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Story Prompts of My Hero Academia

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Bakugou and others of the class go back in time behind the teacher's backs to make sure Midoriya doesn't become a villain.

In this universe, Midoriya is a mid/high- level bad guy and rising. His tenacity and intelligence make him highly sought after as a contractor. He hasn't joined or created his own villain group, but he does have people that he is on a real name basis with in the criminal world. The heroes only know Midoriya’s villain name. What he actually does is up to the writer.

Bakugou became a prominent hero after graduating from UA. He chilled all the way out. His personality is still passionate and brash, but he cares about helping people. Maybe he had to defend someone in a situation exactly like when he was a bully to Midoriya. He did some soul searching as a result. The characters are 24-19 years old in this fic. This is important.

The start of the story is a showdown between the villain group that has a contract with Midoriya and a large hero group including Bakugou and most of or all of 3A. The stakes are extremely high. If the villains win, it is the end of society. The heros will be decimated and the remains will be unable to muster a defense let alone take back Japan. If the heroes win, peace is preserved and the villains are taken off of the streets for good.

When Midoriya is cornered while enacting his part of the villain group’s plan, Bakugou finds out who he is. This leads to a shouted conversation while other heros and villains battle in the background. I want this scene to be loud and jarring. Bakugou wants to know what the hell happened to the wimpy kid that he treated wrongly as a child. He wants to save Midoriya from villainy after paying for what he has done up to that point.

Midoriya has all of the emotions. Here is his childhood bully as the epitome of everything he strived to be for most of his life. How is that fair when he was so horrible as a child. Midoriya is furious at the world and broken by it and devastated at his hand in life. There is crying and fighting. The general ‘I’m going to kill you while shouting about my feelings’ type of fight. Midoriya is kickbutt and Bakugou is reluctant to use his explosions on him. When Bakugou does use his quirk, it hurts Midoriya but he keeps going. Maybe he makes a comment about how his pain tolerance is high thanks to Bakugou.

Whether the villains win or the heros is up to the writer. Either way there are feels and plot.

If villains win: a huge defeat for the heros. Many are severely injured. Few escape unscathed. The operation by the villains that they were trying to stop was so vital to the well being of the country that even the smallest failure tips the balance into the villains favor. This means that the main characters (class 3A) are hiding underground, desperate for any hope to reclaim the peace and safety of Japan. This could be a motive for going back in time. It could also lead to conflict down the plot line. The idea of time travel leads them to figure out that Midoriya was instrumental to the victory of the villains. Therefore, if they change his allegiance in the fight, Japan will be saved. With the goal of changing Midoriya’s past, Iida and a few others will not be as eager as Bakugou to help a villain. The depth of their hatred can be made personal by something that Midoriya does before they all go back in time or it can be on principle because Midoriya is a villain and was instrumental in the chaos that now reigns.


If the heros win: Midoriya is taken into custody and interrogated. Bakugou requests an audience with Midoriya. They have a conversation. Detective Tsukauchi finds out about their connection and asks to interview Bakugou in order to get a better grasp on such a notorious and young villain. The carefully blank look that Tsukauchi gives Bakugou throughout and during the interview is what pushes him into action. He knows he messed up and made Midoriya’s life a living hell for his entire childhood. The chapter ends on the note of finality that Bakugou will fix his mistakes.

Months later, or however long the writer wants to make the time skip, Bakugou is back with someone who has a time travel quirk called 365. That shunts others up to 7 years into the past (365/ 52 weeks per year = 7 years) as long as it's in bouts of 365. The quirk lasts for 365 seconds in the present, but 365 days in the past. If the age that the writer chose for 3A is above 20, the characters going back have to find the same time travel person in the past and be sent further into the past to the correct year.

The class of 3A (bc they graduated already) go back to their first year of middle school. Midoriya has no friends and flinches at everything. He is very kind though. Basically, his personality in the anime/manga. The characters go to the past in their adult bodies. This means that 3A can only influence Midoriya’s life from outside of the school system without scaring him off due to the age difference. Uraraka, Kirishima, or Tsuyu would be the most likely to win mini-Midoriya over. They would likely be able to hide or put aside their villain bias in order to gain mini-Midoriya’s trust. After that, they could introduce him to 3A. Then the positive reinforcement and martial arts training would begin.

At first, Iida doesn't want to be nice to a villain, even the younger version of one. However, villain Midoriya saved Ingenium from Stain at some point. Therefore, he has a grudging duty to help Midoriya. He is also motivated to help so that the horrible future that Midoriya brings is averted (if the writer chooses the villains win route). Maybe mini-Midoriya realizes that Iida doesn’t like him, but misreads the situation. Maybe he says, ‘It’s okay, you don’t have to pretend to like me. I’m used to it.’ or something more heart wrenching. I want Iida and the reader to feel things. Maybe mini-Midoriya overhears Iida talking about how ‘that villain’ doesn’t deserve to be supported by them and that they are giving him the skills to be even worse in the future.

Todoroki is present in the plot too. Maybe he is an awkward bean that mini-Midoriya notices being an awkward bean and befriends him.

Throughout 3A bonding with mini-Midoriya, Bakugou is trying to figure out how to get younger him to be a decent person. He has to face what he did while 3A finds out how he used to be. There are also the moments where Bakugou spends time with mini-Midoriya. At first, mini-Midoriya flinches whenever Bakugou uses his quirk, but soon warms up to him. This leads to feels for Bakugou. He has to deal with the fact that he can’t change his actions in the past. He can only keep moving forward in how he treats Midoriya.

The overall setting for how 3A interacts with mini-Midoriya in and out of middle school is up to the writer. Maybe they all live together in an apartment complex and he hangs out with them. Maybe they all meet at a mall that Bakugou remembers being popular in that age group at that time. There has to be laser tag though. That is always fun to read.

When the 365 days are up, the class snaps forward into the future where they belong. They are anxious to see what changes they wrought on the timestream. Everyone that went back wakes up with blinding headaches that prevent them from moving or thinking. Only breathing through the pain. The headaches recede after what feels like an eternity.

Midoriya busts through the door to their hiding place before they can figure anything out. Of course, everyone freaks out because he broke out of prison(if the heros won) or tracked them down (if the villains won) and wanted revenge. Quick to react, Iida, Sero, Uraraka, Shoji, Tokoyami, and Kirishimi tackle/ attack Midoriya. Midoriya has no clue why his friends are attacking him. He had almost forgotten how Iida said that he was a villain when Midoriya was a child. He says to wait a minute for explanations. Turns out that the headache that they had upon returning was the memories from the new timeline shoving themselves into their heads all at once.

