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To tame a ‘broken’ sub

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Louis pov.


Sitting on the floors of the cells they put us in I look down the line of ‘broken’ subs waiting to be sold. Right now there are about 14 others the youngest being 12. We are all naked to be used for easy access for all doms and also for inspections.


I’ve been up on stage 2 times in the last week and each time I’ve been up, there has been nobody with a paddle up claiming me as their own but once again I’m kinda thankful at least I don’t have to go home with a complete stranger.


”Tomlinson! You’re up again get your ass on stage. Maybe this time someone will pick your worthless slutty self!” A man called to me with a gruff voice although it hurts I’m used to the treatment nobody wants a broken sub I suppose.


once I’m on the stage a voice rings over the mic. “Louis Tomlinson, 18 years old, very sassy he needs to be tamed who’s up for the challenge he’s got a nice ass too. Very nice one.”


Much to my disgust I see someone hold up a paddle. “10,000” he calls out. “Sold to dominant Harry styles!” The voice over the mic bellows out.


Stepping to the very side of the stage and down the stairs, I cover my cock shielding it from the view of all the doms in the room.


One of the first rules they teach you in sub school is never look at a dom without permission. Well it seems as though I’ve already broken that rule. My new so called dom Harry styles greets me at the end of the stage and I’m looking straight at him.


“Well Princess it seems you’ve already broken on rule today let’s not make anymore mistakes.” He tells me with a sly smile attached to his face.


I clear my throat speaking softly “It wasn’t a mistake”


“Daring I hope you didn’t just speak without permission and if you are going to speak without permission at least make it clear enough to be heard. You may speak now would you like to repeat what you just said? I would be wise about this choice because I’m not afraid to punish you now.”


Finding a little bit of bravery in me I clear my throat once more I speak a little louder. “I said It wasn’t a mistake.”


“Oh, so you’re implying that you want to be punished Princess? I bet you would love for everyone to see you beg for it. Huh? Would you like that? Everybody watching as daddy spanks you?”


“No, please” I whimper none of the other dominants would ever punish me. Just giving me warnings instead.


“What are you to afraid to speak now? You can’t handle a punishment?” He teases on. I gasp when he grabs my wrist. I yank it back trying to keep myself covered. “Give me your hand.” He huffs out.


“No, wanna keep covered.” Trying to escape his grasp with no avail he catches it yanking my hands away from my cock leaving me completely exposed. “See not so bad is it?” He smirks laughing a little.


He pulls me to the door as we are walking out someone stops us. “Styles would you like me to do a inspection before you go?” He asks.


I silently beg for him to say no. Inspections are the worst pulling apart your bum they stick in 2 fingers with no lub to stretch you out and then put in a plug twice the size of their fingers in after to make sure your ready for your dominant. It’s a very painful process.


“No thanks josh. I got this one.” The dom finally speaks up.


“We’ll inspections are mandatory so either you do it or I do it.” Josh says as my new dom sighs.


“No. No. No.” I beg him trying to wriggle away.


“Are you telling me no? Bend over the desk so I can get this done and we can get home.” A hand flies to my neck pushing me down with a hard force.


I hear a cap open and two fingers at my entrance pushing in. Moving in and out a fast pace they stretch me out. I feel a burning sensation all over as he takes them out. I can see the shiny plug in his hand, turning to put it in a cry out my eyes watering from the pain, but somehow I feel my cock harden. A laugh comes out from behind me but it is not the laugh of Harry but of josh.


“Come on we’re leaving.” Harry tells me yanking me up holding my wrists and dragging me to the car.
Once we get in the car Harry turns to me.


“First rule you will always call me daddy or sir. I prefer daddy though” he winks at me and my cheeks turn red.


“Rule number two don’t question any punishment I give you. I will go over the rest once we get home.” I nod in agreement.


Finally arriving we pull up to the house. I wouldn’t say it was a mansion but it’s definitely up there. Walking up the sidewalk towards the front door he turns the key and we walk in.


“Go to the kitchen and we will go over the rules.” He says pointing to a hallway I’m guessing leads to there.


Sitting on the stool sir brings me a piece of paper and a pen. As he tells them to me I write them out.


1. Always call dom sir or daddy.

2. Don’t question a punishment unless you feel it’s unfair.

3. Always color out when needed.

4. Do not touch yourself unless dom gives explicit permission.

5. Do not cum without permission

6. Tell dom when uncomfortable.

7. No lying. Always be honest with dom

8. Discuss don’t argue.

9. Never tell dom ‘no’

10. Thank dom after punishment.

11. Always use verbal response.

12. No swearing.

13. Tell dom when you’ve broken a rule (it may lesson punishment)


Once I was finished I was still blushing from number 4 & 5.


“Do you understand the rules?” Sir asks. I nod in response. He gives me a pointed look slapping my hand.


Running my hand I huff “yes, you didn’t have to hit me.”


“But I did you disobeyed.” He stares me down.


“Dear lord this is going to be harder than I thought.” He says talking to himself.