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“Dammit!” Goromi swore. “Damn fucking zipper!” She writhed and stretched, trying to find a position where she could reach the zipper. It had a stunning low backline that allowed her irezumi to be the centerpiece. Her hair was done just so with every strand pinned in place. She even got her eyeliner perfectly symmetrical on the very first try! Everything was going just peachy before the stupid dress mishap. Turning her back to the vanity, she cranked her arm behind her back and pressed her elbow on the flat surface to try and force her hand a little closer. Just as she felt the zipper brush against the back of her fingertips, however, an excruciating cramp shot through her tricep. “SON OF A WHORE!” Goromi screamed, sucking air through her teeth.

A muffled yell on the other side of the door followed by a series of knocks. “Oyaji!” Minami. “Oyaji~! Y’alright in there?”

“‘M fucking fine, Minami, go away!” Minami just took to rattling the locked door handles.

“Oyaji! Y’alright in there or do I gotta break the door down?”

Wait, this could be good actually. That useless piece of shit could actually be helpful for once.

“Oyaji if ya don’t respond I’m kickin’ the door down! We can’t have you havin’ a stroke an’ dyin’ on us!”

I’m gonna strangle that little worm! Goromi thought with a strained polite smile as her legs carried her over to door to unlock it. She threw the door open and stepped back, just in time for Minami to come charging through. Expecting resistance against his braced shoulder, he stumbled and fell face first the rest of the way in the room.

“Oof! Ugh...” Minami groaned, rubbing his head. “Oh! Oyaji are y-“ He stopped mid sentence as soon as he processed who was standing in front of him.

“Close yer mouth asshole or you’ll catch flies.” Realizing Minami was close enough to look up her dress if he had half a mind to, Goromi took a few steps back. He clamped his eyes shut and shook his head. Once he opened his eyes though, his mouth just fell back open.

"Oyaji? You..."

Goromi mentally prepared for the worst. She hid her fear by steeling her expression, glaring daggers at Minami. Say it ya little shit, I dare ya! Faggot. Queer. Okama. Freak. Disgusting. Nothing she hadn't been called before. She could take it. And killing Minami afterword would make her feel better. Say it already!

"Oyaji, you're beautiful!" Minami shouted. "You're, like, the prettiest chick I ever seen!" Now it was Goromi's turn to play human fly catcher. She scanned his face for sarcasm, any hint that he was making fun of her. Or trying to cover his ass by spewing out a quick compliment. No, Minami wasn't smart enough for emotional manipulation, or quick thinking for that matter. Expertly recovering her faltering expression, Goromi put on her sweetest smile. "Minami-kun, I'm so glad ya showed up! I need yer help..."

"Y-ya are? Ya do?" Minami stumbled to his feet without taking his eyes off of her. He used the change in position to perform what he thought was a subtle self adjustment under his pants. That's what ya get for wearing sweatpants all the time, ya sleazy little pervert. Goromi smirked. This was going just too perfectly. Minami was putty in her hands.

"Yeah, I need ya to zip up my dress. I just can't seem to reach it..." Normally Nishida would be the one to wait on Goromi, but today's outing was more of a spur of the moment decision. Besides, she had already sent Nishida home at a reasonable time. Ruling with an iron fist comes loads easier when they think you're being fair. Goromi turned around, showing him her dilemma. Minami stared at the face of the hannya which was beautifully framed by the edges of the dress. Almost the entirety of the hannya was visible, but there was enough of the irezumi left covered to send Minami's imagination into a tailspin. He placed one hand on Goromi's hip and pulled the zipper up with the other. He deftly clasped the hook at the top with one hand, then began reverently tracing the lines of the tattoo with his fingertips. Gently, as if the decades old ink would smudge under his ignoble hands. Goromi's toned shoulders tensed at the unexpected attention. "Oyaji," Minami whispered, "this dress really suits ya. I mean, ya usually walk around with yer jacket open in the front, but I don't get to see the rest of your ink all that often." A pause. "Unless yer tryna beat my ass and ya take off yer shirt. But still, it's never... like this..."

"Oyaji? That's Goromi to you, bud." She intended to sound confrontational, intimidating, but her curious arousal was apparent. Minami took this as his green light to overstep his bounds. He placed both hands on her hips, laying slow, sensual kisses down the side of her neck and down the back of her shoulder.

"Goromi..." he played with her name in his mouth, tasting it, before pressing his hips against her toned butt. He was lucky she was already going out this evening with the intention of finding some dick anyways, or Minami would be leaving tonight without his. He leaned in, the feeling of his breath against her ear sending a chill down Goromi's spine. He licked up the shell of her ear, pressing his tongue piercing to the cartilage. "Would ya let me see the rest of it?" Minami whispered, almost inaudibly.

"Be my guest." Well damn, if she'd known Minami was such a smooth motherfucker, she would have put moves on him a long time ago. She sort of assumed he was one of those Soundcloud rapper virgins, the ones that talk about all the pussy they get when in reality no girl would come within 10 meters of him without a bribe. Yet here he was acting like some kind of suave lady-killer.

