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Rules and Regulations

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Everything told her not to go – Asami had work and meetings in the morning (decisions loomed about where to take the company next) and this was not entirely a night she wanted to spend getting drunk out of her mind. Future Industries required her attention more than her body and her mind did.

“Bullshit, you’re getting some R&R, you deserve it and you need it,” Lin had told her rather forcefully. Asami had looked to Kuvira and Opal at the time, but the only other Alpha in the room was entirely on her elder’s side in the coffee shop earlier in the week.

“Now is not the time for me to going out on benders before I have to present meetings and reports to board, Lin,” Asami had tried to fight her corner, at the time sipping her tea almost just as quickly as Opal was bringing it to their table. Every time she brought a decanter of a different brew or a tray of some of her freshly baked goods for both Alphas and both Omegas, she was compelled by her mate to provide a deep and lavish kiss as Kuvira had continued to simply smile and let Lin tell Asami what to do.

It had irked Asami at the time, but now it was simply frustrating her that there seemed to be no way out of it. She was dabbing her eyelashes in black and letting Opal finish painting her lips a beautiful and deep red – Asami could see both Kuvira and Lin in the reflection of the mirror, both of them dressed smartly and utterly intimidating. Even Asami was caught stuck by the angular shapes and lines that Kuvira cast in her waistcoat and a long-sleeved shirt with a rather large collar. Lin was at least a little less bombastic but the deeper greens and almost black of her turtleneck and jacket made her exhume the strength of her power. Both were Alphas and incredibly handsome so; even seeing Opal around her mate made Asami quiver and brood in a fit of mild jealousy. There had always been at least an attraction to Kuvira, with her tender and rugged hair and handsome face; Asami wanted something like that in her life deep down. Thus far, she had only seemed to encounter bad luck for a woman of her position and stature.

There were not many CEOs or company big brains that were Omegas. Seeing Kuvira and Lin and their imposing shapes in the mirror, Asami had to clutch down the hem of her slightly shorter dress passed the plump of her thighs to cover her more.

“Relax, Asami... I’ve only got eyes for one woman tonight,” Kuvira told her with both eager and hungry eyes darting to the mirror. She wasn’t looking at Asami in her slightly shorter maroon number, but to Opal in her own long silver gown. “After all, isn’t that the point?”

Asami had to turn, seeing Kuvira’s avid glare at her own Omega ensuring her fellow was looking good enough to eat. “What point?” Asami asked, forcing Kuvira to grin revealing almost wolf-like teeth for her. Lin checked her watch.

“You really have to relax, Asami,” the older Alpha reminded her, tossing her sleeve back to check the time and wonder where her own mate was with the car that would take them all out. “Kya should be here by now; she won’t be much longer. Are you ready, at least?” She asked.

Opal claimed Asami’s face for only a couple of seconds longer, enough to finish her lips and slightly touch up her cheeks. “Wait! Oh! Lemme get some glitter in the corner of your eyes! They won’t be able to resist you out there once they see your eyes Asami,” the eager Omega demanded, reaching for the pot on the bedroom vanity. “Kuvira, fetch me her heels? She’s almost ready.”

The Alpha moved to the shoe rack, reaching for the black ones to go with Asami’s hair; looking to the hung coats as Lin left the room, she found a leather jacket with a couple of studs along the shoulders. There was absolutely no way this belonged to Asami, she would never wear something this punkish, nor did she have a reason. As Kuvira lingered with the heels over her finger, she thought about the look – along with the length of Asami’s red dress and how it clung to her incredible and offering frame, Kuvira couldn’t think of her wearing anything else tonight. She took it and moved to the vanity, resting the shoes just ahead of Asami’s toes and stood up at her back with a strong hand reaching for the vanity.

“There’s no way this is yours,” Kuvira told her, draping the leather jacket against the exposed flesh of her arm.

