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Through the Boring Fields

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Blood was spilled on the wooden floor. Glass stained with the dark red substance was scattered across the carpet as the young girl lied nearly lifeless on the floor. Her face and limbs were impaled with bloodied glass from the now broken window her father threw her into in another fit of rage. Eoin knew this would happen. He knew that his father, the monster who took him and his sister's childhood and almost their mother's life would take things too far. The wails of a baby and the horrified shrieks of a woman filled the room, snapping him from his thoughts and prompting him to take his sister upstairs to her room while her mother blocked the door. When he got up to her room, he locked the door and quickly scrambled for a first aid kit, quickly opening it, cleaning, and patching up his sister's wounds. 

"C'mon, Ohara, wake up..," He whispered, shaking her to consciousness Her bright, wide, green eyes opened in confusion until she saw her now relieved brother kneeling above her and holding her close.

"Thank tha' gods you're alright," He huffed with relief, keeping her close.

"What happened? Where's mummy and daddy?" The young girl quizzed.

"Mum's keepin' tha' door blocked so dad won't come in," He responded. "We need ta' start packin', and fast."

"What about mum?" She questioned.

"If we can, we'll go back for her. For now, we need ta' find a safer place to live," He told. "I know you want her to be safe, but she knows how to protect herself. Unfortunately, because of her pregnancy, her magic's not been as strong and may go out soon. We have ta' run away so we can save our family and stay away from dad forever. You understand?"

"I understand," She spoke, looking down with a small bit of disappointment. "But, what about Ocarina? How'll she survive with us if she isn't with mum?"

"Don't worry. Mum taught me how ta' take care of a baby in case something like this ever happened," He acknowledged. "Wanna help me pack?"

"Mmhm!" She answered, getting up from the floor. Suddenly, their mother burst in with travel bags and backpacks filled with food, baby supplies, and other necessities necessary for a long and most likely treacherous journey. From all the running and packing, she fell to her knees.

"Mum! Are you alright?" He checked, running over to help her up.

"Y-You both need to go..Your father means to k-kill us all," She stammered, holding her stomach. "I've a-already packed everything you need. You n-need to take Ocarina and go. Go as f-far away from here as you can, and only return if y-you've found a safer place.."

"But, what about you, mum?" The younger girl inquired.

"D-don't worry about me. I know where to go during a time l-like this," The woman retorted, stumbling a bit before Eoin caught her and helped her get up. Ohara grabbed the baby and got prepared to go. Their mother hugged them one last time

"Take care of yourselves, my young ones. Stay safe, and do come back as soon as you can. My magic won't last too long," She conceded. "Take the air balloon if you need to but just get far away from here as possible, and don't look back." She gasped and turned towards the door, hearing thunderous stomps slowly getting closer and closer. She quickly opened the window for them and created vines from magic for them to climb down.

"What about-"

"Just go! I fear what he'll do to you if he finds you trying to escape. I promise I'll be fine. You all just go! Find refuge!" She instructed, pushing them to climb from the window to the ground below. Eoin looked up at the window, wincing when he heard the squeals and cries of his mother before running into the fields he and his sister played and hid in as children. The fields were usually a place to play and have fun until their mother called them in for lunch or dinner. It also served as a hiding place from their father in case he ever thought of punching them around, breaking their belongings, and bringing them nothing but pain and torture until he saw fit. Running through the fields seemed like forever to them until they reached a path through the forest that leads to the city. Eoin was hesitant to walk through it but slowly began to warm up to it with his siblings beside him. This would be their chance at a better and happier life while they were still young and damaged.