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Sugar Sugar Baby

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    You were nearing the end of your waitressing shift when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. The last table in your section got up and left, leaving the signed check there. As soon as they were safely out the door you walked to the table to see what kind of tip you got. Only a dollar and some change on an over $70 bill. Great. 

    Moving back behind the counter, you stash the tip with the other measly cents you’d earned tonight in the pocket of your apron and put the signed receipt in the cash register. “I’m heading out, Martha, see you tomorrow,” you say with a smile to your sweet manager. “You too, honey, stay safe on your way home,” she answers, looking up from the ketchup bottles she’s refilling and giving you a smile in return.

    You grab your purse and coat from the back room and slip out the back employee entrance. Jungkook, your shy coworker, working two shifts tonight, is leaned up against the wall on his break. “Night, Kook,” you say as you pass, causing him to look up from his phone. He just gives you a peace sign and toothy grin before burying his head back in his phone. At seeing him with his phone, you pull out yours, suddenly remembering the text you had felt earlier.

    “Can you come to the penthouse after your shift? There’s a gift waiting for you there.” Your stomach swarms with happy butterflies seeing the text from Namjoon. You’ve really missed him. 

    “Sure :),” you reply, suddenly very excited to see what he has for you. 

    Your relationship was unorthodox, to say the least. Namjoon was, in every sense, your sugar daddy, even though he pretended to hate when you’d tease him by calling him that. He deposited a great sum of money into your bank account every week and buys you gifts; in return, you spend time with him like a friend does. And, oh right, you have sex with him. You two were basically friends with benefits but the benefits also include money. 

    If someone asked you, you’d definitely say you got the better deal. You get money to pay for your grad school, get to hang out with an amazing guy, and get to have mind-blowing sex with maybe the hottest man you’d ever laid eyes on. It’s a win-win-win situation. 

    Another text comes in. 

    “What’s your location? I’ll send the car and Hobi, it’s late. I won’t be there when you get there, just fyi, have a few things to finish up at the office.” Namjoon worked with his father, a big shot CEO, hence the billions of dollars their family has that he for some reason chooses to spend on you. You get your location to him and plop down on a bench a block or so from the restaurant to wait for the car. 

    Your mind wanders to him again, in his office, running a hand through his perfectly coiffed hair and then pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. His suit jacket is off, thrown over the back of his desk chair. His white dress shirt sleeves are rolled up and strain around his biceps as he writes. Your mouth waters at the sexy daydream. You still wonder how you got so lucky. 

    Being thicker in places, you’re not what the world considers conventionally attractive. You’ve learned over the years that your self worth isn’t tied to how you look, but it’s still surprising that someone as overwhelmingly hot and wealthy as Namjoon finds you so attractive that he’s paying you to hang out and sleep with him.

    The car pulls up then and you smile at the driver, Hoseok, who had picked you up on many occasions. He opens the door for you and you settle into the plush leather seats. Every time you’re in any of Namjoon’s cars you’re blown away by the luxury of them. 

    The ride is short and quiet, only disturbed by the noises of normal city traffic. You stare out the window as the buildings turn from the rundown area where the restaurant you work at is located to the downtown where looming skyscrapers light up the night sky. 

    When you arrive, Hobi drops you at the front of Namjoon’s apartment building, one of the most expensive in the city. You brace yourself with a deep breath before entering the lavish lobby. Obviously rich people in suits and dresses that probably cost more than your rent loiter around the grand room. You head straight to the elevator, avoiding the eyes you can feel on your back because of your lackluster appearance. 

    You pull the key Namjoon gave you to get in out of your purse and stick it in the slot in the panel of the elevator before pushing the button to the penthouse floor. It’s a security precaution that only people who have a key can even get to the very top. Just another detail of how expensive this place is. The elevator zoomed up and arrived at the floor in no time, and as the doors opened, you grabbed the key and stepped into the wide hallway. Your shoes practically sunk into the plush carpet. 

    The floor was, blessedly, empty and you found Namjoon’s apartment quickly enough. The city lights stream through the floor to ceiling windows to your left as you stepped into the apartment. It bathed the whole living area in a spacey glow, and once again you think you’ll never get used to the view of the city from this high up. After taking in the million-dollar apartment you deposit your worn-down sneakers by the door and feel the cool hardwood underneath your aching toes. You breathe in, the tension finally leaving your shoulders at the day being done.

