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Rules and Regulations

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Asami couldn’t answer why the cold hit her more than it had done any other time she’d stayed in the South, but even under the blanket of the empress-sized mattress and even with her loyal and gently snoozing Alpha at her flank, she was dithering. The shaking was more than she even realised, her arms snaked around her front to constrict her chest as she covered her naked arms for warmth. In hindsight, she realised she shouldn’t have worn the slip dress and a fresh pair of lacy panties and now was cursing herself for not going to bed in the brand new pair of long sleeved and legged pyjamas.

It was cold enough for her to violent shake into gripping the sheets around her upper bust, nearly biting into her bottom lip as her breath escaped. What made it worse was the fact that the room was fairly warm, lukewarm almost with just an undercurrent of very sharp and very real cold creeping for her. It had found her in the bed, moments before now as she shuffled away to create a casual parting between herself and her Alpha, and now the Omega was begging to be back in Korra’s arms, cuddled softly but dominantly by her sleeping Avatar.

She could still feel and consider the darker-skinned Alpha’s mellow and homely musk coming from behind her, like a lullaby. But there was no way she could return to sleep now.

Asami wanted to shuffle back, but not to wake Korra; the Alpha’s scent came again as she rubbed he desperate palms across her near naked chest and exposed shoulders, bundling up the covers again and again to hide from the almost unnatural wave of cold. She didn’t want to wake Korra, desperately didn’t want to wake her Alpha. This was as much the Avatar’s chance for vacation as hers, and after their talk about their plans to find and see the Alpha’s parents; Asami began to feel awkward under the sheets. And then there was her scent again – that smoky sensation, the dark ochre and hint of oakwood nearly charred with a mullet fur that Asami never could know where on Korra’s frame it came from (although she always had her suspicions when they mated and the smell came hard and fast all around her). The cold was only a spectre around her compared to her mate’s scent, but yet it couldn’t warm her. Only Korra could.

Rather suddenly, but not unwontedly, Asami felt her mate’s arms slip under her own and around her waist, wrapping around her. Next, she could hear her Alpha gently snarl, more like a humble growl; the deep and dominant sound of her mate giving her a simple request.

Come to me, Asami. Let me hold you. Let me warm you up, baby...


“Shh, hey,” the Alpha lulled her shivering mate, lifting up a large well in the covers and moving over across the diameter of the bedding rather than waiting for the Omega to come to her. Impatience – Korra always seemed to make it one of her most attractive features. “You’re almost freezing...”

“I’m... I’m okay.”

“Hey, I’m right here,” Korra breathed, pulling back on the sheets to expose some small parts of her lover, revealing her shoulders and kissing her there faithfully. “I’ve got you, Asami. Let me warm you up.”

The Omega mildly pouted, her duty to her Alpha spoiled by Korra waking up anyway. She felt like it was her fault a little, now both of their rests would be interrupted, and tomorrow was going to be important for the slightly shorter Alpha. But she was close now, and Asami felt overridden by a fresh wave of the Avatar’s musky aroma, the deep oakwood ambiance of her natural scent entering the alert Omega’s nostrils to drive her a little crazy in small but wholesale pieces. Korra drew herself closer, all of her presence enveloping Asami’s closeness now next to her; the Alpha seemed wanting, her scent a galloping charge and a boisterous shout next to the trembling Omega.

But they were close, and Korra’s embrace was enchanting, exactly what Asami wanted and knew she needed. Her Alpha’s cuddle was so incredibly warm and soft, accommodating, but her scent was more than heavy.

“You’re so warm, Korra...” Asami gently sighed. Actually, it was more like a reserved moan, and she tried her utmost to mask and obfuscate that fact, shuffling so her outline settled into how her was laying. They snuggled. “I’m sorry if I woke you up...”

Korra lurched a little, planting another soft and slightly dominant kiss on her mate’s shoulder, then another on her collarbone. “You didn’t. Promise... I can’t sleep either.”

Asami blinked. “You can’t? Is it about our talk?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s not. I just feel like I can’t sleep, that I don’t need rest right now... Can’t help it...”

