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'Ellen, can I come in?' Claire said from the door.

'Of course ye can, a leannan.' Ellen said from the bed. 'Oh, what a sight to see ye on yer Doctor clothes.'

Ellen was waiting for surgery at the hospital Claire was working. She had found a lump on her breast few weeks earlier and sadly her doctor had found a tumour. She was promptly scheduled for surgery, announcing it to the family the next Sunday on a family dinner. No need to say that the family, plus Claire and Lamb, had from that point, dedicated most of their time to take care of Ellen. 'I'm no' an invalid. I dinna need all of ye around me for every small thin'.' She had told them in more than one occasion.

'How are you feeling today?' Claire said. 'Do you need anything?'

'I'm fine, and Jenny got me a wee ton of yarn I can work from here.' Ellen said pointing to big bag she had on a chair beside the bed. 'Come here, choose a colour.'

Claire went and looked at the skeins. 'This purple is quite beautiful.' She said, passing the yarn to Ellen. I talked with Doctor Parker, he's optimist he can take all out.' Claire explained.

'Good, I have no' intentions of leave this World before see ye and Jamie married and have my grandchild on my arms.' She started to roll the skein Claire had chosen. 'What do ye think, a wee jacket. It will match so bonnie with both the hair colours the babe might come. I personally want a redheid, both Jamie and Maggie got Ian's brown.'

'Which baby?' Claire asked, not knowing what Ellen was talking about.

'Och, Claire, ye can tell me. I can see the glow on yer face and that old shirt doesna fit like before.'

'Do you think I'm pregnant?' And as the words came out, a flush of nausea came up her throat. 'Oh, shit. How could you notice it?'

'Och, a leannan, I have children myself.' Ellen opened her arms to hug Claire. 'I can see all the symptoms on ye.'

Claire went as soon as she left Ellen's room to take a test and to ask for a favour to a sonogram technician she was friendly with. 'Oh God.' She said, tears on her eyes as she saw her little one on the screen.She decided to keep it in secret until Ellen's surgery. Too much on Jamie's mind now, Claire thought. She hid the sonogram at the bottom of her purse and went back to her work.

Claire sat beside Jamie for as long as the surgery went, his hand between her hands, giving him strength as the whole family prayed for Ellen. The surgeon came out after few hours, a smile on his face and optimistic that Ellen would make a full recovery. The Frasers thanked him and walked to Ellen's room to vigil until she woke up mid evening. Jamie and Claire left some time with Murtagh and Ian while Jenny was staying to sleep on the room's sofa-bed, even when Ellen asked her not to and go home with her children. 'Stubborn Frasers at their finest.' Murtagh joked as he saw the scene.'

Once back at their flat, Claire looked for the sonogram at the bottom of her purse, while Jamie took a shower and got ready for bed. She was standing in front of the door when he came out on his pyjama bottom. 'What are ye doin' mo ghraidh?'

'I have something to tell you.' Claire began talking. 'I've known for a few days, I was just waiting until you mother was out of surgery. We talked about this, and it just happened.'

'What are ye talkin' about?' Jamie said as he hugged her.

Claire smiled and turn around the sonogram to let Jamie take a look to it. 'We're having a baby.'

Jamie kissed her hard, his hand quickly going to her belly. 'So, my suspicious were fine.'

'Wait, what?' You knew too.'

'I noticed yer courses were late.' Jamie said, getting his hand up to her breast. 'And that yer breasts are a wee tad bigger and more sensitive, ye nipples changin' colour.' Claire moaned as he kneaded her breast.

'Are you happy for the baby then?'

'Believe mo Sorcha, I couldna be happier. I got ye and the bairn. And wee Brian here is goin' to have his Gran to spoil him rotten.'

'Brian? You know it can also be a girl, you know.' Claire joked before kiss Jamie again.