    Your coat and purse go on the dining room table before you venture further into the apartment to his bedroom where he would always have the gifts he got you wrapped on his bed. A familiar bag sat on top of the comforter. Your heart stopped at the letters you read on the outside. “Chanel”.

    Your head swirled with questions. Namjoon had never gotten you clothes before. How did he even know your size? And does Chanel even make plus size clothes? You gingerly picked up the light bag from the bed and pulled out the tissue paper carefully. A gasp left your mouth when you saw what was inside. It was the most beautiful lingerie you had ever seen, a matching pink sheer lace set embroidered with flowers. 

    “Woah,” you whispered. This is the gift Namjoon got for you? Not at all what you expected. You felt the soft fabric between your fingers and realized how sheer it really is. This will definitely show everything. Insecurity begins to pool in your gut as you visualize the everything that will be showing. 

    But Namjoon got this for you and seeing as it’s Chanel he spent a lot of money on it too. Obviously he thinks it will look good on you. Might as well try it on, just to see. If it makes your body look horrendous, you can just take it right back off and ask him to return it. 

    You grab both the bra and panties and take them into the en suite bathroom with you. Making eye contact with yourself in the mirror you decide you’re not going to let your insecurity stop you from feeling beautiful in what the man whom you really, really like bought just for you. 

    You pull off your dirty work clothes and strip totally naked. Cringing away from your reflection in the mirror with everything hanging out, you turn to face the wall as you pull the lingerie on. It fit perfectly, snug in the right places and loose in others. You remember that you did have to write all your measurements on the form when you first “applied” to be his sugar baby. 

    You smile to yourself thinking of the lengths he went to for you. Feeling confident in the sizing, you turn to the mirror to see how hot you look…and your heart drops. The confidence you felt a second before is totally diminished at the first glimpse of all of the things you’re most insecure about on your body. Your stomach, thighs, cellulite, stretch marks, totally visible to the whole world. 

    Tears pool at your waterline. The disappointment of realizing you’ll never look sexy in something like this weighs heavy on your shoulders as you move to take the lingerie back off and put back on your food-splattered clothes. 

    But, outside the bathroom, you hear the apartment door click open and footsteps. 

    “Y/N, baby, are you here?” Namjoon’s voice calls from the entryway. You can hear his smile in it, and see his dimples in your head. More footsteps and he’s in his bedroom, the tissue paper rustling as he realizes the lingerie is no longer wrapped up in it. 

    There’s a knock to the bathroom door.

     “Baby, are you in there? Do you like your gift?” his deep voice filters through the wood, still sounding cheerful despite the long day he must’ve had. 

    “Yeah,” you clear your throat and wipe your eyes, taking care not to smudge the little mascara still left from when you put it on before your shift, “I’m in here. It-it’s really beautiful Joon.” 

    He chuckles lightly and you can’t help but smile at the light sound. But then he goes quiet, “Can I see it on you?” he asks apprehensively. Thrown back into your insecurity at the thought of the beautiful man you’ve almost fallen in love with seeing you like this, you panic. 

    “Uh, um, Joon I don’t know,” you stammer, trying to think of an excuse to not show him. 

    “What’s wrong? Does it not fit? I’m sorry, maybe I got your measurements wrong. We can get it altered or, or just return it if you don’t like—“ he rambled, obviously regretting his decision of buying this without consulting you first. 

    “Joonie,” you say, interrupting him, “I love it, it’s beautiful, I just—“ you breathe out hard and accept that you  have to tell him. “I don’t think it looks good on me, it doesn’t really fit my body type. I’m sorry.” The tears in your eyes return as you apologize, a sob leaving you at the end of the sorry. 

    “Hey, wait, baby, are you crying?” the doorknob jiggles, him wanting to see you and comfort you. Your insecurity is eating you alive and he can’t help the woman he loves. “Y/N, please come out here and let me see. You look absolutely beautiful in everything and nothing at all, and I can’t just sit here and let you cry alone. Please come out. You can put your clothes back on if you don’t feel comfortable in the lingerie but please don’t cry, angel.”

