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Fate://Demonic Storms

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The clink of silver, tear drop earrings against concrete decorated with an elaborate Jewish star signaled my triumphant escapade. Retrieving those jewels was no easy task, but the reward would be worthwhile should this summoning go well. Samantha sucked in a breath, extending her hand over the crimson artwork

"My will shall create thy body and thy sword shall create my fate-"

The incantation was short and sweet. Her fingers flexed from the burning sensation as the faded seals on her hand embedded into the shape similar to a snow flake. Clouds of blue steam puffed against the corners of the basement walls. The lengths of her hair swayed across the rise of her lips. A stunningly handsome man, fitted in royal blue spandex tights emerged shoulders clad in silver armor, and stood lazily before her. The accuracy in the artwork from the books she read was astonishing. There was no mistaking that cocky grin that emerged across his pale skin.

"Heh, you sure are candy to the eyes, lil' Lady. Lancer-class Servant, Cu Chulainn, who do I owe the pleasure of my summoning to?" He skillfully spun his crimson spear, and rounded the tip of Gae Bolg's blade in between her emerald eyes. Her unflinching composure elicited an amused chuckle from the spearman.

"Samantha greeted the hero with a stern stare. She knew the risk that followed summoning a Heroic Spirit. They are proud warriors, capable of inhuman speeds and strengths accompanied by skills and weaponry of other worlds and magic. If they were to find their summoner unworthy of them, that person's death was a given, and she refused to give her Familiar the privilege.

"Samantha E Veria, but I prefer Sam," Her index finger taps the surface of the cool blade, casually swaying it to the side, "I also take spears to the face a challenge, and I'd rather not kill the Servant I personally summoned."

"Hoh', Impressive. You seem little and just a pretty face- but you have fight in you. I like it," His spear disappeared in strange flurries of blue, his ruby eyes glinting in the candle light, "Guess I should take the lil lady more seriously then, eh?"

Sam pulled the black locks of hair over her shoulder to fiddle with the ends. Her outwardly sigh escaped, signaling her failure of hiding her disappointment that her Lancer was already underestimating her competence. Servant's had their own individual personalities and his was rather playful, and casual when not fighting, and downright flirty. She was aware of his quirks when choosing him, of course, but didn't think he'd be so dismissive right off the bat. Still, that hardy grin, and the laid back attitude was exactly what she was looking for so she wouldn't complain,

"You sure will. There is more to me than a short height and dazzling looks," She crossed her arms behind her head in an indolent lean and shrugged, "Can you sense my ability at all, or does the concealing of my skill intercept even you?" It was a legitimate question. She was a Spiritual Warriors, which have the capability of masking their power levels to the point of mere mundane limits. Though, the connection between Servant and Master might override that, hence her curiosity.

"Lancer placed his fist onto his hip at the question, "Nah, but what reason would I have, anyway?"

Tracking the raise of his curious eyebrows, Sam released the limitations on her energy in a shot of wind. His eyes skewered her, and his lips formed in a straight line. He was caught off guard, and she found it lovely. Heroic Spirits were powerful beings, but warriors of the Spirit Arts had their own skill sets to be admired just the same.

His laugh that followed was rich, light, and full of interest, "Interesting indeed. That's not magecraft, is it?"

He was correct in his assumption. Spirit Arts is all about the power aligned with the user's soul and the pure or dark energy that surrounds it. It's a supernatural gift that requires strenuous mental and physical training. Something Samantha had taken years to master from an early age. Magecraft, on the other hand, almost taboo in correlation with Spirit Arts. Each had their own ideals and laws that completely differed from one another. A Heroic Spirit would be considered a tool to a straight Magus, while a Spirit user would value the Servant above all else. Sam blurred the lines of both and while she respected her spirit, she would still utilize him as necessary.

"Well, now that the introductions are done. It's time to discuss the important matters," She released the straight strands of hair and rested her hands on top of her waste. "Since you answered my summons-" He waved his hand, dismissively at the remark, resulting in her pause,

"I didn't answer you call, sweetheart."

Her eyebrows furrowed together, "What?"

