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Double Backer BLUs

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It wouldn't be correct to describe your job as the most exciting thing about you. Though, it most certainly knows how to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Even more so considering there is no presence of a spouse or significant other. With some excess money for your own recreational use and the convenience of only having 40 hours in a given workweek. You did not seem to mind your position as a secretary working at TF Industries.

It was like any other office job, really. You could wear any type of business casual clothing as long as it had some shade of gray hinted in the attire. Plus, you got to do an array of "exciting" jobs: answering and redirecting phone calls to various managers within the branch, filing paper documents, scheduling meetings, the whole shazam. What made the job a little more tolerable to get through was the people you worked with. Since your arrival to TF, your coworkers have welcomed you with open arms and have accepted you as if you have worked there your whole life.

Over the years the industry grew larger and larger, but you did not seem to mind. For it felt like nothing has changed, there are just more workers to interact with on a given workday and a few more visits to the copying machine. Being with the company for over 5 years has made you accept that maybe, just maybe, this was your calling. This desk job wasn't too bad, and maybe at some point, you would find someone to settle down with and start a family. You could continue to get small raises as you rank in seniority over the years, and live a pretty peaceful and modest life.

It was then on that unusually warm spring day, things were going to completely change.

"(L/N)," A voice buzzed through the speaker on your desk. It was your head manager. "Come to my office. Someone from corporate is here to see you." The speaker buzzed to indicate the connection was cut off. You stared down at the object in confusion.

"Corporate...?" You mumbled to yourself. Why do they want to see me? That was the main question that danced in your head, along with a few others. Nevermind, you shook them off and got up from your seat. Individuals from "higher-up" are normally busy people on tight schedules, you shouldn't keep them waiting.

You walked across the building to the other side where your manager's room was located. The blinds on the glass windows that formed its structure were pulled down so nobody could peak in. You approach the sturdy wooden door and knocked on it just loud enough for them to hear you from the inside. "Come in," A deep male voice called out from behind it as you twisted the knob to enter.

Your manager stood up from his chair as you entered. He had a small side smirk plastered on his face as a fat cigar made itself prominent in his mouth. On the opposite side of the desk stood a woman with a small figure. She wore a modest purple dress and her hair was back in a low bun. Her glasses hung somewhat low on her face as she gave you a friendly smile. She was holding a few manilla file folders to her chest with papers that stuck out.

"You wanted to see me?" You questioned, looking at the two.

"Yes, Miss Pauling here wanted to speak with you in private." Your manager began to stroll in your direction towards the door. Pauling, that name sounded familiar to you. You just couldn't figure out where. "Take as much time as you need, I will be in the break room getting coffee." He concluded as he walked passed you and out into the office. You shut the door behind you gently.

"Come, have a seat." The woman welcomed as she sat back down in the seat beside it. You sat down and observed her face some more. She definitely looks familiar. "It is nice to see you, Miss (L/N). I believe this isn't the first time we have met. Let's see..." She trailed off and tapped a side of her chin trying to recollect the time. She snapped her fingers and her eyes sparked up, "Oh yes! TF Expo last year wasn't it? You went with the same manager we were just talking to, right? You were one of the nice ones the Administrator and I worked with."

Just as she finished talking it suddenly clicked in her head. Now you remembered her! How could you forget? "That's right...! I remember you! We worked at the same booth for a little while, didn't we? It's nice to see you again. And please, you can call me (Y/N)." Miss Pauling flashed another smile at you.
"Well (Y/N), I came here today to give you an offer." She jumped right into it. Miss Pauling put down the manilla folders on the table that stood beside them. She opened one of them to reveal a few photographs. Some of them consisted of a few images of a city, but the rest showed large facilities that seemed to be based in an array of locations. Most of which seemed to be in a desert-like area. What caught most of your attention was that the large structures had a bold, yet still somewhat rustic, red shade to them.

How Interesting. You thought.

"What you're looking at is a subsidiary company of ours called Reliable Excavation Demolition, or RED for short. Like the name alludes to, they operate demolition operations. Breaking down buildings and such, as you obviously know." She paused for a moment and made a small humming noise as if she was deciding to make up her mind. "Aaaand, a little bit more than that. We can just leave it at a lot of confidential building operations as of now. More will come on that later. Since it this company is rapidly growing, it is difficult for me, one of the only assistants from a higher level to travel back and forth to every location on time to give orders. We are looking for an assistant to help facilitate some guidance from the higher-ups back to its employees." You could almost not believe it, you were in shock.

