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Sweeter than Conversation Hearts

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Blue was so, so confused.

A few weeks ago, it was all heartbreak with an unopened box of chocolates, a crumpled letter, and lots of tears. The poor girl’s confession was rejected by the boy she liked for months. It was a shame that the moment she found the confidence to spill her feelings, her spirits were crushed in a matter of a few seconds.

It all happened right after Blue’s math class when the bell rang. He walked out of the classroom and saw the small crowd of students standing off on both sides of the hallway. They watched the two with hopeful smiles on their faces as if the girl pulled out a ring and proposed on one knee. Blue smiled with them, excited to see new found love between this couple where it’ll be coffee shop dates, late night conversations, and surprise back hugs.

Then there were quiet gasps, shocked faces, and disappointed head shakes. She balled up the letter and threw it at his chest before running off. He stood there and watched her go, appalled at the sudden reaction. The box of chocolates was dropped in the middle of the hallway when she ran, forgotten but still safely held together by a bright red ribbon. The spectators stayed for a moment before dispersing, whispering in hushed voices.

Blue didn’t know what was worse, the fact that the girl was turned down or the boy had to reject her publicly. It was embarrassing on both ends for the incident to happen in front of many students. The girl was laughed at yet pitied, while the boy was painted in a bad light. He shouldn’t have to say yes if he did not like her that way, but the reaction she gave made him disliked among his fellow classmates, especially friends of the girl.

The news about an awful rejection between two first-year students spread around like a wildfire, making it the gossip of the week.

Today though, it was quiet giggles, lovey-dovey glances, and long hand-holding. The two were seen around school as if they have been together for a long time. They showed a lot of affection towards each other to the point where it almost hurts to see their PDA. Everyone seemed to be just as confused as Blue when they saw the couple being sweet to each other. The day before, they were still in an awkward phase where they couldn’t look each other in the eye, even when partnered up for a group assignment during class.

Blue couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous at the fact that she made this whole love thing seem easy. He had been pining over one of the captains of the football team ever since he joined. Champ was a sweetheart towards him but he was oblivious to the subtle hints. All the small compliments, extra water bottles, and towels given to him looked nothing more than mere friendly gestures. At this point, Blue was definitely sure that he thought of him like a younger brother with all the shoulder pats and hair ruffles that he received.

The first-year boy was walking to the locker rooms for practice when he heard a voice calling his name. He turns around and sees Zol speed-walking to catch up with him.

“Hi Blue! I have a couple questions and it is for the sake of the story. Do you have time to talk?” She asks, a joyful grin on her face. The latter couldn’t help but smile too because he was excited to be a part of this fiction. He had read a couple of her stories before so it felt like an honor to be able to be a character in one like her brother, Zon. The only difference was she asked for permission while his poor older brother did not get any heads up beforehand.

He nods. “Sure! Can we do it while we’re walking to the football field? Practice is about to start soon.”

“That’s fine! Let me pull out my notes.” Zol says as he pulls out her phone. The two began to walk down the path together. “Alright, what kind of dates do you prefer?”

“Hmm, I like a lot of simple dates, you know, like going to the ice cream shop but staying at home is nice too. I haven’t really been on one so I guess I’m just basing it off of things I like to do.” Blue answers, watching Zol type what he just said on her phone. Without looking up at him, she asks another one related to dating. He responds to them easily but it makes him realize how lonely and desperate for a relationship he was.

How did that girl do it?

What was the secret to getting a boyfriend?

The two arrive in front of the locker room, just a few minutes early to practice. Zol continues to type before looking up from her phone. “Okay, I think I have everything I need. Thank you for being more cooperative than my stupid brother!” She tells him with a satisfied expression on her face.

“Of course! I’m glad to help you out with your work.” Blue grins. He was about to say goodbye to her but a thought came up. “Am I still going to be partnered up with Dew?”

“Well...I did plan on it...I mean, I’m already on the sixth chapter and the two of you are about to get together…” She replies, making him frown. Zol almost feels bad but she didn’t want to give up on her progress. “Hey, don’t be sad! It’s all fiction so you don’t have to worry about actually dating him like Zon was. In the end, him and Saifah did end up dating but anyways, cheer up! I promise I will make it good!”

“Can’t you just replace Dew’s name with Champ’s instead?” Blue suggests hopefully. He really did not want to be put in a relationship with the fourth-year who teases him endlessly by kicking over cones and throwing sweat-stained towels at him after practice. Champ was so kind to him while Dew was a bully. Even if the relationship was fictitious and just for a story, Blue still didn’t want to be together with him. Zol laughs and shakes her head.

“It’ll be a lot of work because I will have to change parts of the story too since Dew and Champ are really different from each other. I know you don’t like him but have some faith in me to write a nice story. I’ll even let you read it before I publish it online.” Zol offers, trying to cheer him up. The boy still had a sad look on his face. She sighs at his downcast expression. “Blue, if you really wanted to be in a relationship with Champ, why don’t you do what Nok did?”

Blue furrows his eyebrows. “Confess and get rejected in front of other students?”

“No silly, the other thing! You know...the real reason why Ice is dating her?” She grins cheekily, nudging him in the side. He tilts his head, confused. Zol realizes that Blue genuinely had no idea what she was talking about. She was about to tell him but then notices a couple of football players coming towards the locker rooms, two of them being Zon’s friends, Tanthai and Junior. Practice was about to start soon and he probably didn’t have time for an explanation.

“Listen, I’ll text you later, okay?” She says, patting his arm. Zol walks off but stops in her tracks a few feet away. She turns around, gives him a thumbs up, and shouts, “Thanks for the help by the way! You two are going to be number one!”

Blue scratches his head and watches her leave before realizing she did not have his number. “Zol, wait! You didn’t... nevermind.”


[ xxx-...]: Hey, go to this link on your computer.

[xxx-...]: Call me when you’re on.

[xxx-...]: It’s Zol by the way.

Blue was weirded out at first when he received the first two texts until Zol clarified that it was her a few minutes later. Pushing aside the textbook on his desk, he went on his laptop and typed in the link that was sent to him. While he waits for the website to load, Blue quickly adds her number into a contact on his phone before calling her like she told him to.

“Hey Blue!” Zol answers cheerfully after picking up after the first ring. “Are you on the website yet?”

“Uh, it’s still loading. How did you get my number anyways?” Blue questions while tapping his fingers on his desk lightly. He looks at the gray bar move slowly across his screen, despite him never having any trouble with the internet connection at home.

“Oh, I got it from Tanthai. I figured that since you two are teammates, you might have each other’s number. Anyways, the website might take a little while to come up but in the meantime, I can tell you what happened between Nok and Ice.” She tells him.

Blue leans back in his chair. “I’m ready to hear about that confusing love story.”

“It’s sort of like that I guess. I mean, they are in a few of my classes so Nok’s crush on Ice was painfully obvious, but I don’t think she got the memo that he was definitely uninterested in her. The confession was awful too, I heard he made her cry really badly.” Zol says.