"Yeah, strange thing. Me appearing here is a mystery, and I am missing the update. I have memories I don't suppose I should, and something feels off about my physique. What did you do, little Master?"

"A long, "uh" escaped. Her attention shifted to the boiler that hummed in the undercroft. Had she made a mistake somewhere in the summons? She rolled back the events that led up to this point, and nothing stood out. She followed the instruction given by the Spirit Council to a T. No, this was a flawless summons. So why did he feel otherwise?

"Nothing out of the ordinary. Let's talk in the living room." She replied, already in route to the stairs. "Then we can figure it out."

Lancer broke down in a series of flurries and appeared in a humbly put together common room. Grey walls void of frames, and three sofas in a square lounged at the back right corner of the home. Sprawling out on the long center purple couch, Lancer listened to the pattering of foot steps of the lady Master trailing behind him. He snatched a throw pillow and fluffed it behind his head. These were rather comfortable.

Samantha's eyebrows rose at the Servant outstretched on her sofa. Well, at least he knew how to make himself at home. She pat her rear and pulled her skirt to settle on the plush cushions to the right of him. Her boots crossed over another as she attempted to approach their awkward situation, "Alrighty, tell me everything you do know."

Listening to him recount what his memories served him, had her head spinning with fluster. Cu Chulainn was part of three Grail Wars across separate alternate universes, and a strange timeline that came after he had been defeated by true Assassin. Each story he told was almost an exact replica of the novels located in her bookshelf upstairs. Her head shook side to side, it was impossible for such an occurrence. Now he is stating he has no knowledge of her world aside from their language? There is a disconnect he feels in his own skin? The disbelief must of stained her expression, because he broke off his explanation every now and then to make sure she was getting it. Oh she understood perfectly well the puzzling information that was spilling from his mouth.

Pulling at the sleeves of her striped sweater, she mentally went over what she knew of the Nasuverse, trying to figure out the cause of such an abnormality. Admittedly, she did not expect him to be the Cu Chulainn from the actual fate series. Weren't those books only fiction? She was under the impression she'd be summoning well, the Heroic Spirit from modern day Irish legends. Which, that's who he was, wasn't he? According to his rebuttal, he remembers his past in just the amount of detail as the folktales depicted.

Her only conclusion were that those stories were real and have happened outside of her universe. The theory of different timelines and worlds was a proven theory to some, and this depiction of folklore that was aggressively studying her was proof of that, wasn't he? Well, despite what he remembered, he needed to understand that her universe was vastly different from his own. The Ages of Gods never ended here, and thus there were abundant changes. Needless to say, there were plentiful strange occurrences going on, and this is another she'd have to add to the list.

The status of his body is what felt more peculiar, though. What could his "disconnect" be?

"Well, you are here, and there is a Grail War to fight. I can give you the details you are missing, but I need you cooperation in this, however strange it may be." The silence was short, as it was broken by an exasperated sigh leaving the Irishman. She followed his gaze that drifted to the kitchen behind them. There was a small window above a double sink, and she spied the descending moon. She returned her focus to him, because there was little time left for negotiation. The sun would rise in just a few short hours, and there were things Sam wanted to do as soon as possible to get the ball rolling, "You will fight, won't you? Isn't it in your warriors blood to never deny a challenge before you?"

Lancer pushed off the cushion strolled over to Sam with nonchalance. His towering figure leaned over to evade her personal space, and she didn't so much as twitch, "Tch, you got some nerve, questioning me. I kind of like it, though." He winked, and followed suit with a toothy grin. He leaned over, his hot breath tickling her nose, "Tell me, what is your wish?"

She met him with an earnest stare. Sam expected this question would arise, and it was the one thing he would either agree with, or completely shut her down for,/

"I have no wish, besides keeping another hell out of my world. A lot is at stake here for my Country. We don't need a damn wish granting piece of tupperware. There is enough magic, monsters, and legends to have something this powerful be brought into the mesh." She pushed the bulk of his chest to stand and meet his gaze. She was ready for any sort of resistance for what she was to admit next. "So I want to destroy the Grail." And the leylines soon after, but that was not necessary information, since he might be gone by then.

