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Honey senpai x reader ( mostly... fluff because it’s honey senpai lol )

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The beach- part 5
~ chapter 19 ~

\\ honeys POV \\
“Mori-senpai, she’s out here somewhere! We have to find her...” i say “Y/N-CHAN!” I scream “honey we’ll find her” Mori said “But what if we don’t?” I say worrying “we will” he said

// your POV //
I hear them!

\\ honeys POV //
“BUT WHAT IF WE DONT?!? I never got to tell her how I feel” I say “well find Y/N” Mori said

\\ your POV //
“H-h-h-honey? D-do you mean that?” You say blushing like a mad man “You-u-u heard that?” He asked “and by that he means yes” Mori said “MORI” honey said “I-I-I like you too...” you say face as red as a tomato

[ authors notes]- ( I’m making a asui x reader next lol mha )