Minami reversed his handiwork with the zipper and slipped her arms out of the sleeves. With nothing holding it up, the dress simply pooled around Goromi's feet, leaving her in only a necklace, thong, and heels. With her back still to Minami, she could feel him run his hands along her shoulders, up and down her sides, groping her ass. He felt her flesh give way to tense muscles that rippled under his touch. Slow, careful movements exhibited cool restraint that was uncharacteristic of the hot-blooded, ADHD addled punk. His attention was 100% focused on her. Minami moved one hand around to play with her chest, brushing and teasing her nipples. Goromi let out a breathy gasp, causing Minami to chuckle. Where did the blubbering idiot that fell through the doorway a few minutes ago disappear to? Having a collected Casanova to take care of you is always nice, but that startled expression when he was stunned by her beauty had her feeling some type of way. She'd find a way to get that Minami back. She'd make his stupid little Spock eyebrows shoot all the way up to his hairline. Goromi was about to turn around but Minami proceeded to drag one hand up her thigh and cup her in the front. The role reversal could wait for a minute or two. She was honestly curious to see what he was capable of.

Meanwhile, Minami was shaking in his high tops. The boss... He was fondling the boss? And the boss, no, Goromi, was okay with that? Frankly, he wouldn't not fuck the boss if the opportunity presented itself. It just never had. And now it did. And boy, Goromi was something else. She had this unobtainable air, just like the boss. However, while the boss made him feel like running away, Goromi's unattainable persona just made him want to chase her. Thank God she seemed unaware that he was trying so hard to remember some porno or prior one night stand that would help him out in this situation. Fuck, the performance anxiety was making him soft. Just... play with her tits and stroke her dick, right? Not too difficult. He was groping her chest with one hand as he slid his other into Goromi's delicate panties. What exactly were these flimsy things meant to be containing? Pushing them aside, he basically touched her in the same way he'd jerk himself. Goromi gasped at the newly applied friction. A moan that was a little more enthusiastic than she intended fell past her lips from the combined sensations of the teeth on her neck, hand palming her chest, and fist around her dick.

The way Minami jerked his fist with short, hard strokes was reminiscent of a man trying to bring himself to a quick and disappointing orgasm. Definitely not how one should be treating a lady to a handjob. Taking this as her opportunity to regain control, Goromi slapped Minami's hands away and whipped around. The sudden rejection caught him off guard. "Did I do somethin' wrong?" Minami asked, clearly bracing himself for Majima's wrath.

Other than the shamewank, "Nothing at all! Just wanted t' move this party along a little! How about you sit your ass down, tiger?" Goromi walked Minami backwards into the chair by the vanity and shoved him down. In his shock, Minami stumbled and almost missed the chair, eyes wide. There we go. "A girl gets nervous bein' the only one undressed, Minami-kun," Goromi's voice was laced with artificial sweetener and an exaggerated pout. Fortunanly, Minami took the hint. Majima only put the family's best and brightest in as junior leader. Jumping up, he ripped his sweats off so fast one might mistake them for breakaway pants. He fell back into the chair and Goromi fell to her knees, nudging his knees apart. "Oh~, yer pierced down here too," Goromi lilted before slowly licking up from the base of his dick. Minami had to bite on his knuckle to prevent a premature moan from escaping. She tongued the piercing back and forth causing Minami to tilt his head back and whine. Goromi took note on his sensitivity, while Majima considered getting a similar piercing himself. Relenting from teasing the piercing, Goromi relaxed her jaw and swallowed him down with practiced ease.

Minami tried and failed to prevent his hips from canting upward. If she were able in this position, Goromi would have pulled a self-satisfied smirk at having reduced him to an uncontrollable mess. As she did with a number of things, Goromi saw sex as a power struggle. Whether she was on top or on bottom, she was always in control. Now, she enjoyed being dominated as much as the next guy, but she always called the shots. Seeing Minami struggle to remain still in consideration of her comfort, Goromi rewarded him by allowing him to continue experiencing her throat swallowing around the head. She moved to hold his hips down, partly to control his movements, and partly to conceal a subtle gag. Minami moved his hand toward her head and she glared at it in the way a dog eyes a hand reaching for its bone. He was not going to force her head down. That would be a power shift.

Goromi would have welcomed the attempt, though. Just because control changes hands here and there doesn't mean she can't win it back. In fact, a battle for power could prove to be a rewarding game. However, Minami surprised her. Instead of roughly gripping the back of her scalp, Minami tenderly caressed the side of her head, brushing his thumb over the short hairs of her temple. Perplexed, Goromi turned her gaze to his face. His expression only puzzled her further. Minami held her in an unfocused stare, eyebrows knitted in concentration. His lower lip was gripped tightly by his oversized front teeth, top lip slightly pulled back in an overwhelmed grimace. Admittedly not the most attractive visage, but the unbridled arousal it contained caused her dick to twitch with pride.

