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Born to Die

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Thor has been watching the kid all night. The bar isn't too small. Friday night has brought all walks of life to the joint, but it's easy to keep track of the kid, even if Thor is a little drunk, but only just a little. The kid, Thor thinks he's a kid at least, has been hustling every damn man in the place since he got there. A little wink, a little smile, a little laugh here and there, and one thing led to another where he'd end up being bought a drink only to snatch the wallet of his newly intoxicated drinking partner later. He's been doing it all night and Thor can't find it in himself to stop it, to think of it as anything but amusing. It's a little gross, Thor thinks as he brings his beer mug to his lips, to think that these grown men are drooling over a kid like this. Then again, Thor hasn't been able to stop staring at his pale legs all night. The kid knows his way around a hustle, Thor thinks, as he watches him bend down across the pool table. His hips jutting out and ass swaying just ever so slightly to line up his shot, biting pink plush lips and faking focus as he "misses" the bright red pool ball that was perfectly lined up. The kid pouts, turns to his new victim and lets the man wrap him in an embrace. Delicate hands work swiftly as it gently lifts the man's wallet from his back pocket.

Knowing when to leave is important for a hustle. The kid has obviously been doing this for a long time and Thor watches as he stuffs the stolen wallet into his pants and shifts on his pretty heels, walking towards the exit. He was almost in the clear, just almost. The second the kid walked out the door, his once intoxicated drinking companion sobered up real quick the minute he realized his wallet was missing. Thor could see his fists clench and the man stood abruptly, his chair skirting but it was too loud in the bar to notice (unless you were Thor). He was heading towards the door, running practically. Thor could tell what would happen next probably. The man in question was about 6'0, a little shorter than Thor himself. Around 200 pounds perhaps. If he got his hands on the kid, it would definitely end in a murder.

Thor knows he should mind his own business. He should look down at his beer, drinking his weight in it, and finally just pay his tab and leave. He shouldn't care about the pretty (pretty? Did Thor really think that or was he really drunk?) kid and how he was probably being cornered right now. Thor should ignore how he was probably being shoved into the wall, his skinny body (maybe 120, 130 pounds) being crushed under the weight of his victim (oh how the roles have reversed). In some sick sense, the kid deserved it for tricking men like that. But then again, does being a pickpocket really warrant death? Thor groaned and rolled his eyes, downing the rest of his piss-warm beer and slapping down a 20 dollar bill on the bar table. With the heavy clanking of his boots, Thor headed out the door and around the corner.

And there he was, pretty boy all manhandled to the wall, arm bent behind him and face pushed into hard brick. The man pushing him down was so tall he practically covered the kid. Thor knew he was probably too drunk for a fight, but maybe the alcohol lowered his inhibitions and made it so his feet moved by themselves towards the scene in front of him. The man hadn't noticed him until it was too late and Thor's hand was firmly wrapped around his neck. Thor threw him off of the kid, who gasped loudly and fell to his knees, tears and sobs rattling through his body in a sorta sickly and desperate way.

"Return his wallet." Thor muttered to the kid, who, now that Thor saw them up close, had the greenest eyes he's ever seen. They were watery and glassy and childlike and fuck, he really was just a kid, huh?

"W-what?" The boy whined, scared obviously and confused as to what had just happened. He was heaving, his skinny chest rising and falling in a way that showed fading yellow and green bruises next to fresh and dark purple ones. His knees were scraped and bloody. It wasn't a good look, Thor thought. The yellow streetlight made the boy look sickly pale and green around the edges. His black hair was tied up in a bun, but Thor could see that it wasn't well maintained.

"The fucking wallet," Thor said again, tsking and groaning. The kid was so frazzled that he just stared up at Thor, teary doe eyes and quivering pink lips. It was obvious that he wasn't gonna be listening anytime soon and Thor's eyes skirted down to the floor where he spotted a little patch of brown under the kid's leg. He leaned down and grabbed the wallet, making the boy flinch and push against the wall. Thor just turned around, muttering 'for fucks sake' under his breath as he roughly handed the man his wallet and watched him angrily stomp off to his car.

And thus, Thor was left to deal with a crying kid and a huge, massive, headache. He turned back to the boy on the floor, watching as he struggled to get up, but every time his knees would betray him, weak and fragile. Thor gripped his forearm and lifted him up onto his feet in one heave-ho. The boy was unsteady, practically falling into Thor's arms and Thor reflexively wrapped them around his waist. Bones that stuck out in sharp, odd places and skin that was cold. Small hips and long legs all wrapped up in a pair of short shorts.

