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Sacred Rituals

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Four Months Before

Tobirama walked around the table, staring down at the body on it. "Don't look at me like that," he smirked. The room was quiet except for the small whimpers coming from the vampire strapped to the table. "You are an interesting type." He had come across a couple like this one. The whole clan seemed to like to remain in hiding like cowards. But he would recognize the pale skin and white hair anywhere. This was the youngest of the Otsutsuki clan. He got lucky finding a young one from an old clan. He did not think there were any Ootsutsukis under the age of three hundred. He pulled out a scalpel and looked the vampire up and down a couple of times, trying to find the spot he wanted to dig into first.

The poor soul strapped down struggled, tugging at his restraints. "You're a monster! A fucking CREATURE!" Tears threatened to pour from his eyes.

Tobirama chuckled darkly. "Thank you," he said. He ran a gloved finger down the man's ribs, finding the spot he was going to stab. His eyes nearly rolled back when the vampire screamed as the blade cut smoothly into him. "Ah, it never gets old doing that."

"Fu-fuck you, you bastard."

"Oh, my, I thought you celestial types were supposed to be above all that common cursing," Tobirama grinned as he pressed the blade deeper, working on revealing the area where a human would have been his appendix. "Interesting..." he mumbled.

"You're sick!"

"That's what the serpent one said to me...and everyone before her."

The boy snarled, revealing four sets of fangs. Tobirama backed up, preparing himself in case it tried to spit at him as that last one did. But this vampire's eyes only flashed a vibrant white light. They were completely different from the snake-like ones'.

"You must be a weaker type." He noted this in his journal.

After seeing that the vampire could not do much, Tobirama pried his mouth open, taking a good look at the fangs. "These are always in this position," he noted. The vampire hissed, snapping his jaw shut. Tobirama chuckled, pulling his hand away just in time. "Powerful jaw. Noted. I'm sure this will have the same effect on you," he said, grabbing a sacred bullet. He dragged it along the vampire's inner arm. He got to the inner elbow and pressed really hard, shoving the bullet into the skin. The vampire screeched, straining once more against his restraints. The white skin started to spider with blackened veins. Tobirama grinned and noticed the vampire's eyes glowed a faint blue light. "Fascinating!" he breathed.

The vampire thrashed, his eyes still glowing. The veins in his arm were spreading outward. Suddenly, something slammed into the back of Tobirama's head. He whipped around to see what had happened. He expected one of the other test subjects to be standing behind him, and he was ready to fight them. Yet, there was nothing but floating objects around the room.

"Amazing," he smirked. "You have telekinesis." He quickly wrote that down before pulling the bullet out of the vampire's arm. The vampire panted and everything that had been in the air suddenly clattered to the ground as he bucked from the pain. "You are very young." He tilted the boy's head to check for bite marks on the neck, then lifted the wrists. He hummed, noting the young boy's skin was free of such things. 'Natural-born?' he thought.

The vampire winced at the feeling of the hunter touching him. "My family will come for you," he said.

"And I will be waiting," Tobirama smirked. The vampire panted, watching Tobirama circle back around to a tray of tools. "You creatures like to think I cannot take you in numbers, but," Tobirama's smirk curled slowly across his face, "I always welcome a challenge." He grabbed a pair of small pliers. He was going to enjoy this part a lot. "I'm going to take a little souvenir from you," he said as he approached the vampire again. "This is going to hurt a lot." He pried the vampire's mouth open, clamping the pliers around a fang and pulling harshly.

"No! NO, NO, DON'T TOUCH ME!" The scream that ripped from the vampire's throat echoed down the hall and nearly shook the room. Blood sprayed and filled the creature's mouth.

"Beautiful," Tobirama breathed, holding the tooth up to the light. He was sprayed with blood and the vampire knew if this monster of a man could, he would eat him alive. Tobirama dropped the fang onto a small dish for cleaning. "And a little something to remember you by," he said as he grabbed a small vile and placed it where there was once a fang in the vampire's mouth. He let a couple of drops of blood fill the vessel. The vampire snarled, hacking a bit and spitting hard so more blood sprayed Tobirama's face. "At least this time I know it's not venomous," he smirked. He didn't bother to wipe it away right away. Instead, the blood clung to his face and hair, making him look all the more terrifying in the dim light.

"You...bastard..." the vampire strained.

Tobirama pulled the vile away, closing it and setting it next to the extracted fang. "I am almost done with you," he said. He was pretty sure the creature knew what that meant. It was not going to live for much longer. But he wanted it to suffer. Tobirama picked up a long, beautifully carved wooden stake. It would not kill the boy. No, it would put him in a state of conscious paralysis, making him even more powerless against Tobirama.

