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Save You

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It began sometime when she was still sleeping.

She’d been beneath the covers, safe and spooned in the embrace of her husband, when the trembling had started.  That was usually a warning sign when she was awake to feel it.  Unfortunately, she’d slept during ten minutes of tremors, and she only awoke when the flinching had begun.

The sudden sensation of skin dragging across skin, uncomfortable and jerky, had roused her.  She’d blinked blearily, attempting to make sense of the motion of their bed.  It was only a moment before his palm, grasping whatever surface it could reach, alerted her.

She used one hand to rub the sleep out of her eyes, awareness flooding into her with a little more urgency than before.  His hand had grabbed onto her waist, and she knew from experience that she had only a moment before—

His breathing labored, and she quickly rolled.  His hand moved with her, and it wasn’t long before both of his hands rested between them, his form hunched over, and she was facing him.  Her husband huffed, and she could see the telltale signs of his quirk spitting and sparking to life.

She moved one hand to the gap between his jaw, his neck, and the pillow beneath him, and she used the other to push his hair away from his forehead.  Shuffling closer to him, she pressed her lips against a forehead that was just barely beginning to become clammy.  After a moment of continued, tender pressure, she felt his body fully shudder, a release of tension that he had desperately needed.

She knew that his eyes would flutter open before they did, and bleary green orbs sought her out.


His voice always sounded so innocent when he came out of these. So innocent, and so scared.

“I’m here,” she whispered, moving away just enough for him to see her.  She smiled for him.  “I’m here.”

He wasn’t really awake.  Not really.  But he heard her, and whatever nightmare had plagued him was beginning to loosen its hold.  His hands reached for her, and she let him pull her closer.  She took the chance to slide her arms around him and situate herself so she was cradling him.  Like a puzzle piece, they always fit together.  Always.

“Love you…” he mumbled as he lost consciousness once again.  The comfort of having him calm and with her eased the abruptness with which she had been woken, and a peacefulness drifted over her like a warm blanket, coaxing her to rejoin her husband in sleep.

“Love you too, Izuku.”