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Princess Potter

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Holly replaced her glasses and hooked a hip onto his desk, regarding her Professor with something between frustration and anticipation.

Severus had placed her golden spectacles on the spot where he had indicated her to sit, but taking note of the thickness of her lenses for the first time, he almost felt cruel for making her walk the few feet to the desk without them. The latter sensation was however completely surpassed by Severus actively suppressing the guilt rising like bile from his stomach.

He was now leaning his palms against the wooden surface, his mind sobering rapidly. His aching Mark becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. It felt so much like an open blister after his encounter with Holly that he wished he could dowse it with Murtlap Essence.

But he would have ample time to tend his wounds and regret his deeds later – there was an agenda to attend to.

Notes. Where are my notes?

Severus pushed away from the surface, pulling open a drawer and rifling through it.

"You don't want me." She said behind him, her voice sounding distant and small.

Halfway through the contents of the drawer, Severus paused.

What a silly assertion considering what I just did to her.

He bit back an inappropriate retort and finished scanning through a notebook, taking his time replacing the book and shutting the drawer again.

The Potions Master straightened and met her eyes with a dead stare, Holly quickly looked away to study a jar of fungi suspended in liquid.

"Don't do that." She said firmly.

He had a moment to note the remnant of his seed on her jumper and endure another pang of self-loathing before responding as inexpressively as possible:

"You have little confidence in your Occlumency abilities. We have to work harder."

"You didn't answer me." She still kept her eyes stubbornly on the purple truffle mushroom.

A heavy silence followed. Severus wrestled with a response, trying to think of ways to deter her without losing his opportunity to break the curse.

"We cannot –" He closed his mouth again, deciding to phrase something gentler.

"am forbidden from . . . wanting you, Princess. You know that very well." He whispered. "They will burn me alive." Severus added as an afterthought.

Holly's eyes moved back to him, perturbed.

"No one has to know." She said, shrugging with one shoulder.

He considered the witch in front of him; her cheeks and the tip of her nose was reddened by the cold dungeon air. Her hair was an absolute mess and he knew he had a literal hand in it sticking up at the back like that.

In a very private corner of his psyche, Professor Severus Snape was pleased to see her lips still swollen, wondering if she could still taste him.

Holly bent over and slid her pinky into the hand resting at his side, catching his little finger with her own. His mouth twitched, but he stayed quiet. A tense second passed.

He looked down at their joined hands, remembering the promises he and Lily used to make in the same manner during his boyhood. Her hand was small, warm and the skin tanned, making his own look sickly pale in comparison.

His chest was tight and his cock started to inconvenience him again.

"No one can know." His tongue felt heavy when he spoke, Severus looked into her eyes, stealing into her mind.

"I promise." She said, a small smile blooming. Her intent pure.

"What is it that you promise?" He probed quietly.

Her pinky twitched inside his.

"I solemnly swear . . ." She said, making it up as she went. "Not to tell anyone or – thing about . . . us."


He tightened his finger around hers as response.

Holly flashed him the devil-may-care grin of her sire and Severus wondered when he stopped minding it.

"Good," he said, pulling her hand toward his body and moving a foot closer to her. He breathed the traces of arousal on her scent. "Now, how about I break that curse in your pretty head, hm?"

"But –" She started to protest.

Her pout almost made him laugh. Severus detached his hand from hers indifferently.

"Tut-tut – did you honestly think I was going to – what? Return the favour?" He said incredulously, folding his voluminous black sleeves over his chest as he looked down on her.

"It would only be fair." She said pointedly, holding her ground.

"Life's not fair, Princess." Severus sneered.

"We don't have to – you know –"She gestured vaguely,"have sex." She flashed him a bashful smile, pressing her tongue playfully on the inside of her cheek.

His first instinct was to dock points from Gryffindor, but he caught himself in time.

"Correct." He purred darkly. "And we most certainly are not going to."

"Oh, please Professor, I know you felt it too." She whined, leaning forward and forcing him to take a step back to retain what was left of his personal space.

"Tell me, Miss Potter, what exactly is it you expect from me?" Severus asked, his tone dripping poisonous honey.

Her expression turned surprised, or was it heartened?

"C– could you touch me like you did after you . . ." She fell silent.

"Came?" He suggested, as if they were discussing the weather.

"Yeah." She placed her weight on her hip and scooted onto his desk all the way. He heard something fall on the other side.

Arriving at wit's end at last, Severus uncrossed his arms and whipped out his wand.

"We can continue this discussion once I get rid of that fucking spell. Now, sit still and compose yourself, I shall –"

"Easy for you to say." She spat, interrupting him brashly.

"Why do insist on being difficult?" He hissed, exasperated.

"I'm not the one being difficult. Sir." She said, planting her hands on her hips.

"I think you are too used to getting what you want, Princess." He said coolly.