"I don't want to die," the vampire squeaked softly.

"You're going to wish you did die," Tobirama smirked, shoving the wooden stake into the vampire's skin. Tobirama's lips part in a relished groan when he saw the fear and despair in the now motionless vampire. He took a moment to look him over. "You're going to suffer slowly and painfully. And I'm going to live in every long, agonizing second of it." The vampire just looked up at him, unable to do anything. "I will return for you later," Tobirama said, grabbing the dish with the single fang and the small vile of blood. He had another date with another one of these creatures. He walked out of the room feeling positively giddy.

"Another dissection today, Brother?" Itama asked, bowing as his brother walked up to him. Tobirama handed Itama the small dish for him to clean the fang.

"One of a few," Tobirama sighed. "This one is going to be occupied for a little while."

"Who knew there were so many types? You're really making advancements for the hunters," Itama praised his brother.

"I am just doing the work I was put on his earth to do," Tobirama smirked, making his way to another room where he had another vampire strapped to a table. This room was silent. He walked up to the table and for a moment he thought the creature had died. He stared at the vampire for a minute, wondering what to do about him before he twitched awake. 'It was just sleeping?!' he thought. It was sleeping when he found it, too. He had found this one nuzzled up to a couple of deer. This one was not an animal type, but it did seem to use the deer as familiars. He never came across one from this family before but they did not seem to be more than ordinary vampires.

The vampire's face scrunched up when the light hit it. "Whoa, I'm trying to sleep here," he grumbled, undisturbed by Tobirama's bloodied appearance or him even being there.

Tobirama's eye twitched. "How can you sleep when you're in this situation?"

"It's a talent that you are interrupting. You're being such a drag."

"A talent, huh?" Tobirama smirked. "I like to learn what talents you creatures have."

"Oooh, I've got bad news for you." His eyes started to flutter again and he yawned widely. "That's it, that's all I've got."

Tobirama blinked. "Excuse me?"

The vampire was knocked out once more. Long, deep breaths slowed and the vampire was back to his almost death-like state.

"Wake up," Tobirama growled, pushing the vampire violently on the table. "I don't have time for your games."

"Tch, you're very rude," the vampire said as he woke back up. This time, something felt like it knocked Tobirama's hand off the table as if his fingers slipped off the metal edge. "Do you like it when people ruin your sleep?"

Tobirama quickly grabbed a sacred bullet and shoved it into the vampire's side. "I will not be spoken like that by your kind."

The creature's body jumped, flinching hard away from the pain as it spread over his body much the same way it did in the previous vampire. "ARGH!" he wailed.

Tobirama grinned. "Finally," he said smoothly, a sensation of release washing over him until he felt something wrap around his waist and jerk him back hard.

"You're sick," the vampire panted.

"What did you just do to me?" Tobirama growled. "What was that?"

"Like I'd fucking tell you that!" The vampire's face still twisted in pain.

Tobirama smirked. He could see that the vampire wanted to take the bullet out. That he had a way to take it out somehow. He stood there, staring at the wound, waiting for the vampire to either cave and show him what he's been doing or succumb to the pain. "It seems you have a choice to make," he said. The vampire struggled a little while longer, resisting the urge to ease the pain. "That won't do." Tobirama got up and jammed his thumb into the bullet so it pushed in further. The sleepy vampire wailed and suddenly dark tendrils slithered up and ripped Tobirama's arm away from the vampire.

"FUCK!" the vampire screamed as Tobirama's laugh echoed off the walls.

"So, what was it that you just did?" Tobirama asked menacingly.

"I'm starting to understand why you have spit on your face," the vampire snapped, turning away from Tobirama. The bullet was laying on the floor next to Tobirama's foot.

"Oh?" Tobirama smirked. "Care to explain to me why?" He grabbed a small blessed blade.

"Care to get fucked?" He stared at the blade. "I think I'll die and let you suffer wondering," he sneered, bracing himself for the pain.

"The way it works in this world is that I do not suffer," Tobirama growled, shoving the knife directly into the wound of the sacred bullet. "If you won't tell me, someone else of your kind will."

"AAAAAAAARGH!" The scream that ripped from him was far higher and much rawer and made Tobirama's head spin a little with euphoria. Blood spilled from the wound and once again he felt the tendrils wrapped tighter than ever around his arm but he fought against them, pushing the blade deeper.

"Ah, yes," he sighed, "that's it."

"You sick bastard!" the vampire grunted.

