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Form (un)Fitting

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“I can’t say I understand why you’re trying on your old uniform.”

“…It’s the principle.”


“Of mind your own beeswax.”

Izuku kept his mouth shut. He might’ve known better when he found her inside their room poised in front of the mirror with a stern expression befitting Eraserhead.

It had been years since their UA uniforms had seen any use since graduation. The old garments sat in the back of their shared closet collecting dust until a curious former student decided they needed to be-

“AAARGH! Come on!! These used to fit!”


Izuku chastised himself for staring but asking him to resist the temptation with a half-naked Ochako in front of him was like asking him to rip off an arm.

“I wanna be those pantyhose.”



She had gotten half of the way there. Sort of.

Shirt buttons had been crying out in agony as they attempted to hold back the monsters slipping through. The UA standard jacket could only watch in silent agony as its partner was succumbing to such cruel torture, knowing it was next. It was nothing compared to the leggings. Their journey had been long thus far, experiencing hardship after hardship attempting to encompass the not-at-all highschooler shaped thighs. Ochako struggled to get the thing over the final hurdle that had been her-

“Stupid ass…thing!”

“…Ass. Yeah.”

“Don’t you have something better you should be doing?” She growled. She didn’t normally growl. Izuku knew this because she had the most non-threatening growl imaginable. It was adorable no matter how much he told her otherwise.

“What could be better than spending time with my favorite Ochako?”

“You’re just saying that to-COME ON YOU USELESS…!”

There was a wall. A huge wall. One that no matter how hard she climbed, a pair of two pudgy cheeks kept beating her back down.

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit-“ Ochako’s vehement stare quickly made him hesitate before opening his mouth again. “Intense?”

With pouted cheeks, she only continued to subject the poor garment to more torture. At first glance, it looked more like she was making a show of letting her ass bounce rather than prove a superficial point. He might not have said it aloud but Izuku really didn’t care which one was the case.


“It’s been a long time since we’ve been in school. A lot of stuff I wear barely fits.”

“Well, you’re ripped! Mr…Six Pack Beefcake!” That wasn’t an insult no matter how much venom she spat it with.

Eventually, standing in front of the mirror still in her striped pink panties took its toll. Ochako pursed her lips, wondering why the fit and upbeat teenager that judo flipped a serial killer wasn’t staring back at her right now.

It begged the dreaded question.

“Izukuuuu,” she whined as though the figure in the mirror had just spat in her face. “Have I gotten…” The word struggled to make it past her lips. She didn’t even want to think it, let alone say it, yet her peace of mind hinged on perishing the thought somehow.


Izuku was a smart man. Smarter than anyone could expect from him. It was a stretch, if not downright blasphemous, to claim that he was unfamiliar with the question raised between virtually every couple alike. There was no feasible possibility that he didn’t know precisely how to answer in such a way that didn’t result in him having to spend the night floating around in the stratosphere.


IZUKU!!” His face was spared from the blazing hot slap only because just one wrong move would’ve emperiled those obstinate leggings and ruined the whole point.


“Don’t you know that’s not what you’re supposed to tell a woman?!”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“It is a…well…”

Izuku approached without fear. His hands, despite every urge in his mind telling him to travel beyond, went to Ochako’s sides as he rested his chin on her shoulder. He hugged her close and tight, content being a comforting presence. He was good at that.

“Bodies change don’t they? You were also shorter back then.”


“You also had shorter hair.”

“That’s not the same as being thinner!”

Izuku hugged her tighter. “A few pounds doesn’t make you any less hot to me, Ochako.” A mental roll of newspaper swatted away that urge to mention just how opposite the effect was. “There wasn’t anything about you then that I didn’t love and that especially hasn’t changed now.”

“I-Izuku…” Something tingled in her stomach. She felt her cheeks flushing red as she was suddenly back to her UA days getting all a fluster from simple hand-holding. He was much less smooth back then.

“I know you’re trying to get some ass, you’re not slick.”

He paused before answering. “Well, I still meant what I said.” He mumbled into Ochako’s shoulder. That embarrassed puppy-dog look at least earned a pat on his head. “...What gave me away?”

She chuckled playfully. Her hand trailed down precisely to where he expected. “This fella here sang like a bird.”


They shared a comfortable silence.



“Should uhh…should we-“

“Screw each other senseless on literally the first solid surface we can get our desperate hands on so I can take my mind off these dumb leggings? Fine but only because you asked.”

“…I was gonna say ‘see if your cheerleading outfit still fits’.”

“Keep complimenting me and we’ll see.”