"Lancer took a step back and folded his arms behind his head with a thoughtful frown, "You realize Heroic Spirits depend on the Holy Grail to be summoned into the Era, right? That we desire the Grail too, right?"

"This woman was spewing something ridiculous. She was lucky he did not strike her down where she stood. No Heroic Spirit would go along with destroying the Grail. Especially if they had their own wish. Lancer had no interest in the Grail, not along any path he remembered himself in, nor this one. Good fights was all he aimed for, but lacked entirely thanks to tedious matters. He had no luck in any war he was part of, and this struck a different level of nonsense. Still, it was rather laughable and riveting that someone would enter the Holy Grail War just to end it. There was something to be admired in the stupidity of her plan.

Her fists clenched at her sides. She knew exactly what the Heroic Spirits wanted. They were not the problem- what their existence meant was. That reason was exactly why she could not allow this to continue. Humans were fickle beings, selfish and careless, but they were no longer the only fully sentient beings in the world. There were powerful Spirits, Demons, and Supernatural creatures that could take advantage of the idiotic methods of Magi and their Grail. As a Spiritual Warrior it was her job to stop such foolishness. Now, if only there was a way to get him on board with that.

"Lancer, I summoned you specifically for a reason. You don't wish for the Grail, you just want to fight, right?" He chuckled, the humor spreading across his face at her question. She assumed that meant she was right, "You will get to do that side by side. Therefor, your wish is already granted by being here. So who cares what I do with the Grail when we win?"

There was intensity in her stare, and fight in her words. "When we win, huh?" She already assumed victory, at least she seemed to have trust in his ability.

However, there was still so little that Lancer understood about this universe he was summoned in. Had he gotten the update he desperately missed, maybe it would have helped him comprehend her resolve. Even so, her assumptions were correct. He had no good reason to trample on her wish, however nonsensical it may be. "You realize your goal is a stretch, hell, almost a foolish endeavor, eh?"

"I know. But even if there is a possibility, however slight, I have to take it and run with it." She crossed her arms over the heft of her chest, "Lancer, you already know something is amiss. I worry that this Grail is not what it seems, and even if it is- I can't allow Demons or other underworld creatures to get hold of it. It would bring nothing but disaster." She drew out a long breath, then continued on. Her serious tone unwavering, "Listen, you're exactly what I need. Someone reliable, powerful, and you counteract my skills with your own. I know you've had rough luck, but I will I be different. I believe in you, so don't fight me on this."

He let out a long sigh of a defeat. It would definitely be entertaining to follow along and see where this led him. There would be no fun fighting her here and attempting to find another Master, anyway. Not like he would have. In the end, he couldn't imagine betraying his Master so suddenly. So until she deemed herself unworthy of his loyalty, he would go with her plan.. and given his history, he felt he probably lucked out, here. He really was a stickler for beautiful women. He practically laughed at himself. That will never change, he guessed.

"Quit it, girly, you're making me melt with that stare of yours." Lancer outstretched his hand, "While I appreciate your little speech, your empowering personality already convinced me. Let's do this then, ya?"

Those gems of green lit up, the smack of their hands meeting together echoing across her home. Lancer suppressed a chuckle at the way she beamed. Her composure had snapped liked a twig, but the triumphant smile was what tugged at him the most./p

"You won't regret it, Lancer. Thank you." She kept the roughness of his hands in the silkiness of her own for a second longer before her entire grasp stiffened. Her attention whipped to the patio doors behind the rear couch and let his hand drop as she wandered over to it.

Parting the silky, violet curtains, she peered through the glass. A splurge of magic spun around her, engulfing the blanket of hair that covered her left side into a pony tail held together by a stringy, purple bow. "Lancer, there is a demon stalking the perimeter. I want you to watch me defeat it."

Lancer rest his palm on his waste. By all appearances, everything seemed to be fine. With senses sharper than a blade, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He thought he would easily be able to discern any shift that presented danger for them. It looked as if an unseen force was about to make its move, though, so he would watch to see exactly what she going on about.

