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Ateez Imagines

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He was stunning, there wasn’t any other way to describe park seonghwa.

One of the most if not the most gorgeous man you have ever seen in real life.

Standing at a respectable height of 5’10” seonghwa was the envy of many men and the dream of every woman who got the luck to see him with their own eyes.

He had a healthy tanned and very smooth skin, a type of skin you would want to run your hands over, he had no scar or any imperfections even if he did, it wouldn’t ruin his beautiful face that seems to have been sculpted by the hands of Michelangelo himself.

Everything about his face was beautiful, his straight nose, his full soft lips, and good cheekbones, but the eyes were the ones who got the attention of everyone.

You see, seonghwa was a stoic man, he didn’t seem to present any emotion, that was until you looked into his black eyes, his eyes held all the emotions his face couldn’t express.

You could notice when something…or someone bore him, or when he was annoyed, you could see when he was angry and even sad, everything was in his eyes.

Seonghwa was stunning, but he was even more stunning when he wore a genuine smile, a smile that reached his eyes which seemed to sparkle whenever he felt positive feelings.

That is how you met him, standing not to far away from you, surrounded by his group of friends who also happened to be very attractive, but no one stood out the most like seonghwa, even if he wasn’t the tallest, even if he was just standing there, he just stood out among anyone, it was as if a spotlight followed him everywhere he went.

Even when he wasn’t doing anything to attract attention he still got it, like tonight he was just standing there laughing at his friends who were purposely making fools of themselves, twerking at whichever song was playing at the moment.

Seonghwa was stunning and so out of your league, it hurt.

You were pulled out of your spell when someone hugged you from behind, you jumped startled and turned around to see your boyfriend Jaehyun.

“You almost gave me a heart attack,” you said, placing your hand in your chest as if your heart would fall out if you didn’t press hard enough.

He laughed “I’m sorry but you were so silent and still I had to scare you” you rolled your eyes “I was just lost in my thoughts” he nodded and looked behind you “what were you staring at though? You looked like you were admiring a work of art” i was

“Um nothing, I thought I saw someone I knew”, you said hoping he wouldn’t find out who you were actually staring at, he nodded and you could see he didn’t believe you, you weren’t a great liar after all, but he still decided to drop the subject which you silently thanked him for.

“So anyway, do you want to finally meet my cousin? I think he is here somewhere” he said putting his arm around your shoulders and you smiled at him and nodded, he grabbed your hand and took you to the other side of the room.

You took one last glance at seonghwa and sighed, you could never get someone like him.