They watched each other with narrowed eyes for a long moment.

"I never get what I want." She stated bitterly, apparently after taking a moment of self-reflection.

He was about to be baited into goading her on but instead remembered he left his notes on his nightstand.

"You are trying my patience." Severus glowered at her through the curtains of his hair. "Wait. Here. I will be back momentarily." He turned abruptly and swept to the invisible spiral staircase, mounting two steps at a time.

He felt her eyes on his back, acutely aware that he was in the process of revealing the location of his private quarters.

As soon as he stepped over the magical barrier of his dark chambers above, he cast a non-verbal Accio and snatched the little black book as it neared him.

Then, in a flurry of black robes, he descended the unseen stairs again. After fourteen years, he knew the exact location of each step like the back of his hand. Severus started paging through the book before he reached the floor, looking for the transcribed disenchantments somewhere in the last pages.

He looked up and froze, his robes still swaying around him.

A pair of shoes, stockings, skirt and white knickers lay discarded on the floor.

"What the –"

Merlin's beard.

There was an overwhelming amount of naked skin on his desk. He was having trouble placing the pink bits, but his cock instantaneously recognized each respectively.

Holly was still sitting on his desk, but now only wearing her mother's bewitching smile. She had one heel on top of the desk to make space to reach in between her open legs, spreading her rosy cunt with two fingers.

Severus pressed the open journal against his chest and turned away. He was relieved to see the portrait of Professor Viridian still covered.


"You will get dressed this moment! Or," He took a moment to compose himself, "or I shall be forced to use a Leg-Locker Curse on you." His voice was loud and menacing. Severus felt an odd satisfaction at managing to keep it so steady under the circumstances.

Severus raised his wand in front of him like opening a duel, but still faced the wall. He detected movement in his peripheral vision and heard her clear her throat. He decided to give her to the count of three.




The familiar hawthorn handle was plucked from his grasp and flung away across the room. He turned in time to see Holly catching his wand above her head, tits bouncing freely.

He did not know where to look.

Severus had seen her nude before, but from a distance and only half. Now that she was close, he was surprised at the overall muscularity of her frame and contributed it to years of Quidditch and running from bigger kids.

She pointed his own wand at him and said cheekily "You know, you really shouldn't tell someone when you're planning to hex them."

"Return my wand and get dressed at once, Potter." He snarled, feeling his face flush hot.

"I don't want to jinx you, Professor." She said coyly. "Just take a seat." Holly kicked out his chair with a bare foot so soft it was clear it had only ever seen the inside of white woollen school socks.

"This better be a joke." Severus said tightly, calculating all the ways he could possibly subdue the encounter but only managing to betray himself by glimpsing hardened nipples atop the pale swells of her bust.

He instinctively drew up his Occlumency shields to keep his emotions at a safe distance as he met her eyes.

Holly gave a humourless laugh. "Always so cold but when I push I always get past your charade. I'm not an idiot, I know you want me – because I feel it too. We want the same thing!"

He had very much frozen in shock but gathered himself, snapping the book in his hand shut.

"I seriously doubt that, Princess." He assured her.

"Just sit down." Holly whined at him, nodding to the chair.

He moved to the high-backed seat, restraining himself from using wandless dark magic against a student. The Potions Master managed sitting down gracefully despite his building wrath and succeeded in keeping his magic from overpowering his will.

"My wand." Professor Severus Snape was angry, yet he spoke in his customary deadly calm voice. He held out his good hand to her, guarding his notebook with the other.

Holly twirled the wood in her fingers, studying it.

"Stop fretting," She glanced at him. "I'll give it back in a while. What's it made of?"

"Hawthorn and dragon-heartstring." He spoke very quietly, still choosing to hold her eyes instead of looking at the rest of her.

She tried to bend his wand with both hands.

"Hard flexibility?" She mused.

"Yes." He answered stiffly.

"Length?" Holly asked, straightening and no doubt hoping to catch his eye with her chest.

"Fourteen inches." Severus stated, radiating indifference.

"Beautiful handle" She noted, rolling the dark wand over in her hands and looking closer at the pattern of runes covering it.

Holly had put her shorter wand down, giving his an experimental wave through the air.

She was enjoying this too much.

"Almost done fucking around?" He asked, all but gnashing his teeth by now.

"Not yet." Holly said offhandedly while making the tip of his wand shoot red sparks.

"Besides, a gift demands a gift in return." She said pleasantly, tracing the tip of his wand up her calf.

At first, Severus thought she meant to take his wand but he realised with relief it was something almost as insane.

How long could she possibly take to get off?

"Fine." He sighed deeply. "At least give me my pipe. Second drawer, bottom left."

He slid his notebook under his seat for safekeeping.

