you should cherish that '' she said and you smiled, you'd been non-stop smiling for about 20 minutes, unable to contain the pure joy you felt.

Rossi and emily congratulated you, tara giving you ideas for names and stuff, all the women being more than happy

“Ok ok. But a real baby shower is in store! Theres about 25 pinterest boards by moi that are calling for you” penelope said, smiling as she pulled out her phone, showing you everything

“How long have you all known?” spencer asked, seeing that no one was surprised by the actual pregnancy

You looked away

“3 months… im 5 months along now” you said, feeling a little guilty

“Uh uh. We ain't talking about that. I want to know why i wasn't told you were in prison until you got out?!” derek said, spencer also looking guilty

“Personal decisions are made for the best of reasons” he said, avoiding his question

“You understand why we couldn't tell you right?” you said to him, knowing he was rational enough to understand the reasoning behind it

“There's alot for you to know” you said, sitting down at a table, setting out the first photos and the new ones in front of you, him still holding the copy

“y/n… now that you have spencer here i’d like to say i will be setting up a gender reveal asap, i’ve been keeping it to myself for far too long” JJ said, she’d been the one the doctor told under your request

It was all a little too much for spencer to handle at once, clearly overwhelmed

“I’ll explain it all to you in detail AFTER you see your mom” you said to him, stepping near him

“Is anyone else pregnant with my child? Speak up cause i can't handle another surprise” he said jokingly, trying to humor the situation

Derek raised his hand slowly, you punching him in the chest

“A nasty punch, speaking of which! y/n knocking out cat admas is immortalized within my systems now, such a beautiful sight” penelope said, showing the video feed on her tablet

“I've watched it at least 10 times now” she remarked, the replay of her falling to the ground made you laugh

You just shook your head, emily and tara taking a look at the video themselves

Luke arrived about an hour later with diane, you letting spencer get the first hug in before you held her yourself, smiling to her

You broke the news to her, being excited and all to be a grandmother, though you feared she might forget the next day, she seemed joyous for now, going on and on with spencer before taking him to another room for a moment, out of your view

“You guys seriously did it without me? Im hurt” luke said, giving you a hug and congratulating you

“It's been a long time coming, and i couldn't have asked for more” you said to everyone, an arm reaching in and grabbing derek, pulling him outside with spence and his mom

They stepped back inside all together, Diane standing next to you while everyone celebrated, she was luci, speaking to you clearly about how proud she is of Spencer, you could only agree with her.

The night ended almost four hours later, everyone promising a wonderful baby shower for the two of you, you both leaving tired and filled with joy as you drove home

As you stepped inside you felt free, not having to hide anything, Spencer still watching your every move.

“Are you going to keep that photo in your hand forever spence?” you asked, notiving he’d never let it go, still keeping it in his hands

“Most definitely” he replied, smiling at you

“So how about we start on the whole story” you said, going into the living room, your hoodie still concealing your size

He sat down on the couch next to you, you tuned to him, one foot dangling over the side

“So it technically started the morning you were arrested, though JJ had been leading on that she worried i was showing signs, but i didn't believe her, when you left for those three days i gave up and took a test and it was positive, which didn't make sense because i was on the pill, so i freaked out and went to the office to see JJ. that's when they told me you’d been caught in mexico and i lost consciousness, things are a little blurry after that but then i remember being on the plane to go down to get you, that's where i told everyone else because they needed to know why i was getting sick so much. They told me they wouldn't tell you until I was ready.
After we collected you i couldn't find a chance while you were not needing to focus on anything else, whether it being keeping yourself safe in prison or finding you mom, i simply couldn't do it. So once we got back, JJ took me to the doctor and the drug i’d taken while recovering counteracted my pills, though it was too new to know about it, so that's the day i’d gotten this photo. You holding on so far?” you asked him, he looked pretty confused, picking up the first photo in his other hand and holding it next to the newest one

“Yeah. i got it so far, keep going” he said, still looking at the photos, trying to cognitively register that these are of his child

“Ok well, after I had the tests done, I stayed with JJ and Will for a while just to deal with myself. I wasn't feeling the best and Henry and Michael were my only source of joy in between cases, well besides visiting you. The more i began to show, the less i started showing up though, and when i found out you’d stabbed yourself in your leg, i’d lost it and went back home, everyone helping me attempt to prepare for the baby because we didn't know if you'd be out in time, that failed
When i got to release you yesterday, even under the circumstances, it was one of the best things i'd gotten to do, and now we’re here” you said, finishing your long explanation

He nodded for a moment
“ makes sense, and i understand your reasoning, and i'm sorry for putting everyone through this, especially you. You shouldn't have been alone” his words were apologetic, he meant what he was saying

“I was never alone spence, no matter what happens, i know i have a family backing me up, though, choosing god-parents is going to be super awkward now” you said, a light chuckle from him

“Another day. Another day” he said, it was finally settling in that HE IS GOING TO BE A DAD.

His talk earlier with derek and his mother helping with the realization


“Ok Spencer, you listen up. We have both been through hell and i'm not losing it at the moment so i'm giving you this. That woman in there is the only one for you and considering how happy you both are around each other if you screw this up, i'll scratch your eyes out” diane took the ring off of her finger, placing it in his hand and closing his fingers around it for him

“Mom. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?! Enough for one day!” he said, trying to hand her back the ring

“No no. not today, when you're ready! That ring belonged to your grandmother and shed wanted it passed down, because if you don't marry her, I will!” she said, opening the door and dragging derek out, leaving the two boys to talk

“So pretty boy, a baby. Also when did your mom start lifting weights because shes freakishly string for a middle aged woman” he said, pointing back to the door

“Am i enough to be a father? I mean really” spencer asked, pocketing the ring

“Spencer. If anyone is qualified to be a wonderful dad, it's you. Kid, i've watched you become an amazing person throughout the years, i have no doubt that the child she is carrying will follow the same path” he said, pulling him into a hug, the two practically brothers in the mess of a family that you called your own, after some more brief words, they both walked back in, enjoying the celebration of many things, but most of all



You both talked for a while, discussing what to do from her on out, you came to the conclusion that since he already mostly did, he would move in completely with you to help as you progressed and that you would continue working until you no longer could, the rest being left up to time.

Both of you lay in bed together, thinking about the mess of a day its been,trying to relish in the happiness you were feeling in the moment, one another as each others soulmates


Chapter Text

“I don't think this is right spence”

“Just push harder it should fit!” spencer said back to you, your already uncomfortable position making the task more difficult

He continued to push, you yelped in pain, pulling your hand away

“Are you ok? I'm sorry, but this is way more difficult than it should be! Why do you even need a rocking chair?” he asked you as you sucked on your finger, having pinched it in between two metal pieces

“I’ve already explained this, after i push the goblin out i have to take care of it too, that involves putting it to sleep” you said, trying to making the screws go in properly

“I would appreciate if you didnt call our child a goblin please” he responded, the words, our child, still not something you were used to

It had been almost a week of non-stop prepping while spencer was being reinstated, your baby shower approaching rapidly, you having to wait to buy clothing and shoes and even though you'd be happy with whatever pops out of your vagina at the end of your labor, you’d secretly been hoping for a boy.