"Come on boy, it's over now, get yourself together." Thor muttered lowly in a drunkish slur, pushing the boy away from his chest.

The boy pulled away slowly, hands coming up to wipe his nose and eyes. They were red and puffy and yet they were still the prettiest pair of eyes Thor had seen. "How did you know?" The boy asked softly, voice small and broken.

"Well, you ain't as slick as you think. I saw how you went through practically the whole joint, lifting wallets like it was your job."

The boy hummed in response, arms raising and wrapping around himself. He must be cold, Thor thought.

"Well, uh.. thanks," he said softly, beginning to walk away from Thor and towards the bar again. Thor's eyebrows furrowed and he grabbed the kid's arm, yanking him back (probably harder than he should). "Hey!" He squealed, trying to pull his arm back and out of Thor's grasp.

"You didn't learn your lesson? Waiting till some other fucking asshole comes and fucks you up sideways? Go home! Where are your parents anyways?" Thor spat, watching the kid struggle in his grasp. He was too tired and too drunk to deal with some snot nosed brat.

"Fuck! You're hurting me! Let go!" The kid whined and began kicking and swinging at Thor, but it just made the man hold tighter. "I said fucking let go of me, asshole!" His hits were light on Thor's broad chest. The effort was cute, to say the least.

Thor finally tsked and let go, watching as the kid got thrown off slightly and teetered backwards out of balance. The blond groaned and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a carton of crushed cigarettes. With a flick of his silver lighter, Thor lit the end of the smoke and took a deep inhale, looking at the boy in front of him through the smoke.

"What's your name, kid?"

"Fuck off."

Thor snarled at the attitude, grabbing the boy's hair in a firm (maybe too firm) grip and yanked his head back slightly, ignoring the little whimper from his lips. His pale neck was stretched out in front of Thor and Thor could finally see the bruises clearly. "Where did you get these?"

The boy stared back at him defiantly, practically sneering "Why? You wanna give me some too? 20 bucks for a quickie, old man." A deep swallow and Thor could see how the boy's neck contracted and moved beautifully under his touch. Such a delicate thing, his neck. Thor could easily wrap one hand around it, squeeze lightly, watch as those pretty green eyes got wider and wider and wetter and wetter. Something in Thor stirred and it scared him to think about it for too long. His grip never let go entirely, but it loosened just so.

"You're a hooker?"

"Let go of me!"

"How old even are ya?"

"Old enough! FUCKING LET GO!" The kid smashed his hand into Thor's face, nearly missing the burning end of Thor's cigarette.

Thor let go abruptly, allowing the boy to catch his breath and rub his neck uncomfortably. The silence between them grew as the smoke curled and wafted around them. Thor sighed and flicked the cigarette to the ground, crushing it under his heel. "Listen kid, let's get you home, hm? Where do you live?"

"I can get home just fine, thanks."

"Just fucking tell me or I'll leave your ass out here and let you get more of those damn bruises," Thor snarled, watching as the boy shut up real quick. He looked down at his shoes, broken little heeled boots that laced up his thighs. He was silent, not daring to meet Thor's eyes and Thor finally put two and two together.

"Ok… ok I'll you can stay with me for the night, I got an extra bed in my motel room. You can leave in the morning." The boy looked up at him suspiciously, thoughts bouncing around in his head and Thor could see the doubt in his eyes. "I won't pull anything, Scout's Honor."

The boy remained quiet, wavering and teetering. He was nervous and skittish and Thor knew the kid would never trust him, not in any meaningful way. Not yet, at least. Thor eyed the boy up and down. "Ok, at least let me get you something to eat? There is a diner down the street we can go to."

"....fine, but if I sense any funny business, I'm ripping off your balls."

"That's the spirit, come on now."

A burger, pie, and a milkshake later, the boy's eyes wilted in exhaustion against the glass window of the diner booth. He was fed, at least. Thor could rest easy tonight knowing that at least he fed the boy. It didn't make up for his long list of shitty and possibly immoral deeds, but hey, at least he could say he did right by one person.

"So," Thor said softly as he signalled for the waitress, "What's your name, little one." The waitress set down the bill in front of Thor, who began to shift through his wallet for some cash.

"Mmm, what do you want my name to be?" The boy purred, smirking smugly like the cat that got the cream, content and tired from a belly full of warm food. It was oppositional, Thor thought. He was dancing around and dodging every question. The kid had a past, a history, something that was keeping him quiet.