“He did. I was there, but he didn’t yell at her or anything like that. I’m pretty sure it was just a no, but I couldn’t really hear what he said. Can’t believe they’re together now after that incident.” Blue sees his computer screen load up a pink website decorated with too many colorful hearts, kissy-face emoticons, roses, and lipstick prints. In a bright white color, the words, “Sweethearts for your lover!”, stood out at the header of the page. “Um...this website looks weird.”

“Yeah, it looks like Valentine’s Day threw up all over it. Anyways, this is where Nok got her secret to making Ice like her. She bought candy from here, like the hearts with messages on them, and gave one to him. Next thing you know, the two of them are together!” Zol explains as he scrolls through the website.

Blue lets out a small laugh. “You’re joking right? This website is sketchy like it could give me a virus at any second. It also says that when someone eats it, they’ll fall in love with whoever’s name is on it. There’s no way this candy could make a person do that. Maybe Ice decided to give Nok a chance?”

“No, I’m actually being serious! I know it’s all weird but this stuff is legit, Blue. Not a lot of people know about this but I witnessed the magic happening with two other people like that new fourth-year and third-year couple from the Engineering Department! If this website was a scam, I wouldn't waste your time on it. Think about it, would Ice act all lovingly with Nok in one day?”

Zol was right. There was no way the couple would actually be that close when they were awkward yesterday. This website was suspicious with its strange format and how they sold candy that apparently worked in the same way as a love potion. The idea was impossible though, this kind of stuff only happened in cheesy romance films and books. He stares at the page, taking a short moment to read a paragraph. Before he could go on to the next one, Blue hears a door slam open from the other end.

“Did you take my phone?” Zol’s brother yells, Blue being unfortunate enough to hear his loud, angry voice as well.

“Wait, I’m talking to someone!” Zol shouts back before returning to a softer volume. “I’m going to have to talk to you another time but you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to. If you do- Zon! Don’t take my laptop!”

Blue ends the call quickly to save her the trouble of explaining herself later on. He continues to read through the page, trying to decide whether it’s worth it or not to spend money on this candy. Zol told him that there were other students that were able to get into relationships because of this. There was the possibility that Nok was able to get Ice with it but the whole idea was bizarre.

If it ends up being a scam, Blue will be left with a box of conversation hearts, which isn’t his favorite candy, but it’s something sweet to eat at least. If it does work, he might get into a relationship with Champ as his first boyfriend ever. He could have the one thing he has been longing for ever since he joined the football team. Blue might be able to experience those ice cream dates where sundaes are shared, late night conversations about everything and nothing, or even the feeling of being curled up in sweatshirts that would look too large on him.

“It wouldn’t hurt to try it out.” Blue mumbles to himself as he hovers his cursor over a button and clicks on it.


Blue had to wait sixteen days before the package arrived in the mail. The small pink box decorated with red and white hearts contained the candy that could make his wish come true. All of the conversation hearts were a pastel blue color with his name printed in a deep red color in bold, capital letters. It was a weird process to get them specifically designed for him, but nevertheless, the Sweethearts box did come in. He didn’t want to bring his hopes up too high but with all the waiting that he did, his expectations were up there.

The first-year decided to give one to Champ the following day he received the candy. He figured that he had to plan out how he should give it to the football captain without making it too weird. It was difficult for him to focus throughout the entire day because all he could think about was the pink box in his backpack. When the last bell of the day rang, he rushed out of the classroom and quickly entered the locker room. Since nobody else was in the locker room, Blue quickly changed into the football uniform. He was nervous, worried about whether or not the candy would work or if Champ would even take the candy.

Nok was able to get the boy she liked with this candy, so would he be able to do it as well?

His fellow teammates began coming into the locker room, greeting the youngest with nods and smiles. Blue returns their greetings with small bows before looking inside the small box. Champ was about to come in at any moment and he didn’t want to wait until the end of practice like he originally planned to.

A few seconds later, the three football captains come in. They were in the middle of discussing what drills the players should do today. If Blue wasn’t so anxious about his plan, maybe he would have been upset that he could not be a part of that. He waits for Champ to go to his own locker when he is done talking to Dew and Japan. He quickly takes a blue candy heart out before shoving his backpack into his locker.

Blue takes a deep breath before walking over to the older. “Hello,”

“Oh, hi Blue! Everything okay?” Champ asks as he places a hand on his shoulder. The younger could feel his heart beating faster and the heat rising to his ears.

“I’m alright, just thinking a lot lately, haha…” Blue lets out a forced chuckle, making him want to curl up into a ball and never see the light of day again. He was usually fine when he talked to his crush but this plan made him extra shy. Blue glances away for a moment before opening his hand to show the candy heart to him. “Umm…anyways…I got some candy and I was wondering if you wanted to try one. It even has my name on it too.”

Champ smiles and ruffles his head. “That’s nice of you to offer me one. I don’t like eating a lot of sweets but sure, I’ll-”

Before he could finish his sentence, a shirtless Dew snatches the candy out of his hand and shoves it into his mouth. Blue stares at him in horror, watching the other captain eat the candy.

“There’s no eating in the locker room.” He smirks before putting his red jersey on.

“Hey, it was just a piece of candy! Don’t be so mean to him!” Champ tells him, but the latter ignores his words and goes back to his locker. He sighs and turns back at Blue, who was staring at the ground. “I’m sorry he’s such a jerk to you. If you do have another one, I’ll take it.”

“Oh...umm...that was my last one. Sorry.” Blue lies.

Champ frowns at the first-year’s sad expression and pats his shoulder. “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. Maybe next time, yeah?”

Blue nods before walking off to let the older change into his uniform. He didn’t know why he had to lie about running out of the candy, he could have just given Champ another one from his box. Though, his plan was already ruined when Dew ate the candy. Blue facepalms himself and sits down on the bench. There was a small part of him that was skeptical about the effects of the candy and he is hoping that it could be fake now that someone else ate it.

The younger sighs and goes out to the field with the other boys, carrying some of the equipment. He walks behind everyone else and glares at the big white six on the back of Dew’s jersey. The thought of the mean football captain doing a complete 180 and being all affectionate made him almost sick to his stomach. He can’t imagine Dew buying him bundles of roses and heart-shaped chocolate boxes or even giving him the same attention that Nok gets from Ice. It would be too weird and out of character for him.

“The candy might not work anyways, so there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Blue accidentally says out loud. The boy in front of him turns around and looks at him with a confused expression. “Oh, I was talking to myself, sorry.”

Throughout practice, Blue kept looking over at Dew to make sure there weren’t any changes. Everything was fine so far, with practice running like any other day. He avoids the football captain by talking to the other boys just in case the latter decides to come over and tease him like usual. By now, he was sure that the candy was just a scam. Hours later, practice ends and the team goes back to the locker room, sweaty and gross, with the exception of the youngest who sat and observed the others.

Blue grabs the mop and puts the bucket filled with soapy water in a place where there weren’t any clothes hanging around, mostly to avoid having another incident with Dew’s shirt. He lifts the mop but is immediately stopped when someone grabs the handle. The boy turns his head and his eyes widen.

