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My Angel, My Weakness

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"Ryuichi~ it's been a while since we do it~" Akihito said in sensual voice as he spread his hands on Asami's broad shoulders, then down onto the yakuza's hard chest.


Asami sitting down reading the report in silent. His eyes did not move from the white paper he was holding right now.


Emotions were kindled in Akihito's chest when his boyfriend did not in the slightest respond to his calls. Hell. They haven't had sex in months. Asami always gave him reason that he was busy and didn't have time to deal with Akihito's childish behaviour. And his months had been spent sleeping alone in their shared room because Asami would always come home in the morning and after that he would leave for work, even before Akihito woke up.


'Did Asami getting bored with me?'


'Does Asami have another whore?'


Akihito's heart was hammering inside his chest. Asami has always been obsessed with him before, and Akihito is the first one who would know if Asami had any other toy out there. Don't underestimate him, that guy put someone to spy on Asami. His spies reported to him that Asami doesn't suspect having another boyfriend, unless...


"I'm busy." Asami answered in dull tone.


Akihito pouted. "Come on, you can carry on when we're done." he whispered in Asami's ear breathlessly. Fumbling at Asami's chest, try to felt the muscles under the shirt.


The dim light in the room caused Akihito to feel heat all over his body. He's horny. Just blame Asami for looking like a sex-god, making Akihito inevitably become someone who thirsty for sex.


When Akihito wanted to sit on Asami's lap, the office door opened immediately. Showing a man with his platinum longhair tied up in a ponytail, completely in bodyguard's formal suit.


"Boss, Takumi-san asked me to bring this file to-" the man's voice was swallowed and his eyes were widened in shock. "I- i'm sorry!!" He stammered, startled by what he saw in front of him. "I- i'll g-g-go ri-right now!!"




"Ouch! It hurts, Ryuichi!" Akihito screamed in pain as his butt hit the maroon-colored carpet. He has no balance because Asami suddenly stood up without even giving him a signal.


Before Draco was about to step out, Asami's voice echoes in the room, making Draco stop on his feet.


"Wait." Asami turned around and looked down at Akihito, who was still sitting on the carpet. "You can go out." He spoke coldly. The typical of Asami Ryuichi.


Akihito who heard the words immediately stood up, shrugging his pained ass. Trying to contain the rage, Akhito smiled sweetly. "All right, I'm going out right now..." He didn't want a bodyguard seeing him and Asami in a disharmonious state. Akihito did not want to look like a incompetent mistress when it comes to seduce his partner. "I'll wait in our room~" he purred.


After giving Asami a chaste kiss on the lips that ended up in the corner of Asami's mouth, Akihito walked out of the room, and he did not forget to send Draco a smirk. Draco thinks he'll puke if he doesn't remember it will making a mess on his Boss's expensive carpet.


Asami began stepping out from behind his desk, walking up to Draco who still standing with his grey eyes looking bored through him.


"Here's the file," Draco handed him the file he was holding earlier. "Takumi-san asked me to bring it here."


Asami took the file and started to examine it. "Hmm, all right."


Draco nodded. "If that so, I'll be excused." He was about to turn around as a hand pulled him so hard that he hit his front with Asami's broad chest. 


Asami's warm breath is tickling Draco's creamy neck, his sneaky hands embraced the lean waist of the man who had taken hold of his heart and soul. "You look so fuckin' beautiful as always." he whispered in lower, seductive tone.


Draco's breath hitched as his grip on Asami's shirt strengthened. His heart was beating so fast that he feared Asami would hear it. Draco feels the heat starting to run through his porcelain cheeks. Please, he feel so dizzy when he smelled that fancy perfume on Asami. The one he longed for so much.


Draco was blushing so hard. He pushed Asami's chest gently so he could look at him in the eyes. Draco's breath hitched again as the golden eyes focused on him, making everything faded around them. Draco tried to control himself, then put his hands around the man's neck and said, "Hm? You want to flatter me after you let Akihito sit in your lap?" He teased.


