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No need to say Goodbye

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Aslan called a gathering in the castle square the following morning. Aslan offered a doorway through to another world for the restless Telmarines.
Edmund had a horrible feeling, he looked at Peter hoping his brother would not confirm his worries.
Peter had a grim face, standing tall every inch a High King. Susan looked more complicated and Edmund was reminded of how Susan had been the whole of last year, back in England.

Edmund’s heartbeat picked up as it sank to the bottom of his shoes. He reached for Lucy’s hand and held it, the two of them braced themselves.
The Telmarines were suspicious, they did not trust that the doorway was safe. Peter said that they would go, it was their time, he said Edmund and Lucy would return, but he and Susan would not. Edmund didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know what to say.

Edmund met Caspian’s eyes across the platform. Edmund didn’t know if he would be able to return during Caspian’s lifetime. It struck Edmund that he might never see Caspian again. The sound of his heart was loud in Edmunds ears. Edmund wanted to beg and plead, Edmund wanted to run. Edmund couldn’t abandon his family. His siblings were everything to him, they had all gone through so much side by side. The four of them were inseparable.

Edmund couldn’t leave them to suffer leaving alone. If Peter, Susan and Lucy had to go then Edmund knew he would as well. Edmund hoped Caspian would understand. Edmund looked away from Caspian’s desperate face. They didn’t have time to say goodbye. If they even tried to, Edmund knew one of them would snap and drag the other off to hide. Edmund found himself wondering if he would return when Rillian was grown up.

Edmund’s mind was a loud fuzz.
“Come on,” Peter said. Edmund turned away to face the door, Caspian made a wordless noise. Edmund turned around and walked back into Caspian’s arms and hugged him tight.
Then Edmund broke away and walked numbly with Peter, Susan and Lucy onto the train platform. Edmund stared at nothing, he looked back to where they had just come from. It was only the underground full of other people and school children moving to get on the train. Caspian. Edmund thought, a tear escaped his eye.