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Team Disaster: Origins Of Infamy

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When he had woken up on a running Nekomata's back almost three whole hours since he'd fought with Itachi-sama against Nagato, Madara had initially panicked, especially when he sensed how things were going with the Fourth Division and the Shinobi Alliance at large.

The Edo Tensei was dispelled, but Uchiha Sasuke seems to have remained.

His friends and family were all relatively okay, but Tsunade-sama and the other Kage were down, seriously injured and the Hokage's Byakugo was empty, therefore none o of them save maybe Raza will be getting up to fight again.

The captured Jinchuriki and their biju seemed to be taken care of and both Mito and Killer B were still alive, but they were now staring across a battlefield at Uchiha Sasuke and the Masked Man all by themselves.

Madara was close but not close enough.

With little to no thought, he reached for his marker on one of the kunai Mito had in her weapons pouch - as all of Team Disaster had each other's markers so they could come to each other's aid no matter what - and transported himself and Nekomata without even warning the big, white cat. He thought he heard an offended cawing overhead but all he could focus on was leaping off of the boss of Sora-Ku and blocking Uchiha Sasuke's direct attack with the Kusanagi with his own gunabi.

He knew about the Kusanagi, how it had to be blocked effectively, so he was surprised when it didn't go straight through his gunbai, locking with it instead. He didn't really give it all that much attention beyond it being effective - that was for Tobirama to do later - and instead used it to its fullest, channeling just a little chakra into his favorite weapon and watching the ancient Uchiha be flung away like little more than a fly without him even lifting a finger to swat him away.

"Mind if I cut in?" He asked Mito as he offered her a hand up. She looked barely ruffled at all, but that was still worrying as he had almost never seen her anything but composed and perfectly in order. The Kyuubi's chakra cloak usually served to keep her safe and almost untouched by battle, so it was definitely noteworthy that she looked even a bit roughened up.

The kunoichi didn't take his offered hand, instead getting up on her own and dusting herself off. "You're late," she admonished instead and Madara snorted, even as he paid close attention to the brief update she gave him through their code. "Had a nice nap?"

"I have no idea what happened so not really," he replied, eyes focusing back on the two ancient Uchiha. His eyes narrowed when he recognized the masked man's signature in the face of Uchiha Obito, apparently. He'd seen his picture enough times to know his face anywhere. He'd always been lauded as one of the biggest village heroes to come from the Uchiha Clan but he wasn't a reanimation nor did he appear in any manner controlled. He was here by his own will. Then again, as Mito finished her briefing, he had to fight back a wince. Yeah, he could understand, somewhat, how Obito was reduced to the monster standing before them. Emotions was an Uchiha's greatest strength and greatest weakness.

There was actually very little surprise in him when he heard all that Mito had to say. He knew his clan well enough to know and understand how the Curse of Hatred had taken his mind and heart. He'd nearly fallen prey to it himself, if not for the strong bonds he'd forged with his friends, with the citizens of Konoha, with the rare few outsiders.

"I take it you're Uchiha Madara I've heard so much about," Uchiha Sasuke said, drawing his attention back to his reanimated ancestor. "You're young."

Madara wanted to scowl or make a sarcastic quip about stating the obvious, but Obito beat him to it. "He may be young but I wouldn't underestimate him." The youngest Uchiha present blinked, surprised by the almost praise. "You don't know these kids, Sasuke. They earned their reputation. Team Disaster may be made up of genin but they are little monsters hiding behind cute faces."

The mention of their moniker seems to have sparked recognition and Madara knew it must be in reference to Tobirama and whatever madness he had pulled with the Fourth Division. "I see. So he is the supposedly strongest Uchiha born to our line as of yet. I'd say let's test that but you don't seem like much."

The words were out of his mouth before he could even think them through. "And you don't seem like you're related to Uchiha Itachi at all." The air became stiffing at once and Madara wondered, not for the first time that day, if he was insane for feeling himself relax in the prelude to battle. Then again, his style of fighting goes best with loose muscles. He wouldn't be half as flexible if he were to tense up. He eyes the opposing Uchiha with supposed indifference - Obito looks horrified at what he'd said - while his senses scan the entire area and beyond, searching for his loved ones and discovering that Tobirama was apparently preparing to meet with them soon. He also dutifully takes note of the rising fury in Sasuke. Not at all surprising and not at all impressive. "You don't even look anything like him. How disappointing."