"Don't sass me, boy. I'm not really in the mood for jokes."

The boy sighed and rolled his eyes, stretching his arms up above his head. His shirt lifted slightly off his waist and Thor's eyes darted down to the exposed skin. "Alright old man, I'll let you take me home. Promise to be good to me, I'm real delicate, ya know?"

"Yeah yeah, I promise," Thor rolled his eyes, escorting the boy out of the diner and to his car. Thor opened the door for him and let the boy slide into the front seat, buckling up and waiting for Thor on the other side. The drive wasn't too long, but Thor could see that the kid was starting to doze off, leaning against the window and arms wrapped around himself. It was probably near midnight and the cicadas were chirping as they drove through a particularly long patch of corn fields. This far out in the country, asphalt roads turn dirt and dusty. There's nothing for miles and Thor kinda likes it that way. Nothing to distract him, nothing to take him away from the moment.

By the time they pulled into the driveway of the motel, the kid was half asleep already. Thor jostled him slightly to wake him up just enough to walk into the entrance. Thor ignored the stares he received from the front desk manager, but he could understand why he was staring. It probably wasn't the first time he's seen a man renting out a room with a pretty little thing on his arm. The thought made the hairs on Thor's neck raise and goosebumps erupt on his skin as he walked his new companion to his room.

"Ok, you can take that bed if you want, I'll be over in this one." Thor watched as the boy sleepily wandered to the empty bed and finally collapsed onto it. He hadn't changed out of his clothing or even got under the covers. Thor recognizes that kind of exhaustion. The type that settles in your bones and stays there. The type that makes its home in your soul and aches and crackles everyday. Thor couldn't help but watch the boy sleeping, his body rising and falling with each breath. The man sat on the edge of the bed, rough hand coming up to wipe the hair from the boy's eyes. Gently, softly, all not to rouse his sleeping body.

"What's your name, little one," Thor whispered softly, gentle fingers running down his hair and the back of his hand to stroke his fair cheek.

"Loki," the boy whispered back. Pretty green eyes opened slowly and a little pink tongue darted out to lick dry lips. "My name is Loki."

Loki, huh? "My name is Thor."

"Mm… like the God of Thunder." Loki's eyes blinked blearily, but a small and sleepy smile formed on his lips.

"Yeah… and yours… the God of Lies.. of mischief." Thor was aware of how close they were. He felt the weight of himself making a dip in the mattress. He felt Loki's breath on the back of his hand as he stroked down Loki's cheek slowly with a small rubbing of his thumb. He was aware of the way Loki was looking at him. Curious and.. and slightly hopeful.

"Maybe it was fate," Loki said softly, hand moving up to grasp at Thor's. "Maybe we were meant to meet." Thor soon became acutely aware of Loki's other hand, slowly creeping up the front of Thor's jeans. Tricky fingers making their way to rest softly over Thor's crotch. The feeling was a faint ghost over Thor's jeans and yet Thor felt as if he was punched in the stomach. "I can be good for you," Loki said softly.

"Loki… I didnt-"

"I want to say thank you.. for everything tonight." Loki's fingertips felt hot against Thor's skin, barely rubbing, barely touching. Lord have mercy for Thor's self-restraint as he grabbed Loki's hand tightly in his, watching how the boy's eyes widened in surprise. It made Thor's head spin.

"I'm not gonna… gonna fuck you as a way of you saying 'thanks'." Thor put Loki's hand gently down. "Shit, kid. You're-you're like a baby. Wayyyy way younger than me and-"

"That's never been a problem for other men."

Thor gulped roughly, searching through Loki's eyes. The moonlight filtered through the shitty motel blinds and shone into the room, illuminating against Loki's pale creamy white skin. It made him glow, his eyes showing a little sparkle that made Thor weak in the knees.

"I'm not gay," Thor said in a hushed hurry. He felt his stomach twisting in knots as Loki hummed, light fingers tracing softly. Little circles being massaged into Thor's thigh and all Thor could do was try to breathe, try not to pant. He wasn't, he wasn't gay and he's never been gay. He's never once thought or fantasized about anything but tits, pussy, and the women they were attached to. The feeling in the pit of Thor's stomach challenged him, made him sweat and pool at the small of his back as he watched Loki's fingers dance around. He's not gay, he's not gay, he's not gay-

"I could've guessed, big, strong man like you." Loki smirked softly, eyes twinkling in the pale moonlight. They were sad. Thor could tell there was disappointment swimming in them. They looked like they had stars in them and Thor felt a little dizzy staring too much. Loki nuzzled his head into the pillow a little more, shirt too large on him and sliding down skinny, bird-like shoulders. Patches of clean, creamy skin showing off to the air, a freckle here or there. "Big, strong men like you never...swing my way. Unless they want a quick fuck."

