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this is where it ends

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Connor groaned as the sun shone into his eyes. He raised a hand to block out the sun, while he slowly sat up against the tree.

"Dear gods, that hurt," He groaned as he stretched his neck.

"Uh- Um- Uh- H-H-H-Hi?" A voice sounded out from somewhere in front of him.

"Huh?" Connor mumbled eloquently, moving his hand in the process. He looked up to see a... Evan Hansen?

"I-I-I'm Evan... Evan Hansen? We go to the- We go to school together? You're C-"

"Connor Murphy," Connor cut off, watching Evan's face twist in confusion before settling.

"Oh! S-Sorry, Connor. I- I didn't know..." Evan apologized as he twisted the bottom of his shirt between his hands.

"Yeah, well, nobody's asked," Connor grumped before jerking and standing quickly. "Fuck! What time is it? I was supposed to go to school today!"

Evan sheepishly looks down. "Uh- I left during 4th period... It's probably about the end of 5th right now."

Connor sat back down, shaking his head. "Wait wait wait, you skipped class?"

Evan sat down next to Connor, being careful not to put weight on his broken arm. "I- Uh- I- There was a- I had to do a presentation in- in my f-f-f-f- in my English class and I- Uh- I had a panic attack..."

"So, you just left?"

Evan nodded.

"That's pretty ballsy, Evan," Connor nodded in approval.

Evan chuckled nervously.

"Hey, have you ever gotten drunk, Evan?"


Connor had used some of his money to buy a bottle of vodka, and found out that Evan Hansen was, in fact, a lightweight.

"Did you know..." Evan slurred, shifting so his head rested in Connor's lap.

"Know what?"

"I'm, like, totally bi," Evan grinned.

Connor blinked down at Evan before taking another gulp of vodka. "I'm hella gay."

"Okay, but like... It's funny," Evan giggled.


"Because, I had a crush on you when I thought you were a girl, but since I'm bi I still like you after I learned you're actually a guy," Evan grinned up at Connor before yawning. "Do you mind if I sleep?"

Connor softly ran his fingers through Evan's sandy-blonde hair. "Um-"

Evan snored softly, and Connor realized he didn't actually get a choice.

Evan... liked him?