As predicted and as he had wanted - because angry enemies are ones prone to mistakes and he can feel Tobirama's marker on the man's back - Madara feels Sasuke's rage skyrocket in a second. His would have, too, had someone implied at all that they were in any way badmouthing or sullying his brothers' names. The only difference between himself and Sasuke was that Sasuke had someone ready and willing to do so despite his reputation while no one was actually crazy enough to do the same at Madara. He was a kid but he was all the scarier for it when people discovered just how strong he was.

"You dare-"

"He must be so disappointed, to have you as his otouto." That, though, that was enough and Madara met Sasuke's purple Susanoo with his own, laughing at the shock on the older man's face when he saw that Madara's eyes had not changed, not even into the standard Sharingan and yet his Susanoo was at its second stage while Sasuke's was still only a skeleton. The ancient Uchiha immediately shifted gears, going all the way to the armored phase, but Madara still held up under the assault without moving an inch, arms crossed and laughing condescendingly his his ancestor's face. "Honestly, it's like you can't be related at all. Are you sure who your father was? Because I met Itachi-sama a short while ago and he was a much better dance partner." A second sword, then a third and a fourth was formed in the purple Susanoo's hands and Madara copied him move for move, holding up just fine under the so called 'legendary' Uchiha. "You really should pick your allies more carefully. Comrades are meant to make you stronger, not accent your weaknesses. Orochimaru and Kabuto screwed you over so bad your own older brother had to go and fix your mistakes. I wonder how he felt, when he dispelled the Edo Tensei and had to make the journey back to the Pure Lands alone. It must have been lonely, especially since he had been expecting to go back with you. Do you think he felt betrayed?"

'Gotcha!' He crowed in victory in his own mind when he noticed the other's rage reaching that point where clear thought could not surface in one's mind and he didn't hesitate on utilizing it, sending a single signal to Mito. He disappeared from in front of the older Uchiha in a flash, only to reappear with Mito at his back, inside of the Susanoo's protection, a immobility seal in his hand, the sealing technique forming in Mito's. He would have cursed when Sasuke used some jutsu - possibly the Mangekyo Sharingan's or the Rinnegan's - to replaced himself with a piece of debris had he not attuned his senses to him and felt the exact moment the other's chakra started coiling for it. As it was, he was only a second later appearing behind the other Uchiha, seal firmly planted on his back and using his gunbai to add insult to injury by cutting the man's sword arm off.

Mito joined him once again, seal finally making landfall, only for the Uchiha to be yanked out of their reach - physical and sensory - by Obito's Mangekyo ability. Sasuke appeared by the traitor's side a moment later and Madara scowled.

Sasuke, at least, was glaring death, his chakra churning with embarrassment. That was a balm to his ire.

"Told you not to underestimate them," Obito said with a rakish grin that, despite everything, showed just how unhinged he had become. Madara knew his story and pitied him. "Team Disaster earned their reputation. One is dangerous enough, two is ugly and three is a disaster no one would like to be a part of or pitted against. They're not allowed to participate in the Chuunin Exams, they've had a flee on sight order before they were teenagers and their faces were in the ANBU black book just as long. They've faced biju in their first year as genin and they all graduated early for beyond excellent marks in the Academy. They are extraordinary and they wanted to hunt Orochimaru, myself or Nagato multiple times. Ultimately, they are the ones that killed off all of the Akatsuki. You've not been around for it but I have so next time I tell you not to play with kids, you take me seriously."

Sasuke turned a frigid yet burning glare at Obito for the tone he was using and Madara and Mito didn't even need to share a look to know what the other was thinking. "Trouble in paradise?" She called mockingly and Madara smirked for her because Mito was too much of a lady to preform the smirk necessary. It earned them an even bigger glare and then an unimpressed, dramatic release of Sasuke's cloak that bore Tobirama's marker. Sasuke even went a step further to burn the cloth with Amaterasu, clearly sick of a bunch of kids playing games with him.

If only he knew that they'd only just begun.

