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Story Prompts of My Hero Academia

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Bakugou and others of the class go back in time behind the teacher's backs to make sure Midoriya doesn't become a villain.

In this universe, Midoriya is a mid/high- level bad guy and rising. His tenacity and intelligence make him highly sought after as a contractor. He hasn't joined or created his own villain group, but he does have people that he is on a real name basis with in the criminal world. The heroes only know Midoriya’s villain name. What he actually does is up to the writer.

Bakugou became a prominent hero after graduating from UA. He chilled all the way out. His personality is still passionate and brash, but he cares about helping people. Maybe he had to defend someone in a situation exactly like when he was a bully to Midoriya. He did some soul searching as a result. The characters are 24-19 years old in this fic. This is important.

The start of the story is a showdown between the villain group that has a contract with Midoriya and a large hero group including Bakugou and most of or all of 3A. The stakes are extremely high. If the villains win, it is the end of society. The heros will be decimated and the remains will be unable to muster a defense let alone take back Japan. If the heroes win, peace is preserved and the villains are taken off of the streets for good.

When Midoriya is cornered while enacting his part of the villain group’s plan, Bakugou finds out who he is. This leads to a shouted conversation while other heros and villains battle in the background. I want this scene to be loud and jarring. Bakugou wants to know what the hell happened to the wimpy kid that he treated wrongly as a child. He wants to save Midoriya from villainy after paying for what he has done up to that point.

Midoriya has all of the emotions. Here is his childhood bully as the epitome of everything he strived to be for most of his life. How is that fair when he was so horrible as a child. Midoriya is furious at the world and broken by it and devastated at his hand in life. There is crying and fighting. The general ‘I’m going to kill you while shouting about my feelings’ type of fight. Midoriya is kickbutt and Bakugou is reluctant to use his explosions on him. When Bakugou does use his quirk, it hurts Midoriya but he keeps going. Maybe he makes a comment about how his pain tolerance is high thanks to Bakugou.

Whether the villains win or the heros is up to the writer. Either way there are feels and plot.

If villains win: a huge defeat for the heros. Many are severely injured. Few escape unscathed. The operation by the villains that they were trying to stop was so vital to the well being of the country that even the smallest failure tips the balance into the villains favor. This means that the main characters (class 3A) are hiding underground, desperate for any hope to reclaim the peace and safety of Japan. This could be a motive for going back in time. It could also lead to conflict down the plot line. The idea of time travel leads them to figure out that Midoriya was instrumental to the victory of the villains. Therefore, if they change his allegiance in the fight, Japan will be saved. With the goal of changing Midoriya’s past, Iida and a few others will not be as eager as Bakugou to help a villain. The depth of their hatred can be made personal by something that Midoriya does before they all go back in time or it can be on principle because Midoriya is a villain and was instrumental in the chaos that now reigns.


If the heros win: Midoriya is taken into custody and interrogated. Bakugou requests an audience with Midoriya. They have a conversation. Detective Tsukauchi finds out about their connection and asks to interview Bakugou in order to get a better grasp on such a notorious and young villain. The carefully blank look that Tsukauchi gives Bakugou throughout and during the interview is what pushes him into action. He knows he messed up and made Midoriya’s life a living hell for his entire childhood. The chapter ends on the note of finality that Bakugou will fix his mistakes.

Months later, or however long the writer wants to make the time skip, Bakugou is back with someone who has a time travel quirk called 365. That shunts others up to 7 years into the past (365/ 52 weeks per year = 7 years) as long as it's in bouts of 365. The quirk lasts for 365 seconds in the present, but 365 days in the past. If the age that the writer chose for 3A is above 20, the characters going back have to find the same time travel person in the past and be sent further into the past to the correct year.