    You think about what he said and your insecurity. Maybe it would be a good idea to just cover up a little so you can talk to him without embarrassment. He did buy this for you, so obviously he thought you’d look good in it and he’s seen you naked before…You resolve to just put your button up shirt back on and hold it closed, like a jacket. 

    “Ok, I..I’ll come out, one second,” you say and then grab your food stained white dress shirt from the tile floor. You pull it over your shoulders and wrap it around yourself. Taking one last glance in the mirror, and cringing again, you unlock the door and swing it open.

    The bright lights of the bathroom filter into the bedroom as you step out, creating a glow around your form.

    His breath catches in his chest, then gets heavier as his eyes burn a path up and down your body. He steps towards you like he’s pulled to a magnet.

    “Wow,” he breathes out, eyes wide and mouth dropped open. 

    “Joonie, stop, you can’t even see anything.”

    “You still look stunning, you look amazing in everything you wear and nothing at all.”

    Your face heats up to further the redness in your face from crying, feeling very flattered by his sweet words. Your arms are still wrapped around yourself to hold the shirt closed.

    On his face is a small smile, but you can see arousal burning behind his irises. You’re just in your dirty uniform shirt from the diner and he still looks at you like you’re draped in the finest clothes. Your insecurities are stupid, you decide. They’re just trying to keep you from enjoying yourself. You won’t, can’t, let them ruin your fun or relationships anymore.

    “Are you sure?” you ask him, searching his eyes for any sign that he’s faking it. All you can find, though, is affection and desire.

    “Yes, baby, I got this for you because I think you’ll look absolutely amazing in it.”

    “Ok,” you say, removing your arms from around your body, ducking your head, and waiting for him to pull the shirt off and expose your whole body to him.

    He nudges the shirt open and slowly pushes it off your shoulders, his breath hitching when he finally sees you.

    “Wow, Y/N, you...I can’t even put into words how much I adore you and your body,” his eyes run up and down your scantily clad body, taking it all in.

    You instinctively wrap your arms around yourself under the scrutiny, not used to his burning eyes seeing you completely like this.

     “Wait,” he says, catching your arms before they can fully wrap around yourself, “Please let me see.” You meet his eyes and see only overwhelming adoration and desire. He looked at you like you were a goddess and he was just a humble mortal who wanted to spend his short life on his knees worshipping you.

    You move your arms and let him see your whole body wrapped in the pink Chanel lingerie he bought for you. Nerves curdle in your stomach, still afraid he’ll see some cellulite or stretch marks and run, but his eyes just keep that same glow as he takes you all in. 

    “Baby, you…there’s not even words to describe how beautiful you are,” he reaches out a tentative hand, “Can I touch?”

    You smile and nod, feeling so loved and safe that he asked first. His fingers and eyes slowly trail over your sides, just feeling your skin. Then he moves up to your breasts, where he flicks at your nipples through the mesh. You breath hitches as heat fills your stomach and he smirks while meeting your eyes. The desire that was once lurking below the surface was now in full force, his pupils completely swallowing his brown irises. 

    Slowly, as his nimble fingers make their way over your cleavage that’s almost bursting from the mesh bra, he pushes you back towards his bed. Your knees buckle and you sit on the bed, your face now level with his crotch. Your mouth waters at the bulge there, all from just seeing you in lingerie and barely touching you. Suddenly, you want to show how much you appreciate that he treats you so well, and you move to his belt. 

    “Uh, uh,” he gently reprimands, taking your hands and placing them back on the bed. He falls to his knees so you’re now eye level. “Tonight’s only about you,” he says softly, taking your face in his hands as his deep voice drops an octave lower with arousal. More wetness pools in your panties at the sexiness of his eyes and tone. 

    “Ok,” you whisper, and he smiles at you in that perfectly dazzling way. 

    His fingers play with your hair before tucking it behind your ear and then whisper to you, “Can I kiss you?” You nod again, too overwhelmed by his voice and eyes to verbalize your answer.

    “Words, baby,” he says, nipping your earlobe playfully. 

    “Y-yes,” you gasp out, goosebumps rising on your skin. 

