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Story Prompts of My Hero Academia

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The reason Bakugou has to hate Midoriya in cannon is because as friends they would make each other too powerful. Horikoshi had no other choice. They are good when separate, but unbeatable together.

They're both intelligent and powerful. Midoriya has the people part, Bakugou has the intimidation part.

They would be Best Bros. Bakugou makes Midoriya care about his own well being to the point of sitting on him and aggressively yelling nice things. Midoriya helps Bakugou care and emphasize with people he doesn't know. These two would be unstoppable when on good terms. Their teamwork inspires 1A. The class is more closely knit as a result.

They balance each other out, but they would also pick up the other’s mannerisms. Midoriya would be more assertive and loud. Bakugou would react with less anger to situations. He would be more stable due to having friends. 

Imagine all of the scenes that would be different if Midoriya and Bakugou got along.

Take down All Might for the final exam? 

Piece of hard to swallow cake. They cover each other’s weaknesses while knowing exactly what the other will do. 

The villains will have to step up their game in this AU. 

When Bakugou is kidnapped at the camp, the League has a huge fight on their hands. Midoriya never broke his arms fighting Muscular because of the practice and self care that Bakugou enforced. 

That means 1 (one) angry boi is ready to throw down for his best friend back. They almost escape but Dabi tackles Bakugou into a portal at the last minute. No one can react in time. This has the bonus of an enraged or catatonic Midoriya depending on which way you want to go. 

The provisional license exam would be different as well. 

Bakugou would pass, barely. Since he is by himself, he has to envision what Midoriya would say to the ‘victims’ in the second part of the exam. This would probably be funny because he would start to react hotheadly, then cool down and grind out reassurances through clenched teeth. 

The important part of changing any scene from cannon is that the base characteristics of the Bakugou and Midoriya are not changed. 


Highlights include

  • All of the banter
  • All of the teasing
  • Bakugou and Midoriya freaking everyone out by how in sync they are
  • A fun rivalry that is healthy and kickbutt
  • Best Bros
  • A study into how both of their world views are valid and one is not inherently better than the other
  • A scene where Midoriya opens Todoroki’s mind to using his fire and Bakugou follows up with his own contribution that fits flawlessly with the arguments Midoriya made
  • A scene where Bakugou is sitting on Midoriya to make sure he doesn’t break anything by overdoing it again