Sam slid the door open and stepped into the large yard that extended deep into the hills surrounding her home. She knelt into the blades of grass with open palms, and everything around her crystallized. The ice spread along string and web that crisscrossed, engulfing the entire structure of her house. The frozen threads gleamed like silver underneath the moonlight. Lancer formed next to her, mouth stunned open. The strands of web were not visible to the eye, even to him, until she had froze them in place.

Sam stood upright, caking four to her sword "Miroku!"

Instantaneously in front of her, a long, thick blade, emerged from the skies above that she quickly grasps the handle of. The sword seemed too large for the petite woman, but she lifted it with ease. Her eyes shifted to Lancer only for a second, and to his bewilderment, she inhumanly lunged into the sky. She worked the gleaming web away, shattering it like glass with the weapon. Lancer was awestruck, as she landed like a feather into the fragmented pile of ice.

Shiny bold eyes, then, lurked in the darkness behind her. The air swayed around them, and a screech whistled through the waving leaves of the trees. The eyes broke through the atmosphere, and in the haze of black smog, broke free a fuzzy, all black demon. It was six foot long, with three bent legs on both sides of its irregular, double squared shape. Dark ooze dripped the line one would assume its mouth, and backside. The creature reeked of death, and it sprung in zig zags through the air with a strange cackle.

Sam twirled on her toes and cleanly sliced the beast in half. It's broken cry never finished. With a sizzling crack, the halved pieces of the body broke down before turning to ash and disappearing into the night breeze.

Lancer scratched at the back of his nape. Surrounding this woman was a level of energy that almost matched his own. Despite clearly having magical circuits and copious amounts of mana, what she did was nothing he knew a Magus capable of. There were so spells, or circuit use involved in her gracious movements.

In that moment, so many questions raced through his mind. Who was Samantha E Veria? For what purpose really did she have for destroying the Grail? These mysteries had him suspicious. There was something amiss about himself. If his intuition told him anything, there was a dark aura surrounding this new war. And if that were true, then he figured he was in for one hell of a ride.

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Sam took in a small breath of the blood tainted air. It wreaked of the demon that she just killed. Cu Chulainn was standing behind her, probably wondering, maybe already knowing what just happened. She glanced at him, and his handsome face is blank, unreadable. His long, blue hair, swaying in the summer breeze.

She turned to face him, and pivoted her sword in front of her. Its silver gleam, reflected off lowering moon. She played with the strings that flowed from the golden handle. Burying the tip in the dirt, its wide blade making a crunch, she began to explain exactly what he was getting himself into.

"Lancer, this is my Sword, Miroku," She tilted the blade, "The sword is from one of the Spiritual Warriors oldest legends. Would you like to hear the tale? It should help you understand my world just a bit."

Lancer folded his arms behind is head, "If it will get me up to speed, do tell. I am curious about the powers you have, along whatever the hell a, Spiritual Warrior is."

Sam shifted her weight from one foot to the other, and a strand of hair clung to her high cheekbones, "Spiritual Warriors are humans gifted with high spiritual energy and super natural gifts that center around their soul," she nodded to her blade, "Talented warriors make deals with Spirits and the like, becoming stronger with their cooperation. I, have contract with a Titan, who is my sword."

Was that the overwhelming presence that flared around her when she summoned the sword form the clouds in the sky? Lancer's gazed dropped to the weapon nestled in dirt. He himself had a demonic spear but it was not an actual creature transformed into a weapon, if he understood her correctly. "So the sword is a God of some sort?"

She nodded, and more of her long hair collapsed over her shoulder as the bow undone itself and disappeared, "Would you like to hear the History? It should give you enough of what you're missing."

Lancer clicked his tongue, "Let's hear it."

In the world of old, lower Gods of the elements, known as "titans" ruled spirits and humans in 6 different kingdoms. Humans served them, battled for them, and loved them. In an attempt to rule all others, the Titan of Fire, Fenrierd, waged war against the four other kingdoms, promising the titan of water, a sub land should he aid him.

The Titan Gods fought, each with their own objectives. Some worked with each other, while others betrayed the other. The battles between the titans was aging on, so to decipher a winner faster, they opened gates to other worlds evil and spiritual to aid them. However, the humans and lesser spirits were suffering from their foolish fight.