"Enough games. Time to get serious." And, because of course the world hates him, the bastard goes and uses Chibaku Tensei to create another meteor - or rather, another six ones that he then starts waving around.

-Need backup?- Mito offers even as he lets his chakra surge to form the perfect Susanoo, kind of surprised to see a strange chakra avatar Kurama-lookalike rise next to him, Mito in its head, eyes red and fierce and painted black whisker marks on her face. She looks over and smirks at him, apparently enjoying his stunned awe and admiration. -You take half and I'll take half.-

-You're too kind.- He send back as sarcastically as he can manage with just bursts and fluctuations of his chakra even as he creates nine Yasaka Magatama and aims for three of the meteorites. Sasuke apparently does not appreciate that they are more than capable to deal with these things. Mito is quick to take care of the other three with three massive Bijudama, shredding them as swiftly as his own attack had. -Nice.-

-Very nice.-

"Are we getting serious yet?" He calls out to their opponents, a taunt and a challenge he hopes the other will take them on. He really, really hopes he will because Tobirama was ready and he was about to Hiraishin to their location any moment now.

Sasuke glared, his Susanoo formed and there were two faces and four hands forming two different hand seals while he himself created a third. Madara and Mito felt that same flare of chakra as they'd felt come from Tobirama's location some hours ago and prepared themselves. Whatever had hit that time, it had been powerful enough to cause numerous deaths and shake the earth hard enough to feel miles upon miles away.

The two gigantic boulders were explanation enough.

-You want this one?- Madara asked, eyeing it anyway for the weakest spot so whichever of them chose to deal with it wouldn't have to use too much chakra.

Before Mito could answer, though, their third member joined their conversation. -I've got this.-

And indeed, there was a little flash of bluish white down at their feet, then a surge of chakra mingled with natural energy before a blue-white blur shot up towards the descending boulders, something looking far too small held at the ready to face the boulders head on. Of course, before impact could be made lightning surged from the heavens towards that something sparkly and Raijin no Ken lived up to its fame of making its wielder practically invincible when Tobirama managed to go through not one but both asteroids with little to no opposition to his path. Madara would have cheered and clapped, perhaps, if he didn't know a smug expression for a reaction would work so much better against these bastards.


-Very nice.-

-And I didn't even need any overpowered giant chakra constructs to do it.- Just his own piece of ingenuity and skill in mastering Sage Mode for that extra burst of speed. Indeed, what did Tobirama need to form giants to do battle for him when his speed was his greatest weapon besides his brilliant mind.

But Team Disaster was not complete yet. Minato-sensei has yet to make an appearance. Madara almost didn't want him to, so he wouldn't see what one of the people he'd respected had become. Kakashi Hatake may have taken Minato-sensei on as a part time student when he had the time besides his duties as the Nidaime Hokage, but the whole of the once famed Team 7 had been Minato-sensei's idols, had shaped his ideologies and his ideal of what a ninja was, how a ninja should fight, what a ninja should fight for. Madara understood the death of a dream, an ideal, a hero.

Uchiha Obito was from his clan and the Uchiha had always taken pride in him.

Obito betrayed his clan and his village more than just because he turned on them to wage this war for madness and impossible dreams.

He'd betrayed them because he stole a hero from them, one who had been practically fundamental to some of Konoha's ideals, their Will of Fire.

Minato-sensei will be crushed.

Or, apparently, crush Obito's face into the dirt with a natural energy charged Rasengan.

"I've had a marker on him since I first learned of the Hiraishin," Minato-sensei as he appeared at Mito's side, Tobirama coming to Madara's inside of their chakra constructs. "The Hiraishin marker never fades. As soon as I recognized the signature of my marker, I knew who he was and I knew I had to take him down. I'm sorry I couldn't have been of more help, Mito-chan, Madara-kun, Tobirama-kun, Kurama-san. I am very proud of you and how you've handled yourselves so far."

"Not your fault you couldn't get here sooner, sensei," Madara said, eyeing the fuming ancient Uchiha bellow. Sasuke was planning something, Madara was sure, but he wasn't all too sure if Obito was in on it or not. The older Uchiha didn't seem any wiser to what the ancient one was up to, just glaring up at Minato-sensei. "We had it under control until you could come."