Spencer had dove into this quickly, convinced he is going to be the best dad he can be, no matter the cost and he certainly is living up to it

You wiped the sweat from your forehead, wearing a pair of shorts and a sports bra while working on building a rocking chair for the designated nursery and some other stuff, including a bookshelf, a new crib, changing table, and even more stuff would arrive in due time

He pulled the last two pieces together, latching down the chair, doing a little victory chant
“Fuck you chair! Haha” he exclaimed you only shook your head, continuing to work on the changing table, testing your weight against it to make sure its safe

“You sat back onto the chair, him sitting on the footrest in front of you, hands on your stomach

“Guess what? Cal state will be taking you with one phone call, or Yale, or Harvard, or any school your little heart desires” he talked to your stomach, you smiling at the image

“Mmm. if they catch your eidetic memory too, we’ll both be in for a short school life” you said, knowing he only spent a few years going through every grade

“There's a chance, while its not primarily genetic, it's common for it to be passed down” he said, changing his voice to a soft one while still speaking to your stomach

“Your dad took away all my food so we might starve together” you said jokingly to yourself, looking down

“I did not! She tried to eat key lime pie with vinegar, obviously that's not very nutritious, even with cravings” he responded, being passive to you

“It sounded like a good idea at the time” you mumbled, he only smiled, standing up and taking your hand

“We’re permitted to go in late on non-case days, but now we’re pushing it” he said, you knew you’d have to anyway

“Let me shower first, then we can leave” you said, getting out of the chair, him giving a hand to pull you up

The hot water engulfed you, spencer sitting on the toilet ld next to the shower scrolling through his phone

“Spence, im capable of showering without monitoring, i dont get why you insist on being in here” you said he only hummed

“We’ve been through this, your about 10x likelier to slip in the shower once you've reached the four month mark, i'm not risking it” he said, making a cute little peep behind the curtain

“Perv” you teased, rinsing the soap from your body

“Am not. I've seen far more than your ass y/n. If this is how you’re going to act, I fear your reaction during labor” he said, you scrunch your nose, cutting off the water.

He threw a towel over, you catching it and wrapping yourself around

“You’ll have to fight the girls for a spot in the room” you said, though you haven't thought much of who was actually going to be in the room.

While most girls would choose their mother and sister or mother in law, you didn't have any of those as options, so close friends were the last resort

You still got changed, having newer clothes from before that fit better, clipping your badge on and holstering your gun

While he had his badge back, his gun is to remain at the office except when on cases until he is fully reinstated

He still wouldn't let you drive, insisting he do it instead, just like anything else.
\using your pregnancy as a distraction from prison was a new crutch for him, he faced nightmares each night, the flinching, the waiting on doors, everything. Everything about him had been altered

He focused everything he has on you, if he's not worrying about himself, he doesn't have to face anything just yet, despite your efforts to get him to go to more therapy

Emily has him on ordered remission therapy for a minimum of 3 months, visiting twice a week for an hour session each

He drove obnoxiously slow, taking every turn carefully, its annoying, but you understand his caution

Plus it only added 5 minutes to your commute, and five minutes is with him being happy

“Agents Reid and y/l/n. Welcome” the guard at the front said, sending you both up to the bullpen
\ everyone was in the conference room, the screen lit up with images of a scene

“Why did they call us?” you asked opening the door

“y/n! You’re here, come sit” penelope said, you looking confused

“Why didn't you call us if there was a case?” you asked, penelope looking to emily

“We didn't want to risk putting you in the field at this point. I don't feel as if its safe” emily said and you frowned

“What? We had callahan in the field until 7 months! I'm fine and i'm going” you said, having a good point

“That is true. You can still go on cases but you aren't doing any strenuous work. Get used to a desk” she said, turning back to a screen, you pumping your fists lightly in the air

Penelope smiled, her mood changing when she flipped the pictures on the screen

“I hope you packed your umbrellas because we’re going to seattle washington. 3 women over the course of the last month have all been found with their.. Oh sweet baby jesus… with their throats removed. God, I need so many kitten pictures after this. We’ve been called because ME reports confirmed that the removal wasn't done by an animal and we may be looking at a spree killer” penelope said, you had to admit, keeping your breakfast down while looking at the photos was certainly challenging

“They need you right away so get to it while i go cough up my breakfast” she said, sending the rest of the files to your tablets, the worst on there

“Wheels up in 30, make sure you have warm clothing in your go bags” emily said, taking her device with her, leaving the room

“Vitamins?” JJ asked, a staple question of each day




“Good,” she said, folding up her tablet and exiting, you following her with spencer.

You picked up your go-bags, taking the SUVs to the jet, boarding again with familiarity

“Spencer helping you up the ramp, even though you didn't need any

“He’s getting into this whole pregnancy thing really well” JJ said to you, you went wide eyed

“He took away my food” you said blankly, pretending to be distraught

“I doubt he took away all of your food y/n. You were probably trying to eat something gross” she replied and you frowned

“Key Lime pie and vinegar!” he said while entering the cabin of the jet, putting his bag in the overhead bin

“Oh yeah. Probably best you don't eat like that”she said with a weird look

You only huffed and puffed, wanting about every item on the mcdonald's menu

“When we land, i'm getting food” you said, sitting back on the couch, spencer taking the spot JJ was in while she moved to a chair

While doing the final bits of de-briefing, the jet took off, putting you in the air

Like she had said, you were assigned to stay in interrogations at the precinct, no in-field work

You’ve done a lot of interrogations before, but it's definitely not your favorite

You took a long nap on the way, the flight being almost 7 hours, it being dark when you arrived, but granted, it's always dark in seattle.

“Cmon. wake up” spencer said to you, everyone else still stirring from sleep, obviously grumpy

It took a moment, but eventually you stood up, stretching your arms out and yawning, trudging off of the plane

“I’d rather be building bookshelves now. Im tired” you said to him, looping your arm through his, resting your head against him while you walked to the cars, the drive to the precinct not taking long

It is relatively empty, probably due to the time you were arriving at, the sheriff greeting everyone.

“Agents, we weren't expecting you until tomorrow morning, we have you set up over here” the man led everyone to a large room towards the back of the building, clear boards prepped with maps and scene photos

“Our hotel check-ins are prepped, lets get set up and then we can call it a night, come back first thing in the morning” rossi said, clearly more exhausted than anyone else

“Mhm” you said, leaning your head against your palm at the table

“Penelope’s gone home by now so no comms either, lets just mark up the map” emily remarked, putting some arrows on the disappearing sites and the dump sites of each woman

Adding some extra notes to the ones the police made and packing up, taking some files with her, you all departed almost an hour later to the hotels

The rooms were large, you and Spencer sharing one, probably Emily's idea.
You flopped over into the plush bed, rolling over to smile when spencer poked you a few times

“Undressed first” he said, pulling you upwards by your hands

You pulled off your shirt, followed by your shoes and pants, taking off your bra and putting on a tank top and shorts, crawling into bed again

You watched him as he did the same, getting into comfortable pyjama pants, leaving his shirt off

“Hey spence” you asked, while he got into bed next to you

“Hm?” he followed, cutting off the light next to him, moving the room into pitch black darkness

“ do you want to have sex?” you asked plainly, he looked at you sort of differently

“Why do you ask?” he relied, leaning to his side to face you

“Why does anyone ask for sex spence? Well it's not like you’ve really gotten any in what? Four months now?” you leant forwards.