Of them all, the Titan of Ice, Miroku refused to fight. He had no interest in power or glory, he only wanted to protect those he cared for. As clever and amiable as he was, he failed in concluding their senseless war. He encountered loss on a grand scale, God, spirit and Human alike. After his his best friend, the Titan of lightning fell to the Titan of Fire, he has lost all mental control. In his fit, he destroyed everything around him in a terrifying blizzard, including the final, remaining titan of Fire.

The aftermath of their war left a great deal of destruction and confusion. Demons were now running a muck in the world, along with other supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, and dragons. With humans and spirits being the only one of God's creatures left, He gifted them with magical circuits and spiritual power. This way, humans had a means to take control of their fate, instead of being the aftermath of the creatures they were succumbed to.

Miroku seeing the kingdoms, laced in ash, pools of blood and lost lives, and begged the God above them all, to forgive them for their unjustifiable deeds.

However, that God was appalled by their behavior and punished their scattered souls instead. The souls of the Titans would be forged into weapons, and they were to serve the terrorized world they left behind. Gifting their abilities to a human of choice for centuries to come, they would be the sole protectors of order among the 7 continents that were once, kingdoms of the Titans.

"I see... so you were chosen by the Gods to wield a sword that holds the power of that God. How interesting," Lancer strides over to Sam and pulls her thick hair through his fingers and lets the strands fall through. "I seem to have a warrior as my master this time around if she is talented enough to be blessed with such a divine source of weaponry."

His attention flickered to the weapon with curiosity. His hand lifted to examine the gift of legend she possessed,

"Do not touch it." Sam waved her hand, and the sword immediately disappeared.

"Hmm? Why not?" He asked, gripping the hemline of his suit.

"God weapons reject anyone that is not their owner. Depending on your intentions; it'll either blow you to bits, or create a gigantic sink hole and disappear. Best not destroy my yard, yes?"

Lancer threw his hands up, "You know my legends, I am a demi God. Is that not enough for your sword?"

Sam tossed a grin in his direction, and it was accompanied by a laugh, "That's adorable. But no. As I said, he knows only my touch. I can't even ask him to let someone touch him."

Another question tickled his mind. She said there were, six titans of the elements, "So, there are other weapons just like it. What're the chances they are part of the Grail War?"

"Yes, but they have duties just like myself to protect their continent.. So the chances of another Master being a God wielder is very slim."

"But it is out of the question?" he pressed, thinking about the strength in his adversaries should they also be accompanied by the same power and being excited by it.

"No, and I have not ruled out the possibility, so..." Sam glanced up to his towering figure. If it were anyone else in her stature, he'd probably be intimidating. She barely lined up with his shoulders. "It kinda makes our pairing pretty spectacular, no?"

A break of sunlight lit the shine in Lancer's ruby eyes, "Indeed it does. I'm truly interested to what else will unravel before me. You seem to be the powerful Master," A high pitch voiced broke his conversation with the little lady,

"Absolutely right!" A little girl emerged from the trees that lined the side of the tall house. Her frilly red dress bounced with each skip she took. He side eyed Sam, wondering if this was friend or foe. She seemed anything but the wee little girl. "Sam, it looks like you succeeded in summoning your Lancer! Congrats, congrats! Hehe, hehe, he is as handsome as you've mentioned, hmmhmm!"

Sam felt heat rise in her cheeks. Her little friend makes her appearance and blabbered her thoughts on what was once a fictional character. That may not be true, anymore, but she didn't want Lancer getting any ideas. "Really, Arulia?"

The little girl hung her head, her golden pigtails bobbing as she did, and apologized.

Lancer leaned on his knees to be at Arulias level and his eyes slanted mischievously, "So, she thinks I'm handsome, you say?" He cast his gaze to Sam, accompanied with a taunting grin.

Sam raised an eyebrow and her lip lowered at the corner. Not following in her Lancer's attempt at teasing her, she went straight to introducing her friend. She was generally outspoken, so she made sure he knew he could ignore her insignificant comments.

"She's just mad because I outed her," Arulia stated frankly, accompanied by a giggle when Sam smacked the back of her head. "Soo, did my barrier work, Sammy?"

