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Take Me for Who I am!

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Aaron informed the team. "Rossi will not be with us for the next few days, and will only be available for extreme emergencies."

Dave shrugged at the looks that garnered as he wasn't known for taking is holiday time. "It is sentencing time, and Tony wants to be in the area in case of reprisals. He is hoping to keep it in agencies hands rather than turning into a blood feud."

Hotch sipped his coffee. "I will pray for you."

Rossi snorted because he was pragmatic about his soon to be In-Laws. "I am not worried, their reputation is as fierce as ever, and the idea of them being legitimised because Tony is part of the family is making them more fearsome, not less."

Hotch smirked because that wasn't what the textbooks suggest. He wouldn't have believed it himself if it hadn't been for the serial killer case that had seen the team introduced to Dave's fiance. "How confused are organised crime right now?" 

Rossi sneered at the mention of the other department. He wasn't too fond of how many seemed to think the world was so black and white. "No idea, but it isn't my problem unless the section-chief orders me to make nice."

Morgan snickered. "Not even Strauss is willing to cross your man."

Hotch looked directly at Rossi. "You need back up then you should let us know, but I suspect you will be fine."

Dave knew the legend fiance had in the city, and even knowing he was considered to be law enforcement - It had just made him more dangerous. "I think you will be okay."


Tony and Dave were staying at the mansion while in Philly. It didn't matter about appearances any longer, and Tony wanted to quash any theoretical reprisals. 

"Why can't I wear make-up?" Francine demanded to know. She hated having to keep her make-up muted, but she could do it if it helped convict those bastards.

Tony rolled his eyes because this wasn't the first time they had this argument. "It's an impact thing, trust me."

It was her turn to roll her eyes because that went without saying. "I'm not wearing it, am I?" 

Tony hugged her, "Love you too, now come on."

"You know something about today." She replied astutely. She had been trying to figure it out since breakfast, and it finally struck her.

Tony shook his head, "Not at all. Right now, the case is being decided by a jury of our peers."

Francine wasn't having any of it. "Nah, you've got that look that I swear you learned off Papa. It is the one where you have done something devious, but you know you can't get in trouble for it, so you're really pleased with yourself."

Tony smirked. "You know if that was the case, then I wouldn't ruin the reveal by jinxing anything. Now, let's make sure Johnny behaves, and this will be an excellent day."

Francine was mournful, "You need to share your secret of getting mamma to like your fiance."

Tony frowned because that sounded like she was serious about someone. He was more than aware that Francine could take care of herself, but their mother was a good judge of character. "You know what? If they can pass a background check, I will throw my support behind you both."

She punched his shoulder. "You're not funny."



Alona looked at her eldest son as the sentence was readout. She knew he was protective, but this surprised her, not for the action but for what it indicated about Tonio and her husband.

"You're okay with this?" She whispered because it wouldn't have happened without his interference, she was guessing.

Tony smiled softly at his mother, seeing her concern for him. "Why, wouldn't I be?"

She was so pleased, more than by the guilty verdict, "I didn't realise you had made peace with your father."

Tony patted her hand as he hooked it into his arm. "We've come to an understanding, and this wasn't without conditions."

She could admit to being a curious one, and Tonio must have understood her inquisitive look as he explained.

"If Papa wants to keep his day-pass, then  they  have to both be okay and in one peace by the time I get married."

She outright cacked because this would be beautiful to see in action. What would you do if you had the object of your revenge in your hands but had to 'outwardly' behave? "You're a mean one, Tonio. I have taught you well."

Tony snickered because everyone believed that Salvatore was the more vindictive one in the marriage, and he knew how wrong that assumption was in reality. "I will take that compliment any day of the week. Now I do believe Dave, and I are taking you all out for lunch before we have to head back to DC."

Johnny scowled, "Do you have to leave so soon?"

Tony shrugged, and couldn't help but be pleased that his little brother was sad he was leaving instead of cursing his name. "Normally no, but we've booked time for the wedding next month and terrorists, and serial killers don't work around our schedules."


The prison name was familiar to both Bernetti and Franco. As they were getting off the prison bus, the Warden was already there, ready to greet them. "Gentleman welcome to your new digs. You shall be here for a very long time. I could explain the rules, but if you were the type to follow them. He paused for dramatic effect and to offer a smug smile, "Well, you wouldn't be here."

Franco could see he was looking at him and Bernetti in particular. He didn't like the way he'd been sent to the same place as his former boss. It felt vindictive. It wasn't Franco's fault that he'd been arrested as that had happened before he launched his attack on the mansion, but it was like he still got the blame. 

He'd phased out of the introduction but started to concentrate as the Warden dismissed them with a casual, "Officer Genrick will escort you to your bunks."


The cell was small and seemed sparser than the other cells. This could not be right! It was like they didn't know who he was and how he should be treated. 

Bernetti was hissing in outrage before he could think, "This is outrageous."

Genrick sneered at him with evident disgust, and it was a reminder of his new position in life. If he were in any doubt, then the officer's words would have quashed them. "What did you think we would treat you like a Mob boss? You ain't even the most powerful one in this bloc. You will earn your rights like every other newbie if you don't end up dead from your mouth."

He set himself on the bunk. He supposed he should be grateful that for now, he was on his own. He didn't trust the guard, but at least he would have time to collect his thoughts and make a tentative plan.


Franco had been told to pause outside two cells down. Genrick bashed on the door. "Your son wanted to give you an early Christmas present."

Franco frowned hearing that comment. " Son . How can I be a gift?" 

Genrick chuckled because he'd read the details in the Chronicle so knew this newbie was in for an uncomfortable time. "Meet your new cellie."

Franco paled, the greeting dying on his lips. He turned back to the officer, "This is not right. Come on. There must be rules against this type of torture!"

Salvatore grinned, but he could have given Hannibal Lecter a run for his money with how demented he looked. "There should be rules about putting knives up to women's throats too, but you broke that one."

"Your son has already damaged my shoulder." Franco tried to argue back, feeling the ghost of the bullet even now. 

Salvatore smiled genially to the officer. "Oh, Officer Genrick, I know you are a busy man. I am happy to explain the rules to my new cellmate."

Genrick smirked but reminded him. "No mess, now Mr Mancuso. You and the Warden are such good friends I would hate for that to change."

Salvatore smiled and offered the only reassurance he could manage. "Tonio's wedding is in a month, so you have at least that much of a grace period."

Genrick snorted. "I am sure you are devious enough to still have fun."

Salvatore smirked at the officer. "I am taking it as a challenge to refine my revenge, but I won't damage the new understanding between Tonio and myself."

Genrick nodded and thanked god for the renewed relationship because the man was still dangerous but had curbed some of his wilder antics.