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Oracle who?

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'Ring ring!'






"You have reach the Oracle hotline how may I help you?"


"My name is Shigararki Tomura, and I want to know All Might's weakness!"


'It's one of those villain's.'


'Ends call'



Miuku looks a the clock for a second then gets ready.


'It's going to be a long day'

Miuku walks down to the Kitchen to prepare bentos for her younger siblings. She was Excited it was Hiroshi's first day at UA High School. Miuku started on making their breakfast. She already doubled checked they had all of their supplies. 

She went upstairs to wake up her siblings "Hiroshi, Taku, Haru, Naru! Wake up!".

Miuku hears them groan. 

She goes back downstairs to get their things and a put it in a strait line for them to grab. She see's Hiroshi's down first and eating his breakfast. "Hoshi I'm so proud that you made it in to UA! You know UA used to be my dream school?".



Hiroshi was nervous but excited go attend UA High school. He was going to General Studies but it's the number one hero school! He got ready and then went down stairs to see breakfast on the table and his older sister Miuku organizing their things.  He sat down and started eating.

His sister notices that he's down stairs and then told him. "Hoshi I'm so proud that you made it to UA! You know UA used to be my dream school?".

Hiroshi groans he had hear his older sister telling him over and over again. " Yes I know Miuku you've been telling me this since I got accepted to UA!"

He sees that Taku and the twins come downstairs and started to eat their breakfast. Haru and Naru got their bags and waits for Taku. "You guys have to stay with Taku until he drops you off at school okay?" Miuku tells the twins "Of course sis!"  "Okay" they both reply at the same time. "Haru, Naru lets go" Taku tells them from outside the door.


"Bye Hiroshi" as Miuku watches him go the train station. 'Ring ring!' the ringing sound came from her phone 'Click'


"Hi Dr. Kobaiaku we are sorry to inform you that we need you on a night shift ".

"Okay, Thanks for informing me"

She ends the call, later after the call she made dinner since she wouldn't be home. When she was about to leave the wrote a not for the to know.

'Sorry to disappoint you guys but I got another night shift at the Hospital plus I'm doing to 2nd job :(

                                                                                                           Sincerely, your big sister Miuku


Hiroshi had just gotten to UA's front gate. He had been waiting for this when he was little. Hiroshi looked at the doors '1-C where's 1-C' he walks further until there was a big door with 1-C on it he opened the door to see some people seated. Hiroshi looks for a seat and sees a seat next to a person with purple hair. He walks up and sits next to him.

He looks up at Hiroshi "Hi there! My name is Hiroshi Kobaiaku. What's your name?"


"Names Hitoshi Shinsou".