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The Office: Yakuza Edition!?

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TWINK ALERT! TWINK ALERT!”  The erratic and over ecstatic voice of Goro Majima blared horrifically through a megaphone, creating a unanimous cringe throughout the entire office building. 


Certainly it was the newcomer that had it worst, standing next to Kiryu, surprisingly composed seeing that the Regional Manager was completely annihilating his eardrums. 


“Majima! That’s enough!” The Dragon of Dojima, as he was known around the office, demanded, his deep voice dripping down the walls like sweet honey. His broad, powerful silhouette towered over his underling, who was characteristically unphased by the scolding. 


But Kiryu-chan,” The one eyed man whined while observing his boss’s new apprentice from head to toe.


“You can’t just bring a cutie like this into my office and expect me to do nothing!”


A deep-rooted sigh of annoyance pressed through Kiryu’s soft lips while he placed his hand to his face. Let’s be real, this was The Mad Dog he was talking to. What else did he expect? 


“Tachibana, this is Goro Majima, Regional Manager of this branch. He’s….technically your boss,” the self assured President of Sales informed his newest hire, visible shame painted upon his handsome face. 


“My name is Tachibana. It’s a pleasure,” The shortest, and most reserved of the three men politely stated with a bow of his head and an extension of his real arm. 


However, the manager had decided against such typical and mundane etiquette and enthusiastically lifted one of his hands, indicating a high five. 


The raven-haired outsider froze momentarily, seductively hooded grey eyes inspecting the man he was soon to take orders from. 


“I’d rather not, Majima-san. That’s highly unprofessional….” His soft-spoken, cotton-like voice began before his gaze shifted uncomfortably to the highest-ranking of the men. 


“He’s right, Majima. That is not proper workplace behavio-” Kiryu had started before his charismatic underling cut in. 


“C’mon, Tachibana-kun! Don’t leave me hanging! How cruel!” The man only proceeded to position his leather-gloved hand closer to the shorter man’s face. 


It was like a dam and finally collapsed, a wave of awkward silence and discomfort flooded the office as the manager relentlessly pushed for reciprocation. This prompted one of the most beloved in the company, Jun Oda, to lightheartedly roll his desk chair slightly to his right, his mighty hand casually slapping against the Regional Manager’s.


“I gotchu, boss,” his sexy and silvery voice chimed, a sigh of relief washing through the entire floor. 


“Oda-chan ♡! Always a knight in shining armor!” Majima all but squealed, leaning down to affectionately wrap his arms around the company’s top salesman. Jun remained seated, gently patting the one-eyed man’s shoulder. After this dramatic display, Goro once again turned to Tachibana:


“Fun fact, Oda’s definitely got one of this biggest di-” 




Kiryu swiftly and sternly cut in, heroically saving the entire office’s will to live, along with halting one of the man’s unwarranted theories about his worker’s penis size.


The strapping President then cleared his throat, turning to face the accounts, salesman and other vital workers of the New York Branch. 


“I’ve come today because I’d like to introduce you to my new apprentice, Tetsu Tachibana. As you know, Corporate is on the floor above this one, so he will be dividing his time between the two offices.” 


The President motioned to the petite man to his right, who happened to be tucking a silky strand of black hair behind his ear. 


“I look forward to working with you,” he kindly spoke to the group, although his facial expression remained entirely neutral. 


The office was rather dry, a mixed series of mumbles serving as a response to the young man. 


“Alright, Tachibana, Kazama-san would like to meet you. We’re gonna head upstairs,” The Dragon whispered to his subordinate, who merely nodded in response. 


“Have a good day, everyone. It was nice to see you.” 


With that, the two men exited the office, leaving the branch back to its usual (and chaotic) business. 


“Woooow-weee! Raise your hand if you would tap that!” Goro giggled, raising both his hands as he spoke to his annoyed employees. 


“I’ve worked here for thirty two years, never got a goddamn Corporate promotion. Now some new kid just rolls up and is meeting the freakin’ CEO. Somethin’ fishy is definitely goin’ on there,” Daisaku Kuze, an older salesman loudly spat, ignoring his bosses lewd questioning. 


Although it wasn’t specifically stated, a general agreement was expressed throughout the floor, many of the salesmen conveying their scorn towards the situation. 


