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I apologise to anyone who is disappointed. I knew Day 4 was going to be the hardest for me to complete and I haven't been able too. As you know, most of the world is in lockdown with the current pandemic. However, my university has found a way to have me still take exams, which today I will be completing an essay towards my final degree mark. Between that and what I have planned for the fanfic of the prompt "first time", I haven't been able to complete it. Day 5 and 6 are completed.


The important factor about this fanfic will be that Angel and Alastor become an item/begin a relationship with each other, ending their mutual pining. Day 5 and 6 will have them in this relationship, so to prevent confusion I'm informing you of this.


I hope you stay tuned for the next few days and are enjoying all the other wonderful fanfics and artwork out there! I will at some point managed to get this fanfic done and posted!