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The Coffee House

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It was 5:45 am when Sara heard the loud buzzing of her phone on her nightstand. She groaned and rolled over to check and see who it was.


 "Ugh Mick, please don't tell me you're calling out 15 minutes before opening." She said half-asleep.


 "Sorry, Boss, it was one of those nights," Mick said, not sounding sorry at all.  


She groaned and slowly dragged herself out of her warm bed several hours too early. Sara owns a small coffee shop called Captain's located a few blocks from her apartment. She usually wouldn't arrive at the shop until the afternoon since she normally has her roommate and best friend Zari open with Mick. Sara knows Zari can handle opening; it's the 7 am rush that she'll need help with, not even Sara could deal with the work rush alone. 


When Sara finally arrives at the shop, it's 6:30. Usually, the place stays pretty quiet until 7:00. "Where the hell is Mick?" Zari asks, annoyed.


Sara rolls her eyes "He's not going to make it in today, you know he had one of those nights." 


"I'll take over up here, help you with the rush than when it dies down I'll head to the office and get some of my work done."


Like Sara thought the morning had been absolute insanity, you should never get in the way of the people and their morning coffee. At least most of her customers were regulars and enjoyable to serve. She enjoyed having fun banter with her regulars and was almost grateful to Mick. It was nearly 9:00 when she saw her. Sara was getting ready to head to the back when the bell chimed, signaling a new customer. She was busy cleaning the espresso machine, so she shot a quick "be right with you over her shoulder." 


When Sara turned around, she was met with an unfamiliar face, as she waited for her to look over the menu board she took in her appearance. The woman was tall, maybe a few inches taller than Sara with blond hair pulled into a tight bun. She was wearing a fitted black suit and had the most adorable look on her face while she contemplated her order.


Sara realized she was staring when the woman looked at her to order, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. 


What is wrong with me? I don't get embarrassed, especially not from an attractive woman, possibly catching me checking her out.  Sara thought.


While Sara was having an internal moment of panic, she heard the woman clear her throat.


"I'm sorry, what can I get for you?" She asked even more embarrassed than before.


Ava studied her for a moment before answering. "I will take a double shot, please."


Sara was confused,  All that time only to order a double shot?   


As Sara got the woman's order, she decided to try and find out a little more about her. 


"You new to the area? I haven't seen you in here before."


"Yes, somewhat new." The mystery woman answered vaguely.


It was apparent to Sara that the woman was not really in the mood for small talk or any talk for that matter.


"Well, welcome to the neighborhood," Sara said with a smile while handing the stranger her coffee.


Sara received a tight smile and short, "Thanks." Before the woman briskly walked out.


"That went well." Said Zari walking out of the back with a smirk.


"I have no idea what you're talking about."


"You were clearly attracted to that very uptight woman."


Sara frowned, "She wasn't uptight, just...not..lose." "I didn't even give her my best line. You'll see next time."


Zari snorted. "Whatever you say, boss."


If Sara was honest with herself, the woman had thrown her a little. In walks, this mystery woman who completely tonged tied the ordinarily smooth and cool Sara Lance. 


That night back at their apartment over some Chinese food, Zari bought up Sara's mystery woman.


"You know your "not lose" woman came in for another coffee right before the end of my shift."


Zari smirked while she watched Sara for a reaction. In all the years they had been friends she had never seen Sara bomb that badly, it was like she had no game at all.


Sara glanced up when she heard this bit of information then quickly looked back into her fried rice.


"You don't say?" Sara said, fringing disinterest.


"I thought maybe that was something you'd like to know, also while I was ringing her up she kind of glanced around the shop a little."


"Really?" Sara said a little too excitedly.


"Sara, what is wrong with you? I've never seen you get like this about a girl, especially one that didn't say more than five words to you."


"Honestly, I am not sure something is intriguing about her." 


She couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something about this woman that was interesting to Sara. Maybe it was the lack of attention she gave her or her general stone-cold attitude. Whatever it was, Sara hoped to have another chance to talk to her