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Double Backer BLUs

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Your first official full day at your new job location happened to be on the guys' day off; ceasefire day. During that time, Scout and Spy volunteered to teach you how to properly use a weapon. The only consequence of this process was there was more bickering between the two teammates rather than them helping you learn how to defend yourself. In the end, you talked some sense into the two to put aside their differences and finally taught you how to proficiently use those tools.

Today marked the very first official day of you on the job, and it was welcomed by Soldier yelling at you at the crack of dawn to 'GET UP MAGGOT!' and 'There's a battle to fight and you're just waltzing around!'. Observing the rest of the mercenaries, this was nothing new to them. They walked around with the same tired expression that you did.

Late on Sunday night, you received a call from Miss Pauling. It stated she wanted to have a video conference with you that morning. So when everyone was prepping in their own ways for work, you got on the line with her in your office by the intelligence room. It had a padlock to it with a code you were given last night. You and whoever you decide to bring into the office as well are only allowed in.

"Ah, good morning Backer! Were you able to find the checklist I left for you?" She asked.

"Yep. I have it right here." You explained scanning through it.

"Good, now everything you will need to do and will be doing is on there. I called you for one specific reason. Do you see that large text at the bottom of the page?" You peered down towards the bottom, in gruesome large text, it stated DO NOT GET CAUGHT!!!

"The one that says 'do not get caught'?" You repeated back to her

"Yes, exactly! Do you understand what that means?"

"Well, don't get caught by the enemy. What else would it mean?"

"Precisely. That's why it is very important to tell the other mercenaries to not address you by name- a title given or not- when on the field. RED and BLU have a very tight competition with one another. One is not afraid to exploit the other no matter the cause. Even more so if RED begins to have reoccurring victories. Stay hidden. Don't let them see, hear, or even have an idea of your existence. Got it?" Her orders were strict. Though she wasn't rude when giving them out. A lot of what she said was pretty obvious, but you just went along with it and shook your head.

"You got it, Miss Pauling." You responded. She grinned back at you.

"Good, also do not be alarmed if you hear the Administrators voice announcing during battle. She loves to do that. If she isn't announcing to the mercenaries, she may give you instructions or announcements individually." Miss Pauling went on. A few moments after she bid her best wishes and ended the call. You got up from your desk and back with your team.

"Mission begins in ten minutes..." The voice of an older woman boomed throughout the facility. It had a sense of dread in her voice that you just couldn't put your finger on, though it did seem recognizable. That must of had to be the Administrator. You held a red and white megaphone in one hand. Assembling into the biggest area of the facility out of earshot of the exit you put the device to your lips and began to speak.

"Attention RED mercenaries, please assemble in the training room arena for an important announcement." As some time passed the mercenaries made their way towards where you instructed. After about 3 minutes all of them stood before you.

"Ready for your first day, Backer?" Engineer asked with a friendly smile. You nodded towards him and gave the rest of the men a positive look.

"Well, we're here. Big first day." You said in a simplistic manner.

"Allllllright! Lassie's first day!" Demoman cheered out from the crowd. You put your hands behind your back and stood with the greatest posture as you could when speaking.

"Before you guys get out there to do your thing I was instructed to give you some announcements. The primary goal of today's mission is to obtain the intelligence located at the enemy team's base. All the while defending our own."

"We already know that! This isn't the first time we have done this mission!" Soldier responded. You continued to speak.

"I thought that much already. Some other things you guys will need from here on out are these," You walked over to a nearby tool bench and picked up nine small devices. All the men picked one up from your hands one-by-one. "Put these in your ear of preference. This is how I will be able to talk to you while you're out on the field. You can communicate something by tapping the small piece from your ear." They all adjust them into their ears as you spoke. After they all had them in you went through a quick hearing test with each individual's piece.

