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  Generally speaking, Majima was a good actor. He never made their favorite waitress feel bad when she spilled things and he always managed to make Daigo think he was getting enough sleep when nothing could be further from the truth. But Saejima could often see through his acts. Some he could see through but he could tell Majima wasn't ready to talk about it so he let sleeping dogs lie. Now, though, he could tell he and Majima needed to have a little talk.

  He'd just gotten home from an evening at a hotel with Kiryu and he was furiously washing dishes in scalding hot water, adamantly avoiding Saejima's gaze and attempts at conversation. The kitchen smelled of lemon and the unmistakable scent of Kiryu's cologne mingling with Majima's. 

  "Dishwasher broken?" Saejima leaned against a counter nearby, crossing his arms across his broad chest as Majima glanced up at him.

  "Naw, just felt like gettin' 'em done right, y'know?" Majima said. His tone was perfectly even, his body perfectly still aside from his furiously working arms inside the frothy water of the sink.

  "Right, right. I'm sure it's got nothin' to do with you gettin' back from fuckin' Kiryu."

  Majima's jaw tightened marginally, barely noticeable if Saejima didn't know to look for it. Aside from that, his body language stayed the same. 

  "Is it a crime for a man to wash dishes in his own house?" Majima asked.

  Saejima stepped closer, gently touching the small of Majima's back. "I wasn't lyin' when I told ya I don't mind yours and Kiryu's relationship."

  Majima's hands stilled in the sink, so Saejima continued.

  "Do ya think all those years apart made me a liar?"

  Majima snapped his head to meet Taiga's gaze. His eye was bloodshot, manic. "No."

  "Why won't ya believe me then?"

  Majima sighed and pulled the plug on the sink, drying his hands on the towel Saejima offered him. Saejima led him to the sofa, his thumb rubbing small circles on the small of his back.

  "It's just… for years I thought… I thought he was just a stand-in for you," Majima said, resting his head on the back of the sofa and staring at the ceiling. "Or at least I told myself that. And when I realized that… that there was more to my feelings I started hatin' myself."

  Saejima carefully cupped the back of his neck, softly rubbing the freshly buzzed hair there. It always relaxed him when he did that, and it was even working now. Majima sighed and settled deeper into the sofa before continuing.

  "It was like… like I was betrayin' you all over again. Sometimes I could get myself to forget but that made it worse when I remembered."

  "Bro… look at me."

  Majima turned his head and met Saejima's gaze.

  "Stop bein' an idiot, man. I've told ya before and I'll tell ya as many times as I gotta: I love you no matter what. Anythin' ya do, anybody ya fuck, it don't matter to me."

  Majima made a face. "You couldn't say it nicer?"

  Saejima laughed and kissed the top of Majima's head. "I've been sayin' it nice since I found ya glued to Kiryu's cock like a week after I got back. Maybe it's time for a reality check instead of all the fluff, bro."

  Majima was honest to God sulking now, but he looked better off than he had when he'd arrived home. Saejima ran his fingers through his hair, happy when Majima leaned into the touch and pulled closer.

  "Y'know why I always ask what you were up to when I already knew you were with Kiryu?"

  Majima glanced at him. "Well, I… I thought it was… y'know, to get mad at me."

  "Sheesh, bro. No, that ain't it at all," Saejima said, shaking his head. "Frankly I should kick yer ass later and knock some sense into ya."

  "Then why'd you always ask?"

  "It's hot," Saejima said.

  Majima seemed not to understand for several moments, looking blankly at Saejima while his brain processed the information. "Wait… you… you like hearing about that shit?"

  Saejima nodded. "You can bet yer ass I was mostly dreamin' of you and me while I was away, but one of my favorite things to imagine was you, all hot and horny and gettin' all the tail I couldn't while locked up."

  Majima gaped at him in disbelief. "You've gotta be pullin' my leg."

  "Nope," Saejima said, pulling Majima closer so he could kiss at his neck. "I wanted so badly for you to be happy and havin' fun while I was gone, even when I didn't understand what happened after the hit."

