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No One Will Ever Believe You

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Sato stares blankly into the fryer. 




 "Ew! Do you have cavities?" 


 "Oi big lips." 


 "You look weird."


 "Hey extra!" 


 "You can't be a hero with diabetes!" 


  A hand reached over and flipped the skewers. "You're gonna burn the food dammit! You can't space out while cooking!" 


 Sato blinked, looking up as Bakugou shoved him away, finishing the Yakitori. 




 "Don't fucking apologize to me." Bakugou snarled, glaring at the unofficial Baker of 1A. "I know that look." 


 Sato was apparently taken aback from this. "W-what? What look?" 


 Bakugou's eyes softened briefly. 


 "I've grown up with Deku, it's obvious dumbass." He muttered, looking back to the dish. "You were bullied, right?" 


 Sato fell silent.


  "Oh my god! What happened?! Ew! Get away!" 




 "Shut up!" 


 Sato looks down, spinning on his heel and running upstairs. His feet pounds against the tiles, echoing across the empty hallway. His toes jam against his heel, throwing his balance off. He falls to the floor, slamming his chin into the floor. 


  "Ow!" He cries, tears rushing to his eyes. His chin stung immensely, reddening quickly.  He cradles his chin in his hand as he pushes himself up. As he stands up, he sways dangerously. 


 Sato slowly made his way to the bathroom as he bit his lip nervously. He pushes the door open while flicking on the light. His reflection stared back, almost mockingly. Guilt churned in his stomach, spreading around his insides like venom injected by a viper. 


 He winces as he removes his hand from his chin. Dark purple and red surround a swollen bump, blood dripping off his chin and off his hand. 


  “I knew it.” A voice half heartedly chuckled, disrupting his thought process. Sato blinked. Oh, right. He looked up and saw a familiar blond shuffling around the pantry. 


 “What are you doing?” He asked, gazing over the items removed. Bakugou stepped back, tilting his head up. His eyes moved over to Sato. 


 “Macarons.” He answered while slamming the cabinets shut. "You mentioned wanting to fuckin' make them before." 


 "Oh, I guess so." Sato mused, taking out a food processor from the bottom cabinet. "Hand me the powdered sugar and almond flour, will ya?" 


 Bakugou grunted but dropped the ingredients next to the bowl while shuffling through drawers. Sato gingerly added 1¾ of powdered sugar with]a cup of almond flour to the bowl. He was about to ask for the salt but Bakugou was already a step ahead. 


 He shuffled the salt around in the teaspoon, making it even before dumping it into the bowl. Sato grinned at Bakugou. 




 "I don't need your fucking thanks, extra." Bakugou retorted, moving the processor closer to him.


 Eventually, the two finished prepping the Macarons and were waiting for the oven to preheat. 


 "Hey Bakugou?" Sato asked quietly, checking the time. 11:37PM.




 "You mentioned growing up with Midoriya." 


 "So what if I grew up with the damn nerd? Got a problem with that?" Bakugou snapped back. 


 Sato missed the hurt briefly flashing on the other's face. 


 "No, of course not. You explained that as the reason why you could tell I was.." He trailed off. 




 A wave of realization washed over him.


 Izuku Midoriya had been bullied. 


 "That's not my place to tell you." Bakugou muttered, shoving the Macarons in the oven. Sato's eyes lingered on the floor as he started fidgeting in his place. Bakugou sighed loudly, catching Sato's attention.


 "Hey extra." 


 Sato hummed in response. 


 "" Bakugou grumbled. 




 "Urg! I said you were strong, dammit. Dont let it go to your fucking head!" 


 Sato froze. 


 "Also," the explosion controller added, slinging his bag over his shoulder, "no one will ever believe you." He smirked. 


 "Hey extras! Come get your fucking dinner!" 


 And then he left, leaving Sato with hundreds of questions swirling around his brain. 




 "That was odd.." He mused, taking a skewer. 


  Maybe, it won't be so bad. 

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  Ojiro wasn't having the best day. He had run into old classmates while out shopping and hadn't had the best time. 


 You see, many people looked at him weirdly. Some complimented him, yet it all felt fake. They were either terrified of him or disgusted. 


 He actually thought he had made a friend. His name was Kare Uso. Well, he was made fun of frequently for his quirk. Or rather, his lack of one. 


 Ojiro had seen the other kids teasing him and felt the need to step in. He was aiming to be a Hero, after all. 