“That's not important though, and your almost in your third trimester” he said, seeming worried

“You of all people should know that sex too cant hurt the baby, in fact its better too. And don't say it isn't important, you also know that's a lie” you said to him, already placing little kisses along his jaw and neck

He groaned a little, judging whether or not that he should lean into this. You werent lying either, sex was actually beneficial for both the baby and the child, so theres no real risk

And it had been four months of no sex and it was pushing his nerves.

He leant back, rolling you over onto your back, him on top of you

“See. no harm” you said, kissing him while he pulled your shirt over your head, laying back, your stomach did not appear as large as it was, though you felt a bit self-conscious about it

He kissed down your neck, lightly and his touch gentle. Very different from other times. Different, not bad though.

His hand guided over your body, strumming over your hips and to the hem of your panties.

You’d half expected him to rip them off of you, but no he simply pulled them down your legs, letting you kick them off of your foot and to the ground

He removed his pants, letting them sit on the ground too, a mess of clothing surrounding the bed.


He kept thinking that over and over to himself, even in the darkness he could clearly see you, and even being 6 months pregnant you could never look better to him, never be more beautiful than you are in his eyes

You blushed a little, turning your head to the side with your arms curled over your breasts

“Are you alright?” he asked, checking with you before he pulled down his own boxers

“I’ll tell you spence” you said back to him, he pulled you downwards towards him, feeling the need more than ever, he was pretty pent up from the last few months anyways

Then again. So are you

You could feel him on the inside of your thigh, you gasped from the feeling, when he slid himself through you, pushing against you, you winced a little, his size again becoming a little uncomfortable, but nothing unbearable

He waited a second, seating himself fully inside of you, the feeling so foreign and yet so familiar, you nodding to let him move.

He didn't grip onto you like he’d done before, holding you gently, though you could tell he was holding himself back, an attempt not to hurt you in any way

He moved slowly but steadily and it wasn't clear if it was to keep himself from finishing too early or because of you, either way it felt just as good

You moaned a bit as he pulled out of you and pushed himself back into you, a deep groan leaving his lips as he rolled his head back

Though it had been some of the most “vannila” sex you’d ever had with him, it was one of the most passionate experiences, you falling asleep in his arms, feeling relaxed and better, more confident about his love for you.

Chapter Text

The next morning had been hectic, after waking up late and having an extra long fit of vomiting in the bathroom, having spencer around to hold back your hair as you continued to dry heave over the toilet until you felt as if you could stand, THEN having to get dressed and meet the rest of the team downstairs, all while looking sickly and pale, though they had gotten relatively used to it by now, every so often it would catch one of them off-guard and they’d do the usual “are you feeling well?” bit until you went over it again.

JJ, as she did everyday, questioned both you and Spencer on if you’d eaten and taken everything you were supposed to, though you trusted everything she said, especially with two children of her own.

Having sex the night before did actually lift your mood a little, making everything a bit brighter for the day, and spencer seemed less tense than before, though he wasnt really back to smiling yet as much as he used to, keeping the smae blank expression

Trudging out to the SUVs, waiting patiently at the entrance of the hotel, luke already in the driver's seat of one with emily in the other
“Get in loser we’re going shopping!” she called through the window, the mean girls reference following with exactly her MO.

Scooting in next to JJ and penelope in the backseat with spencer getting in the front seat, you double checking that you had your gun and badge, even though you wouldn't be out in the field as emily had told you

“Em, are you sure I can't go in the field? I’ll be fine!” you protested, suddenly not wanting to conduct any sort of interviews in the precinct, knowing they’d leave you alone all day.

Well not entirely alone, you’d have penelope at least.

“Absolutely not. I am not risking either of your lives so just sit it out” she pulled out, following luke, rossi, and tara out of the entrance, moving onto main road

“Don't argue it y/n. Its not safe” spencer said, looking at you in the rear-view mirror

“Fine but know while you’re out you can't stop me from eating whatever i want” you huffed in the back, he rolled his eyes, knowing you were going to eat some random nonsense

“Garcia. $50 to just make sure she doesn't eat anything dangerous” he flung an arm back with the bill in it, her taking it from her hand and putting it in her dress


“I haven't tried to eat anything dangerous! What makes you think i’ll start now?” you asked, even JJ included herself in the sarcastic looks given to you

“y/n, when i was in my fourth month with henry, i tried to start eating cornstarch plain all the time, what may be edible is still not good for you” she added, you hadn't done cornstarch but you had been having alot of cravings for citrus, specifically lime juice lately and that doesn't sound like the best thing for your stomach

“Well it's whatever the goblin wants so” you argued

“What have i told you about calling the baby a goblin, it just isn't right” spencer said, though you just found it amusing

“I think its funny” emily added, spencer giving her the death stare

“Fine fine. It's what the baby wants” you corrected yourself, though you’d still call it a goblin probably even after it comes out

“Goblin? Really y/n?” JJ asked, though you continued to smile idly to yourself, knowing in your head it's funny as shit

“At least at your baby shower this weekend you can finally know if you're getting a daughter or son! I’ve been keeping it for too long!!” she said excitedly, she had been planning for a few weeks now, everyone taking off of work for the day so that no surprises could come up and ruin it

“As long as it's not an identical copy of me, i don't mind. I cannot deal with myself, especially not in child form” they both looked at you a little weird but you still played it off

“I'm still keeping my statement on if the child turns out exactly like Spencer, I'm losing it. I cannot be bested in poker by a child...again” she turned her head to spencer

Pulling into the precinct parking lot, penelope helping you out of the car while JJ got out the other end

“I am not a child, and whether or not it inherits my eidetic memory is all by chance, granted, either way its learning poker, you can't have reid genes and not be able to play poker” he continued on his little rant, opening the door for everyone as the rest of the team joined you, the sheriff from the night before greeting you all

“I do hate to tell you all this but there's another body, three witnesses too waiting in interrogation” he said, you sighing

“You all go to the scene, I'll do interviews. By myself. All alone” you made a dramatic expression of sadness, Emily nodding, taking a few cops with them.

Giving you a kiss on your forehead as spencer left you saw penelope suppressing a smile

“What is it?” you asked, knowing three interviews were going to be hell

“I know something you don't” she said sneakily, walking off with her laptop to another room, leaving you confused

“We should really have her drug tested” you uttered, walking to the interrogation rooms, three people and a guard all crammed into the tight space

“Alright let's start with you, can you take these two inot another room?” you asked, showing your badge, he took the two women out of the room, leaving you with the guy to begin interviews.

~ 3… hours.. later( done in the spongebob voice)

“Here is everything conclusive about there reports, all saying they saw a caucasian man looking to be in his late twenties to early thirties about 5’5 in height leaving the area that the latest victim was found in all black clothing, the rest is different with each of them” you slapped the pages of notes down onto the desk penelope was working at

“Is the team not back yet? I wouldn't expect it to take this long” you sat down next to her, watching as she typed away, putting your head on her shoulder

“How much money for you not to tell Spencer or JJ if I order a pizza?” you asked her, pulling out your phone

“Just save me a slice and you’ve got a deal, i can't imagine the struggle of not being able to eat anything unhealthy, let alone while pregnant!” you ordered a large one, you could probably finish it on your own, but if you did, then she would probably snitch on you

It arrived twenty minutes later, the delivery guy seeming pretty chill about having to walk into the precinct to deliver it, handing it off and leaving

As you reached your fourth slice the team returned, them all going to snatch up some of your pizza as soon as they saw it only to be swatted on the hand

“Mine! Go get your own” you hadn't expected them to get back before you’d finished, emily walking up to take one, this time you let her, everyone else looking offended

“She doesn't disagree with me” you said, pushing the box towards them, you weren't going to be cruel.