“Don’t you think it’s a bit rude to make accusations like that?” Oda spoke up, turning to his egoistic deskmate with genuine confusion. 


“Everyone knows the only reason Kiryu is so high in the ranks is because his daddy is the CEO. You gonna sit there and tell me that he isn’t gonna use that as leverage to get a nice piece of ass?” Hiroki Awano, Kuze’s sworn brother, butted in, his voice hushed as he leered behind his shoulder to make certain the secretary couldn’t hear. 


That is because Akira Nishikiyama was another one of Kazama-san’s adopted sons, not to mention Kiryu’s oath brother. Although it was highly unlikely that he would object to any slurring against his non-biological father, seeing as his brother was one of the highest-ranking men in the entire Kazama-Sera Real Estate Company and he was a receptionist making minimum wage. 


“Oi, Nishiki, do you know what’s up with Kiryu-san lately? He’s awfully chipper,” Reina, Kazama-Sera’s beautiful and kind-hearted customer service rep, questioned her best friend. She leaned casually against the receptionist's cluttered desk, a finely manicured hand running through her gorgeous coffee brown hair. 


“Like I fuckin’ know. Prick’s been pushing me away for the past few years. Never returns my calls or Snapchat,” the extremely attractive, sharp-featured secretary responded as he snatched a fax from the machine. 


“Do you think he’s fucking his apprentice?” the young woman further pried, her shimmering black high heel tapping impatiently against the grey carpeted floor. 


“IS WHO FUCKING WHO?” Their wild and nosy boss brutally cut in, slamming his palms onto the edge of Nishiki’s desk. 


“No one, boss, it’s just talk,” Reina responded while her nimble fingers toyed with an umber-colored button upon her crimson blouse. 


“If one of you doesn’t tell me I’m gonna start screamin’” 


“Kiryu and the new guy,” Nishikiyama scornfully confessed, golden-brown eyes rolling with disappointment at the manager’s immaturity. 


They’re having sex!? ” Goro hollered, his one eye-widening in giddy surprise as this accusation spilled off his tongue and sliced through the office mellow. 


“Would you- SHHHH!  As I said, it’s just gossip. There’s no evidence,” the customer service rep hastily whispered, certainly not wanting to become a firestarter. 


“If that new guy got in my dear Kiryu-chan’s pants before me, he’s gonna catch hell!” Majima whined, balling one of his leather-covered fists.




If Jun Oda were to be completely honest with himself, he would acknowledge the indisputable fact he found Kiryu’s new apprentice attractive. 


No- scrap that. Kiryu’s apprentice was freakin’ adorable. 


From the moment Tetsu Tachibana’s finely crafted black and white shoe pressed into the dusty fibers of the faded office carpet, the salesman found himself drawn to the man. 


Perhaps it was the shy and mysterious aura that surrounded his lithe body, or the way his lavish raven hair contrasted with his pale skin that Oda found so goddamn alluring. Nonetheless, the short, doe-eyed lad had inevitably caught his eye. 


“Hey, Oda-kun, Nishiki, Yuki and I are going to Club Venus tonight to get completely smashed. Do you want to come with us?” Reina’s sweet and melodic voice called to him from reception, which was only about ten feet away. 


Leaning back in his squeaky chair, the salesman smoothly rotated the seat to face her. 


“You guys realize it’s Tuesday, right?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow. 


This prompted a chuckle out of the young woman, who exchanged a sly and naughty glance with Akira. 


“Yup. But you gotta trust us, getting crunk on a work night is not that bad. We do it like twice a week.” 


At that last bit, Nishiki shot his bestie a disapproving glare, before speaking up.


“Reina! Don’t broadcast that….” 


It had been a while since Jun had last let loose, and this sure as hell wouldn’t be his first time getting piss-faced drunk on a work night, two very important factors. 


“Let me check my schedule,” he responded while whipping out his smartphone. 


Truth be told, he needed a fucking drink ASAP, but duty calls. 


“Fuck, Kiryu, and I gotta do some stuff with a client after work, but maybe after that, I can drop by?” 


“Sounds good, just let me know,” the woman chimed while flashing him a quick thumbs up.


Tonight would certainly be- interesting.