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Extraordinarily Star-Crossed

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“Η ιστορία μας ξεκινά πολύ καιρό. Στην εποχή των ηρώων, των ημίθεων, των θεών και των θεών. "

*cricket noises*  

“Is this thing on?” Mo tapped the translator. 

“Who knows, it’s all Greek to me,” Tobin shrugged.

Leif groaned, “Dude, just no.” He flicked the switch on the bottom of the microphone and gave Mo a thumbs up.

“As I was saying….” Mo glared at the other two. “Our tale begins long ago. In the time of heroes, demigods, gods and goddesses.”

“Psst…. You’re supposed to introduce us!” Tobin stage whispered.

“I was getting there! Haven’t you ever heard of pausing for dramatic effect!” Mo rolled his eyes and scoffed, “Amateurs…We are the Fates. You may know us by other names and faces, but our purpose is the same. We are the keepers of destiny, let no man or god interfere with the fates we spin.”

“Oooo, that’s good. You have a real flair for this,” Tobin grinned.

“Seriously? We’re never going to get to the story if you keep interrupting!” Leif scolded.

“Just appreciating the art and the artist bro!”

Mo loudly cleared his throat, “AS I WAS SAYING! This is the tale of two lovers, whose threads of fate were cut before their time.”

*muffled noises* Leif covered Tobin’s mouth with his hand, to prevent any further interruptions.

Mo nodded his approval, “Our story begins….”

Greece 382 B.C.E.

Zoie and her mother were in the garden gathering flowers. 



“How did you know that you were in love with Father?"

Her mother stood up, looking at her daughter.

"Well, it was when he first sang me a song, he had written just for me." She smiled at the memory. "It was so beautiful that it made the gods weep, and I knew then that I would never love another."

Zoie nodded, turning her attention back to the garden. 

Her mother placed her hand on her cheek, tilting her head up to look at her. "Why do you ask, my dearest?"

Zoie blushed, turning away. "I think I understand how you feel for Father."

Her mother smiled, "And who is the lucky man? It wouldn't happen to be that charming young farmer from down the road, Maximos?"

Zoie gasped, turning quickly to face her mother.

"Hhh… how could you po…"

"Dearest, I am your mother, I always know." She grinned, tapping Zoie on the nose. "You don't think I've noticed the number of times he stops by on his 'way into town'...which is in the opposite direction of our house?"

Zoie giggled, "He does come by quite often, doesn't he?" 

Her mother shook her head, smiling, "Has he told you his feelings?"

Zoie bit her lip and nodded, "He loves me, and I love him. He wants to ask Father for permission to marry me, once the harvest is in."

"Oh, my dear girl," her mother embraced her. "I offer you both my blessing, for a loving, happy, fruitful relationship."

Zoie felt a breeze rustle against her hair and cheeks in a soft caress. Her mother placed a kiss on her forehead, causing a slight tingle along her skin.

"Oh Mother, thank you!" Zoie cried with happiness. "Will you prepare Father? I need to go fetch Maximos."

Her mother nodded, watching as Zoie sprinted out the gate and down the path as though she was wearing Hermes winged sandals.

A sunflower began to grow where she had stood, growing into its full height in a matter of moments. The flower leaned, brushing its petals against the mother's shoulder. She smiled secretively and reached over to pat the sunflower affectionately. 

"Maximos!!!" Zoie called excitedly as she ran down the path to the field he was plowing. 

He held up his hand to shade his eyes from the sun, just in time to catch Zoie as she launched herself into his arms.

He chuckled as he staggered under the momentum. "Now, that's a greeting a man could get used to."

She grinned, eagerly kissing him. "Mother has offered us her blessing and is speaking with Father now."

Maximos looked at her in shock, "You mean, I can speak with your father today?"

Zoie nodded, still smiling.

Maximos let out a whoop of joy, beginning to spin around excitedly, his arms full of the woman he loves.

Zoie laughed, tapping his shoulder to be let down. 

"Come on, no time like the present!" She eagerly began to pull him towards the road.

He chuckled. "Hold on, Zoie. You go on ahead, and I'll get freshened up and meet you there."

Zoie nodded, giving him one last kiss. "Don't be too long."

Maximos watched the woman he loved attempt to walk steadily up the path. She turned at the gate and tossed a wink over her shoulder before breaking into a run.

 He chuckled and walked into his house to change his tunic and clean himself up.

He had just unclasped his tunic when he heard a voice from his bed.

 "Hello, Maximos."