“You...” The Omega caught herself, trying to stay quiet as another fresh wave of her Alpha’s musk infiltrated her nostrils, telling sweet nothings of awfully infatuated intent. She couldn’t feel any weight behind her and between her Alpha’s legs, but Asami sensed, her own inhibitions wearing away slowly. “You smell really good right now, Korra.”

“So do you...” The Alpha’s voice was a cool spectre on the night, her hands exactly where Asami wanted them – on her abdomen, with the gentle promise or at least bargain that they would creep up the inside of her nightdress.

She feels so close, so warm... smells so good... And I’m suddenly so not tired... Oh, Korra.

Asami couldn’t anticipate what her Alpha was thinking, if her eyes were awake or if she was heading towards the same kind of headspace as herself. The Omega almost didn’t want to entertain the idea that she was falling into a kind of trance of wishing Korra would touch her, but deep down she knew it was creeping up on her faster than she could realise. If she tried to fight it, Asami knew she would fail – between her legs was a desire she’d already felt tonight, if not somehow growing worse from the cold and now incredible warm. Cuddling and snuggling with her Alpha, no, with her girlfriend was somehow inherently and beautiful erotic. Some kind of stoic sexual side of the contemplative Omega had awoken alongside the need to have her Avatar with her, cuddling at her flank as the bigger spoon to their pair. All too quickly Asami was wanting this to go somewhere else.

Each time she understood the familiar homeliness of Korra’s scent doing things to her mind, Asami only wanted her cock all the more again.

And that was what betrayed her in the end. Korra could smell it on her, could feel it through the pores of her immaculate and so effervescent skin, she must have. Before Asami could think herself out of her stupor and back to rational thinking, Korra was kissing at her shoulder again, at the back of her neck.

“Look what you’ve done to me, can’t keep my hands off of you now...”

“Now?” Asami whispered, the corners of her lips curling somewhat. She never knew exactly when they had developed the way they could anticipate the others’ thoughts, but now it felt almost natural. Everything did. “Can we..?”

“Come to me...”

“Korra...” Asami moaned, the Alpha claiming her lips without hardly any effort at all. The Omega offered them up willingly, their bodies pressed even closer in their erotic snuggles.

The Alpha’s kiss was incredibly powerful, her lips distracting the willing Asami wholesale and drawing her attention from how the pair was laying together. Her rear was still pressed against Korra’s lap, the promise of her bulge waiting to form the moment tensions rose too high for either of them to cope with. So far she was still cool and collected, Asami could tell she was more determined just to enjoy their snugly fit embrace and stirring the sexual aura to a point they were both comfortable with. But that was not to say that Korra’s hands were fully kept to herself.

Her right hand slinked up the frilly lace of Asami’s nightdress, gripping a hefty handful of her peachy rear and owning what she could feel. Korra growled under her breath, in the depths of her throat, still containing her resolve. Wave after wave of her scent assaulted Asami’s senses, giving her gratifying sensations and rocking her stalwart hesitation, making her want to forsake herself and gyrate her ample love handles against her Alpha’s lap. But she took pause and collected herself, just wanting to stay here for the moment, to keep their profile low and the energy underneath the earth while they cuddled. The wave of cold was still ever present outside of the covers, and Asami still felt exposed to it – staying like this, even with her Alpha’s hands working their way over her body would keep her warm, warm all over.

“Move your hands...” Asami begged, the inside of her mouth already fogged up and cottonmouth with the folds of dry saliva from the excessive making out. Her eyes had dilated more than thirty percent of their usual width.

Korra’s had honed in, and the Omega could tell she was alert, on the edge of her own seat. “Where can I touch you?” She asked attentively, her own hips bucking forward and the movement giving her away. Her bulge was certainly forming in her pyjama shorts. Asami could feel it, certainly, and the Alpha could tell she could – why else had she shuffled even more forward.


“Here...” The Omega settled, the presence of her mate’s hardening member under their clothes pushing her ahead a little. As soon a she could make out the dimensions of that beautiful cock at her flank, nothing could really hold her back anymore. But she wanted to try and draw this out, for the sake of them both. And she wanted to keep them both warm.