Asami felt something start to harden inside his pants. Only Draco is capable of making his libido rise so fast. Asami cursed under his breath. "I'm so sorry, baby. He didn't sit in my lap." Asami's hold on his waist tightened.


The tip of their nose was almost touching. Asami's warm breath blew gently in front of Draco's face, sending a shiver down to his spine. Their bodies intimately crushing againts each other.


"Hmm, are you sure?" Draco sensed something hard on his thigh, Asami's cock grew bigger. Draco whimpers as he felt so blissful with the intimate position they were in.


"Yeah..." Asami sounds breathless, his voice drops a few octaves.


Draco yelped in suprise once his back hit a wall, then Asami's plump lips lunged with his and kissed it voraciously. His legs felt like jelly. It seemed that his knees would gave up if Asami hadn't hugged his waist tightly and propped him to keep from falling.


Asami started to rut against Draco's groin. Draco could not hold back his moans as Asami gropped his buttocks with his large hands. Asami's kiss went all the way down to his neck as Draco tilt his head in order to give him a better access. Draco's body was clinging desperately to the taller man.


“Eungh~ Ryuichi~” Draco mewled, his body was shook with pleasure as Asami keeps grinding on him.


“Yeah, baby?” Asami started to shower Draco’s beautiful face with kisses that makes Draco melt. Maybe Asami looks like a sexy-beast, but he will worship Draco's body like the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. He will worship the grounds where Draco walks.


Altough, in his relationship with Akihito, Asami never showed as much affection as he did for Draco. He doesn't know what came over him, but when he first met Draco, Asami felt something churning inside his chest, longing to love and protect have gnawed at his heart and mind. His mind was always so full of that beautiful man that he even dreamed about Draco was his only lover, not Akihito. Asami never felt like this with Akihito before.


Draco got him really whipped.


"Boss, are you still inside?" Someone asked and followed by the knocking on the door.


An instant realization reaches out to Draco because it's the most familiar voice he knows. Draco gave a gasp. Takumi-san! Ryu- Ryuichi~ P-please s-stop… Ahhn~”


Asami still continues to ravish Draco's delicate body like he doesn't care if they get caught by other people. "You wanna cum in your pants, baby? Wanna feel my hands on your little cock huh?" He grunts. It's gonna take some serious self-control for Asami not to rip off Draco's suit right here right now.


"Yes- NO!" Draco says frantically and forced to bite his lower lip hard to drown out his moans, making his lips redder than ever before. Too immersed in their activity made Draco's mind foggy with pleasure. 


Asami feels his vision darken by a sinful sight in front of him. "Fuck- Draco!" Asami mutters under his breath as Draco's lips trembling, his thick-blonde lashes fluttered on his cheekbones. "You will be the death of me." he raps.


"Ryuichi..." Draco breathlessly whines again, completely forgot of what he wanted to say a minute ago. His prick throbbing inside his pants that it hurts so much, he wanted to cum so badly but he need Asami's larger and rough hand to give him a handjob.


"Boss, are you there? It's me Takumi..."


Draco whined after hearing Takumi's voice through the door. He lets out a quiet sigh of relief when Asami stopped. It's like the man was aware if there's someone out there waiting for him to answer. Asami was backing up slowly from Draco but their body were still huddled together, his face looks annoyed because someone just interrupted him and the love of his life.


"What do you want?" Asami barked, he planned to carry Draco bridal-style and continue their activities on his desk because he's very impatient for Draco to wrap his plump-pink lips around his arousal.


Hearing Asami's irritating voice, Takumi began sweating, did he come at a bad time? He gulped. "A-ah... Erm... Mr. Takaba's (Akihito's father) coming for a visit." Takumi's voice sounds quiet, scared if the answer will make him regret it later.