    “Good girl,” he plants his lips on your jaw right below your ear.

    A mewl escapes you at the delicious feeling of him sucking his mark into your skin. He moves around your jaw, kissing and sucking on every inch of exposed skin he can. His strong arms tighten around your waist and you can hear him whispering very quietly, and try to focus on what he’s saying into your skin. “So soft, so perfect,” you hear him say, and you melt. 

    He continues on his trail all over the side of your face before finally coming to your lips. When they meet, you can almost feel the love through the way his tongue gently explores your mouth. It’s like he wants to feel you and you can feel him everywhere. His hand comes from where it was massaging your thigh and touches your face to deepen the kiss, before he pulls away, panting. “I’m so in love with you,” he gasps out, and your face burns with heat. 

    He takes in your face for a second, then moves back to the other side of your neck, where he continues to muse sweet nothings into your skin as he sucks hickey after hickey onto you. 

    “Joonie,” you giggle, “as much as I love your marks on me, I have work tomorrow.” He just hums and continues on his path down, leaving marks in places he knows won’t be visible. He reaches the top of your cleavage again and kisses the soft skin of your breasts, his hands moving up your sides to your back to play with the clasp of the bra. “May I?” he asks, looking in your eyes for any indication this isn’t what you want. 

    “Yes, Namjoon, please,” you beg as you feel yourself pulse with need. He smirks, loving how desperate you get for him and pulls off your bra. Once your tits are free he massages the left with his nimble fingers and takes your right nipple in his mouth. You moan out, not expecting the warmth of his tongue on you there. “So beautiful,” he whispers as he swirls his tongue over the sensitive nub. 

    Your nice, new panties are now completely soaked through, but you’re too aroused to feel guilty for already ruining them. He keeps his hand on your breast, but moves his mouth down your stomach, kissing the skin and speaking more praises. 

    Finally, he reaches the waistband of the panties, and you can tell how desperate he’s gotten when he pulls them off without asking. You can’t complain, knowing that if he had asked you would’ve just begged even more for him to remove the cloth from you. He groans at how wet you are when the crotch of the underwear sticks to your lower lips. 

    Gently, he spreads your legs to completely expose yourself to him. “Fuck,” he curses, and leans in, licking from your hole to clit to taste your wetness pooling there.  

    “How are you so perfect everywhere?” he asks, meeting your eyes. Without waiting for your answer he dives back in, flicking his tongue over your clit. The heat and pleasure grow as he expertly plays with you. A finger enters you, and more groans pour from his mouth from feeling the way you tighten on him. 

    He fucks his finger into you fast, stretching you out. It has sparks igniting all over your body by the time he adds in the second finger. It’s tight at first, but the wetness that’s continuously pouring from you because of his ministrations eases the slide.

    His fingers feel perfect inside you. They’re as deep as they can go but are still so long that they don’t fit to the knuckle. You sit up to get a better view and see the veins popping in his arms and hands from the exertion.

    ”Shit,”  you curse, that has to be one of the hottest things you’ve ever seen.

    “Feels good baby?” he asks. You nod, eyes rolled back in pleasure as he unexpectedly thrusts another finger into you. You cry out and your pussy pulses around him at the sudden intrusion. You’re pushed to the brink of the edge all at once by him.

    “Namjoon, I—“ you say as you feel your nerves tighten, about to be absorbed by the throes of pleasure. He moves his tongue impossibly faster on your clit and says, “Yeah, baby, come for me, angel.” 

    A few more strokes to your clit and your vision erupts with white. Your whole body feels like it’s on fire as you hit your climax. Panting as you come down, you don’t think you’ve ever come that hard before. He pumps his fingers a few more times to totally work you through it  before removing himself and standing up. 

    He licks your remaining wetness off his finger, humming at the taste. “You taste so amazing every time.” You turn and lay down flat on your back on the bed. “Sometimes I wish I could live between your thighs,” he muses.

    You giggle at his teasing. Thinking about it, you honestly aren’t opposed to the idea. 

     He laughs too and pulls off all the pieces of his suit until he’s down to just his boxers. You watch as his tan skin is totally revealed to you, the city lights pouring from the windows surrounds him. It creates a beautiful aura around him, making him glow like an angel. You just admire him, so impossibly handsome and dashing. 