Asami grabbed her Alpha’s hand, removing it from gripping at her rump and moved it up the length of her nightdress, passed the frilly and lacy veil to her ample chest. Some kind of lights from the outside in the dead of night made their way through the window, casting rapidly changing hues of yellow into orange and then red, distracting them both momentarily and drawing the energy right down into a pause. Korra found Asami’s face with this small interference of light and looked stunned to see her mate again in this kind of way.

The Omega had rested her paw right on her bosom, under her clothing and groping her soft breast. Korra had had her touch there so many times, but felt stunned. Again they melted into a kiss, and slowly, Korra took her leave to grope as she pleased, massaging her firm grip into the sweet plumpness of Asami’s perfect bosom.

“Korra...” Asami whispered, her breath like dry ice.

“Open your legs for me.”

She paused. They both did, but Asami did as Korra told her – always did as Korra told her as far as her sex was concerned. She knew it wanted her Alpha’s touch there. This was what they both wanted from the beginning. Warm and cuddly intercourse. The cat was out of the bag. Both of them moved their hands.

Pink lace parted for darker-skinned fingers just as a paler hand disappeared behind the hem of glacial blue sleeping shorts, and gripped around a throbbing member. The next few seconds were more kisses and one mighty wave of intoxicating scent. Asami’s was like fruit on a palette of ice, dry and visceral but so fresh and vibrant like a wave of aromatic spells cast over Korra’s body while their lips continued their moist and impeccable exchange. This close, closer than they had ever been like this, arms still wrapped around most of their bodies, the cold stood no chance of ruining their mood. The powerful Alpha saw to it with her continued warmth – just touching her dark and beautiful flesh felt lit it gently singed the tips of the Omega’s fingers. It such a raw and all-encompassing warmth, the kind she didn’t want to be robbed of, the kind that was driving her to want her Alpha more and more.

“Grope me...” Asami begged out of nowhere, her lips leaving Korra’s while their foreheads clasped together momentarily. “Touch me deeper... Like you own me...”

Where was this coming from? Asami couldn’t answer; the same place that notion she always had that she was property, that somehow she was to be owned by her Alpha. Korra didn’t resist that side of her thinking anymore. If anything, the Alpha embraced it. Her kneading hand snaked under her mate’s body to grope wantonly at her breasts, pulling the cups of her nightdress down to expose her rather roughly, still keeping their bodies close for that needed warmth. While she had her way with the Omega’s bosom, pinching and even pulling and tugging at her larger and perky nipples, Asami’s free hand snaked down her own chest, joining Korra’s between her sparsely spread legs.

“Spread your legs wider,” the Avatar told her, gripping her thigh for a beat and returning to her sex, coaxing it to wet. “Wider.” Asami complied, her own touch gently pumping along the luscious shaft of Korra’s cock. “Wider...” Asami complied again.

“You’re really hard for me.”

“You’re really wet for me.”

“It’s because...” Asami breathed, like she was huffing something to alter her. Korra bit at her lip, fingers gently stroking at her entrance, politely knocking at her door and asking for entrance. “Oh... Korra...” She moaned, the mere sensation of being touched, being stroked at her sex, no penetration required infiltrating her and turning her mind to an unravelling mess of need and want and everything in between. “Korra...”

Her Alpha was already smiling in the lower half of her vision, which was blurring and watery slightly with ever added touch along the wet groove of her purring and lusting sex. The movements she maintained over Korra’s cock were slow and intermittent now, her attention span overtaken by the sheer ecstasy and passion that rolled over her eyes, but she wouldn’t go. The occasional stroke of her lover’s member made the Alpha buck her hips lazily into her hand, the telltale sign that she wanted more than her fingers at Asami’s opening. Korra kissed her lips again as she sighed, as she moaned, biting that bottom lip and dragging it like meat from a leg. She enjoyed this, of course she did, but more so because of the slow and dragged out pace. Warmth was their priority; the rest was because they just could not keep their hands from one another. Heat inspired lust, and Asami was moaning for relief.