The class of 3A (bc they graduated already) go back to their first year of middle school. Midoriya has no friends and flinches at everything. He is very kind though. Basically, his personality in the anime/manga. The characters go to the past in their adult bodies. This means that 3A can only influence Midoriya’s life from outside of the school system without scaring him off due to the age difference. Uraraka, Kirishima, or Tsuyu would be the most likely to win mini-Midoriya over. They would likely be able to hide or put aside their villain bias in order to gain mini-Midoriya’s trust. After that, they could introduce him to 3A. Then the positive reinforcement and martial arts training would begin.

At first, Iida doesn't want to be nice to a villain, even the younger version of one. However, villain Midoriya saved Ingenium from Stain at some point. Therefore, he has a grudging duty to help Midoriya. He is also motivated to help so that the horrible future that Midoriya brings is averted (if the writer chooses the villains win route). Maybe mini-Midoriya realizes that Iida doesn’t like him, but misreads the situation. Maybe he says, ‘It’s okay, you don’t have to pretend to like me. I’m used to it.’ or something more heart wrenching. I want Iida and the reader to feel things. Maybe mini-Midoriya overhears Iida talking about how ‘that villain’ doesn’t deserve to be supported by them and that they are giving him the skills to be even worse in the future.

Todoroki is present in the plot too. Maybe he is an awkward bean that mini-Midoriya notices being an awkward bean and befriends him.

Throughout 3A bonding with mini-Midoriya, Bakugou is trying to figure out how to get younger him to be a decent person. He has to face what he did while 3A finds out how he used to be. There are also the moments where Bakugou spends time with mini-Midoriya. At first, mini-Midoriya flinches whenever Bakugou uses his quirk, but soon warms up to him. This leads to feels for Bakugou. He has to deal with the fact that he can’t change his actions in the past. He can only keep moving forward in how he treats Midoriya.

The overall setting for how 3A interacts with mini-Midoriya in and out of middle school is up to the writer. Maybe they all live together in an apartment complex and he hangs out with them. Maybe they all meet at a mall that Bakugou remembers being popular in that age group at that time. There has to be laser tag though. That is always fun to read.

When the 365 days are up, the class snaps forward into the future where they belong. They are anxious to see what changes they wrought on the timestream. Everyone that went back wakes up with blinding headaches that prevent them from moving or thinking. Only breathing through the pain. The headaches recede after what feels like an eternity.

Midoriya busts through the door to their hiding place before they can figure anything out. Of course, everyone freaks out because he broke out of prison(if the heros won) or tracked them down (if the villains won) and wanted revenge. Quick to react, Iida, Sero, Uraraka, Shoji, Tokoyami, and Kirishimi tackle/ attack Midoriya. Midoriya has no clue why his friends are attacking him. He had almost forgotten how Iida said that he was a villain when Midoriya was a child. He says to wait a minute for explanations. Turns out that the headache that they had upon returning was the memories from the new timeline shoving themselves into their heads all at once.

Midoriya got into UA after being partially trained by 3A and his mental health improved greatly due to their meddling in the past. Events occurred as in the anime except that Midoria is quirkless. He also kicks butt. All of the skills that made him a successful villain made him a successful hero that people adored. The reason that Midoriya busted into 3A’s hiding place is because they disappeared from their positions in the 2nd timeline. They were moved to be in the exact place they left the first timeline to go back in time, hence how they got to the hideout in the 2nd timeline.

The writer can finish this however they want. I would like fluff and happiness at the end where all of the characters reflect on how good of a person Midoriya had the potential to be all along. They just had to treat him with basic human respect.


Highlights Include:

  • Midoriya at the lowest points in his life
  • Bakugou being a decent person
  • Deku squad being nice to mini-Midoriya
  • Villain prejudice
  • Changing the future so that when they go back they have memories of Midoriya in class 1A
  • Quirkless Midoriya being a kick butt hero and best friend (in altered timeline)
  • A portrayal of how damaged Midoriya was by Bakugou and other bullies and moving on from trying to befriend him
  • A scene where they were making progress in mini-Midoriya’s mental state, but come to find all of his hero merch thrown out,
  • And many more feel crushing moments and fluff