  Majima turned his head so Saejima could get more surface of his neck to work on. His Adam's apple was bobbing furiously as Saejima sucked and licked at him.


  "Mhm," Saejima hummed, the sensation causing goosebumps to rise across Majima's neck. "I was even hopin' you could tell me the best ones one day."

  "What, like… like, talk about the sex I've had?" Majima asked, sounding unsure.

  "Yup. Exactly that."

  Majima huffed a laugh and pulled Saejima up, tugging him towards their bedroom. "You're gonna be listenin' for a long while, old man."

  "Perfect," Saejima said, grinning at Majima's eagerness. 

  "Why am I propped up on nine thousand pillows, again?" Majima asked, always impatient and huffy.

  Saejima ignored his question and flipped the cap open on the lube and poured it on his fingers.

  "Hey, I asked a question!" Majima said indignantly, squeezing his thighs around Saejima's thick torso.

  "Wanna look at yer face while you talk," Saejima said.

  Majima wrinkled his nose but Saejima could see the pale pink rising to his cheeks. As much as he protested, he really was a sucker for the romantic.

  "So, uh, where should I start? Chronological, alphabetical?" Majima joked as Saejima's fingers began tracing his sensitive rim.

  "Wherever ya want, bro," Saejima said. 

  Majima wet his lips and relaxed further into his mountain of pillows, crossing his ankles behind Saejima's waist as he settled in.

  "Well, I guess I oughta start with the first fuck I had outta the hole," Majima said.


  "He was batshit crazy, runnin' ‘round and tryin' to stab me with his knife, but damn was he hot. He kept yankin' my ponytail while we fought, croonin' my name and flirtin' with me.

  "Well, I finally got him on his back and I was chokin' him, tryin' to get the fight over with 'cuz I didn't realize the flirtin' was real. Anyway, I'm chokin' him and he starts moanin' . I couldn't fuckin' believe it, I moved off and he had a giant tent in his ugly-ass trousers and he asked me to keep doin' it.

  "F-fuck, more already, I want yer cock in me right now .

  "Fuck you. Fine, I'll keep goin'.

  "I didn't wanna admit it at the time, but all that fightin' with him was gettin' me goin', too, but I just wasn't ready to cum in my pants like he was. So I played hard to get, told him to fuck off, and get outta my establishment. But he saw right through the act. Next thing I know I'm beatin' the fuck outta my dick on my knees while he's standin' in front of me.

  "He just said 'better hold on for the ride, Majima-kun!' and started shovin' his dick down my throat.

  "What it looked like? Uh, he was… hey, quit teasin'... Fuck, I… need more, need your cock, Taiga.

  "Fuck… you're always so thick. N-no, I don't need a sec… I'm already adjusted ya big oaf, start fuckin' already.

  "Nggh… fuck… 

  "Wh-where was I? He… he grabbed my free hand and put it on his thigh and started spearin' my throat open. It felt like I was gonna die for a while there… 

  "Harder, I need more.

  "Guh, you're the worst. Just sit still for all I care then.

  "He said I better hold on but he went slow at first. I was droolin' everywhere, kept nearly gaggin' but he always stopped and let me adjust. Said he didn't want puke on his new shoes. 

  "But when he started fuckin' my face… damn, I thought I coulda cum right then and there. I dunno even how to… to describe the smell, but he kept pushin' my head down onto his pubes and grinnin' down at my face. He held onto either side of my head and just… thrust. Over and over, right into the back of my throat. It'd been so long I couldn't even do that swallowing thing ya told me felt real good, all I could do was sit there. I tried suckin', but he was goin' so fast. He busted quick, too. All of a sudden he was pullin' out and I was ready to kick his ass again but he started cummin' all over my face. It got in my hair, over my eyepatch, on my lips. You best believe I charged him for a new eyepatch, too.

  "H-hey! I… I can't… I can't keep t-tellin' if you're… f-fuck…"


  Saejima wrapped his arms around Majima's torso and pistoned his hips into him, grunting whenever his hips met Majima's ass. They were laying back to chest. They’d been spooning, Saejima’s dick lazily fucking into him until he couldn't take it anymore and began fucking him like his life depended on it. Majima's hole made obscene squelching noises as he moaned profanities, clutching hard enough onto Saejima's arm to bruise.