“Here, go change. I’ll do it.” Dew orders, taking it out of his hands. Blue stares at him, unable to move. The older would never do something nice to him, even if Champ forced the two to get along and act like buddies. The football captain gives him a loving smile. “Seriously babe, I got it.”

His mouth drops open at the word Dew called him. The candy was working. Everything that the seller claimed was true. Dew is going to fall in love with him. It was going to be cliche romance films and surprise gifts from the wrong person, the bully who has been a nuisance to him ever since he joined the team. The small boy rushes out of the locker room, nearly bumping into Junior on his way out.

Blue messed up, badly.

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“That was weird.” Junior states, scratching his head in confusion. He looks at Dew, who was staring at the door with an uncertain expression. The second-year player rubs his chin, getting an idea of what had happened. The football captain must have said something to make Blue run out like that. That was probably the only viable reason because he was always pushing the youngest around. He turns to Tanthai who was changing out of his cleats. “Do you think he asked him to get mineral water?”

His friend laughs. “Maybe he asked him to do his laundry.”

Suddenly, a hand hits the both of them on the head. The duo wince and turn around to see an angry Dew glaring down at them. He points to the mop. Tanthai and Junior walk over there with their heads down, restraining themselves from complaining. The football captain watches them for a moment before going to his locker.

He felt weird and different.

Throughout practice, all he could think about was Blue, as if he was an ad that popped up on his computer screen every few seconds. Normally, he wouldn’t think too much about the younger unless he bothered him. It was different today and he tried to not get distracted from doing what he was supposed to do as one of the captains. He didn’t even know where he got the urge to help mop the floor or call him “babe”.

Perhaps all of these new feelings are making him think that maybe he does in fact, like Blue. He was cute and he did have this adorable smile whenever one of the players called at him to kick the ball back to them. Blue was always helpful to the team and it was wonderful to see him get all happy at the smallest things. The more Dew thought about it, the more he wanted to see that same expression come from the younger. Maybe tomorrow, he should get Blue to practice with him instead of watch the other players.

That would be nice, just the two of them together.


Blue ran as fast as he could, but didn’t get far enough when he trips and lands against the pavement. He winces in pain, almost cursing at himself for being so stupid. If he wasn’t so impatient, Champ would have eaten the candy instead of Dew. He could have gotten the relationship that he wanted from the start. The boy groans as he picks himself from the ground, realizing that he left his belongings back in the locker room.

“Stupid…” Blue mutters, turning around and walking back.

The image of Dew smiling at him and calling him “babe” was stuck in his head. He didn’t even like being called that word, well, maybe at least not from him. Blue facepalms himself and sighs loudly. It was his problem and he needed to find out how to fix it quickly before Dew does something weird. As the boy comes closer to the locker room, he notices Tanthai and Junior coming out with unhappy and tired looks on their faces. He overhears their complaints about how they had to clean up, feeling slightly guilty that he ran out on his job.

Blue quickly hurries over to them, waving his hand up in the air. “Tanthai! Junior! Is Dew still in there?”

“Yeah, he’s in there with Japan and Champ.” Tanthai replies.

“Okay, um...this is silly of me to ask you this, but can one of you guys get my stuff from my locker? I would do it but…” Blue trails off, trying to think of an excuse off the top of his head.

“Dew, right?” Junior questions as he steps closer to the youngest player and puts an arm on his shoulder. Blue nods timidly, a blush coming to his face as the scene replays in his head again. Junior grins at Tanthai. “You go get it.”

“What? No! You do it! Why does it have to be me?” He protests, pointing at Junior.

“If you don’t, I’ll tell my brother about that time you-”

Tanthai quickly turns around and hurries into the locker room. Blue couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle. The comical duo knew how to make someone laugh. Junior looks down at him and notices the scrape on his pale arm. Tanthai comes out, holding his black backpack and clothes. Blue thanks him and shoves his clothes into his bag before putting it over his shoulders.

“Dew is scary! He just interrogated me and I might have accidentally-”

“Tanthai, go back in there and get one of those big bandaids from the first aid kit.” Junior commands, pushing him back in the direction of the locker room. His friend was about to protest until he saw Blue’s arm. He huffs and goes back in again. Blue laughs this time, making Junior feel satisfied at the reaction. “So, what did Dew say to you that made you run out? How’d you get hurt too?”

Blue plays with the straps on his backpack. “He just surprised me and I got really scared, so I left. I also tripped, so this was probably how I got this.”

“I see.” Junior says. He didn’t tell him what the captain said but didn’t want to press on any further. Besides, Dew being scary isn’t news to them because he was notorious for being the most aggressive out of all the captains. He always teased Blue more than anyone else on the team, so maybe that was what it was. It made sense anyways because there couldn’t be any other good reason for why he reacted the way he did.

Tanthai walks out a moment later, the other three captains behind him. Blue turns away,

“I got you a bandaid-” Tanthai was cut off by Dew snatching the bandaid out of his hand. He walks towards Blue, tearing off the wrapper with his teeth. The short boy can feel the heat rushing to his ears, feeling like he read a similar scene somewhere from Zol’s novel. He wants to die on the spot at how Dew was acting. It was too embarrassing. The football captain sticks the bandaid on him and lifts the arm towards his face. Blue quickly snatches his arm away and bends down to pick up the wrapper on the ground.

This was all too much for him. He should have just stayed on the ground when he tripped and waited for the ground to swallow him whole. Maybe, he could have just gone home, picked up his backpack tomorrow morning, and dealt with his teachers’ scolds for not doing his homework. Even better, he should have stopped Dew from eating the piece of candy that was supposed to be for Champ. Seeing the wrong captain do this to him was just plain embarrassing. He needed to talk to Zol about this now.

Blue stands up, avoiding any eye contact with Dew. He whispers a quiet, “Thanks.”

The other boys stare at the short scene that just occured. Junior and Tanthai exchange glances, both equally confused. Champ raises his eyebrow before figuring out what must be going on.

“It’s nice to see you guys getting along,” He nods, patting both of their shoulders. “I’m proud of you two.”

“Of course! Blue’s cute.” Dew smiles as he puts his arm over the younger’s shoulder. Blue can feel his face and ears become warm. He looks over at Junior and mouths a few words to him, hoping he would take the hint. Surprisingly, his fellow teammate understands the desperate expression on his face.

“I promised Blue a ride home. Hope you’re okay with that.” Junior tells his brother. Blue hurries over to him and holds on to his arm, thanking him quietly. He glances at Dew for a quick second, seeing his frown. Blue almost feels bad but all of this should be over soon when he figures out how to stop it.

Japan nods. “Yeah, that’s fine. We should get going now since Tanthai is coming with us.”

“That’s a bit of a hassle isn’t it? I could drive Blue home.” Champ offers. Dew opens his mouth to say something but stops himself and crosses his arms.

“No that’s fine! I’m staying over at Japan’s house anyways.” Tanthai smirks, shooting his favorite captain a mischievous wink.


