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Ateez Imagines

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The city of Los Angeles was drowned in the deep darkness of the night, a soft summer breeze went through the curtains of the room and if you listened closely you could hear the noise of the people that walked through the streets, enjoying a nice summer night in the city.

But in the inside of the hotel, everything was in deep silence and darkness, the only thing you could hear was the sound of the clock ticking and the steps of the hotel staff that would usually pass right by their door.

Seonghwa stared at the ceiling of his hotel room as he lied awake in his bed, hongjoong was snoring in the bed next to him, which meat it was really late at night because everyone knew that the leader always went to bed during unusual hours of the night, this time he had stayed awake till two am working on their next album.

Seomghwa has gone to bed pretty early considering the next day was a free day for the guys of ateez, no schedules no compromises, just a full day to do whatever they wanted, he could have easily gone to bed at the same hour as hongjoong but he wasn’t in the mood to hang out with anyone, he just wanted to sleep for a few hours, a task that proved to be very difficult as his mind raced through many thoughts, all relating to you.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how he left you alone in Seoul, he wondered what you were doing, how you were feeling.

This was ateez first world tour since the two of you had started dating and seonghwa was dreading it, in the whole year that you two have been together seonghwa has found himself getting fonder of you, wanting to spend all his time by your side.

It was a beautiful love story that people would envy if they knew of it.

From the beginning you knew dating seonghwa would be hard, him being a kpop idol and being on the prime years of ateez success and you being a simple teacher made things a little complicated, but seonghwa was so enamored with you he was willing to do anything to make things work so you couldn’t quite refuse that, even if you knew there were going to be weeks without seeing each other.

And for the most part, it was easy, somehow after you made things official you found yourself falling into a comfortable routine, even if it wasn’t a conventional relationship you found solace in the moments you two shared together hidden away from the world in the cozy space of your small apartment, watching movies, playing games kissing and touching each other, everything was worth the sacrifice.

But then ateez started to become even more popular in Korea and even though you were super proud of all of them you started to resent it.

Suddenly seonghwa didn’t have the time he used to and even if you knew it would happen, you didn’t know he would be so busy he wouldn’t be able to text you or talk to you, often going days without not knowing what he was up to.

You stayed strong though, knowing that seonghwa was happy and doing what he loved the most was all you needed, even if he wouldn’t answer when you called or texted even if it hurt you so much and you missed him like crazy.

As long as he was happy everything was ok.

Except he wasn’t as happy as you thought, he spent days without being able to sleep through a whole night and his body hurt from all the times he had to dance or practice, he hated sleeping on couches or makeup chairs but most of all he hated missing you, he hated not being able to see you or to talk to you, you were the only one who could make everything feel ok and he didn’t have you by his side when he needed you the most.

Especially that night as he stared at the ceiling of his dark hotel room, thinking about the argument the two of you had before he had to leave for the tour, your proposal of taking a break didn’t sit well with him, he couldn’t even think of you being on your own let alone you being with someone else that wasn’t him.

He knew it was kind of selfish, but the thought of you being in another man’s arms killed him inside.

He hated arguing with you, he hated not being able to call you or text you because he knew you were mad at him, he hated knowing that you were probably alone in your apartment crying in your bed, it killed him inside feeling like he was losing you and there was nothing he could do because he didn’t want to disappoint the people that counted with him, his contract was already signed, there was nothing he could do.

He sighed and got out of the bed so he could go to the balcony to get some air, and just when he was about to sit down he heard his phone ring on his bedside table, he rushed to pick it up so it wouldn’t wake hongjoong and made his way back to the balcony.

He felt his heart thud in his chest when he read your name, he let out a breath and accepted the call.

“Hey I thought you would be asleep,” you said in a small voice and seonghwa could almost cry after hearing your voice.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he said

“Me neither seonghwa I’m so sorry,” you told him with your voice breaking a little at the end

“No don’t be sorry this is my fault I guess I didn’t know how hard it was going to be” seonghwa rubbed his eyes as the image of you crying in front of him crossed through his head.

“I guess I didn’t know either I thought it would be easier than this” you sighed

“So what do we do?” seonghwa asked nervously, he heard you take a breath on the other end and he waited to hear the words he dreaded the most.

“Seonghwa I don’t want to break up with you, I don’t want to let go this is the best thing that has happened to me but I miss you so much it hurts,” you told him feeling the tears welling up in your eyes.

He felt his heartbreak a little at the sound of your voice, he knew you were trying to stop yourself from crying, he could hear it in your voice.

“I miss you too baby and I know it’s hard but I don’t want to let you go even if it’s selfish I don’t think breaking up is the answer here” he sighed.

“I wish you were here with me,” you said and he closed his eyes, oh how he wished he was by your side “I wish I was beside you right now” he sighed

“I’ll be there soon before we both know it we will find ourselves at your apartment watching movies and playing monopoly, just, don’t give up, please”

He waited for your answer, his heart beating louder each time, his eyes burning and throat closing up, even if it took months he would come back to you but he needed to know if you were willing up to fight alongside him.

“Ok I won’t give up, I’ll wait for you,” you said after what it felt like the longest minute of his life, he sighed in relief and smiled “just come back to me soon and please sleep” seonghwa let out a small laugh “I love you so much,” you said as you felt your heart grow a little at the sound of his laugh, he smiled “I love you too princess and I promise I’ll be back to you soon”

He felt like a huge weight lifted off his chest after that talk, and even if he still missed you like crazy and wished to be right beside you, kissing you and hugging you, the relief he got was enough to help him fall asleep and dream he was lying by your side.