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Claire was sitting on the waiting room oh her OBGYN, reading a pet magazine from the box, when she appeared- Frank's mistress, his now wife. She dead stopped as she saw Claire sat in there and didn't move until a nurse talked to her. She sat on the farthest chair in relation to Claire, keeping staring at her the whole moment. Claire just ignored her and went back to learn about German Shepherds.

Few minutes passed and the one other woman waiting was called to for consultation. and the two women were left alone on different corners of the waiting room.

'Would you let me to congratulate you?' She came to Claire.

'Thank you...erm...' Claire said to her as she sat beside her.

'Sandy, my name is Sandy.'

'Thank you Sandy.' Claire went back to the magazine.

'Are you married now?' Sandy asked again.

'Engaged. Jamie, my fiance, and I had to push back the wedding due to his mother needing surgery.' Claire explained. 'And then we just decided to wait until the baby is born.'

'Good to see you're doing fine.'

They stayed silent for few minute before Sandy spoke again. 'I feel like I owe you a big apology.'

'No need for that. Frank was the one playing with both of us.' Claire answered. 'How's he and your child?'

'Oh, My son is fine. He's with my mum right now. Frank is fine too, well I suppose he's fine. He's back in England for work.'

'Send him my best wishes when he's back.'

'I'm not sure I'll have time for that. I'm leaving him while he's away. I'm here because he passed me Chlamydia, probably from the student he's in England with now. I'm taking all my stuff from our house and leaving the divorce papers on the table.'

'I'm so sorry to hear that, truly.'

'I should have listened to the people who tried to warn me.' She started crying and Claire quickly passed her a kleenex from her bag. 'You know, they told me "If he cheated with you, he will cheat on you.', but I was so dumb.'

'Don't blame yourself, it's only his fault.' Claire tried to console Sandy until she got called to see the doctor. 'I have to go. I wish the best for you and your son.'

'Thank you Claire.'


'Ye didna dodge a bullet with that bastard.' Jenny told Claire later that day over some tea at Ellen's kitchen. 'Ye dodged a fuckin' bomb.'

'I feel sorry for the lass and her babe.' Ellen said next. 'I hope she has a better life from now on.'

'I hope that too.' Claire added. 'I really felt bad for her. I mean, had not for her it could have been me the one sitting on that chair.'