It did. The barrier she had put in place triggered her senses much sooner to the demonic presence. It meant that her home would be that much safer from any outward interference.

Standing tall, Lancer looked between the two women, "Wait, you created the barrier I sense around this place? How does such a little girl do such a thing?"

Arulia was anything but a little girl. She was actually a demon powerful enough to shift from her true form into a humanoid one to blend better into society. She also had gifts that she could only use while in that stature.

Disbelief itched in his understanding. Didn't Sam mention her job was to fight demons?

Sam laughed at the shock that splayed across his features. Despite where they come from; Demons don't always end up having the same ideals as others. Its a tossup, for lack of better terms. "Good" demons were the evil spirits that changed their minds, altered the paths of their destiny, so to speak.

So things weren't as black and white as Lancer was expecting. Strange the only recollection he had of the world was what was given to him by his past experiences in Fuyuki. Thankfully that was enough to keep from being entirely hopeless, but the nagging suspicion suggested there was reason behind his lapse of knowledge.

Passing the time with the rising sun, Sam's suggestion to tour the parameter was a nice break from the abundant confusion that was his summoning. Her friend left from Sam's instruction and her absence replaced the waft of earthy pine with a sweet and smoky aroma.

The journey around the lot was fairly simple. She had a courtyard before her front door, and it stretched like a sea of green to the forest that circled her home until they expanded into hill. There was a single road at the end of the woodlands, the bled into a neighboring town, and eventually, the city of New York.

After their short lap, a single leap brought them to the rooftop. From there, the visuals of the surrounding area became easily apparent so he can survey for enemies. She subtly dropped it was wonderful for star gazing and enjoying the sunsets with a wink. The bounded field was also layed across the four corners of the roofing, and mingled its way to the bottom of the home.

Settling with her legs crossed on the ledge, Sam gifted him more knowledge on the current era. Magi were not uncommon - nor were they hidden attributes in society. It was fairly common to find a Spirit Arts user, or a Magus taking control of supernatural situations that threatened the mundanes. Their abilities ranged from simple magic, to elemental control (like herself) and even contracting with spirits to do their work.

There was a Government responsible for these individuals which was the Spirit Council. They were the highest authority in the world, but mainly focused their attention on the Spiritual Warriors, the Knights - or police - of the Supernatural World. There other branches in this regime, such as navy seals, military, and standard police officer for normal mortals.

She went on that straight Magi and Spiritual Warriors didn't always cooperate or adhere to the same ideals. It created a plethora of issues that Sam insisted she stood on neutral ground with. While she was not particularly fond of the ways of the Magus, (due to them being way to cold towards living beings and disrespecting the Spirits she worked too well with) she indeed was one as well given she had plentiful magical abilities.

She also added that given the world's acceptance of the supernatural - he was free to journey as he liked. Of course, remaining in secret would be preferred to avoid giving his location away to their enemies. However, if he wanted to interact or enjoy the luxuries of the world, he was encouraged to.

Their fights on the other hand, would hopefully be geared away from the city. Even if the people would assume their battles would just be another work of Spiritual Warriors or Magi, it was best to not include innocent people in their skirmishes. She made sure he knew to not target people if they were to witness their fights. The whole, "dead men tell no tales" does not apply to their specific Grail war.

After listening to more crucial information, Lancer decided to do his own private explorations of the territory that expanded further than her little legs would carry her. Knowing the Terrain was impertinent to whatever their battle strategy would be, given they had the time. According to her little Council, there were still three more Servants yet to be summoned.

After a few hours scoping the terrain, Lancer remained in spirit form, invisible to the eye, enjoying the view of what the human's considered, "Upstate New York," where his Master lived. It was far from the city that he wanted to observe next, and guessed she enjoyed the peace. A strange thing considering what lived in this world.

Lancer? Are you somewhere near? His Master's mental call echoed in the air. She was perfectly in view from his vantage point, awaiting his response with her hands on those curvy hips.

He shimmered into view, accompanied by blue speckles that evaporated once he fully came into his physical form. He shot a boisterous wave to the lady below, "Hey there, up here."