Midoriya got into UA after being partially trained by 3A and his mental health improved greatly due to their meddling in the past. Events occurred as in the anime except that Midoria is quirkless. He also kicks butt. All of the skills that made him a successful villain made him a successful hero that people adored. The reason that Midoriya busted into 3A’s hiding place is because they disappeared from their positions in the 2nd timeline. They were moved to be in the exact place they left the first timeline to go back in time, hence how they got to the hideout in the 2nd timeline.

The writer can finish this however they want. I would like fluff and happiness at the end where all of the characters reflect on how good of a person Midoriya had the potential to be all along. They just had to treat him with basic human respect.


Highlights Include:

  • Midoriya at the lowest points in his life
  • Bakugou being a decent person
  • Deku squad being nice to mini-Midoriya
  • Villain prejudice
  • Changing the future so that when they go back they have memories of Midoriya in class 1A
  • Quirkless Midoriya being a kick butt hero and best friend (in altered timeline)
  • A portrayal of how damaged Midoriya was by Bakugou and other bullies and moving on from trying to befriend him
  • A scene where they were making progress in mini-Midoriya’s mental state, but come to find all of his hero merch thrown out,
  • And many more feel crushing moments and fluff

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All Might gets hurt 3 years earlier than in the manga when defeating All For One (AFO). His injury is not as severe, but he still has a time limit albeit a greater one of 6-7 hours. Midoriya meets him as a 6 year old and loves this skinny dude that is awkward. 

Midoriya first meets Yagi Toshinori on his way home from school. The exact circumstances are up to the writer. Maybe Mirdoriya sees Toshinori and asks him to play while he waits for his mom. 

Toshinori is bewildered by this small bright child.The two play for a while until Inko comes to take him home. However, before leaving, the two adults exchange phone numbers while Midoriya bounces at Inko’s side. 

The next day Toshinori is in the same place again. He expected the pleasant time with Midoriya to be a one time thing. After all, All Might is more prominent in children’s minds than he is. Midoriya surprises Toshinori again by running into his leg and talking excitedly. More bonding ensues. 

It gets to the point where Toshinori is like  'I've only known Midoriya for two days, but if anything happens to him, I'll kill everyone in this room and then myself.' They schedule ‘hang out times’ or Inko trusts Toshinori to babysit for a while. 

Toshinori is babysitting Midoriya when villains attack the area that they are in. Toshinori parts with Midoriya after hiding him  in a safe place. The attack is mitigated thanks to All Might. Midoriya comes out when it is safe and walks right up to All Might. He geeks out, but quickly asks him where Toshinori went. He also describes Toshinori far more accurately than he would have expected a six year old to then asks for help finding him. All Might cannot get over how adorable this kid is when Midoriya proceeds to tell him all of the things he likes about Toshinori while they 'look' for him. He's blown away by the analysis that Midoriya has done on him and how much he has figured out about the injury. 

Toshinori, Inko, and Midoriya go out to dinner at one point. Someone comments how cute their son is. Toshinori goes completely red and splutters. Inko smoothly thanks them and winks at Toshinori to tease him. He decides that he’s going to die of embarrassment. 

I imagine Inko and Toshinori’s relationship to be sibling-like or best friend-ish. They sass each other and care for one another a lot. Inko is not looking for a relationship and Toshinori has to think his secret hero work (he hasn’t told them that he is All Might at this point). 


Highlights Include:

  • All of the fluff between DadMight and small Midoriya
  • Mrs. Midoriya being awesome
  • Mrs. Midoriya passive aggressively getting Toshinori healthy
  • Midoriya falling asleep on Toshinori who is like ‘help, idk what the heck I’m doing’ to Inko
  • Nighteye meeting Midoriya
  • Nighteye trying to be serious while Midoriya climbs him like a tree
  • Toshinori trying and failing at not laughing when Midoriya lays on top of Nighteye’s head while he’s talking
  • Father-son relationship ftw

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Tired brother Shinso tries to raise Izuku in an unsupportive household where they are both foster children. Shinso got to know his parents before being abandoned. Izuku did not. The parents are neglectful and Shinso is constantly terrified he will come home from school to find a dead body forgotten on the floor. 

The start of the story provides the reader with Shinso’s motivation for wanting to be a hero. He was abandoned by his parents when his quirk proved too much to handle for them. Bouncing from home to home was his life until he ended up at his current home where two year old Midoriya Izuku is also being fostered. Shinso is thirteen at that time. 

At first, Shinso believes that the couple will send him away within the first week. Maybe he has a silent bet going with himself for how long each home will put up with him. Due to this, he rebuffs Midoriya’s affection. He might harbor some resentment toward him for the perfect quirk he will develop when he is older. 

Shinso figures out that the couple are neglectful and lazy. Kicking him out involves too much paperwork, so he has a stable home for a while. Or so he thought. The parents often eat out and only buy groceries when there is literally nothing in the kitchen. 

Both Shinso and Midoriya do not get the recommended daily dose of attention and positive contact for their age. They are lucky if they are told to move out of the way or get a grunt of acknowledgement. When acknowledged at all, the attention is not positive. It usually involves the degrading or villainizing of Shinso and his quirk (my poor purple boi). 

Their neighbor or some other kind adult figure helps when possible, but it is not always enough. Adults comment on Shinso being out by himself at all hours. Shinso becomes jaded when the adults only comment or ignore him instead of helping. The teachers at his school should have noticed, but they either don’t notice or write it off and move on. The fact that Shinso has had one (1) steady positive steady adult influence in his life makes him fear/distrust every adult that he meets. 

Over the years, Shinso develops the fear that he will come home to find Midoriya injured/dead on the floor while the parents walk around him like nothing. From the time Shinso arrived, he and Midoriya have been bonding and trying to have some type of childhood. They spend late nights talking about heroes. Shinso teaches Midoriya whatever he is learning in school because they run out of things to do in the house often. I want soft Shinso with cute Midoriya. Maybe they take care of a stray cat that finds them when they leave the house. 

This section of Shinso’s motivation/ background can end when he realizes that something needs to be done about their situation and that no one is going to help them (adult distrust). Maybe the parents haven’t bought groceries in a few days. Shinso had to remind them that  they needed food to live only to be harshly reprimanded. 