“Ugh, I forgot to give that back to him...” Asami cursed, almost disgusted to be thinking of her most recent ex. Only a person like him could have doomed their relationship from the start, causing her far more stress than he was worth. “Remind me to toss it out after work tomorrow.”

“I think it’d look better on you, ‘Sami,” Kuvira leered into her ear, looking at her face in the mirror as she pulled one of the halves of the jacket around her bosom and letting her see the leather against her frame and her dress. “See? What Alpha could deny this?”

“Kuvira!” Opal jabbed at her, forcing her away.

Asami jabbed her too, not really wanting to hear of Alphas or anyone looking at her in that way at present. The only horse Asami had in the race of them going out was that she would at least be able to let off some steam before her meetings at Future Industries. Kuvira’s look at her made her feel uncomfortable at first, but when the Alpha exhumed just a trickle of her scent, Asami’s body felt it. “You can just wear the black fur one, Asami. Or any of the others, it doesn’t matter,” Opal was telling her, running one last pull of the brush through her curls to make sure she looked good enough to eat – Kuvira’s eyes were already attesting to it as she smugly anticipated the thus far independent Omega. This close, it was already causing Asami’s eyes to slightly dilate. She steeled herself as she looked at the Alpha.

Lin reappeared within a moment, only pressing half of herself into the room before stealing Kuvira’s eyes. “Kya’s here, everybody ready?”

“Ready here, let’s go,” Kuvira reported, feeling Asami snatching the leather jacket from her hand just as Opal sealed the lid on the glitter. Looking at Asami’s finished exterior, Kuvira knew she would undeniable tonight – there’d be more than one someone out there wanting to claim her as soon as they saw her shimmering eyes and felt her incredible aroma.

“At least tell me where we’re going before I start making mistakes tonight,” Asami asked of them as Kuvira and Opal flooded out of the room.

Lin had her arm around the Omega now in an almost maternal way, sensing the sudden uneasiness within Asami at not knowing where she was to be whisked off to almost against her will. The grey-haired Alpha chuckled a little; she’d frequented this play too many times before and had even shown Kuvira before. “You’re really going to like this place, Asami,” she reassured the Omega, taking her and enveloping her in an aura of proud and almost regal musk. Lin’s was extremely different to Kuvira’s – whereas the younger Alpha’s scent was palpable and intoxicating due to her being so overbearing and wanting when she found something or someone that piqued her interest, Lin’s was consoling, as if lulling Asami into the promise of a match, but Lin never would. She had her coterie and wanted to simply ensure all of them would find their own matches and mates. Thus far, only Asami remained (Lin had severely disapproved of her previous partner, and now she saw the opportunity to put the Omega with someone who would give her all she wanted and more importantly what she needed), Lin was a determined maternal Alpha.

“You still haven’t told me, Lin...”

“It’s a place called ‘Feel Good Inc’ downtown,” the Alpha finally told her. “Don’t worry; you’re going to have a wild night.”

“That’s one way to put it,” Asami chuckled to herself as they all got into the elevator. “Isn’t Feel Good the strip club that claims to be a normal bar for Alphas? Please tell me why you want to take me there of all places, Lin.”

Kuvira rubbed her hand onto the small of Asami’s back while still holding Opal in her strong embrace. “It’s not just for Alphas, hon,” she leered, her almost sharp teeth making another appearance behind her thin yet inviting lips. Asami shuddered under the weight of her scent, even as Lin continued to envelop her in her own. “Feel Good only has a reputation for us... because all the dancers are Alphas...”

The words trickled into Asami’s brain like hospital fluids, sustaining her as soon as she’d recognised them. Lin wasn’t looking for her to get a match – she just wanted her to utterly lose herself, surely. Either way, this was the right way to go about it. A whole strip club with only Alphas as the dancers? Asami clenched her thighs together under the hugging constriction of her beautiful dress and wondered if anything could go wrong tonight, or if anything would be going right.