Holly obeyed merrily, getting off the desk and bending down in front of him to open the drawer and gather the satchel inside. Severus assumed she expected him to look at her while she was busy, and she was right.

For that brief moment, her rear was offered to him in a way he had only imagined on long nights when sleep would not find him. He could see confirmation of her proclaimed lust trickling from the smooth lips squeezed together between her cheeks. He itched to fill both hands with her rump, to follow the fold where her arse turned to thigh toward the secret of secrets between her thighs and see how far he could push her.

Yet the desires of the flesh were easily denied by Severus Snape, who had once again pulled close the iron curtains of Occlumency around his mind.

Holly's frame was as scrawny and wiry as Severus expected. Her uniform hid her well-developed body and shapely chest almost completely. Her breasts were small, barely a handful and suited her athletic build. He found himself thankful that none of the boys in her class knew how desirable she really was.

The girl straightened, turned and tossed the leather satchel at him before she returned herself to his desk with a jiggly little jump backwards.

He caught and untied the satchel, picking the old horn-pipe from its velvet casing and opening the fragrant tobacco pouch to stuff his pipe with a practised hand.

Severus kept his eyes on his task and his hair in his face, fully aware that Holly was now leaning back on her elbows, exploring her opening with one careful finger.

His hand shook as he compressed the final layer of sweet-smelling tobacco into the bowl. He could hear her breath quicken, hitching each time she found a pleasing angle.

Severus focused on his fingertip and a blue flame sprang up from it, he brought it to the surface of the tobacco and, while puffing gently, he moved it around the bowl in an even circle. The smell of burning tobacco immediately overpowered the sweet scent of pheromones he had been enjoying thus far.

He sucked at his pipe and continued to watch the witch whimper in pleasure, spreading her legs impossibly wide and inviting his gaze to her exclusive sideshow. She moaned delightfully as she circled her clit with a clumsy thumb. His attention was drawn to the middle finger she now used to penetrate herself.

The nicotine was making the scene in front of him even more overwhelming. He released smoke from his mouth, spellbound by the contorted girl in front of him. More than once he was tempted to help her, but instead he kept his hands occupied with the pipe.

Holly laid down completely and slid his wand over her skin until she reached her hips. Here she paused to look at her professor before flipping it over and, while holding onto the front-end, stuck the ornate handle into her wet opening.

She groaned as she forced the slim wooden shaft into herself, the wand was thicker than her finger and was expelled by the muscular passage almost immediately. Holly eased it back in, gasping at the sensation of the hilt sliding against her mound as she pulled his wand back out again, coating the wood with more creamy fluid with each stroke.

The same red sparks as before emitted from the tip of his wand. Her eyes rolled back, her abdomen tensed and her breathing became erratic. Severus felt a warm buzzing sensation spread through his body. The bond between him and his wand had always been strong, and tonight he was keenly aware of it.

The shield around his mind waned as his concentration wavered, he could no longer move his eyes away from the exhibition of flesh in front of him. A deprived part of Severus wanted to keep her from attaining an orgasm just to keep her with him for longer.

But unwilling to miss the singular opportunity, Severus bit down on his pipe, shifted to the edge of his seat and pressed his pale index finger into her sopping slit just as she was about to come around his wand. Her grass-green eyes grew wide as she realised what he was doing and soon she cried out in pain and pleasure at the sensation of his addition. Their eyes met over the length of Holly's writhing body and he could not hold back a victorious smirk at her frenzied state. Her expression was simultaneously on the verge of laughter and crying.

There was no space left in the indescribable warm, delectable wetness of her hole and yet she tried to push the hawthorn shaft deeper, rocking against it. Her internal walls convulsed powerfully on his finger and wand and he had to grip the desk to keep his finger from being forced out by her orgasm.

"Mmmmmph!" Holly raised her hips up and compelled him to rub his knuckles against her as he continued to press into her.

Absorbed by her sighs and moans, Severus let her hold onto his sleeve as leverage to buck against the hand now missing a long finger inside her. Her nails dug into his stinging Mark and he hooked his finger inside her passage to retaliate, watching her belly rise and fall rapidly as she rode out her orgasm.

He waited until her breathing calmed before popping his finger from her snug cunt, the moisture on him quickly turning cold in the dungeon air. Severus closed his fist around his reversed wand and pulled it from her too, surprised at the tightness holding it back.

A moment passed where both breathed heavily, he watched the girl shaking in front of him, her legs now clamped and shielding her sex from him.

"Never touch my wand again." He drawled, wiping it on his cloak. Somewhere outside in the depths of the lake, the Giant Squid screeched.

He vanished the contents of his pipe and returned it to the leather satchel. Severus recovered his notebook from under his seat, using the opportunity to move his hard-on to a less prominent position.

Holly blinked at the ceiling and propped herself up on her elbows again, he could not ignore the movement of her breasts shifting. She was grinning from ear to ear, her hair curling into all directions and covering her body like mane a lion.