He knows that heros are strong enough to beat any bad guys and he needs that kind of strength to get away from his ‘parents’. Therefore, UA’s heroics program is his number one choice for high school. 

Shinso passes the entrance exam because he is even more jaded in this AU. He most likely waits for someone to get enough points and then tells them how cool it was. When they respond he has them destroy enough robots for him to get into 1A. Or he can lead the robots around until they shoot each other. That combined with rescue points would be enough to get him in as well. 

Shinso enters class 1A and is not prepared for the friendly atmosphere. He had been used to the oppressiveness at his old school that was literal torture some days. The writer can handle the quirk test and other events leading up to USJ however they want. 

Aizawa is someone that Shinso is not completely sure of. He seems lazy on the surface when he is in his bean bag. That is a strike against him. He is quick to react to students acting up, however. Shinso decides that Aizawa is like any other adult and writes him off as someone not to trust. 

Then USJ happens. Mostly the same except All Might is only a few minutes late because he got held up helping someone. Everyone is separated and Shigaraki dissolves Aizawa’s elbow by the time he arrives. 

Shinso sees how far Aizawa is willing to go to protect his students. It puts Aizawa in his acceptable adults category. 

Shinso is injured enough to go to the hospital. He begs some of the classmates (whoever the writer wants) that visit him to go to his house to check on Midoriya. He can't stand the thought of what their ‘parents’ may or may not do to him while he’s not there. This leads to them being suspicious of Shinso’s homelife and going there to help. 

It turns out that is the day the ‘parents’ find out that Midoriya is quirkless. The next logical step is trying to draw a quirk quirk out through a stressful situation like an injury. The classmates rush in to stop the ‘parents’ and get Midoriya away from them. They immediately tell the most accessible teacher. They are scolded for acting without thinking of consequences but are told that their actions were correct in that situation. They just got lucky. 

Because of the student testimonies, Shinso and Midoriya are being temporarily removed from the ‘parent’s’ care until further notice. The ‘parents’ must pass an inspection (for more angst the writer can have the boys know that the inspection won’t do anything. It has happened before but the inspector did not help them find a new home).

Midoriya has been taken in by Present Mic after he found out that he was Shinso’s little brother. Aizawa is still in the hospital, he can’t take control of the situation, but is informed. Upon release, Aizawa signs a panicking Shinso out of the hospital. They go to the shared Yamada- Aizawa apartment (the writer can write/interpret it as EraserMic, but I like them as best friends). 

The reader is treated to a long anticipated brotherly reunion and all of the tears. They are staying with Aizawa and Mic until they can be placed in a more stable home. There is a heated conversation with Shinso because he is terrified that Midoriya will be taken away and they’ll be separated. This causes major contention between him and Aizawa. Yamada is off to the side trying to distract Midoriya because he is a very perceptive four year old.

Everything cools down. Events continue like in the manga after Aizawa comes back to class wrapped in bandages. Time passes. It is about four days until the sports festival. Shinso has a bad day and breaks down after school. Aizawa finds out the entirety of what happened at their ‘parents’ house. Aizawa is that satisfying quiet angry that promises retribution. He easily makes a case for permanent custody before adopting them. He then storms into the foster parents' house with some officers to arrest them for fraud and child neglect. 

That is the end of the plot line, but a case could be made for potential part two where Shinso helps Todoroki.


Highlights Include:

  • One of the tags for Shinso & Aizawa should be: Enemies to Indifference to Toleration to grudging respect to enjoys the other’s company to I guess you’re my dad now
  • Shinso is a tired child, but also a big bro. Help him
  • Reader should want to wrap Shinso in a blanket and make him happy
  • Midoriya and Shinso bonding adorably
  • Touch starved/adverse bros
  • Attention starved bros
  • Midoriya booping whoever is holding
  • Dadzawa
  • DadMic
  • Affectionate Midoriya
  • 1A being supportive and confused
  • 1A being Too Bright™ for Shinso
  • A scene where Aizawa and Shinso act exactly the same in the morning and don’t realize it until Yamada points it out. Shinso is offended

Chapter Text

This fic is pure fluff. Midoriya is aggressively friendly but in a way that makes Shinso comfortable. In retaliation, Shinso leans on him while they are sitting down. Midoriya starts stuttering and Shinso hatches a plan.

The first time that Shinso rests his chin on Midoriya’s head from behind, he says it’s payback for how friendly Midoriya was. 

The class is baffled by the purple cryptid that randomly appears to snuggle with Midoriya. He seemed fine with it, so they knew it was nothing serious. 

Kaminari notices that there are several different positions that Shinso likes to rest on Midoriya and brings it up to the class. 

1A starts keeping a bingo card.

Shinsou will also pick him up by looping an arm around Midoriya’s middle. This mostly started as a strengthening exercise for Shinso, but quickly turned into a comfort thing for Midoriya. 

It is also a way to get him to take breaks and force him to go to sleep. 

When confronted, Shinso says that he does it because Midoriya is friend shaped.


Highlights Include:

  • All the friendship
  • Teasing 
  • Shinso accidentally falling alseep on Midoriya
  • Midoriya is stressed. Shinso picks him up and throws him into his bed saying, "Go tf to sleep."

Chapter Text

In this world, underground heroes are mercenaries. This includes Nighteye since he does the investigative side of hero work more prominently than daylight heroics. 

Daylight heroes barely tolerate the mercenaries even though they are essentially the same. The government pays both of their paychecks. 

Mercenaries are regarded with suspicion because anyone can buy their services. This leads to some laws in place that prevent killings and being hired by drug rings. 

It just makes the mercenary groups more careful.  

Mercenaries are legal. Vigilanties are still illegal because they follow no laws. 

The existence of mercenaries mitigates the creation of villains. 

The League of Villains still forms but it has maybe 5 members. People aren’t as eager to join a villain organization when they can apply to work with a mercenary group. 

In the eyes of society, the popularity ranking of the groups is heroes, mercenaries, general populace, vigilanties, villains.

 To the police, the ranking is mercenaries, heroes, vigilanties, general populace, villains. A civilian would rather talk to a hero than a mercenary and an officer would rather talk to a mercenary than a hero. 

The Nighteye mercenary agency has the big three as main assassins. 

The agency is known as being the closest in behavior to hero organizations. They work closely with the police as long as they are paid. They will often do the police’s dirty work. 

Because of it’s selective hiring process, the Nighteye mercenary agency consists only of people who can get the job done.

Midoriya is a 15 year old vigilante living on his own after his mom died five years previous. 

