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Even when the morning comes, don’t disappear

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Chanyeol laughed, even though he could taste metal on his tongue, wiping his gun on his jeans. “Take the omega back home. Let Yixing see him.” He ordered, turning to spit a mouthful of blood on the cement and wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

The omega this other pack tried to trade was already terrified, big round eyes staring at Chanyeol in fear the moment his infamous pack strolled in time to collect the money owed to them.

But that wasn’t the worst part, and this pack should have known better than to try and offer an omega as trade.

Exo did not fuck with omegas - and certainly not ones so young, never would touch them without permission.

It was disgusting, as they had omegas of their own at home. They had omegas to protect and it was their job, as a family, to make sure they didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

“Sir! T-Thank you! Thank you, thank you!”

And this omega was so young, only a few years older than their youngest alpha, Sehun.

To say Chanyeol was disgusted was an understatement, and he knew Minseok had a good reason to tell him he was impulsive, but that hadn’t stopped him from shooting the other pack leader point blank for even suggesting they use this omega.

It was disrespectful, and disgusting, and packs should have learned by now that Exo didn’t accept this form of payment - or anything other than money really.

“Did they touch you?”


Chanyeol raised a finger to Junmyeon, which was rude, but he was extremely angry right now, and he didn’t want to hear anyone but the fifteen year old omega staring at him both in fear and shock.

“No- no, alpha. No- yo… you got here in time.” The omega stumbled.

And then, Chanyeol smiled, and it must have looked a bit creepy from the blood on his teeth from when a few pack members tried to fight back, but the omega just stared at him in awe and surprise as he patted his head. “Good. We have a place for you, sweetheart.”

“Kyungsoo,” the omega murmured, accepting Yifan’s hand with shaking eyes.

“Kyungsoo. You’ll be safe.” Minseok murmured, and Chanyeol thought nothing of the warning look the eldest sent him.

He knew the more they took in the more of a target they would be.

But Chanyeol wasn’t about to just drop a lone omega on the streets for the vultures to attack.

“Okay. Let’s get going.” Junmyeon sighed, and Chanyeol shook his head.

“You guys go. I’ll be back later.” Chanyeol stated, red eyes showing how angry he still was as they walked out of the warehouse. “Get him settled, text me a list of shit he needs. I’ll pick it up.” He added, shoving his gun into his waistband.

“Yeol, how are you getting back then?” Minseok asked.

Chanyeol chuckled, shaking his head and burying his hands in his pockets. “I’ll steal a car. Don’t worry, I’m just going for a walk.”


Things had always been like this.

Chanyeol could clearly remember at age sixteen walking out of his school and seeing an omega pinned to the ground and alphas surrounding the poor thing.

He hadn’t been strong enough back then to do anything about it. He had been lanky, weak, disconnected from his instincts too much to react to the omegas crying.

But he smelled like an alpha, so when one of the men turned and asked if he wanted to join Chanyeol remembered how afraid he was - how scared he had been because the omega cried, she was screaming and he had never personally seen something like it before.

He ran away.

And the next morning when he walked by the spot to go to school it was surrounded in police tape, the area was blocked off, but there was blood… blood everywhere, and it was clear what had happened.

Chanyeol never could forget that day.

Maybe it was what drove him to create his own pack, to challenge those in positions of power, because what were laws when an entire criminal society snooped right under their noses?

Police didn’t mean shit, laws weren’t much more than words, and if anything ever happened to an omega it was entirely their own fault - not the alphas, because why did the omega tempt the alpha? Huh? Why didn’t the omega fight back? It’s not our fault omegas aren’t strong enough.

These were just things heard on a regular basis, but were clearly wrong.

But only him and his pack seemed to think so.

Omegas were hard to find these days, and even more so an unmated one.

That’s why Chanyeol wanted them under their care.

Because with them they could have a choice, and with them they could at least be guaranteed a safe night of rest, wouldn't have to look over their shoulders when the alphas were already looking for them.

He knew that the older alphas in his pack didn’t exactly approve of it, and that they were scared he was accepting too many omegas that they couldn’t protect, but Chanyeol couldn't give a fuck.

He really didn’t care if he was over his head because even if it was for a little while, those omegas would be safe.

“Excuse me.”

“Come on, omega. Just a little.”

“No thank you.”

“No thank you!”

“I said don’t touch me!”

Chanyeol hadn’t ever heard a voice like this before, and it wasn’t the tone that caught his attention, but the conversation itself.

The omega clearly said no, very clearly was saying no.

And the alpha wasn’t backing off.

Nobody was going to help other than Chanyeol, he knew that. Because that’s just how shit was, because it was easy to blame an omega - blame their scent for seducing an alpha, push the guilt off the alphas shoulders.

And the law was on the alphas side - always.

“Hey!” He yelled, pulling his hood over his head only to make sure it stayed put, “The omega said to fuck off.”

Unsurprisingly, the alpha had the omega pinned to the brick wall, hand at the omegas throat, and Chanyeol couldn't see the omegas face in the shadows on the wall, but he trailed down what he could see and the omegas feet weren’t even touching the ground because the alphas grip was so hard.