"Of course you did," the blond man said with a smile, his eyes shadowed by orange and his pupils showing obvious signs of Sage Mode. "You're Team Disaster. But Tobirama-kun and I brought backup." He gestured down to where Izuna, Kushina-sama, Hikaku, Touka and Hashirama were ready to fight. Hell, Raza was over standing on the Hachibi's shoulder! "Tobirama-kun managed to fix up Tsunade-sama enough and she, with Kira-sama's and Ryukyu-sama's help, is rounding everyone up for a short recovery in case they must keep on fighting. They're trying to keep everyone's morale up. After all, the infamous Team Disaster is finally together again."

"You say that like we separated and didn't fight together for years," Tobirama deadpanned and the Namikaze sweatdropped at his own unnecessary dramatics when he recognized them. Madara would not reveal to their sensei that there was a teasing smirk tugging at the corner's of Tobirama's lips. It disappeared, though, when the Senju properly focused on Sasuke again. "He's planning something. We need to be ready."

"I am under the impression that that alliance is about to end," Madara shared, hand tightening on his gunbai.

"Whatever it is, we'll be ready," Mito proclaimed confidently and they all nodded with set resolution. They all jerked at the sudden flare of chakra coming from the first deserter of Konoha and fell into battle stances. "Here he comes."

Not a moment later, Sasuke had not only his own perfect Susanoo out but also the Gedo Statue, at which Mito glared death because she had only just dealt with it not so long ago. Tobirama, too, glared at it, having already seen it once before when he'd tracked down Pein to end the assault on Konoha, while Madara looked it up and down, this being the first time he was seeing the thing. It was really ugly. He wasn't sure he'd ever seen anything as ugly as this thing. Why were all things even remotely Rinnegan related so Amaterasu damned ugly?! And the even more disturbing thing about the wooden monstrosity was that he could detect six other signatures similar in nature to Kurama's. Theoretically, since Mito told him everything, he knew that the biju were in there but to know and then to feel them ...

"Oh, we're taking him down," he swore with vengeance, letting the Mangekyo finally swirl to life in his eyes, for the clearer picture it afforded him. He's going all out in this fight. With how much was at stake, they couldn't afford not to use all they've got. Tsunade-sama's predictions came true, it would seem. Team Disaster and their nearest and dearest were the last ones standing between the world and those who would dominate it for their won purposes or crazed ideals. They weren't going to allow a bigger tragedy than when Konoha had been infiltrated and so many children were killed. "Tobirama, get Hashirama and tell him to do that jutsu. We can't take any chances. Minato-sensei, if you would be so kind as to summon any and all toads old, big and skilled enough to assist in this battle, we'd greatly appreciate it. That thing has the power of six biju and those two bastards have the Rinnegan. We can't underestimate them."

"Might as well get Touka, aunt Kushina and Izuna to deal with the White Zetsu," Mito threw in from where she was preparing some of those deadly seals on her tessen for battle. "Hikaku should be just fine with Raza and Killer B. We need to attack them from every direction. Those three can handle Obito."

Tobirama nodded and was gone in an instant without even a single comment, returning to Madara's side just as the group bellow split up to follow the orders they'd been given and Minato-sensei left the confines of Mito's avatar to summon Gamabunta-sama and the battle toads. Not a second later, behind Madara's Susanoo and Mito's and Kurama's chakra avatar rose the huge form of Hashirama's Senpo: Shin Susenju, a jutsu that the older Senju brother had refused to use or even mention since he'd accidentally nearly killed Madara in their spar a mere few weeks ago. Madara had understood his reluctance but he was glad to see the ridiculous structure right now because they will need it to fight the Gedo Statue. He had that bad feeling he wished he could brush off but knew will most likely save his and his teammates lives. Shinobi never brush off their gut feelings. Instinct is what kept them alive more often than skill.

"Is everyone ready?" He asked loud enough that everyone could hear him, making their opponents glare. They had to be aware they were gearing up for a fight because they hadn't exactly been subtle about it, but it didn't matter. Things were already in motion and this was a battle of titans since the start.

"We're ready," everyone replied and the Uchiha felt like a war general, the way everyone was waiting for his signal to attack.

He didn't keep them waiting.