“Don’t come,” the Alpha begged her Omega, apprehensive about going any further without entering her.

“I’m not going to... Don’t... Don’t worry.”

Another kiss at Asami’s neck, hungry teeth raking down her flesh as Korra stroked again along her sodden sex. “You want it, don’t you.”

“Are you going to make me beg for you?”

Korra leered, her head bigger than she thought and her eyes as wide as dinner plates with her intentions revealed. “Maybe I will.”

“Please... take me.”

The Alpha planted another deep kiss against her Omega’s lips, her cock throbbing at the mere mention of having her. Both their eyes were serious, but one knew the other wouldn’t follow through. Asami was developing a knack for begging for it, but Korra was the more collected and smarter one of the two when it came to that kind of thinking. Maybe she was just too cautious, or maybe she was smart. Or maybe Asami just wanted her cock and her come that badly to misspeak. Either way; she began to pump her fist back and forth along her Alpha’s shaft until she took her.

“Take your panties off and lift your leg over mine...”


“Easy though... take it easy, baby,” Korra cooed, her hands still pawing at both her Omega’s sex and her expansive chest, still tugging lightly but dominantly at Asami’s nipple to drive her crazier still. She was moaning behind the seal of her lips with every tug. “You’re liking it when I do this, aren’t you?”

Another muffled moan came with another handy pull on her peaked nipple, Korra’s fingers holding her bosom with a comfortable grip. She’d paid attention to the Omega’s chest before but this felt a lot more possessive, even mischievous than ever while gently fingertips swirled taunting circles around her beading and wanton clitoris. Asami coped with it, giving her breasts over completely to Korra’s machinations as she moved her slender digits down to the hem of her pink and lacy knickers hoisted over her love handles. She slipped them over her hips and down her thighs, softly shuffling out of them until her alluring lower half was naked.

“Where should I put my leg, Korra?” Asami asked, her demeanour softened by the incessant touch to her bosom, her tense need minutely relaxed and reminded how close they were for warmth. The Omega moved slowly and kept herself under the covers, hiking her left leg over Korra’s hip to give her access – the Alpha had already lowered her shorts beyond the curves of her rear and her cock was throbbing at the back of her mate’s entrance.  “Spirits, you’re still so warm.”

“How rough do you want me to be?” Korra asked with a precursor kiss.

Asami turned her head over again, an awkward but wanton kiss on her lips. “I don’t want to feel my legs...”

“I kinda hoped you’d say that,” the Alpha grinned, planting one more kiss on her lover’s shoulder before holding her cock.

She gave herself one slick stroke of her tip along the blossoming opening of Asami’s entrance, wetting her cockhead with the Omega’s sodden slick before positioning herself right at the bloom. Asami bit her lip as she felt every motion with intoxicating fluidity and gripped the covers’ folds before Korra entered her, after which she didn’t care about cold or warm at all anymore. The Omega only lived to be this close to her Alpha, offering her rear and sex to her as the soft stretch of penetration made her arms tremble with goosebumps. It had all been for warmth, and now they were both more than hot under the covers.

Abundant with slick succour and such deep warmth, Korra almost underestimated how intense she would feel again even so soon after being inside of her mate. But Asami’s whimpering from taking her Alpha’s cock was what made the Avatar really lose herself in the heat of the moment. She didn’t buck her hips at first; merely feeling the sweet sex of her lover keeping her member warm was enough, basking in her wetness as Asami gently backed hips with what movements she could manage. Suddenly all Korra could register with her senses was everything she could gather from her mate – her incredible and aromatic scent radiating from her skin and her sex, the offsetting equilibrium from her shampoo with her hair this close to the Alpha’s nostrils, and the feeling of every inch of her perfect shape.

Korra’s hand moved to her lover’s hip, holding her steady as she bucked her waist, filling Asami up with incremental inches of her member. Her cock was throbbing excessively; she was fully rebooted after the unknown amount of time they’d both slept, it couldn’t have been much but enough. The Alpha felt revitalised and now her need to own her partner’s desire was overwhelming.