Her apprehension deepened the whole way there. Asami snuggled into the leather seating of the town car on the other side of Lin, her own Omega holding the Alpha with a fever that Lin always loved in Kya – on the opposite side of the seating, Kuvira gave Asami mild hungry eyes the whole ride while she snuggled up to Opal and exhumed her scent over the darling Omega as she always did. Asami could see the longing already in Opal’s eyes, how devoted she was to her mate; it was how her leg draped over Kuvira’s, and the way Opal’s slender fingers adored the handsome chest. So many times Asami had seen the pair of them look how they looked to her now. Kuvira’s eyes followed her glance, which much she could tell – she ended up looking at her Omega at her chest and staring into her lime-emerald eyes, the crooks of her dark pupils slightly dilated and wired from the involuntary oozing of the Alpha’s scent. Opal looked almost high from it, even as Lin looked at her.

“Careful, Kuvira,” the older Alpha spoke across the cabin, her booted and heeled foot jabbing at Kuvira’s. “Night’s only just started and she looks like she wants it.”

Kya ran her hand lovingly along and to the right of her own Alpha’s chest, and Asami had to look away from all four of them. It wasn’t raining out, but the low hanging of the sun far behind the pillars of skyscrapers and the way the clouds shadowed its departure told her that rain could be well on the way, even as she looked out the black and tinted windows of the town car.

“She’s okay, right?” She could hear Kuvira asking her doting Omega, and sensed the pulse of scents dancing in the air as Opal told her a sated ‘yes’ and cuddled her.

“Relax, ‘Sami,” She could hear Lin telling her again, her hand just gracing her outer thigh.

“We could have done this a different way... I’m not that stressed out lately, girls,” she told them defiantly, the frustration of how they’d arranged this and the state of things bubbling to the forefront of her mind. At this point, a room full of sweaty Alphas dancing in next to no clothing didn’t even amuse her anymore. She wanted to go back to the apartment already and sleep before her busy morning.

“Listen to her!” Kya piped up on the opposite side of Lin. “Take it easy, kiddo. You’re not gonna regret coming anyway, promise.”

“Just take it easy, ‘Sami,” Lin echoed as Sami sensed another encroaching attack of Kuvira’s scent opposite her. The Alpha was leering again, even as Opal fished an owning kiss from her. “Let yourself have a good time for once, okay?” Lin asked of her, snapping her out of Kuvira’s almost hypnotic demand of a look with her muted green eyes. They were the same as Opal’s only darker and far more suiting to her inherited role. If there was anyone like Kuvira in Feel Good, Asami couldn’t bare the antics that would ensue.

The car pulled up the curb not a few minutes later and as soon as Asami fled the confines of the car, she felt regret hitting the pit of her stomach with the annoying pulse and beat of music from the innards of the club wafting outside. The neon sign gliding over the forefront above the entrance to the den did it no favours and neither did the exterior, with girls already semi-naked in the windows to beckon inside a majority of Betas or the brave and endearing Omega. Never would Asami dare to come here alone; the mixing smells and sensations coming from inside hit her like a whirlwind of conflicting neon gases of all different colours like sherbet blended together with a syrup of all things sweeter and insanely sour. Lin’s hand came to her shoulder as Kuvira hopped out from the town car with Opal clinging onto her. Kya joined them after fronting the bill with the money of her estate (both she and Lin were well-to-do coming from wealthy and influential families and tribes in both the Southern Water Territories and just outside of the United Republic) just as Lin began to smile.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” She asked.

“No... Definitely not... Why the hell did you bring me here? It looks almost as bad a brothel...” Asami grimaced, groaning her displeasure with the women in the window dancing against the glass. The music from deep within didn’t inspire her either but the car was already pulling away without her. She wanted to call out to it to take her back, but Kuvira slapped her upper back and refused to let her go.