They all took what they could, even though you were still hungry

“Spenceee, come here” you said, feeling a need for attention, though that happened normally

Wrapping his arms around your neck, putting his head on your shoulder so that he leant over with his face next to yours

“What took you guys so long? You've been gone nearly four hours” you put your hands over his, leaning your head back against the chair

“No reason, we just took some extra time” his voice infletulated, he was lying. Why would he be lying to you? Especially if he was with the rest of the team


“This is really boring you know, we’ve got basically the description of every white man in seattle” you groaned, penelope still typing away at her laptop, though she had obviously faced it out of your view this time

“What are you guys up to? What's with all of the secretive shit lately?” you asked accusingly, penelope and spencer looking at one another thinking they’d been caught, but penelope came up with something quick

“If you must know, I've been shopping for the baby and Spencer here is helping me. I just didn't want you to know of anything i'm getting until the shower” she said quickly, spencer nodding

That makes sense

“You guys could’ve just said that from the beginning” you groaned, spencer relieved that garcia could come up with something on an instant

“We’ve got to go update our information, you two should be in there” he said, unwrapping himself and tugging on your hand, you getting up, not amused by having to get up and actually move

“I swear to god walking is becoming unbearable” moving slowly towards the closed off conference room from the night before, everyone else already sitting in the chairs

You sat down in one of the seats, looking up as Spencer and Emily began explaining the new information they’d found.

You had begun to disassociate for a moment when a sharp pain in your stomach jerked you out of it, you gasping, catching everyone else's attention

“Little shit kicked me in the ribs, go on” you said through gritted teeth, feeling like a nuisance

Emily continued showing what some similarities were while spencer marked them up, crossing and connecting them to each other, all while the baby suddenly decided that now would be a good time to beat the shit out of your lower ribs, you having to hold the edge of the table to keep yourself from actually crying from the pain, tara taking notice from next to you

She held your hand, letting you clutch as tightly as you needed while dealing with the constant pains, continuing to listen as everyone asked their questions, filling in, after a few minutes it felt like an hour, tears forming at the corners of your eyes until it just stopped. Not easing out of it, it just stopped, letting you breathe normally again

“Hey hon. It's alright, just relax” she whispered to you, her quiet consoling helping a lot

“It's alright, it stopped, though i feel like i've been run over with a truck” you groaned, knowing if emily caught wind of you experiencing extreme pain more than the usual pregnancy soreness, she would put you on leave, making you sit at home all day in boredom, though you’d have to do that soon, knowing you’re pushing the limits with being able to work without being a setback for the rest of the team

“Just take it easy. Kicking is a sign of good health” her assurments while in good intention, werent really helping.

And yes, you are very grateful your baby is in good health but its no moms favorite thing when the baby begins to do those kicks where they either hit your stomach or ribs.

“I'm going to just go and sit with penelope” you said, excusing yourself quickly from the room, returning back to your seat next to her, a hand against your back while you did an almost waddling motion as you sat down

“Whats up babymomma?” she asked, watching some unimportant youtube video about puppies

“I don't know penny, i'm going to have to call it quits soon, this is becoming too much” you winced again, even moving wrong made something on your body hurt, no matter what you did, something always hurt

“Don't let Emily know she was right” putting a hand on top of yours, a silent comfort while she typed. Squeezing every so often to let you know she hadn't forgotten you were there

The team finished their new debriefing, deciding it was best to send only rossi and emily back out for the new suspect interview, leaving everyone else with you and penelope at the station, to work through the finer details

“You good? The kicking in your ribs is a sign of-” spencer said, you interrupting him to mimic taras voice

“It's a sign of good health yadida” you rolled your eyes, putting a hand over the crest of your stomach.

“I'm going to wait until you're old enough, I'll say about 15 or 16 and one day im going to just randomly kick you in the ribs, just to show you how it feels. You won't be expecting it, one day i'm just going to come for you” you said to your stomach, poking a bit

“That will be the day i put your mother in a headlock”

“And that will be the day your auntie penelope will be covering for your mom to the cops when she kills him” penelope added, joining the joke

“Are we talking to the baby? I would like to just say something real quick” jj got on her knees, putting her hands on your stomach, leaning close

“Delicious nutricious, fuck money get bitches” she said in the most serious tone ever, making you stare awkwardly

“Emily’s idea” she confirmed, standing up again, a few of the officers looking at her weirdly

“Fuck money...get bitches? What the fuck is wrong with her” emily’s approach to humor happens to be a bit different than anyone elses

“Language!” spencer protested, giving you a sort of look that said he wasn't having it

He’d been having some sort of trip about talking a certain way, apparently it can influence the babies mindset

“So many rules for someone not growing the actual baby” you did a sort of professing movement, really going for a play on the dramatics again

“Well when you can tell me every possible risk when it comes to nearing your seventh month, i’ll leave you be, but for now, you're going to hear it” you’d known he’d studied for both of JJ’s pregnancies, but even now he’d been reading non-stop about possible risks and proper dieting.

Another kick, this time your knee hit the bottom of the desk, spencer grabbing your arm
“Why today? Why must you try and kill me today?” you rolled your head back, waiting for the soreness to retreat

thankfully , this time seemed to be a smaller time period, ending quickly, the team gathered around, just waiting for it to end

“I'm going to apply to just stay in the office with penelope during cases. I'm no help here” your voice exasperated from the lack of breathing you’d been doing

“Oh you and I can have so much fun together, but that is probably for the best” everyone else seemed to agree with Penelope, and Emily would gladly permit you to work out of the BAU in a heartbeat, so all you had to do is finish this case.

The unsub ended up being holding out in an old apartment complex, with the help of the local police, nobody else was harmed and he was apprehended early the next morning, letting you all close up and head back home, giving you just enough time for your baby shower

Just as you had believed, emily agreed to let you work from the office with penelope, and she is to not come on anymore cases unless dire need, so that you wouldn't be left alone, not that anderson isn't good company

“You're getting plenty of sleep tonight, you’re going to need it for tomorrow” spencer said, helping you inside, both carrying go-bags behind you as you entered, dropping them down

“You too” being so exhausted that you didn't even want to get undressed, but he insisted that you atleast not wear your work clothes

“The girls will be here at 8 am, rossi, derek, and luke are taking you, i'm going to stay here to finish up on the baby’s room while they do their thing” you uttered, leaning your head against his chest so that you could fall asleep, him nodding silently.

You didn't know exactly what they had planned for Spencer, he just kept saying he didn't know when you asked, so either he really didn't or they were up to something, either way, you didn't mind.