"Listen kid-"

"I'll be gone in the morning, if you want."

Thor wanted to scream, shriek, No, don't leave. His lips remained still.

"Just let me sleep now," Loki whispered, pretty eyes fluttering shut. "I'm so tired."

Thor gulped, throat tight and too dry to his own good. Leaving this kid...just on his own. All alone in the big, cruel world. Thor didn't know if he was that heartless. But his life on the road… it wasn't for a delicate thing like Loki. Bopping from town to town, sleeping on hard motel mattresses and scarfing down junk food everyday. It wasn't suited for him, he wouldn't survive. Thor watched as Loki's breathing began to grow steady, his body relaxing and sinking into the bed. Thor slowly stood, walking over to the table in the corner of the room. His wallet, his cheap burner phone, a couple of food wrappers. Thor's living out of his fucking truck. But it was a job. A job is a job and it's the only job Thor is good at. He's not made for the suit and tie gig, the 9-to-5 drag. He can't do it, he won't do it. It's not in his cards to have a white picket fence life and a house with a front lawn. He's not sure he deserves it, either. Not after all the things he's done.

Thor glanced back to Loki sleeping on the bed. His heart hurt a little.

The blonde crept over to the closet, sparsely lined with the few clothes that Thor did tote around the country. Tucked into the corner was the motel safe, standard issue and good enough to put whatever valuables a person has. Each punch of the code was heavy and Thor worried that the metallic click of the keys would wake his sleeping companion. The safe gently beeped open, letting Thor reach inside for what he was looking for.

The Colt 45 was heavy in his palm, but fit comfortably. Beautifully waxed mahogany handle with a stainless steel body and a pearly shell inlay that wrapped around. The moonlight glinted off of the cold metal and Thor sighed, opening up the barrel and counting each bullet. Thor usually only took his gun out when he was on the job and right now he's gotten a little… side tracked. When he heard Loki rustling slightly, Thor quickly shut the gun back into its hiding spot. Running a hand through his now greasy hair, Thor sighed slightly and began to undress, deciding to take a shower and then finally just sleeping off the rest of this night. His head was pounding slightly, probably payback from the four beers he downed. Fuck, what was he going to do with the kid? Thor closed his eyes as the hot spray of the shower hit his face and the breath he felt trapped in his lungs finally let go.

He can't just leave Loki by himself. He'd be like a lamb to the slaughter. He's just a kid..a small, delicate, pretty, little kid. God, Thor thinks more and more like a pervert everyday. Fuck, it's not his problem. Loki is not his fucking problem. He doesn't need extra baggage to lug around with him while he does his job. Thor peeked one eye open to spot the motel complimentary shampoos and conditioners. Exactly his point, Thor knows that this shit dries the fuck out of your hair and leaves it like straw, but he doesn't give a fuck. But Loki…. Loki doesn't deserve straw hair. He should be using some expensive shit that Thor wouldn't even be able to pronounce. Besides, what's a young kid like that doing all on his own? Where's his family? Surely they must realize he's missing and whoring around half of Dallas. The word felt heavy in Thor's mind, thick and cloying on his tongue. Whoring. It was a filthy word and it didn't match Loki. Or perhaps it did, Thor didn't know this kid from anything and he doesn't know what Loki gets up to. Maybe he's just some young punk looking for some cheap thrills to talk about in class tomorrow.

No, the look of desperation in his eyes seemed to be too real to be anything but genuine. It was sad, really. Thor could tell that Loki came from a less than ideal home (not that Thor's had been peachy keen). He felt tired in a way he hadn't before. God, it was dangerous to keep Loki with him. He doesn't even know his age. What if he was really REALLY young? Thor could be accused of kidnapping and that ain't something he's got time for. What kind of parents don't realize their kid is missing, anyways? Despicable people, probably. The type that Thor would happily get rid of. Thor turned off the water and wrapped a towel around himself. He walked out back to the bedroom where Loki was fully asleep, like a little lamb. The sight of the ravenette sleeping so soundly made Thor's eyes heavy. That's all he needs, a good night's sleep. He'll deal with it in the morning. Loki will be gone and that's all there was.
Loki was not gone in the morning. In fact, he was curled up in the bed still, messy bun hair and sleeping sweetly like a cat. Thor had half the mind to let the boy sleep, but decided to take him by the shoulder and shake him gently, just enough that Loki's eyes blink open slowly and he stretch out his arms and legs, smiling contently as he sat up.