She pulled off, letting Minami catch his breath. "Holy shit!" he panted. "That was the best blowjob I've ever had." A blush colored his cheeks once Minami realized his over the top reaction.

His embarrassment only further fueled the hunger that was growling inside Goromi. She was going to absolutely devour this kid. Put good in, get good out. An obvious investment, given the guaranteed returns.

She climbed up into his lap, having to carefully balance on his thighs given the tiny chair. Goromi leaned upwards and arched her back, forcing her tits in Minami’s face.

“G...Goromi-chan...” Minami gasped breathlessly, gently ghosting his fingertips along Goromi’s ribs. His eyes fluttered closed, shutting off his sight to more fully experience his other overwhelmed senses. Taste. He needed to taste her. He brought the flat of his tongue to her decorated pecs in a sloppy kiss that was more tongue than lips. Just a hint of salt. A primal flavor that was only recognizable as sweat. He bit and sucked, trying to draw more flavor from the ink, breaths leaving his body in moans.

She locked her arms around the back of his neck to create leverage for swinging one leg over Minami’s lap, sitting on him sideways.

“Here, hang on a sec,” she said, rifling through the drawer of the adjacent vanity.

“Do you really keep lube in there?” Minami questioned once the object of the search was revealed to him.

“Yeah, of course I do. I gotta be ready for all the studs who walk in on me changing and decide they want a piece of me.” She pointed at Minami, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough that she was referring to him. “Besides, if it weren’t for me, we’d be in a real dilemma right now, wouldn’t we?”

Minami raised his hands in surrender. “Fine, fine. You got me there.”

Seemingly satisfied, Goromi spread her legs to locate Minami’s cock underneath her. She poured way too much lube on him and sandwiched him between her thighs. The pressure burned his recently neglected arousal, but he was more confused than anything. The last coherent thought that skated through Minami’s consciousness that evening was that the lube she was drizzling over her thighs and lap reminded him briefly of latte art.

All of the air left his chest as he forgot how to breathe, or even think. Goromi squeezed his dick between her muscular thighs and he reflexively jerked into the tight friction. Her arms found their way around his neck again, using her upper body strength to rock herself up and down, dragging Minami in and out. A deep groan tumbled from Minami’s mouth, too far gone from the stimulation of the evening to do anything but weakly attempt to pull her closer with hands on her thigh and waist. She must have shaved her legs, the movement was so slick and tight and easy. Oh, God and it was warm. The heat emanating from between legs and the underside of her balls was burning Minami from the inside out.

He had to tear his eyes away from the visual of the head of his cock repeatedly disappearing from the smooth slickness of her defined legs. The way it brushed against her balls. The muscles in her thighs were so incredibly toned and solid. Minami tried to retreat into the crook of Goromi’s shoulder under the guise of kissing her neck. But she saw through the rouse. She roughly grabbed his chin, smooshing his cheeks and forcing his lips out awkwardly. Then, she manually forced his gaze toward the vanity mirror. Minami barely registered the man in the mirror as himself. That man in the mirror, his reflection, was beet red in the face, an overexerted and overstimulated flush painted his face and trickled down his collar and shoulders. He whined, seeing himself in that state was embarrassing.

“Do ya see yerself?” Goromi said rhetorically. “Ya look like a fucking slut and no ones even fucked ya yet. Moanin’ for me like a easy hooker. Comin’ apart so perfect for me.”

Minami was unbelievably close. He couldn’t even register the words being said to him, just that they injected hot arousal directly under his skin. New movement caught his unfocused attention. Goromi jerking herself off. She was keeping up a good facade, but there was no way to hide how close she was, too.

She wasn’t as flushed, but the exertion produced a sheen of sweat over her chest and abdomen. The shine made the cut lines of her muscles seem more prominent as they flexed rhythmically. She stared him down through the mirror, clearly turned on by his wrecked appearance. Wrapped around her little finger, just how she liked ‘em.

“Please... Goromi-chaAH!” Minami shouted as his orgasm overtook him. His vision tunneled and he curled his back inward as intense pleasure somehow rocketed down his spine and out his dick. Whether she could admit it to herself later or not, it was the sight of Minami clearly experiencing the best orgasm of his life because of her that finally pushed her over the edge.

Coming down from her high, she observed the mixture of both their semen and lube that painted her lap. Abstract art, she thought with a faint chuckle. Put that in your mouth and suck it, MOMA. She moved to get up and find a towel, anything to get this crap off.

“Wait, gimme just a sec and I’ll take care of it,” Minami said, clearly still catching his breath. “By the way, oya- ah- Goromi-chan, what were ya gettin’ all dressed up for?”

“I was plannin’ on getting a few drinks, seein’ what kind of people I meet, maybe hit up karaoke.”

“Karaoke?! Can I come?” That innocent smile had yet to hear about its owner’s scandalous sexcapade moments ago.

“... It’s a date.”