Tobirama rolled his eyes. "Haven't heard that one before."

"Should say someth—" the vampire started, but Tobirama pushed the blade farther and felt the tendrils around his arm tighten once more. The blade pulled out slightly. Next, he felt them slipping up his legs, trying to drag him away. This vampire might have been able to take him had he not been starved for a while and it fascinated Tobirama.

Tobirama looked down to see what looked like a shadow grasping his legs. "So that's it," he smirked, pushing the knife in again, a little more excited than he was a couple of seconds ago.

"Shit," the vampire hissed, the shadows straining to pull Tobirama away.

"The shadows," he grinned. "Excellent to know. Your kind may pose an interesting challenge! More of a threat than the deer led me to believe."

"We want nothing to do with you," the vampire sneered.

"Oh, but I want everything to do with you," Tobirama smirked. He grabbed a pair of pliers. "Time for my souvenir." The vampire's eyes widened and he thrashed his head away, mouth clamped shut. But with all the shadow use and starvation, the vampire was weak and easily overpowered by Tobirama. Tobirama pried the vampire's mouth open, carefully looking at all the teeth and the set of fangs. "Perfect," he said as he gripped one of the fangs with the pliers and pulled roughly. Instead of more wails or even spitting, Tobirama was greeted with silence and the limp form of the vampire. A dark chuckle filled the room as Tobirama placed the fang into a small dish. "You did great," he told the unconscious vampire.

Tobirama practically skipped to the next vampire. This one was blindfolded and strapped down. This was another lucky find. A young Uchiha. He learned quickly from what happened to one of his students that this particular variant was especially good at mind games. "Knock, knock," Tobirama smirked as he entered the room.

"Fuck off, Senju!" the blindfolded vampire sneered, baring his teeth. "You think the clans won't notice any of us gone?"

"Noticing you gone is exactly what I want," Tobirama laughed.

"Do your worst. I'm not giving anything away!" the vampire growled.

"The very fact that you're wearing a blindfold should already tell you I know a lot about your type." The vampire said nothing. "That's what I thought." He pulled out a sacred bullet, wasting no time in shoving it into the vampire's neck. "That's just to satisfy me." Blood gurgled up in the vampire's throat almost instantly. Tobirama sighed, watching the horrifying display as if it was the most beautiful sight. "The young ones lure out the older, more powerful ones," he sighed, watching the vampire choke on his own blood. "You young ones are all so easy to capture."

He got a giddy wave just thinking back to his fight with the young serpentess vampire. She and her presumable sire were powerful and he was just itching to fight them again. He felt his eyes roll at the very thought of how good it would feel to crush the young serpentine vampiress. In his sick euphoric state, he had not realized he shoved the bullet further into the vampire's neck. It was not until the vampire gagged that he was brought back. "Oh, right," he said, grabbing the pliers he had beside them. The vampire only gurgled as the fang was pulled out with ease. The tooth plucked into its new temporary home on the small dish. "Boring." He turned to leave. He had one last specimen, the one he wanted to spend the most time with.

He stepped into the next room. This one was a girl. And he was extremely lucky to have come across her. She thrashed around a bit, struggling against her restraints. He could tell she was a newborn. He wanted to take his time with her because he needed to be ready for his next encounter with the snake girl from before. He walked up to her, feeding off of her frantic fear. He watched her rapid breathing, being as silent as he possibly could as he approached the table.

"I saved you for last because I have some special plans for you," he said. If he was not who he was, it may have sounded sweet. The girl was not sure if she wanted to swoon or whimper. He ran his fingers through her long red hair gently before fisting the strands hard, making the girl yelp. In her yelp, her fangs came out, going from what originally looked like unusually sharp canine teeth to longer vampire fangs. "Ah," Tobirama smirked. "I see they're retractable. Extracting those will be very interesting." The girl whimpered, her slit pupils blowing wide when they felt the press of the blade on her stomach. "You're going to spill all of your secrets so I can fight your kind better than ever."

"I...don't know anything," she whimpered.

"You have to know something."

"I don't! I've only been like this for a couple of months!" Tears started to well up in her eyes. "Please just let me go!"

"Who turned you?"

"I don't know! I was attacked! I didn't see who it was."

"Typical vampire scum," he scoffed, not surprised at all that this young woman was attacked and left for dead. Yet he felt no sympathy towards her.

"All I can tell you is my name, but I don't know what good that would do you." She sounded like she was forming a proposition, which she was in absolutely no position for. "My name is Tayuya."