You’d heard the door open, followed by several sets of quiet footsteps, though you couldn't bring yourself to open your eyes and get up, even when the door opened slowly

“How cute, do we shoot confetti at them or maul them?” the voice only recognizable as emily, this time you felt the need to mumble

“Eight knives and two guns between you and me, mauling is not a good idea” keeping the blanket around your chest as you sat up, you gave a lazy smile to them

“Eight? Where?!” tara began looking all around, not spotting a single one, spencer had re hidden all of your weapons, aside from your guns which would need new safe places to store as soon as the baby is born

“Not important. I'm assuming you’re here to kidnap him” spencer is still sound asleep, not aware to the fact that there were plenty of people just standing in your room

“Yup! He dressed?” derek asked, taking the day from retirement to spend with spencer

Looking underneath the blanket you nodded
“Pants” you said, he is without a shirt, nothing they haven't seen

Derek got to the side of him, though it was apparent spencer wasn't exactly asleep anymore, when derek began to shake his shoulders he shot up, obviously not the best idea to wake him

“Gah!! Christ, couldn't have waited another hour??” he rubbed his eyes, the profound dark circles underneath

“Get up pretty boy! We have things to do!!”derek pulled his arm, letting him step out of the bed, the girls coming around to your side

“We do too, no peeking ok, we’ll all be downstairs and outback” you had to get up, finishing the final preparations around the upstairs, blocking out the third floor and baby proofing cabinets is another focus.

The boxes of things from spencers apartment were halfway unpacked, though he’s stuck on a lease for another few months, so he’s still occasionally visiting to check in with the landlord

That could keep you busy for now
“Bring him back in one piece please” you asked, him putting on some street clothes quickly, walking out with the rest of the guys, giving you a kiss goodbye

“They're going to kill him. Whatever, you guys go do your thing, i’ll be upstairs if you need me” you got out of bed, giving the girls a hug each while you exited, using the railing to pull yourself up the stairs to the renovated attic area

Built in bookshelves were installed on the walls on one side, the other half is where you decided a playroom would be nice, some unbuilt furniture also over in the corner, you’d expected to have built it a few days prior but get caught up in finishing the room

“Great. You think you can do me a favor and not beat me today, it's probably good that you don't” you whispered to yourself, finding that you’d been talking to the baby more and more unironically

“Ok good, cause i have a lot to do while your aunties set up a party downstairs all for you” pulling one of the smaller boxes to you while you sat down on the floor, you began taking out pieces, putting everything together, the hours passing by easily. The girls all came up in periodic times, helping you bring up boxes of books to put in the shelves, sorting them by topic and genre so he could easily find them when he wanted

It had been almost four straight hours, sitting back against the finished chairs and relaxing, admiring your accomplishments

“Hopefully your dad doesn't notice that his books on dieting are now at the bottom of the desk, he will not be taking our snacks anymore” Tara entered, holding a white gift bag, smiling

“The boys will be back soon, let's get you showered and into this” she handed the bag to you, letting you pull out the shiny matching tissue paper, a ball of white fabric at the bottom.

Holding it out in front of you it looked to be a flowy white dress,, probably chosen by JJ judging by the style of it

“Its beautiful, thank you” you took her hand to help you up, the dress over your forearm while she helped you to your room, blocking your eyes when you passed the banister looking down into the foyer, not wanting to spoil your surprise, though it would be the first of many for you

“Spencer said something about you slipping in the shower so i’ll be out here while you do so, just yell if you need me”

“Of course he did. I’ll be quick” you closed the bathroom door, taking a quick shower, well as quick as you can be for someone trying to maneuver around while pregnant.

Tara brought you some undergarments from your drawer, handing them through a cracked door so that you could get dressed

“They're here” the sound of the boys downstairs, all cheering and making a lot of noise as they entered(the dress)

Pulling it on and seeing yourself in the mirror, you could for once say that your belly didn't make you feel self conscious, the dress making it appear as one of those maidens you’d see in movies or shows at their own pregnancies

“How do i look?” tara looked at you while you did a small twirl

“Like a goddess” she replied, sitting at the foot of the bed fiddling with her phone

“Am i allowed downstairs now?” you asked, brushing through your only damp hair, having avoided washing it in the shower

“Yes, lets go” she took your hand, letting you see the array of blues and pinks out in the foyer, helping you down the stairs

“Oh wow, you guys have outdone yourselves!” the kitchen and patio were also decorated the same, bouquets of flowers on the counter

“You like it? We may have lost a few docrations to the pool” emily pointed back to the open patio doors, you gave them each another hug

“Now that we aren't waking you up, i believe i am owed a hug” derek said from behind you, making you jump a little

“Where have you guys been all day? I'm not really supposed to be building anything on my own you know” you locked your arms around his neck, giving him a warm embrace

“Sorry babymomma, there's some last minute things we needed to do” he distinct smile could brighten an entire room


“ Even carrying a child is still doing better than all of you” putting your hands into a maternal pose, you mocked him.

“Guests will be arriving soon, you and papa spence over there should probably look around, lots in store for today” spencer glared at emily, hopefully you’d play it off as some sort of hint to the gender reveal

“That's not suspicious in the slightest, and no, i'm going to eat first because i haven't had anything all day” you walked to the fridge, digging through in hopes that there was even something remotely appealing, mostly just greens and protein shakes, lots of salads and eggs and other rusty tasting foods

“Stop stealing the food I hide!!” you yelled, going to the pantry and searching through the boxes, finding a stash of snacks you’d managed to keep from him, returning with a chocolate bar

“Asshole” you muttered, thoroughly enjoying your chocolate breakfast

“Everytime, and stop calling me an asshole” spencer refuted your insult, you making sure to glare while you ate, both of you knowing no actual mean intentions were involved, using it as a way to play around with each other, though you did wish he would stop stealing your food

“No arguing! y/n there's food outside, so i’ll agree with boy genius and take this” emily took the remaining chocolate from you, throwing it in the trash can, and in that moment you felt like killing her

So much so, that even spencer looked like he was waiting for a reaction, though you chose not to, following her out to the backyard

The backyard was even more decorated, string lights hung around your patio, the center fire pit table covered in trays of party food, none of which was all that exciting compared to your now lost chocolate.

“You guys really did all of this in four hours? I don't even know how that's possible!” looking at the sheer amount of effort they had to exert for this, even spencer seemed amazed by the difference

“That was diane's nurse, she’ll be here in 20, apparently we lucked out because it's a good day for her”JJ held up her phone, the text icon light up

You were delighted, Diane being extra involved lately, excited to have a grandchild, even though she admitted she’d never thought she’d get any. According to her exact words “ i never thought he was capable of impregnating someone but here we are” now sounding rude is what had happened, but you knew it was a compliment in its own weird way

“She's been doing really well lately, i'm glad her nurse said she could come” you know it means alot to spencer to have his mom here, she’d been recovering phenomenally well after her run-in with lindsey vaughn, remembering only bits and pieces at times, though for once her memory had done her well and repressed the scarier moments

“Oh! A text from anderson, he says he’s bringing a special plus one, he’ll be here any minute. He didn't mention anyone before” nobody seemed to know who he was talking about, thinking it's just another one of his jokes, hearing his car pull up into the driveway.