“-and I think he was about to kiss my arm! It was so embarrassing! How can this be happening to me?!” Blue groans as he leans back in his chair. The boy can hear Zol laughing from the other end. “This isn’t supposed to be funny! I can’t even find anything on getting rid of the effects!”

“Sorry, but it is pretty funny. Maybe you two were always meant to be together.” She chuckles, making Blue fake gag. The idea of him and Dew being a couple was gross and the total opposite of what he wanted. He wanted a relationship where someone cared and treated him well, which was something that Dew had never done up until the candy incident.

“That should be illegal. I will not stand for that..”

“Don’t deny it! I put a lot of thought into the couples that I write about. I don’t pair two random guys up for no reason! Take Saifah and Zon for example! They absolutely hated each other but now look at them, they’re one of the cutest couples here at Chemistry! Next thing you know, you and Dew will be up there too!” Zol says happily, squealing a little bit at the end.

“I forgot that you were writing about us. When are you going to be finished with it?” Blue mumbles, rubbing the back of his neck. It was going to look bad if he never found the cure to the conversation heart and Zol released her novel out to the public. Despite her letting him read the fiction before she publishes it, he probably won’t be able to make her change parts of it anyways.

“I’m not sure, but you will be the first reader. Don’t worry about it too much!” Zol reassures him. “So, is there anything on the website?”

Blue squints at his laptop screen, trying to see if there were any tabs or buttons that he didn’t look at yet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything other than badly decorated emoticons and hearts. It was weird that there was nothing about how to reverse the effects. He wanted to blame the website for not having any cures but it was his fault for not thinking about the consequences.

“No. The paper from the box doesn’t have anything about it either.” He replies with a frown. All of this should have never happened if Dew didin’t eat the stupid conversation heart. He picks up his backpack beside him and sees how the candy hearts were scattered at the bottom of his backpack. He nearly curses at himself for forgetting to close the box when he shoved it in his backpack earlier. Blue picks up the pieces he could find, places them in the box, and tosses the box in his desk drawer.

“Have you tried emailing the creator?” Zol suggests a few moments later.

Blue facepalms himself after placing the backpack down. “I should’ve thought about that. Thanks, Z!”

“No problem! By the way, are you going to give the candy to Champ?”

“I’m not sure, maybe after I fix this problem with Dew.” Blue sighs, a bit unsure. He didn’t want to mess up again, but at the same time, he waited so long for this. There was an uneasy feeling in his stomach from just thinking about giving Champ the candy heart again after failing the first time. He’ll have to worry about that later when Dew is not under the influence of the candy.


Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t email him back.

Blue stares at his phone and grumbles. He was probably being impatient, but he needed help soon. The boy was already tired of all the smiles, compliments, and head ruffles that he has been getting from Dew in the locker room earlier. It felt weird and even the other players on his team noticed the sudden affection. Champ didn’t even seem to pay attention to it too much because he thought they were on good terms now. That must be a good thing since he didn’t want the older to think they were dating since he’ll lose his chance.

“You know phones aren’t allowed during practice, right?” Dew says, interrupting his thoughts. Blue turns red and quickly places his phone down next to him on the bench. He whispers a small apology, refusing to look up at the captain. Dew grins and grabs his wrist, pulling the younger boy up to his feet. He drags him to one of the nets that’s far away from where the other boys were practicing.

“W-what are you doing?” He questions, hoping the older wouldn’t do anything weird again.

“You’re going to practice kicking the ball with me today.” Dew replies as he lets go of his wrist. Blue watches him pick up a nearby ball and place it down in front of him. The captain walks in front of the goal and gets into a ready position. “You can go at any time!”

Blue blinks at him for a moment. This was the first time he was put on the field to practice after weeks of just being the team’s helper. It was wrong but since he finally had the chance to do something. Dew was being nice and even letting him actually kick a ball. It was wrong of him to take advantage of the older like this but he should get an email back from the seller soon. After all, Dew would never be nice to him, nor would he let him on the field to practice again.

He kicks the ball and Dew catches it. The football captain tosses it back to him with an encouraging nod. “That’s alright. You can try again.”

Blue couldn’t help but feel himself smile a little. He kicks the ball a bit harder this time and it almost hits the net if Dew didn’t dive for it. At least he isn’t letting him win since this practice would not be helpful. They continue for a while until Dew notices the younger boy’s kicks were getting sloppier due to his exhaustion.

“Let’s go get some water.” He says, grabbing onto Blue’s wrist. They jog to the benches where the other two captains were chatting about a few of the other players on the team. Dew opens the cooler and hands a water bottle to Blue. He thanks him and takes a seat on the bench.

“Working hard, huh?” Japan laughs as he pats the youngest player’s shoulder. Blue nods before taking a drink.

“I was thinking we could put Blue in for a position when we play practice games on Friday.” Dew turns to Champ. The latter furrows his brows and looks at Blue who nearly spits out his water from what he said. It would be the first time he had ever played an actual game on the team.

“He’s not ready yet.” Champ replies. Blue drops the hopeful expression on his face, clearly hurt that his favorite captain would hold him off. He looks at Dew who did not seem to back down on his idea just yet.

“Blue obviously wants a chance to play. He can learn and improve with the practice I am giving him.” Dew retorts. Blue could feel himself getting surprised even though this was the work of the candy.

Champ looks at Blue for a brief second. “We talked about this before, remember?”

“Well I changed my mind. You can’t be making all the decisions-“

“Hold on, I am a captain here too,” Japan cuts in as he stands up. “I think it wouldn’t hurt to put him in for a game or two.”

Dew sees the way Blue’s light up in excitement at finally getting to play. He smirks at Champ who looks slightly disappointed. Dew didn’t care though, he made Blue happy and that was all that matters. He can help him with the next few days to prove that he was ready to play.

“That’s two out of three. Sorry, but majority rules. Let’s go, babe.” Dew tells him as he grabs his wrist and drags him again. Blue lowers his head in embarrassment, hoping the other two captains didn’t hear his last word but they definitely did.

Chapter Text

Dew stood at the entrance of the school, waiting for Blue. Today, he woke up extra early to make sure he could catch the younger boy coming in. He wanted to walk Blue to his class and ask him to eat lunch together. There was no sign of him yet but it was fine, there was still a lot of time before school began anyways.

He had been planning a lot last night, from practicing football drills to future dates. When he stood up for Blue yesterday for him to play on Friday, he felt more than happy to see him smile. Dew felt extremely satisfied that he was the reason for that.

“Hey Dew! Why didn’t you answer my texts?” A voice calls out from the parking lot. He turns his head to see Fighter coming towards him. Judging by the tone of his voice and the irritated look on his face, he was definitely not happy.

“Sorry. I was focused on something.” Dew replies, rubbing the back of his neck. It was partially true, he was focused on something, but that something was more like someone. He did see the notifications pop on his screen last night in the midst of trying to figure out what Blue’s likes and dislikes were from his social media and a fellow first-year. He might have just ‘forgotten’ to get back to his friend.