An encounter with a bad guy of the writer’s choosing causes him to step up his game: both mental and physical. He is in college and a vigilante for 3 years already at the start of the story. Due to financial struggles, Midoriya joins Nighteye. He heard that the people they kill are genuinely bad, and they work with the police more than not. This lines up with his morals. 

Midoriya has already established a name for himself as a great vigilante, but Nighteye hates him on principle. However, he concedes to the very good points that Midoriya makes about hiring him and does so. 

Midoriya’s first day is the worst. 

Nighteye fights him in the name of assessing his abilities. It is a glorified beat down. The rest of the day consists of being introduced to the decent people of the mercenary agency. 

Maybe the big three just got back from a job when they are introduced. Amakiji is cleaning blood off of his sword. Togata is polishing his knives. Nejire is washing the blood out of her clothes. Midoriya has a ‘what the heck did I get myself into’ moment. The big three are polite and welcoming. 

Centipeder is doing something awesome when he is introduced. Bubblegirl sneaks up on Midoriya to see how he reacts. 

The next day he is thrown into the deep end for paperwork. Nighteye assumes that someone so young would have no hope of finishing on time or correctly. This would be the case if Midoriya hadn’t tried to learn everything he could before applying. 

He struggles to complete the mountain of paperwork, but he succeeds. Upon completion, Nighteye walks into the room ready to put him on probation for incomplete work. It should be extremely satisfying to the reader when Midoriya holds up the last paper in the stack and says, ‘Done.’ with a smile. 

Of course, Nighteye snatches the paper out of his hand to check for errors. There are only a few. Nighteye notes that the errors are ones that trained professionals make on a daily basis. This does not make him happy. He wants to put the non-law abiding vigilante through hell to punish him for thinking that he is above the law. Instead, he is succeeding in an area that Nighteye prides himself on. 

Nighteye tosses the paper in the general direction of Midoriya who scrambles to catch it. 

The next month is filled with less than savory assignments from the police that Midoriya is told to go on but not interfere. Whatever time is not spent on missions is used for the timed completion of paperwork. Occasionally, Nighteye will have a bad day and decide that Midoriya needs to be trained. Trained is code for ‘see how long he lasts until he keels over’. 

The mood of the story should have the reader becoming distressed by how much Midoriya has to put up with. This builds and builds until the next mission. 

They are supposed to take out a villain group by killing everyone. 

Midoriya is once again sidelined as a look out or another noncombative position. The mission goes smoothly until the end. They start the countdown to blow up the building in a way that looks like an accident. A child/ teen gets close enough to the blast zone to be injured. Midoriya runs and tackles them out of the way just as the building explodes in a shower of debris and glass. 

The child/teen lives. Midoriya has a few scrapes and bruises but is otherwise unharmed. Nighteye is furious though. 

They have a shouted conversation that devolves into a fight over morals. Nighteye might work with the police, but he is still a mercenary. Saving that one kid could have affected the outcome of the mission. Midoriya disagrees, of course. This is an extremely high tension scene. 

The next day Nighteye coldly informs Midoriya that the police need help sorting/ pre-analysing a few of their cold cases. Midoriya is assigned because he is clearly not stimulated enough at the mercenary agency so he will be loaned to the police as long as they pay for him. The police are working to clean out their cold cases because the mercenaries are helping as crime deterrants and they have the time if not the brain power. 

Midoriya hopes that the police are okay working with someone his age that used to be a famous vigilante. The officers are amiable and treat him as anyone else. Midoriya reacts like that pigeon meme. ‘Is this affection?’ 

The cold cases are sorted into enough filing cabinets to fill a room. One of the officers opens the door after giving him a tour. 

He says, ‘This is where you’ll be working. Sorry there are so many.’ 

Midoriya is like, ‘but I did this much paperwork in the last month with the mercenaries’. 

The officer is very concerned, but shrugs and leaves him to it. 

The cold cases are almost ridiculously easy for Midoriya to solve. He was either there, the cause of them, or pulled together evidence based on his hero/villain analysis. 

Maybe there is a scene where Tsukauchi asks why the stack of cases files has Midoriya’s name on them. He deadpans and says ‘because I did that’ or ‘I was there’. 

Over the next month, Midoriya works his way through the case files. He and the police officers get to know each other well. They start to develop as friends. They notice that Midoriya will be in a good mood one day and then miss the next day due to being called in for a job by Nighteye. The day he returns he is always off even though he tries to pretend he is fine.

This is concerning to the officers because they are trained to notice stuff like that. 

There are several working theories within the department. Bad homelife, trouble with someone at the agency, a mission gone wrong, girlfriend issues (usually suggested with a smile). 

It all comes to a head when Midoriya misses a day at the station to go on a mission, but does’t return when he is supposed to. They are extremely worried when he doesn’t show up for the next two days as well. 

Some of the officers drive to Midoriya’s listed home address, but find that he has never lived there. They check Nighteye’s mercenary agency next. 

Nighteye shows a distinct lack of concern over the whereabouts of his employee. He says that Midoriya stayed at the agency for a day then left two days previously to go home. 

One of the hotheaded officers storms out. He is eager to search for Midoriya. He informs the rest of the people searching what they discovered. The other people follow him out, but Togata stops them. He tells them where Midoriya lives (he followed him home one day just to make sure he got there safely). 

They go to the new address. It turns out that Midoriya was injured enough on the previous mission that he had to stay with the mercenary agency overnight, then headed home. From there, his wound got infected and he collapsed on the floor before he could make it out of the apartment to go to the police station. 

That is how the officers find him. 

They busted into his apartment after he didn’t answer the door. Midoriya wakes up in the hospital a day later. 

Tsukauchi treats it like a case. He takes Midoriya’s statement on how he ended up in that predicament. 

The only thing that Nighteye could be penalized for was neglect of employees which was only a fine. 

He asks why Midoriya doesn’t just quit. Midoriya explains that the other mercenary agencies have looser morals than he can abide by. He also needs the money so he can’t go back to vigilantism and he is not yet 16 so he can’t get a normal job. 

Tsukauchi’s solution is asking the Chief to hire the analyst that solved almost all of their cold cases in a month. He agrees. 

Midoriya gets out of the hospital and goes to the police station to work. He discovers that all of his things in the cold case room disappeared. It turns out he has a desk now. 

Midoriya is officially hired by the police department under special circumstances. He can accompany people on patrol because of his fighting skills.