Penelope went off to answer the door, you hearing her overly loud reaction when seeing who was with him

“OH MY GOD!! You're here!” she pulled the unknown person through to the backyard letting the rest of you see alex blake, the only mother figure you’d ever had

“Someone told me my two favorite people were having a baby together so i had to fly down to visit” she smiled, you pulling her into a tight hug

“I've missed you so much! Who told you??” you asked, spencer taking his chance to hug her

“I’ll keep that to myself for now. I want to know why i wasn't called earlier when you know, you got shot and YOU went to prison? Hm i feel like these are important things to tell me about! And now I find out you're pregnant?! One hell of a car ride with Anderson explaining the last few years in detail to me!” she scolded the both of you, though her smile made it as though she was just worried

“ to be fair, i just found out too” spencer said, you elbowed him in the stomach

“Oh dear, well no need to fret over the little things right? I'm here for a week on vacation and best believe i am returning the week of your due date young lady” your surprise was getting even better

“About two months left, and i will gladly fly you out here myself” you held her hands in your own, the last time you’d seen her was on the flight home from a nerve wracking case that left spencer shot in the neck, a small faint scar still evident if you focused

“I think I hear more people arriving, go, we can talk some more later. For now i need to talk to spencer for a monet” the front door opened, you nodding, leaving her to talk to spencer

“So you didn't tell her you invited me, but at least try and act non-conspicuous. Your terrible acting will blow this” she whispered to him, despite everyone else currently around being in on it

“Well I'm nervous Alex, I mean who wouldn't be?? Cut me some slack, we were this close to not being able to finish the last minute prepping this morning” he argued, him and the other guys all had different tasks for this

“ just eb calm, it's going to go perfectly, but next time you call me down for one of your crazy plans, inform me that you're even together with her first! It's good to get a phone call every once in a while like, hey alex how are you doing, oh yeah i got y/n pregnant tootles” still wrapping her head around the new information she’d been told was a struggle though she did come down to support you both, so that's exactly what she's doing… in her own special way

“Im sorry, going to prison isn't exactly the easiest thing. I got out, had to rescue my mom and found out im going to be a father in the span of 72 hours, and between making sure that i'm actually prepared for his is taking a lot of my time up” obviously stressed, she grabbed his shoulders, looking him dead in the eye

“You're going to be the best damn father out there and I'm willing to bet on that, now you calm down and go love on the woman who is so graciously carrying your child” she said, obviously using a more forcible tone would help get through to him. Releasing him when you began to return with more and more guests, not knowing exactly how many were invited, though it had to be a large number, because pretty much anyone you’d ever interacted with was showing up, though not having any family, the people at your work are your only support, so it's no surprise that a lot of them were invited

Once everyone had mostly arrived, penelope and emily took the reigns, though someone had let emily know where your liquor was an she made sure to get onto that prematurely

“Ok ok. The photographer is ready, so is the powder. JJ will be shooting it off when it's time. Spencer, you ready?” derek asked, patting his back, everyone gathering in the backyard tara and luke positioning everything, including you and spencer into the yard, emily gathering everyone's attention

“Ok so i have been waiting forever to find out what is going to be popping out of y/n in a few months, so i can only imagine the stress it's been for the two of them, so i say, it's about damn time we find out!” every clapped for you, facing towards JJ as they counted down, when it hit one she pulled the string, a cloud of blue erupting, everyone cheering as you clasped your hands over your mouth, screaming in joy

“Oh my god!! Yes!” you cheered, tears forming in your eyes, you couldn't tell if it was from the colored powder or the sheer amount of joy you are feeling

“y/n. Turn around!” JJ said, you confused, turning again to see spencer on one knee behind you, your heart dropping to your stomach

“y/n y/m/n y/l/n. Even though it's been only a few short months of pure chaos between us, i have never been more sure about my love for you, and with every bit of me i ask, will you marry me?” your heart is beating a thousand miles a second, tears flowing down your cheeks, removing your hand to see the smile you were pulling through your cries

There is no doubt in your mind that this isn't the life you want, that you’d dreamed of, knowing only one clear answer for him, even with the uncertainties you face in life, no matter the struggle or cost, you’d want it to be with him, because he is the one for you, the true love of your life

“Yes. yes!” you said through your disheveled breaths, the group erupting into cheers as he stood and kissed you, breaking away to slip the beautiful ring onto your finger, letting you admire it in the sunlight, everyone moving into the grass to give graces and hugs to you and him.

“I love you so much spencer reid” you said to him, the still drying tears hardening on your cheeks, you could only feel pure joy at the moment, diane hugging you possibly tighter than anyone before had, looking at your ring in the sun

“Spencer, you had it refurbished! It looks brand new” she said, you hadn't even realized it was her ring until you looked closer, making you look at it in a completely new way, the stones freshly polished and cleaned with an older band, a take from both the old and the new, something that fit spencer just right

“It was finished this morning, we had to rush out of the house to pick it up” he responded, not being able to contain the overwhelming smile on his face.

“I think we’re forgetting the other important thing here! You're having a son!!” derek cheered, a glass of champagne in his hand, savannah by his side, having showed up later than he had with the rest of the guests, she was two months behind you on pregnancy, so your children would be born around the same time

“I'M GETTING A SON!!” he cheered, arm around you waist, keeping you at his side

Penelope and the rest of the girls had planned ahead, making sure the photographer got both your reaction to the gender reveal and you seeing Spencer perfectly.

“I told you it would go perfectly, no need to worry!” alex said to him, a warm smile accompanying the hug she gave both of you

“Just how many people were in on this?” your question could only have one answer considering how everybody seemed focused on you and him instead of the initial surprise

“Everybody. Every single person here helped me plan this” he was honestly surprised by how smoothly it went, nothing in his life ever comes easily, especially not amazing things like this, so everything felt slightly euphoric to him, embracing the moment

“Even penelope? You got her to keep a secret??” you asked bewilderedly, she nodded along with him

“I had to use every bit of self control to not tell you! Im sure if i even tried i would be locked in a padded room by anyone else here though so that was extra motivation” you’d been honestly so surprised that she had managed to keep it hidden for the time, you really did have no idea

“I'm glad you did. This entire day has been wonderful from start to finish” everybody delved into drinking, talking and congratulating you, while the main team hadn't been told the gender, the actual invitee’s had been, a sort of non-traditional reveal, considering how little time they had to plan, having both a reveal and a shower at the same time seemed like a good idea, so guests could still see your reactions and buy according gifts, a sort of perfect plan

After letting you talk to everyone for a bit, you were dragged inside, a huge bundle of gifts awaiting you

“Now that we know what to buy for, we’ll all be giving you our gifts separately, a sort of special moment for each of us” rossi told you, handing you the first bag to open, getting started quick as spencer sat next to you

The first bag contained a small onesie, little embroidery in the feet, being from samantha from excerpt downstairs to you, who’d always visit and bring snacks to the BAU after long cases, an exceptionally nice woman

Going through each one, thanking and hugging each person who’d bought them each time, feeling overly spoiled.

