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Occasionally I get this urge. It bubbles up from deep inside me. This primal urge to take. To possess. To claim. To thrust.

I can never predict when it will hit! It’s like one second we’re sitting down eating dinner, and the next I’m noticing how his plump lips wrap around the straw in his glass. Then suddenly it’s as if I’ve never seen this man before in my life, and I’m struck by his overwhelming beauty all at once. And I want him. I need to have him- whispering in his ear, “Give yourself to me.”

And he does. It’s usually very deep and hard. My kisses wet and sloppy. I’m grunting and gasping for air, encouraged by the deep moans that escape him when I’ve hit particularly hard and he loses a bit of his composure. When we’re done, I’m exhausted—not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Allowing my body to give out and collapse near him, he holds me. Cradles me even. And I finally feel relief.

But as amazing as it is to have him in this way, it’s nothing compared to how it feels when he’s inside of me. Sometimes I like to lower myself slowly onto him and watch his beautiful face, as he watches himself disappear into my ass. Loving the way he stretches me until it burns and then the slight unsettled feeling in my gut when he finally fills me up all the way. It always takes me a few minutes to get used to the feeling—even after all this time together. And when he notices that I’ve relaxed around him, he starts to pump into me just how he knows I like it. My body and the strong muscles inside my ass, milking my lover’s cock. My mind hazy and my body trembling with experiencing so many physical pleasures at once, I feel complete and total euphoria.

It’s just so good. He is just so fucking good.