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The Lone Ruler

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When Levi had woken up, he found himself laying on a wooden bench in a dark cold cell, the torch from the entrance only giving him little light to see everything. His head pounded harshly, and his body hurt. When he touched his torso, there were bandages all over him. Each wound was taped close, telling him the wounds had been cleaned and taken care of.


He looked around once more, vision much clearer. There was no doubt this was some sort of dungeon, Levi thought. The walls were made of thick bricks, and the smell of urine and rust filled the air. The floors, which are cold cement that were once smooth but now rough with carvings from past prisoners counting how long they've been here. Levi sat up straight only to grimace in pain. The large iron doors eventually opened, and in appeared the military chief that he fought before. The hand Levi stabbed bandaged the same as his.


"His Majesty demands to see you," he said.



Levi stood from where he sat, careful not to trip as it was dark. Once he had walked out of the threshold, Mike shackled him with cuffs then grabbed onto his arm, dragging him forcefully towards the throne room where the Emperor is waiting. "Get your hands off me! I can walk!" Levi hissed.


Mike didn't utter a word, he continued dragging Levi through a flight of stairs, where two guards stood waiting for him at another large door. Once Mike nodded at them, they opened the door and allowed them to pass through. He was thrown inside and was forced to kneel. When Levi looked up, he was indeed in the throne room. His eyes squinted as the brightness of the room hurted his eyes, blinking many times before his vision turned clear. The walls were white, covered in fine marble with golden linings, and there were shelves of vases made from finest silver and gold.


On the wall before him, portraits of past rulers of Sina were displayed, all of the Smith bloodline. From the greatest Emperor Leonard to Emperor Charles and there was a frame without a portrait. Levi supposed it was for the current ruler, if he ever perish. The thought would surely make the people happy. Underneath the portraits was where the throne chair sat, and it was where His Majesty sat as well. On each side of him was a guard, two of them Levi recognized from the fight before. A smirk played his lips as he locked eyes with the Emperor.

Mike had seen how the culprit stares at the Majesty. It was disgusting.

"You dare look at the Majesty like that?!" Mike forcefully grabbed his hair, forcing him to bow down to the Emperor. Levi almost turned his head and grabbed this bastard's neck for being reckless but the shackles kept him from doing so. "Why did you try to assassinate the Emperor!? Who had hired you?"


Levi refused to speak.


"Speak, you worthless peasant!" Mike bellowed again. He pressed his foot against his back, shoving him forward. Levi tried to swallow the winces of pain but it only came out as weak whimpers. The Captain continued to step into Levi's back; he swore he can hear cracks coming from his back. Levi looked at Emperor Erwin who sat in his chair silently. "I said, speak-"


"Mike, that is enough."




"Stop." Erwin ordered firmly.


Mike removed his foot from Levi's back, allowing him to breathe properly. Levi painfully forced his body to sat up straight, his body in too much pain. He realized that was the first time he had ever heard Emperor Erwin speak since the past few months, as well as the guards inside the room. It was cold, neutral. Telling Levi he was indeed a heartless man. "I can tell you are not someone from the village, you are a trained assassin, am I correct?" Erwin asked. Levi only nodded with a glare.


"And who hired you to execute me?"


"Forgive me, your Majesty." Levi spat the addressed name. "But I must not disclose a customer's information."


"As you wish." Emperor Erwin nodded at his captain. Levi was once again grabbed by the hair and punched in the stomach numerous times till he spat out blood. The blonde ruler gestured to a halt, leaning forward resting his arms on his knees. "Now will you talk? We don't mind have you getting tortured right here right now."


"F-Fine, I will talk. . ." Levi coughed more blood, staining the rug beneath him.


The Emperor smirked. "Good choice."


"Lo-. . . Lobov. His name is Nikolas Lobov. He's a rich bastard living in Trost Village. Villagers there also wanted to kill you — prayed even. Not surprised really. A ruler hated by his people, truly a wonderful event for him to be annihilated, don't you think?"

"What is your name? Where have you come from?"

"I am Levi Ackerman, from the north of Maria."

"Judging from your last name, you are part of the Ackerman clan, am I correct?" Levi only grunted in response. He doesn't know where this bastard is going. "I did not know the Ackermans are pets now. Barking and killing for money."

"How dare you-"

The captain once again threw punches and kicks on to Levi until he was a bloody mess. The Emperor stood up from his seat approaching Levi, kneeled down on one knee staring at him pitifully. "I may be hated and I do not care. However my death will not be in the hands of a low merchant like you. Just this once, I will be merciful. You shall live once more but try to hurt any more of my men or attempt to escape, and you will be decapitated."

"Such a fine man you are, Levi. It would be truly a pity for a skilled assassin like you to be dead. As for your punishment," The Emperor mulls, blue eyes coldly looking down on Levi's battered form, "... you shall be made as my concubine."

The sovereign's words bore down on the assassin's mind, akin to the hammer of the judge booming on it's gavel. Shock and white hot anger surged through Levi as he violently struggled against the chains on his wrist. This man was a monster! He was going to humiliate him!

Before Levi could attempt to deck the man in front of him, Mike had already landed the final blow. The pain was too much, his eyes sting from glaring but he can feel himself losing consciousness. As his eyes fluttered to close, the last thing he saw was the Emperor's eyes of blue.


"Are you certain we should not execute him?" Mike asked. Emperor Erwin stood up walked out from the throne room, only stopped midway to look at his trusted friend.


"Executing him would be a waste of resources. I need an heir, and it seems he has the right for body for that." Erwin glanced at the Levi's unconscious body then smirked. "Besides, making him my concubine would benefit us for the future."


"As you wish, Your Majesty."