“Spencer look at this” you held up tiny sweater, almost identical to one of his, he smiled, looking at it closely

“That is only one of many things from me, and henry has a few things picked out on his own” JJ said, the sweater being from her

“Call will and have him bring the boys, i'm sure that they’re all dying at home anyways” you said, she smiled, taking out her phone and stepping aside

“Hank and michael will both be around the same age as him growing up, it's good to know he'll have a good amount of children to grow along” you said to him, the boys only being months apart from each other

“Now we have to start thinking of names though, we’re a little behind on that arent we?” he responded, you’d had a discussion about it before, not really deciding on anything

“One thing at a time, but yes, that is a priority”

“He’ll be here in 20 with the boys. Henry apparently was in the car before i finished my call” she laughed, sitting down across from you, only a few more gifts to sort through, the final subject of the night…


Just on time, will arrived, carrying michael in his arms, henry dashing over to you and spencer, him pulling him into a hug

“Uncle spencer! Dad said you and aunty y/n are getting married!” will gave you a kiss on the cheek, putting himself at JJs side while spencer nodded to henry

“She said yes!” henry gave him a little fist bump, emily cutting up the cake for everyone, probably about 2 drinks overdone, though still in a fun way

“you're not driving home, you can sleep in the guest room tonight em” you said, she didn't seem to register it so you simply relayed it to rossi that he should take her keys, though she normally is smart enough to make decent decisions even while intoxicated, but you weren't risking it

Eating cake and enjoying the night with your friends, the main guests leaving after a few hours, followed by your closer ones, leaving you with spencer and emily, who you helped off to bed, leaving you all alone with spencer, your now fiancee and father of your unborn son

“Bedtime, and longer standing and i'm going to sleep on the hallway floor” you really were exhausted, the day being one of the most eventful in your life, if only your parents could see you now

Getting out of your dress, climbing into the bed, you’d realized truly that you get to spend the rest of your life with him, and it's exactly what you want

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Chapter Text

“No. I'm not doing it, I won't eat that… garbage!” you argued, the plate in front of you filled with colors of food you’d rather not have anywhere near your mouth, not a thing even looking remotely edible

“You will, because everything in this is stuff you like, i made sure nothing was gross” he continued to push the plate towards you

“Just because you're home doesn't mean you can feed me whatever this is. Why can't I have eggs or something? Eggs are healthy” he's not budging, he hasn't been, a constant array of disgusting healthy food

“Please just eat, even just the smallest bit. Pleasee” he held out a spoonful, like you were the baby being fed

he’ d been insisting you eat this green-goop for the last month and a half, saying it's good for the baby and you, when in reality it tasted like metal and old soda

Ever since the baby shower he’d doubled down on his already strict eating habits, making you try new things all while remaining as healthy as possible

“Spencer. Are you trying to spoon feed me?! Nope!. Nope nope” you shot from the table as fast as you could, taking out the carton of eggs and a large pan, clicking on the stove to its highest setting

“I am an adult, if i want eggs, i'll make eggs and there is nothing you can do about it” you began cracking the eggs into a bowl, stirring them while the pan heats up

Digging through your spice cabinet for some simple salt, you dropped it onto the floor, the container clattering a bit

Spencer had gone to reach down to get it, but out of a show for independence, you also reached down, regretting your decision almost immediately.

You couldn't tell exactly what had happened at first, a large amount of clear liquid flowing through your pajamas and you even considered for a brief second that you had peed yourself, keeping an arm on the counter, trying to figure out what just occurred

Spencer didn't say anything, running out of the kitchen quickly, leaving you alone, keeled over and unable to really move

“What the hell! Come back!!-” you tried to call after him, a shooting pain in your gut gave you the answer to what's happening.

Your water broke

Oh no. oh no. oh no

“SPENCER!” you screamed, he returned, out of breath, the emergency bag he’d packed a few weeks ago in hand, along with his phone and the keys to the car

“Just breathe, it's alright” he grabbed underneath your arm, helping you stand upright, not worried about the fact that you were likely in labor

It was unknown if he was telling you to breathe or himself, either way it wasn’t working

“Stove! Stove!!” you yelled, him having to run back and turn off the burners, bringing an infant home to a charred house would be a bad way to begin parenthood.

You couldn't process what exactly was happening, only that spencer had put you in the car and was now racing down the highway towards the hospital, the team all on a conference call through his his phone

“Ow!! Make it stop!!” you screamed, the amount of knowledge he has and yet he becomes absolutely clueless now

“Put her on the phone” you could hear clearly from JJ, somehow speaking loud enough to catch your attention

He’d handed you the phone, keeping his eyes glued to the road, making the turn to the exit straight towards the hospital

“JJ!” you were gasping, trying to get some sort of air through what felt like pierced lungs

“y/n, it's alright. Breathe. Breathe. We’re all on our way, just relax and try to not get too stressed out. The calmer you are, the less it will hurt” you know at this time it's probably best to listen to JJ on what she says, but you really aren't feeling it, still breathing heavily as spencer pulled into the emergency entrance to the hospital, savannah and a small group of nurses already waiting for you after spencer had called

“y/n! We weren't expecting you for another two weeks! How far apart are contractions?” her question was directed to spencer, and while she is only 2 months behind you, she definitely isn't showing as much as you were

“Less than a minute apart” he swung the bag over his shoulder, handing it to her so he could quickly park and run in after you

“Lets get her to a room!” it was all a blur, one second you were being wheeled into an elevator, the next you were in a room in only a hospital gown with an OB in between your legs

“This baby is coming soon, she almost a complete 10 cm dilated, i'm going to gather another doctor and we’ll get you prepped” the lady probably had seen thousands of women with the same expression of true horror that you had

One nurse put an IV into your arm, giving you something unidentified for pain, all while your team burst through the doors, JJ still not present

“Where the hell is JJ??!” you yelled, the doctor making everyone wait in the hall,

“She’s like a minute away! She's picking up diana!!” she yelled while being closed out into the hall

“Spence. I love your mother but is having her in here a good idea??” you questioned, holding his hand tightly

“Uhh-i uh. Yeah, JJ will be here” he was breathing equally as heavy as you are, you hadn't even considered how freaked out he may be

“Ok this is going to hurt a bit” the doctor warned, a burning sensation making you yell loudly, clenching your eyes shut. Diana and JJ had been permitted into the room with you, though you couldn't really speak much aside from hours and hours of exhausted screams and cries, almost five whole hours of pushing and debilitating labor, by the time a high pitched cry filled the room and you had finished, you could only focus on keeping your eyes open, trying not to pass out

Layers of sweat covered your whole body, the nurses cleaning off your baby, helping you hold him for the first time, his skin against yours managed to suddenly keep you wide awake, the gentle feeling of warmth and softness from him made your whole body tingle

You couldn't help but cry again, this time while smiling, tears of pure joy, JJ and diana trying to get chances to see the baby

Spencer had to actually step up and move closer to you, leaning over to see his perfect son, looking up.

It's a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life, one that will forever be ingrained into your memory, not needing to have an eidetic one to know that

“He’s beautiful- hes absolutely beautiful” you rubbed your shaking hand across his head, placing light kisses where you could

“Spencer. Would you like to hold him?” he looked like he’d been asked to hold a bomb, though it was simply out of fear that he may hurt or drop him more than anything

With JJ right behind him, he slowly pulled the baby to his chest, both arms underneath his tiny form

“Mom and dad, do we have a name?” savannah asked excitedly, holding the pen

You and spencer looked to each other, after weeks of deciding, you both settled on one, having told no one yet

“Yes. Oliver james. Oliver james Reid” JJ and diana both smiled, there was an hour or so where diana would ask every five minutes where she was at, but it wasn't much of a nuisance with JJ around, and she’d been pretty lucid for most of it, even encouraging you towards the end

“Oliver james?” JJ asked

“Oliver after my father and James because well, I'll let him explain” you had thought Spencer would have sprung in with the answer but no, he just rocked back and forth lightly, smiling at Oliver.

