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Ateez Imagines

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Yeosang sighed as he looked around the bar, his glass of gin was half full and he had no intentions of drinking the sour-tasting liquid, he just had it just because his best friend said it would make him look more ‘human’, he also had to intentions in being at a dirty bar where annoying music blasted through the speakers on replay, but again he was forced by his said best friend because he wanted to experience human life for one night and Wooyoung couldn’t go on his own.

He just had to drag yeosang into his brainless activities, what was the point in pretending he was human when they stopped being one a hundred years ago?

Wooyoung claimed it was just for fun but yeosang could think a lot of ways of having fun on a Friday night but apparently breaking into the public library to read through the night wasn’t something fun.

But he felt pity for his friend, as he had been turned at the prime age of nineteen and during a time people his age only thought about partying and living life with no restrictions, trying every drug there was off use, wooyoung claimed to have tried a lot of them but yeosang wanted to call his bluff, because, even if wooyoung liked to have fun, he wasn’t reckless or borderline suicidal.

Yeosang just let him tell the story about how he got high on some mix of cocaine and heroin and ended up half-naked on some dark alley in New York a hundred times, and even if yeosang knew he wouldn’t be alive today if that was the case, he still held his mouth shut, letting his friend impress whichever human was stupid enough to buy his story.

Yeosang, in turn, had been converted (forcefully) during a time men his age were expected to get married and be working an honorable job that would bring pride to his family, he had no time for fun while growing up, from the age of six till his untimely death he had been surrounded by teachers of all kinds, he was also surrounded by the pompous wealth his family possessed.

He was ought to become a lawyer like his father when he met you.

A young beautiful girl who had just moved to Seoul, with big doe eyes and pale skin, you looked just like any other beautiful young lady who had just come to the city so their parents could marry them to some rich men who offered a lot of opportunities, like big mansions and beautiful dresses.

But there was something different about you, a certain spark that could be seen if people paid enough attention, no one but yeosang did, he always noticed the small details.

He sighed at the memory, forcing himself out of his thoughts as the thought of you was too painful for him to relive.

He looked down at his drink and then turned to see wooyoung making out with some girl whose name he probably didn’t care enough to learn.

Somehow he got so distracted that he didn’t feel time slow down, yeosang didn’t notice the bartender freezing while he was preparing a drink, he didn’t notice when the people on the dance floor froze, so he was a little bit startled when someone sat beside him, he turned to look at the intruder and he felt his dead heart fall to his feet.

There you were, in all your glory, sitting beside him, you looked at him and smiled “hello yeosang, long time no see, it has been like what? A hundred years since our last encounter?” he sighed as he felt your voice trapping him in a trance, he has learned that it was a very easy trick that you used whenever you wanted the full attention of someone.

“I missed you” you sighed as you took his forgotten glass of gin and drank it’s content “well I haven’t not one bit” he finally said relieved you let him use his voice this time, you frowned and looked around the room, you smiled when you saw wooyoung with a girl on his arms, nothing has changed since the last time you saw them.

You sighed and looked at yeosang who never stopped staring at you with a deep frown on his face, it was obvious your presence wasn’t welcomed.

“You still haven’t forgiven me” you sighed “you don’t deserve to be forgiven” yeosang spat and you flinched a little, “I saved your life yeosang” “no, you didn’t, you took my life away, you separated me from my family and everything I loved, I would have died instead of turning into the monster you forced me to be” he said with venom mixed in his words, you sighed and slightly leaned your head to the left, breaking the spell you chanted before entering the bar.

Yeosang looked around as everything went back to normal, he noticed how the humans around him were not affected in the sightless, while wooyoung looked a little shook as he looked around in confusion when he finally spotted the two of you he stood up quickly almost sending the poor girl on his lap to the floor, he made his way towards the two of you but before he could reach the bar you stoped him snapping his neck with the movement of your fingers.

The humans around him tried to bring him back, thinking he just passed out, yeosang turned to look at you even angrier than before “snapping the neck of my best friend won’t make me forgive you any faster y/n” he snarled and you rolled your eyes “you know he will be fine” you sighed, he slammed his hand on the bar “what do you want y/n? Why can’t you leave me alone?” “you know exactly what I want yeosang” he shook his head.

“Well you are not getting it” he said standing up to go pick up wooyoung before any of the humans dared to call the paramedics, you watched in your seat as he picked his best friend up with no problem while he made some lame excuses for him.

Yeosang carried him outside to where he had his car, and when he finally laid him on the backseat he turned to look at you fully aware that you have been silently following him “what would you have done yeosang? What would you have done if it was me in my death bed?” you asked after a long silence and he snapped his head to look at you “I would have let you go, I wouldn’t have doomed the love of my life to an eternal life fully aware that that was not what you wanted” you looked down and stepped away.

You felt tears falling down your cheeks “I didn’t want to lose you” you said looking up at him, he sighed and shook his head “well that was exactly what you did” he said getting inside his car, but before he pulled away he rolled down his window and looked at you “and if you want your precious necklace back you better have a spell ready to undo what you did, that is the only way I can forgive you” he said and you felt your heart drop “you know I can’t do that yeosang” you sighed and you watched him shake his head before he put his hands on the wheel and pulled away from the alley.

You watched him leave and didn’t do anything to stop him from leaving, you were sure you would meet again, no matter how many years passed, you always saw him again.