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Ateez Imagines

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You held your pillow close to you as you laid in the bed, tears running down your face as your heart screamed in pain, it wasn’t fair.

you were alone in your room and it wasn’t fair

he couldn’t kiss you on the streets or dance with you in the crowd and it wasn’t fair

he couldn’t take you to sweet dates on the small cofee shope that you loved so much and it wasn’t fair.

he couldn’t be the boyfriend that you needed he couldn’t be like your sister’s boyfriend, unafraid of who might catch him kissing his girl and it wasn’t fair.

everything about your situation wasn’t fair, the tears rolling down your cheeks weren’t fair, the fact that you had to go days even weeks without seeing him wasn’t fair, but is the life you got.

even when he hugged you to sleep, even when he laid kisses in your skin and made you feel like you were in paradise, even when you felt like you were overdosing on love it still wasn’t fair.

and you hated it, you hated yourself for letting it go that far, you hated that you had to fall for him even when you knew it would break your heart to pieces, you hated that you loved him so much, you hated that you couldn’t hate him.

and even when you saw him in the news confirming his new relationship with a super model you still couldn’t hate him.

cause you loved hongjoong so much you couldn’t let yourself feel anything else, even when it was tearing you apart, even when you felt like you might die if you went on like that, you couldn’t

and it wasn’t fair.