What does that old-man want at time like this? Asami cursed. "I'll be down in a minute." he yelled. He looked back at his baby who was still in his arms, completely unaware of how he looked right now. So ravishing. "Babe?" He asks gently, bending lower to press a soft kiss to the corners of Draco's lips. He moves higher to press more kisses to Draco's forehead, chuckle softly at the cooing sound coming from the long-haired beauty.


Draco blinks up his pretty blonde lashes at Asami, who was staring at him like he's the most beautiful thing in the world. Did he ever say that he felt so lucky? He felt his heart soar with happiness. A man like Asami want him, yearning for his love, desperate for his touch. While there are more beautiful men and women out there vying for Asami's attention. Draco's just- Well, he's just a bodyguard who accidentally bumped into Asami. He's a nobody, unlike Akihito... Draco felt his chest clenching just by thinking about it.


Looking at Draco's dainty face, Asami hugged Draco's waist tightly and then pressed their foreheads together, as if he feared Draco would slipped away from his embrace. Asami knew what his love was thinking right now. "I love you, Draco." He kissed Draco's forehead softly. "Love you so much," then Draco's pretty thick lashes, "Love you so fucking much," then his pointy nose, "Only you." and finally his cherry-kissed lips. "My sweet baby..." Asami muses quietly, heart pounding in his chest as Draco sobs softly. "Hey, look at me love. Look at me." He orders. Draco who's been looking away in tears blinks and turns to focus on his lover's voice.


"You know that I'll give up my everything just for you, right?" Asami asks, his thumbs gently wiped away the tears that streaming down on Draco's pale pink cheeks, his face was serious. Draco nodded as he leans in Asami's touch and blushes a deep shade of pink while Asami nipped at his slightly chubby cheeks.


Draco whined in embarrasement. "Stop doing that!" He punched Asami in the chest playfuly, trying to get out of the man's embrace even if it seems hopeless because Asami's more stronger than him.


"Aw babe. Don't be shy with me..." The Yakuza coos at him, stroking the back of his head gently.


"Stop. I'm not a kid." Draco says grumpily and scrunches his nose cutely, looking away until Asami fixes his face again.


Asami chuckles. Oh, his baby's so adorable. "And you better stop looking so adorable, babe, or else..." He put his hand back on Draco's tight little buttocks, fondling it with sensual gestures.


Draco gasped when he felt Asami's larger hands on his buttocks, he wiggled his way out of Asami's death grips. "You pervert old-man!"


Asami gasps in horror, his grip loosened in Draco's buttocks, give Draco an opportunity to get away from the grip. "What the hell?! I'm not a pervert old-man!" Asami protested like a kid. 


Draco's trying not to laugh. "Nu-uh! You're a pervert and you're an old-man."


"I'm not!"


"Yes you are!"


"As if you're not a pervert." Asami scoffs, he smirked and it grows bigger when he sees Draco's cheecks flushed. "Oh~ Someone's pretending to be innocent here~" he purrs, Asami's eyes go dark, staring at the bulge under Draco's super tight black pants.


Draco's mouth was gapping like a fish. He felt like his prick began throbbing again, longing to be touched. His entire demeanour says he's embarrassed by the revelation, but play it cool. Draco stood there uncomfortable under Asami's hungry gaze. "U-um..." Draco licks his lower lips unconsiously while also staring at Asami's bulge. God help him, he wanted to taste it so bad. "I think- I think- I have to go now. Takumi-san m-must be looking for me..." Draco looked again at Asami. He rushed out of the room before Asami can jumpped at him like a predator to it's prey.


Asami freezes. "W-wait, Draco! What about me?!" he whines.


"Hurry up and come down! Mr. Takaba's waiting for you!" Draco said behind the door. "I'll make it up to you later~" Draco purred and giggled at his Boss's whining. Knowing his lover's temper, Asami would be in a badmood if Draco deliberately ignored him, shit about to go down, but he'll take care of it later. Draco should take care of his hard on first, he couldn't have met anyone else in these condition.