Highlights Include:

  • A scene where Nighteye gets his just deserts
  • Scenes showing more of what mercenaries do
  • Comparing and contrasting the differences between heros, mercenaries, and vigilanties 
  • Bonding montage of Midoriya and the officers
  • Really smart Midoriya
  • Sad muffin Midoriya
  • Midoriya being kick butt and saving people while on a mercenary mission and getting yelled at for it
  • Discrimination based on societal status

Chapter Text

Uraraka comments how adorable Midoriya is after he blushes and covers his head with his arms. Mina and Kaminari overhear her and agree. They decide to start an Adorable Midoriya Appreciation Club™.

This is not to be confused with the Deku Protection Squad™ that is co-headed by Todoroki and Iida. Shinso is the Vice President. 

They meet after school to discuss the adorable things that Midoriya does throughout the day. This is made even easier once they move into the dorms. Their favorite meeting place is the main area on the first floor. They meet in the evenings during Midoriya’s scheduled work out times. 

The rest of 1A finds out at some point or another. 

The daily meetings grow until the only two not present are Midoriya and Bakugou. Bakugou was dragged along by Kirishima at one point but stormed off after a while. He prefers the Deku Protection Squad™, anyway. 

Once members from 1B and general education start showing up, the teachers take notice. 

Aizawa walks in on them as the meeting concludes. Over 50 highschoolers freeze in fear. He just pinches his nose and sighs. He says that as long as they are not hurting anyone or their studies, they can continue. Just to mess with them, he brings up an argument two of the members had about a Midoriya cute moment. He then critiques the evidence each used to support their side. 

Present Mic, Midnight, Thirteen and other teachers show up to the next meeting. Surprisingly, they fit right into the Club™. 

Uraraka, Kaminari, and Mina decide that they need to move the Club™ location because of how quickly the Club™ has grown. 

Mina comments that they haven’t even advertised the club. The business students are summoned by the word ‘advertise’. 

They begin attending the meetings in order to get ideas for merchandise. They create an entire business and get really professional. They even make sure that Midoriya gets a cut of the profits deposited in his bank account which freaks him out. 

Maybe in the background of the entire story he is trying to track down the villains he is sure are trying to frame him for stealing money or something. His theories get crazier as the story progresses. 

The business students are the ones that coin the term Midoriyable™ as a combination of Midoriya and adorable. The entire club gets official Midoriyable™ T-shirts. 

At this point in time, they are not hiding the Club™ from Midoriya, but no one has told him that the entire school has joined a club to talk about his adorableness. 

The sports festival is a huge deal for the business students because they get to put their marketing skills into practice. They lose the obstacle course but come prepared. Every student has a crate of shirts and test merchandise. They are enthusiastic about the whole thing. 

They even keep track of what sells the most. I just want someone shouting, ‘Come get your Midoriyable T-shirts’ from the stands. 

The sports festival garners the attention of most of Japan for the Midoriyable Club™ which they are now known by. Merchandise is selling out almost as fast as they can make it. 

The original three members are now co-presidents and have incorporated the Deku Protection Squad™ into their ranks. They are viewed as equivalent to high level political figures with uniform black suits and sunglasses, as well. 

In less than two months, Midoriya has become a beloved figure of the public. Of course, other countries are wondering who this new culture icon is that Japan as a whole is obsessed with. It spirals from there.

By the time that Midoriya finds out about the whole kerfuffle, it is a multimillion dollar empire across the world. He accidentally took over the world with adorableness. 

To further make it crackish, have reporters on TV saying how the Midoriyable movement has ushered in world peace. 

Maybe an interviewee says, ‘my crops are watered, my skin is clear’. Another person is quoted as sayin that their ‘grades are up’ when asked about the Midoriyable™ movement.


Highlights Include

  • Me laughing my butt off while re-reading this
  • Midoriya’s mind blown when he finds out that he is world famous
  • Scenes to aggrandize the silly effects of the Midoriyable Club™  on the world
  • The upper management of the club pulling up in a limo, cracking the window, and saying, ‘get in loser’
  • The business students taking it way too seriously
  • The business students team up with the support department at one point
  • Everyone is very concerned about the maniacal gleams in their eyes
  • It would be hilarious if mock school papers were written detailing the rise of the Midoriyable Club™
  • Or if the news does a special on it, and it’s just an hour-long documentary of Midoriya blushing
  • Or there are Youtube compilations of Midoirya’s best smiles
  • Or YT compilations of every time the Deku Protection Squad™ had to tackle someone. Now I’m imagining Todoroki, Iida, and Shinso tackling one dude anime style

Chapter Text

The reason Bakugou has to hate Midoriya in cannon is because as friends they would make each other too powerful. Horikoshi had no other choice. They are good when separate, but unbeatable together.

They're both intelligent and powerful. Midoriya has the people part, Bakugou has the intimidation part.

They would be Best Bros. Bakugou makes Midoriya care about his own well being to the point of sitting on him and aggressively yelling nice things. Midoriya helps Bakugou care and emphasize with people he doesn't know. These two would be unstoppable when on good terms. Their teamwork inspires 1A. The class is more closely knit as a result.

They balance each other out, but they would also pick up the other’s mannerisms. Midoriya would be more assertive and loud. Bakugou would react with less anger to situations. He would be more stable due to having friends. 

Imagine all of the scenes that would be different if Midoriya and Bakugou got along.

Take down All Might for the final exam? 

Piece of hard to swallow cake. They cover each other’s weaknesses while knowing exactly what the other will do. 

The villains will have to step up their game in this AU. 

When Bakugou is kidnapped at the camp, the League has a huge fight on their hands. Midoriya never broke his arms fighting Muscular because of the practice and self care that Bakugou enforced. 

That means 1 (one) angry boi is ready to throw down for his best friend back. They almost escape but Dabi tackles Bakugou into a portal at the last minute. No one can react in time. This has the bonus of an enraged or catatonic Midoriya depending on which way you want to go. 

The provisional license exam would be different as well. 

Bakugou would pass, barely. Since he is by himself, he has to envision what Midoriya would say to the ‘victims’ in the second part of the exam. This would probably be funny because he would start to react hotheadly, then cool down and grind out reassurances through clenched teeth. 

The important part of changing any scene from cannon is that the base characteristics of the Bakugou and Midoriya are not changed. 