The music was moving in sequence like the spurts of a spider moving up or down a wall and if she was honest, Asami felt like an insect outside of it even with her coterie. In the window, one not occupied by a semi-nude man or woman, Asami could see some form of a poster, advertising one dancer in particular with rings of fire illuminated all around her naked and muscular form.

“The Avatar?” Asami asked the rest of the group, enticed by the luminous sapphire eyes of the dancer on the poster with the orange licks of flame kissing her illustrated form. The rest of the woman gathered around her and looked at the flyer she was looking at, seeing the same dancer advertised with the comets of flame surrounding her. The date matched up – she was surely inside and Kuvira gave a sultry and inspired look to Lin, seeing as this was the only thing about the establishment Asami had even remotely shown interest in.

“C’mon,” Lin told the younger Omega, ushering Asami forward. “Give it shot at least? If anything let it blow off some steam, because you have been carrying it, Asami,” she told her, nothing playful in the voice of the older Alpha.

It was enough to actually make Asami relax and reach into her clutch for her purse. “Fine... First drinks are on me, ladies. Let’s make the most of this, I guess,” she finally relented and led them all inside. Kuvira’s scent simmering around her was boasting.

“That’s the spirit! I cannot wait to see how this pans out...”

It panned out quite boring for the most part. The club was trying to be two things at once from what Asami could tell – one half was devoted to a single stage that featured three poles for the Alphas, and the second half of the club was an opened dance floor for entertainment. Overall it just struck Asami as annoying and the music was equally so. Opal had managed to claw Kuvira away from her which made things at least tolerable for the Omega; not having to deal with the encroaching offer veiled as Kuvira’s scent made everything just manageable for Asami as she stuck mainly to the bar and kept the drink flowing at a snail’s pace, the whole time focusing in her mind on the impending meeting that had claimed all her attention since she had broken up with Mako. As she rested her arm onto the bar she realised she was still wearing his jacket, and thus immediately became annoyed he occupied any length of thought she had at all. Asami gritted her teeth and shot down the rest of her rum and coke before gesturing the bartender for another and slipped him another ten for him to pick up the pace.

Lin arrived at her flank just as she finished the next drink in two gulps and demanded another. “You’re going to want to pace yourself,” the older Alpha told her, pointing to another bottle on the top rack as the bartender looked at her and then gestured to her glass.

“I’ve got it,” Asami told the tender for Lin, breaking a twenty anyway. “And trust me; I’m hardly in the mood to get drunk.”

“What are you in the mood for, Asami? That dancer on the flyer?”

“I think I’m in the mood to head home, Lin. I really have to be on the ball tomorrow. We’re unveiling the new model before investors and if I flunk out...” She tried explaining, flailing her hands around for only Lin to catch them. The older Alpha intervened, putting her hands back on the bar and trying to calm the Omega down.

“’Sami... Relax,” Lin repeated.

“Why is everyone telling me to relax tonight?” She asked, finally sick of hearing the word passed at her between Lin and Kuvira. “Can’t I just be allowed to be pent up for once?” She followed up incredulously.

Lin smiled at her maternally, taking her drink from the bar and sliding a straw into it for her gracefully. It made Asami blush just a little, the red melding with the glitter in the corners of her eyes and making her look adorable. Moreover, she could feel the wave of Lin’s scent invade her shell, dispelling her sense of dread and frustration. The way the older woman laughed set her at ease as she passed her the drink and stroked the leather sleeve of Asami’s borrowed jacket.

“Of course you’re allowed. Who would we be with the stress? But...”

“This isn’t about Mako...” Asami told her in ironclad resolution, not wanting to hear that possibility at all. It had been almost a month and she was not prepared to trudge down the terrible path with him – the relationship itself has consumed too many of her thoughts.

Lin let it dissipate between them, and didn’t say anything about it or the stress. She didn’t really have a chance on the matter – the lights of the dance floor and the main pole area of the strip club began to direct all attention to the centre of the stage, where a single spotlight illuminated a central spot between the two grand and maroon curtains (their colour not unlike the wings that was the dress that wrapped around Asami’s body and clung to her neatly). Asami’s gaze was held entirely in rapture by the sudden commotion happening about the stage.