"I will be watching over cameras scattered across the area. Do keep in mind it is only within our boundaries. If I see anything of importance I will make sure to call it out. Also as a request from Miss Pauling, she says for you all to be crafty when addressing me during battle. I'm not even supposed to exist to the other team... So I will also try to hide my best within the intelligence room and around the area. Okay, does anyone have questions." You scanned the room, they all just looked at you blankly. You let out a sigh, "Alright. Well, good luck today guys... I bet you're all going to do fantastic."

"Und so vill you, Fräulein," Medic responded. The other mercs rejoiced in their own way. This made you break out into a gigantic grin.

"What are we waiting for?! Let's give 'em hell, boys!!" Soldier rallied to the men who all began to cheer even louder. You took this time as they hyped one another up to slip away back towards the intelligence room. You had yourself situated back at your desk (behind a securely locked door not too obvious for enemies to locate).

"Mission begins in 30 seconds." The Administrator moped. The chunky computer that spilled off of your desk contained a bunch of small panels with the camera numbers labeled and what seemed to be live. You toyed with it to find out that you could focus on one main camera and move from one to the next with a click of a key on the keyboard. The excitement began to rush over you as the Administrator began to count down.


You switched over to the main entrance camera pointing out towards the bridge that seemed to connect the two facilities.

"4... 3..."

You quickly adjusted your papers on your desk to make sure your list was in visible view with a writing utensil.

"2... 1..."

Your heartbeat grew slightly quicker. From some distance, you could hear a loud wailing siren go off and the doors to the fort began to open.

"LEEEETS DO IIIIIIIT!!!" Demoman cried leading the pack out as the other men began to cheer.

In almost an instant a large shell of some sort of rocket came streaming right at the Scot. It impacted him square in the chest as a pool of blood and body parts were littered all around in mere milliseconds.

Your blood ran cold. The color was drained from your face as you witnessed the sight. The worst part about it was nobody else on the team acknowledged it, they kept pushing forward. Two extremely shaky arms propelled you back from the computer as you covered your mouth in disbelief. What did you just witness? How could something so awful happen to one person? Tears began to weld in your eyes when something strange caught your attention.

Just about 20 seconds after the situation, right out of the same gate ran Demoman. He was alive and well. You were then just left shocked and confused. Confronting your computer again you pressed down on a key and began to speak.

"Wait, Demo, you're okay?" You asked in disbelief.

"Aye, o' course I am! Why wouldn't I be?" He quickly responded as he continued to fight his way towards the bridge. A sudden blood-curdling scream came from Heavy as he collapsed down near the water edge. You examined carefully now. In just about the same window of time, maybe a bit longer, there was Heavy carrying his minigun back into battle as if nothing ever happened. You were just flabbergasted at this point. You pressed another key with one hand and tapped your earpiece with another.

"How are you guys not dead?"

"We gots a spawner in our supply room!" Scout replied.

"It'z all tanks to mein idea, ov course!" Medic chimed in.

A spawn room? That made absolutely no sense to you. It was just amazing that it was enough to bring your teammates back to life, even after some of the most horrific deaths one could ever witness of a human being.

It took some time to get used to, but as the battle raged on you got more and more comfortable with the idea of witnessing the mercenaries die. It was often very violent and gory, but you couldn't mourn every time someone died and just came back. Besides, you had bigger fish to fry in terms of work.

On one of the cameras, you caught Engineer and Heavy with a dispenser by the corner of the fort's structure. It looked like the Engineer was trying to craft some sort of turret as Heavy was regaining health. Just winding behind and out of their field of sight you saw a Soldier in a BLU uniform prancing towards them with a rocket launcher. The BLU member had a snarky look on his face as he was about to launch himself into the air and perform some sort of surprise attack on the two. Immediately, you tapped on your headset and shouted, "Heavy, Engie, BLU Soldier coming in hot!" The BLU Soldier was in mid-flight, as he was trying to reload a rocket Heavy and Engineer took that time to shoot him down with their weapons.