Highlights include

  • All of the banter
  • All of the teasing
  • Bakugou and Midoriya freaking everyone out by how in sync they are
  • A fun rivalry that is healthy and kickbutt
  • Best Bros
  • A study into how both of their world views are valid and one is not inherently better than the other
  • A scene where Midoriya opens Todoroki’s mind to using his fire and Bakugou follows up with his own contribution that fits flawlessly with the arguments Midoriya made
  • A scene where Bakugou is sitting on Midoriya to make sure he doesn’t break anything by overdoing it again

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Midoriya are at the end of their second year at UA.

The class 1A we know and love is not yet old enough to go to high school.

Midoriya is quirkless but determined to be a pro hero. He made it into the hero course on a practicality that he had to fight to utilize. He runs himself ragged attempting to keep up with his peers. He is succeeding.

Most would say that he is second only to Bakugou.

Bakugou takes offense to this naturally. Midoriya has been following in his footsteps since they were little. The nerd was ruining his origin story.

In cannon, Midoriya has friends and a quirk and a mentor. In cannon, Bakugou has Todoroki, Tokoyami, class 1A, and All Might to show him a power imbalance. In cannon, there is a reason we don’t hear about class 2A as much.

The only thing that changed for Bakugou in this AU was the location of the school. The power imbalance is still there. It is not as large, but he still has a natural talent and attitude that draws people to him. Midoriya knows that he can fight, but doesn’t realize that he is second in class for a reason. After all, he is quirkless. The cards are always stacked against him.

The last two years of high school have been horrible for his mental health. The bullying is more mental than physical now. Most people just point and stare. Bakugou takes offense to his existence. Midoriya is exhausted, but believes in his goal of becoming a hero too much. 

It is the last week of their second year when Bakugou is injured in a villain fight. It can be because he was ambushed for being rude or he was helping heroes on a mission that was supposed to have relatively low combat. Either way, the tissues and tendons in his arms are shredded and the bones are embrittled. Emergency surgery can only fix so much. The follow up surgeries over the next few weeks are greenlighted out of desperation that everything will go back to normal. 

Midoriya visits Bakugou during his first week in the hospital. Midoriya has given up on being his friend, but he can’t help but emphasize what he is going through. 

The conversation between the two goes poorly.

Bakugou is terrified that he will no longer be the strongest and therefore best because of his injury. Midoriya expresses sympathy which is taken as an insult/pity/gloating.

Bakugou lashes out physically before his arms cause him to double over in pain. Midoriya of course reaches out to help, but his hands hover inches above Bakugou, not knowing where to place them. Bakugou recovers but remains hunched protectively over his arms.

He pins Midoriya with the fierce anger in his gaze. Midoriya can’t move, can’t break contact. Bakugou growls out the harshest attack on Midoriya throughout their entire seventeen years. His sole aim is to shred Midoriya to pieces as an outlet for his anger. The reader should be as frozen as Midoriya, each snarled sentence tearing through them. 

Bakugou finishes by telling him that everyone would be better off if he disappeared and breaks eye contact. Maybe he feels smug for finally putting the ‘nerd’ in his place after all of these years. Midoriya stumbles back from the hospital bed as if physically struck.

The point of view switches to outside of the room to show Midoriya shuffling out. His expression is stone. He looks like a puppet controlled by invisible strings.

The hospital was one hit too many to Midoriya’s battered psyche. 

Within the week, the newspapers detail the tragic death of one quirkless Midoriya Izuku at the hands of a villain. Pro heroes are quoted saying that he was bound to get hurt eventually due to his condition. Dying quickly was merciful compared to letting him work toward an unreachable goal.

The footage of Midoriya’s fight was leaked onto the internet. Despite some attempts to take it down. No one cared enough to give a quirkless kid respect. It became popular to critique Midoriya’s fight against the villain. Some say Midoriya paid no attention to blocking attacks toward himself, only focused on attacking, and that is what did him in. His wooden movements didn’t help his survival chances either.

Bakugou completes enough surgeries that one more will end the long line of them.

He finds out about Midoriya after he realizes that he can still use his quirk albeit not as much. With his future as the strongest once again secure, Bakugou is stable enough emotionally to regret what he said to Midoriya and wonder if what he did was villainous. He is not truely torn by Midoriya’s death until he sees how devastated Inko is, or another event gets it through his thick skull that all people are important.

Chapter Text

The hospital that Bakugou is in has someone with a quirk that grants wishes called Genie. They are always in the right place at the right time in order to grant wishes exactly as stated that they hear. The quirk only works three times per person. 

A nurse has a memory warping quirk called Suggestion. It can plant a suggestion in someone’s brain that can take the place of real memories. The person has trained it to be extremely powerful. 

The associate nurse practitioner has a quirk called Rewind. They can pull anything from a certain point in time as long as they have a point of reference like a photo with exact time and place. 

The last person of interest is a resident with an amplifying quirk called Expand which can make a quirk affect a greater area. 

The entire hospital is filled with nurses, doctors, orderlies, janitors, security, and other staff that have remarkably powerful and potentially volatile quirks. They use them to make the hospital one of the best in the entire country. 

The person with the Genie quirk overhears Bakugou as they are checking the equipment in his room. He wishes quietly to himself that he could be Deku’s hero and could have saved him before it was too late. The person thinks ‘hey, that’s a good wish’. 

They get together the people needed, and they make the wish come true. 

Midoriya is alive again as an eight year old (he is eight because Bakugou said ‘too late’ in his wish. It was too late for him to be Midoriya’s hero after age eight). Everyone's memories are altered so that this seems normal. 

He does his cute analysis all over and more people actually encourage him. Mama Midoriya brings little Midoriya to visit Bakugou when he gets out of the hospital. He asks for alone time and then hugs Midoriya and cries. 

Midoriya freaks out asking if he is okay and to tell him what is wrong. Cue a scene of 2A Bakugou with 8 y/o Midoriya in his lap. Midoriya examines Bakugou's hands as he explains and does little rubbing motions that make them feel better. 

Maybe because he technically died he has a quirk now. Bakugou feels even worse because he remembers his words in their last year of middle school. 

He also has to decide how he's going to be a hero now that his quirk use is limited (the doctors had to turn his bones and tendons into steel alloy to handle the kickback). He changes his fighting style to rely on his quirk less and continues on. He becomes a big brother to Midoriya, trying to make up for the past. Midoriya's quirk is something to do with putting things back together (a metaphor for the story. Relationships, older Midoriya's broken body and mind, tiny Midoriya's childhood). 

As he grows, Midoriya cannot be stopped. 

He makes all of the friends because he isn't bullied and stops bullying. He grows up learning self defense and wanting to be like his big bro who helps people for a living. 

