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A Tale of Wishing Scales - Children of the Sea

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For once he is glad that he is hurt. It saves him for now from any unwanted questions. Their healer Romana had confirmed Theta’s prognosis. The bandage around his eyes needs to stay on for at least another moon cycle to make sure, he won’t go blind in the long run.


It is during his stay in the healers cave that he has a strange dream, where he overhears Rassilon talking to Omega about the wishing scale they acquired. His hearts beat faster as he hears them scheme how to take out Tecteun and her blasted swarm. Dread settles in his stomach. He doesn’t like the tone they use, nor the quiet, cruel laughs they exchange.


Hush, my sweet child. A warm voice floods his mind. The wishing scale is corrupted. It was forcefully taken from a dead wish maker. These scales are cursed. You can stop them. He can’t shake the image of warm, light brown eyes watching him, part of a face with soft female features and golden curls framing them. Theta is in imminent danger. In his mind's eye he is shown the hiding place of the cursed scale.


With a gasp Koschei wakes up only to find himself alone and the voice still lingers inside him. Theta is in imminent danger. The moon cycle is not over yet, but he has no time to wait. With shaking hands he peels of the cover from his eyes. He blinks a few times but his vision stays blurry. He closes his dark eyes again, relying on his newly trained other senses. He can find the hiding place without his eyes and destroy the scale. He has to. For Theta’s sake!




She is hiding again to stop the pestering of her brothers Unde and Decimus. Brothers sort of, since she was adopted. Their caretaker Duode, whom she secretly called attack eyebrows, was never around when she needed him to be present. Little pests!


Her rambling inside her head came to a sudden stop as she heard Tecteun and Duode. What was he doing in the company of the tribe leader? “I trust you enough to show you my greatest find Duode.” Tecteun’s laughter was cold and cruel. “Impress me.” came his bored voice. From her hiding place she tried to get a glimpse of the two. Tecteun removed a stone from the wall and pulled a sea weed bag from the hole.


“This will destroy our enemies! This is a bag full of corrupted wishing scales and we have enough spares in our tribe to use them on the enemies. We will be free of them! Rassilon, Omega and all the other freaks!” A crash outside made Tecteun curse and put the scales back in their hiding place.


Duode didn’t follow her instantly. He looked directly at Theta, placed a finger against his lips and winked at her, before following the tribe leader. He had known the whole time where Theta had been hiding and he didn’t rat her out! Quiet and quickly she swam to the wall, removed the stone and took the bag. Leaving the way she entered no one saw her and they were none the wiser. She didn’t look back when she heard Tecteun’s scream of anger. She had to get rid of the scales. For Koschei’s sake!