    “What? Is there something on my face?” He asks when he notices your stare on him.

    You shake your head and he chuckles, giving you a funny look. He puts a knee down and crawls until he’s laid next to you on the other side of the bed and is comfortable on his back.

    “Wait, are you not gonna fuck me?” you ask, seeing his still very hard bulge in his boxers. And insecurities boil in your head again. You turn away from him, the wall now extremely interesting as ugly thoughts fill your head. Of course, he doesn’t want to fuck you, idiot, he just wanted to get you off so you’d stop complaining about how fat and ugly everyone already knows you are, your inner voice supplies unhelpfully.

     He quirks an eyebrow, almost like he can tell what you’re thinking. He probably can, he’s always been great at reading you and you’re sure your face looks like a mess of uncertainty.

     “I said tonight was all about you baby. I’m fine to just go to bed, don’t worry about me.”

     But you’re not having it. Your insecurities won’t let you drop it, too afraid that he really doesn’t think you’re sexy and isn’t really turned on by you. Maybe the boner was just a biological reaction to the sex and general, not a reaction to you. 

    Above all, though, you desperately want him inside you. You’re not one to put much stock in the “bigger is better” narrative, but when it comes to Namjoon...fuck. His dick is perfectly huge, and he really knew how to use it to ruin you for any other men. So not only are your insecurities desperate to be satisfied, so is the throbbing of your clit when you remember how well he takes you over and over again.

    Resolved that you need to at least try more, you turn back to him and snuggle in. You throw one leg over his hips and lay your head on his bare chest. Looking up at him, you stroke his hard cock through the fabric of his boxers and pull out your secret weapon. “Please, daddy ,” you purr in his ear, and you feel him shiver from your words and your hand on him.

    “Fuck, ok. As long as you’re sure,” he says, flipping your positions so you’re on your back and he’s hovering over you.

    “I’m always sure about you, as long as you’re sure about me too,” you say the end quietly, afraid that he’ll all od a sudden reject you.

    He doesn’t answer, just leans down and connects your lips in a passionate kiss. 

    “There’s not a day where I’m not sure that I want to be balls deep in your pussy,” he growls.

    He takes your lips again, hard, and immediately deepens the kiss with his tongue. Impossibly, you feel more wetness leave you. Your body suddenly becomes very desperate. The arousal that had simmered down some is now coming back full force. 

    “Namjoon, please,” you beg. You swear you’ve never felt so empty before. He seems to feel the same, grinding his still clothed cock on your core as he takes your lips again. You move your hands to the waistband of his boxers when “Condom?” he suddenly asks, and again your heart stutters at how considerate he is, even in the throes of passion. 

    “I’m still on the pill,” you pant out, “and I...I haven’t been with anyone else.”

    Again you feel the insecurities creep that he found another prettier girl to fuck in the week or so that you hadn’t seen him or maybe he has a whole harem of sugar babies and escorts scattered around this city to take care of his every whim. But you don’t pay them any mind, putting your full attention on Namjoon and the very important conversation about protection that you’re having.

    “Me either. I only ever want you,” he says, taking your hands in his. “Will you be mine, Y/N? My girlfriend? I know this is terrible timing, you don’t have to answer now at all, and I had a whole romantic plan to ask you just feels right.”

    Elation fills you at his words, and your insecurities finally quiet. This is what you’ve wanted since you got to know him, you realize. You wanted to be his and he yours, and get rid of all of those worries that he was with someone else and that he’d end up with them. You know now what you have to tell him.

    “I love you, Joon.” And for a long time, you were avoiding even admitting it to yourself, but now that it’s out there you realize how true it is. 

    His smile is blinding as it takes over his face. “God, I love you too, Y/N. Does this mean you’ll be my girl?”

    You nod and match his smile with your own wide one. He cradles your face in his hands before softly joining your lips. It is such a sweet and caring kiss, you can feel the love, almost like he’s transferring it from him to you through his lips.

    He pulls away to say, “So no condom?”

    You giggle and bury your head in his chest.

    “No condom.”