Other people find out about his quirk as he grows and call it useless. 

Maybe someone offers to train him under the pretense of seeing potential. 

He goes for a week before he sees Bakugou again. 

By then, the person has made him believe that no one will believe him if he tells them how horrible the person is to him and that he deserves the toture disguised as training. 

Bakugou and Mama Midoriya know something is wrong but it takes them a month to figure it out. By then, Midoriya has been psychologically and physically trained to do many things with his quirk like being able to unsew people and things that are not cloth by viewing the molecules. 

Bakugou later seeks answers from the hospital staff after figuring out that they had something to do with mini Midoriya. He finds out that all of the suffering that Midoriya went through in his first life must be equal in the new one and that the month of torture was only the beginning. 

He feels so guilty because all of those things he did as a kid were greater than a month of torture. 

The only good thing is that he can help the kid heal afterward and can take precautions like a tracking device and introducing him to as many heros as possible to get them attached. 

That could be really funny. (Imagine grumpy Bakugou stomping up to Hawks with Midoriya tucked under his arm. He holds him out to Hawks and says take him. Hawks takes Midoriya. Midoriya, of course, is star struck. He starts geeking out and it’s adorable. Hawks does the thing, ‘I’ve only known him for a day, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself’.)

Anyway, because of the mean ‘training’ dude, Midoriya is hesitant to use his quirk to fight people. There could be an arc of him overcoming that. Everything is fine for a while. Midoriya recovers as much as possible. A deep seated inferiority complex still plagues him though. 

The League of Villains starts trying to make a name for itself so they take the most vulnerable person closest to pro hero Bakugou. Midoriya eventually escapes, but not until after two terrifying days with the LoV. The hole that Midoriya unsews in the wall of the villain hideout forces them to move to the bar that they are located in for the manga. Midoriya is that much closer to matching the trauma of his first life.

At USJ, Midoriya’s signature attack for the rest of the series is developed. He touches the ground and imagines that the ground beneath the Nomu becomes unsewn. The Nomu sinks into the ground until only his head can be seen.

This puts a lot of strain on Midoriya so he has to concentrate and have enough energy to do it. Therefore, the trick doesn’t last long but it helps the overall fight until All Might can get there.

Midoryia also discovers that he can heal with his sewing power. He was desparate to try it on Aizawa. He just has to imagine the molecules sewing back together. It can’t help with blood loss or create flesh where there is none. As long as all of the parts that he wants to heal are there, he can do it. 

He realizes that he can heal Bakugou with the new aspect of his quirk. That can be its own emotional arc.

The Stain incident is where Midoriya first tries healing himself.

He shows up to the scene and gets Stain away from Native and Iida. They fight for a while and he tries to get him to stop hurting people.

Fighting goes on and Todoroki shows up as Midoriya gets paralyzed. They fight more.

He is paralyzed but gets stabbed close to the heart. Everything stops and his eyes go wide. He drops as Stain pulls out his sword.

He says it's a pity that he had to kill him.

Midoriya hears Todoroki fighting and knows he can't win alone.

He remembers healing Aizawa and arduously moves his hand to himself to heal the wound. It works but drains him almost completely.

He stands up on shaky feet to rejoin the fight with Iida. Midoriya pulls Stain into the ground and un-sews all of the metal on his body.

Iida kicks him and Midoriya uses the metal he un-sewed from Stain to form a giant metal fist which he uses to punch him like in the anime.

Midoriya drops. He's spent and collapses where he stands, almost lying on top of Stain. They freak out.

Native can move again and immediately checks him over. They get Midoriya onto his back as they tie Stain up and they walk out of the alley to run into pro heros. They set him down while they wait for ambulances.

The flying Nomu grabs him but the talons stab through his torso. This causes him to wake up screaming as he flies away.

Stain rescues him again but he doesn't have the energy to heal himself again and starts bleeding out while Stain does his speech.

Bakugou gets angry at Midoriya once he's in the hospital.

He stops yelling when Midoriya flinches and falls off of the bed trying to get away from him. This pulls on his stitches and clears the pain reliever's numbing effects. Bakugou becomes guilty again. Midoriya thinks that Bakugou's resulting distancing is his fault, and wonders why he flinched so violently when it was just Kacchan.


Highlights Include:

  • Awesome fight scenes
  • LoV angst with AFO doing the mean-y
  • Toga scaring the crap out of Midoriya
  • Class 1A being wholesome friends
  • Midoriya lets Shinsou use him to get enough points bc yassss my purple boi
  • Midoriya kicking butt
  • A general suspense that you never know what will happen to Midoriya next
  • Bakugou showing up to do a guest lecture and ignoring Midoriya until after class when they go get ice cream together and 1A is like wtf
  • The LoV captures Todoroki because Midoriya let it slip during his captivity that Endeavor is mean. They figure they can convince the kid of a mean hero to turn against him. Spoiler: Todoroki freezes their butts off after shattering his restraints and puts up a good fight before being knocked out.
  • All of the cute Midoriya scenes
  • Realistic big bro Bakugou
  • Healer Midoriya

Chapter Text

As a joke, someone in class covered Midoriya's mouth when he went on a mumble rant. Everyone laughs when he squeaks, and he shrugs it off embarrassed. 

Except, someone does it again and the joke is made that it's the only way to get him to shut up (for the mumbling, but uses those exact words). 

Now the whole class does it. 

They even start doing it when he gets excited about something and info dumps. 

Midoriya is insecure and questions whether he is talking too much. He comes to the conclusion that since they're all doing it, he must be the one in the wrong. 

He talks less and less until he barely says anything. 

Of course, concerned friends ask what is wrong and prompt him to join in on conversations, but the damage has been done. 

Throughout all of this is Shinso. 

Midoriya tries to be friends with Shinso and get to know him after the tournament. At first, Shinso is weirded out and thinks that he is either trying to get something from him or setting him up for a cruel prank. Then, they bond over stuff and Shinso is like 'whelp, guess he's mine now'.

But Midoriya's smiles have become strained and he starts talking less even though his analysis and mumbling are something that Shinso enjoys. 

When Shinso is finally transferred into 1A (bc Mineta should go away), they go out for a celebration just the two of them. 

Shinso notes that whatever was bothering Midoriya seemed to have gone away for the moment (or he was too ecstatic to notice). Maybe Shinso makes a joke about him being the one that should be so talkative because of his quirk. 