"Good morning Thor," he singsonged as he let down his hair from it's now tangled and knotted form. Thor had to resist staring at the inky black locks that flowed down. He kept himself busy, looking at his wallet, checking through his bag, tying his shoes. "Ok kid, come on, tell me where you live and I'll take you there." Thor said gruffly, trying not to stare at the pale blotches of skin that appeared from Loki's ruffled clothes.

"Mmm I'm in the mood for a nice cup of coffee, how about you?" Loki hummed, standing up off the bed and walking to the small mirror by the side of the bathroom. Thor watched as he reached into his back pocket and fished out a small tube of lipgloss, gently wiping it on and smacking his pink lips.

"No time, let's go," Thor huffed, practically pushing the kid out the door and ignoring the whining. They were out the door before Loki could finally throw his arms around Thor's neck, pressing up against his front and pout his lips. Thor doesn't remember him being this clingy.

"Pleasseeeee," Loki whined, eyelashes batting and now glossed up lips jutted out in an attempt to melt Thor's heart. Thor wouldn't admit that the childish attempt at persuasion had worked on him. Instead he just ran a hand through his hair, ignored the feeling of Loki's soft body against his, and rolled his eyes.

"Fine, since I'm hungry too. Then I take you home, capiche?"

"You have my word~" Loki smiled, practically skipping towards Thor's truck. The way he bounced on his heels excitedly was endearing, like a puppy waiting by the door for its master to take him outside for a walk. Thor took a deep breath before walking to the truck as well, opening his door and slamming it shut with the metallic click. He could see Loki's excitement from the corner of his eye. Now, in the bright day light, Thor can fully see the extent of Loki. He's a skinny kid, that much Thor knew, but he was so much more…. slender than Thor had originally thought. He watched as Loki kicked up his feet onto the dashboard, only to get them pushed back down by Thor. The bruises on his lower neck stood out less now, probably healing and fading with time. They weren't very noticeable, but Thor couldn't stop looking at them, even as they entered the diner and took their seat.

"So… Thor…" Loki stirred a spoon in his cup of coffee. (Two sugars, lots of milk)

"So, Loki."

"What brings you to sunny Dallas?" He asked, obviously teasing and obviously trying to make Thor squirm by the way his cat-like eyes dilated in the sun.

"Work," Thor muttered as he dug into his food, shoving it in as if having an empty mouth would cause him to say something he shouldn't have.

"Mmm," Loki purred, slowly sipping his coffee. "And what do you do?" Thor watched as Loki licked his bottom lip, pink tongue peeping out and swiping across. Must be sweet, he mused. Sweet like the sugar in his coffee.

"None of your fucking concern."

"No need to get snippy, just asking a question."

"Why don't you tell me what you're doing here, huh?" Thor motioned with his fork. "Young kid like you, all alone?"

"I'm not that young." Loki hadn't ordered any food this time, just sipped his coffee and sat across from Thor.

"Why don't you tell me something about you I don't know," Thor muttered frustratedly. "Come on, kid. I'm tired of these games. I have to haul ass to Austin in a day or two and I don't need to be worrying about your fucking shit."

Loki was quiet. He stared down at his coffee (too milky and sweet for Thor. It suited Loki, he thought). Small fingers splayed around the mug and rubbing the side up and down. It was harsh, what Thor had said. He knows that. Sometimes he just can't control the anger. Sometimes he can't control the words he says. The silence between the two was a bit deafening, even if the diner was filled with people just like them. It was awkward and a bit too much for Thor and he doesn't know if he should just leave the kid here with some cash or take him to the cops or-

"I'm 19."

19, huh? Thor remembers being 19. Tucked away in college for a few months only to drop out the next. It wasn't for him, he had decided. He had too much he wanted to do and too little time to do it in. He remembers being young and stupid and going to bars underaged and drinking too much and hooking up with some random person that he found, their faces blurry but their bodies warm. It was a good time. It was freedom, it was youth, it was delicious and blissful ignorance.

Thor definitely hadn't been as sickly pale and skinny as Loki was.

"Ok… ok 19. You live around here?"

"Sorta. Not really."