 After he had, the two became joined at the hip. Two peas in a pod. They were extremely close friends and shared "everything."  


 This seems ridiculous now. 


 Uso has a quirk. The quirk is called Tongue Twisting and is self explanatory. He can change the tone of someone's voice. With extra concentration, he can trick someone into believing themselves when he does. 


 And he abused the hell out of it. 


 Ojiro had played right into his hands. He was practically a puppet to Uso. Did every little thing he said to the letter with no return. 


 It makes him want to throw up at how easily he was controlled. 





 Ojiro freezes in place and looks up. 


 A tall, slim boy stands in front of him. His silky looking honey colored strands fall down below his shoulders, gracefully hovering over them as it laps over to his back. Under the messy locks sit glowing yellow cat eyes, gleaming with hostility. 


 "Uso…?" He utters pitifully. No no no no. Fuck. No. No! The other's face morphs into an animalistic grin.


 "Word on the street is you're training at UA." Uso chuckled. "But of course, you were at the sports festival so it was obvious." He adds, his smirk falling. 


 "How the hell did you even manage to get into a Hero school!?" He spits. "You're weak and pathetic. I bet you had someone on the in-" 


 "Shut the hell up, fuckass." 


 "Huh- wh-" Ojiro gapes, his eyes gazing overthe new person. 


 Katsuki Bakugou.


 Katsuki fucking Bakugou. 


  "Oh well if it isn't the winner of the sports festival." Uso sneers and his eyes twitch manically. "Come on, what are you doing standing up for this…" he looks at Ojiro, "...thing." 


 Bakugou looks at Ojiro confusedly, before realizing. With a grunt he turns back to Uso. 


 "I dont know if you realized or not shithead, but it he was weak, he wouldn't be fucking alive!" Bakugou snarles, popping off an explosion in his right palm as his left gripped Ojiro's wrist. 


 "Katsuki?" Another voice cooed, making Bakugou freeze in his tracks. "Did you put any more spider lilies on his desk?"




 "Go die alo-ne…" Bakugou whispers, his voice cracking. 


 Ojiro almost laughs.


 THE Katsuki Bakugou's voice cracked. But then again.. a spider lily? On someone's desk? That's literally telling them to- 






 Bakugou's grip tightens as he practically dragged Ojiro away. 


 "Hey BaA-" The martial artist stumbles forward when Bakugou releases him from his hold, catching himself. 


 "I'm leaving." 


 "Hm?" Ojiro blinks. 


 "I said I'm leaving." 




 "This doesn't make us friends, got it?" 


 "Uh, yeah…" 


 Bakugou shoots Ojiro one final glare before he walks off, leaving the tailed boy lost in hopeless confusion. 


 "What the fuck?"  




 He takes his phone out to see the lockscreen flare to life. 




  No one will ever believe you 





 "Hey tails." 


 Ojiro hums in acknowledgment. The two blondes sit in the middle of the dorm common room, all alone. Not a word had left their lips about the night before, and it was kept that way. 


 The TV illuminates the couch softly and shows the mutated boy sitting against the arm of couch, his tail curled around itself on the cushion beside the boy. 


 Bakugou stands in front of the couch, casting a shadow over Ojiro. His ruby eyes scowl, yet Ojiro thinks there might as well be something else involved. 


 "Who the hell was that guy?" Bakugou growled,  shoving his hands into his pockets. 


 Ojiro stared. "Huh? O-oh. He um, he was an old classmate…" he paused, "who was that other guy…?" 


 "Old classmate, just another filthy extra." 


 Ojiro gulps and flicks his tail. "What you said… uh, did you mean it?" 


 "You tryna say I'm a damn liar?!" 


 "No! And keep your voice down..!" 


 Bakugou clicks his tongue. "Yes. I did fucking mean it." 


 "O..okay, uh, what did that other dude mean by spider lilly?" 


 "The flower dumbass." 


 Ojiro mentally facepalmed. "No- about putting it on someones desk. And why did you even help me?" 


 "I couldn't stand by and fucking watch someone get hurt. Not again. Not ever. I'm a hero dammit…" 


 "That's not what i.." 


 Bakugou shakes his head. "Forget it." He growls and begins trudging back to his room. 


 Ojiro flicks his tail in annoyance. "Oh, and," the explosive teen starts and turns his head ever so slightly, "no one will ever believe you." 


 And Ojiro hates it. 


 Because he knows Bakugou's right. 


 And that he has no idea what the fuck happened. 


 It was going to be a long school year.