Her gaze drifted upward to the curt wave of the Servant hanging off the roof's edge. She took a step back, and lunged to meet him at his side, "Hey, so I wanted to give you something before we scope out the city."

"Hmmm?" Lancer's lip pursed.

Sam dug her hand into her mini skirt's pocket and pulled a silver necklace from its depths. She dangled the tiny, glimmering beeds and baby blue crescent moon at the end over her open palm.

Lancer inspected the necklace hovering in front of it. Was there a particular reason why she was gifting him with a trinket such as this? Before he could ask, she nabbed his hand and planted it between his fingers. It warmed slightly from his touch, and glowed the softest blue before dimming just as quickly as it lit up. "What...?"

"It's for protection. That necklace is the pair to mine," Sam pulled the chain from underneath her sweater and let it drop at the center of her sternum. "You have the moon, while I have the star. The necklaces are blessed with spiritual energy. They ward off demons, and can deconstruct demonic energy around you when need be. They've saved my tush a couple of times, so I figured you should have it. I don't need both, so..."

Sam stroked her cheek with the tip of her finger. It was a bit awkward gifting him with something so soon, and his raised eyebrows had her rethinking the proposition. The necklace was merely a safety precaution, that he should definitely take. Even the most powerful spirits - which he definitely was - can easily fall to the waves of demonic energy.

For just a second, he second guessed if he wanted the thing. It was a sweet gesture, sure, but he doubted he needed any additional protection. Still, there was an energy swirling around the piece that felt like it was persuading him to try it. He let out an exasperated sigh, and unclasped the back and snapped it back together around his neck,

"I don't think I'll need it, but I will humor you." He offered her his best smile, until his attention when to couple of pulses that exited the moon pendant. "Spiritual energy?" He said, pointing to the moon.

"Mhhmm, keep it on you at all times, okay? We'll tour the city in a few, I just gotta report a couple of the things to the Council."

"Sounds good, then."

Sam waved Lancer off before returning to her home through the front door behind them. Man, she certainly had this confidence about her. He shook his head and glanced down at the trinket she gave him. There was a power resonating within it that had him questioning what he knew about spirits. He was about test if it would dematerialize with him, when a voice sliced through his thoughts,

"So, she did give it to you."

With his amplified senses not catching he was accompanied by another presence, he cursed. There was nothing around, and he materialized Gae Bolg before giving the surprise another chance to catch him off guard,

"Show yourself."

"Relax, Servant, it's just me." Arulia appeared from the shadows a couple of meters away with a devilish smirk on her face, "Drop the lance, I am obviously no match for you." her smirk got bigger, unraveling her snaggle tooth, "I'm sure your Master wouldn't be happy if you killed her best friend."

He lost some tension in his shoulders and made Gae Bolg disappear. There was no reason to piss off the lil lady. Although... his eyes narrowed at the thought that her voice was unrecognizable when she spoke. "What is it?"

"Just... wanted to give you a message," the little demon girl peered around him, inspecting if the Master was in earshot. Satisfied she was not, she continued, "I wanted Sam to summon a Saber as her Servant.. The class matches her style of fighting and her character. Buuut, for some reason, she chose you! Not even your lancer class... freckin you.. I don't agree with it but here ya are," Arulia disappeared and within an instant of flashy black smoke, appeared directly in front of him, "You'll serve that girl to your utmost abilities! No, you'll surpass them for her and have her win this stupid war! If anything happens to her, I will find a way to make sure you never disappear and will stay here to be tortured forever."

"Well, I must certainly make sure I don't screw up, then, especially with someone like you ready to have a go at me." Lancer kid slightly, but her stare remained as serious as the tension that built between them.

"Servant,"she practically spit the word. Her distaste for him was almost tangible, "I love that girl. I swear, if you underestimate her or my warning, you'll surely regret it." She evaporated before he could muster a response.

"Phew, what a scary little thing." Lancer shook off the dread she left him idly standing about with. With not much else to do, aside wait for his next expedition, he followed her lead and disappeared in a flurry of blue spatters.

Hunh, so the necklace did stay put... interesting indeed.