“For one night, and one night only!” An announcer was declaring, as the music took a deep and different turn to the sound of primal drums that enamoured something deep within Asami’s body to form and take flight.

The pace of the drums was exciting, and Lin was looking at her with a true smile for the first time tonight. Asami expected her to say something snark or with a teasing sensation that would snap her out of her trance with the stage, but the Alpha said nothing to her and Asami could no longer feel her mellow influence hanging about her. She smelled Kya join them, and could pick out both Kya and Opal from among the sitting and standing audience in the small vestibule some ways downwind from the central bar, but Asami now felt alone and independent once more as she saw the woman from the poster take centre stage in very little clothing at all.

She was wearing what looked at first glance like a two piece of bright golden-orange wrapping and containing her beautiful breasts, with a little more room in the bottoms to both conceal her and also accommodate anything that could form from what lay between her thighs. Asami was completely captive by her darkened skin. The browner texture of her body glistened when the lights captured her and her long hair was captured in three distinct pony tails – one atop her crown and two dangling in front of her ears in orange-gold bands that matched her very much lacking outfit. Sato was not only fascinated but totally captivated by her, losing all sense of anything else that lay between them and when the dancer opened those distinct and glacial sapphire eyes that seemed so against the fiery rest of her body, Asami could tell they darted across the whole club and looked at her. Not only that but they spoke to her, deep within her and she was completely helpless to listen to them.

Watch me now. The dancer spoke to Asami with her gorgeous eyes across the gap. Don’t look away from me and only me. Watch me move, because I know you want to...

Two more of the girls handed the dancer batons topped with fabric as the crowd continued to applaud her. “The Avatar!” The announcer declared and before Asami could think about looking away, the ends of the rods in the woman’s hands ignited with flames and she began to move.

Despite the flames, she moved like a river – one moment she was lulling and moving serenely and the next she became a set of rapids, drawing in the looks from the women and men of all roles in the audience and toying with their attention. Asami, enamoured enough and losing herself within a moment, was blown away with how this woman moved. Lin and Kya, right next to her, looked between them, seeing how captured Asami’s eyes were with the blue-eyed fire dancer. And it was not as if Asami was only captivated by the sources of flames on either side of the Avatar, but her gaze was totally enthralled by the eyes of the dancer in particular. The way she moved was totally ethereal, or more viscerally so to Asami’s eyes held hostage by her incredible body. The Avatar was ripped; her lower abdomen chiselled like a marbled statue the more Asami inspected her between slick and incredible movements. What little she could observe about the woman’s body totally set her flame – the spark with Asami was chipped and illuminated into a large fire deep within her. The other Alpha’s dancing at the time had only set her mood, and now this Avatar was blowing her away as she clutched her purse and wondered who she really was. Even this far from the stage, Asami could distinguish her scent like a lighthouse. It was charcoal in the sea of herbs, so bright and identifiable that Asami’s knees even felt weak and forced her to her stool once again.

She was not even returning the gaze at Asami. She had done to begin, she had spoken to her, and now she was totally ignoring her. Asami didn’t care – the familiar direction of those prominent blue eyes had burned within her a mark that the Omega could not ignore even if her life depended on it – the Avatar was simply that striking to her as she danced and made bodily love to her rods of fire. On her back, Asami saw the defiant tracings of a single long and intricate tattoo that marked almost entirety of the dancer’s back. It looked like a kite; something that resembled a ceremonial and complex flying kite but with aspects not innate to a creature of some sort. And neither was it the only tattoo that adorned the Avatar’s body – she had a cuff of a sleeve on her right arm that Asami could immediately indentify as Southern Water Territory in nature. Just as Asami was about to observe the movement of the fire (the tracing motions that made all over the stage almost seemed to distract from the bare-nakedness of almost all of her entire body) she saw a flash of blue bright and stark in contrast to the yellows and oranges of the flames she was handling.

