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'Just another couple of minutes Claire.' The midwife said Claire as she pushed, Jamie by her side, his hand firmly holding hers.

'Ye're doin' amazing, mo chridhe.' Jamie said to Claire.

'The babe is almost here.' The midwife said again. 'One more push.'

Jamie's heart raced as Claire pushed and he got a glimpse of the baby being born, a loud shriek soon being heard on the room.

''Tis a wee lass.' The midwife said over the child's cries. 'Da, would ye want to cut the cord?'

'Can I?' Jamie said.

'Just come here.' The midwife answered.

Jamie had never felt something as the immense mix of happiness and relief when he saw the little girl on the arms of the midwife. 'She's red heided like me, Claire.' He said as he cut the cord and hold her on his arms. 'Mo nighean bhòidheach. Chan urrainn dhut creidsinn cho beannaichte a tha mi a bhith agad an seo.'

'Now, 'tis time to meet Mam.' The midwife said and Jamie walked the short distance to Claire's waiting arms.

'Oh, God, she's beautiful.' Claire said, crying of happiness.

'Aye, she is. We're a family now.' Jamie added, kissing both his women.

A couple of hours passed before the rest of the family came to meet the new member. Some time for Jamie and Claire to rest and the newborn girl to have her first meal. Jamie could barely take his eyes from them, filling his phone with photos of the two of them. Finally, he sent a message to Jenny to come and soon her Ian and Murtagh came into the room, Murtagh holding a brand new bag with freshly cooked chicken sandwiches from the place next door.

'They ate the ones on the car, so I made them go and buy ye new ones.' Jenny said. 'Ye might be needing them. I was starving after Young Jamie was born.'

'She's verra bonnie, lad.' Murtagh said, cooing over the baby. 'Another red heided Fraser to worry about.' He joked. 'I hope she doesna get all yer stubbornness.'

'I wouldna put money on that one.' Jamie said. 'Did anyone of ye call mam?'

'Aye, I did.' Jenny answered. 'And Claire's uncle. He's picking up Mam and the bairns on a taxi and coming here.'

Soon enough Ellen and Lamb were there, Lambert brought a posy and a bag of chocolate croissants and Ellen had some of her homemade scones. 'Good lord, I'm not losing the pregnancy weight with you too bringing so many sweet things.' Claire said, leaving a chips carton back on the food bag.

'Thoir sùil ort. Is mise do sheanmhair, mo bheannachd.' Ellen said, taking the baby from Jamie's arms. 'She just looks like ye, Jamie.'

'Well, you wanted a red haired grandchild.' Claire joked.

'Have ye decided on a name for her?' Murtagh asked. 'I kent ye had Brian if 'tis was a boy. But I'm no' sure if ye have one for a girl.'

'Yes, we have one.' Claire said. 'We both like Faith, a strong name.'

'Aye,' Jamie took the word. 'and then Claire, for his mam and finally Sileas, for both Claire's mam and one of yer own middle names.' He added to his mother.

'Faith Claire Sileas Beauchamp Fraser.' Ellen enunciated. 'I like it. Ye have a great name, Mo bheannachd bheag. Just a wee detail now.'

'What do you mean Ellen?' Claire asked.

'We need to get ye two married.' Ellen answered, making the whole family laugh. 'I'll speak with Father Fogden, I wonder if he would mind do a wedding and a baptism in one go.'