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Isn't It Lovely, All Alone?

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One second, Chuuya was in Mori’s office with Yumeno and Dazai then the next; he was falling through the sky. Using his ability, he stops himself from crashing to the ground. Instead, he lands on his feet and looks around. At first glance, he realizes that he is standing above a large body of water with the shore a fairly large distance away from him. Looking around some more, he notices that there is a boat fairly close to where he is and chooses to walk over towards it. He is almost to the boat when something grabs him around his ankle and pulls him down “looks like we got one” the shark like creature says as he drags Chuuya underwater.

“but what if he’s on their side Midoriya?” Asui asks as she looks at the scene in front of her “we can’t risk going into the water to try saving him, it could be a trap”

“he doesn’t look like he’s on their side” Midoriya replies shaking his head before his eyes widen as he sees the male being dragged down “they wouldn’t risk killing someone on their side just to get us to come out” he says as he moves to stand on the side of the boat ready to jump in to save the male.

“Did you not see him?!” Mineta yells as he looks at Midoriya, mere seconds away from bursting out in tears. “he was walking on the water, I’m sure he will be fine. Let’s just stay here where we are safe from th-” Mineta goes to continue before his eyes widen as he looks out towards the water as a large splash is heard. “Uhh guys” he says as he points towards where the boy was pulled underwater earlier.

Looking over towards where he was pointing, both of their eyes widen as he sees the boy standing above the water; below him the water begins forming a spiral sucking all the villains down it.

Chuuya watches as the shark-like creatures get sucked down his whirlpool before he turns and looks at the boat where he just now noticed people were on it. He gets into a battle position, ready to take them down as well, before he feels something wrap around him pulling him to the boat “what the fuck?” he asks as he tries to struggle against the hold on him.

“Hi, sorry about that” A boy slightly taller than Chuuya, with green hair says as he smiles at him. “but we wanted to make sure you were safe! By the way, what are you doing here? I thought it was only our class here today?” the boy says as he taps his chin with his pointer finger in though.

“Class? What class?” Chuuya asks even more confused as he looks at all of the kids in front of him. One had purple ball-like things growing from his head like hair while the other one had apparent froglike features. Now that he thought about it, it was her tongue that was currently wrapped around him. “could you let me go now?” Chuuya asks raising an eyebrow as he looks at frog-girl highly disturbed by the fact that a tongue was touching him currently.

Frog-girl doesn’t say anything before she lets him go. “he isn’t wearing a school uniform” she whispers as she looks at the green haired kid, the only normal looking one besides Chuuya himself. “and I don’t think I’ve ever see him before”

“Where am I?” Chuuya asks as he looks at the green haired boy. If what he was seeing what correct, he was no longer in Yokohama as there was no one who looked like this there. If that was the case, then he had a big issue on his hands.

“You’re at UA” Green haired boy replies as he smiles widely at Chuuya. “We are all hero students and we came here for training before getting attacked by a group of villains. We all got separated by a portal-”

“Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” Chuuya groans as he runs a hand through his hair. Of all the places the mysterious portal could have brought him, it just had to be the one place surrounded by heroes and potential heroes. “I was in the office with Mo-” Chuuya starts before he quickly catches himself. “I was in the office with a few of my associates when this purple thing came and dragged me here. I need to find if any of the others got sent here with me” Chuuya says as he quickly looks around “what is the quickest way to go back to the others?”

“Umm well” Midoriya replies as he scratches his head “You see, this place was made to help us with rescue training so there are a lot of different areas. Maybe we should go back to the main one to see if your friends made it there? We don’t really know where anyone went”

Chuuya sighs “Fine, let’s do that. Where is the main area?” he asks as he turns around to look at Midoriya.

“That way” Midoriya replies as he points to where they had originally been “one of our teachers is currently fighting a lot of villains, we need to go and help him”

“I can carry two of you there, but I don’t know if I can handle all of your weights” Asui says as she looks at all three. While she had no qualms leaving Mineta there alone, she knew that decision would be frowned upon.

“You take them, I’m fine” Chuuya replies before he hops out of the boat and starts walking on the water like it was nothing.

“what the fuck?” Mineta whispers as Asui picks him up and carries him over to where Aizawa and the others were.


Yumeno closes their eyes as they hit the ground hard and try their hardest to hold back a whimper. Sitting up after a few moments, they look around before noticing that they aren’t alone. “What is a kid doing here?” one of the females asks as she looks over to them.

“Do you think he’s on their side?” Another female asks. Her chosen gendering of him causing him to scrunch his nose up in distaste as he stands up and walks over to the two females.

“Where am I?” Yumeno asks as they put on their best innocent act while clutching their doll close to their chest.

The two females look between each other hesitantly before they turn back to Yumeno “you’re at USJ”

“USJ?” Yumeno asks as they look at the two confused before their eyes widen. “You mean as in UA?” they ask in shock.

“Yes” the girl with earjacks coming out of her ears replies as she looks at Yumeno “Why are you here? Are you on their side?” She asks as she gestures towards a group fighting against a single male who seemed to be distracting them for the girls.

“I don’t know who they are” Yumeno replies shaking their head. “I was with Chuuya, Mori, and Dazai and then all of a sudden I was here” they reply shrugging “I’m not even from Musutafu” they say as they stand up.

“You’re not?” Earphone jack girl asks with a raised eyebrow but before she can ask anything else, one of the villains comes behind her and throws her to the side causing her to knock into some rocks. Jirou letting out a hiss of pain as she slowly sits up before her eyes widen as she sees one of the big villains pick up Yumeno and throw him to the side with the same amount of ferocity that they used with her, even though he was much smaller than her.

Unlike what anyone was thinking, the moment that Yumeno hits the wall, they begin laughing loudly. A chilling sound coming from a young child who just got thrown across the arena. They slowly stand up, blood coming from an obvious headwound, before they pick up the doll that fell onto the ground.

“Aww does the little baby need her doll?” The villain asks as he begins stalking over to Yumeno to finish them off.

Yumeno smirks at the villain before they lift up the doll and tears it in half. The moment that the doll is torn, the villain’s eyes loose focus and he begins attacking one of his own teammates. Once this happens, Yumeno quickly looks towards the others “we need to go. He will attack anyone he sees” they says since they did not know the way out of the place they were in.

Momo nods, making a mental note to bring this up to their teachers once they are back to safety.


When the kids make it on shore, their eyes widen as they see Aizawa fighting a giant monster that his quirk wasn’t working on. “We have to do something!” Midoriya shouts as he gets up and goes to run towards Aizawa before Asui’s tongue comes out and pulls him back.

“We would only be getting ourselves killed” Asui replies as she shakes her head at him “We can not do anything but hope that he is able to hold on until the other pros get here. We would only be getting in the way”

Chuuya rolls his eyes as he hears them before he stands up and begins walking over to where the male was currently being pinned down by the nomu. He whistles loudly to get it’s attention so it can release its hold on the male. When it lets go of the male, he smirks before he kicks it as hard as he can with the use of his ability causing it to fly into the sky and pass the USJ’s boarders. Turning around, he goes to check on the male he saved before he freezes “fuck-”