Fighter sighs. “You could’ve just told me you were busy. I thought you were ignoring me. It doesn’t take that long to respond to a text too.”

“Well, when you were pining after Tutor, you ditched me all the time! What makes this situation any different?” Dew snaps, catching his friend off guard. Fighter raises an eyebrow at how defensive he got all of a sudden.

“What are you talking about? I called you afterwards.” Fighter retorts.

Dew turns his head away and crosses his arms. “You called me back one time. Plus, I think that you and Tutor can’t always- Blue! Wait, Blue! Come here, babe!”

The football captain completely abandons his friend mid sentence, hurrying over to the boy who was frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Dew smiles at him sweetly and takes the smaller boy’s hand into his before dragging him onto the campus. Fighter could only watch the scene with his mouth agape.

“I hope you had a good night’s sleep.” He says, not noticing how the comment made the latter more uncomfortable.

“Uh, yeah, I did. Thanks for asking, I guess.” Blue mutters for Dew to barely hear his comment. He was still trying to process the hand-holding in his mind. All of this felt like he was living in Zol’s fiction, but the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling didn’t seem to exist. Instead, it just left him worrying about the worst things that might happen.

“Did you eat breakfast yet? I can go buy something for you to eat if you’re hungry.” Dew asks.

“I’m alright, thank you.” Blue lowers his head when he notices the confused looks from students passing by. He pulls his hand away and holds onto the straps of his backpack.

Dew frowns at his action. “Are you alright? Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes-wait no. I mean, you can’t be like this to me.” Blue whispers as he walks faster to avoid the older boy. Unfortunately, his tactic doesn’t work since Dew could easily catch up to him with his long legs. Blue almost breaks out into a run but Dew grabs onto his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

“What do you mean? I like you!” He tells him loudly, earning weird glances from nearby students. Blue’s ears and face turn pink in embarrassment. “I like seeing your adorable smile and the way you get all shy whenever I call you ba-“

Blue quickly covers Dew’s mouth with his hand. “Okay, okay! Just please stop calling me that. I-I don’t like it!”

The football captain removes the pale hand. “Only if you agree to eat lunch with me.”

Blue pouts and furrows his eyebrows. He didn’t want to eat lunch with him, even if Dew was being nice to him. He was pretty sure there were already rumors about how they could be together from all the looks they have been receiving from other students. However, if this could get Dew to stop calling him ‘babe’, then he’ll take it. It was just for one lunch anyways so it can’t be that bad. Once he gets an email back from the seller, he doesn’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

He huffs. “Fine.”

“Thanks, love!” Dew laughs as he pulls Blue into a tight hug. The younger boy could feel him die a little bit on the inside from embarrassment. This was supposed to be with Champ, not the angry captain. The older pulls himself away and links their arms together. Again, Blue tries to pull away but ends up getting dragged towards the entrance of the building. “Now, let’s go to your class!”

“This is embarrassing.” Blue mumbles before realizing that Dew was bringing him in the direction of his first class. “W-wait! How do you know my schedule?!”


Dew had been acting strange.

First, it was the text messages. It was not too much of a problem because Fighter did ghost him when he was chasing after Tutor, so maybe his friend might have been busy. Although, it was sort of weird how he never got back to him, especially since he was waiting by the school entrance early for that kid on his football team. The new player who seemed to annoy his friend numerous times too.

Dew seemed to have acted normally during their shared classes, but was happier than usual. Fighter decided to hold off on questioning him about it, just in case he gets defensive again. He has a feeling that he might know what was going on. If his intuition was correct, he might have to confront someone.

Lunch happened and all the puzzle pieces seemed to have fit together.

“Have you guys seen Dew?” Fighter asks Tutor and Day when he came up to their table. He takes a seat next to Tutor who slides his tray over to share his food. Day shrugs and continues to eat his lunch, nearly tuning the two out. He didn’t want to be the third wheel all the time when it was just Fighter and Tutor or Saifah and Zon eating with him. Sometimes, the couples would get all touchy and he’d have to endure all of that, at least until he finished eating his lunch.

His boyfriend shook his head. “I haven’t seen him anywhere. Are you two fighting or something?”

“No, he’s just been acting weird lately. First he didn’t answer my texts last night, then he got all mad when I asked him about it this morning, and he ditched me for a boy who-”

“Hold on, he ditched you for a boy?” Day questions with a curious expression on his face, suddenly interested in the conversation.

“You know that short kid from the football team? Blue? Yeah, Dew was talking to me but the moment he saw him, he just left me without saying bye. He even called him babe and held his hand.” Fighter explains to the two. Day shoves a spoonful of rice in his mouth to try to stop himself from laughing. He fails miserably, unable to chew his food. Fighter glares at him. “What?”

“That's basically what you did to Dew whenever you saw me.” Tutor puts a hand on his shoulder and chuckles.

Fighter sighs and picks up the spoon from Tutor’s tray. “Okay, I know I did that but Dew should have told me he had a boyfriend in the first place. Then maybe I wouldn’t be annoyed with him.”

“Dew has a boyfriend?” Saifah asks as he takes a seat beside Day who was recovering from his laughing session.

“Apparently it’s Blue.” Tutor tells him.

Saifah raises an eyebrow. “Wait, seriously? I didn’t think Dew would ever date a guy, let alone, the kid who he always wants to punch. Junior even told Zon that Dew made Blue feel uncomfortable the other day.”

“Well, maybe they talked last night and now they’re together? That might have been the reason why Dew didn’t respond to your texts, right Fighter?” Day suggests, the three of them turning to look at the upperclassman. Fighter stares at a cracked spot on the table. Dew must have been giving him a taste of his own medicine for all those times he left him. Still, the situation was weird and didn’t feel right.

Fighter purses his lips and looks up at Day. “Yeah, that might have been it.”

“He’ll probably tell you soon. You know, some couples don’t like to go public right away. They might just be testing the waters or something.” Tutor reassures him, squeezing his shoulder. Fighter nods, trying to make it seem like he agreed with what his boyfriend said.

“They might be the next big couple on campus. Zon told me that Blue and Zol have been talking to each other a lot lately. He thinks they are planning a new fic or something like that.” Saifah chuckles, pulling Day’s tray over in front of him. He was about to eat from his friend’s tray but Day pulls it back, glaring at him.

Fighter stands up suddenly, startling the others. “I forgot to do something.”

“Is everything okay?” Tutor asks worriedly as he puts his hand on his forearm.

His boyfriend nods and gives him a fake smile. “Yeah, it’s for some stupid assignment. Need to borrow notes and stuff. I’ll tell you all about it afterwards.”

Fighter leaves and nearly facepalms himself on his way out. His lie was pathetic and he was pretty sure Tutor didn’t buy it. His excuse wasn’t convincing but he would have to deal with the possible consequences later. Right now, he needed to figure something out and Zol might have the answer to his questions.

He walks to the other canteen where Zon and his friends were eating lunch. The five of them notice him immediately when he comes closer to them.