  It didn’t take long for the pounding and love bites along his neck to make Majima cum. Saejima continued thrusting until Majima was whining before slowing down and returning to their position from earlier, comfortably spooning while thrusting intermittently. 

  “Didn’t even let me get through one story, huh?” Majima asked, breathless, turning his head so he could bite at Saejima’s lower lip. 

  “Told ya it’s hot, bro,” Saejima said. “Still got more stories for me?”

  Majima snorted and ground his hips onto Saejima’s cock, grinning at the grunt it pulled out of Saejima’s core. “‘Course I do. Wanna hear about me and Kiryu’s first encounter?”

  Saejima buried his face in Majima’s neck and nodded, inhaling deeply as Majima chuckled.


  “So, I’ve heard about this Dragon of Dojima guy. Nobody would fuckin’ shut up about the guy, and then I just. Meet him in the street. Didn’t even go lookin’ for him. He comes saunterin’ up, all baby-faced and his suit didn’t fit right. Real cute, I liked him right away. He was still up on a high horse about honor and shit, but he still agreed to fight me right then and there. It was so fuckin’ fun, I couldn’t believe it.

  “His eyes are always so intense, like he’s got a fire burnin’ back there. And he’s got me on my back, absolutely fuckin’ whalin’ on my face--He fuckin’ broke my nose again, by the way. And he’s starin’ at me with those eyes. So I just… Grinned at him and ground my dick up against him.

  “I thought the poor dude was gonna explode right then and there. Never seen his ears get that red since. He yanks me up by my lapels and shoves me against a wall and hisses through his teeth ‘what’s your game, Majima-san?’

  “Yeah, even at a time like that he called me that! He’s such a stickler sometimes.

  “So I take advantage of his lapse of judgment and kick his chest and eventually get him on his back. I’m about to start whalin’ on his pretty face like he was doin’ to mine but--get this--he grinds up against my ass.

  “I’m fuckin’ speechless since I didn’t think he’d do anythin’ about it--and he’s hard , too. He fuckin’ smirks at me and starts feelin’ me up beneath my jacket. 

“Hey! Where ya-- get back here!

“Christ, I’m gettin’ too old to be on my hands and knees all the time.

“Yeah, yeah. 

“Oh… Oh fuck, w-wait. Gimme a pillow or somethin’. Fuck.

“Gonna fill me with yer cum this time? You’d better, old man.

  “Anyway, our fight had us in some back alley by that point, and I’m dumbstruck by how bold he’s bein’. Everythin’ I’d heard about him said he was a real choirboy, never even fucked the hostesses he visited. But he’s tweakin’ my nipples and stickin’ a finger in my mouth while he grinds on my abs.

  “He pulls out his dick and I’m droolin’ at the sight of it. I probably said somethin’ stupid since my blood was not botherin’ to go to my brain at the moment, but he just kept rubbin’ his dick on me, palmin’ my dick through my pants. 

  “I’m slobberin’ all over his fingers and finally bite at him, tryin’ to get his attention. He looked ready to kick my ass again for that one. But I finally get him to pull my dick out and… and...

“It’s n-not fair if you s-start fuckin’ me s-so hard I can’t talk!

“Guh… Fuck, you’re so thick.

“Harder, harder, I need-- fuck.

“You’re the fuckin’ worst. I’m gonna wipe that grin off yer face later.

  “Uh… he, uh… Anyway, he digs his fingers around in my mouth again and I’m like, does he have a mouth fetish or somethin’? But I was in for an even better surprise ‘cuz he uses the spit he’d gotten all over his fingers to use to stroke our dicks together.

  “Just… Uh, just started fuckin’ his fist while I’m frantically tryin’ to do the same. He’s got a bead of sweat drippin’ down his forehead and I wanna lick it off, so I lean up and start just… fuckin’, lickin’ his face. 

  “His dick’s twitchin’ next to mine and I’m doin’ all I can not to just bust and then that fucker whispers ‘Majima-san’ all reverential like I’m his lover or somethin’ and  I cum all over our dicks, his fist, my abs, everywhere.