“Spence” you said

“Oh uh i don't know” did he just say i don't know? That's a first

“Wow ok. We chose james because it was a common middle name and derek already snagged the whole dedicated middle name thing so something simple worked” you explained for him, still surprised he didn't even attempt an explanation

Doctors and nurses came in and out of your room, letting everyone in once they'd fully cleaned both of you up, making sure no heavy stitches were needed.

A small crib like bed was set up next to your bed, you couldn't sleep with the baby during your stay but could hold him whenever you were awake, and believe me, everyone was holding him, but a particular liking was taken to emily, which she made sure to boast about to everyone

Pictures were taken of diana holding Oliver, her first grandchild, something you’d have to frame for her to keep

Even at night, the girls refused to leave, aside from aking diana back, penelope, JJ and emily all slept in the chairs and on the couch, and you’d put Oliver to bed next to you

“You wanna know something funny spence?” you were both extremely tired, but being caught up in your own head didn't help with falling asleep

“What's that?”

“The last time I was in a hospital overnight, I thought I was going to die. But look at me now, bringing new life to the world, someone WE created together will now live in this world and make a life for himself. I just find it crazy”

“You're exhausted, go to bed y/n, we can talk all you want in the morning” he put a hand over yours, his chair moved right up next to you, within arms reach

“Mhmm. alright” you rested your head into your pillow, looking into the abrely illuminated crib, Oliver sleeping peacefully, you didn't think babies slept so well on the first night

“I love you”

Spencer didn't want to think about the fact that if you hadn't survived that night nine months ago, he’d still be alone and he wouldn't have been able to live with himself, not able to cope with the fact that he couldn't save you. It would be likely that he’d still be in prison too, And lord knows he wouldn't have survived much longer in there

But you see it as a sign of joy, you are positive about it, sort of a good omen to you, and it is ever so confusing

“I love you too” he replied back, noticing you were already sound asleep, having misjudged how tired you actually were.

One hand on the outer edge of the crib and the other in spencers, you were connected in your sleep to the two most important people in the world to you.

It's the sort of realization that doesn't really hit most mothers until they've rested, able to gain full awareness that they are in fact, now mothers to a living, breathing, human. Something that will depend on and grow off of you for the next 18 years, but if this child has spencers gifts, you may be looking at closer to 14 years.

A night of screaming, crying, soreness, and finally welcoming love had put everyone into easy rests, being back to visit the next morning


You’d slept until almost noon the next day, your body trying to recover from the immense trauma it had been through just hours before, spencer and the girls taking the liberty to care for Oliver while you slept

“Look at him- look! This guys half me!” he said excitedly, rocking on the balls of his feet with Oliver, a huge smile on his face.

“I've never seen him so excited before. It's a little scary to be honest” Jennifer laughed, watching him talk about all the different things they would do together

“Leave him be. The kids a dad! Hell, i didn't think he’d beat morgan, but he did, even by a few months he managed to beat him” emily added, penelope was just continuously snapping photos whenever she could, though under strict orders was she not to post any of them to any social media considering the scratch case is still very much open

“I always win at everything, don't i? And so will you, yes you will” he used a sweet baby voice, cooing

“You see them, those are your aunties, and over here is your wonderful mother, who is currently trying to sleep off all the trouble you made, and all of your uncles will be here soon, they just left to go get some food that doesn't taste like cardboard” he showed the baby everything around the room, pointing out anything and everything he could as if it made any sense to the child who is less than a day old

Your body feels like it is weighed down by a thousand pounds, peeling your eyes open to the dim hospital room, seeing Spencer dancing around with Oliver, laughing and smiling, like a kid in a candy store, or like Spencer at a doctor who convention.

“This is a dream- a sweet one, but definitely not real” you smiled, he took Oliver's small hand in his and did a little wave, though his hand could only make a tiny fist.

“Now look, your mommy is awake!” he continued to hop around, putting Oliver into your open arms so that you could hold him

“Nope! You're certainly real, and quite adorable!” you nussled your nose to his, giving a little kiss

“He’s been dancing around since he woke up, Oliver is going to be able to tell you everything in this room the second he begins to talk” penelope shot a hand up, catching your attention

“Look at how cute he is! I made this! BE PROUD!” you held him up, if you could stand, you’d also dance around with him, spencer giving a kiss atop of your head

“Hey! Watch it, i'm all sticky and gross right now” yo whined, definitely in need of a shower

“You're not!”

A knock on the door followed by rossi, luke, simmons, and derek entering with handfuls of food, almost made you forget about having Oliver in your arms but a little whine followed by some yawns snapped you back

“Food!!” you cheered, luke staying near the door

“Someone else came to visit” he moved aside, alex stepping into your room, a bun thrown atop her head and obvious lounge clothing on

“Blake! You made it!”spencer took Oliver from your arms so that you could hug her, she smelt of coffee and cinnamon, likely the only thing keeping her awake

“I've been on three flights to get here as quick as i could, one got delayed so i slept in an airport terminal, now let's get me some lovings” she flopped back onto a chair, doing the gimme hands to spencer

“Oh my! You really are adorable aren't you?” she took him into her hands carefully, spencer keeping a hand under until it was fully safe

“If you wanna hear a secret, you're going to look exactly like your dad” she whispered close, looking at every detail of him closely

“Oh no. i don't think so. I think he's going to look just like moi” you giggled, running a hand over your forehead

Attempting to sit up you had to hold both side bars extremely tightly, wincing from the still, very sore in your entire lower half doesn't help

“Look at him, so tiny. He’s tall though, he’s going to be skinny and lanky like you” she pointed to spencer, though everyone wanted turns to hold Oliver, who thanks to JJ had gotten the expected nickname, Ollie

According to spencer, the first 24 hours after birth is critical for both the mother and the baby to be monitored just in case, after those 24 hours, they both are free to go home

Though, most mothers don't get an FBI escort back to their house, which emily brought up under “suspicion of safety” when in reality, she wanted to do the most for the both of you

“ Who bought the car seat?” you could've sworn the one you bought is blue and still in its box at home.

“Rossi. Says it's the first of many gifts” he carried the heavy seat by his side, JJ holding your arm to help you walk

“This is ridiculous, not only do i have to wait more time to go back to the gym and work off the extra weight i've accumulated, i can't walk for the next selected amount of time” you complained to her, stepping into the threshold of your home

“Home sweet home, and Derek agreed to train with you as soon as you’re recovered, and i'd make sure to monitor that scar of yours, there's still chances of tearing” you couldn't believe that you were already back home, in your house, which normally would be vacant and dismal, with your child who'd now be able to run through the halls and play, and spencer…

Spencer would practically do the same thing. A giant child on his own

“How the hell am I getting up those stairs?” going up the front steps was a struggle, the actual ones seemed impossible

“It's easier than it looks, you have the railing and spencer, who is-- already gone, dmanit!” he’d taken Oliver up to his room already, being overly excited to start his fatherly duties

“Great. I've lost him before i could even marry him” she sighed, taking you up the stairs, and with the railing, it wasn't as bad as you had thought, and you could walk relatively well on your own

“He's just excited. Give it some time, plus i've never met a man more eager to take care of the baby than him, so you've got that handled” she said her goodbyes, giving Oliver a kiss and leaving, your small little family all together

You now have a small family, it's not much, but it's yours. All yours.