“Zon. Where’s Zol?” Fighter asks bluntly, ignoring the suspicious expressions on the second-years’ faces. He should have been a bit nicer and sugar-coat it by greeting him or asking how he is, but Fighter didn’t have time for that.

“What do you want with my sister?” Zon responds a bit defensively, reminding Fighter of Dew’s behavior earlier. He couldn’t blame him though, it was odd for someone to ask another person where their younger sister was.

“She was going to ask me questions since she’s adding me in her new novel,” Fighter lies again. “Dew is the main character and I’m going to be in it as his friend since, you know...”

Natee laughs. “I guess Dew and Blue are really going to dethrone Saifah and Zon as the number one couple.”

“That explains why Dew gave Blue a one-on-one practice yesterday!” Tanthai gasps as he turns to look at Junior. The two began to whisper things to each other and giggle like elementary-school kids on the playground. Zon rolls his eyes and busies himself with his phone.

“And why they ate lunch together.” Zen adds, lifting up his finger to accentuate his point.

Fighter tilts his head. “They ate lunch together?”

“Yeah, they were sitting at one of the tables here earlier, but they left before you came.” Zen tells him. Fighter nods and glances at his phone. He wants to text Dew but he doubts that the latter will respond to him. The engineering student turns around and begins to walk away until Zon calls out his name.

“Are you still looking for Zol? She says she’ll do the interview with you at the basketball court.”


“Are you still hungry? Do you want me to get you anything else?” Dew asks as he puts the two empty trays on a counter. He puts a hand on Blue’s shoulder, noticing the way he is avoiding any eye contact.

“I-I’m full.” He replies.

Dew smiles and holds his hand again. “Okay. I’ll walk you to your next class.”

Blue nods and they head to the building where his math class was. Lunch with Dew was not too bad, he talked here and there but the latter seemed to do most of the talking. He asked Blue questions about his interests as if they were strangers on a first date. There were even short moments where there was silence and Dew would just watch him eat the food. It felt creepy, making him want to jump up and run away.

Blue stares down at the hand holding his own. He pulls it out of his grip and stops walking. Dew does the same as well, a concerned expression on his face.

“Can we not hold hands?” He mumbles, staring at the ground.

“I thought you liked holding hands?” Dew frowns. It was true, he did like it but with the right person. If Champ was in his place, he wouldn’t have any problem but with Dew, it wasn’t right.

“I-I do but…” Blue regrets looking up to see the sadness in the football captain’s eyes. “...but only with the person I am dating. We aren’t really together and all…”

Dew nods. “Oh, okay. I see.”

The first-year feels guilty. Even though these new feelings were a result of taking the Sweetheart, it made him feel bad for making Dew upset. Blue didn’t know when the candy seller would get back to him since it has been two days now. They were probably extremely busy with making other candies for desperate buyers like him, but it almost feels as though Blue was running out of time. There might be rumors and it was going to be bad if the whole school thinks they are dating. It wouldn’t look too good for his new plan of giving Champ a piece of candy.

“I almost forgot.” Dew pulls out a small box from the pockets of his engineering shirt and hands it to Blue. The younger looks down and sees that it’s a box of pastel blue-colored band-aids. There was a red sticky note with the words ‘From: Dew’ and ‘To: Blue’ written in black ink. “You probably don’t need all of these for your scrape from two days ago, so use them whenever you need to!”

“You shouldn’t have…” He whispers, barely getting the words out.

“Nonsense! I don’t want to see you hurt.” Dew grins. His comment makes the younger’s heart drop down to his stomach. It was nothing too big but Blue did appreciate even the littlest of actions. He was going to have to repay Dew back when he is back to normal again.

“Thank you, Dew.” Blue says, giving him a small smile.

The older chuckles. “You’re welcome. Can I still walk you to your class?”

“Well, we’re at the front already so...” Blue turns his head to look at the entrance of the building that was a few feet away. He notices a peculiar boy walking to the doors and swinging them open. Blue realizes that it was the boy who rejected the girl’s confession weeks ago.

“I-I have to do something before class. Thank you for the band-aids, I’ll see you at practice!” He quickly tells Dew before rushing to meet the boy. Blue was able to catch up to him, almost bumping into other students, and just in time before he entered his own classroom. “Nok!”

“Don’t talk to me if you’re not Ice!” The first-year pushes Blue’s hand off his shoulder. He furrows his eyebrows at the other’s behavior, caught off guard at the action and the anger in his voice. Nok turns around to walk into the empty classroom but Blue moves to stand in front and block his path.

“Wait, I need to know if you know about the Sweethearts candy.” He states, refusing to let him in when Nok tries to move past. The latter grumbles and pushes Blue to the side, successfully walking into his classroom. He takes a seat at his desk and pulls out a green notebook from his backpack. Blue wasn’t going to give up easily. He walks over to him, hovering over his desk. “Please answer and I will leave you alone.”

Nok glances up for a brief second before flipping through pages in his notebook. “Don’t know anything about them except that they are candy. Ice gave some to me a few weeks ago.”

Blue purses his lips. So Dew knows that he ate the candy but he doesn’t know that it was making him have these feelings. It is going to be bad if he will remember that everything he has done was all because of Blue when he returns back to normal. He looks back at Nok, who started to write down a couple words in the notebook. Blue notices Ice’s name in the writing.

“What are you writing about?” He asks curiously, tilting his head. A couple students walk in, ignoring the two that were already in the classroom. The latter glares at him for a moment, hesitant to answer.

Nok sighs and resumes back to writing. “Ice broke up with me again. I need to figure out how to get her back.”

Blue’s mouth drops open. Ice broke up with Nok? Again? That was weird since she was the one that liked him and even gave him the candy. He must still be under the influence of the candy because of how he was trying to date her again. Nok really seemed upset, which was why he was acting rude to Blue earlier. He needs to go talk to Ice about the candy hearts, she might have the solution to his problem since the seller is being unhelpful right now.

“Uh, good luck with that. I gotta get going to class, so I’ll see you around?” Blue says awkwardly, rubbing his neck. Nok nods without looking up at him. He turns around and leaves, heading to his classroom. Blue takes a seat and pulls out his phone.

[ Blue ]: Hey Zol, can you give me Ice’s number?

[ Blue ]: It’s an emergency.

Zol replies back to him a few seconds before the teacher walks in.

[ Zol ]: I don’t have it.

[ Zol ]: But I can get it for you.

[ Zol ]: Also, Fighter talked to me earlier

[ Zol ]: and I think

She doesn’t respond to him any more after that, leaving Blue wondering what that was about.

Blue sits through class, thinking about the band-aids that Dew bought. It was nice of him to be so kind and look out for him. Blue did expect something like this would happen since that was Nok bought gifts for Ice all the time. He needs to find a solution quickly before he empties out Dew’s wallet and gets in trouble.

Although, maybe he should have told Dew earlier that he didn’t want any gifts. He told the captain that he didn’t want to hold hands nor be called ‘babe’ by him. Then again, Dew started calling him something else and he didn’t know which one he would have preferred since they were both pretty bad.