"So where do you live?"

Loki turned his head towards the window, once again unresponsive and once again leaving Thor alone with his thoughts. He hated when Loki did that. He hated when he shut him out like this. It made Thor want to take Loki by the hair and yank his head back, bear his neck and look him dead in the eyes. He hated the cool disregard and the obvious disinterest.

"In a shitty little backwoods town, outside of Baton Rouge."


Loki turned back to Thor, his eyes were filled with an emotion that Thor couldn't exactly put his finger on. They seemed…. Sad, more than sad, they were an emotion that Thor couldn't explain in his own vocabulary.

"I was born in a bayou practically, just trailer park trash, ya know how it is." Loki smiled in a way that Thor could see he was hurting in a way. Before Thor could respond, Loki began again, "My daddy, real religious man. He wanted to name me Luke, ya know? Like the Gospel? Well, my momma was a real smart lady; prom queen, beauty pageant queen, but she dropped outta school around senior year when she got knocked up with me. Normal thing over there, I suppose. Anyways, she had a thing for myths and legends. Loved to read about them and learn about new ones. She really liked Norse Mythology and well, Loki is close to Luke, don't ya think?"

Thor doesn't know how to respond.

"Well my daddy was real fond of my momma and so he caved a little, let her name me Loki. God of Lies, of Mischief, Illusions and magic-wielding. Ain't that real nice?" Loki's fingers toyed with the spoon in his mug, he looked down at the creamy coffee inside, swirling around and not daring to look up at Thor.

"So why did you leave?"

Loki's head tilted and he hummed. "That's a story for another time. Fact is, I left...or was I thrown out? Don't really remember. Anyways, here I am~"

Thor felt stuck in place, frozen while staring at the boy in front of him. He hadn't noticed that the bill was already set down in front of him. He numbly took out his wallet and set down some cash, a few coins. The two left the diner and went back to the car. The ride was silent, the slow, static hum of the radio between them. It made Thor's mind melt a little. But the thoughts and memories from their talk swirled in his brain, mixed with the static and made him desperately crave a cigarette. A small smile formed on his lips and a chuckle escaped, making Loki look over towards him.

"It's funny, got myself all tangled up with a runaway southern belle. Ya know, Loki and Thor were brothers."

"Well isn't it a good thing we ain't brothers?" Loki smirked, eyes glancing over to Thor and then back at the road.

Thor's hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. White knuckles and red palms.

"Yeah.. good thing."

Wen they got back to the motel, the sunny Dallas day had disappeared and made way for stormy skies, grey and chilly and rainy, filled with thunder and lightning. Way out in town like this, where everything was flat and spread out, the lightning was really visible, really there. Thor could feel the static electricity in the air, the buzzing of energy. He could taste the sparks every time a waterfall of lightning fell and struck the ground. "Listen, Loki-"

"Thanks for the food. It was real nice of you to take care of me." Loki's smile was fake and Thor could tell. He stretched out a hand, a handshake felt impersonal but Thor numbly took it. He watched as Loki walked towards the door, no umbrella, no coat.

"Loki, wait."

The boy stopped and turned. Thor's tongue felt like cotton.

"Listen… kid… I uh."

"What is it?"

Thor stretched his arm back and rubbed his neck awkwardly, he sat down on the rickety motel mattress, his weight causing it to sink and melt around him "Why don't you stay with me...just a little bit, maybe? Just until you get some cash?"

The smile that grew on Loki's mouth made Thor's heart swell and thump. The lightning crackled around the air and Thor's entire body buzzed like the thunder that rolled with it. It hurt, slightly. What was he doing? Letting Loki come with him?

"Really? I can stay?!" It was like Thor was adopting a stray cat. He doesn't know if he'd be a good owner.

"Yeah kid. You can can stay."

Loki clasped his hands together and grinned, running up to Thor and straddling his hips, pushing himself as much as possible and wrapped his arms around Thor's broad neck. It was a hug, as sweet and innocent as they come. It hurt Thor, the way this gentle and fragile body pushed against his. Like a child holding onto his favorite stuffed toy. Thor hesitantly placed two hands on Loki's waist and allowed Loki to deepen the hug. It seemed to last an eternity before Loki pulled back, faces inches away from each other.

"I'll be a good roommate, I promise." Loki smiled, eyes twinkling. Thor's eyes flickered back and forth between Loki and the closet, to the safe inside; to what he knows is inside the safe.

Fuck, he was in trouble, wasn't he?