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Fraser Photography

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'Och, be careful!' Ian said as Jamie let the balloons he was attaching to the wall for a upcoming shooting that evening. 'Good luck 'tis the damn balloons again and no' a tool Yer sister wouldna like if ye smash my mouth. She kinda likes what I can do with it.'

'Too much information, Ian.' Jamie said.

'Ye arena yerself today. Are ye OK?'

'I had a weird dream past night. I canna shake it out me after I woke up.'

'Arena ye too old to get fucked by a nightmare?'

'It wasna a nightmare.'

'What is was then?'

'I canna tell you.'

'Well, either you tell me, or I'm keeping heavy thin's out of yer way for time being.'

''Tis complicated.'

'Jamie, ye're the brother I never had. What's wrong?'

'I dreamed of Claire and I. Married, makin' love on our bed, Claire pregnant with our child.'

'I owe a massage to yer sister then. Ye want her as more than as a friend.'

'Aye, I think so. Ye are the first one I might admit it. Ye ken what my father used to say about how when the day came we met the One, we would know.'

'Aye, I still remember him telling me that he knew the exact moment I started to see Jenny more than as childhood friend.'

'I think Claire is my One, but...'

'But what?'

'That's the complicated part. I dinna want to go too quick, after what it happened to her and the bastard. And also...for the love of God, promise me ye're no' tellin' this to Jenny and my mam.'

'Aye, I promise, I suppose.'

'The day of the weddin', when ye came back home and I went to the lunch. She got drunk and offered herself to me, on her room.'

'Fuck, this is bigger than when Laoghaire let ye touch her boobies on a school break back then. I'm definitely no' tellin' yer mam.'

'I ken, and well, I canna just go to her now and tell her I want her now, can I?'

'I see, Jamie. The thin' is that the only way ye have to tell her ye have feelin's for her is precisely doin' that, tell her ye want her.'

Louise caught Claire absentmindedly looking at the coffee machine on the break room and took to her bring her back to reality. 'Earth calling Claire.' She said. 'You're in another reality plane today.'

'Sorry, Louise.' Claire answered.

'Bad sleep night?'

'Yes, well, no. It wasn't more how I slept than what I dreamt of.'

'A nightmare?'

'More like the complete opposite.'

'What are you meaning?' One other doctor came into the room and so, Claire took Louise to a corner table.

' I had a sex dream, with Jamie.'

'The photographer? Oh, nice choice, I remember him being fine as fuck.

'The thing is that the dream was...well, realistic, very realistic. And after wake up I'm feeling like...


'I was going to say, overstimulated, but I'll give you that one.

'Well, there's a good way to resolve this.'

'And is...?

'Sleep with him. Take it out of your system, and honestly, after the Frank's debacle, it'll be good for you to got back on the track.'

'Oh, Louise.'

'What? You're friends already, just need a little update.'

'I can't just go and ask him to have sex with me.

'Why not? You're a free attractive woman, he's a man.

'I can't go and ask him to have sex with me...because I already did and he rejected me.'

'What? When? How?

'On the wedding day, when he "found me on the gardens", I did take him to the bridal room and asked him to fuck me there and then. He was a gentleman and told me he couldn't do that with me being drunk and hurt. He listened to me cry, held me and soothed me.

'Why didn't you tell me earlier?'

'It's not a thing you go out there proudly recalling, Louise.'

'Do you like him? Like, proper liking.'

'I do, and that's the thing. I proper like him, and...well, sometimes I feel like I proper like him, not just to have sex with him, but to actually being with him. But it's too soon, isn't it. I can't just...'

'Claire, he's a hot arse man who really cares about you and didn't use you even when you were both drunk and willing. Get your shit together and go for him.