"Wow!" She declared to the chamber as she straightened her glasses like a mad person.

"Did it hurt?" He asked softly, rising to stand over her with his wand and book brandished like sword and shield.

"In the good way." Holly said, sitting up on the desk and raking through her hair.

She thinks there's a good way to hurt?

Their faces were very close together.

"Let me help you now. Please." He did not mean to beg, but he knew she did not understand the gravity of the situation.

Holly looked up at him through her lashes, her cheeks bright red.

"Yes, sir." She said softly, as if she had hoped he would become distracted by her little show.

Severus rested the tip of his wand to her scar and, after scanning the first paragraph of runes one last time, he started whispering the incantation under his breath.

Halfway through the second page, the witch swayed dangerously, but he caught her by the upper arm, dragging her upright to keep his wand on her scar.

"Stay with me, Holly." He muttered into the glossy mane near her ear.

"Errythingssspinning." She stuttered, unable to keep herself up.

Severus extended his book-arm and caught her against his chest, managing to steady his wand against her head.

Holly gurgled, her eyes were glassy and far away. Panic broke over him like an icy wave, making Severus expedite the pace at which he was chanting the counter-curse. By the time he read the final column, the book was shaking in his hand.

Silence reigned.

He studied Holly's face with concern, her naked skin grew colder underneath his hands by the second. He shrugged out of his teaching robe and wrapped it around the girl's body.

A strained moment passed.

"Princess . . . can you hear me?" Severus squeezed her hand.

Her eyes fluttered open.

"Say something." He commanded, shaking her once.

"I – I remember." She squeaked, he could feel her breath on his neck.

Severus still supported the witch's weight, he chose his next words carefully.

"Will you show me?" He asked calmly.

"That boy, the handsome one . . . is that –"

"Yes, it's Him." Severus said quickly, fearing she would name the Dark Lord again.

"But why does he want . . . He wanted to kill me just last year." She frowned, her eyes left him and she shivered.

"What does he want, Holly?" Severus prodded, holding her tighter.

"He needs me to lay down on the altar … on Wal–Walpurgis? What is that?"

"The altar? Walpurgis Night?" Severus quickly lowered himself to her level. "Why?" (1)

Holly grimaced, her cheeks losing colour. "He wants to give . . . to put . . . a baby in me?"

"What?" Severus asked flatly. "Why?"

"He's planned a ritual." She piped, looking anxious and weary.

"What else can you remember?" He asked, alarmed.

"I – I dunno." She pulled his cloak closer to her. "Why me?" she squirmed in his arms, Severus drew back as she sat up on her own.

A child? It makes no sense.

"Professor?" Holly interrupted his thoughts.


"I want to stay with you tonight."

"Holly we –" Severus started in a firm tone.

"I'll be gone before dawn." She said quickly.

"Holly –" He pleaded, raising his hands.

"He'll come for me." She murmured, turning away from him.


"I will escort you to your dormitory before the stars are gone." Severus finally said.

"Thank you." She gasped, throwing herself at him in a sincere hug.

He patted her back awkwardly, his mind spinning with the burden of his responsibility. She needed him to keep the Dark Lord out of her mind, there was no one else.

The witch shifted against him.

"You're hard again." Holly giggled, touching his stiff length.

"Let me be, Holly." Severus said firmly, pulling away from her and whispering, "Accio."

He plucked a small vial and a needle from the air.

"I have one more trial for you, I am sorry."

"You've never apologized to me before." She said sceptically.

"I have never drawn your blood before and it may hurt." He replied evenly, stepping closer to her again.

"What? Why?" she demanded quickly. No doubt thinking of the graveyard and the Dark Lord's return last year.

"Do you remember I told you I had a plan earlier?" He asked calmly.

"Yes." He lifted a brow at her and she quickly added, "Sir".

"Well, I need your blood for the artefact I have to craft. It will allow you to –" Severus paused, carefully choosing vague wording, "keep your dreams safe."

Holly regarded him doubtfully.

"Is that all you need from me?" She asked.

"Yes." He held out his hand for her to take. Holly laid her trembling hand inside his palm, the 'I must not tell lies' still lightly visible over the back of her hand.

Not being the type to waste time, Severus turned her hand and pricked the pad of her thumb with the silver needle, holding the vial underneath it to catch her blood dripping into it.

Holly sucked in her cheeks but kept still, staring at the drops slowly filling the glass casing. He squeezed her finger until he had more than half-filled. She bit her lip when he capped the vial and slipped it into his front pocket.

"Now, you have exactly four hours of sleep available to you. Better get you to bed, Princess."

(1) Did you know Jo Rowling originally wanted to name the Death Eaters the 'Knights of Walpurgis' but changed it at the last moment?

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