"You're offering me to take that position?" You questioned in a star-gazed tone.

"But of course! Out of the list of recommendations, you were the one who tested most suitable for the job. You were single-handedly picked by the Administrator herself. She sent me here to meet you since she could not do it in person herself. You will have to abide by a contract, much similar to the one you signed entering this company. Though there is an agreement between the company and the person signing to work for them for a certain period of time. Along with that, you will then be living within RED's headquarters during that time."

"Where would I be moved to?" You asked.

"Near a place called 'the Badlands' of New Mexico. So some distance from here." You bit your bottom lip a little, starting to have some doubts. That was some distance from where you are. "I should also mention," She continued while pulling out a small packet of paper held together by a paper clip and a pen that hung from the folder. She took the bottom part of the pen and began pointing at some regions of the papers that correlated with what she was talking about. "You would be under contract for a little more than half a decade. About six or seven years. During your time working there, you are guaranteed to be paid quite bountifully." Her pen then drifted towards the salary range. It was then your mouth began to gape slightly open. You could not believe your eyes.

"You will start your job by making around 350 thousand annually. Though, for each given year passes an additional 50k is added to your salary. By the end of your contract, you will be making around 650 thousand. Then combined that from whatever else you have made annually in past years. The job also comes with only the best health insurance around." It was almost too good to be true. A smile began to spread on your face and a small laugh escaped your shocked lips. "Oh, did I also mention that more than likely you will be traveling all across the world? RED has industries on almost every continent. Wait- scratch that, every continent in the world." This is insane, all for a demolition company? There's no way. You couldn't believe it; you just couldn't.

"So, what do you think?" Miss Pauling breathed out. It was quite the mouthful, and she admired your expression.

"Are you sure you've got the right person? This is like- a major upgrade from what I'm doing now... Am I really competent for the job?" You needed to be reassured; this isn't some show or book. It's too good to be true.

"Well, you are (Y/N) (L/N) it says right here on the page. We will never know until you try, right?" Miss Pauling tucked a lock of hair that fell astray from behind her ear. You began to tingle with excitement. This was freaking awesome to you!

"Where do I sign? When do I begin???" A flurry of questions is all you had for the young woman. She let you ramble on and collect yourself before she continued. She pulled out a similar stack of papers with a paperclip.

"This is a copy of the contract that I have here. This is what you will be signing. Take your time to skim through it if you would like. There's a lot of detail in there I will ensure to tell you on our way to headquarters when we meet next." You only lightly skimmed through the paperwork. Taking a pen from the cupholder of your manager, you began to sign and date in the areas it requested you to do so and instructed by Miss Pauling. After you were finished, you put the papers in neat order and handed them back to the girl, who secured them with a paperclip and slid into the folder. She stood up, extended a hand out for a handshake, which you stood up, and slowly accepted.

"Welcome to the team, Miss (Y/N) (L/N). It was a wise decision you chose, very very wise." You felt her grip tighten a little on your hand, it was a little peculiar, but you tried to ignore it.
"What should I do to get ready?" You rephrased the question. Miss Pauling let go of your hand and quickly glanced at her watch. Her eyes grew wide, she must have been running behind schedule.

"Let's see, it's Tuesday isn't it? We need you up and ready to work by Monday morning. We have a flight scheduled for you on Saturday at noon. I will be waiting for you at the airport, please arrive two hours prior to our flight. I will give you more details from there." She began to grow fidgety as she collected the other files sprawled out on the table that she had presented to you. "It was nice seeing you again, (Y/N). I see a lot of potential in you. I need to get going, tell your manager I said thank you for letting me speak to you." Her pace became swift as she reached the door. You began to wave even though she may not have been able to see it.

"It was nice seeing you again too, Miss Pauling." You added. She began to open the door before she paused.

"Oh, and (Y/N)?" She called.


"Please do not speak about your association with RED to your other coworkers. This is a very classified job. And we will have to go to great measures of punishment if we find out about information floating around."

A small pit sat in your stomach. How she said it came off as very unnerving to you. "I... promise." You trailed off.

"Good! See you Saturday!" Miss Pauling said in a cheerful manner as she left you to stand in your manager's office alone; speechless.

Just what exactly are you getting yourself into?