Had she looked at her? Was Asami now being looked at with the eyes that had ignited a flame within her? Again she clutched at her purse and observed the rest of the dancer again and again. Her eyes lingered from top to bottom and Asami could not control herself anymore.

Below the hem of her dress, she could feel a familiar sensation that had not graced her form for some weeks – a true wanting of someone. “Excuse me...” She struggled to whisper to Lin above the pulse of the now guiding music and the struggle of clawing her eyes away from the dancing Avatar.

“Where are you going?” Kya asked her, but Lin gripped her hand and kissed the back of it.

“Watch... She’s going to feel this in the morning,” the Alpha anticipated, seeing Asami approach one of the other girls wandering the room with notes stuffed in her garter and a tray covering her naked tummy.

Asami looked right past her and once more struggled not to give her vision freely to the stripper on the stage, the flames of the batons now pressed to her completely gorgeous lower abdomen, alighting her breasts in a yellow hue from the only light source in the room. The other girl stood taller than Asami, touching her arm wanting but Asami exhaled and expelled desperate breath.

“How much gets me a dance..?” She asked the woman.

“Oh honey, for you I’d have to drop my rate, look at you... You’re almost begging for it,” the nameless Alpha tried to pressure the determined Asami. She was resolute, even if the dancer made her feel the strain of herself deep with. As the Alpha tried to touch her body more, Asami battered her away, needing to get what she now extremely wanted.

Another flash of blue came in her direction and Asami knew it was honing in on her position in the room – her own retort of mellow seafoam found the Avatar’s glance within a second and more of the pulse of scent found her. Asami needed her and only her. She had to get closer. Even if she couldn’t touch the woman, Asami just needed to be closer, alone if preferable and she had more than another money on her person and enough determination in her to know she could slide her way to making it happen.

“Not you... I’m sorry,” it pained Asami refuse, but her eyes and intentions were locked on the Avatar. “Her,” she pointed to the stage and the woman tossing fire. “I want a private dance from her I have enough to afford it.”

“I doubt that sweetie, she’s only here for the night, and she doesn’t give dances to just anyone,” the Alpha told Asami, the consolation and accommodating nature in the smooth of her voice leaving it as she took a dire demeanour about her.

Asami would not stand for it – she didn’t care what it took, she wanted the dancer on the stage tossing fire about her beautiful naked body. She wanted the Avatar. To this end her hand dove into her clutch and pulled out her card, slamming it into the face of the Alpha now mocking her. She knew that just by looking at the name on the card, she would know who Asami was, what position she occupied (in society Asami was an anomaly of being an Omega with such a high position in such a reputable company plenty of people were stunned just by the size of her estate) and how much she could afford. Right now, the Avatar dancing was all she wanted and she was wholly prepared to go through a vast sum of her fortune to be put into the same room as her.

The commotion attracted one of the bouncers, one of the administrators – a large woman with a punkish demeanour. None of the dancers needed muscle, not least against Asami, but this was a special case. She examined Asami’s card and observed both the company logo dotting it as well as Asami’s fortunate surname. Her heritage stood out to the admin right away, and she, in turn, motioned to the dancer holding up the transaction. Asami’s surname carried weight all over the city, all over the United Republic; it was one thing she actually thanked her father for – the money and status accompanying her was enough to always get her through situations like this swimmingly. “Allow to me to apologise, Miss Sato. We had no idea you’d be entering our club tonight.”

“I’ve been handling with just cash until now,” Asami told them, she almost always dealt in cash for this very reason. The sudden recoiling of two otherwise autonomous Alphas made her body jerk and reject it. “It’s totally fine, but please tell me how much would it cost for a private dance with the Avatar?”