    That seems to satisfy him, his hands going back to the waistband of his boxers. His cock springs to his stomach, the dark color and precome beading at the tip make you understand he is just as desperate for you. The amazing pleasure of having him inside you is so close that you both can practically taste it. 

    You lay back on the bed, and he joins you. You run your hands down his back, feeling the muscles tense below his skin. You lift your head up to his neck where you suck on the glowing skin there the same way he did to you earlier. Bruises bloom on his unblemished skin under your teeth and you love it. He’s yours, this perfectly sweet and beautiful man is yours.

   “Y/N,” he warns, “I have work tomorrow too.” 

   “But I want everyone to know you’re mine,” you pout, but still you pull away, respecting his wishes.

    He smirks and tucks some of your hair behind your ear. “Everyone will know I’m yours and you’re mine when we wake the whole city up with your moans.” The previous playfulness had completely left his tone. All that was left was deep arousal.

    Embarrassingly, you whine at the deep sexiness of his voice as it hits straight in your core. God, you need him terribly.

    He moves to your ear while chuckling at your reaction. He nips the lobe and says, “Ready for me baby?”

    He positions the head at your entrance, looking into your eyes for confirmation before moving forward. 

    “Yes, please,” you beg, and the sound you let out as he stretches you is almost a scream. You always forget how big he is. All the foreplay, thankfully, made the glide only pleasurable. Once fully sheathed inside, he pauses for you to adjust and you groan at how full you are. Your core seems totally stretched to the brim in the best way. You clench down on him, signaling you’re ready for him to move. 

    “Ah, fuck,” he draws out when your muscles tighten on him. “You’re gonna make me come already if you keep doing that baby before I even get to ruin your pretty pussy.” He dips his head to your neck and kisses one of the bruises he left earlier.

    As he pulls out to start thrusting he groans, “You always feel so perfect around me.” He begins a slow but deep pace, and you feel him hitting all your sensitive spots. It’s heavenly.

    He works up a rhythm with his expert hips, fucking right into your sweet spot on every thrust in. The sounds of his hips slapping against yours mix with the moans falling from both of your lips. 

    The room feels hotter than hell, but also so cozy in his arms. This might be heaven, here, under him, you think.

    He suddenly slows and moves your legs from around his waist to his shoulders for a better angle to hit your cervix. With your legs over his shoulders, he’s able to hold you by your ass as he fucks you deep. The slap of a spank on your ass fills the room and you scream, pleasure mixing deliciously with the pain. Red blooms in the shape of a large hand and you can’t wait to see it on yourself in the morning.

    “You clenched on me hard when I did that, baby, did you like it?” he teases, knowing you do.

    “Yes, fuck, I love it, I love it,” you respond, going delirious with the pleasure.

    You feel yourself grow close embarrassingly fast, but with how well he’s working your body, you’re not surprised. “Namjoon, daddy, I’m close, please.”

    At your moans he moves a hand from your ass to your clit, running tight circles over it. “Me too, baby, fuck,” he moans in that beautiful voice.

    Clenching down on him hard, you come, your whole body overwhelmed with pleasure. It’s ethereal, another super intense orgasms racks through you from your core to your fingers. 

    As you come down you feel Namjoon fill you with his come as well. You squeeze down in overstimulation, milking him of all his come. You both are breathing hard as you recover from the intense sensations. 

    After a few moments of trying to recover, Namjoon pulls out. “That was amazing,” he says breathlessly, and you have to agree. He gives you a light kiss on the forehead before heading into the bathroom for a cloth to clean you up.

    You burrow into the luxurious bed sheets and wait for him to return. They smell of sweat and sex and just Namjoon. You could drown in his scent.

    He returns quickly and he cleans you both up gently. He joins you when he’s done, pulling you into his arms. His skin is sweaty, but so is yours, so you don’t mind. You just love when he holds you.

    You think of the pink lingerie in a pile on the bedroom floor, and realize that you can be confident in whatever you wear. You and your body are sexy, and nothing can change that, especially not some insignificant fabric. 

    Wrapped up, you fall asleep to the sound of Namjoon’s deep breathing, your head on his chest, and his arms around your waist. You remind yourself before totally falling into dreamland to give him that blowjob you wanted to earlier, he definitely earned it tonight.