Class ends and Blue decides to walk to the locker room right away. At least he got to actually participate during practice yesterday, even though it was with Dew. Him and Japan allowed him to play in the practice games too. It was disheartening to see Champ disagree with that but maybe he can prove to him that he was ready to play football. After all, he was one of the players on the team and it wouldn’t be fair for him to lug equipment around and clean up all the time.

Blue enters the locker room and takes off his backpack. The door closes behind him, but he hears the small clicking sound of it being locked as well. The first-year turns around and sees Fighter glaring down at him. Blue could feel his heart pounding out of his chest and not in the way when he was around the captain that he admired, but more in a way when he accidentally knocked Dew’s shirt in the mop bucket. Fighter was clearly mad at him.

“You fucking drugged him.”

Chapter Text

Zol was already sitting on the bleachers on the court when Fighter arrived. She bows her head with her palms pressed together when he takes a seat beside her, greeting the older student. Fighter watches Zon’s sister pick up a blue ballpoint pen and a small notepad filled with questions beside her.

“So, as Dew’s friend, how would you describe him?” Zol asks without looking at him, ready to jot down his responses. It was a great idea to meet up with Fighter so she can get more ideas down for her story about Blue and Dew, despite already having many chapters finished.

Fighter raises an eyebrow, wanting to laugh. “I didn’t really come here to get interviewed and we don’t have that much time to answer all the questions you have. I wanted to talk to you about something else. I thought you would know that since I made up the whole interview thing.”

“I do know that but…” Zol smiles cheekily and Fighter knows that there is something else to it from the way she drags on the last word. “...I agreed to meet up for an interview, right? So, I think you owe me one…and if we don’t finish today, we can always do it another time!”

The fourth-year student nods. “Okay, sure whatever. You’ll get an interview, but not now. I need to talk to you about Dew since it’s urgent. He’s been acting weird and you know about the weird I’m talking about. I am pretty sure Blue is the reason for that.”

Zol’s smile drops from her face and she averts her eyes to a pair of students walking in the distance. Fighter waits for her to say something but it looks like she’s holding something back. It was rare of her to suddenly go silent, even though he barely talked to her. Zol might know something and she seemed like she was trying to hide it.

“Do you know something? Did you tell Blue about it?” Fighter accuses, knowing that she was the one out of the other few students that had knowledge of the candy.

Zol hesitates before standing up. “I don’t know what this is all about. I know you wanted to talk about Dew and Blue’s new relationship but I really just came here for an interview. I’m sorry, but you should go to Dew and ask him instead.”

“He isn’t being really helpful at the moment since he’s busy with his new boyfriend apparently. I guess if you don’t know anything about this then I should go to Blue or something. Sorry for wasting your time. You’ll get an interview once I figure this out.” Fighter sighs and walks away.

Zol stares at the figure, realizing that she made a terrible mistake to save herself. She looks at her phone and sees a text from Blue, asking about Nok’s number. Zol quickly texts him back as she speedwalks back to her classroom. Before she could send the last few messages, informing him about Fighter, the bell rings.

“Zol, phone away, please!”


Fighter manages to make it back to his class with a little bit of time left. After all, the “interview” with Zol was cut off short and he barely made any progress with his small investigation. It was a serious accusation to think that Blue gave Dew a Sweetheart, but it seemed like the only possible answer. His friend seemed to always have some sort of complaint for the new kid on the football team and it was impossible for him to act all sweet in a short amount of time.

Unless Dew was in the same shoes as him, teasing the person he liked until they received yes as an answer. It was difficult for him to get Tutor and he regrets the way he treated him before, but he did it without using the conversation hearts that he bought. Zol was the one who suggested the idea when he was hopelessly pining after his boyfriend.

Luckily, he stopped himself from giving one to Tutor and buried the box somewhere in the depths of his closet, out of fear that a dumpster diver would eat the orange hearts and suddenly fall in love with him.

Just a few seconds before the bell rings, Dew walks in, a satisfied expression worn on his face. Fighter assumes that lunch with Blue might have been successful, especially since the younger got his friend to fall in love with him. Dew takes a seat in the chair beside him and gives a nod as a greeting. Fighter returns the gesture by doing the same.

As the teacher begins her lesson, Fighter slowly rips a piece of paper to avoid making a noise. He scribbles a heart with Blue’s name on it then passes it to Dew, who glares at him, offended, after reading it. Fighter realizes he forgot something so he hastily writes it down on another piece of paper before ripping it out slowly and passing it to him.

Did you eat a candy heart that looked like this?

Dew writes something down on the other piece of paper and gives it to him before the teacher turns around.

Yes. Blue had one so I ate it.


So the kid was guilty after all.


“You fucking drugged him.”

Blue could feel his heart drop down to the pits of his stomach. He was frozen, unable to move or even respond to Fighter’s words. This moment reminded him of the time Dew nearly punched him, except he didn’t have Champ run in and protect him. The door was locked and his teammates would not come to practice for another few minutes. He was alone with Fighter, that seemed to be just as aggressive as Dew.

“Why are you so quiet? It’s true, isn’t it?” Fighter snaps, his loud voice startling Blue. The younger boy stays quiet, feeling a lump forming in his throat when he is about to cry. He knew that the tears would come soon and it would be embarrassing to cry in front of a fourth-year student, especially one that was popular around school.

On the other hand, Fighter could feel himself getting agitated at the lack of words coming from him. He wants to shove him to get a response but that would be too much and Tutor would absolutely murder him. The whole school, along with lovestruck Dew, would probably ostracize him if they found out he even hurt a hair on a first-year.

“Why’d you do it?” Fighter questions, taking a step closer to him. The younger student flinches and moves backwards. He lowers his head to avoid the other’s gaze, afraid of what he might do next. “Answer me, kid, or else I’ll tell the other captains about what you did.”

Blue glances up with wide eyes. “No! Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Then tell me why you did it. Why did you have to give that to him, huh? Why did you drug Dew into falling in love with you? That could be considered a crime.” Fighter asks again. He could see the small tears forming in the younger student’s eyes, feeling slightly bad, but it had to be done.

“ wasn’t my intention to give it to Dew…” Blue tells him, playing with his own hands nervously. He desperately wanted to get out of this situation, to run away but Fighter would most likely stop him. “He was the one that t-took it out of my hand and a-ate it.”

Fighter crosses his arms. “It wasn’t your intention to give it to Dew, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong. You still wanted to give the candy to someone. Do you think that kind of stuff is okay? To force someone to love you like that?”

The small student wanted to say something else but he didn’t know what and he couldn’t. There were fat globs of tears streaming down his face and the lump in his throat seemed to have made him into a gulping mess. He tries to wipe the tears away with his pale hands but they just keep coming back. He didn’t remember ever crying this badly in front of someone. Fighter was absolutely right and he felt ashamed for even considering the Sweethearts as a shortcut to getting a boyfriend. He could feel the taller student staring down at him, silently watching him break down like this.