She had been right, she didn’t want to hold back, and her pace mirrored her lust. Korra’s need was firm and sharpish, weighty inside of Asami’s wetness, filling her up bit by bit.

“Spirits, Korra... You’re filling me up, filling me up...”

“Just keep your leg right against me, Asami... It feels so good like this.”

“You’re so warm, Korra. It’s so hot.”

The Alpha’s teeth found their mark in Asami’s neck, a hankering need to pierce the skin as she make love to her Omega. Asami was willing; she could smell it on her body, holding her leg up continuously for ease of entry. And Asami could hardly hold out, hanging on for dear life as Korra found her groove and an incredible pace to bury her cock inside of her need. The raven-haired submissive couldn’t simply remain resting, however, she bucked her hip back enough to meet Korra’s thrusts each time, feeling as many inches of her lover’s cock as she could take, and loving each one as it entered her.

Soon all there was between the Alpha and Omega (their foreheads perpetually clasped together) was the gentle and non-committal silence with a background of Korra’s hips clashing against Asami’s rear, her cock jolting and throbbing in her sex. All Asami could do was pant from the pace and pressure entering her need, soaking them both in her wetness. She was nearly ragged in a moment.

“You feel amazing,” Korra half growled.

The Omega moaned below her breath, still shaking her hips into her lover’s advances, trying to get all she could as her legs gently shivered. “So... So do you... Spirits.”

“Are you gonna come for me?”

“Can I, please?”

“Come for me, baby.”

Asami went near limp, her legs soon shaking furiously as Korra continued to ride her ragged. She could hardly feel her lower half, only enough to collect those intense and fantastic sensations from her wet desire as her Alpha owned her there. Two ravenous and hungry heaves of the Omega’s waist to meet her mate’s and Asami could tell she was unravelling for her Avatar. She couldn’t feel her legs; she really couldn’t feel her legs. The next wave of scent and warmth almost felt like it could knock her unconscious, and her walls totally broke.

Around Korra’s throbbing member, Asami’s walls gripped tight, refusing to let her go while her orgasm took her like a spectre in the night, coaxing one mighty moan from deep in her chest and up her throat. She gripped onto Korra’s shirt and the bed sheets and came all at once, her release slick and incredibly wet around her lover’s beautiful instrument.

“I can’t... Spirits, I can’t feel my legs.”


“Please don’t come inside me... I can’t take it again, Spirits.”

The corners of Korra’s lips curled in mischievous lustre, her pace slowing but her cock still throbbing inside of her mate. She was close, and didn’t need much more encouragement from Asami other than a request. Her hands left her Omega’s leg and held herself firmly at the base of her member, softly stroking herself as she continued to gently fuck Asami.

“Where do you want it?”

“Wherever... wherever... housekeeping will clean it up.”

Korra had other plans. With one more series of short and indulgent thrusts, savouring the sensation of her lover’s desire wrapped so tightly around her prick, the Alpha knew she was spent. Her core went a little numb, a spiral tingling taking over her member while she quickly pulled out. Asami was unprepared for her, but it made the lupine dominant smile. She came quick and sure-fire all over her lover’s naked rump, painting her flank with generous ropes of white seed spent but charged. The Omega shrieked at first, but soon fell into step.

“You said anywhere...” Korra griped as she throbbed and writhed to completion all over her lover’s ass.

“I suppose I did...” Asami settled all too quickly and willingly.

After that, they waited, a long and serene pause during which Asami shuffled and turned over, her rear still more than emotionally belonging to her lover. At the back of her mind, in a most deviant way, she loved it. It wasn’t something she often admitted but she was learning that she loved the idea of Korra releasing on different parts of her body as a method of demonstrating her station as her Alpha. Having her come on her flank like that was something Asami liked indeed. She snuggled closer to her protector, her guide.

“You’re still sure about tomorrow?” The Omega felt the need to ask. Their earlier conversation was still very much on her mind, perhaps more so than on Korra’s.

“I think so... It’s not even tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just passed six, Asami... It’s already morning.”