Both women looked at each other before looking back to Asami. “The Avatar is only here for the night...”

“I know, I saw the flyer on my way in,” Asami said again, her tone more rushed than before as the display on the stage attempted, again and again, to claw her attention to it. She spotted the lit abdomen of incredible muscles again and another flash of blue questionably coming to her location. “If she doesn’t want to accept my offer, that’s completely fine,” Asami calmed. “But I’d at least like you to deliver it to her... and return to me with a price.”

“It’s not gonna be cheap,” the dancer told her nonchalantly.

“I’m prepared for that,” Asami retorted, more defiant than she had been in a long time at all. “I’d just like to extend the offer.”

The admin took a moment to look at the card again before handing it back to Asami with a more revering and respectful look on her face. She batted her colleague away before getting closer to the almost desperate Omega. “There’s an ATM in the front your welcome to use to rent the room. I can offer you the after part abode if you’d like it; that’s if she says yes...”

“I’d really appreciate it if you expressed my desires to the letter,” Asami told the Alpha suavely. “I’m really pining to meet her...”

The Alpha disappeared backstage before long and Asami looked over the bar. Lin shot her a cool look and a smile that only meant one thing as the Avatar’s dance finished with a masterful toss of her batons. Kya was snaking all over Lin and Asami could swear she had seen Kuvira being dragged into one of the toilet clusters by an eager Opal. There was another bar near the set of private rooms that had fallen completely silent – the admin appeared again from the side of one of the wings and gestured to Asami to wait there while she continued negotiations and Asami caved to buy another drink while her nervous slightly encroached on her eager being. She elected for a larger one this time, tossing the young Beta much more than he deserved as she waited. When the bouncer finally reappeared, Asami could have sworn she could see piercing blue eyes gazing at her from a slit in the central stage curtains. They had such gravity and a pull to them that Asami could sense them observing her entire frame with something between shyness and an utter delectable want to meet as well. It was only here that Asami felt her knees wobbling a little underneath her.

Was she there? Had she said yes? Asami held her clutch tight to her bodice but didn’t care how much this would cost anymore – if the Avatar was only here for one night, Asami had to meet her even if it was in the private room of a downtown strip club. But the thought of the Alpha draping her almost naked body all over her rich frame, of course, managed to make her feel heated, to say the least.

“The Avatar says she’ll see you in the room... just the two of you.”

“And payment? How much does she want?” Asami asked, ready to pop the snap of her purse.

But the Alpha stalled; her words became sluggish and the sense surrounding Asami that the Avatar was definitely close, if not moving backstage to head to the room already. Still, the bouncer stopped wearily before looking back to Asami and reserved herself. “She says she’ll discuss with you in the room, just the two of you. To that end you’re gonna have the door closed – it’s her request. Also, you’ll be her only dance tonight and you only get the one, so make sure you enjoy yourself because there won’t be another, Miss Sato. The room is going to cost you, though,” the Alpha made herself clear, holding her hand out for the cash. Asami past a wad of notes to her, not counting it but knowing it should be more than enough.

“Thank you,” Asami told her before walking past her and into the corridor of empty private rooms; thoughts of Lin with Kya at the bar and Kuvira and Opal no doubt still in the toilets were removed from her mind and as the door closed behind her to mute the music, she realised what she was about to do.

Was she really about to get a private dance from a powerful Alpha in the back of a seedy strip club with no further regards for what was going to happen tomorrow?

When the scent from an opened door hit her with tones of pure and unfiltered musk hit her, Asami breathed desperately, her arms falling lax. She didn’t care if she was wearing his leather jacket, or how much money this might cost her – those eyes of fantastic blue were enough to lull her to anywhere right now. The scent hit her like a hot iron on her skin and she decided that she was doing this if it was the last thing she would do – she held the cup of her dress’s bosom and lingered to the door ajar.

Inside was the Avatar. Inside was where she desperately wanted to be.