“We can share, I found it, I get him first.” The other alpha offered.

Chanyeol laughed before scoffing, pulling his hands out of his pockets and brushing them on his jeans nonchalantly. “What makes you think he’s willing? Huh? He looks very unwilling.”

Chanyeol didn’t even hear what the other had to say because the omega made a strangled noise and was kicking his legs against the alphas knees and he saw red.

Red, it was all red as he growled and reached out to grab the alpha by the throat.

It felt like an unfair fight, because he was so much stronger, but it was pathetic of this alpha to overpower the omega but barely put up a fight against him.

“Pathetic! You gonna rape him? Huh?” Chanyeol usually didn’t even try to speak to low life alphas, but something about the omega panting for air behind him was scratching at his chest. “Gonna kill him after too? Sick son of a bitch!”

The alpha beneath him tried to speak, but Chanyeol didn’t want to hear his response, didn’t need to, and was sinking his teeth right in the alphas throat.

It was a property fight now, the police would see how animalistic the attack was and assume he protected his mate - it wasn’t illegal.

But, honestly, Chanyeol only attacked him so viciously because he knew it took a while for someone to bleed to death.

And he was happy to let the man gasp for air, because that’s what the omega had to do moments before.

“Are you okay?”

Chanyeol turned to the omega, wiping his mouth on his sleeves, keeping his knees bent in an attempt not to scare the omega more than he needed to. “Are you hurt?”

The omegas head snapped up, and Chanyeol felt like he was the one that needed to find his footing because he was beautiful, but that wasn’t exactly why he was shocked.

He was shocked because the omega was staring at him like he was some sort of hero, like he admired Chanyeol, and he didn’t have any signs of tears or fear on his face.

Just a light flush from being unable to breathe, and a pink ring around his neck.

The omega was adorable, standing up and pushing his apron down and chewing his lip, but his eyes were still just staring at Chanyeol.

“Are… do… do you need someone to walk you home? You shouldn’t be walking alone through alleys, what were you thinking?”

Chanyeol didn’t usually feel the need to scold omegas he saved, usually just letting them use his phone to call someone or even taking them back with him - like Jongdae had Yixing.

But this omega looked like he needed a scolding for not even looking the least bit afraid.

“Are you okay?” Chanyeol was genuinely getting worried at this point, maybe the omega was in shock. “You.. I’ll walk you home, which w-“

“Baekhyun. My.. my name is Baekhyun.”

The omegas voice was excited, still unafraid, and Chanyeol genuinely was worried this young omega was crazy. “Can you walk me home?”

Chanyeol hadn’t ever blushed in his entire life, and he’d deny it if anyone noticed, but his ears warmed up. “Of course. Yeah.”

He had blood drying on his sleeve, and he was even disgusted at the grittiness of his teeth, but Baekhyun grabbed onto his sleeve immediately, like he hadn’t just witnessed something so vicious at all.

“Don’t usually go this way!” The omega began, and Chanyeol usually hated people that talked as much as Jongdae did, but this omega was adorable. “Walking home from work.. I told him to leave me alone. Please leave me alone, but nobody listens to me!”

“That’s what alphas do,” Chanyeol cleared his throat and wanted to hit himself for suddenly feeling like a blushing virgin - something he very much was not - but his heart rate picked up when Baekhyun pouted his lip at him and swung his sleeve, as if they hadn’t only met seconds before and Baekhyun didn’t even know his name.

“You listen.” The omega pouted his lip, tilting his head cutely to look under Chanyeol's hood, and he must have liked what he saw because he smiled wider and chirped an almost purring noise. “You have to walk me home from now on, Mister Alpha!”

Flustered at his sudden job, but also accepting immediately because Baekhyun had a very demanding grin, and it was too pretty Chanyeol couldn’t look away. “And why is that, darling? You must have a lot of nerve bossing an alpha around - a very scary alpha, you shouldn’t be so straightforward. What if I attacked you right now?”

“You’re not scary!” Baekhyun claimed, and Chanyeol knew it was a huge lie because even his own pack sometimes looked afraid of the things he did. “You saved me - have to save me everytime now!”

Chanyeol was surprised the omega was suddenly dropping his sleeve, and felt disappointed as he watched Baekhyun walk up a set of stairs leading to an apartment complex.

“If you look up my name you’ll be really scared, omega.” Chanyeol admitted, and something about it felt like word vomit because he didn’t want to walk away without hearing the omega talk some more. “Don’t walk out of public alone, okay? Stay on main streets. You have to promise me before you go.”

Baekhyun giggled, and Chanyeol clicked his tongue to hide the shiver that went through his spine. “If I don’t promise, then what?”

“Then I’ll have to make sure you do.”

“Okay.” The omega peeked over his shoulder as he pushed the door open and Chanyeol stiffened at the thought of the omega just walking away like this. “Mister Alpha, you’ll have to make me promise tomorrow when you meet me in that alley to walk me home at seven.”

Chanyeol was positive he had just been tricked as Baekhyun shut and locked the door.

But he stood there a minute longer, looking down the street a little bit, and when he looked up at the small building he felt a lot better when Baekhyun waved at him from the top most window.