  “He… He, uh… F-fuck, he didn’t last much longer… His cum was so thick and was all over me and I… I wanted more.

  “Of course he cleaned me up with some pocket tissues he had on him and offered to buy me dinner, but I… I had to go to some dumb clan thing so I just told him to keep in touch.”


  “That story not hot enough for ya?” Majima asked after he finished his story. Saejima had seemed like he was working to orgasm, making Majima’s tale difficult to tell but he eventually slowed his hips into a more leisurely pace.

  “Wanna hear more,” Saejima said. “You probably already came a bunch at Kiryu’s, don’t wanna wring you out, kyodai.”

  “Fucker,” Majima said, pulling away and standing up on the bed. “Lay down. I only got a few more interestin’ ones for tonight. I’m gonna ride ya ‘til I get what I want.”

  “What’s next?” Saejima asked, rubbing circles on the outside of Majima’s thighs as he perched himself on Saejima’s chest. 

  “Heh, you’ll like this one,” Majima said, grabbing Saejima’s dick and lining up with his hole as he speared himself with a low moan.



  “Nishida and I have had a casual thing goin’ on for a while. He helps relieve stress, I help relieve his. Nice and easy. But one day he comes into the construction office pourin’ sweat like he’d just run a fuckin’ mile.

  “So of course I ask him what’s the problem--thinkin’ we’re gettin’ attacked and I needed to call Kiryu ASAP--but he just… drops to his knees and looks up at me with these pleadin’ eyes.

  “He goes ‘Oyaji, I need to be useful to you’ and I’m thinkin’ he’s got sunstroke or somethin’, but then I see he’s got a massive tent in his pants so I get the message. I pull him off the floor and sit back in my chair and tell him to strip.

  “He’s got a real nice figure, by the way. He should wear tighter pants.

  “Anyway, I tell him to lean over my desk and prep himself. He’s all frantic workin’ his hole open and I go and close all the blinds, makin’ sure the door’s locked and all that. And when I sit back down he spreads his hole open and begs me to fuck him. 

  “But, I got somethin’ different in mind.

“I ain’t cruel! Just havin’ a little fun is all.

  “I tell him I’m gonna need him to warm my cock and he just nods like I offered him a million bucks. So I pull my dick out--nice and hard from watchin’ him prep himself, he’s got a real cute hole--and slowly pull him down onto me. Fuck, he was tight. We didn’t always do penetrative stuff so it was a real treat. He’s squirmin’ in my lap and keenin’ like he’s gonna die. And he kept squeezin’ around me, but I stopped that real quick.

  “I said to him ‘I’m gonna need ya to sit still for me, can ya do that?’ and he nods again, chest heavin’. I called him a good boy and his cock honest to god fuckin’ twitched just from me sayin’ that. 

  “So I pull him close and let him wrap his arms around me while I start workin’ on paperwork. I thrust up every once in a while but mostly just sittin’ there, lettin’ his tight ass keep my dick nice and warm.

  “Didn’t take long for him to… to start losin’ it. 

“F-fuck. Thrust up like that again.

  “He, uh, he keeps whimperin’ and ballin’ and unballin’ his fists. His cock’s restin’ up against me so I move just enough to give him a little relief when I move paperwork around. 

  “It was real cute. He was tryin’ so hard to be good for me. Didn’t even grind on me like I would’ve if I was in his place. Eventually I grab his ass and start thrustin’, whisperin’ in his ear how good he’d been. Told him how good he’d made me feel, how I was gonna cum in him as proof of a job well done. He nearly sobbed at that and came all over himself, his tight hole squeezin’ around me while his cock dribbled out the last of his orgasm. 

“Guh… that’s right, harder. I’m so close, fuck.

“Oh, fuck .

“You’re… Holy shit, I…”


  Majima whined loudly as Saejima came deep inside him, filling him more than he thought possible. He gasped as Saejima thrust up into him, hard. He dug his fingers into the meaty part of one of Saejima’s biceps and jerked himself quickly, cumming weakly across Saejima’s chest. 