Tobirama hummed. He did not care for her name if she had no more information. He pried her mouth open, taking a good look at the inside. He noticed a small sac, the size of a regular tooth in the back of her mouth. "That must be where the venom comes from." He grabbed a pair of snips and prodded at the sac. He could snip it and see what happens. Or he could see if he could milk her like a real snake. Both would be horribly uncomfortable but one might be more effective than the other if he wanted to learn the most about this species' venom.

He decided to do both. He grabbed a small vile, placing it around the fang. With a long cotton swab, he pushed the sac, provoking it to release venom through the fang into the vile. The girl gagged, having her mouth open so wide for so long with so many things in it. Once the vile was filled with venom, he closed it and set it aside. He then reached in with the snips, carefully cutting the sac off and prompting a pained scream from the girl.

"Oh, did that hurt?" he cooed, placing the sac in a small jar. "That's too bad. I've never been good at being gentle." He grinned and had the girl not been gagging on her own blood she would have thought it was charming. "There are so many gifts I want from you," he said. "I don't know where to start." He looked her over, deciding where he wanted his next 'souvenir' to come from. He lifted her hand, checking to see if there was anything particularly special about this breed there. Dropping her hand, he took a good look at her eyes. The slit pupil intrigued him. "I could take those," he mused.

The girl's eyes widened in fear. Tobirama pushed her head back, catching one of her eyes in the widened state.

"Oh, thank you." He smiled, grabbing a clamp and pressing it underneath her eyelids so he could pull the slippery orb out easily. Her scream almost shattered the glass in the room. Tobirama exhaled in ecstasy as he placed the eye in another small jar. While she had her mouth open, he grabbed a clean pair of pliers and gripped one of her fangs. He yanked it harshly, pulling the whole fang out. "This is much longer than I thought it to be," he noted, taking in the size of the retractable fang. "So far you haven't done anything in defense." He drummed his fingers on the edge of the table. He thought about his fight with the older serpent vampire. "I wonder if you can produce snakes, too."

"I told you, I don't know!" she yelled, panting hard. "I know nothing!"

"You may not, but your body does."

"I don't know what you're talking about." She was terrified of what else he would do to her and it showed in her eye.

"I just need to provoke it somehow," he wondered out loud. Tobirama looked over his weapons. The stake would be no good but the blade and the bullet would be interesting. He picked up the blade and stabbed it hard into her arm. Nothing happened but he could have sworn that through the screams of the vampire, he heard a soft hiss. He hummed curiously. He began to stab her in various parts of her body. After a couple of spots, he stabbed her ribs. A couple of snakes shot out of her sleeves. His head whipped in their direction and he watched them hit the farthest wall and fall to the floor. "Ah, hahaha!" He twisted the blade, hearing it scrape against the bone of the ribs and pressed deeper. "Do it again. Let me see it again. Where do they come from?" The girl screamed. He could tell her throat was sore by how hoarse the scream was. More snakes shot out of her sleeves. "Fascinating," he breathed. "You might survive the night." He grinned, wanting to know more about her species.

He pushed the blade again, twisting it once more and posing his hand to catch one of the snakes that shot out over her hand. He gripped tightly when the snakes shot out of her sleeve and held one of the snakes down. He looked at the snake in his hand. It was a real snake. He might not have been trying to kill her but she was fatigued and ready to pass out. In her weakened and starved state, she would die. He poked his head out the door to call for his brother. "Itama! Bring me a sack!" he snapped, smirking as he heard the younger man's footsteps running.

Moments later, Itama entered the room with a sack. "Here, brother," he said hurriedly.

Tobirama took the bag and dropped the snake in before tying it shut. "Perfect, I wonder what other secrets your body holds," he said sinisterly. The girl was on the very brink of death, her body practically minced and picked apart. Tobirama rolled his eyes. "You're going to die soon." He said this more like it was an inconvenience. "Your kind is too hard to find so I need as much from you as possible. What else can you do?" He could see her slipping away. He pushed her violently. "Not yet," he growled. A soft whine escaped the girl's ruined mouth. Tobirama debated quickly if she was worth the resources to keep alive or if she would serve him better dead and thoroughly dissected. He tilted her head a little bit, noticing bite marks on her neck. "Maybe I can find your sire," he said quietly. "They might be more useful than you." He decided at that moment that he was going to let her die.

Itama stood in the doorway, watching his brother get lost in thought. "Is everything alright, Brother?" he asked.

"Yes..." Tobirama hummed, bringing himself back. A smirk settled on his face. "Everything is perfectly fine." He stabbed the girl one last time as a finishing blow, killing her off before she could let herself slip away completely.