Midoriya's eyes go wide and he quietly apologizes, all of the previous excitement draining from his expression. Shinso would believe that he had brainwashed him if he didn't know for a fact that he hadn't. 

Each time Shinso tries to talk to him Midoriya answers with as few words as possible and hesitates before each sentence. 

This ticks Shinso off (bc past bullying conditioned him to read actions a certain way even if they're wrong and he knows subconsciously that Midoriya would never do that). 

Shinso becomes angry and asks why Midoriya would go through so much trouble to get to know him if he was going to pull the same thing everyone else was by not responding.

Midoriya is confused and says 'but you told me that you were the one that should be talking'. This throws Shinso for a loop, but he still feels hurt.

Shinso doesn't understand what is going on with Midoriya, but decides that maybe some space in their friendship was needed. He can't forget what he inferred from Midoriya's actions and it hurt him so he resolves to not interact with Midoriya in 1A for a while. 

In order to not be silenced, Midoriya makes rules that progressively get more heart wrenching as the story continues. 


Stuff like:

You're only allowed so many sentences a day

Write more than you talk

Answering teacher questions must be kept to 2 per subject so that more important people could share their views (rule comes from when he stopped answering questions altogether and a teacher pulled him aside to ask if he was okay)

Limiting time around peers makes them less likely to get tired of your presence

Speak in as few words as possible


With Midoriya talking less, instances of them covering his mouth lessen but still occur. 

The distancing from Shinso persists and makes Midoriya believe that everyone thought he should talk less even more. 

The angsty thing is that before the celebration night, Shinso was Midoriya's oasis from his turmoil and made him feel listened to and not unnecessary or unwanted. 

One rare instance of silencing from classmates occurs when Shinso is in the area. 

Iida had prompted Midoriya into a conversation almost on par with what they usually had. Maybe Midoriya begins to feel at ease and forgets the past few weeks. Then Kaminari leans over and does the hand over mouth thing. 

Midoriya goes stiff and his eyes widen. 

At this point, the reader's heart should be hurting in their chest as all of Midoriya's doubts and self imposed rules come crashing down on him. 

This is the final phase of the silence. 

Midoriya completely shuts down. He can't feel anything. His brain is oddly quiet. His chest feels constricted/still. 

He nods to Todoroki when asked if alright and sits the rest of the conversation out. Shinso is like wtf. Cue scene where he analyzes the reactions of the class and how they acted as if the rude gesture of silencing Midoriya was normal. He decides to observe more since it was his first day with 1A. 

Class ends and Midoriya leaves silently with his head down not even sharing a goodbye with anyone. Someone comments how he left without saying anything. 

In the interim, I want the teachers to bring up Midoriya in a staff meeting. 

They talk about how his scores have become near perfect which would be great if his social nature hadn't changed so drastically. The teachers have each noticed the silencing thing a total of once so they don't see the trend. They just know that something is going on. 

They resolve to keep a closer eye on him for bullying and homelife issues. 

This all culminates when Shinso confronts the class about their treatment and neglect of Midoriya. They don’t take him seriously. 

The silencing was still a joke to them. 

Shinso rants about it to Aizawa after being prodded during their weekend training. He lays out all of the evidence that he has (timeline of when it started, instances in class, silencing Midoriya even if he's not ranting but speaking normally). 

He realizes what he just said after finishing and is terrified that Aizawa won't believe him and blow it off like the rest of the class. 

Yeah, no. Aizawa is livid. 

He might like all of his kids but for all of them to be so cruel to one of their own who had a history of bullying and anxiety (he has medical records. He can read between the lines). 

On Monday, Aizawa has cooled his anger into steely rage. 

He calls Midoriya and says that he can stay in the dorms for the day. (Aizawa face palms when he realizes that the kid hasn't gotten a break from this mess in his own living space). 

He pulls up footage of Midoriya and arranges it to show how bad he has gotten. 

He asks the class hypothetical moral questions that mirror the situation with Midoriya so closely that some people start to pick up on it. He gets them to say that the people who did what they did in the hypothetical scenario were wrong. 

He glares at them and asks why they thought it was a good idea to do it to Midoriya. Some people look on in dawning horror while others deny it saying that it was a joke and that Midoriya gets it. 

Aizawa glares at them. 

He shows them the video he created from the security cameras. It finishes. The room is silent in shock. 

Aizawa stands at the front of the classroom, deadly serious. He says, 'if you don't fix your attitude and mend how you treat Midoriya, I will expel everyone except Shinso and Midoriya for the psychological torture of a fellow student.' 

He assigns them an essay on psychology of whatever and several other things. 

He ends homeroom by saying that they will not crowd Midoriya to ease their own consciousnesses. He will be going to therapy and they can apologize by treating him better. Only after he has healed a bit and he realizes that the class was in the wrong can they apologize outright. 

Then Aizawa reveals that they are so ahead in their other classes that he decided to cancel them and use the day for class punishme- training, he meant training. 

Shinso was excused on grounds that Hound Dog wanted to see him about getting Midoriya to come to him. 

Even more feels when Midoriya comes in the next day and everyone notices the changes that they had been ignoring. 

He is silent unless spoken to, answered as brief as possible, seems to fade into the background, doesn't smile, became top fighter because he channels rage (he doesn't know why he has it) into the new moves he learned with so much free time, and looks like he could shatter like glass. 

It hurts the class that they did this to their cinnamon roll. 

Midoriya is surprised when people talk to him. He says an entire sentence but then recedes into his shell. 

He has an angry week because his therapy made him realize that the people he thought would never hurt him made him feel and think all of those horrible things. Shinso tells him that it's good that he's mad, it means that he has some self care. 

It comes to a head with the class during a high energy confrontation. Midoriya is furious but it turns into broken sobbing. He just wants to understand why they would do that to him. He hadn't done anything to them. Had he? 

They apologize sincerely but it doesn't fix what happened. They have to work to heal what happened to their friendship and it won't be the same. 

Midoriya will be on guard for a while and won't go back to muttering even though he loves to do out loud analysis. He'll write it out instead and won't let anyone in the class see it unless they ask for it specifically, so that he can make sure that they won't get bored of it. 

He does heal enough to let new people and adults in. 

His bond with Shinso only wavered on the celebration night when Shinso said things out of insecurity and past bullying, but they patched it up relatively quickly and went back to supporting each other. 

Aizawa comes up with a way for Midoriya to talk as much as he wants (kids? in a hospital? orphanage?) because he loves his common roll child. 


All of the feels for this fic. All of them.