"Thanks a ton, Backer!" Engineer cheered through the earpiece giving a thumbs up in every direction in hopes you could see.

"Back-uh, we need more supplies for our battlement closet!" Sniper called out using his ear set. You looked around your office in a hurry for the kits, then you proceeded to the back of your office which contained a small series of doorways that led to the confines of the spawn room. In no time the closet was tidied up and resupplied. A group of the mercs stood around patiently as you finished up and they thanked you.

"Yo Backer heads up! Needing more Bonk here!" Scout called out.

"On it." You replied briefly and made your way back to the shipment area of the fortress. Just as you began to fill the fridge with the cans individually white noise once again came from your earpiece.

"Heavy needs more sandviches!" The voice growled from the other side.

"On the way, Heavy!" You exchanged your arms full of refreshments with the deli items and began to trot back to the spawn area to drop off the goods. It took you a while to back track to the Heavy weapons man because there were an additional two pitstops you needed to make, but you finally made it to him in a heavy breathing frenzy. "Sorry for the wait, here you are." You breathed out. He looked down at your gratefully.

"Tsank you, little woman." He simply picked up his supplies and ran out.

With all the hustling around you have been doing, sweat began to form around your brow. You took a minute to catch your breath just as the team's Spy respawned. He looked over at you with a small chuckle and a smirk.

"Working hard, I presume?" He asked, cooly raising a brow.

"Yeah... This is very different from my old playing field." You responded winded as he nodded his head and continued out.


This constant movement went on for quite some time. Just as the sun began to set on the horizon was when you heard that oh so sweet announcement.

"Success! We have secured the enemy intelligence." There was a small pause then the Administrator finally announced in a snake-like tone, "Victory." The mercs that were near the intel room by your office you could hear celebrating.

In your arm was tucked a new bone saw for Medic. You once neatly styled hair was now in a frenzy from the constant movement and tide shifts of battle. Tiresomely, you put one small fist into the air and let out a small "woo-hoo".

That night at dinner all of the mercs were in a cheerful mood. They all light-heartedly interacted with one another with high spirits.

"We freaking DOMINATED them!" Scout exclaimed to the team.

"Zat was the first victory ve had in a vhile!" Medic turned to you. A big smile was planted on your face.

"We couldn't have done it without your assistance, Backer. Nice hustle out there for a first day." Engineer added on. The mercenaries included their own mumble of agreements along with it.

Your face began to heat up a little as you spoke,"Thanks for being as patient as possible with me, everyone. It must have been difficult with any delay of supplies, but you all looked pretty good out there as far as what I saw."

"That speed of her's you saw out there? All my training for yestuhday. Yeah, you're welcome. She'll be getting stuffs to you guys at my speed in no time." Scout attempted to brag, but it got negative feedback from the group.

"Hopefully it's only the speed she adopts." Demo whispered over to Soldier.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Scout burst out at the one-eyed merc. As a small grumble of chuckles came from the men and yourself. At that moment small white noise was signaled in your earpiece.

"Hey Backer. Pauling here. Nice job on your victory today. Don't forget your post-clean-up duties." She made it swift and the noise suddenly stopped. You got up from your seat, left the area, and came back with a wheelbarrow and shovel. The men looked at you in confusion.

You could hear Pyro mumble, 'what are you doing?' through their mask. You still had a smile plastered on your face as you explained, "One of my jobs after battles is to clean up your old body parts from off the field. Since both teams are supposed to be at their forts it runs no risk for me to be out. Their looks of confusion turned to concern.

"Well sheila, you'd better get to work. 'Cuz you've got a loooong night ahead of you." Sniper commented as he opened a large sliding door open that faced out into the battlefield.

Hundreds upon hundreds of RED corpses and other remains were scattered out in the display in front of you. Your smile turned into more of a look of shock, then dismay. The men looked out at the mess then back to you. You had nothing to say but only a small statement,

"Ah, shit."