  They panted together in silence before Saejima caressed his cheek with his thumb. “Thought I got one more story?”

  Majima laughed and leaned down to kiss the corner of his lips. “Yeah, yeah. But I’m makin’ good on my promise of wipin’ that grin of yer face.”

  Saejima eagerly pulled Majima’s ass closer to his face when Majima started repositioning himself. He wasn’t even telling his story yet and Saejima was already lapping at his hole.


“Can ya even hear me like this?

“Hm. Not sure I believe ya, but whatever.

  “So, lemme tell ya about the best thigh job I’ve ever gotten. 

  “One day one of my boys comes and tells me about some new loan shark who’s cornerin’ all the other guys in town. He’s real shady, asks for no interest but ya gotta do these tests.

  “Well, I go and meet the guy and he’s fine. His secretary is the real powerhouse of the two, if ya ask me. Anyway, we hit it off right away. We go out for drinks a few times and the next thing I know I’ve got my tongue down his throat and he’s humpin’ my leg in an alley while we stumble our way back to his place. 

  “His ‘place’ is just his office, by the way. Shit place to have sex. 

  “We’re on his couch, gropin’ at each other and tryin’ to see who can get their tongue the farthest down the other’s throat when I grab onto his thigh and I pull away.

  “He’s all worried, but I’m fuckin’ amazed by how strong his thighs are. I tell him to take his pants off and I’m stunned at how perfect his legs are. The guy practically coulda been a model for those statues from the waist down. 

  “I’m practically droolin’ over those thighs and he smirks at me and goes ‘Oh? Interested in them? You’re not the first. Want to see what they can really do?’

  “And I’m thinkin’ he’s gonna flex or some shit, not that I could complain, but he pulls my dick out and I pull my pants off the rest of the way before he sits on my lap. 

“Hey, quit gettin’ distracted, you’ve got a job to do.

  “Anyway, he squeezes his legs together and I’m moanin’ already. Fuck, it felt nice. He spit down a long line of drool to lube me up but I coulda gone without with how good I was feelin’. I thrust up and I’m fuckin’ buryin’ my head into his tacky jacket and moanin’. Pillowy ain’t the… the right word, but, uh… I… It’s hard to describe… 

“I...  I could call him up and get you the same treatment.

“Fuck, you’d lose it. 

“I… Man, now I wanna watch that.

  “So, uh… He starts teasin’ me, askin’ if it feels good or not and shit like that. On every thrust I’m rubbin’ up against his balls and that makes it even better. He starts movin’ on his… his own and that’s when I… l-lost it.

“Fuck, just like that. Jerk me off, c’mon.

“Oh god. Yeah, right there, right there.” 


  Majima was leaning over Saejima’s abs to stroke at his thick cock, his movements jerky as he came apart for the final time that night. Saejima was lapping at his hole eagerly, circling his sensitive rim with his hot tongue while his hand stroked Majima’s cock. He jerked Saejima’s cock off faster, his eye closed tight as he moaned and started cumming again. It was much less than his previous, but Saejima’s own orgasm was thick as it dribbled down his fist, his cock twitching intermittently as he gave him a final stroke, the last of his cum beading out from his swollen cockhead.

  Majima immediately moved himself to cuddle up to Saejima, ignoring all the lube and cum covering their bodies. He sighed contentedly against his body, happy when Saejima ran his fingers through his hair. 

  “Go get in the shower, I’ll make some tea,” Saejima said after several minutes of silence, gently nudging Majima to stand up.

  “You need a shower just as much as  I do,” Majima grumbled, reluctant to get up. He was wiped out. 

  “Yer throat’s gonna be sore after that, bro,” Saejima said. “Lemme make you some tea, okay?”

  “Fine,” Majima said, holding his arms up and grinning at Saejima. “But you hafta carry me in there.”

  Saejima rolled his eyes but obliged Majima’s wishes, scooping him up and carrying him bridal style into their obnoxiously large bathroom. Soon their apartment would be filled with the scent of green tea and honey as they enjoyed their tea in front of a rerun of a baseball game.