“Blue, just stop-” Fighter was cut off by the door swinging open. The two were too busy to even notice that the knob had been turned a couple times earlier, indicating that the football players tried to get in. They must have gotten someone to open the door after seeing how it was locked and no one from the inside unlocked it for them. A bunch of boys, including the three captains stood at the door, taking in what was happening. The scene in front of them didn't look too good on Fighter’s part.

Unsurprisingly, Dew was the first one to react. He pushes Fighter aside and takes Blue into his arms, his tears staining the dark shirt. “Don’t you ever come close to him again, asshole.”

“He didn’t do anything wrong, please, Dew. It-it was my fault.” Blue tries to explain, tugging on the fabric of the captain’s shirt. Fighter glances at Blue and then to his friend, who was glaring daggers at him, not even listening to the younger’s words. He knew that it was going to be useless, to try to explain what happened. Dew was foolishly in love with Blue and nothing was going to get through his mind with him in that condition.

“You better fix all of this soon, because it’s only going to get worse.” Fighter says before turning around to leave, the other football players making way for him to go. Blue had his head buried into Dew’s chest, sobbing, and hiding his tear-stained face from everyone else. The captain seemed to be trying to calm the other down by whispering and patting his head. Champ watches the scene for a moment then tells everyone else that they are going to wait outside and talk about their plans for practice. He thought they needed privacy, especially since they seemed to have gotten closer the past few days.

“It’s okay, I’m always here for you. I won’t let him hurt you again.” Dew whispers, rubbing circles into the younger’s back. His words seemed to have made Blue cry even harder and louder. Panicked, Dew wraps his arms around his small body, pulling him close. “Please don’t cry. I can go buy you ice cream or get your favorite brand of lollipops.”

The older’s words were only making him feel guiltier and guiltier. Blue felt awful that he basically got Dew to have these fake feelings for him. He felt even worse, knowing that he probably ruined Dew and Fighter’s friendship because of this big misunderstanding. Here he is now, holding onto the captain, bawling like a child that couldn’t get a turn on the swingset. Blue was beyond embarrassed that his entire team saw him weak like this, especially with Fighter and Champ. Fighter was definitely going to tell somebody else about this and Champ, well, playing in one of Friday’s games seemed like an outlandish idea now.

Blue wanted to leave now, to go curl up in the warmth of his bed and never see anybody else again. He couldn’t bring himself to face his team, but he had to eventually since they were all outside, waiting to change out of their school uniforms. Blue decides that he didn’t want to stay after school for practice anymore. He peels his face away from where he stained Dew’s shirt and meets his eyes with his own.

“C-can you please take me home?” He begs, tightening his fist around his shirt that he has been holding onto.

Dew smiles. “Of course. How can I ever say no to you? I’m always here for you, love.”


[ Zol ]: Fighter knows that Dew ate your candy heart.

[ Zol ]: I lied and told him I didn’t know.

[ Zol ]: I’m sorry.

[ Zol ]: Blue, please be careful.

[ Zol ]: I finally got Nok’s number for you. It’s xxx-xxx-xxxx

[ Zol ]: hey i heard what happened. i'm so sorry, please call me asap

Blue squints at the series of text messages on his phone, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. When he got home, he immediately crashed on his bed and slept for hours, waking up at around two in the morning. Yesterday was a rough day for him because of his short encounter with Fighter in the locker room that led to him crying his eyes out. It was embarrassing, to cry with other people watching him, especially since he was a university student now and he should have grown past doing that kind of stuff. At least he was grateful that Dew was there to comfort and drive him home, even if he was under the influence of the candy.

[ Blue ]: It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault.

He gets up from his bed and makes his way to the lightswitch to get out of the darkness. He quickly changed out of his school uniform and into more comfortable clothes before dragging his backpack to his desk since he had homework to complete. Blue tries to distract himself from the event earlier with problems from his workbooks, but it keeps coming back to his mind, playing like a broken record. He wonders if he could fake being sick in the morning to get his parents to let him take the day off, but he doubts it would work. The excuse wasn’t effective when he was back in elementary school anyways.

Blue groans quietly and pushes his work to the side to turn on his laptop. Perhaps he could check if there was any email from the seller. As expected, the only new emails in his inbox were about promotions for various online stores that he shopped at and notifications from his social media that he barely used nowadays. The boy sighs and decides that maybe he should search around the internet for any answers, which is something he should have done earlier rather than wait for a reply from the seller who’s likely busy with orders.

How to get rid of Sweethearts love candy effects

The only thing that pops up on his screen that seemed relevant was an online forum that had a similar question. He clicks on the link and unlike the seller’s website, the page opens up almost immediately. There seemed to be a good handful of replies, all of which were anonymous, including the person who created the post.

>I don’t know how to either...someone please help us.

>I need help ASAP!! My girlfriend is acting INSANE!! She won’t leave me alone!!!!!
>Same here! My ex-bf tried to break into my house in the middle of the night!

>ahahaha LOL
>Ugh, don’t remind me.
>should have known there was something sus about it

There were more, most of them were unhelpful, containing vulgar language towards the seller, short stories about how their expectations went south, begs for help, or maybe all three. As he scrolls down, he finds one message that seems to be from a recent commenter that had the answer that he was looking for.

>For the love of god, do not give any more of that candy to anyone. You guys don’t understand how these things truly work. They all become more possessive of you as time goes on. If you give a lot of hearts to someone, they’ll become crazier quicker. It’s basically artificial love that will eventually turn into obsession. These types of things never work out in the end. I found someone who sells these Sourhearts that will reverse the effects. You can buy them at this website.

Blue clicks on the link to see a page that contains all the information that the commenter wrote. He was fortunate enough to have Dew only eat one piece of candy, but it was only a matter of time before he acts like an obsessive boyfriend. This might have been what Fighter was referring to earlier.

Initially, Blue thought that he was going to beat him up and expose his actions to the entire school but maybe it could have been this instead. He reads through the entire website, clicking on each tab and button to make sure that he wasn’t signing up for trouble like he did when he bought the Sweethearts. He discovers that making the candy does not go through the same process as the Sweethearts, since any piece would cancel out the effects. The person just needed to give the same amount they gave to their poor target. Any less would only weaken the person’s lovesick feelings, but any more would make them become hateful.

Blue looks up whether or not the reversal candy was legit in the search engine and finds that other people were able to get the results he wanted. Letting out a sigh of relief, the boy goes to order the Sourhearts, only to find that it was sold out.The candy must have been gaining attention from people who made the wrong decisions like him, so of course it was going to be sold out. He tries to look to see if anyone else was reselling this candy online but it only shows the original candy brand. He was so close to solving this problem, only to be stopped by

Blue wonders how long he has left before Dew becomes like the other unfortunate victims of the candy. It has been a couple days since he has given the heart to him and his behavior has not been too bad, except for the fact that he told his friend to stay away. He was running out of time though. Fighter gave him a warning and he had to hurry or else the situation will turn into more of a mess than it already was.