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The Move

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      You groaned, fingers stinging, cramping up from typing. You leaned back in your cheap office chair, emotionally blank. The computer screen on your desk glared back at you, mocking your pain. Looking aside, an office TV hung in the corner granted you temporary relief. Right as the show playing looked interesting - you had no clue what show it was - it cut to a commercial break. Sighing, you resigned yourself to going back to work when a colorful ad flashed onto the TV screen. Enticed, you tuned back in; it was an ad for a tropical getaway. You turned to the window opposite of the TV screen. Bleak Unova city streets met your gaze. You turned back to the ad.
      A number flashed on screen, with some text about booking a vacation.
      Impulsively, you grabbed your notepad and jotted it down.

      Invigorated, you face your computer and type in some words you saw pop up on the ad. Going sans audio, you could only extract so much data. You googled some of the island names, and finally the phone number. Taking notes on your little notepad with the phone number, you felt something blooming in you. Excitement? It looked like such a beautiful place. You loved the flowers, the tropical weather, it all just looked so nice.
      Maybe you’d book a trip there, you thought.
      Just a little getaway, you told yourself.


      The weeks went on, and all you could think about was that island. It just couldn’t escape your thoughts, and you had to know more. During your intense research, you learned the name of Alola, and all of its little islands. You could recognize just about every flower and Pokemon that inhabited the islands. You learned all about the island trials, and the trail chiefs. It set a fire in your soul that refuses to be put out. You know a vacation just wouldn’t cut it anymore, and you were at a good age to move out....
      You had a plan subconsciously developing in your mind that you were scared to admit to - but did you really have anything to lose? You didn’t have any close friends, you hated your desk job, and you kind of had enough money. You say kinda - not enough to buy a house, but enough to rent.
      You shuffled this plan to the back of the mental filing cabinet. Shaking your head, you settled down in your office chair for another day of work. Typing away just like every other weekday, you fall into the same tempo as every other day. Today, however, was different - you felt it a few hours into the day. You knew something was really off when your boss’s door slammed open. Normally she never came out of there, but something must’ve set her off. What it was, you had not a clue, but your heart dropped as she locked eyes with you and came barreling over. Hands on her hips, she started shouting.
      You had no idea what she was going on about. She was screaming about a tech problem, a website misspell, something that definitely wasn’t part of your job. Puzzle pieces started sticking themselves together. Despite your quiet protests of ‘but that’s not part of my job’ and ‘I’m sorry’, that fire in your soul just had gasoline dumped on it. Breathing heavily, your boss took a step back, still fuming.
      “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” She spits out. Your eyes went wide, and a strange calm sensation overcame your body. Knuckles white, you parried her with an attack straight for the head.
      “Yeah. I quit.”

      She took another step back.
      “You heard me. I quit!” You stood up, collecting your three desk items and multitude of pens. “I’ve had enough of this boring desk job. I’m taking my belongings and not returning. Take what you will from my paycheck. I’ve had enough.” Shoving pens and notepads into your pockets, you turned and went home - but first picked up a celebratory donut.

      Walking into your living room, your mom was very confused.
      “Why are you home so early?” You explained what happened, trying not to sound too gleeful with every word. She nodded in approval. “That job would kill your back, sweetie. A change of pace is great for the body and the mind!” You nodded.
      “I know just what to do next, too.” You chimed, heading up the stairs to your room. Fishing out your phone, you poked in a number you had memorized from hours of research, and listened to it ring.
      “Hello?” A deep voice answered.
      “Hi, is this Professor Kukui? From Alolan Travels?” you questioned.
      “Yes, did you need something?”
      “Well, you see…”